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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dear Emmeline... ;-)

Dear Emmeline.  A tribute to a young blogger whom I've grown to know, love stalk often and visit, even when she hasn't updated her blog (and, I can't find the link to future comments widgit, Gidget!)


Dear Emmeline....

I love to read you when you ramble,
and the way you analyze your life.

I know when I read you I always hear wedding bells,
though, I know you aren't yet in that place in your life. <3 :-D

[But when they ring, I'm totally invited... RIGHT?]

I love to read about your life, and loves and losses...
And, the way you have with words leaves me
looking forward to your thought process/es.

I've finished all the 'before I followed alongs';
but like a good book, I can read them still.
As I love the way you phrase your life in your blog.

I'd read about the color of your socks.
I'd read you if you were shopping for Poppy-c0cks 

[Wait, is that an illicit spelling for that term?]

You know that I'm devoted,
to reading everything you write.

But, sometimes I do find...
something to my dislike.

I've only known you a few years in cyber world....
So I have no right to ask.

But, could you?  Would you? Post for ME us weekly?
[Asking out load, in print, doesn't make me too freaky?]

If you ever really wrote a post that I found Hard to Swallow?
I promise I would suck it up, read along, and follow.

Thank you for your time,
MY Our Dear Sweet Emmeline... 

Thank you!  Thank you everyone!  I'm hoping my stalker-like flattery will inspire her to post more.  She's like my weekly soap that somehow always has a happy, silver lining! Or maybe it leaves me feeling happy and shiny?  Um... Kay.  Weird?  I'm out'a here....


Cute shoes! ;-)

Yesterday, I looked down at my son's shoes and realized they were in pretty bad holes and falling apart shape.  So, today's agenda included a trip to Payless after church and CCD.  We got there about 11:20 and realized that they don't open till Noon on Sundays.  CR@P! What to do?

Luckily, the kids had brought a DVD (unluckily, I'd left the Kindle at home thinking I wouldn't need it) so we all sat and watched AirBud (baseball) until the store opened.  I didn't want to waste the fuel going back and forth and Farmer, Jr. NEEDED NEW SHOES.

Of course, if you visit a shoe store with a female child in tow you know you will have to purchase more than just one pair of shoes.  And, if said brother is getting shoes (even though said sister doesn't need a pair) sister will get a pair too.  [Actually, she got two.  One for Easter and spring and an extra play pair to wear to school and such.]  A Gal can never have to many pairs of shoes. ;-)

So, since we were on the splurge, FW decided to look around too!  I'd seen an adorable shoe on display and wondered if it was affordable.  I'm not crazy about 'flip-flops' but a canvas type shoe with a nice wedgey heal made this pair perfect for me!

Does that not say FW all over it?  They weren't exactly a steal like I usually bargain for at Payless (I love the $3.00 and $5.00 markdowns!)  But, since I allow myself a new pair of shoes for Spring and Summer (all nine months) I couldn't turn them down.

I don't want to brag or rub it in, but we should have fab temps in another four weeks or so.  It'll be time for shorts again, not every day.  But often.  And, I'm a shorts Gal.  All this bundling and jeans and overcoats is not for me.

So, come Spring break I'll probably take Lil'Gal along with me and Sweet D and treat ourselves to a pedicure.  The place we go (thanks for finding it Sweet D) is extremely reasonable -- none of this $30-$40 pedicure cr@p -- and they do a fantastic job, calf massage and all!

And, then I'll post some pics of my 'new toenie nails' in my 'cute new shoes'.

In all due respect, I must say, I don't know how my friends up North can handle all the snow and ice and brrrrr-freezing temps.  I guess y'all are accustom to it.  Not me.

And, what is with shoveling snow every day, sometimes twice a day!  Gosh, I sure do feel for y'all.

Myself?  I do mighty fine in 105 summer temps with triple digit heat indices and I wouldn't trade them for months of icy cold, below freezing temps.  I like Hot Temps, Hot Sauce, and don't you know I won't waste a Hot Beer.  :-)

Anyhow, Happy Sunday!  Cute shoes, ramblings and all!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big dog, Little dog

While waiting for Diva and her Mom to come over, we decided to get the dogs out because it is finally dry enough and the day is fab-tastic!  Hubby has been hard at work welding the set up for our new electric gate we plan to get.  (I guess I should have gotten pictures of that, huh.)

Anyhow, Farmer, Jr. took Dulce on a walk (more like she kind of drags him along; that girl has so much energy!)

Excuse the weeds.  Like I said, it's been a wet year.  All those weeds are driving the Hubster crazy but it has been too wet to get out in the field to spray them.  I did find some wild, purple lantana and I was sure to mention where it was so he won't spray that.  Come spring, I'll transplant them into big tubs.  I love lantana.

A Gal and her dog. :-)  To my dear friends who are snowed feet under, please don't despise me because our weather is so beautifully wonder-iffic and our grass is all pretty and green.  I keep sending the sun up there but Canada keeps sending it back. :-(

Here's a close-up. Brandi has become a well rounded Gal since we adopted her this past September.  She's always been a large dog, being a Mastiff and all.  But, she was large and lean.  She is, as our old vet used to say about my Bassett, a full-figured Gal now. ;-)  I'm thinking a good ten to fifteen pounds?  Can't wait to take them in to the vet for a weigh-in.  I cut back her left-overs and had Lil'Gal take her for a couple laps around the house and yard.  We all need to keep our hearts healthy, ya' know.

Farmer, Jr. and the dogs lounging around.  Notice how Brandi is all laid back and relaxed.  Dulce is typically standing or moving around.  Like I said, she's got a lot of energy. 
Both dogs are about 4 1/2 now.

