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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Howdy Y'all!
I know I've been sparce to spare and slacking on reads...  I was still so pooped yesterday that I caved last night -- shortly after watching the sunset and taking a shower.
We visited the recycle plant today across two towns and they had games and great ideas about ways to reuse stuff.  I knew this would be right up Lil' Gal's alley and Farmer, Jr. won a frisbee and made some cool crafts.
Afterwards, WonderMom (who had invited us to the recycling event) inquired if we had time to visit the new Goodwill out there.  I didn't find too much at first.  But, then I found two tops and two cute dresses for Lil'Gal for a total of $6.60 cents!  You can't beat that with a money stick!
I got a cute bling purse for two bucks and Lil'Gal got a bag.  Farmer, Jr. got a book about 18 Wheelers (go figure) and a book about Pandas.
All in all, a great day!  Mom came out with the Teenager and so I'm making dinner and the kids are playing with them.  Hubby's off with the boys for beer, B-Sh!t, and bar-b-que! LOL!
I'll be back!  Great new giveaways and I am so far behind on my peeps!  Hang tight!!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mr. Clean WINNERS (I know, Finally!)

Holy Cow-Pies Batman! I've been running like a gerbil in a wheel -- well, I'm getting somewhere so a not-quite true analogy. Anyhow, I'm kids are loading in the SUV for Lil' Gal's kindergarten graduation ceremony as I type this and the video is uploading.... Hopefully, it will upload problem free and I'll post it when I get back; around 8:30ish. Thanks for playing and I'll post another one this Friday! Whoop! Happy Wednesday! Congrats to the winners! And, as always, thanks for playing along!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Books, projects and I BROKE MYSELF - -Oh MY!

GASP! Great day today, but fully booked. Felt like Friday all day (I know, on a Monday -- no Bueno) but then I kept panicking that it was Tuesday and that we had gymnastics this afternoon! Meanwhile, back at the Root & Sprout, I've still got one article due by Friday (it's a fun one though) and two book reviews! Get on it, ALREADY, FW!! Over booked with books? Tomorrow I'll be shopping for the stuff with Wonder-Mom for the end of school party prizes and snacks to go with lunch and then I'll be helping make chicken salad for the chicken salad sandwiches for lunch on Wednesday (we have lots of chicken left from the chicken barb-b-que so we are having to be creative with it). Wednesday is lunch (serving), awards mid day and the Kindergarten graduation for Lil'Gal. Farmer, Jr. is going to start up a 'trial' class of Karate this Thursday evening, so my "YAY! School's out party!!" will be delayed a few hours (hmmm, wonder if they provide open wireless -- probably not.) And, I BROKE MYSELF!! Yepper! All that great jump-roping I did? Yeah, I was feeling pretty good about myself all happy and physically fit. Saturday, whoop! I feel awesome. Yesterday? I almost fell out of bed trying to get up because my thighs locked! Today? Even worse! Ever try to climb up in an SUV with locked thigh muscles? My legs mine as well as been very unpliable and brittle wood. Sheeze! No Frio Frijoles!!!! (translation: Not cool beans.) Seriously, if I have to squat down to sit or pick something up? You will definitely hear me grumble and grunt in a painful stint. Unbelievable! I use those muscles. I mean, I'm a bouncy Gal! I'm always bouncin' around the house, the play ground, my life! --- --- BOUNCY- -- -- BOUNCY- BOUNCE! (I don't know how to do that creative punctiational curvy thingie so just go with me.) Regardless, those bouncy muscles don't work so well when used as jumping muscles. BIG DIFFERENCE. I'm going to have to work on that, I guess. Riiiigggggghhhhhhht after I get back from VACATION!!! Frio, Floaties and cervesas!!!! Later Gators! After Awhile Crocodiles! I'm going to Make Like a Tree and Leaf!! *giggle* That's my update -- unless I make it back here this PM which is the plan. But, we know that on occasion I crash and burn in the first bed I fall into -- while tucking in the youngins. Poo-Ville! I'll be back to do the drawing for the winners of the "Mr. Clean Magic Erasers." I've used the tar out of these things since getting them! They rock!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

We adopted! Meet & Greet!

SO!  I so want to post pics about the unexpected storm that hit yesterday.  Ugh!  Wind, rain, it blew in like an unexpected snot sneeze imbeded with dirt and dust -- while I was folding and hanging laundry on the back porch, enjoying the fantastical peace of a non-dust ball windy day.
But, I'll save those pics for later.
Guess what!!??  We've expanded the family!  
The kids have wanted an 'indoor' pet that they could hold in their laps, one they can sit with and pet on their beds, etc.  And, we have [Hubby enforces] a no indoor pet rule.  Well, that means no kitties no pups or anything that can scratch stuff, poop on stuff, chew stuff and needs to roam freely dusting our house with dander.
This may sound stern; but with Hubby and Farmer, Jr's allergies it does fit us.  And, I do agree about lotsa' fur and dander lather around the house -- cuz I have a hard enough time keeping the dirt and dust out of here.
But, I've been discussing with Hubby for awhile that the kids need a pet they can -- well, pet.  "They have the dogs!"  He would always exclaim.  To which I reply, "Yes, Honey...but they can't get in the pen with the dogs unless I or You are there..."  Dulce is fun and full of energy and Blue (the Watchdog Weimer weighin' around 115 now) is too big.  He'd knock'em down just trying to love on them.  Should he get cranky?"
And, I've enlightened DH about winter time.  When, the dogs don't want to come out from the heat lamp and we can't tolerate the cold... [Northern'ers and New Yorker's who find 60 degrees and sunny like summer; we are well adjusted to our 103 degree summers with a heat index at about 120] :-DDD
So, here he is!!!!!  Mr. Cuddles!!!!
This is him two baths later and a full-out fur trim.  Whala!  He's a brand new Little Guy!  [And, better smellin' too! LOL!]
Look at that face, that Happy-I'm a proud pet-parent, face??? 
And this one?  Okay, the flash hit him unexpectedly and his eyes flinched but I couldn't leave the 1-on-1 out.... I don't want to hear the word, "rodent." Sweet D and I already had this conversation. :-) A pet is a pet is a pet. And, adopting a pet is better than buying a full-bread from the pet store? Am, I right? And, Cuddles is the sweetest little guy... See, originally I thought "I want my kids to get to raise their pet from a 'pup' and they can get to know each other." Sure, we could adopt Mr. Cuddles but what if he wasn't social? What if Yada-yada, what if???" What if?.... Look at them happy and sharing and loving together... And, lucky Mr. Cuddles! [He was fed a whole carrot, half by one, the other half by the second. "Sweet heaven," I think is what he gurgled. :-D Know what? By adopting Mr. Cuddles, he's happy, his previous family is happy knowing he's getting more 3-4 on 1 attention, and the kids and we are happy to have a pet we all agree on for an in-house pet. This is big for the Hubster. [Don't tell, but I heard him say as he entered the utility room, "Hey there Little Guy!" Apparently, he startled him. DH spoke sweet pet-talk to the 'rodent.']
Please don't call HIM a rodent. Thank you, ;-)  I'm just interpreting the "pre-he's-our-pet' term. 
 Mr. Cuddles, is now family.  He's loving us and we are loving him just the same.  Oh, and he shares my love of salad!  
And, when it comes down to it? You can't argue away this bliss, Hubby agrees. Mr. Cuddles is officially, "Family." :-D


