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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Frio, and it has earned its name :-)

OK, so while the kids and the Hubby went to rent some tubes and kayaks I stayed back to tend to a few chores (ie: enjoy the silence and the sound of the river).

I took this little video down by the river to show some scenery but the sound quality is a little low. Anyhow the big joke is that Ms. Les kinda made fun of me because I dress up a little for the river. Meaning I wear SPF makeup, some bronzer, waterproof mascara and of course... Lip gloss :-D
Tee hee! Just because I'm hitting the big 40 doesn't mean I ain't gonna' try and keep a little youth. Even if I have to paint it in a'little :-P

Happy Tuesday! Oh and I finally finished one of my past due for review ARCs. I might get back to you here on that but for sure on goodreads!

(Wishing I'd had time to pick up
'Shades of Grey' before we got here)


Note: we'll it turns out, the iPad won't let me post my happy little video via this app. Grrrr. I might could post it if I took it directly from the blogger app. But alas I don't have time as the family is calling me. So instead you get these happy little pictures :-)

(I know, just not the same) :-P


Friday, May 18, 2012

VACATION and a little 80's flashback!

So, it's here! FRIDAY! The best-test Friday of each year; followed by Casino Night hosted by Robstown Hardware each year!

Today is FWFD OTW AND EOS! Translation (most of y'all know how to read my self-made an acronyms for for those who don't) Farmer's Wife's Favorite Day  Of The Week and End of School!!!

I was going to play 'School's Out For Summer'. But let's face it. I've probably over used that over the last several years.

Anyhow, hopefully as y'all are reading this I'm taking Sweet D to breakfast (after having dropped the kids or their final day), and for a pedicure for her birthday. Then, I'm picking up the kids BFFs and they are coming out to PAR-TAY and play as school is out. The moms, Miss Les and Ms. Susan, are coming out after work for some snacks, wine and probably some dinner. Celebrating the cessation of escuela for actually 8 weeks!!

Don't think I'm totally off the hook though. Farmer, Jr. is signed up during our free week two days for testing (for tutoring and evaluation of the disgraphia issue which has caused him so many problems academically - although, he made A-B honor roll this final six weeks :-D).

And, Lil'Gal has recital practice, recital photos to be taken, FJ still has guitar lessons and the dogs both have appointments at the vet but either way there will be no more. And, I mean NO.  MORE. FW waking up at 4:30 - for a long, long, long time. :-D

Although we have 17 days of travel starting the next week with only a three day drop by the house for laundry in between: Frio, Alabama, Georgia. Then, another week off and I take the kids to see Grandpa for a week in Arkansas. Still fun. And, no homework. And, no must-be-set-in-stone bedtime routine. And, many mornings of peaceful rest.

With that I leave you with an 80s music flashback that are always fun! So, I'm going to GO-GO and have some FUN-FUN while the kids have their last day of SCHOOL... You get it.

Happy FWFD OTW and EOS!!!!!!! *Super-Squeeeeeeee*


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lil'Gal's Birthday: 9 years in a photo shoot

My Lil'Gal turns nine-years-old today. Following her brother who just turned ten in January. I wish digital would have been the quality back then that it is now. Because I have tons of other pictures from when she was toddling around - but they are either in a scrapbook or filed with their negatives.

These are a few I [snapped a pic of with my iPhone] found around the house:

Toddling in the cotton...

<----------- I loved, LOVED, loved that outfit. Little denim and gingham overalls with cherries on it. And, she wore these adorable sandals I got from Payless with tiny cherries that matched.

I still have the outfit and the sandals stored away...

Should have been on the cover of a parenting magazine

Every Gal needs a little help now and then...

Adorable, right?

When they used to get along :-P

And a few from the hard drive :-)

It's all about the music Mom

My Cowkids <3

BFFs :-D

Self Photo Shoot

Me and Lil'Gal "We've Got Spirit!"

Livestock Show 2012

Honor Roll Student
That's my Lil'Gal in a scrolling photo shoot!

Happy Thursday and Happy Birthday Lil'Gal! Momma and Daddy love you bunches!!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dancing Naked in Dixie, Lauren Clark

This is the second novel I've read by this author. I read her debut novel, 'Stay Tuned' having received it for free or at a reduced rate from Pixel of Ink (which I follow on Facebook). Although not as intense as other romantic comedies I've read, I found the characters and the MC intriguing and I submerged myself into the MCs life wondering just what would happen and how her lie would go. I have to say I was happily incorrect about how things would end. Usually, I tend to figure out the ending early into the book so it is nice to be surprised.