Dulce's close up, all tongue. LOL!  Too bad she put her ears back.  I'm pretty sure she has some pit in her.  Everyone always fears a pit.  But, if you look them up they are hyper, social dogs.  It's the ill intentioned people that breed them and torture them into being mean, fighting, unpredictable dogs.

Dulce might chase a fly.  And, she might grab up a rabbit.  But, she is the most submissive dog.  Even to Brandi, who is the new female.  As most of y'all know, Dulce actually adopted 'US' and she has been the sweetest God loving dog since she joined our family. ;-)  Not a cruel bone in her.

Farmer, Jr. and our gentle giant.  Look at those toothed smiles.  LOL! Our gentle giant is the sweetest Gal in the world.  But, don't be fooled for a second.  If she felt her family was threatened, she'd be on you like flies on rice.  Only, with teeth and her size. ;-)

God love us all.  Can life be anymore grand?  Happy Saturday!  FW 2nd FD of the WEEEEEEEEK!


Saturday with a six year old...

"Morning Mama, what's for breakfast?  Can I have a taco?  With bacon on the side?"

"I've finished my taco, now what?  Can so-and-so come over?  Oh.  Then so-and-so?  How about so-and-so?"  [ME: No.]

"AWWWWW, no one eeeeeever gets to come over..." [Every weekend almost.]

[ME: You need to learn to entertain yourself sometimes.]

"Entertain myseeeee-EEEEEELF!?  But, that's no fun!  Who can I play with if I have to entertain myseeeee-EEEEELF?  Hey, can I paint your nails?"  [Not right now.]

"Can I?  Please?  Can I paint your nails?  Pleeeeeee-aaase?  Please?  I'll do a good job?  I'm good at it!  Really, I'm a good fingernail polisher."  [I cave]

"Oh, first I need to take off your old polish. Hey, can I do your hair?  Please?  Pretty please?  You never let me do AAAAAANYthiiiiiiing."

Can so-and-so come over?  [my phone beeps, text message from Miss Les.  Diva wants to play.]

[Maybe, lemme see what their schedule is....  (beep, text msg, beep) She'll come over sometime after 3:00.]

"After Threeeeeeeeeeee-EEEEEEE?!  That's a long time.  Gasp!  She'll miss snack time?  Can I paint your toenails now?  I can give you a pedicure.  Can I put spray in your hair? Hey, look at me!  I'm wearing a blanket!  I look like a mermaid.  How long until Diva comes over?"  [Sometime after 3:00.]

"Sometime after THREEEE-EEEEEEeeeee?  That's a long time from now.  What time is it?  ONLY?  She'll miss snack time.  Hey, can I play outside? [YES]  Can I play in my flip-flops? [It's sunny and beautiful but it is 59 degrees out.]  Okay!  I'll wear the pink ones! [ >;-(  ]

(entering from backyard) "Can I get the guinea pig out?  Can you get him out for me?  Bring him back here to me [You can get him] But, I'm already outsiiiiiiiii-IIIIIIIIDE?" [I get the D@MN guinea pig.]

"Never mind.  I'm going to go play with the dogs!" (exits) (returns)

"Hey? It's dry enough.  Can I get the dogs out?  WE CAN GET THE DOGS OUT!  I need help.  [Go get your brother]  OOOOHhhh, I don't want to go get my brother.  I want to get the doooogs out."

(exits to get her brother)  [ME:  >:~E  How long till Lil'Diva gets here?  Threeeee more hooooouuuuurs!  But, that's a long tiiiiii-IIIIIME!]


Happy Saturday!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Old Photos; History of Me....

A year ago this past December, I borrowed some pictures from my Uncle of my Gramm and Papa, my aunt (she died in a car accident at 16), my mom and the boys when they were kids. I don't really have any of these -- originals.

That's the wonderful thing about technology. Now, I have them scanned to Macxine and also burned to a CD. So, it's like having my own original. Of course, being so old they tend to lose some quality... but, still. They are mine for the keeping.

Memory Lane (pre-FW):

My Mom....

My Mom again! LOL!

My mom and my Aunt Charmaine.  Yes, there was a little time gap in between the deacon babies (the boys), my Mom and then Lisa Charmaine.

Papa and my Aunt; this was shortly before she was killed in an auto accident.  That is a whole post to itself.  It was in the early 80s if I remember correctly.  Because I was about 8 myself....

"The boys" (my uncles but we always refer to them as the boys.  The family always kind of treated me like I was one of the siblings rather than the daughter, niece, grand-daughter.  I was the 'fix it' in the family).  Oh, and there is Mom again!  Easter dress and all.  Toooo cute!

My Papa....  He passed away in his 50s.  He had a very rare blood disease.  It skips generations and I think we have skipped it out of the lineage, TTL.  He had war wounds and shrapnel imbedded next to his heart that they could never remove.  He fought at Iwo Jima and Volcano Island in the U.S. marines.

Born during the depression, his mom died when he was 4 years old and he was earning his own living by age 12.  Those were sure different times back then....

He was a true Man.  A hard worker who started with nothing and built his way up.  He never took a handout, he refused retirement, and worked hard till the day he passed.  I was still very young but I do have a few wonderful memories of him.

Here is my Mom as a teenie bopper.  She always looked way older and more mature for her age than she was.  She used that to her advantage (and sometimes disadvantage) too. ;-)

That's my Daddy with a high-school friend (you can tell she had eyes for him but he didn't have eyes for her back).  This was right before graduation and before he hit the hippy era with beard and long hippie hair. LOL!

So, that's what I got for now....  Happy Friday!  I'm going looking for something 'FUN' to imbibe! he he!


