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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stuff about Saturday....

I'm off today to the man with magic hands.  My Chiropractor.  My lower back has been down and I've just dealt with it, but yesterday morning I woke with neck out of line.  That is awful.  I can't turn my neck all the way and even I just jar it a little bit it sends a shooting pain.  And, when it gets like that it goes down into my left arm and my pinkie and ring finger get numb.  Sheeze, I've been on the downhill since I hit 36.
Anyhow, Dr. Fil will get me all straightened up again. ;-)
He's wonderful and I trust him.  I've always been fearful about my neck being "cracked" [YIKES!] but, he manages to calm me and catch me relaxed but off guard a little (so I don't fight the adjustment) and then?  
I feel so much better.  Really, really.
So, I have to say, in addition to twitterin' around -- I have found a few great websites via the twitter thing.  Some savy and thrifty and crafty peeps.
If you are saving money and sharing?  You are pretty much guaranteed a place on my blog roll these days.  Yes, I'm kind of horing myself out easy that way lately with everything else going on in the White House.
But, enough about that.  Y'all know I don't talk a lot of politics.  It does me no good to get all hyped up and panicked about something that is out of my hands for the moment.  This is when I sit back and take in the ride -- while doing my best I can from the seat I'm in.
Ramble-bamble, talkie-lottie -- here's another savings site: Craving The Savings.  I know a few bloggies who will be checking her out. ;-)
Tomorrow is the big debut of Root & Sprout's new layout and new, interactive venue!  We are all Super Excited!  Wish Lis and our Team luck!  It's the next big step.
This evening is the Celebration remembrance of Sweet D and Uncle J's Jeph.  There will be lots of his friends there along with us and D, J, and the Teacher.  The kids are staying at my Fab MIL's for the evening.
And, that's my Saturday -- in a nut shell. 
Off to dress and then I'll pop in for some blog reads before my appt.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Share the Sunset with Me...

So tonight, this evening, I video'd and shared the fabulous sunset we had today.  But, unfortunately, Mac-xine got Catty with her video cam -- as she sometimes does -- and quit filming at 6 seconds.  I was unaware of this due to the phone ringing and the Hubster sharing that we were foregoing fish tonight in appreciation of the Cheese Pizza.
Which, I think he is now pulling in with.
So, I'm a little perturbed after having a small talk conversation with my bloggies as I watched the entire sun set....and shared it with you all.  I feel slighted by Mac-xine and she might be grounded in some way tomorrow.  Let's say...while I'm at the chiropractor and while I'm preparing some beautiful photo bookmarks for Sweet D for the memorial party for Jeph tomorrow evening.
Either way.  I'll pay more attention next time and we WILL share a sun set together.  And, this spring break or possibly summer, we will also share a beautiful Sun rise together (on a day when I feel like waking up at the butt-crack of dawn and beating the kids and all to it).
Happy Friday, Y'all!  When you watch a sun rise.... or a sun set.... can you not feel, the magnificence of it?


Red Wine Pill. They make one!

Got your attention, huh?  I can hear your thoughts running wild, "A Red Wine pill?  Does it taste good with steak? Does it relax you?  Does it contribute to better health and that whole red wine/heart thing?  Does it give you a hang-over?  Does it come in Merlot or just Cabernet?
Let's talk about this devine pill that has encapsulated Red Wine.  
Doesn't it seem somewhat unfair?  The French get all the fattening foods, all the red wine they desire, and they are overall healthier than Americans?  While we run on treadmills like gerbils running on a wheel, they are less likely to die from cardiovascular disease than those of us here in Northern American Continent.
This is known as the "French Paradox."
But, guess what!?  This paradox now comes in a pill.  Yes, a PILL!  A Red Wine Pill.
Now I know, y'all are chomping at the bit with wonderment about how it works.  I'll tell you how it works.  Part of this "French Paradox" involves a little thing known as "resveratrol" which is found in red wine.
Dr. David Sinclair, from The Harvard Medical School, developed a concentrated form of this little substance.  He's tested it on mice.  Fat mice, skinny mice, energetic mice and lazy mice.
Some findings in a nut shell:  the mice that took resveratrol were less likely to be hindered by the onset of diabetes even if the mice were gluttons.  You want to know what else?  I'll tell you what else.
Another Doctor in France showed that an ordinary mouse could run one kilometer on a treadmill. But mice given resveratrol ran twice as far and had a slower heart rate, similar to trained athletes. As Dr. Auwerx remarked, "Resveratrol makes you look like a trained athlete without the training."
Um, yes Sir, I would like me some of that!  
One of the doctors believes that the resveratrol "generates energy in the body's cells" which increases fat burning, and we all know what that means?  Less weight gain.  Apparently when examining muscle fibers in the mice the resveratrol "remodeled" the muscle fibers into those typically found in trained athletes (the human kind).

Um, wine AND a new body make-up in a PILL?  Have they really found it?  The answer to all our health questions.  I'm wondering if they might find an Economy Pill?  Hmmmm, it could happen, right?  Okay, maybe that would be a stretch.  Shouldn't push our luck right.

Other scientists believe that enzymes, such as sirtuin, keep the body healthful in youth, but become less powerful with age. They claim that resveratrol restores the activity of these enzymes.  [I plagiarized that last sentence directly from the article.  Don't tell, okay?]

WAIT!  Before you run out to the nearest store and buy up all their merlot, cabernet, and other red varieties you'll want to know this.  You would have to drink 1,500 bottles of red wine daily to get the same amount of resveratrol that was given to mice. Man, can you imagine the headache and repercussions from that?  I don't even think that is possible.

Thus, the alternative.  The Red Wine Pill.

Where do I get this "wonder wine" pill Farmer*sWife??  Well, I'll tell ya' where you get it.  

You get it at the Nutrition Store or the Vitamin Store.  But, arm yourself with this information so you don't get cheated with a not so worthy wanna' be.  We want all the resveratrol we can get packed into one pill.

Studies show some brands provide only small amounts of resveratrol.  According to the book, "The Comparative Guide To Nutritional Supplements," which analyzed and rated 500 vitamin products, "No company hit the perfect score 100. One company Vitamin Research Products was 93.1." That product, "Extension Resveratrol", also contains some other stuff that's good for the body and works with the resveratrol.

If you want to get "Extention Resveratrol" got to (Vitamin Reseach Products).

All this talk about wine is making me thirsty.  It IS Friday.  But, I think I'll save the wine for later and get me a large glass of iced tea.
Happy FWFD!!!! 


Thursday, February 26, 2009


By popular request, I bring you the recipe for Italian Delight.  This is my MIL's recipe which was passed down to her from her Mom.
You might mix it up a little and want more or less meat, more or less pasta, but either way -- Yum! Yum!
1 1/2 pounds ground beef
1/2 green bell pepper
1 small can of mushrooms
1 small onion
1 small can black olives
1 can tomato soup
1/3 pkg. spaghetti or a small box (I like thin spaghetti)
Cheddar or American for topping
minced garlic, salt, pepper, seasoning of preference.
What I do:
I chop the onion, bell pepper, mushrooms and olive really fine (or you can buy the chopped black olives).
Cook meat with onion, bell pepper, and then add in olives and mushrooms when the meat is almost done.  Be sure to season your meat well and to taste.  When meat is cooked add tomato soup (unless you need to drain your meat; I use very lean ground beef so I don't have to drain it first).
Stir in soup and add 1/4 cup of water (a little more if you find that you need it, but you don't want it soupy).  Stir in cubed velveeta melting slowly.  About a 1/4 of a large velveeta loaf. Again, it comes down to personal preference but you want the velveta to melt and become creamy in the soup/meat mixture.
Boil your pasta.
Stir in pasta until you have a fair mix of pasta to meat mixture ratio.  Pour into a 9x11 dish and top with American or Cheddar.  [I like American for this recipe].
Bake at 325-350 covered for 30 minutes or until bubbly around the edges and hot in the middle.  If you want your cheese to cook a little more then uncover towards the end.
NOTE:  Even if you do not like black olives or mushrooms, something about they way the meld in this recipe really brings out flavor.  You won't really taste the black olives or mushrooms.  Though, you can cut back a little.  I think I've cut back to about 1/2 a small can of each and then chopped really well.
My Hubby and kids do not like black olives or mushrooms.  They luuuuuuuuuv this recipe
You can double this to have one to freeze for a dinner another time!
Happy "It's almost FWFD"!!!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get Kids 'Hooked' on Fish for Lent

For those of you who are Catholic and practicing, here's a great link.  The recipes and tips are for kids but some of them sound quite yummy for ME!  Happy Ash Wednesday!
Get Kids 'Hooked' on Fish for Lent
FYI, I was able to send this to blog directly from PRNewswire!  Fantastic site and my new place to find resources, experts and the latest, up the 30 minute update of news and releases for article writing -- and for life, in general too!


