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Sunday, February 17, 2013

A PACKAGE IN THE MAIL??? (and other news)

For ME?? Lil'ol ME?

I love mail. All my life I've loved mail. Even junk mail and catalogs. Sure I tend to throw half of it away these days because it just adds to clutter. But, I still love it in my mailbox. Mail, real mail, means someone out there knows and acknowledges my existence. And, that is cool.

But when a PACKAGE is in my mailbox... well, WHOO-HOO!! I get super excited! Even if it is a free sample I signed up for (because free surprises in your mail box are way better than surprised in your 'in' box).

So yesterday was a lazy-do-nuthin'-day. Which means I didn't check the mailbox *GASP*

After CCD and the Historical Society raffle I checked the mailbox when we arrived home. And, holey Cowbells if there wasn't a package in there!! FOR ME! SQUEEEE!!

A package? For me?

What's in it???

The new and improved and rewritten - PRECIPICE!
Melissa Luznicky Garrett rewrote her first novel and she sent me a fresh copy of the new and improved volume! So that was a super Whoo-Hoo! SWEET? Totally. :-D

On a side note, things are running smooth around here. Kids have been doing their darndest to keep up their grades. A to A/B Honor roll 4 out of six six weeks so far. Farmer, Jr. has been doing really well. He kicks A at math. Obviously, ELA (English/Lit) is a struggle for him due to the dysgraphia but he is still pulling in the grades with a few but little accommodations so far. This year compared to years past has been wonderful.

We look at school for him with a new light. And, we tackle things differently.

Lil'Gal is doing well as usual although she IS struggling with Math a little. Those Mad Minute (3 minute, 30 problems) are killing her. I'm worried she might lose her A/B Honor roll for the year due to one grade this past six weeks. I keep checking to see if her teacher has finalized her grades.

All in all things are grand around Farmer*s Wife's house. Kids are good, we are good, pets are good.

Life is good.

Happy Sunday!!!!



Anonymous said...

Awesome! :D

Melissa said...

Hooray! You got it quickly. :-D