Touching Things

Do you ever think about how many times people touch things?  And, how many people in one day touch each particular thing?  Yesterday it crossed my mind while at the post office.  As I am primarily a pencil Gal since closing the office (I was a black pen Gal back then; legal field and all) I had to use the pen the postal official offered.  Ewww.

I made a mental note at that point to be sure and put my deer tine pen back in my purse.  [Sweet D gave it to me umpteen years ago as a birthday present.  I signed every formal document with that pen.  Love it!]

I was looking at the 'other' pen available while signing my receipt and it hit me -- how many people have touched these pens....  I'm sure no one has thought to wipe them down on occasion.  Sick people, dirty handed people, 'who knows where their hands were last' people, had been there before me.  And, they had touched that pen.  :-S

Today at the grocery store it hit me all over again.  I love the concept of the electronic signature, but...  Okay, I really think it is cr@p because half the time they don't even work correctly and the signature appears like a scribble.  How are they going to compare a scribble to prove that it is not my signature but that of fraud if none of the electronic signature pads work correctly?

So, after seeing the person in front of me pay out (and, not using the electronic signature pad) I approached it unhappily.  I could pull out a wet-wipe but I'm sure everyone would find me to be a 'freak'.  [Do I really care?]  The only wipes I had in my purse were made by "Charmin" so I thought people might actually take issue with that.  [Hey, they are the same as any other wet wipe except they are made to be flushable...  no foul there. LOL!]

Two years ago, my children both became very ill.  No one they had been around in weeks had been sick.  Then, it hit me.  We had been to the video store and rented videos.  Do you think they ever wipe those cases down?  I bet not.

And, how many movies are rented for the sick and ill to entertain them while bed ridden?  Think about it.  So, now every time I rent videos (I rented some today on my morning outing -- True Blood episodes I haven't seen (YAY!), the Hangover, Couples Retreat (Hubby will probably find both hilarious) and a Garfield movie for the kids) I think about how many people have touched them and all the eeeeewww their covers hold.

Just like the grocery cart at the grocery store.  Once, when the kids were real little I was spraying down a grocery cart with lysol before I unloaded the kids from the vehicle to the cart.  A man stopped me and explained that he had been a manager of a grocery store chain for 20 years and he'd been an advocate for  installing a spray/sanitizing unit for the carts but to no avail.  He commended me for taking the time to spray down the cart.  [Patting self on back] So, see?  Not really a freak. ;-)

I went through a phase when I had the office where I hated and almost refused to shake peoples hands.  Especially, the men (no offense guys).  I would find I'd almost rather give a kind of pat hug (face away from face) than make contact with their hands.  Because we all know that hand washing is a pertinent part of a healthy lifestyle.  But, we have also all been in the bathroom and seen how many people don't wash their hands before leaving...  Maybe they are opting for germ-X from their purses (I've not been privy to the men's room but I'm fairing that they don't always wash their hands either and they probably don't tend to carry germ-X in their pants pocket) but, one can't be sure.....

I know, I know.  If our children are never exposed to the bad germs and we keep them germ-X'd and bubble-ized then their immune systems maybe stifled and compromised.  TRUE.  A little dirt never hurt anyone.  But, after all -- it's not the dirt that bothers me.  It's the thought of the dirt and who and what touched it before that weighs on my mind.

Okay, off to wash my hands....  And, take a Q-tip with alcohol to Macxine and her keyboard.

Happy, wait.  IT IS! IT IS!  It's FWFD of the weeeeeeeeeeeek! ;-)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Howdy-Wave (Road Rules) :-)

Things I ponder about while driving (stay with me)....

I'm not sure it is true everywhere in Texas, but typically, Texans are thought to be friendly drivers.  Well, not so much in the big cities like Houston and Dallas.  There it is more push and shove and you have to be more of an offensive driver if you intend to make it across five lanes to your exit (even though it might not be coming up for the next two to five miles).  This is based on my own personal experience having driven in Houston multiple times.

But, in the smaller towns people seem to be nice drivers.  Where I live we spend just as much time driving 'in town' as we do on back county roads.

There are some rules of etiquette I find valuable and try to follow myself, though I do tend to get frustrated with people who either have no clue, have no where to be, or are just plain rude.  For example:

If I'm heading somewhere (following the speed limit or maybe even going a mile or two over) and I see you coming up behind me in a haul @$$ hurry, I'll do my best to move to the shoulder to let you by.  However.

If I do this kind deed for you, I think that in fair turn you owe me a howdy/thank you wave.  I find it so rude when someone doesn't wave to their rear window in thanks.  It really irps me.

I always do my best to send a thank you wave (or a couple blinks of the hazzards in event the driver might not notice my howdy/thank you wave) having passed someone.  Especially, when they were kind enough to move to the shoulder to make room.

If someone gives me a howdy/thank you wave I in turn give them a your welcome-wave acknowledging their thank you.  It's just proper manners after all.  It's like a silent conversation.  "May I pass, I'm in a hurry?"  "Sure, let me move over."  [WAVE] "Thank you!" [Counter WAVE] "Your mighty welcome."

At least, that is how I hear it my head.

Sometimes we even do the half wave; hand waving while still holding the steering wheel, as if to say, "Have a nice day!' [Counter WAVE] "You too!"

I've also noticed that people in cars don't seem to give a howdy wave nearly as often as people in larger vehicles such as trucks, SUVs and tractors.  I haven't taken a census on this, my opinion is based on my own personal experience having been a small car driver, a pick-up truck driver, and now the of my Mommy-SUV mobile.  I wonder, is it a prejudice?

Let's talk Freeway.