Childhood Flashbacks: 5th Grade Talent Show.

So last night, I dreamt.  Which means I slept pretty well!  :-)
I dreamt that my brother, The Teenager, went to a Jonas Brother's concert along with Lil'Gal and my niece.  Only Lil'Gal and my niece (they are seven weeks apart in age) were 15 and The Teenager was 16 or 17.  
I don't know.  Dreams, huh?
So, I think I had something to do with getting the tickets but I didn't get to go....Right.  Like I would send off two 15 year-old teenage girls to a concert and let The Teenager drive them all.
Again, it was a dream.  Some of y'all are probably wondering why in the world The Teenager would want to go to a Jonas Brothers' concert.  Um, Girls, of course!  All the teenie-bops will be there!
So, they get back and he's disappointed with the concert, of course.  [Though, he does like their music.]  Anyhow, enough of all that.  That was the excitement of my dream life last night.
But, for whatever reason it brought back the memory of the 5th Grade Talent Show.   
Me and a friend did a music skit/dance for the 5th grade talent show.  I also entered under piano playing but I, of course, didn't have lessons like the spoiled kids that got everything other two entries.
I played a bible tune I'd learned for church.  They played Mozart and Bethoven (or however, you spell it).
Anyhow, Chrissie and I wore my Aunts old cheerleader uniforms that were red and white.  We had red and white pom-poms, the old fashioned kind.  Big, fat, and poofy.  :-)
We did a fantastic job of choreographing and it seemed everyone loved us at the talent show.  The teachers were doing the judging so afterwards we changed and all went back to class.  I remember the boy I had a crush on (for years) kept messing with me and pulling on my pig-tails.  [They were left in from the performance.]
My teacher told me that he liked me....that's why boys did that.  I think that he did, but he was a "cool kid" and I was still dorky due to living with Gramm and the low money thing.  I remember my stupid hand me down tennis shoes.  Gosh, I would never put my child in shoes like that to go to school.  They were UGLY....old, beat-up, and totally "un-cool."
I also remember that all the other kids who took their lunches got fruit roll-ups.  Gramm said if I wanted fruit I could take figs from her fig tree.  Figs?  Seriously?  Nasty.
Oh, and she would buy up those 19 cent McDonald hamburgers on Sunday after church and freeze them.  THAT...was my lunch.  By the time lunch time came around it was a nasty, soggy mess, and still cold in the middle.  Blech!  Hurl.
No wonder I wasn't a "cool kid" back then.  Talk about stifling my childhood social life.   I was never demanding but Gramm could have done a little better.  She was okay financially.  Just super tight.  You're feeling sorry for me now, huh?  Just a little.
 Eh, I'm better off without them.  I know where a lot of them are today -- and My Life ROCKS! compared to them.  Who's the "Cool Kid" Now?  :-D
Anyhow, I had a headache.  And, I told my teacher so.  She whispered in my ear, "I bet I know something that will make your headache go away....y'all won 1st place!"  Sweeeeeeeet!
Totally Awesome!  Blue Ribbon and everything.  For a few days, Chrissie and I were COOL.  We were awesome.  Unfortunately, we didn't rehearse enough before the finals that we were selected to participate in.  So, we goofed a little.  Still cute, but we didn't win again.
Anyhow, this is what we danced to:
Toni Basil would have totally eaten her heart out because we rocked it way better than her!
You know this got you pumped for your Wednesday~  Have a Happy One!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please Don't Leave Me! I'm Exciting! I Swear!

So, this morning when I popped in for a quick catch up on the emails, twits, and blogs I only got to read one or two and y'all know I almost always comment I realized.....I lost a follower. GASP! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I love y'all. I'm so sorry if kids and Mommy-ville has become boring and sedentary -- okay, wrong word, but in reading it kind of fits if everything is the same -- busy -- every day. And, Laundry, and kids, and dinner, and chores, and the constant, nagging, pimpery (not to be confused with Pot-Pouri) of Root & Sprout
[Though, no one should hold the nagging, pimpery against me cuz' that's work and building a team and supporting a friend and helping her build a publication and it's a career in the growing as well.]  
And, no one should leave cuz' I love to save $$$.  I'm just trying to share, help and inspire (Like Harry).
And, I also know that it has nuuuuuuthin' to do with my taste in Country or Bubble Gum music.  I mean, that's part of what y'all like about me....right?
Please, tell me? What do you miss about me? My rambles, the true ones? My late nights of insomnia where I make a glass of warm milk Drink a Beer in begs of three more hours non-insominiate, snoring, bed changing sleep? My menu recipes? Cooking with Farmer's Wife? Hey, I'm a professional but I can still bar tend one or two nights a week? So, tell me. What will you have. Please don't leave me.... And, to my bloggie who left, I will investigate to find  Then?  Oh, I'll just rope ya' and retrieve ya' and bring you back to the Glass Half Full Gal's pen.
I promise! Farmer*s Wife CAN be BLOGGIE! Right after I make dinner tonight and tuck the kids in serve DH's dinner up as a Table Dance from the bar!  WHHOOOO-HOOO!  And, Yee-HAW! [A Gal can daydream] Happy Tuesday! LOVE ME; HEART ME; Don't leave me...........(I'm all needy that way.)


Monday, February 23, 2009

The Race is ON!

I woke with this song playing in my head and it's stuck all morning! I'll have to catch up with y'all all later Guys and Gals! Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

We WON!!!!

First soccer game today after only two practices....and, you know it's all about fun, as my seven-year-old soccer player tells me, the Hubster and Lil'Gal.  So, it doesn't matter if we win or lose unless we win!  Then, it TOTALLY matters!
We left this morning at 8:30 and didn't walk back in until almost 4:pm this afternoon.  Sunday's are going to be long days for awhile.  It's a short season though.  Farmer, Jr. likes soccer and more than T-ball.  He's more active and not bored half the time.
Me too!  I was luuuuvin' being a soccer Mom!  I played women's league in the off seasons when my cousin was in high school so we could do something together.  It was totally fun for a few years until I tried to take on a Gal twice my size and she injured my knee.  I still got the ball first, though! :-)  
Well, I have tons to do!  Lis layed out the article line ups and we have our schedule of articles through fall, almost.  So, in an effort to stay ahead, I'm going to send out my HARO's for my April articles and try and get those kicked-to-the-curb in the next two weeks.  Then, I can work on one article a week to stay ahead for the rest of the months.  ;-)
That waaaaaay, if something comes up unexpected I dislike unexpected, unplanned, or unplanned spontaneity, I'll be able to handle it more efficiently without a meltdown.  
So, here's how my week is laid out:
Sunday:  Layout tomorrow; make to-do list, (taco salads for dinner)
Monday:  morning:  two notary jobs in the city; a third might be scheduled for an hour and 1/2 round trip out of town. Bill them for money  :-D
4:pm Meeting with CCD Director and other teacher to line out the spring classes and First Communion.
5:30 pm:  soccer practice.  I volunteered to help the coach with running drills, etc, and she was happy to have me offer. :-)  [Gotta get that resignation into my Kiwanis club....]
7:pm eat dinner at home, hot and on the table, kids bathe, homework, read to kids, bedtime.
Tuesday:  Add:  make 2 pound pot of beans for future meals.  4:pm Gymnastics, home and dinner, kids bathe, reading and bed time.  (Ham, baked potatoes, veggies)
Wednesday:  10:am call from a PR rep with a new website I signed up for to obtain information and also to Root about Root & Sprout as I'm forever trying to help build readership and participation there. :-) (Chalupas)
Thursday:  Make two pineapple upside down cakes; one for Uncle J's birthday and one for Jeph's b-day celebration.  I offered to make them so Sweet D didn't have to order them.  I just hate to see people spend all that money when it can be made for a third of the cost. :-)
And,> it's somethin' nice I can do to help.
5:30 soccer practice, home at 7:pm, dinner, baths, homework, reading, bedtime. (Italian Delight casserole; already in the freezer from last week) ;-)
Friday:  FWFD of the week!  (Fried fish)
I'm planning to fit the treadmill in during the day at least three to four times this week. ;-) Spring is coming!
In the meantime, I'll be working on laying dinners for hot meals the nights we get home late, working on articles, working on stuff and crafts for the Easter Party at School, of course, housekeeping, and some time to blog-off for a while.  
I'll be back -- I hope tonight -- to post a few pics of my Soccer Player!  
Happy Sunday Y'all!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Photo Shoot! Coming soon, the music video!

