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Sunday, November 30, 2008

"An Airplane Landed in Your Back Yard...."

Yeah, so we're cooking up all the goodies and preparing to fry a fantastic turkey -- when, Big SJ says to me, "An Airplane just landed in your back yard..."  To which I reply, "Oh?  That must be So-And-So."  Too funny.
DH's cousin-in-law likes to take his little crop duster (I don't know what model, read the thing for yourself) fishing.  (There's his fishing poles riding along side.)
Cousin-in-Law is about seven feet tall.  I do NOT exaggerate.  His wife is the same height as DH about six foot or six foot two if she chooses to wear a shoe with a sole.  I don't know how he is able to fold himself up into this thing.  But, he does.
Oh, and Big SJ (I think he dislikes that nick-name, so I'm once again searching for a better reference than "Big Lil'Bro") brought me a Nephew!!    YAY!  We thought he wasn't going to get to come for the trip because Turkey Holiday is his mom's this year.  But, they worked it out.  The kids had a blast!  And, how cool is it to come visit with your cousins and Aunt and Uncle and have an Airplane land in the back yard?  AWESOME!  [Okay, the field fenced off behind the back yard.  But, still, the back yard.  ;-)]
We ate well.  Grandpa played some games with Lil'Gal.  Since the cousin boys were tearing up the dirt. 
 Although, they did all three search for "spider eggs" and watch them hatch...????  I don't know.  Don't ask.
I got a little jealous but, they all eventually played with me too.  And, Daddy and I played Gin tonight.  I love to play Gin.  If we all get together and don't play poker or Gin, or at least dominoes...well, it just isn't a real visit to me.  Daddy whooped my tush at Gin.  But, I didn't care.  It was fun.
Oh, Daddy read a couple of my article submissions (you know, the good one's where I applied myself) for R&S and he loved them.  Tomorrow is the release of the December issue.  I'm so SUPER-DUPER excited!!!
I also have a pic of me and the baby brother; not the collegiate, but my third brother born to my Mom -- um, late in life.  He has turned from a frumpy, funny, silly fun-loving boy into a total teen hunk-a-dilly athelete!  The Gals at school must drool.  Hey?  What can I say?  We carry a good lookin' gene pool! LOL!  I'll have to post those pics later because I'm sleepy-pie and tomorrow is the beginning of a very full everything.
Tomorrow is, December 1st.  The first day of a new month.  The first day of the last month of this year.  Already?  Yes, already.  What a month this will be.  It is going to fly-by, I sware. But, I'm happy.  I'm loving, I'm living, I'm appreciating and Thankful.
I have a life and my life is good.  Count your blessings tonight.  Just the iddy-biddy ones.  Like, sight, smell, taste, touch, breath.... all good things.  I thank the Lord for the sound of my heart beat each night.
Happy Sunday Night!


Friday, November 28, 2008

Watch out for the GLARE!

Quick squeeze in.  I just retired the knee pads for a few days.  They got a work out, as I polished and shined the castle floors.  Be sure to wear your sunglasses because everything beams, gleams and smells of pine-sol or other clean scents!  And, big fluffy towels are in the cabinets for guests and all the beds are made with clean, crisp sheets.  (Sprayed with a touch of Febreeze).
The tree is decorated!  We stuck with the old one.  She's small, but she's been a good tree. The stockings are hung, and theirs greenery and berries strewn around my deer tine chandelier.  (My Fab MIL and FIL gave it to me and DH for our birthdays combined so we could have one in the new home.  See?  I told you they are FAB!)
I even have Christmas tissue holders in the guest baths (I got'em half off around Halloween)!
DH took the youngins for lunch so that my kitchen can stay sparklie until Daddy and the boys get here.   [Anyone who has children knows that you can spend four hours cleaning a home and it only takes the children four minutes to unravel it all :-D ]
The boys got off late cuz' the collegiate took an extra hour to piddle over to Big SJ's apartment (they are riding down together.  The collegiate attends college in LA but came down to TX to see his Mom, friends, and pop in here for a few days).
So, everyone should be pulling in here about 2:00 p.m.  Including Daddy from the airport.  DH will go pick him up so I can wait here for the other two.
[Crap, I hear a diesel engine which means DH and my sweet mess mongers are back; and the phone is ringing too!]
DADDY'S AT THE AIRPORT!  We aren't there yet.  Oops.  
Anyhow, Macxine has been moved from her typical docking on the kitchen bar and into the bedroom on my side.  So, I may not be able to pop in as addictively as usual.  Leave me messages and I'll be-bop into your place as soon as I can.  I'd say late tonight after everyone else has hit the hay -- but we all know that lately, that hasn't been an option. ;-)
[Okay.  I confess.  There are four loads of laundry hidden in my bedroom to be folded and put away.  A Gal can only do so much! ;-) ]
Happy Day After Thanksgiving!
Happy FWFD!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Perfect Tree for ME?