I am always saying to myself, "Can't we all just get along?" when entering the city limit on the freeway.  I mean, we should all be working together out there.  Instead it often feels like every driver is for him/herself.  If you are entering the ramp to the freeway I know I have the right-of-way.  But, being the kind driver I am,  I will try to either speed up or slow up a little to provided you with a safe space cushion in which to enter the freeway.

Don't you hate it when you are on the entrance ramp and trying to feed into the stream of traffic on the freeway, only to be met by a bunch of jerks who won't make room to allow you in?  You have to pucker-up your butt and jump head-in in order to make a place.  I know I can't be the only one.

What about the driver on a two lane highway that goes under the speed limit, with oncoming traffic and won't move over an inch to let you pass?  Ugh!  Drives me insane!  If it is a 70 mph road way and someone is going 60 mph as if they have noooooo place to be, I get really. Really. Steamed.

There are so many more incidences in driving that could be discussed.  But, these are the few that have been on my mind lately.  So, think about everyone else next time you get out on the road.  Maybe if we all work together and 'just try to get along' driving could be a safer and more enjoyable experience.

I'm just sayin'. :-)  Happy Wednesday!


Pick ME! Pick ME!

This might be in a little tad of poor taste but then, isn't that what makes stand-up funny? This guy never fails to leave me without a good laugh. And, he happens to be a big'ol Texas boy. Not that that matters. Just sayin'. ;-)

I tried to find a live version of his "Drunk in Public" story which is hil-flippin-larious! But, the only way I could find it was with one of those still pictures. [I h@te those].

So, anyhow, get a little giggle. He's told this joke in a few shows but I could only find him on late night television....

Comment if it left you laughing or smiling a little! :-D

Just wanted to put a little happy in your Hump-Day!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Highway Man (1990 flashback)

Lis posted a clip of a short story she had begun writing back when she was about 13 years old. Of course, the title hit me and immediately this song jumped into my head so I HAD to go to YouTube to find it; and, listen a few fifty times to get it out of my system.

This song is great and what a great bunch of talented artists all singing it together.  It's not often you'd get Willie, Johnny, Waylon and Kris all together for a bang up show like this.  Of course, we have lost one or two of these icons already.  So, it would be impossible now days.

1990.  I graduated from High School at 17 years old back in 1990.  There, now y'all can count out my age (2 years shy of 40 - GASP).  Man, it's a different time.  Thinking back on all that has changed since high school, well....  That's another post in itself.

Enjoy the Highway today and be safe out there!  Happy Tuesday (I thought it was Wednesday)!


300 books! Lil'Gal is rockin' it~

Lil'Gal has read 300 books so far this year (counted at school).  They get 1/2 an AR point per book.  She is quite proud as are we.  At school they celebrate with a BIG COOKIE.

Currently, their school is competing with the other Lutheran schools for top class readers.  1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade are participating.  Currently, Lil'Gal's 1st grade class is in first place and held it so far.  The contest runs through March 5th.  Farmer, Jr.'s 2nd grade class is in 3rd place (competing against  76 schools). :-)

Wish them luck!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday, Lovely "SUN" day! (Photo shoot)

Yesterday was Sunday and it turned out to be Glorious!  The sun shining bright and high and the temp roaring in at 80 degrees!  YES! 80!  Today, we are back in the 50's but it is still a bright, shiny day.  Tomorrow we will start wet and in the 30s.  Hubby is NOOOOOOT happy about all this rain.

Sure, we need the moisture but when it's too moist they can't get a tractor in the field.  Meaning they can't get a crop planted yet.  Meaning, well, he's not happy.

But, we all enjoyed God's blessing of terrif-tastic weather yesterday.

My niece and nephew came over to play.  The girls fed the guinea pig, Cuddles, grass and raisins while they read to him (a book about, of all things, Guinea Pigs.) LOL!

They boys rode the go-cart.  Our drive way is about the size of a basket ball court because eventually out to the left Hubby will build his barn.  So, even though the pastures are all muddy it still makes for a fun ride!

I did some reading on the back porch with my Kindle. :-)  I'm currently reading a teen/YA series about, of all things, Vampires. Again.  I've just come to love all the excitement when you throw a few paranormal peeps into an already interesting story line. :-D

Besides, I needed the easy-peasy fix to get me over the emotional ride I just finished reading: Dear John.

Here's the Hubster.  On the phone.  He was getting ready to piddle in the garage I think.  And, fix LilGal's microphone.  She'd drop it and the wires broke.  Very heart breaking to a 6 1/2 year old pop singer.  But, he's handy like that and had it working in no time!

Since it was so warm and pretty, FW took a ride on the go cart too!  [Yes, I'm in my 'lounging' pants and a Care Bear shirt, courtesy of WonderMom.  The day started out gloomy and damp so I'd dressed the part and never got around to changing again.]

I let Farmer, Jr.  borrow my sunglasses for the picture.  It was super bright!

Here is an added extra; this morning's sunrise....  Gorgeous all over again!

Another of this morning.  I love sunrises and sunsets.  Happy Monday!


Saturday, February 20, 2010


I know the textbook definition of Insomnia.  Reality of insomnia is pretty close.  But, insomnia comes in all varieties.  Like the commercials for my ever loving Ambien CR, some people have trouble falling asleep while others have trouble staying asleep.

FW?  I have both.  I have to take something OTC or else I'll stay up unable to sleep (even though I feel extremely tired and long for peaceful, resting hours) until three or four in the morning.  Only to fall asleep having to wake two hours later completely dragging after having been up for approximately 20 hours or so, straight.  Compile that with the days previous that I was lacking multiple hours and it can become a real mess.