I was just loading photos to my computer, after having eaten the fabulous salad I just made (and devoured), when I remembered that I have to meet Wonder-Mom at the school at 2:00 p.m. to plan the Easter party at school next month.
Yeah, that looks fab-tasty doesn't it?  It was.  I even heated up some left over meatloaf and crumbled it in amongst the lettuces, carrots, avacado, tomato, cheese, boiled eggs, and some cucumber.  MMmmm-mmmmmmmm.
So, it's time to go and I haven't gotten my photos here yet.   What if I'm five minutes late? That's irresponsible though and not fair to her.  [I was late.]
So, Farmer, Jr. lost that second upper top tooth!  He was thrilled!  So was I.  I've always cringed when I see my friends children's faces with gaping hole in their happy, little smiles.
Bad lighting in this picture but it was hard to get his smile open enough to see the gap.  Oh, wait.  This is the first lost tooth.  Hold on....
Heeeere's my double gapped smiling boy!
Little Gal later dawned her rock start gear, head mic and all.   Then, later she serenaded us with a music video!  Too cute!  I'll have to upload that later when I return.
Gosh, I love Friday's!  Mine begins when I get home with the youngins.  We might pop in for some ice cream at the local eatery there (remember?  The one with free Wi-Fi!?  Out, in the middle of, well, farm-ville!)
I've got a great set of sunrise and sunsets for ya' too!  So, stay tuned!!  ;-)
And, Sunday will be the first soccer game.  Though, I don't know why they start the younger one's so soon.  I'm not sure if Farmer, Jr. will have a clue about where he's going or why.  LOL! I'll have to make some time to work with him this weekend.
I know, either way?  He'll have a blast!
Happy FWFD!


Me? Mrs. America? It could happen...

Thanks, Princess!  This is a good look for me.  I think I'll start dressing this way everyday!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quit Fartin' Around FW!

I'm not! I'm NOT! I've been busy since I woke up this morning. At 6:45, I might say, which is a weee bit late for me to get all things orderly in the morning. DH pitched in by taking the youngins to school so that gave me back my morning. I still...still, have one article out. I'll finish it when I get done blogging. I know! Where are my priorities? Well, My SIL came over to borrow my sewing machine and apparently, as she stated herself, she is cursed when it comes to sewing. Tis True because I don't know what the problem was but suddenly the unit wouldn't catch the thread and was skipping stitches. So, 30 minutes + later of messing with this and rethreading that, it worked again and she was able to finish. I, however, am now way behind in my day. Though, I did get the sheets stripped and washed and drying currently from three beds, bisseled the floors (mmmmm, Pine Sol), the appliances shined, the range top cleaned and polished, the dishwasher ran (and soon to be unloaded) and dinner planned out since we have soccer practice this afternoon. So, I am NOT farting around. But, geeze, it sure feels like it. So, I'm hungry. I'm going to eat me some lunch. Then, I will finish my article with my favorite source for it -- and then, I'll get back to work and make the beds. (Writing isn't work, it's play. I love to get paid to play!) Happy Thursday; almost Friday!! Oh, I took a beautiful sunrise picture this morning but I don't really have time to load and upload so I'll do it later or tomorrow. I know, lazy me, huh.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

R & S is ANIMATED!!!

I know, I know! Ya'll are thinking, "That Farmer*sWife" is a spoiled bloggie. She gets eeeee-ver-E-thing. I have to agree, I am spoiled. And, I'm so lucky to have built such wonderful blogging friends in such a wonderful cyber community. Each of you has your own special talents and I just love that you share with all of us. The Fairy Tale Princes made this for me because I'm all about spreading the word to get the news out about Root & Sprout. Lis is going to put it up at the Grow Together so everyone can share it. If you want the code to put up at your place to help us spread the word, then you can click the Grow Together link or click here to go visit the Princess' page. Blinkie52 Isn't that awesome!? Thank again, Princess!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She's So TALENTED!!!

Lookie what she made me! Isn't she so super sweet! Talk about a totally terrific award for lil'ol Me. wtf249 I'm puttin' this puppy in my side bar! And, if you click it? It'll take you to her place. Of course, The Queen has all kinds of places to go once you get there. FYI, she's started a social network for Grandparents. You can find that here. She titled it Trunk of the Tree! Pretty cute, huh? As, in "The Family Tree." Grandparents are the trunk that starts the tree, right! Well, back to what I'm 'sposed to be doing - watchin' my Lil'Gal in gymnastics! And, then off to day one of soccer! :-)

I Want More....I Know More Wants Me!

I want more!  I'm loving what I'm doing and I want to expand.  I want to review more, and write more, and I also want to find great venues to Shout Out Root & Sprout!
I want it to take off and fly!  Fly high, high, HIGH!  And, I want to fly too!
I know if you want it, know it, and believe it, you will "will" it into reality!  I'm ready!  I'm willing!   I want to expand and grow a new career from home.  Baby steps?  No, I want to run and jump from the mountain and fly over the sea!
More?  Here I am!  I'm ready!  Give me wings!
Happy Tuesday, Y'all!



Things are changing around here at Farmer*s Wife's place!
As of today?  I am officially a soccer Mom!  Yep!   Whoop!  I was a T-ball Mom but it didn't stick with us.  Down here they are reeeeeaaaaaaally competitive with BaseBall.  So, if you sign up to play T-Ball they are thinking you are in it for the entire school career.
It didn't stick.  I think Farmer, Jr. is going to love soccer though.  There's more action going on all the time.  More running, more participation, and yes -- still, a cool uniform.  He and Lil'Gal attended a two week summer camp a few years back and he remembers it and is very anxious to begin.
He even expressed that he needs a net to practice his "goals."  Slow down, Cowboy, first you've got to learn to handle the ball.  Goals will come in due time, LOL!
So, changes.  That's chang-O numero Uno.  Gymnastics after school, change two kids and head to soccer practice.  Come home, kids bathe while I pop the casserole (I made two yesterday) in the oven for dinner.  Thursday, soccer practice again -- also homework, though, I think I'm going to change "Game Show Spelling" practice to Wednesday afternoons.
Friday, ahhhh, Friday's.  And, Sunday's are now, breakfast - church - CCD - soccer games.  New and fuller "pattern" as the kids say.
Change #2:
I'm resigning from my Kiwanis club.  I've been a member for twelve years now.  We do a lot for less fortunate kids in the community and nursing homes and other stuff.  I love the members, but something has to give a little because I don't like going through life knowing one day I'm going to wish I had stopped and smelled that rainbow rose.
So, I'm going to take a leave of absence for a year and then see where my schedule and life is.  
Change #3:
Did you see my new badge at the top of my blog?  Did ya!?  Aw, come on.  Tell me you look around sometimes and see when I've changed some stuff up.  Anyhow, it's the new trademarked logo for the new and improved Root & Sprout venue to be revealed in March!
Change 4, quatro:
I plan to get a devotions book today.  Because, I used to always say my prayers and give my thanks and my burdens over to the good Lord at night.   For quite awhile now, I tend to shout out a thank you here and there and make up for the rest on Sunday mornings.  
Lately, I'm up doing whatever and everything until I just lay down and pass out.  Like last night with Farmer, Jr.  As blessed as I am?  I think I can do better than that.  The Big Guy upstairs deserves a few minutes a day from me.
I woke up at 3:am this morning (hang on, weather is on and we need rain).....Phewpt.  I didn't see any rain on there.
So, where was I.  Oh, yeah.  WIDE.EYED.AWAKE.  I considered blogging this post, and making the kids lunches though I like to keep the house peacefully quite and still in the middle of the night.  I refilled my water cup, hit the loo as is typical at 3:am, and went to join DH in our room.
DH snored, what's new, and then I listened as he had little bouts of sleep apnea.  It always scares me.  He finally started breathing about normal snore-to-breath ratio, so I headed to the couch.  And, I lie there.  I knew if I just got up and stayed up I'd be worth poo the second half of the day -- and we have gymnastics and soccer now.
Finally, I went back to Farmer, Jr's room and did the drift in-and-out of sleep in anticipation of 5:30.  Of course, the whole time that song was in my head, "Anticipation....An-tic-i-pA-A-tion" from the Heinz commercials.
Well, it's about time I paint my face into another masterpiece and make some lunches.  After the kids get off, I'm headed into town - the big city.  For errands and stuff.  :(
And, then I have to write my last article for my EDITOR that's due by Friday :-D
Happy Tuesday!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Holy CRAP! The Sky is FALLING!!