Yes, we have our happy little tree up.  For Dad and the boys.  But, I saw this online this morning.  So decorating no more will we do.  Because now that I'm in my castle, my little 7 1/2 foot tree is dwarfed by the uber high ceiling in the main/great room.
Last year, I actually got up before dawn and dressed and headed out to the big sale JoAnn's was having.  I had two coupons I could use together and I was going to get my outrageously expensive super tall tree for next to nothing.
I got there at 6:30 a.m.  Actually, probably 6:22-ish.  And, they were OUT!  Out of the tree I wanted.  Apparently, they only had four in stock.  WTF!!! [Fill in appropriate term there, flip, fudge, fraud...]
So when inquiring with the sales clerk, this little semi-old lady comments to me, "You have to get up early if you wanna' catch the sales."  The store opened at 6:00 a.m.  She totally salted my wound.  Shame on her.  Who did she think she was, anyhow?
So I commented back to her.  Oh, yes I surely did.  I said, "Well some of us have small children at home that require tending to before leaving the house.  Some of us have other responsibilities besides ourselves."  I still picked up a few things with my fabulous coupons, but my happy mood had been melted a little.
FLASH FORWARD to this morning:
 DH was looking at our tiny tree this morning and stating that it would be nice to have a larger one.   He thought we should catch an after Christmas sale.  Which I had to explain, "They don't mark down the trees after Christmas.  They hoard them for the next year so they can try to nail us into full price again."
I decided to check the sales and I saw the ad above, online this morning.   This ad says they are available at 50% off (that's about the best deal you can get around here.)  DH said, "Maybe we'll make a weltie this evening."  I explained to him that if we were serious, we would need to be there at 5:00 p.m. and waiting at the door front, in the line.   He still doesn't understand the whole concept.
But we will head out this afternoon.  Maybe, I'll be Happy and Thankful for a big, bright, new tree.  Then, we'll pass the little tree along to my bachelor brother or Mom or Baby SIL.  Cuz' we are all giving that way.
If the biggest thing going on today, in addition to the fabulous meal my MIL is baking at this very moment, is a great deal on a tree?  Whoop for ME!
I'm a lucky Gal.
I hope and pray for all of you friends, readers, bloggers, for your families -- that you have a wonderful and peaceful day.  I hope and pray for prosperity for everyone.  For some peace of mind, peace in time, and some "Happy" during this Holiday Season.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

$1.00 off DOWNY!

Since Harry is on vacation for a couple of days, I thought I'd pop in a savings coupon here.  I originally looked it up for A Mother's Walk cuz' she's a Downy Gal.  I'm a "Snuggle" Gal - it's all about the Blue Sparkle.
Anyhow, click there and sign up for your $1.oo off coupon to be mailed.  Then, before hitting submit, sign up for those two news letters the bottom.  They'll send you coupons in your "inbox."  Too easy!  "Easy-Peasy," one might say!
Happy Day, again!