Even if I don't have caffeine (which I tend to have coffee in the mornings - but not during lent this year - and unsweetened tea in the first half of the day only) it doesn't make a difference.  So, I've come to learn that I must take an OTC sleep aid to help me drift off.  And, it works great!  I'll suddenly feel sleepy and put my book/remote/water aside and drift to sleep -- required-ly before the snore-factor hits the hay next to me.

When my son was born and diagnosed with the worst case of colic ever (after I had severe pre-eclampsia and went back in the hospital two days later hemorrhaging clots the size of baseballs -- literally; and I think it was the IV antibiotics they put me on while I was nursing him) I slept maybe, maybe, three hours a night for five months.

Five, whole months.  While still trying to run a business with a baby who cried constantly, never comfortable.  It was enough to drive a Gal crazy and it came close.  Though, it wasn't poor Farmer, Jr's fault -- poor baby.  I remember slurring on the phone in the mornings at the office, after having driven in to work with toothpicks to keep my eyes open.  But, that wasn't insomnia.  That was parent/child induced.

The last severe bout of true insomnia I had was several years ago when the kids were young.  Farmer, Jr. had started Pre-K.  Every night, I'd go to sleep around 8:pm, maybe watch a T.V. show and fall asleep.  Not that I necessarily wanted to go to sleep immediately after tucking my kids in.  But, I knew the inevitable was that come 3:am, I'd be wide smack awake and toss and turn all night long (like a Lionel Riche song).  Should the hubby snore before 3:am or the kids holler out in their sleep; I'd be up sooner.  And, never able to go back to sleep.  I soooo needed my sleep.

It got so bad that I was slurring again in the mornings.  I'd fight to keep my eyes open driving Farmer, Jr. to school.  I was wound so tight from being sleep deprived that I found myself at the doctor's office ready to snap.  I was afraid of Ambien at the time because I wanted something with a short lifecycle so that I could sleep but wouldn't be sleep driving (anymore than I already had been).

It turns out after having tried several (and an acid trip along the way from one of the 'sleep inducing' ingredients) I did end up with the Ambien CR.  [Regular Ambien does the same to me as an OTC sleep aid; I fall asleep but I don't staaaaaaay asleep.]

Anyhow, I've been having these episodes again.  Typically, three or four days in a row and then I get so exhausted (wined up and OTC sleep aid fulfilled) that I'll get a full nights sleep.  Though, I'm still dragging because one night does not make up for half a week.

I hate taking a prescribed medication during the school year, particularly the school week.  But, I'm thinking I'm going to have to make that call.  Because when I play toss-and-turn all night long on the couch on a Friday night/Saturday morning -- FW one night/morning to sleep in -- it is very disgruntling.  And, disappointing as well.

My insomnia is an inherited gene, I'm pretty sure.  I remember in high-school I'd be so revved up that I'd clean and re-organize my room, my school folders, color code my closet (I don't do that anymore but back then it was all about school colors) and most often, the alarm would go off suddenly at 5:am and I'd realize I'd been up all night.  But, no big deal.  I was a teenager.  We could live on adrenaline for days.

It'd happen after I'd grown up and owned and ran my own business.  I'd have an intense night of non-sleep.  But, I was 'my own boss' and could make up the sleep whenever I chose.  Then came children.

You can't just stop and drop when you have children around.  And, that is when it seemed to become so intensified.  Anyhow, if you have these sleep troubles please share.  We are all in the same boat.

As for now?  The kids are watching a movie, hubby is out doing stuff, and I'm thinking I'm going to grab my kindle and slip off to the bedroom to see if I can steal a few winks while the children are tolerating each other and unaware that I'm clickity-ing away at the LT.

Happy Saturday!!


Friday, February 19, 2010

It's none of my business, but....

It's really none of my business.  I mean, it doesn't affect me or my life in any way either negatively or positively. (Did I use those terms right?  It's neither/nor; either/or, right?  English...)

What one does within the walls of one's own home (or hotel room) and to one's own relationships is that person's business.  I know, I know.  If you are a public figure (ie: politician, actor, media representation, professional sportsman, or professional golfer) then you owe the rest of the world an explanation for every miss-step and bad stupidly detrimental to your life and future decision.

I really don't have any business keeping up with what Mr. Woods is doing.  Or, what he has to say.  Or, what his apology, explanation, conversation, speech will entail.  It's between he and his wife; not he, his wife, and all of America.

We all have our opinions though, right?  We all have our own little 'why he did it' [so many times, with soooo many women] thoughts swooshing around in the back of our minds somewhere.  Not that we spend all day subconsciously thinking about Tiger Woods.  But, when we hear his name, I think most of us have a 'blip' in our thought pattern.  That blip is our mind passing a judgement based on those unknown thoughts.

Myself, at one, I said to myself, "Well, we never know what is really going on in a relationship.  It was wrong but he had his reasons...."  Then at 15, I said to myself, "What the H-E double L was he thinking?  America's golf sweetheart, lovely wife, two adorable children and the career people would deal with the devil for....and he threw it all away for...a piece(es) of @$$?!?"

Shame on me.  Not my place.  Not my business.  But, human nature has the best of me and I WILL be watching at 11:am when he makes his statement today.  Why?  Because.  I'm an inquiring mind and inquiring minds want to know.  Even, if it really isn't any of our gosh-darned business.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

I want my Happy Ending....

Lately, I've been caught up in all types of romance novels.  Not the trashy ones (though, I love a little 'trash' now and then), but the one with writers who have real skills and write your heart into the pages without you even realizing it.