Obviously I was excited at the opportunity to receive Lauren Clark's second novel 'Dancing Naked in Dixie' as and advanced reading copy. (I also follow this author on Facebook). This novel was just as much fun of a read as 'Stay Tuned'. Being from South Texas I giggled quite often with Julia's little incidents having no experience with the South. The fire ant scene especially made me giggle (and maybe cringed a little too; those suckers hurt).

Julia Sullivan, the MC and a travel writer, enters the scene in a whirlwind. She's been living her life and her job somewhat recklessly. Although she thinks she's managing quite well - with exception of her office space being a disaster area and the fact that she hasn't had time to set up her new iPhone which of course, would bring everything under organized control (at least that is her expectation) - she discovers through the story that she isn't managing well at all. In fact, she's pretty much a reckless mess.

Running late as usual both to the office and for her submission deadline she is hit with another shocker that may very well cost her her job. In an effort to save her job she resentfully heads to a little town in Alabama that in her opinion doesn't even make the map. Especially when she is used to traveling abroad and writing about 'exciting' places not small town Southern USA.

As the story unfolds Julia becomes acquainted with the town, its history, its people, and even a scandal. There are characters we want to love and characters we like to hate.

Great read, fun characters, and maybe a stolen kiss. I'll be reading more by this author. And, you might want to check her out too!


Sophia Grace and Rosie

Dear blog,

I know I've been scarce. But only three more days of school after today and only three more grueling early mornings. Although, I have pushed the wake up buzz up about 30 minutes.

I do have a couple of book reviews for y'all. One is by a new author (new to me). Just finished her second book. Her characters are fun and her stories true to life.

But, because it is time to wake the kids and grate cheese and get us out the door. (The cheese if for quesadillas for breakfast).

I'm going to leave you with these two little girls because they are so adorable that anyone who watches them won't be able to keep from smiling!

Happy Tuesday!!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

[The Big] PUSH

Tomorrow is Friday. Final grading day for the kids. My friend Leslie is getting her 'hooding' for her Masters Degree. My friend Carrie is doing the same and celebrating on Saturday.

I feel like doing the same for my kids. I swear this year was like working towards our Master's Degree in 3rd and 4th grade. (Okay, all due respect, not THAT hard. But still, third go round of third grade and second go round of 4th was harder than the first round 31 years ago).

Next week is full throttle. Everyday there is an event at the school. After that Farmer, Jr. will have testing for his issue that we are thinking is related to disgraphia. The poor boy gets SO. FRUSTRATED. He hits himself in the head and calls himself dumb.

Lil'Gal will also be turning 9. Luckily she chose a bowling party which basically means I make her an awesome cake of her design and then we show up and they staff does everything else. That'll be nice. In addition it is her Godmother's birthday. (Lil'Gal was born one day before).

So next week, well from here on out as it has been, is going to be a big PUSH.

Errands today
Set up book fair tomorrow
Hooding tomorrow evening
Field trip/Tour for Girl Scouts to the Animal Care Services Center
Farmer, Jr. additional two hour testing with the specialist (poor boy)
Bake Lil'Gal's birthday cakes and freeze for frosting and decorating later in the week
Another party tomorrow evening
Possibly fishing for Mother's Day (not looking forward to waking at 5:30)
Monday: Work book Fair
Tuesday: Awards at Primary
Wednesday: Water park day at Primary/Make cupcakes for Lil'Gal's class for her birthday
Thursday: Lil'Gal's birthday. Daddy takes her flowers; we have lunch with her
Thursday: Decorate Lil'Gal's cake
Friday: Breakfast and stuff with Sweet D for her birthday
Friday: Last day of school; have Diva and FJ's buddy over after school and then wine with the moms
Saturday: Lil'Gal's birthday party
Sunday: SLEEP

Oh, and then add in all the usual daily routine :-P

So, PUSH [Matchbox Twenty]



Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Comedy: Because we all need it this time of May

My month, especially this week and next week which are booked as much as a month, have been so overbooked and busy that I barely have time to breath. And any spare time I get I must dedicate to claiming 4-6 consecutive (mind the word consecutive) hours of sleep. Four consecutive and then 30 minutes + 30 minutes + 30 minutes, etc works well. But only for about three or four days in a row.

Anyhow, I'm in the vehicle A LOT running here, there, and near and far between towns, school campuses, activities, and purchasing all that goes for, toward or with.

So, I've had the 'Blue Collar Comedy' on XM radio A LOT at least when the kids aren't with me because some of these comedians are hilarious but their punch line involves the perfect placement of a very foul curse word or two. And, letting the kids hear that would be just bad parenting. Especially as I've been slipping a few foul placements of my own.