Friday, May 22, 2009

VLOG! What's in the box FW? Is it Jack???

What a day! I woke up this morning and thought to myself, "CR@P, it's Friday -- no wait, is it?? My mind quickly reals through the events of Friday (a previous Friday) and leaves me happily exclaiming out loud, "Thank God, It's Saturday!" To which Hubby replies, "It's Friday.">8-{ Grrrrrrrr! Poo-ville! Though, once I got to the school and was up and running with field day I even found the excited energy to participate in the jump roping with the kids! Wonder-Mom joined in too! She's got pics and said she'll email them. I'll have to post my corny, yet still able to jump-rope with the rest -- self when they come in. By the end of the day, I felt like it was Thursday again and I could do it all again tomorrow. Good thing I don't have to though. A break. So, I call on the way home and guess what? Not ONE package but TWO! TWO boxes for MEEEeeeeeeeee? Oh, yes! And, the mail held goodies too! Wanna' see what I got? Happy FWFD!!!!!!

20 Easy Ways To Help Save The Earth

I want to post this at Grow Together also, but I'm currently working from my children's school and '.ning' sites are blocked (social sites). Makes sense....elementary aged school kids don't need to be chatting in social sites; and it's a Christian school. Though, I wish they didn't have to block ALL the .ning sites just for the sake of blocking the one's that are not appropriate for children. Either way, I have internet! Sweet Febreeeeeze! Oh, but I CAN chat via AIM/G-Mail chat. :-D BACK ON TOPIC: 20 Easy Ways to Help Save The Earth This is a wonderful book I received to review. It was written by a Proffesional soccer player by the name of Amarildo Pedro Rita, who is currently the director of the developmental soccer program in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His wife, Susan Adam-Rita co-wrote the book with him. Susan is a licensed psychologist (in Brazil) and is currently studying to earn her Ph.D. in the counselor education program at Wayne State University. As the title states, the book lists 20 ways for children to help save the earth. But the neat part, is that this is a bilingual book. I love bilingual books. Living in South Texas I've come to learn some Spanish and I use it with my children and within my own home.  (Though, it's also nice to communicate with their Daddy without them understanding everything we are discussing) :-) This book is written in English and Spanish. Each page tells a way to help save the earth in English and is colorfully illustrated.  The page opposite to the English version is translated into Spanish and has an additional illustration to prove home the point.
Some of the 20 ways listed are simple, such as, "Turn off the water when you are not using it, brushing your teeth, shampooing the dog, washing your car......"
Others are slightly more complex such as, "Recycle your home garbage instead of throwing it away.  It will help our children have a better environment to live in."  
This is a great book to encourage children that they can help save the Earth too!  I only wish I would have had it in time for an Earth Day Giveaway. ;-)
"How can you help save the earth?" [?Que puedo hacer yo para salvar la tierra?]
You could start by reading this book!  :-)  As usual, I'm feeing generous and I like to share and spread the word about books and the importance of reading, so I am offering this book as a GiveAway! (did you have any doubt that I wouldn't?)
  • 1 entry)  Comment on a way your child/niece/nephew (or yourself if there are no children in your family) participate to help save our Earth. :-)
  • 1 entry) Tweet this giveaway and let me know you did/provide me with the tweet link.
  • 2 entries)  Grab my badge!
  • 3 entries)  Post about this giveaway and the book at your blog (be sure to comment back with a link so I can find it!)
  • 5 entries) Visit Root & Sprout and tell me something you like about one of the currently published articles. 
  • 1 additional entry) for each time you comment to the actual article at Root & Sprout [be sure to let me know you did!] This Giveaway closes on Friday, May 29th, 2009 at midnight! Winner will be selected by random drawing.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Giveaway's!!! Don't miss out!

Don't miss out on the FAB Awesome Giveaways at Delaney's World!  I've already won a Southern Living vase and I'm entered for ad space for Root & Sprout and also some jewelry and a great EXPO marker gift set!  There's tons of other stuff posted for GiveAways too that I didn't even enter for!
Also, Miss Dawn posted a link for a giveaway for Wish-Bone Salad products!  Whoop! 
Remember:  Cheap is good, but free is better!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Humming Bird on my Hand!

So, I saved a Humming Bird today!  Totally!  See for yourself!
Here are some photos of the little Guy/Gal feeling happily safe on my finger as I catch him/her during the disorientating movement.  Level of trust.  Truly, it is amazing.
I'm thinking, that's got to bring and mean good luck!  Isn't a humming bird one up on a lady bug landing on you?
Anyhow, that rang this song into my mind so I'll leave you with this for your Happy Thursday -- It's almost FWFD of the week!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Winner! Maddie Moonbeam's Garden!