She's the Master in Controlling Clutter

DH took off at 6:00 a.m. to make his way half way across our big State of Texas, so he could visit his favorite store.  :-)
It's about 8:00 in the morning and my children are still sleeping.  Each in his/her own bed.  The sun is shining at full glare in their rooms.  And, yet?  They are still sleeping.   I so *heart* a late morning slumber, followed by a cup of coffee and a visit with Macxine while the rest of the house is quietly resting.
What a way to start my Wednesday.  It's Hump Day!
You so need to click here to meet my new stalking venue.  I met her at Grow Together.  She's a new member there.
She is the "Awesome" "Marvelous" of organization!  Professionally and within the one on one.  It's not just her passion, it's her profession.  Anyhow, y'all know I like things neat and tidy.  Lined up in a nice, crisp, row. "Ts" crossed and "is" dotted (above the eye, not to the side.)
So, after your kitchen is filled with yummy smells, and your cabinets and sink are full of a days worth of dishes?  Take a break and click over to her place.  Maybe she'll have some magical tip to have those dishes wash and put themselves away!
Happy "Day Before Turkey" Hump-Diggity!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

At at 5:30, she rested (maybe)

Everything is prepared and in the fridge/freezer according to its requirements.  The kitchen is clean -- Lordie, I do thank you for a dishwasher!
DH offered to bring something home for dinner.  I'm cooked and food'd out.  Then, Mommy mind kicks in and I'm thinking how the kids are going to so totally slack and only eat what they want for the rest of the week.  *Sigh* I opted to cook again, some baked fish.  And, maybe baked potato fries.  And, some salad and green beans.
The tree is down and looking at me.  Anxious to become part of our decor again.  I hear it mumbling something about feeling left out for the last ten months.
Tomorrow was going to be my down day, with cleaning the house (which I enjoy, I know, FREAK).  But, now I'm corralled into having to help deliver those extra meals since everything fell apart (this morning) with our usual program.  And, I'm picking up my brother (a drive across four towns and then back) but he can go with me to deliver the Meals so he can experience some charity -- and I don't have to worry about being kidnapped or slashed in some way.
[DH told me that I CAN'T go by myself; especially, with the kids.  And, he will be out of town tomorrow for the entire day.]  Then, baby Bro will hang out and spend the night.  Hey?  Maybe I should save some of the tree decorating for him to do with the kids.  Yeah.  Then, I can kick back with my heals up and some vino!  Sweeeeet!  Thanks for that suggestion, by the way!
I'll have pictures.  I know y'all are getting really tired of the 101 on "What's Going Down with FW Today."  I'll get back to some funnies and some videos.  Macxine's been tempermental about playing sound on You-Tube.  [DH swares he did nothing.  He did, he used Macxine.  Chicken-Biskets!]
Well, time for tylenol and fish.  Hope your Tuesday was merry and bright!  Ours was sunny, cool but fantastic weather.  I felt guilty as I thought of Lis and Gary freezing in below thirty temps with tons of snow and ice...and, no sunshine or break in the weather report for awhile.
Should it get just too D@M! cold?  Y'all can come down here and defrost, OKay?
Happy Evening!


Talkin' Turkey!

