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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Krezent and his adventure to the Vet; and, the MICRO-chip

I learned several years ago not to take BOTH dogs to the vet at the same appointment anymore because A) Brandi was HUGE at 150-160 and B) Dulce would try to pull out of her leash and dart toward the busy four lane road. She fears the vet.

So now I schedule my dogs appointments back to back (I mean a day or two apart). Brandi never minded the vet. I just had to make sure someone didn't have a little dog roaming in the waiting room because the only fault with my Biggun' was that for some reason she thought little dogs were toys or treats. Over 45 pounds? She was like, "Howdy, I'm going to lie down here." But little lap dogs she was like, "Um is that bacon? On sticks?" As those of you who follow me know we lost her a few months back. Old age and she was crippled, paralyzed in her hind in. I was crushed when I lost her. Thus entered Krezent.

My 'Biggun' Brandi; She was a big Aggie Fan :-D

Krezent's trip to the vet today! (Just wait for the funny. You have to picture a very large, very hyper dog in a small room with various procedures for his annual check up and all.)

We catch him sitting on the chairs like he is human :-P
In this pic he was on a rein only because we were still introducing him to Dulce
and free range on the farm.

Now when Dulce goes to the vet she gets all shaky and nervous as I mentioned. Farmer, Jr. likes to go with me because she gets so nervous she farts. And he thinks it is HEE-LAUGHABLE-LARIOUS.

My 'Cafe Dulce' a/k/a my Crazy Loca :-)

Krezent however, was like, "WHOAH! Cool! Let's go, let's go!!!! Come on Mom, keep up!" Dragging me to the door! Letting him roam wherever he wants on the farm I forgot I should have brought his harness. We get inside and he immediately finds a pup about 45 pounds and runs up with his scary size and muzzle to sniff and accidentally scared the crap out of the dog AND it's owner. He was just being friendly but he's intimidating. Needless to say, they were immediately placed in a patient room.

He was SO excited as I checked him in! "Oooooohhhh, I SMELL DOOOOOG BISCUITS!" And he about tops the counter with his height to indulge. He's hopping and sniffing and jumping and introducing himself to the staff like crazy!

In the room he smells everything as all dogs do and he's like, "I even smell Dulce! She was here two days ago!" (We got the same room.)

Then they weigh him, 98.6 pounds. Up 13 pounds from his July visit. But no fat on this guy! If you saw him run and play - well let's just say if as a dog he were a body builder, he'd take the show.

The vet comes in with the shots. He's all over her and the tech. He's BIG and he is SUPER-EXCITED! "What? A shot? Okay... Another one? Cool. Oh, listen to my lungs and check my ears? YUM MOM HAS DOG BISCUITS. "Drink this stuff? Okay, ew but okay." Let me kiss y'all! All of y'all. I just LOOOOOVE..."

And then the microchip was being inserted and my big baby suddenly went ghetto on me. "WHAT THE TRUCK IS THAT BIOTCH TRYING TO DO TO ME WOMAN??? This AIN'T COOL! I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS $H!T, THIS HURTS LIKE... Hey, look I HAVE TEETH. See? I don't WANT to use them but GOD gave them to me for a REASON! This Chip thing AIN'T COOL." "No MOM! SCREW THE DOG BISCUIT. Let's get out of here!"

The vet and tech were fine with his apparently normal behavior during this procedure. However, Krezent and I were a little stunned. Apparently to insert it it takes a much larger 'needle/inserter' thing. They go get a muzzle, you know just in case, and bring in another microchip with a wee smaller inserter.

Trying to get him to hold still took the three of us and the vet had a weight advantage over him but still. So, I said, "Let me sit on him." She replied, "Yeah, getting him to sit would be good." I know my dog, he would not give up his advantage. "I replied, NO, I mean I am going to SIT ON HIM."

Chip in and muzzle off (that FREAKED HIM OUT WEARING IT FOR 45 SECONDS) he was like, "Is it over? Oh. Whew. Hey, I'm kinda sorry about that. I was trippin'. No hard feelings, right? Really sorry about the teeth thing. Defense mechanism, you know."

"We're all good, hey let me jump up and kiss you Ms. Vet to show you we are okay? I love you! Can I have that other dog biscuit now?"

It doesn't sound as crazy writing it down as it does when I tell the story. But he's home and bouncy and happy and loved the adventure; OTHER than the micro-chip.

Love your pets and Happy Thursday!


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Teaching: At a higher level

So, I am super excited to have new curriculum for our middle schoolers whom I am in charge of teaching for our CCD this year. As y'all know. I really enjoy being involved with children and students of all ages. Subbing on campuses and interacting with the students and children and young adults from our church as well. Most of whom I've know since they were in kinder and first grade and suddenly they are in middle school and entering high school. #saywhat? #saywhen? #saytime is flying by too fast?