This guy is one of the funny guys. So, here are a few clips for you while I return to my regularly, extremely busy duties. :-) Happy Hump-Day

If you have time you should visit YouTube and watch through his whole six part series of his "I say Nay Nay" bit. Now I know where "I" get the whole Nay-nay ne-ne bit I often find myself using these days.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our English Visitors and Women's Superiority :-)

Those of you who follow me on FB know that a few weeks ago we had some visitors in from England. A friend of mine (her son is good friends with Farmer, Jr.) had her mom and her mom's beau in from England. They love Texas and the beau is a Texas history buff. He knows more about my state than I do.

They also farm chickens in England. So it was great to have them out to the farm and show them what we farm. My friend, her husband, her son and the 'folks' all came out for South Texas cuisine and a day at the farm.

We took a few pics with the tractors, ate a wonderful meal made up of beef fajitas, chicken, veggies, salad, beans and rice.

And, wine. We drank lots of wine. :-D

So as the evening progressed we ended in a conversation where the beau was expressing that women are truly the superior being. I was fascinated with this conversation and I decided to break out the iPhone and video him. He then was a little shy and he didn't state exactly the same things that he had mentioned prior to the camera coming out.

But, he still gave a wonderful lesson in being a true gentleman. (And, yes. He did repeat that women are superior). :-D AND, we had a lot of laughs.

Give it a listen if nothing else but for the wonderful accents. I love the way the two of them banter together.

Thank you to my friend Susan for sharing her family with us. I hope to visit with them again the next time they fly over.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gun Powder and Lead: Don't Let Life Bully You

This song that I'm embedding is a little extreme but not so much like the Dixie Chicks with their "Earl's Gotta' Die" song and of course it comes from the view of an abused woman. But we gotta' keep this stuff in mind. Our children are bullied and abused day to day in more than physical ways. It ain't the old days of hazing and wedgies and dumping you in the trashcan (thank the Lord that never happened to me but don't think I didn't hear about it or see it happening my freshman year in high school).

Now it is cyber, and technology and unescapable. I'm a fun loving person who loves everyone but that 'don't mean my mouth don't run away from me' now and then - and sometimes what it says doesn't make the statement my mind is trying to say. And, know that I take it into consideration when other people I know have their minds and mouths run a little off  from where they should be too. No one is perfect and we all judge and say things 'in private' or we think in private that we don't even mean in ill respect but because we are human we have to get those thoughts out.

It is only when something comes out of turn or out of line or someone gets caught in the middle and then when it comes down to it people regret what they say if it gets out. [No worries, I've been totally in the line, on the line, I'm just expressing this point because I've had some friend cross the line...In other words, it ain't me this time. FW been a good girl at biting her tongue. And, that is might difficult for FW in certain situations. In fact, I have people who come to me to 'not' bite my tongue. I'm learning my non-lingual lessons.] :-P

I'm getting off topic here but you know what I mean. I guess I'm saying adults can bully and manipulate too. And, if you aren't strong enough in yourself to say 'so be it' 'or, 'I don't think so' or, 'let it be' then it can become a serious issue.

And for the most part, everyone knows I'll put my mouth where my muscle is at any given moment. But my empowerment is something that I learn from actually being picked on and ridiculed as a kid. I knew who I was but didn't have the self confidence to stand up for who I was because of my family and finical situation that 'you weren't allowed to talk about' back then to speak out.

The bottom line is we all feel this way sometimes. We want to tell that person or that issue or that life situation to quit smacking us around and treating us like a rag doll. Life is awesome and today is one very rare day where I have a few hours to do with whatever I want. Are there more pressing things? Yes. But homework is done, my baby SIL's baby shower went off wonderfully, my house is clean, the family has clean socks and undies for the week and Lil'Gal is for the moment - without drama. Oh, and our fridge is filled with food. We are blessed. The sun is shining (yes we need rain but God gives where it is deserved I always say) and the breeze at the barn is nice and the music is great and life is good. I have dogs resting at my feet begging to do my will for affection.

Tomorrow I get to watch three young girls who most of I've known since they were like five or six and one who is autistic but never ceases to surprise me and has found great trust in me, walk for their first communion. I'm a part of that. I will be forever a part of their CCD training and their first communion memories.

So life is wonderful. BUT, when it isn't. And, when it bites you in the behind. You hit it back with GUN POWDER and LEAD.  Hence, this posts musical embedding. :-) Happy Saturday Y'all!!