The winner is in!
I first want to say, "Thank You" to all the entrants.  I saw a lot of new faces commenting which is wonderful in itself.  And, in addition to visiting the book's website, several of y'all visited Root & Sprout as well.  I really appreciate that too!
FYI, I've checked out which is a venue a lot of bloggers are using these days for their drawings.  But, I haven't taken time enough to figure out just how it works and how to incorporate the extra entries.  So, for now, I'll continue to do it the old fashioned way with strips of paper and a drawing. :-D
Since, Lil Gal and Farmer, Jr. are at school and I'm already about 12 hours late posting the winner, I'll do the drawing myself.  And, I don't want to hold y'all up another hour waiting for a vlog to upload so -- 
Shake.......Shake........Shake........Shake....... [sound of lid opening to my Ziplock 32 oz container]
Shwwwooopk......Shwwwooopk.....[sound of my hand mixing the entries more before drawing]...Shwwwoopk.......
And, the winner is?  [crackle of unfolding paper]  Jill!!
I've emailed Jill for her address to send the book out to.  
Oh, don't forget about my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Giveaway which ends this Friday at midnight!!  I used one all morning cleaning every baseboard scuff, doors and the like!  Use it just like an eraser!  It really works!!!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Birthday....

Psst, something you probably didn't know.  Sweet D's birthday is the day after Lil' Gal's.  I remember when Sweet D came up to the hospital; somehow she has misunderstood.
So, Lil'Gal was sitting in the little bed they bring to the room when they move you from delivery to your own room.  [This delivery was soooooooooo more 'normal' and stress free than Farmer, Jr.  He and I went through H-E-double L together during his birth.]  
Anyhow, Sweet D asks,  "So when do you think you'll have her?"
Me, "She's right here!"  :-)  
Sweet D was a little un-thrilled that I didn't call her at middle-of-the-night thirty when I went in to the hospital in labor.  But, I was more concerned about how quickly I was progressing and that window that can suddenly close unexpectedly for the epidural.  ;-)
Anyhow, a few more hours later and Lil'Gal and Sweet D would have the same birthday! 
So, pop over and wish her Happy Birthday!  She hasn't blogged in quite awhile.  But, she's also been out of town for weeks at a time here and there and back again.
Show her some love!  She's my Sweet D!  


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (Original)

I must say, that when this product first came out several years ago I was super-enthused as I thought this would be my 'magical' answer.  But, at that time it didn't seem to be.
Recently, I received a buy one get one free coupon and combined it with a 75 cent coupon and purchased two boxes of these.  My thoughts were to try it out again as I had a couple of places within the home that "Mr. Clean" said his "Magic Erasers" could surely clean for me.
Well, he was right!!!  Check it out in the videos below.
What the site says: To remove more grime per swipe than the leading all purpose spray cleaner, reach for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It’s a powerful multi-purpose cleaning pad with water-activated micro-scrubbers that reach into the grooves of the surface to lift and remove dirt around your home with water alone. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works on both tough dirt and everyday messes to leave surfaces sparkling clean. Try it for dirt on walls, doors, baseboards, glass tabletops, leather shoes and even your car windshield glass*.
So, since I got a whole box for free (eight for cents a piece) I'm offering one magic eraser to four winners.
So you can try these awesome 'magic erasers' out for yourself!  You know, I'm all about clean!
[Don't drop in the house today though; I'm behind on the baseboards and the light switches and the dusting -- and I have to write two articles before I get to it all.] :-D
To Win:
  • 1 entry)  comment here why you want to win one!
  • 3 entries) grab my badge and put it on your blog wall (if you already have it let me know)
  • 5 entries) go to Root & Sprout and read the daily article; comment here with what you think about the article.
  • 5 entries) comment on the article of the day at Root & Sprout so the author feels appreciated and let me know here that you did and on what article.
This giveaway ends this Friday, May 22nd, 2009, at midnight!  I will announce the winner here and/or contact you at your blog or via your email if I have it to let you know you've won.  I will need your address to ship to you but you can provide that via email.
Happy Monday!  It's a brand new day!  [Winner of Maddie Moonbeam's Garden is being calculated and will be announced later today!]


Psssst? Yeah, You!

Howdy All,
There's a new little button up for the next couple of weeks up there under my Followers.  Delaney is celebrating her Blog-O-Versary with a month's worth of giveaways.
Daily she posts a new sponsored giveaway and they stay open approx. a week, give or take a few days.  So click the fuzzy bear button daily and enter for freebies!!!  If I can win, so can YOU!
I've already won (see previous post) and I'm hoping to win the ad space for Root & Sprout because they ladies sponsoring the ad space have great traffic!
Anyhoodle, today is Lil' Gal's official 'sixth birthday.'  Mom and the Teenager are supposed to come out and visit for the afternoon.  We got some rain and the temps are cooled from 90+ with heat indexes in the triple digits to 70-80s.  Hubby is happy.  Personally, I like the sauna!
In true party fashion, I thought we could all sing, dance and share in the festivities.  
Adorable, yes? Except my Lil'Gal won't be getting married at 21. Oh, I so hope she waits just a leeeeetle bit longer! Happy Sunday!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Savings, WINNER, internet down???