Everything has been cooking up nicely around here!  See, we are having two Thanksgivings.  The awesome one at my Fabulous-in-all-ways MIL and FIL's house on Thursday.   Mom and Baby Brother will come out to eat and visit too.  Then, my Daddy flies in from AR on Friday and the second and third born are also driving down for the weekend!
YAY!  Squeeeeee!  Super-Squeeeee!
So, we are having a second Turkey day on Saturday.  See, last year all the divorce stuff was still dragging it's pie along -- crap-diddly.  So, we didn't have a Thanksgiving.  Well, WE did, and the boys went to visit Daddy in the woods and I'm sure they ate well.  [Those guys always eat well.]
But, we lacked the tradition of the family together.  Because we were still being torn apart by the stupid "D" thing.
This year, we are in our new castle.  Daddy or Big SJ haven't seen it completed.  Last time they saw the house, it was framed out on a big concrete slab.
So, in an effort to allow most of our limited time for visiting and chowing down.  I'm doing all the big cooking and prep a few days early.  It's amazing what you can freeze fresh!
Homemade Cornbread Dressing?  Check (three dishes; they're big boys and big eaters!) ;-)
Sweet Potato (awesome MIL's recipe) Casserole?  Check
Green Bean Casserole?  Check
Awesomely most delicious Yeast Rolls you've ever eaten?  Check...  well, the dough has risen nicely in the bread maker and it patiently waiting for me to shape it into about 30 rolls.  They freeze wonderfully and bake up sniff-smell-scent-taster-ifically!!!  :-D
Turkey in fridge to defrost?  Check
Big SJ bringing turkey to fry?  Check  [Can he fry a turkey?  Oh, YES he CAN!]
[Yes, we are having two turkeys.  I told ya' they are big eaters and they all want some lefties to take home.  The boys are all bachelors now.]
All that is left after I shape the fabulous Yeast rolls?  Making the Apple Cobbler and the Cherry Pies.
Oh, and I already have a phone interview lined up for one of the articles I signed up for with Root & Sprout's January issue.  I might even have two that day -- if my second source if available!  Now, I just gotta' get on a "HARO" query for the other two I signed up for.  Though, I already have a few sources and stuff lined out and some notes!  I'm ahead of DECEMBER!  Yippie YAY!
Friday morning I'll be making Sour Cream Enchiladas, some spanish rice, and big hot pot of beans.  DH will pick up some fresh, hot, and SPICY tamales to go with.  I'll accompany this Mexican Meal with my freshly made "super hot" chile piquin/petin hot sauce.  [I rock the hot sauce.  I also rock the beans.  Well, and the Enchilada Casserole.  Okay, I just rock! LOL!]
So, cooking done and set aside?  Tomorrow I get to do the fall cleaning detail and making up beds with fresh, crisp linens.
DH put the Christmas lights up yesterday!  Squeeeeee!  We are starting a little early since the family is coming down.  And, we are going to "speed up" tradition and put the tree up tonight.  So, Daddy and the boys can enjoy a little Christmas "Farmer*s Wife" style."
Tomorrow I'll join my Kiwanis club in assembling Thanksgiving meals for those less fortunate. I'll be delivering two with freshly and hot smoked turkeys and full meals to go with.
Everything is falling into place.  I'm thankful.  I'm Happy.  I'm Thankfully Happy.  I'm also giving.  I'll be giving some gifts this weekend.  And, I'll be mailing out some "Thankful and Joy" this coming week.
Be Happy.  Be Thankful.  Be Giving.
Happy Turkey Tuesday!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Miscellaneous Monday