BUT, the whole idea of a romance novel - to me - is the Happy Ending.  Sure, throw in some twists, leave me hanging off a cliff for a few pages, but in the end.  The Hero gets the Gal.  That's the way it is supposed to work.  Or at least, the Gal gets the guy she 'really' wants in the end or vice-versa.

NOTICE:  If you haven't read "Dear John" or seen the movie already with the Hunky Channing Tatum [fanning myself from the Hawt; love the crew cut on that boy] then STOP and DO NOT read further.

Because, I'm about to blow the story out of the water with exceptional attention to the ending.  Which, by the way, left me sobbing with a heartache.

Why?  Becaaaaauuuuuuse, I didn't get my happy ending.   >:~{  FW is not happy with Nicholas Sparks for leading her astray from her happy place where everything is blossoms and sunshine.

Don't get me wrong.  The book is great and I know the movie must be then too.  Especially, with the war scenes and sweet, handsome [muscled] Channing is wearing a uniform.  [Double-swoon!]

But, in the end.  He loses the girl.  Well, he loses her and then he could, technically have a chance at getting her back.  But, because he truly luuuuuuuuuvs he does a good deed....and, ends up.... alone.

I should have known better when I chose to read the "prologue" as something left me feeling like this book might take me on the wrong path.  Or, at least not the happy-go-luck path I was looking to read.

Geeze.  The epilogue really got me, though.  Even after the ending pages I had to read the epilogue just knowing that I would find my joy within those few pages.  Cr@p-No.  I found more of how wonderful Channing, I mean John, was and had grown up to be and then I fought shaking sobs as I snuck to get tissue so the children would not be alarmed.

Good story, obviously to leave me crying like a baby who'd dropped her bottle.  So, I DO recommend you read it.  It is written from the lead character, John's, point of view.  So, guys, ya'll would probably enjoy it just as much as the gals as there is action and it's not all mushy-girl-gushy.

So, I guess I didn't totally give it all away.  Just the idea of the ending (I didn't like the ending).

Definitely a good date night movie.  Though, I haven't actually seen the movie yet, you can take my word for it.  Just don't make it a first date movie.  Make it an we've been together and now she swoon all over me again date night movie.  Here's a trailer clip so you don't have to rely on my word alone: Dear John.

Oh, but just so you know.  In the book, Savannah (the leading female) is brunette.  Why they chose a blond to play her part and put a blond on the cover of the book when John clearly states she's a Brunette is beside me.  Hollywood.

With that said, I'm going to go read something trashy else to get my mind off of it.  Or maybe, I throw in Twilight and skip to the dance scene and those few final words.... and the finale kiss on the neck.  Yeah, that's what I need.  Some Vamps and Wheres.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What should I give up for Lent?

For those who aren't familiar with the Catholic practice during Lent, this is a time (40 days like Jesus in the Bible) where we give up (sacrifice) something important to us of valuable (that we don't need) for 40 days until Good Friday.

Many people will give up Chocolate, sweets, or carbonated beverages.  Something that makes us think about how much we like that thing and realize that our little sacrifices are in recognition of the sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross.

As an alternative option, a person may choose to 'do' something additional rather than giving up...  So long as it is in line with the idea of demonstrating appreciation for the sacrifice for our salvation.

A good example of this could be attending mass during the week in addition to Saturday/Sunday mass.  Volunteering at the church, daycare, school, PTA, etc.

I'm not a big religious blog, but I do practice my faith.

So, here-in lies my problem.  I know we aren't going to be able to make an extra night of mass every week for five weeks.  With homework and studies in addition to extra curricular activities, I feel that I would completely fail that mission.

I could dedicate more time to working on my writing to build my skill by taking on prompts and daily posting a short story of some type.  But, I feel though that would be good for ME it might be a little selfish as I'm not serving the purpose.

I once gave up booze for 40 days.  So that's now out.  And, I once gave up just beer for 40 days.... yeah, that's out too.  I don't eat chocolate, I don't really eat sweets, I'm not a big snacker, I don't drink sodas, and I NEED my caffeine.

So, what suggestions do you have that I 'could do' or 'give up' for Lent.  I have until tomorrow morning to make up my mind.  [Please don't say give up my carbs for breakfast -- I'm a selfish little B@$tard, huh?] LOL!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Study Boards for Kids

I'd like to take credit for this crafty project, but NO, I did not make it.  WonderMom did.  She originally made one for her daughter (she got the idea from Family Fun Magazine).

The study board having been a success for her own daughter, she suggested that my kids might also benefit from having one of these.  They kind of cubby hole the child from distractions and have everything they need to complete their daily assignments and weekly studies (this one is missing the pencil sharpener -- it goes right next to the glue stick).

Considering I didn't get around to working on this yet, and WonderMom's dedication to fulfilling a project she finds important -- she built two of these for us!

This is one of the reasons I totally *heart* her.  The kids will be so excited when they get home.


These study boards have been specially designed for the type of assignments the kids have.  Everything is attached to this board via velcro.   So something may be used and returned.

Inside of the green pencil case are sharpened pencils and color pencils.  (The children have a weekly paragraph to write that corresponds with a picture they must color.  Also, other assignments require coloring as well.)

The ruler is used in math.  The folder can hold extra notebook paper and study materials for the weekly test.  The cork can hold memory verses, reminders, etc.  Post-it notes to mark their place in a book or remind them to take a particular book to school the next day, etc.

Isn't this totally COOOOOL?!  Thanks WonderMom!  I can't wait for the kids to try these out today.  I'm optimistic that the cubby-study board will keep them focused on their assignment and not each other. LOL!


More Beer; heard this on Blue Collar this morning....

Everyone knows I'm a Shiner Bock Gal.  So, I found this song funny quite funny as I headed home from dropping the kids at school to tend to my domestic duties.