Quick note!  Power's been down.  Well not my power, but Mom & Dad-IL's power and the office.  Which means no internet.  Luckily we had power and cable/cartoons for the kiddos.  
Little Story About Today:  After the b-day party Hubby runs me by the "James Avery" store since we are in 'town' so I can pick up Mom's b-day gift for Lil'Gal and a b-day gift for Sweet D.  (Sweet D's birthday is the day after Lil Gal's).
The lady rings me up and it is obvious that she only charged me for one charm.  I think and wait for the receipt.  Maybe she said the wrong amount...maybe I could get out with two for the price of one.  She hands me the receipt.  Nope.  FW ain't no cheat.  It comes back around one way or the other and I want the full glass, not an empty or cracked one. :-D
So, I mention to her "Is that for TWO charms?"  She flickers in her face and a moment of panic over what almost happened.  She figures out the fault and apologizes and it has to be two transactions.  Me, "No biggie.  BTW, if it were my Hubby?  He'd a walked out without saying anything."  She replies, "Mine too."
I converse with myself on the way out about whether or not I'll tell the Hubster.  I agree with myself and do share.  Of course, he's slightly disgruntled with my complete honesty.  I remind him it comes back one way or the other.  I'd rather be on the winning side than the 'bite me in the asset' side.
Fast Forward:  Power has been out.  I'm entered to win stuff at multiple awesome Mom blogs.  I'm entered at Delaney's World for several things as she's having a month long (I believe) of sponsored GIVEAWAYS!!!!  Yeppers!  So go play!
Anyhow, I won this:
It's a Southern Living (yes, like the magazine) Arrange it Easy Vase!  May not look too special to you, but I sold Southern Living @ Home for a couple of years -- enough to earn and purchase a bunch of stuff for our new house we were going to/did build one day/now! :-)
This baby is one I always wanted but it never worked out where I could catch it at a steal-deal.
So see?  My honesty paid off and within less than 12 hours!  Can't wait to tell the Hubster those results!  Remember, my motto(s)....
Happy Hip-Hop-Happenin' Super Six on a Saturday, Saturday!!!!
And, as I am true to my is another link to print some fabulous coupons.  Not the nickel and quarter one's either.  We are talking about $1.00 at minimum on savings. :-)
You can't always print twice from a particular website.  But, peeps find other places that offer the same coupons and ya' can print them more than once doing it that way.  I've got my velveeta stocked for a few months now!!!
click here to enjoy these great savings[AGAIN] along with me!!!
Happy Super Saturday!


Super Six!!!

Today was Lil' Gal's birthday party! Whoop! She actually slept in a little; course, I'd told them last night that today was our morning to sleep in since her party didn't begin until 11:am. Guess who was the first one awake? Yep. ME. Bummer. I woke originally at 4:am with a little gripe left over in my mind from the haggling DH and I had gotten into last night. Marriage wouldn't be marriage if there wasn't a little Haggle in it now and then. Keeps it fresh, you know. And, makes the happy, laughing times more appreciated! Yesterday was a totally FABO day until said, "Haggle." I was sooooo peaved that I actually called my Daddy. DH said, "Then call Your Daddy!" And, I did. He didn't answer though. I'm going to call him this evening so he can tell me, "Baby You're right...." Or, give me the "Straighten up, Gal!" talk if he thinks I'm the one with attitude on the short end of the stick. 'Cuz y'all know from readin' me that he totally will tell me like it is. I'm voting on Me, though! ;-) Anyhow, I tried to go back to sleep. I tossed and turned and my body wanted some more rest so much but my mind -- stupid mind -- wouldn't cooperate. So, with Farmer, Jr. wiggling all over his bed (I'm surprised the boy hasn't hit the floor half a dozen times with all his wild sleep habits) I decided to get up. Make the coffee, tend to some chores and "For Heaven's sake -- don't wake up your sister yet." Lil'Gal wakes and greets me with, "Mama? It's my birthday and YOU didn't tell me Happy Birthday." ???? "Lil'Gal, tomorrow is your real birthday. Today is your party. And, you just woke up so, 'Happy Birthday!'" Big Hugs! Then, she's off to tell Daddy. :-D Party was a hoot! Wanna' see the cake I made? Yeah, Lil'Gal was very pleased. It was exactly what she wanted and what she asked for. Purple flower drawn on and all. :-) Being a Mom ROCKS!!! [FYI, yes that is a basket weave around the edges but I wasn't feelin' it apparently so it doesn't look "professional" like I prefer. Tasted professional though! *giggle*] Birthday Gal bowling! The ladies were kickin' the strikes and spares, crutch and all! Whoop! One for good measure. I can post these kiddos along with my own because I know their Moms and their pics are posted at My BB who started my Blogging obsession. :-DD This is Little Les, Little ME and Little Krish.... a new generation of US! See we've all known each other since infinity, yeah, pretty much. Pre-hubbies and kids, for sure. And, we were good at hittin' the ol'dance-hall bar and drinking a few a whole lotta beers and dancin' C&W, of course, the night away! In fact, Krish's husband's good friend from way back when (he's the one we lost in the ultra-light accident) introduced me to the Hubster. :-) Thanks, Kix!!!! [We called him Kix cuz' he looked just like Kix Brooks from Brooks & Dunn.] He was a fun fella.' Crap-Diddle, Kix, we told you to stay out of that d@mn thing! Anyhoodle, for good measure I'm also posting this one.  
Gals, what is it that you see under there????  LOL!  Which was followed by, "get off the floor, it's nasty!"  :-D
Well, time to get off my bum and make some dinner. Lil'Gal requested "chalupas" since it's her birthday weekend. The Hubster just headed off to drink beer and bar-b-que on tailgates with some buddies. "Honey, it okay if I go?" Me, "Heck yeah! Get your pie outta' here and have some fun ya' funky butt!" Yeah, I'm all easy going that way. MMMMMMM! I just remembered, I have a new bottle of "blue-berry wine." YUM! Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free Money! You love me!

So, free money! Whoop! Okay, well, it's money BACK in your pocket. Well, no, it's extra money in your pocket. It's coupon money. All ya' gotta' do is click the title to this post. You will find something tons of stuff you typically purchase and/or want for at least $1.00 off savings out-the-door that will fit in your pantry. ;-) Trust me. You can save $1.00 on: Velveeta 1 lb Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs Kraft Mayonnaise Kraft Miracle Whip Triscuits Philadelphia Cream Cheese (2 bricks) Crystal Light Jello Pudding Snacks Planter's Big Nut Bars (Farmer, Jr. LOVES these!) Kraft Cheese Slices Grey Poupon (Oompa!) Ritz Bitz!!! And, so much more!!! It's the $1.00 off Grand Slam coupon week! Do you know how long I've waited (and checked the website ) for Velveeta's $1.00 coupon? Let me share a little trick/tip/hint I learned. When they have these printable coupons, that means that the newspaper Sunday flyers will also have coupons for these products within the next 2-3 weeks. So, I'm holding on to my Velveeta coupon (I'll print until they let me no more) and then when the Sunday flyer clipping arrives? I'll hit the mother load and grocery shop for FREEEEE!! Stick with me kids! I learn from the Master!!!!! Click, print, and save away! It's FREE MONEY, Honeys!!!!