Austin today.  A big flash in the sky.  Turns out this big-pie super-sized piece of space satellite debris, happened to 'fall' from the sky.  The video of this so called, debris, shows it falling in a field just behind some big marathon they were having there.
[Austin is always having marathons.  They wear tennis shoes to work.  They are a breed better than some of us, I guess.  Though, the traffic is horid -- so, maybe the marathons are practice for commuting via bi-pedal to and from work; and, to and from anywhere else.]
Ahh, I joke.  Someone will curse me now and withdraw their follow'ership.  Please don't stop following me....Please?  I really need my peeps.
Anyhow, it now proves true.  Chicken Little knew of what he was speaking.  He was an old soul written in a decade too soon for his message.
Oh, the object?  Ap-paaaarently, an American government surveillance unit satellite accidentally crashed into a Russian government surveillance unit satellite, and the falling object was debris from this crash.
Um, really?  Have we already over-crowded space out there?  Or is it part of a conspiracy theory.  They're always watching.......Always.
Night!  Blog ya' Manana!


BLT: It's the new DIP!

Oh yeah. Have I got a recipe for you! For all of you. Everyone will love it. Well, except my poor G-man the Potter's Blog cuz' he's a bacon free man. Well, meat free entirely. Hey, do they make a vegan bacon? Seriously? They make everything else. How cool would that be?! :-) So, I know you will all love this tid bit of a recipe that your friends will just "rave" over. But, for some reason I have it in my mind that JayMan and Pro-Hmkr would find especially enticing! :-) Anyhow, make your friends mouths drool. You ready? It's fantastic and yet so Super Simple. Okay, all you have to do is read my last two posts and I'll give you the recipe. - - - - - - - Just kiddin! Y'all know me better than that. BLT Dip* I recommend you [at least] double this, if you are having a small gathering over. 1 cup sour cream (you can use the light and no one will be the wiser; don't use fat FREE. Yuck)
1 cup mayonaise (I h-a-t-e mayo. It makes me sick to my stomach, but some recipes just don't work with Miracle Whip) Oh, they do have light mayo now, so that's a plus. :-D
1 lb bacon; cooked crisp (bake it in the oven in a foil covered pan with a lip) :-)
2 chopped tomatoes (more if you like more) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ crumble bacon; I pulse it through the food processor mix bacon, mayo and sour cream fold in chopped tomatoes right before serving Serve with tortilla chips, wheat thins, saltines, veggie crackers, fresh vegetables, etc. It's yum with anything! You're Welcome! * Recipe from Gooseberry Patch: appetizers, Booklet #5



Yeah, um.  Just a little note.  In case you missed my most recent post. You know, the one before this one where I was all "Twitterin'" myself out there. So, apparently? My inbox is still empty.  And, my Gmail is unavailable.  And, um, I'm now on Twitter... I'm needy. BB is right. FW is needy, but you love me anyway, right? You could click here if you feel like it and are in any way or not curious. So, I'm going to run to the fridge and pour the last sip of Valentine's Day wine in my glass and I'll be right back to catch up. So, comment, email, twitter away! I'm ready. I'm waiting. I'm....., well..... ................................... Humor me?

What the TWITTER!?

Yeah, so I joined "Twitter."  And, honestly, I don't know what the twit I'm doing over there.  But, it's part of the big grand scheme of things, so I've been told.  So, I'm there.  Hey?  I got an idea!  Why don't you click the title to this blog post and go join me over there!
Or, maybe just "follow me?"  :-)  Cuz' you know how much I love ego poofs!  
Anyhow, there is supposively a tutorial.  That I obviously need to watch.  Since when did I become tutorial material?  I mean, really?  *sigh*
Anyhow, Valentine's turned out fanstastic!  And, we didn't even make the cupcakes with the kids.  They had so much fun just running rampart and wild and playing that they never even stopped long enough to do it.
Though, Lil'Gal of course, inquired as everyone was leaving (at 11:30 pm), "Um, what about the cupcakes?  You saaaa-ed we were going to make cupcakes."  Thus, we are currently in the process of making a sugar hazard out of my kitchen decorating cupcakes.
The steaks DH picked up were -- wait for it -- Legendary!  No, not awesome.  Le-gen-dary!  Over an inch thick, and inch and a half, I think?  Ribeyes.  YUM!  We visited with our friends and just had a swell, peaceful, joyous time.  And, no fights amongst any child.  Five children ages seven, six, five and two twin four-year-olds.  Not a peep other than happy screams and lots of silly laughter.  Sweet Febreeze!
So, my Gmail is not loading.  AAUGGHGHGHGH!
Yeah, total freak out for me.  What a life-line, huh?  Just checked again.  Still down.  I'm gonna' have to holler at TG cuz' I just can't function this way.
What else, what else, what else.  Oh, did I mention that I joined Twitter?  Yeah.  I'm so totally clueless over there!  So, you should come.  Just pretend to follow me, okay?  Just click the follow me thingie under my picture at my profile and then you don't have to read anything I put there.  :-D
I just need the poof.  Cuz' my Yahoo inbox has been quite depleted the last five hours as well.  No bueno.
Alright, well tomorrow begins a brand new week and I'll be adding another title to my repetoire of Mommy-ness.  I'll fill ya' in manana!
Well, gotta Twitter!  Cupcake clean-up, dinner, children, hubby and all!
Happy Sunday!  Don't Twitter it away!  (Unless you stop by my place). :-D


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Look What I stole found!

Isn't it pretty!  I stole found it over at BaseBall Mom's place.  Isn't she sweet!  I could say a "Sweet-Heart" LOL!
You know what I realized today?  She only has two followers on her blog.  Oh, sure.  Lot's of us read her and and run into her over at other blogs as well.  But, I just feel like I need to pimp her out a little and see if we can't get more faces on her "Follow Me" gadget.
I mean, it really is good for the ego.  To click into your blog and go, "Hey!?  I have a new follower!  Someone finds me interesting enough to post their little pic up there as a Follower."
And, all is forever right in our world.  Okay, well, it's happy for the moment anyhow.
So, click the title or click the scruffy man with the glasses and mustache on the right cuz' he'll be stalking her place for awhile. ;-)
So, DH walks in yesterday with a little vase with some roses in it!  For Meeeeeee? I inquire. SMOOCH! Yep, for me.  How sweet.  And, even after he bought FW a brand new ride!!!
What I'd really love to give him for Valentine's Day is about three inches of rain.  Everywhere.  If I could make that happen I'd be the best wife in the world.  [Okay, I already am and it's next to impossible to top me...but, you know what I mean.]  :-D
We have some friends coming over this afternoon.  They are bringing their youngins and we are going to make heart shaped mini-cakes and let the kids go crazy decorating them.  Then, we will send the kids to "go crazy" outside to run the five acres while we prepare a steak dinner over some sweet, red vino!
Can't top that for Valentine's, can ya?!
Well.  Only if you could make three inches of rain.  *sigh*
I'll be back.  I've got some windows to clean (I know, there I go teasing the birds again!) and then I need to write my book review and submit my second article to my EDITOR (I love saying that!). 
Then, when I have time, I'm going to try and figure this whole "Twitter" thing out.  :-)
Happy V-Day!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

AM I A FREAK? (Okay, I'm a freak....sigh.)