This little photo video that goes with it is humorous.  Don't trust your friends if you over-imbibe.  They are likely to take that opportunity to humiliate you (not like you hadn't already). LOL!

Enjoy!  It IS NOT six minutes long.  It is about three minutes long, but whoever made it must have fallen asleep at the end and the video wasn't edited.  The last three minutes are an empty black screen

Have a smile on me!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Today's creative endeavor ;-)

This morning Farmer, Jr. and Daddy went for haircuts.  Then they went to the local Taqueria place and had breakfast.  Hubby calls home just as Lil'Gal experiencing an indecisive moment regarding just what she should have for breakfast...  Hmmm, decisions.

Daddy asks if we want tacos?  Of course.  A typical Saturday....but then.....

Lil'Gal is enjoying her taco when suddenly she becomes alarmed.

"Mama!  Mama?  Something is wrong?"  She finds me in the bathroom drying my hair.

"What? Lil'Gal?"  "Mama, something is wrong with my tooth on the bottom.  And, it hurts when I bite my taco..."  She seemed profoundly alarmed.  Drama...LOL!

Me thinking and suddenly happily excited to share what I believe is going to be the greatest of news, "Let me seeeee...could it be your tooth is loose?"  Her face looks concerned, contemplative, expectantly surprised yet I could tell she didn't want to get her hopes up.

See she is the last one out of everyone near her age to have NOT lost a tooth.  Brother has lost a mouthful at this point, her cousins -- all lost teeth, many teeth.  Even my niece who is only 7 weeks her elder, has lost a mouthful.  Lil'Gal was beginning to give up on her day of raking in some money...

I keep telling her that when she FINALLY DOES lose a tooth, they will start falling out like bowling pins and the tooth fairy will make her rich -- so not to worry, and to be patient.

Sure enough?  Loose tooth.  "Sweetie, you haaaave a looooooose toooooooth!"  I'm grinning because I know her face is about to turn into the happiest, heavenly smile.  Sure enough, the joy shoots straight through her!

"MAMA!!!  You have to make ME a tooth fairy pillow now!  I could lose it tonight!"

Of course, I agree and that became the project of the day.  Designing, choosing colors and making her very own tooth fairy pillow.  Her name in embroidered into the pink pocket across the bottom of the hot-pink tooth pillow.  Super cute, right?

And, here is the super happy "I'm a big kid" Lil'Gal.  She will be sleeping with this pillow every night until the tooth, and the tooth fairy, finally come. ;-)  For her?  This is so big...and, so waited for.

Mommyhood ROCKS!  It's the simple things....

Happy Saturday! FW's way!


Disappointment is for the Dogs....

As most of you know, I was scheduled to have Lasix and my eyes fixed yesterday.  All went as scheduled and according to procedure.  Everything was running on time.  I was the first patient it.  The surgeon (a different surgeon from the one who checked me on Tuesday) reviewed my chart and checked my eyes with great detail, as had so many techs, eye doctors and another surgeon previously.

My corneal tissue was thin, but there is enough there to do the procedure.  The problem is scar tissue.

When I was 14 years old, I caught an eye infection from the guy behind me in Spanish class.  He had pink eye and passed everyone's papers up (to me, being at the front of the row).  Wasn't he supposed to be at home?  Geeze.

Anyhow, I clearly remember hoping that I wouldn't catch it.  I did.  It was a severe strain.  It attacked both eyes, wreaking the most havoc on my right eye.  It took two weeks to get over it.  The eye doctor who was supposed to be 'one of the best' at that time was a jerk.

He had NO bedside manner, he prescribed hydra-codon for the pain, some type of antibiotics, and compazine (for nausea).  When I began having the reaction to the compazine, he told my Gramm that it was the hydra-codon making me hallucinate.  That is, when his office was finally able to get him to return her calls (from the golf course). @$$hole.

The allergic reaction (which any doctor who prescribed that medication should have been fully aware of) caused me to lose control of my nervous system and muscles and my body contorted.  I couldn't close my eyes to sleep and I couldn't move my eyes either. My eyes drifted up to the right and were stuck there.  I had no control, I could hardly control myself enough to walk.

I ended up in the E.R.  It was a big mess.  I finally got over the eye infection.  I had to live without my contacts for several months from the damage.  24 years later, it turns out I can't have Lasix or even PRK due to the damage.  It sucks.  With this factor and the level of negativity of my vision, the surgeon recommended lens implants.  It cost twice as much and I have to have it done in Houston and it takes about three days over all.  (They only do one eye a day -- don't know why).

So, for now. I'm going back to my contacts and going to just forget about the whole thing.  Yesterday I had a pouty, pity party.  Sweet D was with me as she was going to keep watch on me after the procedure and take care of the kids when they got home from school.

WonderMom called in disbelief that I ended up without the procedure.  I told them to come join us.  We drank wine/beer/liquor [everyone has their own favorite spirit, :-)  ] ate fried chicken, visited, and played a few games.  It was a pity party on my behalf.  It's great to have good friends.

Hubby gave me my valentines present early (I told him the surgery was supposed to be my present originally) and he brought me a bottle of wine and a dozen roses.  I was a Bleep.  He tolerated me.

And, today?  I'm happy.  All things happen for a reason.  And, I have sooooo much going for me.  Ya' can't win'em all -- somebody else has to win a round in life now and then.

So, there you have it.  But, at least I get to continue with my computer addiction and kindle soon as I fold that darned laundry. LOL!

Happy Saturday!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Four Heads in a Bed

Mama said, "Goodnight. I need my rest."
With that she rolled over and lay down her head.

Daddy agrees and turns off the T.V.
Better to get some good rest instead.

