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Saturday, March 30, 2013

I was gonna' blog today; NO. REALLY. I was...

Judist preist, cheese and rice... Facebook really is a suck pie that gives instantaneous feedback at the click of a mouse and a few words typed in...

Verses blogging an entire story and waiting to see if anyone agrees or feels your joy or pain. FB has been the cr@p of my blog. Because I'm OCD and probably Adult ADHD and I have to have attention immediately. See me. Read me. Comment. Like my post. Get me! Get me now! OK... GET ME NOW!!

Y'all know. All of us FB junkies are the same.

So many have been lost along the side... their blogs growing dark, empty, and webbed. Only to be enjoyed by the occasional google hit from someone who finds just what they were looking for and yet aren't aware that that blog has been abandoned.

CURSE you Facebook! I will not fall along the side of the road. I will not let my blog rot in vermin cyberspace... lonely and unloved and unvisited. I WILL work harder for my blog to grow the stats it so loves. I WILL.

But it is a struggle and a journey. Kids, school, extra-curricular, marriage, family, working (outside the home), home maintenance, exercise for the body... Geeze. I'm Fab and 40, but I'm also Fab, 40, and... FLABBY. When they hell did that hit me so hard? (I don't need your comments. I already know what y'all are thinking. Keep the glass less full FW and maybe you won't have that ring around the waistline. LOL!) THAT. AIN'T HAPPENING.

So, I had this whole post typed out in my head but by the time I got here I lost my thoughts and am basically rambling through. Which might be more interesting anyhow.

Speaking of rambling. Well, not rambling. Maybe back to the random clicking and immediate satisfaction. I've found yet a NEW thing to obsess about. Y'all know me. I find something new an then I'm addicted to it for like, what seems like, EVAH. And, everything else goes by the wayside. Scrapbooking, photography, my floors (I still obsess about my floors...and toilets)... books, reading (the reading thing has really hung on! Three years, I think it is going to stick), reviews, pets, school, creative writing, volunteering, BAKING, subbing at school... I get on something and I go and go and go and go and ... well, like the energizer bunny.

But the addiction that I'm obsessing about at the moment is... wait for it... it's legendary...


YES!! That is where I have been! I CAN PIN from anywhere. During an insomniac night at 2:am, while waiting at a doctors visit, while searching for a recipe and then I get sucked in to all the other cool stuff, via an email of a pin from a friend who is showing me what they are working on NOW. It's an endless vortex. And, it eats me and my time and I'm a pinterest-crack-whore because I have to follow more pinners so I can find more things. I have to make new boards. I have to search new ideas and concepts. PIN ME. PIN ME. PIIIIN... ME. Pin me now!


And that, my friends and followers and newbies who pop in via a misdirection from google (or bing, I hate bing)... is where I HAVE BEEN. But, I'm going into therapy and rehab. Working on my ten virtual steps. And today is step one. I've admitted my sins and dysfunctions. I shall blog again. it shall be part of my therapy.

:-D I crack me up! With that, HAPPY EASTER!!! May the bunny find you happy, healthy and leave you in a state of euphemism... Because that is happy at its finest saturation...

[Oh lookie, a new recipe to pin!!]