Some things that came up today. Well, and some from yesterday or the day before. Anyhow. So, my BB invites me to join her and Ms. Les for a movie a week from tomorrow. And, I literally laugh out loud to myself because she does read my blog -- she's the one who brought me to this awesome place to obsess in -- but, apparently, she missed the movie theater post! [Sorry, I'm laughing so hard I almost tee'd myself!] And, while I'm checking my email -- because I've earned my time as I have sealed all the granite today in the kitchen. And, then, polished it to a shiny luster. I also did some research online, hung the rest of the laundry and ran a few more loads, and made pink, heart shaped, chocolate chip rice krispie treats, with purple glitter sugar sprinkled on top, for the party at school tomorrow. 
Oh, and DH is picking up dinner so I'm running the "self-clean" cycle on the oven. First time since we got it a little over a year ago. [That's not to say I don't clean it.  Y'all know me. It's just that I forget it cleans "itself."] Anyhow, Lis shares that she is trying to finish up an article herself and it has to do with -- insects, more directly, bugs. Mean. Dirty. Stingie - not to be confused with stingy. Bugs and Insects. So, now, when I leave from my perch at Macxine in the office room where I have told the children "Momma' needs ten minutes to work before I come read my book I'm reviewing and watch you on the swing set tower..." I'm thinking that I will not be at peace if I don't go strip all the sheets from the beds in the house tonight and change them. Because, there was a bed bug in the video she sent me of nasty, stinging, venom filled critters. GASP! Do you know, I check the mattress seams and any frames or likeness on the wall in a hotel? Because I am fearful of being bitten by a bed bug. And, even worse, it's the fact that that particular bed bug bit someone else the night before. [HURL!] And, as Gary already recalls, I don't walk barefoot in hotel rooms. Seriously? People? They put carpet in there. Wouldn't it be so much nicer (and more sanitary) if they laid wood floors and area rugs? The floors could be easily disinfected after each night and the area rugs could be changed out and thrown into a disinfecting bath of some sort -- no, steam cleaning doesn't count. They don't do that as it is now. Crap. I'm all itchy. I'm going to have to take a freakin' shower after I finish this. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Okay, enough about what a freak I am. [Scratch, itch, germ-x application.] Yesterday, I had a meltdown. Oh yeah. I should vlog it. It was induced by a seven-year-old who found it completely "unfair" that he bring homework home...and, even more unfair, that he had to "do homework." Wake-up Call, Senior Hijo. School. IS. YOUR. YOB!!!! To which he says, in stupoured audacity, "What's YOUR JOB?? At which point, my halo began to tarnish. The horns begin to grow from my head and I begin to have an out of body experience where I can see what is happening. But, I can't control the situation. Though, while floating up at ceiling level, I am happy to report that I got to dust away that little cobweb min-long leg spider thought I wouldn't mind being there. ;-) [FREAK]


So, I had this great funny post written. I know? Y'all are bored @$$ tired of my usual here lately. So, I finally have something worth spending your mind on readin' and your eyes on watchin' and your ears hearin'. And, if blogger didn't have friggin', bleepin, pie-hole issues and an error uploading the dang vlog part of the post.... AFTER.THREE+HALF+HOURS. Son of an-explicative! Explicative, and 'dare I say' STUPID EXPLICATIVE (fill in the rest, cuz you know I really said the words to myself). Fricken' blogger and it's friggin' errors, wasting my dang uploadin' time. Anyhow. I'm now waiting on it to load to You-Tube, where I have recently been advised that I have some "new viewers subscribing to my 'tube' subscription."  Though, I am flattered, I am still left a'wondering if these peeps are regular or foreign as in (shush, whisper) mental. But, since blogger can't handle a 5 minute upload via Macxine, I have to do the "You-Tube" embed thing. That sounds kinda' dirty when you think about it, right? Embed. Like when a friend tells you to read your fortune cookie note thingie and add the words, "in bed." And, they giggle real loud!? Yeah, it's only funny sometimes. Anyhow, while the oven was cleaning itself and the vlog was 'pretending' to upload to my blog, me and the kids tried something new. Wait! Y'all parentless readers, don't tune out or click away yet! I'm just entertaining you until the real show is loaded up for posting. I made up a new game; call it GAMBLING for SPELLING!! WHOOP! So, picture me, in the roll of a game show host and even doing the voice and all. Personally, I think I was more enthusiastic than Drew Carrey and I love him and he's doing great (though he's no Bob Barker) on the "Price is Right." wait, did I digress? no, I think I defined my point better, kay. back on track. We had a practice round where they got to "blindly choose a coin (while I jiggled so they couldn't feel the few quarters from the multiple pennies, nickels and dimes) when they spelled a word on their own correctly, or tried really hard without complaining and listened and learned Mama's tips and tricks to spelling and vocabulary. Second round. Try, spell, get it right -- earn a hand in the bag for a coin. Don't get it right, but want to learn the right way, try, and don't throw a fit or get peaved, and actually learn the word -- get a chance with hand-in-bag to draw a coin. And, so we went. THEY TOTALLY LOVED IT! IT WAS A FUN WAY OF TEACHING! IT WAS A WIN-WIN!!! And, I threw in the memory verse for the week for an extra 50 cents to which we developed a chant for. Mama Rocks! Spending $2.00 or plus a few dimes in change to teach and practice the school work verses the meltdown both Farmer, Jr., and I had yesterday? Totally worth it. i'll skip a meal if I have to. Which, you will learn about... once the video uploads to exploit-me-dot-com 'You-Tube' so I can in-bed "embed" it here.  So, stay tuned, y'all!
Editor's note:  The video vlog finally,, FI-Nal-LEE, loaded up at exploit me dot com, and how I love it's availability except for the peeps I don't know that sign up to watch me You-kinda'-rock-tube... so catch the post above.  Oh, wait.  Crap.   You probably already did. 
Timing.  Happy, whatever.... ;-


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Red Hearts and Old Farts!

Yep!  Today's my Daddy's birthday.  I'm about to call him.  Though, I always have to do the clean up and morning emails, etc.
Betty Crocker shared this tid-bit with me this morning:
And, it reminded me that I am responsible for making about 50 heart shaped rice crispie treats (with mini m&ms) for Friday's school Valentine's Day party.  And, seein' as how it's Daddy's birthday and he lives twelve hours away in that Northerner state of Arkansas, I should probably make a few extra to ship to him too.
And, some sugar cookies.  (He likes the Pepperidge Farm kind with some peanut butter on top. I keep telling him I can make a better sugar cookie than Pepperidge Farm, but he doesn't believe me.)  I guess I could throw in some of those chocolate covered cherry candies I make with the kids too.
Oh, you don't know about those?  They are very simple and delecti-bi-ly delicious!  Want the recipe and the how to?  Click on over here and scroll down to the Article Entitled "Cooking With Kids on Valentines" written by none other than, Mwaw! :-)
On todays agenda is the duty of cutting out about 150 felt hearts of various sizes for the craft project at the party, which I am responsible for.  And, a dental appointment in town.  Sheeze, leave it to my teeth to throw a "hump" in the middle of my day.  But, I love getting my teeth cleaned.  No really, I do.
Friday is already gone.  The first half of the day will be a field trip to the University to see the play, "Hansel & Grettle."  Then lunch at the park (the one with all the darned bees buzzing around the trash cans.  I have serious issues with anything that can fly faster than I can run and that stings.)  
Then, back to the school for the party and games.
Hmmm.  How did all this sneak up on me.  I sware, wasn't yesterday Monday?  No wait.  It was that other day.  The one everyone forgets about.  Um, Tuesday.  Yeah, that's it.  Poor Tuesday.
With all of that important stuff  you just spent 15 breaths and one or two minutes of your time on -- I'm off to phone Daddy while cutting out hearts.