Awww NUTS!

I'm a nut. On any given day; it just depends on what type of nut I am. Sometimes, I'm a Macadamia nut, sometimes a brazil nut. I love a good Cashew day. And, on occasion, I'm a Peppy Pistachio! I'm the kind of person who says things like, "Hump-Diggity," and "Holy Cowpies Batmat!" I'm the kind of person who says, "Crap-Diddle with a Fart in the Middle," when something really frustrates me and my language must be sensored. I'm the type of person who eats potato salad and left over chicken spaghetti (the creamy kind, not the red sauce kind) for breakfast. But, not together. ;-) LIfe is like a bowl of nuts. We are all mixed in together. Slightly roasted, some unsalted, and some of the party variety. What variety are you? Me? It depends on the day. But, I will say. I'm never a 'filler nut.' I'm classy, I'm crunchy, and I'm flavorful. What about you? Make life flavorful. Have a nutty day! I'm off to tend to the kids and the school and life the Farmer*sWife Way!! Whoop! Happy Hump-Day! Be sure to put some -- wait for it -------------->Diggity in it! ;-D

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Snooz-day Tuesday

Prepared to be bored ----- Feeling good but also guilty. *sigh* I came home from running errands -- well, shipping out GiveAways, Root & Sprout winner items and some notary jobs I've done this week. At least I know a few bucks are on their way to my mailbox. I feel asleep on the couch... Yeppers. Bleeep! And, during my one favorite 30 minute soaps that I haven't seen in over a week. Daddy called while I was lying there but it was the kind of unexpected sleep that leaves you so grogily drunk that your legs are jello and you can't wake your body up. Suddenly, I jumped up in a panic -- an hour later! But, I threw on my shoes, slammed a piece of cheese and turkey meat down my throat to head out to pick up the kids. But, then I realized I had an hour before I had to leave. I feel like I wasted quality 'children aren't at home' work time. I need to find some new venues to write for to earn some extra $$ -- I need to help my Mom out more. Bless her heart, she lives off of "nothing" due to her disability. But, I don't believe in taking from what we have built or making it my husband's worry; though, he helps a lot. We live in a castle, after all. But, it's been a dream he and I have worked hard for and saved for forever. He's been working on the farm during the summers since he was 14. He put most of that money in savings for 'one day.' And, that 'one day' savings is a large part of what we put into the house to build our castle.... Anyhow, I pay my Mom's cell phone from notary jobs and sometimes my Root & Sprout money. I'm always so afraid that if I don't cover that and she has an overdrawn month she wouldn't tell me. So, I pay it to ensure she always has a phone available and so that I can always be in contact and keep in touch (she lives about 45 minutes away). I am so committed to the Root & Sprout publication and project. It is growing and as changes become required they only improve the site and publication. Currently, the stat bar is available to readers and prospective advertisers/sponsors so anyone can see at anytime how many are viewing the site, a page and what the ranks and stats are. Root & Sprout is going to make it. One day we will be on the Today Show, or Oprah. :-D Like I tell Lis, "I'm enjoying riding the start dust to your dream." Saturday is Lil' Gal's birthday party. It's a bowling party so I haven't had to be crafty and creative. Though, I will be making her cake. Similar to the bowling alley cake I made for Farmer, Jr. in January. Only she wants a purple bowling ball and a big pink flower somewhere; possibly even on the bowling ball according to her. And, obviously the cake will be all dolled up with color. ;-) I going to post my next GiveAway, I just am trying to decide what I want to post next. I have several items in mind but, I'm thinking something more interesting. I have more cleaning products. Are y'all tired of those yet? [You know I always stock up. I'm a cleaning freak-a-holic and I'm also a coupon-a-holic. It's like gambling at the grocery store for me!] Well, we are at gymnastics today so I better take advantage of this time to finish reviewing my HARO replies and get my two articles lined out. The third one is crafty and my book reviews don't need to be done until the end of the month. Clickty-clickin May Away! Two more super full weeks at the school and then it's SUMMMEEEEER TIIIIIIIIMMMMME! Hip-Hop- Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Win from Glade's New Frangrance Line!