So today, as I peruse the new curriculum and work to put together an engaging lesson for my CCD middle schoolers, I find myself easily distracted.

Focus Farmer*swife.
Ooooh, this looks interesting. That part will totally lose their attention.
*squirrel* wait that was the dog

Okay, we need to look up that bible verse...

*it is quiet in here. maybe I should turn the TV on, but nothing interesting to distract me. Oh, I've seen this [Lifetime] movie before. this will work*

Sooo, how can I incorporate this? Wait, they can't answer those questions yet. Skip that page and address it at the end of the chapter.

*i think I need a snack*

FOCUS... Middle school is hard. How does the Priest keep our adult attention. I'm usually a fun teacher. I need to read ahead. I need... wait

*Lil'Gal* *what Lil'Gal? The animals? K. I'm working on my CCD lesson. Yes, you are in my class this year (MORE PRESSURE). Sure, you can see the student work book [please don't get ahead of me].*

*ew. there are crumbs on the floor. WHO left THOSE THERE? I better sweep.*

K. Focus. Ooooh, this is good. How can I make this more interesting to the students. Ummm. Hmmm. Look it up. Discuss it. Maybe we should go back and discuss that other part first. Yeah. Then read this passage then...

*I need to work on the lesson on how God provides before we have our fun field trip*

Criminy, distracted again.

FOCUS... *ramen noodles sound good about now*

FOCUUUUS... *I think pasta will help me pursue my agenda for this lesson. Hey, that reminds me. I need snacks for the classes tomorrow. I better check the pantry. Ooooh, look! I haven't seen THIS Lifetime movie before.*

Do all teachers of any subject/venue deal with this type of distraction?

Teaching little kids is easy! They just want to learn and be entertained. Big Kids ask BIG QUESTIONS. *squirrel*


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Long time?? No write??


Things are good here in Farmworld lately! The kids are back in school and we actually already have one six weeks under our belts.

Krezent, a/k/a The Beast (Hubby is still trying to get him to come to Crescent Wrench but so far it isn't sticking) is doing wonderfully on the farm. He keeps us entertained daily with his little antics. And, other than kenneling him and Dulce up in the run at night he pretty much gets free roam of the place.

My hip is doing wonderfully! I've been hitting the gym at least three times a week. No high impact but lots of walking and weights. Primarily arm weights. I don't want to do anything too stressing to add wear sooner than later to my bionic joint. ;-)

With that I have lost ten pounds! My face isn't so puffy and my arms look leaner and not sausage-like. So, I'm feeling healthier and better about myself. In fact, I've been in great spirits lately.

I've also gotten back into subbing. Finally in middle school. I lost a whole year last year due to my hip issues. I lost of a lot of myself last year too. But, I've finally found my way back. I must say I was hard to live with through all of that - CHRONIC PAIN can RUIN a person.

Farmer, Jr. says I'm crazy to sub at middle school. But I've really enjoyed it and forgotten how much I missed all the kids! I love it when they see me at lunch, the classroom, the hallway and remember me and run up to give me a hug. Priceless!

In fact, today I am subbing for ISS. Really quiet. Going to be a really long day. But it is also cool because I get a free day to read and surf the web while getting paid. *Super-Cool* :-P

CCD has also started for the 2015-16 year. Love having 'my' kids from church back too! Oh, and I've even been motivated enough to start my scrapbooking again! Currently, I am about to finish a photo book project for Tech Guy and his wife from a trip we all took in 2008 to the Frio. I know, many years late but it will be a surprise to bring back those memories when they get this little surprise in the mail. Surprises are great, right? When completely unexpected?

Anyhow, I'm thrilled that I can blog via the internet and not the blogger app now, except I can't upload any pictures other than from a URL. So no pics today.

Happy Tuesday! Make it a terrif-tastical one!


Thursday, June 25, 2015


Here is our new boy. My Biggun/Brandi led me to find him. His mom and dad and boy and girl had to give him up due to financial circumstances which caused them to be displaced from their home.

So, we got him. Krezent (she said she loves to play with names). Hubby said we are going to call him Crescent so we can knick-name him CW for Crescent Wrench. :-) Boys and their toys, I mean tools.

I have to say that having a 'boy' dog around has become a bit of a challenge. One, he intimidated Farmer, Jr. He's NOT aggressive but he does make himself seen and known. Lil'Gal spent six hours or more on the road home with him. He has bonded to her. She is his ALPHA. I'm second in command.

Male dogs, in my own personal experience, tend to be more dominant and also their loyalty lies more with females than males. Thus, Farmer, Jr's hesitancy.