Happy Hump-Day (Diggity-Diggity).


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Farmer's Wife Poetry.

It's been awhile since I've shared some words of rhyme. So, I thought it finally about time. :-D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ode to My Dishwasher; Part II. :-) To know me is to love me <3  style="font-weight:bold;">
[FYI, you have to scroll down through several post if you click the link to the Part I of this poetry addition. I don't know why I can't link to just the one post. Any tips?] Dishwasher, Dishwasher, How I love the so. You are the best dishwasher, I've ever known. You wash, disinfect, and dry all my dishes. You perform way above all my dishwashing wishes! I'm so blessed to have you in my castle's kitchen, If it weren't that I'm censored, I'd say you're quite B!tch!n! I should adorn you with a Blue Ribbon and Tassle, For how you unburden my days of the dishwashing hassle. :-)



So, guess what!?  I made the news!  Well, actually, I guess it's more of a blogger tabloid.  But, still?  How awesome that I'm such a blog celeb to be featured here!!
Go check it out!  I'll be back this PM to catch up with readin' my Peeps!  After I fold the five loads of laundry piled on the laundry gurney.
Apparently, my link doesn't work. :-( Thanks BBMom for letting me know! Click the title to take you there and then scroll down to the write up about Farmer"s Wife! LOL! :-)


Tuesday's Takes

It's 6:37. I wish it was 3:47, like often, and I could struggle to fall back asleep. But, no. That's just wishful day-dreaming. So, Tuesday kind of gets the shaft, right? I mean, most days have some special value on their own. But, not Tuesday. Tuesday's just stuck in the middle between Monday - which has a love-hate relationship with some people, and Wednesday - Hump Day. Even Thursday gets more credit because it's the day before Friday. The wind down to the week. And, Friday. Well, that's obvious. And, Saturday and Sunday get to be the whole weekend. Then, full circle, we return to Monday. Anyhow, I'm just sayin'. So, Sweet D is dropping off her DH and coming out. We are going to hit breakfast and then the Hobby Store. Picking up some stuff to make the invites for Jeph's Memorial Birthday Party. Every year, they have a gathering of his friends to reminisce about all the ways Jeph was so wonderful, and funny, and loving. It's amazing that someone so young had touched so many people. He really impacted his friends, without trying to do so. A lot of his friends are where they are today and happy within themselves, due to the affect he had on them. Guess what else... Knight will know this one. [It amazes me and flatters me that my Peeps who read me often remember the smallest of details about me. Y'all are awesome! :-D] Paper is on sale! Half off! It's been forever since I've hit a good paper sale. Since I haven't scrapped since early last summer and I didn't make Farmer, Jr's b-day invites, I've avoided paper. Because of practicality. But, today I have a good reason! And, you can bet that I'll pick up a few a whole bunch, a lot, tons extra pages for myself. ;-)  
Because I love paper.  Totally.  Patterns, shapes, colors, textures and craft-a-bility!  Sweeeeeet! I know. Sometimes I'm so trivial. The littlest things can bring me joy. I'm off! Don't forget about Tuesday. Pat it on the back and tell it you value it. Today, let's make Tuesday feel like it's more than just that lost day somewhere between Monday and Wednesday. Happy Tuesday!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday's Soaps: "Bold & the Barbies"; "This Old Lego"

So, the youngin's requested some play time with Mom and also some video action to capture the events of today.  Thus, the Sunday Soaps.  In our first episode, we visit Ken, Melody and Luciana over pizza.
And, in our second episode, we learn about Legos and what can be built with them.
Lil'Gal's hair had been brushed this morning before breakfast and church.  But, the wind has been whipping all day at an average of 40mph with gusts up to 60 mph.  No exaggeration.  So, her hair is a little wind-whipped.
At one point, and in the church parking lot, I did the "Marilyn Monroe" skirt unintentionally.  Only, the skirt flew so high that my bloomies were exposed.  Thank goodness there wasn't a lot of traffic in the parking lot at that time.
"The Bold & the Barbies"
"This Old Lego"
Join us next time for another episode of "The Bold and the Barbies" and "This ol'Lego."  :-)
Happy Sunday!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

So the thing about the Theaters is....

Well, Gary hit the nail on the head.  I don't like movie theaters.  And, for the most part....  Because they are just, plain darn, nasty.  I'm talking down to the popcorn they fill your bucket with.  And, that "fake so called butter."  Y'all do know there is no butter or dairy to it.  It's total fat, transfat, crap with flavor, some butter fake flavor, oil and crap -- to make it stick and taste good.
And, even new theaters?  Uncomfortable.  Completely.  And, sticky.  And, how often do the steam mop the floors or steam clean the carpets.  I'm thinking every six months if we are lucky.  And, even if they have an appropriate policy in place for steam mopping/carpet cleaning, we all know in reality the teens and staff working there are probably going to date and check the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration) list as having been done and spray some lysol around to make it smell as so it is true.
And, while we are on the subject.  Do you think they ever, ever steam clean the seats?  Tell ya' what.  Next time you go to the theater, just take the time to smell the seat.  That'll prove my point too -- though, it will also probably send you to the restroom to toss a few cookies or whatever was the last thing in your tummy.
But, in all reality, aside of the pure nastiness and discomfort of movie theaters I do have other biases against them.
  1. The are too d@#mn loud!  I'm one of those remote freaks.  I like it loud enough where you can hear the close up secretive conversations.   I highly dislike the shoot-em up explosive scenes that blow your ear drums out.  I can see what is happening.  My eyes do a mighty fine interpretation.  I do not need to kill the fillas in my eardrums to enjoy the movie.
  2. Remember, the rumor about druggies and aids victims leaving their infected hypodermic needles in the bottom of the seats to prick and infect unsuspecting movie goers?  Yes, I'm the Gal who enters the theater with two magazines for a butt guard against this.
  3. Is it truly "theatre" or "theater" as both spellings are acceptable but not so easily found in the yellow pages depending on what state or city you are in.  Trust me.  This is one of those things I ponder on while traveling.
  4. Sticky floors, sticky seats, uncleaned cup holders.  Seriously, I may sound obsessive, but have you taken a flashlight into the theater and shined it within the orifices to which you are placing your beverages, or on the seat in which you are placing your buttocks?
  5. Did I mention it is unseemingly loud?
  6. The seating is extremely uncomfortable. 
  7. The bathrooms are a mile track.
  8. There is no "pause" button for trips to the "loo" for yourself or the three trips that will be made if you happen to have one or more children with you.  Or, possibly, a spouse.
  9. People who laugh too loud.  And, then talk through the movie.  
  10. The expense.  Now days, we can rent the same movie within three months of it's "debut" and we can watch it as many times as we choose, and even a part at a time with "paused" interuptions, from our living room or bedroom, with free snacks and no line to the loo.
So, there's a little of the few things about theaters/theatres I dislike.
To recap:  Uncomfortable, unclean and unsanitized, food is expensive, nasty, crap, and unhealthy, and a lack of control over sound, quality, and disruptions.
My vote?  Pay-Per-View, or Video Rental.
I've often thought I'd be an excellent candidate to work for OSHA.  Though, I'd either have every proprietor out of business....or be assassinated due to my dedication to my job and the detriment it brought to those whom I was charged with inspecting.
Ask the Hubster.  If you visit a restaurant or other facility with me, I will see the scrupulous oversights.  I can't help myself.  It's a talent, a quirk, a curse.  
Happy Saturday Night!


Pondering Greatness...Okay. Not really.