Remember, I told y'all about the review I was lucky enough to 'land' and write for Root & Sprout? Well, guess what? We are giving away a soy candle and a diffuser over there!!! MMM-Hmmmmm! I have to say that the Glade Frangrance line is fanciful and delighting to the senses; especially, the the nose! So, you will most certainly want to click the title to this post and share about what your favorite scent is and what memories it evokes! That's it! And, you could win a fabo-scent-sational new product by Glade!!! Also, don't forget about my Maddie Moonbeam's Garden Giveaway -- this is a really special book! ;-) Click the link to enter and you can earn lots of entries! Remember this book isn't just for your own children, but a great gift for a niece, nephew, or other child you might know! WINNER OF THE DOUBLE-it-Up GIVEAWAY!!! [Drummmmroooooolllllllllll] 1st Prize: For Dry Idea deodorant, is Gary!!!! 2nd Prize: For the Mary Kay Cellulite Day/Night cream(s): Pro-Homemaker!!! BTW, Pro-Homemaker, Thanks for sharing your story about your Mom and Mother's Day! I'm super-duper glad she loved the 50's throwback Barbie remake for her collection!!!! Tickles my heart! So, it IS Monday which means I'll be posting another giveaway. To keep them going and over-lapping! But, first I might have to ramble and update you about my wonderfully, hectic life!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Howdy all, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! Oh, and BTW, THANK YOU to all my wonderful readers and followers! Y'all make blogging so super fun and awesome! Thanks for the support and everyone who has been popping on over at Root & Sprout to read the daily publications! Y'all all rock! So, our plans: The family(ies) is coming over for hamburgers, potato salad, romaine salad and Home-made Peach Cobbler (not by me, made by the SIL - Super-Yum!) at our place today! We usually do Father's day down at my SIL and BIL's -- they fry fish! Yum! So, now that we are in the big house where we have room, and my Mom can get around in her power chair here -- I've offered for us to do Mother's Day here! :-) So, BIL, SIL and the youngins are coming down as well as my Fab FIL and MIL, Baby SIL and her guy, and my Mom and The Teenager. The kids can play, we can visit and drink a beer or a glass of wine, or tea. [Oh-poo! I still need to make tea also!] I decided to buy myself some roses and flowers to share with the Mom's coming.... A splurge on myself since the Hubster was out picking up my charm bracelet :-D -- it has a tractor charm! Sweeet! And, it also has my half of the BFF charm to the one Sweet D wears. Anyhow, Hubby walks in with roses too! So, I took them all and separated them into the vases. He had got some for me and his Mom. So we have fabulous flowers vases for the my Mom and MIL and I still have the cute little vases Lil'Gal and I made to give away. I'll be sending one home with the SIL -- Hope she doesn't read 'cuz it will spoil the surprise. (I think they are out to catch some fish...maybe what we might be eating on Father's Day?? LOL) Sweet D'd be getting one too but they are out of town -- AGAIN! Anyhow, on top of that I have to make salad for 70 people and cookie bars to go with for the Mother's Day lunch at school tomorrow. Thank goodness Wonder-Mom is handling the spaghetti, corn and french bread! Tomorrow is 'literally' double booked but I managed to work it all out. I have to say, that I love being a Mother. I love having my own day. Lil'Gal asked me this morning, "Mama, why do you get your own day?" To which I responded, "Because You and Farmer, Jr. make me special." :-) She smiled and was pleased with that answer; and so am I. Have a wonderful one. Hug your Mother if she is around. Hug your MIL if you care about her. Hug your kids and your Hubby too. We wouldn't be Mother's without them either (*smiley-wink*) If I get a chance tonight, I'll announce the winner(s) of the double giveaway drawings for the Mary Kay Miracle Cellulite Day/Night solutions and also the Dry Idea (that I got for freeeeee!)

Friday, May 8, 2009

I could SO go there, but I won't -- maybe just a little....

Geeze-Oh-Pete! (I know, I stole that from another blogger but it's stuck with me since reading her). :-) What a day! So much to say! So many to read and catch up on.... So, with all that this day has entailed I could SO go there, but I won't. I'm too tired. Though, tomorrow, I might....because, I don't like to be white gloved if you haven't first white gloved yourself.  Good word analogy, right? ;-)  [If that makes sense to you, then you know you get me *smiley wink*] So, some words of wisdom I live by that I wanted share.  Feel free to comment as you know me and/or, if/how you agree.  No pessimism....  And, no party crashers...  After all, it's FUN on FRIDAY!
  • I learned a long time ago to laugh at myself! It's fun! I'm the bunt of a joke and often by me at my own expense!
  • I've learned not to let others guilt me for their own lack of self esteem.
  • I am who I am, some may not like it, but it's a good True Friend filter.
  • I don't take BullStench off anyone; I'm an adult now so I don't have to.
  • Oooh, oooh, oooh, I also have realized that I'm not perfect.  Even when I think I am and my friends let me pretend. ;-)
  • I keep my friends close; though, I try keep my hidden enemies and those who are really 'all-about-me-first' peeps in plain sight.
  • WonderMom and I are peas in a pod; we are the "School House Rock!' :-D
  • I try to be the friend that I would like to have as a friend; though,
  • In all fairness, I'll mirror how you treat me and treat you just the same.  OK, still probably better.
Welcome to more quirks that 'tis me.  Oh what a day....  Yeppers....  My mind is running on auto-pilot.  Tomorrow, I'll fluid this thought movement -- after, I catch up with the rest of my peep reads!  Those who are open followers and supportive readers?  Y'all so rock!  Thanks, I *heart* you all.... <3>
Happy (FWFD's about over) Sleepin' in on a Saturday!
I do have to add, as this day was coming to an end I almost said, WTF -- to Quote The Queen -- but, I didn't ;-)  I thought, WTC would fit better...  (Where's the Couch!) 


Thursday, May 7, 2009


Guess what?! I get to catch up on blog reads this evening. I'm working on it now but I know it's better to shower now than to have to do it late and last minute. Hubster and the BIL (yes, he got off the chain tonight *giggle*) went to the SEA banquet with the CPA/Mr. Congenial so they are having a good time but I'm lazy-ing around the house. Well, I did make spaghetti, seasoned toast and veggies for the youngins. And, the dishwasher is running. But, I'm thinking cartoons for the kids and T.V. and Macxine and my blog buddies for awhile in the computer office for ME. :-) Oh, the Free chocolate? Well, they are giving away free chocolate every Friday beginning tomorrow through September 25th!!! Can't beat that, huh? First 250,000 to click there on Friday's get some! So mark your calendar. The link? Oh, well, just click the title. But, remember, no Free chocolate until tomorrow (or midnight?????) :-) I know, I know. Ya' luv me, dontcha'?! Well, ditto there peeps! ;-) Look for me tonight because I'll be making my rounds around the blog block!

Busy Bee; and a published review!