In the middle of the night feet pitter patter.
Mama asks son, "What's the matter?"

"I had a bad dream..."
"Well Climb on in and rest your head," Mama said.

A little while longer there are tippie toes.
Daughter also has nightmare woes...

"Mama, Mama I had a bad dream.
Can I sleep with you in the great big bed?"

"Sure my little one, come rest your head."

And, that is how my night went.  Thank the Lord for our wonderful King Sized bed.  After awhile I still found myself hanging on the side so that the children would sleep without bothering each other.  Then, Lil'Gal comes and finds me at close to 5:am.

She has to go potty and is still scared from her dream.  After that, she decides she's no longer sleepy and would rather play.  But, I made her climb in her bed and I lay there with her until she fell back asleep.  Thank goodness or this would have been a hard day for everyone.

So, this is it.  I'm about to blow dry my hair, make breakfast, and head out the door.  My appointment is scheduled first thing so after we drop the kids we'll be on our way.

Wish me luck and I'll be back to bloggin' soon!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Readin' it alllll!

Making carne guisada and pintos tonight for din-din.  Tomorrow night Hubby will probably pick something up (Ooooh, hole in the wall fried chicken. It's the best and the cheapiest too!)  YUM!

This is it.  The final countdown.  Tomorrow at this time I will already be able to see waaaaay more clearly than I can now (and probably, better than I currently see now with my glasses ON).

My appointment is at 9:15.  Barring no issues or complications I'll be home around lunch time. :-) YAY!

But, I won't be able to pop in and blog. :-( Boo.

But, I HAVE to take a long nap!  YAY!  So, I'm thinking I might stay up late tonight, finish the book I'm reading, download the e-book Chatty's Hubby wrote entitled ROADKILL and read it too!  Seein' as I'm not supposed to be doin' alotta' readin' for about a week.  [My eye doc said as long as it is in short intervals, I can check emails and FB and stuff -- sweeeeeeeeeet!]  Just no "heavy" focusing and reading.

Did you know that as part of recovery for Lasix you are pretty much instructed to watch TV and movies?  Yeah, because a person tends not to focus so hard as with the computer and reading.  They need your eyes to blink to keep them really lubricated during healing.  And, when on the computer or reading a book one tends not to blink as often.

So, yeah.  Movies over the weekend!  Sweeeeet!  Edward and Bella, I'll be visiting with y'all for a seventh or eighth viewing of "Twilight"!  [swoooon, again....]  :-D

So, all that said (boring to you but YIPPEEEE to me) I'm going to start the carne guisada and then blog-hop awhile! [Oh, I did chores this morning before I left for cookin' at school.]

I've been in glasses since I was about eight.  I needed them before, I just didn't realize I was the only one who couldn't see that trees had leaves and that grass wasn't a green rug but made up of individual blades of grass.  I couldn't see clouds in the sky.

I started wearing contacts at about 12, because it was murder wearing coke bottle bottoms.  Swimming, sports, and just, in general.  As those of you know, I'm a -7 in my right eye and a -8 to -8.5 in my left.  I remember what it was like to be a -3 (and I thought I couldn't see then, HA).

So, my life will be changed in 24 hours.  For the better...  I'm a teeny-bit nervous, but only over the fact that the surgeon mentioned he might have to do a lense implant (GASP) but, after additional measurements and an ultrasound he feels I can be corrected without it.  Though, I might end up needed reading glasses...  Um, WHO CARES!!!

Sweeeeeeeeet!  Happy Thursday, almost FWFD of the weeeeeeeek!  Come visit me!


CHOCOLATE Cheerios? Hmmmm.....MMMMMM

The other day I received a package in the mail.  Hmmm, wonder what it could be; didn't look like something I'd ordered.  Lil'Gal is equally excited, "What's in the box, Mama?!"

I open it up and find a full sized box of Chocolate Cheerios.  I'd seen advertisements and coupons in the Newspaper flyers for them.  I recalled opening an email from Pssst with General Mills that mentioned a sample would be coming.  But, a full sized box?  COOL.

Also enclosed were ten coupons for this product in a value of $1.25 each!  Great savings!

I wasn't sure what to expect from 'chocolate' cheerios.  However, Lil'Gal being a ful-time chocolate lover and connoisseur of all things sweet and tasty, happily tried them the next morning for breakfast.  And, the verdict was an empty bowl.  She never eats all her cereal but she did that morning.

Since then, on mornings when I'm not cooking up a hot breakfast (or I'm cooking one she doesn't like, geeze she's hard to please) she'll happily enjoy a bowl of Chocolate Cheerios.

I myself am not a big sweet lover but I tried them at Lil'Gal's prompting and they were quite tasty.  I was actually surprised. I don't know what I was expecting but they really were good.  Another plus for kids is that the milk remaining in the bowl has that chocolaty flavor. ;-)  For those who 'drink from the bowl'. LOL!

Nutritional Facts:

100 calories per serving
9 grams of sugar (that's pretty good compared to most sweetened cereals)
made with whole grains
cholesterol free
saturated fat free
calcium and vitamin D
12 vitamins and minerals

Here is a direct link to the Chocolate Cheerios info and you can print a 50 cent off coupon.  Also, the newspaper coupon flyers have a coupon in them (at least in last Sunday's paper).

You can click here: Pssst to participate and receive opportunities to try new products!

Now with stamps costing 44 cents a piece it'd be a little pricey to mail y'all one of those coupons they sent.  But, they told me to hand those out to the locals.  IF YOU want a coupon, leave your email in the comment section and when they send me a printable coupon I'll email it to y'all!  'Cuz, I'm all sharing that way....