Some things about Saturday.
The clerk at the hobby store let me check out twice so I could use two of the 40% off coupons.  I had my item and an item for Sweet D and the coupon expires today -- and Sweet D had to go to Austin as the FIL is not doing well in the hospital. 
So I told the clerk as much and she let me check out twice.  Nice!
At the grocery store today, I got those scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner refills for 62 cents for my Fab MIL! They usually cost $3.87 cents.  Sweeeeeeet She's gonna' love me for it!
Um, oh.  Also at the grocery store.   I saw a nice lady and she had chosen Triscuits and was looking for another option by the same manufacturer to add to her cart.  I had two, $2.00 off, coupons for 2 boxes (variety of choice) of snack crackers.  
So, I said to her, "Here, you take these because I can't use them." She smiled brightly, and then chose two more varieties of snack crackers for her cart.  I just saved her $4.00.  :-)
The clerk at the register typed in every coupon via code over-ride -- rather than just scanning bar code which is sometimes rejected when combining coupons -- so that every coupon counted!  :-D  I saved $20.22 cents.  I got airwick room freshener for 42 cents a piece.  And, lots of other great cleaning stuff.
You know what my favorite isle(s) is in the grocery store?  Yep.  The cleaning isle.
My BB emailed me that she got whole cut up chicken and other meat (from the good place) for $2.00/pound.  She offered for me to "meat shop" at her house!   Again, Sweeeeeeet!
My knees are skinned up and my palm has a cut and my other palm also has a scrape.  Get your minds out of the gutter.
Last night, after a nice family dinner with me, DH, and the youngins, we were all walking back to the 'awesome new Mommy-mobile.'  [Still considering names for her so pitch them to me if you have any good ones.]  The Hubster and Farmer, Jr. were about 10 - 15 feet ahead of us, because they are such gentelmen and all (NOT).
Me and Lil'Gal are happily enjoying conversation together and looking at each other and suddenly, WHOOOOP!  BAM!  We both hit the ground due to a slighted curb in the side walk.
Do you want to know what my "Knight-in-Shining Armour" said to us?  [You do.]
Rather than running right over, he stops at the sound of my "OMG!" and Lil'Gal's crying and says, "You didn't seeeeeee that curb there? "  Yes Honey, we saw it and thought how much fun it would be to fall face first without warning into the asphalt.  Afterall, it's Friday and me and Lil'Gal were looking for something wild to do.  It was obvious that either of us did not.  [He can be quite humorous but this wasn't the time.]
He'd just lost all brownie points earned for the night.  He did come over after that, well, and after I said, "You just gonna' stand there?  You know you could help us up and ask if we are okay."
He's usually not so....obtuse?  Does that word fit here?  I don't have my thesaurus in front of me.  But, I have been peeved with the fact that he no longer waits for me/us.  He just takes off on his way.
Where are the days when he actually opened the door for me?  Seven years ago.  That's where they are.  And, I know loading children in and out causes a loss for some chivalry.  But, this walking ahead of me and Lil'Gal ain't gonna' fly anymore.
I told him that he "had" good manners with Ladies and that he is setting the example for Farmer, Jr.  And, this walking ten feet ahead of us is disrespectful.  Besides, if he would have been holding MY hand with one of his, I would have tripped but I wouldn't have hit the pavement.  And, neither would have Lil'Gal.
I'm just glad that Lil'Gal didn't get hurt.  Though, my knee is scraped and bruised.  And, both my palms are quite sore and raw.
I love him and he's a great Guy, great Provider, great husband, great Daddy, but he's still human and he's still.... A guy.  Men.  Gotta' love'em.  :-)
So, gripe session over.  I just wanted pity for my wounds.  On to more good news and Super-Saturday stuff:
Got the book in I'm 'sposed to review for Root & Sprout for March and started reading it and it's good!  I like it!  It's an easy and educational read!
And, today, I received two more books from another source for one of my April articles I pitched.  They look good too!  I hope to get to write a review for them both.  And, they might even be offered as freebies via the GiveAway section at R&S!  So, be on the look out.
Oh, interesting fact.  Did you know that Lis and her hubby's anniversary is the 5th, and me and the Hubster's is the 6th and that we have both been married for ten years this month.
When I woke up this morning?  The Gremlins hadn't hit.  My house was still nice and spit-shined!!  I'd polished it up a little extra yesterday because our builder had asked if he could bring a client by to see our home and his work.  [He has other clients and houses he could take them to, but they were looking for something like ours and -- he knows my house is almost always shining!] 
I told him I'd have the place spit-shined and polished, to which he stated, "Farmer'sWife?  On a dirty day for you, your house is cleaner than any other house I've been in."  Me:  :-D  He totally poofed my ego.  And, I was sure to share that with DH.  Maybe I'll be up for a raise.  Well, after the Mommy-mobile is paid off.
Lastly, the Hubster went to the movies today.  I know, by himself.  But, we didn't have a sitter and I really don't like movie theaters.  I have several legitimate reasons.  Okay, a few not so legitimate.  If you are curious then leave me a comment and I'll post about it.
He fought the crowds, paid a rediculous amount of money and is sitting for two hours in a very uncomfortable seat to view something that will be out on DVD and cable in three months.  I'll wait.  But, I hope he has a good time.
I know I am.  Doing...well, whatever I feel like.  :-D  Off to help Farmer, Jr. with his lego system he's building and then I'm going to curl up and read my new book for my review~!
Happy Super-Saturday.  What are you pondering about?


Friday, February 6, 2009

Mama Got a Brand New Ride!

Well, here it is.  My Anniversary and Valentines present from my Sweet DH.  Hubster is awesome, right?
So, is this little beauty.  I just love her!  I loved my 'Old Gal' too but she had a lot of mileage and child rearing and she was ready to retire to the nursing home.  
So, thus, my new Chariot.  I need a name for her though.  I've had difficulty coming up with one.  I want it sweet and classy but a little catchy and also to show a little of her personality.  And, she is a Mommy Mobile so she her name needs to reveal that a little too. If you have any ideas, please share. I'd appreciate it.
Happy FWFD Friday!!!!



I love the quiet of the morning when I'm up 'early' and before the rest of the family.  I have my coffee and I whisp my way through the house with narry a sound or movement of air.
But, I only have about one or two minutes of this time left so I better get to this post.  Then, it's wake the family,  make lunches (No, I didn't do it last night.  yes.  I put it off....again), make breakfast, yada-yada and the day begins.
But, there is something EXTRA special about this day.  What is it about ten years that sets such a milestone?  Ten years.  You are thinking, "Ten years of WHAT FW?"
Ten years of marriage.  Me and the Hubster have been married for ten years today.  Together 14 all in total.
Do you wanna' know what my Sweet Hubster got me?  Well, later I hope to vlog and post some pretty pictures.  So, be sure to pop back by on your lunch break or sometime during the day.
Wanna' know what I got for the Hubster?  Squat.  I got NADA.  :-(  I know.  He's sooooo hard to buy for.  And, we are both so practical (well, typically.  We do splurge a little on occasion).
When you see what he got 'Me' you are going to scold me.  Again, my bad.  :-(
If you have any last minute ideas -- please comment to me.  I will be doing the "homemade" card with coupons for foot massages and back rubs.  Though, "I" typically end up turning them in for services myself. :-D  Yes, he loves me that way.
What a lucky Gal, huh?  You have no idea. 
Well, time to get to my "Rat killin'" as my Daddy says.  But, I will say that guess what I get to do today?  I get to curl up somewhere and read a book!  Yep!  I know...slacker me, huh?  No, I'm not.  Because I'll be working!  I'm an official WHAM now!  Gotta' go change up my bio on my blog!
This great book came in the mail yesterday and I'm Super Excited to read it -- and then I get to write a review on it for "MY Editor."   (I totally love saying that!)  :-)
And, she's going to pay me for it!  Sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!!  Totally.  


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Counting Minutes... FREE STUFF!!!