Dulce isn't taking to him as well either. Although, he is fixed and he hasn't tried that 'boy thing' on her which she can't stand. But, he does resonate and she too is a bit intimidated as well as still trying to assert the fact that she is the ALPHA here now. She has always wanted to be the Alpha but we lost Blue (a boy Weimer) and recently my Brandi Gal and Dulce has NEVER been the Alpha.

So it is a bit challenging. But he is adorable and silly and assertive and loyal and I have to say, quite the watch dog. Like I told Hubby when I picked him up in Lufkin, Texas, "With my 38 and this dog? NO ONE WILL MESS WITH ME."

We have been walking to two dogs together. Krezent tries to be friendly with Dulce but she just turns her nose up and walks to the other side. He's been sleeping in a kennel in the utility room so we can make his transition more comfortable and like home. Hubby says, tonight he is going to sleep outside. :-(

He was an indoor and outdoor dog previously, but on our farm he has to be an outdoor dog. I'm hoping he will learn his way around so he can roam and romp like Brandi did in her good days. Tomorrow he meets our vet, we get his records in check, and he gets microchipped. He's too pretty to not microchip in case he wanders. But if someone found him? They'd keep him, I'm sure. He's just too pretty.

So now, we are a family of two kids, FJ and Lil'Gal, two dogs, Cafe Dulce (brown sugar) and Krezent a/k/a CW, four rabbits plus a few baby rabbits... actually three dogs. My Brandi sit on my mantel. She will always be the best dog I have ever loved.

Enjoy your furry companions. They teach us, they lead us, they love us... unconditionally.


Friday, June 5, 2015

Life, liberty, love and Belief

I know some of my followers aren't religious or have their own form of faith. And as a Preist once told me when asked 'How do you know?' He replied, "When your heart feels full and you feel your faith you are at home. If ever you don't feel comfortable then you need to go where your faith guides you. God is within you so long as you have spirit in your heart."

This is a rosary a nun gave me, well let me pick out. We had a special CCD lesson on the rosary. There are many, many types of rosaries. Each for particular prayers yet all also for the standard rosary prayers. Places all over the World have their own beautiful creations of the rosary.

This rosary I took with me and held it as I hugged my sweet companion. It gave me faith that I was doing the right thing for my dog and that I wasn't playing God but prayed that he would be with my Brandi Gal. As people we are allowed to make directives and decisions in wills and on paper so our loved ones don't have to make the decision for them...thus we just abide by their wishes and their own decision with God and their faith.

I've slept with this rosary since I had to let God have my big dog back. Some people might think it odd...others get it. Each morning I put it back on her beautiful physical resting place on our mantel. 

Here is the lesson if there is one in this blog post. Tonight, my Lil'Gal came to me and she opened her palm and said, "Here Mama, Brandi's rosary, so you can sleep tonight." I was so touched that she knows me so well and wanted to be sure I had peaceful rest. That she too loved Brandi so much and recognized the significance. Out of the mouth of babes, the Bible says.

"Now I lay me down to sleep, to the Lord my soul shall keep. If I should die before I wake, Lord I pray my soul shall take." You may not believe as I do. But everyone believes in something. So hold onto that.

Good night and good blessings, FW a/k/a Glass Half Full Gal


Sunday, May 31, 2015

Looking UP

I promised to blog today. I woke with a new outlook, looking UP. Because we all know looking down is just a waist of time, energy and emotion.

So after spending most of my day with my Big Dog who can't walk and is happily spirited but in such pain I blew off the blog.

But I need to continue to look UP. Because, as I said, looking down is a, well, downer... So I'm counting blessings.  I have a husband who helped me create two beautiful children. I live in a castle. I HAVE  a Mom and Dad in-law who are the contest. My mom is physically in pain every single day, but she thinks I rock the world. I have my Daddy, whom I take after a lot and I own that proudly. I have three handsome, smart brothers.

Sh!t happens. I have a friend I've lost to mental issues, I have another very dear friend battling cancer, my Biggun', my Brandi girl is scheduled to be put out of her pain and misery Tuesday... If she makes it that long.

But looking UP, I've been so blessed with the important people in my life and my family and pets and how much they all seem to find me as this fantastic person and to continue to love me... Even when I stumble and curse and lose my happy demeanor.

So tired... Dismayed... I'm reminded that if you lose someone or something close to you that means you were blessed enough to have that as a part of your life. So when you feel like cursing the world or God and saying it isn't fair. You have to rember that if it weren't for God we wouldn't have the lucky, blessed opportunity to love and be loved so deeply that the loss hurts. Loss hurts...but it is recognition that we put ourselves and hearts out there. Love is strong, love is brave. And without love we would have nothing. So this is ME looking Up. Filling my glass. With the love I have for
everyone and the love so many give me... Happy Sunday! Look up.