The Fragrance Collection, by Glade Posted using ShareThis
Howdy all!!!
I've been busier than an ants nest around here this week!  Sheeze, this morning I couldn't figure out why I was dragging -- other than the exhaustion from the past four days -- but then I realized I made the coffee, I just never poured the coffee so I could drink the coffee!
I remedied that while baking up a bubbly hot casserole for the teachers lunch today at the school.  Sheeze, WonderMom has me jumping like water on a cast iron griddle with all the end of the year projects, field trips, sock hop party, lions, tigers and bears OH MY!!
I popped in a few of y'alls blogs last night to say hello and catch a read.  I'll be back!  I'm counting down the hours to my Weekend and FWFD!!!  Although, I'll be at the school again, allllll day long tomorrow for the chicken plate bar-b-q fundraiser!
Come tomorrow evening around movie time it'll be me, you and a glass full of spirits! :-)
Keep looking for me!  I'm NOT MIA, I'm MIEverwhere!
Laugh out loud and giggle today -- oh go read and comment at my review of Glade!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Maddie MoonBeam's Garden

This is a beautiful book, written by Karen Nowicki who is also a Team Writer with Root & Sprout.  Maddie Moonbeam's Garden is a story about a little girl who lives each day passionately.
But, then she begins to doubt herself and put others opinions above her own.  In the end she finds her way back to her true self and realizes that she is who "she wants to be" and her true heart's desire is unshakable after all.
When purchasing a copy of this book for myself, I mentioned to Karen that I would love to be able to give a copy away because I love to share all things good.  Being the kind, uplifting and sharing person she is, she let me purchase at buy one get one free -- just so that I would be able to spread the word.
It's nice to have generous friends.  I chose to buy two at 1/2 price ;-), never to take advantage.  I guess it comes out to 6 to one 1/2 a dozen to the other -- but the important thing is that I am able to offer this book to you!
I don't want to make you jump through too many hoops to win it because I would like a large participation in this.  So, I'll make it simple.  
  • 1 entry)  Comment here to this post if you want a chance to win!
  • 5 entries) Visit the website, Maddie Moonbeam's Garden and tell me something about the book or about Karen Nowicki or about the website
  • 5 entries) Visit Root & Sprout and comment there to an article, review or GiveAway (you can win there too!).  Then just let me know ya' did!
  • 1 additional entry daily) Visit the new article published at Root & Sprout daily and comment for an additional entry -- so you can earn 12 additional entries in total this way! ;-)
Easy Peasy!
[This Giveaway closes on Friday, May 15th, 2009 at midnight.]
Have a Wonderific Tantalizing Tuesday!
I promise I will read all of you in the next day or so!  I'm just living life overwhelmed and over scheduled -- but I wouldn't trade it -- or y'all -- for anything!


My Body Belongs To Me - giveaway post

My Body Belongs To Me - giveaway post If you have small children -- this is a book you would definitely be interested in.  So, click to check out my review published at Root & Sprout and enter to win a copy!
Posted using ShareThis
I'm going to post Maddie's Moonbeams giveaway as soon as possible.  I know I said I'd do it yesterday but yesterday was a blurrrrrrrrrrr.  I'm in 50 directions and will be at the school all day again today doing a presentation with WonderMom to the older classes!
Whew!  Teachers day out so we are staying all day!  The laundry has turned into the 'blob' and I think it wants to engulf and consume me!
I know I haven't been around to read everyone!  I'm super sorry!  Don't give up on me!  :-)
Happy Tantalizing Tuesday!  Tantalizing....that's a good word.  :-D


Sunday, May 3, 2009

WINNER! Free Skinny Cow Ice Cream!

Okay!  So, I've got it up.  Skinny Cow Ice Cream Winner iiiiiissss?  Ya' know the drill.  Gotta' listen to my rambles and then I draw the winner!
Don't forget, tomorrow I post a new giveaway and the Double Giveaway is still open through Friday, May 8th, 2009 -- closes midnight that day.  [I'm so glad it is finally MAY!!!]
For those of you interested in cheap advertising ($7.50 per 30 days right now for a graphic ad right now) check out Root & Sprout: Place an ad :-D
The 'end of school/summer rules' countdown begins......
Happy Sunday/Monday (It took all night it seems after three tries to get this uploaded)


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Who Needs Vegas? I've got Casino Night!