As I sit here, I feel that my eyes will hardly stay open. Guess, it's going to be one of those days. Possibly, due to the fact that Lil'Gal woke at 4:00 a.m. and came to my room. She gently slipped her hand in mine and then escorted me quietly to her room to lay with her. Back to sleep we both go. About an hour or so later, she gets up and decides she needs to change from her Jammies. Then, she decides she feels like coloring. I try to coerce her back to bed as we both need our rest. She declines but offers to color in her closet so the light doesn't wake me. Thoughtful. Meanwhile, I'm counting down the minutes for the phone to ring. I have all the information (and more, there is SO MUCH) for one of my articles due this month. I am anxious to jump in and begin writing it. In fact, the intro is already laid out in my mind.
 [Guess I should be typing that instead of this for fear of losing it among the other thoughts in my mind.] But, I'm expecting a phone interview with a physician from the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for another article due this month.  Phone interview.  Expert.  Article Source.   Don't I sound all, la-ti-da!  :-D
So, I decided to ponder in this post to keep my mind off the clock. Though, I can hear the one in the living room with it's "tick, tick, tick." GIVEAWAYS! I need to post about all the great freebies at Root & Sprout this month! You need to pop in over there and reply to win some stuff! Even if it's not stuff YOU need, you might could gift it to a dear friend who could use it.
What about this?  You could win a $20.00 Fandago Gift Certificate to see Inkheart or the movie of your choice!
Can't beat that, right?  All it takes is a click here, a click there and the word "Inkheart."
This one here is one I want.  The Biggest Job We'll Ever Have.  It's a book that lays out ten priorities of how families can find balance between character and achievement.  It focuses on the child's teacher -- the parent.  In my case, that'd be me.  I always love books that focus on ME.  :-D
Again, all ya' gotta' do is click.
Wanna' learn some Spanish?  
Tada!!!  Here's a beginners Spanish set.  (Just because it's geared toward children, doesn't mean you can't learn a few things yourself.)  ;-)
Me?    Oh yes, I speak a little Spanish.  Well, I can say more than I understand.  
Yo comprendo que me hablo muchos, pero comprendo poquito que me eschuchar.
Clickity on over to Root & Sprout for a chance to win!  There's other stuff over there too this month! [Editor's Note: SWEEEEEEEET!! I just got of the phone from my interview with Dr. Belson who is an expert on the "Choking Game." I'm writing an article on that for the March issue of R&S! He was very kind and forthcoming. If you want the details on the dangers of this -- like I did -- you will want to read this article when it comes out in March!]
Happy Hump-Diggity!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The update.

So, remember sometime last week when I was spreading the thankful because that kind DPS officer let me out of a ticket due to my emotional breakdown? Well, turns out, he let me out of half the ticket. When I finally read the paperwork and figured it out, I didn't have the heart to tell all of you because I didn't want to break your faith in the kindness of people. I thought it nicer to not mention it and let you go on believing in mercy. The officer DID let me off for my insurance card being a few days out dated. But, he did NOT let me off for the exceeding the speed limit. When I saw this on the pink slip that I read a few days later, I didn't know what exactly to do. I surely didn't want DH to know because the officer caught me just around the curve that dropped 20 mph from the typical 70 mph speed limit on this little stretch of highway. Oh yes. I did say 20 mph. Which means that when I hit the gas to jump out onto this little stretch of highway, and forgot to quit accelerating as I was in a hurry and frenzy and looking to reach optimum speed, the officer clocked me well over the drop in the speed limit. He clocked me at $225.00 over. YIKES! So, I did what any rational Gal would do while trying to figure out, "What to do." I folded it up and tucked it in my drawer in hopes that if I clicked my heals together it might go "away." FAST FORWARD: Yesterday. RING! RING! ME: "Hello?" FIL: "Did you get a ticket last week??" ME: GULP. "Um, yes, kinda....I think, maybe." FIL: "Well, he [the judge] called me up and told me about it. But, we talked and he told me to tell you not to worry about showing up for anything. He's gonna' make it disappear." ME: "Really, oh thanks!" FIL: "You need to slow down out there. You know that speed limit drops at that curve and it stays 55 all the way through yada-yada." ME: "I know. It was an emotional day. Remember we had just got back.....And, my mom didn't have her meds.....And....." ME: "I was so upset. I didn't even tell DH about it." FIL: "Well, there's no reason he needs to know." I can hear the smile in his voice. My FIL rocks! Didn't I tell you? I'm such a lucky Gal. Oh, and who knew!? If you fold it up and tuck it away in the back of a drawer in hopes it will disappear? Sometimes, it really will! BACKGROUND: My FIL is the Mayor of our little Farmville. In fact, he is the one who had our little stretch of Texas annexed into our little Farmville way back in the 80s. I think after this year, he is finally going to retire. But, he's a man with history and everyone around here has known everyone for generations. It's so nice. Small town life like that. Optimism. It's a really good thing. Living like it will all work itself out is a good strategy. Because, one way or another, it always does. Am I right? Give it a try. Wear that one for a day. As the stresses of the day hit you, say to yourself, "It will all work out in the end, one way or another." And, then tuck it away for awhile in the back of that drawer in your mind. You just might get lucky and catch a break....

Monday, February 2, 2009


It took four tries and the fifth in a different post, is the charm. Okay, the third time the video took into the previous post but then I accidentally delelted when trying to place it where I wanted within the text. So, I gave it fourth try that timed out while I was sleeping. Geeze-laweeeze. Anyhow, be sure to read the post below so this will hopefully make more sense! Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I had to squeeze in my vlog but it was necessary to this post! :-D :-D That's a double big-toothed grin! Boy, do I wish the real smileys worked in my posts (I don't want to hear it "wordpress" peeps! LOL) So, I'm half-@$$ watchin' the game while serving up a tasty, healthy dinner, and the clean up that goes with. And, I promised the youngins I'd bake some cookies tonight in honor of "Super Bowl" Sunday -- of which they really have no clue. DH is all layed up because the "Stomach Funk" finally hit him. Oh, sure. He's been whimpering around the past day or so. But, he wasn't feeling nearly as ill as I. Though, he was acting like it. And, I was peeved to myself thinking, "Where the h3!! is my sympathy." I couldn't go more than 30-45 minutes without two back to back trips to the latrine. Oh, and that was the GOOD 45 minutes...the average was much worse. AND, though starved? Heaven forbid I eat something. Meanwhile, he whimpers about how bad he feels all achy and such as he's putting all the yum-yum of good food in his mouth. So, NO. He wasn't feeling as bad or as low as me.....YET. >:-}} [That's my evil grin. I know, I'm so bad. But, I felt really crap-pie.] Today? I wake somewhat unsteady but feeling better as the day ages. I eat breakfast with the morning Church crew at our taco-ria and it's fabulous. Though, the guts did decide to over digest some of it sooner than expected. But still....yum....real food. And, tasty. Church. CCD. DH picks us up. He looks somehow different? I think, he's even changed his shirt? Whatever for? Me: "You look different. You feeling Ok? And, what happened to your shirt? DH: Nope. I feel.....baaaaaaad. And, about the shirt. Don't ask. [Seriously, once he told me the entire story? It's soooo much worse than you could ever think or imagine.] Me: To myself and out the passenger window, ">:-D Big-Toothed-Grin. I know, I'm bad!" But, I felt vindicated. Serves him right. I'd been tellin' him, "I wouldn't eat that" for the past two meals but he did it anyway. So, he finally got a taste of the "true stomach funk." Poor Fella'. Sure, you know I AM taking good care of him because that's what I do. And, I totally hate okay, not toootally hate to see him feeling so bad. But, now in a perfect world I know he realizes just how much I still did around here when I felt so....pee-U-ny. This video is having some [stupid] technical difficulties. Check back later.... And, what's up with the Super Bowl commercials this year? Is it just me? Or, are they not funny. Maybe it's cuz I'm not beer-nebriated that I'm not getting them. Although, the Coca-Cola one with the insects stealing the bottle of coke and the butterflies pretending to replace it? That was good. And, Tony-the-Tiger is pretty cool for building all those baseball fields for the kids. Otherwise? I didn't really care much for them. But, there are still a few more to come. So, hey? Maybe the media will surprise me -- you think? [Yeah, I'm already gearing up for the after-news rerun of "Charlie." That, I know, is a gauranteed laugh.] :-) Anyhow, Happy Super-Bowl Sunday! And, may tomorrow be a Super Monday!



Click the title to take you there. I don't know if it is for a limited time or what the details are. But, I do know I signed up for my free sample! Whooop! This post is courtesy of our ever effervescent and flavorful ProHomemaker who is always finding the best deals, savings and freebies. Formerly free coffee and ziplock, today? VODKA, for free! Thanks PRO-HMKR!!! Oh, and I'll be back later. Possibly when I'm watching the Super Bowl Commercials. Sure, I'll watch a bit of the game too -- but seein' as my Texas teams didn't make it in (They didn't did they? I've missed everything a lot this season.) I won't be painting myself up and wearing a foam thumb. But, I have news! And, booze! WHOOP!