Friday, May 15, 2015

SUMMER already here yet already over! SERIOUSLY?

Howdy y'all,

So just as the school year is winding down (the kids last week is next week with Thursday and Friday being half days) we are already super booked!

This weekend I am going to my life long friend, Ali's 40th birthday party! She is joining the 40s club! Also, the house they purchased about a year ago and have totally renovated to try and put it back to its more original, eclectic status, will be turning 100 years old. I can't believe all the work that has gone into this project and I CAN'T WAIT to see it!

Come Monday-ish I am going to OOOOKLAHOOOOMMMAAA to see Terri next week so Hubby has the reins for the last week of school. Then school is OUT FOR SUMMER!

Shortly after we head to the FRIO! With all the rain we have had I've been told the water is running quite smoothly - after last year's trip it is life jackets for both kids.

Then we come back to check on the mosquitoes and the sweltering, drowning crops for a few days.

Then off to ALABAMA and GEORGIA!

Then home, but not for long. While Hubby is in the field (hopefully, fingers crossed), we are going to ARKANSAS to see my Daddy and two of my brothers AND my nephew! Daddy had a pond put in on the place for swimming and kayaking and of course, FJ's most or almost most favorite thing to do, FISH!!! The fish will still be babies but that won't stop FJ from staying out there all day and into the evening until I pull him back in for S'mores. :-)

Depending on the crops, Hubby might actually make it up to Arkansas with us this summer.

Finally, and exhausted we will return home. Take a breather. The boys will high tail it into the field to harvest whatever hasn't drowned. Meanwhile, Lil'Gal and I will be spending OUR 4th of July back in OOOOKLAHOMA for Heather and Tim's wedding! Summer is short but life is shorter, at least sometimes. So, it appears I will be spending most of our summer break on the road. But I will be seeing so many important people, making wonderful memories, events that will never be forgotten. Family, friends, scenery, love. And if that doesn't make for a perfect summer, then summer ain't all it is cracked up to be.

But it is. I HEART summer.

So in summary, I will be seeing my life-long BFF, Ali, for her 40th tomorrow along with her hubby and kids and several other people I haven't seen in decades. Then I will be heading out to see my shiny gal Terri, her hubby Roger and her daughter Heather and soon to be new son-in-law.

Then I will soak and enjoy the sun at the flowing Frio. Some friends of ours might be able to get a cabin to join us.

Come home, laundry and household duties just to pack up AGAIN to go see my Daddy and two of my brothers, SJ and Rye-Rye and my nephew Drew.

Return, Hubby and Farmer, Jr. get, as Hubby calls it, 'balls-to-the-walls-crazy in the field harvesting meanwhile Lil'Gal and I head back to OOOOKLAHOMA for Heather and Tim's wedding to celebrate the 4th of July! I wonder if they will have fireworks other than the kind that fly when you get married.

Come MY BIRTHDAY school will be starting back around the 20th of July. Whatever closest Monday that falls on. Oh, I can't forget to miss the school supply sales somewhere within there.

I'm going to be busy. Lots of on the road time. Putting this new hip to work driving long hours and dancing through the night. But such a busy schedule just means that "HOLEY COW-PATTIES... HOW BLESSED I AM."

Enjoy your Friday. I'm enjoying mine. While waiting for the appliance guy to come out for the seventh, eighth time to try and 'fix' our fridge.... But it is still Friday! Hugs and smooches. XXXXs and OOOO. Hogs and Kisses... Life is short. Embrace it, grab it by the tail and don't let the negativity get you down.

Speaking of tails, Buck Owens says it best. Grab that tiger by its tail and enjoy the ride:


Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day and Other Stuff... you know, catch up.

So yesterday was Mother's day. My baby SIL and her Hubby hosted a wonderful Mother's Day BBQ for both sides of the family. There was a great turn out. Chicken, beans, salad this, salad that, fruit, beer. (BEER). :-D

Being the left-over-hore I am, we were hanging around and trying to help some with clean up and putting things away. As blessed as I am, I scored left over chicken and BEANS! Guess what WE had for dinner? So, they not only hosted a wonderful, come together family lunch but they also saved me from having to make dinner. Thank baby SIL and BIL!

This year, well the past year and a half has brought a lot of 'light' to the reality and the longevity but also the fact that in a moment - it is all over. Life can be, that is.

I've had my issues, my hip replacement and all (there was some depression with that and anger and fear) but I am doing REALLY WELL considering the severity of the surgery. Total replacement at 42.