WHOOOOP! So, last night was our annual Casino night we are invited to by the local Tractor Dealer and tractor maintenance company down here. They used to do some other stuff with food and games at the dealership/shop in the heat and all. Good food, door prizes and of course, beer. But, several years ago they tried a new thing. Casino night! Can you say, "Totally Up Farmer's Wife's alley?" TOTALLY... It included a great meal centered around a theme, then gambling to earn tickets to enter into the raffle drawing for PRIZES! Prizes? Who do we know who loves free stuff and winning prizes? Hmmmmm, would that be.....Meeeeeee? Oh yes, it's ME! Now I don't consider myself a lucky Gal. Luck is nice but it is also very random. Positivity? Now that isn't random. And, positivity brings with it positivity. I'm an optimist and I'm good at the Craps table. ;-) So, we start out with a plate overloaded with chicken and beef fajitas, flour tortillas, beans, spanish rice, TAMALES (los spicy), with a side of salad, guacamole, salsa and my all time favorite -- jalapenos. A meal fit for two kings their queens and scraps for the dogs. Also, there was -- beer! ;-) Gambling begins at 7:00 pm sharp. I saw my usual table man on the way in. We smile and say hello; he and the hubby talk some farm talk, I make sure he knows I'll be at his table -- as has been the norm the past four years or more. The game begins. A little slow at first. And, there was a pessimistic couple happily (though passive aggressively) bantering amongst each other and driving my "happy" out the window. PLUS, 'she' kept playing against the Pass line. For SHAME... I dislike people who play against everyone else in hopes of making a quick buck. Especially, when they don't really know that much about the game anyhow. Finally, they leave. Whooop! And, the table belongs to MEeeeeeee. We rocked it. We ruled it! Farmer K came over and joined in. I said, "welcome to my table - where happiness gets you everywhere." We shot the dice, we bought each other beer with the free pink tickets they give you for your free allotment, but I know who to ask for extras ;-) [I also know who to ask for extra 'green tickets' which are worth gambling chips and/or drawing entries.]  Farmer's Wife's in the know!  SIDE NOTE: No, I'm not a boozer. But, apparently, I do hold my own. I think it's the level of activity that is generally pulsating through my veins and brain. More my brain. My body wears tired easily but my brain has trouble shutting itself down. So, CCD Director is at this shindig. She pops over and I say, "Hey! Come play some craps with me and we'll drink a beer! Outside of CCD!" [Remember, I'm Catholic and we acknowledge the fact that Jesus drank wine in the Bible; so we don't have to hide or be deceitful when we partake. :-D]  Oh, and she's originally from New York so of course we talked about Root & Sprout and Lis and Gary and Ithica. She says, "Well I don't really know how," yada-yada, I've got her playing and we are all having fun. Whooop! High-Fives! I never even thought to pull out the video cam or I woulda'! She looks over at me as she's expressing what a light weight she is and she says, "How many have YOU had?" To which I respond, "Oh x#..." She replies, "Do you EVER slow down?" Who me? Not generally not until the battery runs out and then I just crash and burn where I'm standing. ;-) So, I end up with LOTTA tickets at the end of the evening and now it is time for the drawing. Peeps from our table win a set of tires, a jacket, a $50.00 gift certificate to dinner. Then, they call one of my numbers. And, I WIN!!!! Wanna' know what I won? Well, it wasn't the leather collapsable rocker I've always wanted from the King Ranch Store. And, it wasn't the John Deere bicycle my son would flip over. And, it wasn't the set of tires (I already have a new set of tires; they came with the car payment). I didn't win the Ice Cream maker (I already have two). I didn't win the edger -- I don't edge. And, I didn't win some of the other cool stuff had -- gotta' leave something for everyone else. So, I won THIS: Here are the DEETS on the little diddy I won! VW22L - 22" Class LCD HDTV VIZIO's VW22L adds a touch of class to High Definition performance in a smaller package. A perfect size for a perfect price, the VW22L will offer more than 16 Million colors of pure home entertainment! VW22LHDTV10T
So, it's going to be mounted in the office/treadmill/guest room.  We can watch and work out.  The kids can watch and computer.   The guest can watch PPV or movies on cable.  And, the TV/DVD combo that's been taking up most of the desk in the office will go to the playroom for video entertainment for children when we have parent/child playdates. :-D
I'm a lucky Gal!  Though, it ain't about the luck.  It's about the Optimism.
I will say that last year I didn't win a darned thing.  But, I will also admit that my mood going in was, well, annoyed.  And, when my happy kicked in it was convenient and unfair.
BUT, the year before I won a set of golf clubs valued at over $200.oo.  Sold 'em for $1oo.oo cash!  And, the year before that I won a portable DVD player that served us for several years till it finally died.  We've won other cool stuff too in the past.  Overall, this is my favorite event to attend each year.
Kids stayed with Sweet D and Uncle J and were spoiled to the hilt.  It was a Win-Win-Win and I WON!!!!
Happy Saturday Y'all!


Fly By with Freebies!

Howdy all! I found a new site and she lists freebies and free samples! Go check her out here to fill your mailbox with goodies! I'll be back with the ice cream winner and also to tell ya' all about my fab-o night last night! I'm a WINNER! Whoop! Later Gators, After Awhile Crocodile, I'm gonna' make like a tree -- and leaf! ;-)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Farmer*s Wife goes OUT ON THE TOWN!!!

It's Casino Night!!!! Remember last year? It's mentioned a little in this post. Anyhow, it's this big annual shindig where they feed us, play music and let us gamble (tickets trade in for chips = chips at the end traded in for tickets to win the door prizes) and we can win stuff! WIN STUFF?? Why, this sounds like it's right up Farmer*sWife's alley? :-E) That's supposed to be a really big toothed grin! Hubby is taking the youngins to Sweet D and Uncle J's for the night. The kids are as pumped as we are. Actually, I should be showering about now, but Hubby wouldn't let me blog if he were home so I'll just let him think I took a really long time to get ready tonight! You know Men, we aren't really so slow. Sometimes we just work it all to our advantage. ;-) I'll fill y'all all in on how it all went tomorrow! Super Cool Fun. Though, I have to squeeze my bloated assets into a semi-cute outfit due to the monthly bloat-a-thon. No fair. Sorry, guys. I DID just post that. Nothing a lot of beer can't make me forget about, I guess. I hope. I would absolutely LUV to take a snippet of a video of me HOT on the craps table! I rock at Craps! [Not CRAP, CRAPS the Vegas dice game.] Who knows? A few beers and maybe they'll think I'm drunken and quite odd let me! Happy Friday! Oh, and Don't Forget! One of my articles is Headlining at Root & Sprout so click over and comment to it! Stats and my Ego Poof, ya know! (Tomorrow, I'll be in the archives and a new article will be headlining so don't forget, Kay?!) And, last few hours to win SKINNY ICE CREAM!! Full of taste and flavor but sweet and slim to the behind and thigh-lines?! YAY! Hip-Hip-Hooray! It's FWFD of the Week!!


Hi Y'all!
Guess what?!  Gary is having a JokeFest at his place again! He did this once awhile back and received over 100 comments and funny, Laugh Out Loud jokes that were also fairly clean for family PG viewing! He wants everyone to contribute! We need some new faces from new places with new jokes to share! So Pop on Over HERE to participate! FYI, Gary is my Pottery Pal! He makes awesome stuff with cute little critters; and yes, he takes requests. Currently, I have one in for a Texas Sized coffee mug painted like a dairy cow (white with black spots, and pink on the inside) that will actually stand on it's pink udders! Adorable, huh? I'll share pics when he gets his work up!!! He's offering a PRIZE!!!!! See that cute, dark blue mug on the right? Yep, you could be drinkin' your coffee out of that! I have a couple of Gary's Mugs and they keep my coffee nice and hot until the last drop. Not to mention they are all one of a kind, hand-made, mugs. So, pop on over to Gary's Joke-a-Thon, and share some laughter with us all! Happy FWFD! I'm at warp speed to clean the house and prepare for our big shin'dig tonight -- more on that in a post later! Don't forget Free Ice Cream ends tonight at midnight! If you aren't entered or haven't entered for extra entries, click that link and participate! OOOH! OOOH! And, don't forget! the May Issue @ Root & Sprout is out today! It's going to a daily publication but there are lots of great stuff published today (titling with My ARTICLE) so Go Read Please!!!!!!