Although on a negative note - the ten pounds I lost before the surgery? With a hip that had me constantly falling down and over and out of bed and off the potty, etc, etc, until TMI. I've since put the weight back on with an extra pound or two. This is SO ODD FOR ME because I was always the tiny person every secretly envied because I have or HAD the genetics of a high metabolism. D@MMIT All. That started going down hill at 38-39. Anyhow, that is supposed to be another post. (YES, I'm going to try and post AGAIN.... AND THIS WEEK!)

But, I realized that although I had a less than perfect childhood. And my youngest brother had to grow up on the other side of that. I think I am finally a grown up. It is like a light... WE THINK we are grown up when we can buy booze and cigarets (I don't smoke, but you get the point). Then, we get married and we think, "NOW? I'm a grown up." Then we hit 30 and it is like, "YO, youngins' in your 20s, you are so far off. From adult hood. Just because you can party and buy booze and vote and all. I'm pregnant. I run a business. I'm having a kid. And then, I had another one.

Then it was mid 30s and I was all, SUPER MOM. I KICK @$$ at everything (but I didn't sleep for about five years. And now. If I am sleeping the rule is - DON'T BOTHER ME LEST THE HORNS COME OUT.) Oh yeah. That's another sign of being a true grown up.

Then I hit my forties. I have had a lot of life changes, a lot of lives lost, a lot of physical changes and then suddenly.... Even though I can have 'TUDE' and all. I was like, well a few months ago. HOLEY CR@P. I think at almost 43? I really AM  grown up. I had a year off of being totally out of whack (HEY, PAIN AND BAD FRIENDS WILL DO THAT TOO YOU; AND BEING A WOMAN IN HER 40S SUCKS YOUR EMOTIONS INTO THAT TORNADIC VAULT OF WTH is happening to me.)

But, I think I'm clearing that stage. With some rest, some reality, lots of love for people and xanax. Thank God for xanax. Who knew it could make a mentally unstable control freak perfectionist pretend everything is going to be okay optimist be ... NORMAL? HA HA HA HA! Lucky me!

But, I have come to some new conclusions. My Mom and Dad are wonderful people. I love them dearly and they might love me more. I can talk to either of them about anything. ANY-THING. Sometimes Hubby is like, "You talk about that with them?!!!" Uh... Yeah. So maybe we are more stable because we all started out so unstable. All three as kids finding our way.

My brothers? I adore. Two from Dad and one from Mom. He's the baby but now he is 20 and... all grown up. We all have grown up conversations and then we discuss our dysfunctions and then we laugh. So, you know. Mother's Day and family days and -- I just love'em all. And I think I am finally, FINALLY, a grown up. A fun loving one. A crack a dirty joke (which I wouldn't have done in my thirties), grown up. And sometimes we have to tell people either A) I F-up. I'm not perfect but neither are you; even stevens? Or B) I am not a perfect person, but I am a perfect me.

Hugs and Happy Mother's day.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Driving kids to school; what it is really like~

As we all know, it can sometimes be a very hairy morning trying to get the kids from the house, to the vehicle after feeding them and cleaning up and making sure that they don't forget their lunches, their backpacks their permission slips, there musical or sports items and their personalities without some p!$$ing and moaning.

Now this particular morning we were right on track, almost early versus leaving behind schedule. Mind you this meant that for the second time this week I drove them wearing 'white trash style' and following all the speed limits and rules so as not to be so embarrassed to be pulled over in my camo top and shorts PJs and glasses and hair in a half-@$$ clip.

Now, mind you. Children have conversations on the way to school and I enjoy participating. But when the convo goes boring for me or out of my understanding I turn my radio back up and listen to some Comedy on Sirius XM (Hubby rocks that he pays for this for me).

So, as it happens with kids... or anyone, there is this very good bit on by Carlos Mencia. Now he is so funny to me because he loves America and loves our diversity but at the same time can crack you up until you cry about our diversity among races and social standing.

So, I'm listening to him and then the children (right behind me, I tell them I got an SUV with a third row seat for a reason) and they are discussing and then arguing about something I am clueless about. Something about school and a class they both have but one is in sixth grade and one is in seventh. Interrupting my morning laugh, which I love to get it on because I fuels my optimism and my mood.

Finally, I turn the radio down (missing some of this bit) and I belt out, "DO YOU WANNA' BUILD A SNOW MAAAAAAAN?" Both kids simultaneously "MOM! NOOOOOOOO!"

Me, "It doesn't have to be a SNOW MAN!" Farmer, Jr. momentarily distracted from their disapproval, "Can it be a dog?" *SQUIRREL* Lil'Gal, "NO, MOM STOP!" Farmer, Jr, *Oh yeah* "Mom! Quit torturing us."


Then, they became quite and I was able to listen to my comedy channels the rest of the way to school without interruption. And as I laughed, I wasn't just laughing at the comedy skits but also at the fact that I over powered their argument and actually bought myself some silence on the way to school - less the comedy - Mama has power! LOL!

Anyhow, I thought parents would get a kick out of this and maybe take note to try it sometime!

Happy Friday!!!!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The word DIET... and children, people... Define it for what it is.

Two weeks ago my daughter, almost 12, walked in to the living room wearing one pair of new shorts I had purchased for her (cargo to fit the school's dress code) and another pair in her hand that I had accidentally purchased a size too large.

"MOM. I LOOK FAT IN THESE!" My children are in NO WAY over weight. In fact they beat the health chart between weight, hight and muscle tone. I never use the word or should I say, "I need to go on a diet." Instead, Hubby and I say, "We need to get more extracurricular." Or, "I need more cardio and I need to strengthen my core."

Because the word DIET has lost its true meaning. The meaning of the word diet is what you intake. Your DIET can be fast food, vegan, steak and potatoes, etc. But now days if you say what is your diet? People and more importantly concerning children, take it to mean they need to cut back. To skip meals. To skip important nutrients that help their brains and bodies grow.

My Li'Gal is a candy gal. She loves her sugar. But at the same time she realizes that she needs her vegetables, her protein, her calcium, her vitamin D. I think part of raising our live stock show animals and pets helps put that point forward. Farmer, Jr. is the healthiest eater in the family. Even over ME!

YET he is often criticized for eating healthy and being not particularly 'picky' but just preferring NOT to eat crappy food. Don't get me wrong. He loves his Whataburger (fast-food hamburger joint primarliy in Texas) and he loves his DQ (Dairy Queen, also Texas based) but typically he will choose the healthier choice or skip a meal all together. To me, making smart choices even if seems a testy pallet, I think is mature. And heart and body healthy. (BTW, he just at 13 finally decided that he kinda' likes bacon. I know right? My FIL was in shock for years - Don't like bacon? WTH BOY?" LOL! All in jest... mostly.)

The pediatrician said to limit his love for peanut butter. Of course, again, with his smart pallet you can't fool him. He has the love of peanut butter BUT ONLY Jiff Reduced Fat peanut butter. Believe me, when I can't find it in stock I've tried to trick him. The sandwich comes home maybe half eaten along with the comment, "Mom. That was the wrong peanut butter." Know what? After trying several varieties of peanut butter? He is correct. You can tell the difference in the roast, the sugar, the creamy-ness, etc.

But over all, I stress to my kids that the word DIET means what you eat, NOT HOW you eat.

In part it is the health teachers and coaches for PE. They tell the kids over and over about what they eat and working out and exercise because there are so many children and students in our area that are obese at 4th grade. So as they are trying to make an impact on health to those students it is almost faulting those who ARE in great health. Even my son said recently, "Mom, I'm getting fat. My jean's don't fit." To which I replied, "No. You are in perfect health. You can ask your pediatrician. You are above the average. You are growing. You have grown several inches and your body has to grow OUT a little bit to grow up and support your height.

And it isn't just parents feeling overweight, or coaches and health teachers trying to make an impression but other students. Friends and co-students that feel ill about themselves that make others around them think, "Am I FAT?" "These skinny jeans don't fit me at my size? Am I abnormally sized for my age?"

It isn't about the word DIET. Rather focus on the word HEALTHY. Heart healthy, bone healthy, brain healthy and so on. Carbs are not all bad. Especially for kids. Their brains need carbs and their bodies need energy. Protein, Calcium. When I feed my kids I tell them what they are putting into their bodies. In the mornings I don't require them to eat anything in particular. Although, Farmer, Jr. looks forward to a hot breakfast with eggs and peanut butter toast or a homemade taco with protein and he's a milk - lover. But Lil'Gal is like her Dad. So I tell her, even though they serve breakfast at 9:am at school she may not like it. She's not an early eater. But she understands that her body needs that energy in the morning. So she either settles for something, even cereal or she takes something with her.

I'm not a nagging mom or a maniac but I've heard what kids say. About themselves and to each other. And my daughter thinking she looks fat (which I realize comes with coming into puberty) is unacceptable to me. So watch your words. Because kids are always listening. Always. And maybe curb away from the word that has become dirty and lost its meaning, the word DIET.

Off my soap box,


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Who needs a laugh? Life and comedy go hand in hand.

Howdy peeps!

I know, once again I left y'all after my promise to be more present in my blog. My friend and author, Melissa Luznicky Garrett has been very dedicated to maintain her blog. Cute family stories, things about her writing, the wickedly cold weather they are still having *BRRRRRR*

But, I'm back. I've had a lot of changes going on over the past, what would I say, 'fiscal' year. Everyone knows about my hip. BTW, it's doing really well. We have had a little more sunshine and a little less chilly weather so the fybro that seemed to follow after the surgery has been more in check.


I wonder if I was having this problem before but just got distracted by the hip issues. But either way, lets get to the FUNNY STUFF!!!

To keep my thoughts happy I listed to A LOT of stand up comedy via my lovely Serius XM radio! (Is that how you spell it, well you know what I mean). And I switch between the four or five channels available. I have my favorites that I've heard a million times but I still laugh so hard I cry. Although I have to switch here and there and be more aware with the kids in the vehicle as FJ will laugh at curse words (bad example set by me) and Lil'Gal is sure to tell me when something sounds, in her words, "Inappropriate." LOL! My little smartie.

But I've kept notes of several skits that have me laughing out loud to tears! Oh, what a healthy feeling that is to laugh so hard! I mean, it makes a person think "BLEEP! ALL THOSE NEGATIVE, BITTER, PEOPLE! I'm laughing! Adrenaline is pumping through my body! I'M FREAKING HAPPY at this very moment!' And I enjoy the tears of laughter. People driving beside me probably think I'm either nuts or upset, or like I said crazy-nuts. LOL!

So, here are a few I saved for you. Enjoy a few Thursday laughs. There might be a curse here or there but appropriately placed for the perfect impact of comedic genius!

This one is good for parents with younger kids or remember when your kids were toddlers and did the most stupidest things!

(Okay so the next one I found on You-Tube was waaaaay too dirty; not what I'm used to on Serius XM).

But THIS GUY? He cracks ME UP TOTALLY!!!

There's a lot of cursing in this one. So don't play it with small children or your boss around! He has another version of this bit where he totally goes into the ADULT ROCK CONCERT. You totally need to check him out on You-Tube!

Hope you get a laugh today! I have tons more. Some that are really clean and still hilarious and some that the appropriately place curse word and timing makes you laugh until you cry.

So Happy Thursday!!!


Friday, February 20, 2015

My idea; writing project to help our homeless pets!

A year ago or maybe a little longer (time flies) a started thinking about my final writing assignment from the course I had taken. I had turned in five chapters of a YA I was working on. But after my instructor, who was kind through out the entire course, stated that it didn't seem realistic and that I should change this and that... I kinda got bummed and set it aside. I had planned to revisit it but never did, distracting myself with being so involved with school and CCD and extra curricular activities.

But when it comes down to it... I was offended because the story, although changed in many ways, was based on realistic incidences from my own childhood. That was the second time she had said, "In real life it wouldn't go that way." That was another story I wrote based on a very true incident in my life that changed my life in a humongous way. So, I truly get it when authors get great feed back but that one comment can hit the ego and the heart so hard.

Anyhow, as I mentioned I have been thinking about revisiting it again. Just here and there as time allows. I miss my characters. And, now I realize how authors have these voices in their head. They have been asking me where have I been and what happens next in their lives?

So, in the shower this morning a few of my stories I had written crossed my mind. One in particular. The short story I wrote about our dog, Dulce. The story of how we came to adopt her. Or as I say, she adopted us. I wrote it from her point of view.

(Our crazy loca, Cafe Dulce meaning Brown Sugar)

I thought, "That's a really good story. I should self-publish it." Then it hit me! "What if I self published it and then let the animal care services here locally sell them. I would only charge about 50% to cover the expenses of publication. My kids might even be able to provide the cover art and a few pictures of scenes in the story. In fact, Farmer, Jr. already inquired about who would do the pictures (hinting he was interested in throwing his hat into the ring). The other 50% would be donated to the facility. We have a few other of these facilities in town too but I would start with the one where we got Brandi from.

And, if it worked out, it would be a fun project to write about Brandi's story as well...

So, what do you think of my idea? I'm reviewing the story and even though I was provided with edits and possible changes by my instructor I have a dear friend, Melissa Garrett, whom I trust fully to offer edit ideas and other options I might need to consider.

So, what do you think? Should I GO with it??? It would be fun for me, involve the kids if they can draw a few scenes well, and it would benefit our furry friends.

Comments and thoughts please and thank you!


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Take it day by day, and hope to sleep during the nights in between.


I know. Two month late again when I had decided to begin blogging regularly again. My friend and wonderful author went back to blogging again and although I keep up with her day to day on Facebook I still love her blog entries.

Then I think of all the things I want to blog/diary about and then I don't do it. Currently my excuse is that my 7 year old MAC is in the electronic hospital. He's doing well and out of ICU but he has to stay a few days longer to be sure his hard drive (heart) surgery holds.

I know I'm silly about things. Some people giggle that I've named things. But my things are important to me. As a child I had few really nice things. So the care and protection I provided as a child has carried over into my adulthood.

It is heart warming when I see me children, already 11 1/2 and recently 13 still taking time to snuggle each of their stuffed animals in to bed with them (Lil'Gal has suc a collection that she actually wrote a weekly schedule of who gets what night to snuggle with her) *CUTE* right?

Blogging from the iPad since MAC is in physical therapy is hard. But blogger, as I have finally discovered, has improved the app. ie: I can put pictures where I want to. 

Remember when Big Mama went in the ditch with me and the kids after church but kept us safe? Even with the ten foot drop? Poor Big Mama. She has kept us safe through so many incidents. Monday picking the kids up from school and heading home I was side swiped on the right while making a left hand turn from the left hand turn lane and INTO the left lane of my right away. Unlike other people who cross over into the second lane.

Big Mama got her side swiped and power mirror torn off. I carefully pulled into a parking lot to see if the culprit would follow for insurance info. She did. We exchanged insurance info although I had to teach her how to use her phone to take a copy of my insurance. She said, "I think you hit me?" I replied, "Um, I don't think so. I was in my lane, green turning arrow and turned into my lane... So I couldn't have hit you. I think you turned from the wrong lane or glided into me. We will just let insurance work it out. She was shaking. I was fine because I knew it wasn't my fault." Anyhow. Never a call from her insurance so I guess her family and agent told her she was lucky I wasn't suing or filing against her.

My Big Mama, my favorite vehicle I have ever had with the most sentimental value has been through so much! (I own the ditch incident although I just don't understand to this day, that a turn home from Sunday morning church I've made a hundred thousand times, ended me up in that ditch.)

Are you bored of reading me yet? Maybe I should save the Livestock show update and stress of a rabbit dying very other day for my next post. We didn't make the top ten or top anything but WE DID make the blue ribbon sale and that is the most important part of the auction. Farmer, Jr. Placed first with his salty peanut butter bars so I'll have to share that recipe. And Lil'Gal placed 4th in her division in AG mechanics so she got a pink rosette ribbon and several cool prizes!

Over all, things are well. Next post I'll share the interesting facts about a full put hip replacement at the early age of 42. Some people are completely astounded and thrilled at my rapid recovery; others are jealous of my age and agility. Either way, 2015 with a few exceptions is treating me better than 2014. 2014 was kinda, dare I say it, $h!TTY to me.

But I'm always the optimist! I've refund my looking up and not down. And yes, even if coffee on a cold morning like today, my Glass is Half Full (okay, I had two cups of coffee waiting on Big Mama's oil and tire treatment). But tonight I'll be more than half full - and I don't mean coffee! 

Happy Hump-Day! FW/GHFG!


Holiday blogging

So, since my surgery I haven't signed in to keep up with my blogging. Primarily because I spend most of my time propped on the couch when I'm not working my hip and leg. Which means I'm pretty much online via the iPad and/or the iPhone.

I'm not crazy about the blogger app. Maybe I should try blogging online again using the pad. It might be new and improved and I DO have my wireless keyboard. The blogging app doesn't let me decide where I want to place pictures, etc.

This weekend I shall hop up on the barstool and do a proper blog via the LT. And fill everyone in on the nine day progress report from my Surgeon and finally a bunny update.

I know. It's been brought to my attention that things are quiet and boring in bunny world this year.

Actually, it has been a bit distressing. We were supposed to get two five pens of Californians. But we only got two four pens. So that already left us short spares for each pen. Then Lil'Gal's came down Ill and died one, by one, by one until we lost an entire pen. Knowing Lil'Gal, she had a production for each of the losses. And she was upset that they were all 'her's'. Even though I continually try to express to her that they are all 'our' rabbits. Luckily, our rabbit chair and dear friend has three New Zealands that we will be able to raise. 

So fingers crossed, both kids will be able to make the blue ribbon sale.

IF I can EVER get out to the bunny barn I will start posting bunny pics. (As I am sure everyone, including myself, is tired of hip stories.)

So there is my Thursday evening post. Not looking forward to the eight hour round trip drive tomorrow. This holiday break just hasn't been going how I had it planned in my head. But the tree is decorated, our trees and moving reindeer look bright I the yard at night, and Buddy the Elf has gotten over his bug and is back in the game.

Here are MY babies with THIER polish babies after having just cleaned out the bunny barn. Our bunny barn is awesome! Now if I can just hobble myself out there!

Anyhow, happy Thursday. I promise a more entertaining post next time. Meanwhile,

Happy holidays!