It's Monday.  Thanksgiving Day week Monday.  
I fell asleep last night clipping out coupons.  Newspaper flyers and the printable ones. I'm sorting them and putting the doubles together so I can be prepared for all my savings at the grocery store today.  Because, this will be a "big trip."   Daddy and the boys are coming down and they are big eaters.  So, we need LOTS of food.
I'm developing an organization system in my head for all the writing and article stuff I've been working on for Lis at Root & Sprout.  It's amazing how quickly massive amounts of information can be collected.  Plus contacts and sources.  And, of course, information for prospective future ideas are intermingled within.  
If I want to be a "Professional," I need a system.
Anyhow, basically, I'm off to purchase a large Binder with a variety of dividers.  I want stickers, alphabets, and colors.  Eventually, I also plan to do this with a USB thumb drive dedicated to all things "Writing."  So, that I can keep it together and free up my hard drive. Plus, since the PC crashed...hard.  I am fearful daily that I could lose everything all over again.
So, I definitely need a hard copy back up and a memory stick back up as well.
I'm disappointed with myself that I haven't scrapped a single page since....a long time.  I have the pages I was going to mimic for Little Gal from Farmer, Jr. of one of our last annual river trips.  I submitted that one to the local Scrapbook Paradise and won!  That was always a good motivator to finish a lay out (LO).  But, times are tough and the economy was floundering and fuel was Super High and she finally had to close her doors.
So, now I've lost that motivator.  But, I really enjoy this activity.  So, I need to make some time to get back into it.  Since the holidays and colder months are coming, I'll start putting it in my "after the kids go to sleep" routine.  Maybe I'll give myself two hours a night.
I have taken a whole lot more on my plate. My "to-do" list fills every line on the left hand side of page in my spiral note pad.  I get a lot of things checked off, but there are always several that roll over on to the next day's page.
I've taken on a whole lot more responsibility with the children's school.  Which is part of the reason why I am still a SAHM.  So that I may be involved with the children and their school; to be able to be aware of what is going on in their lives.  And, to monitor them.  I'm cooking more at the school, participating in more projects and crafts, holiday projects teaching the children to be thankful and appreciative, etc.
We are currently helping the children to make stuffed bears, puppy dogs, and other patterns for the children at the local hospital.  The school will field trip there to carroll and hand out the little stuff toys they have made.
Me and WonderMom are working to develop and implement a weekly "Manners and Etiquette" class with the children.  It seems a whole lot of the little pleasantries are lost now days.  Like taking a cap off at meal time or holding the door open for the person behind you.
I'm active, as much as possible, with my Kiwanis Club.  We do a lot of projects pertaining to the needy but more importantly with children in the community.  I'm the chairman for our program implemented within a lower income elementary school we've adopted.  I bailed on the Thanksgiving projects but I took up some Christmas projects in December.
I've taken up participating with Root & Sprout e-zine.  I love working with this project.  My brain has been awakened again.   My vocabulary is coming back to me.  And, I generally feel accomplished in my participation.  So, this should really have been posted up closer to the top of this list. ;-)
I'm dedicated to my blogging.  I really enjoy blogging too.  Whether it is rambling, or sharing, or bragging, or reveling, or trying to make y'all smile and giggle -- I enjoy it.  So, it is a "must" in my day.  And, of course there comes the reading and following everyone else to keep up with what's going on and to find a giggle, a share, a care and a revel from someone else.
I'm teaching my CCD class on Sundays.  I really enjoy this too.  It keeps me grounded in my faith.  Faith can get lost along the side of the road in the rush of each day.  And, we have great new literature and teaching books with workbooks for the kids.  So, now I'm developing real lesson plans with a great source of guidance.
Family is what it is all about.  The reason why I'm involved in all the other things.  So, I can't let that fall by the wayside in the day's routine.  I need to stop what I am doing and just "be" with my children.  This time of year offers lots of opportunities for that with tree decorating, baking projects, and breaks within the school year.  Though, there are also more parties and events to participate in and prepare for.
Tending to my home, is important to me.  My castle is my sanctity.  I do tend to make more work for myself, as I've been told.  But, I really enjoy things neat and tidy, clean and shiny.  It grounds me.  It uplifts me.  Though, don't look around here right now.  Because there is quite the amount of dishevelment.  I'll be working on that shortly after I return from purchasing the entire grocery store. :-D
This one has been slipping.  I've never had a true issue with weight.  I've always been good at making the better choice when it comes to what I put in my mouth.  I'm noticing some of my favorite coverings for my lower half are "shrinking."  Which is pretty much impossible because I tend to hang dry them all.  But, I'm developing ring around the waistline.   So, obviously, there is a problem here.
I tried bleach and then pine-sol.  Fantastic once too.  I thought possibly the wring could be a scum of water spots I'd missed in the shower so I played around with the Windex as well.  But, nope.  This ring, I can't clean away.  I'm going to have to take better care of myself and "walk" it away.  It's pretty bad when I squat to clean all the window sills and the next day my thighs feel like someone beat me.
I'm thinking I hold this one off for that "New Year" thingie.  As, I'm pretty booked.
There you have it.  I had a bunch of stuff in my head and now it's possibly rolling around in yours.  Sorry for the bore.  It's good to regroup though.  I do a lot.  I enjoy it all.  I lead a very full life.  I am very blessed and very lucky.
I have issues, but I handle them.  I'm up there somewhere on the totem pole.  I'm looking up (don't ever look down).
Happy Monday!  Make it a Great Day!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lookie what I STOLE!

Lookie what I stole! Shhhh, don't tell. I don't want the cyber police knocking on my door. The Fairy Tale Princess doesn't know it's missing yet.
"The Last Unicorn" is one of my all time childhood favorite movies!  I was so into Unicorns as a child because they were so beautiful and magical.  I loved Pegasus' too.  
My dream was to breed a unicorn and a pegasus to create a "Pega-corn." That's what I called it.
My mom was worried I had begun a cult because I had all of my pretty folders and unicorn icons placed perfectly on my chest of drawers.  NOOOO, I didn't use the folders or play with the icons.  I just sat there and admired their beauty...for hours.  And, I'd day dream of somewhere far, far, away and magical.
So, you can't blame me for stealing this picture.  And, it does have my name on it and all. Besides, it was barely hanging on her wall by scotch tape.  So, no harm done.  In fact, it's almost like she wanted me to steal it.  Seriously?  Who leaves something of such great value, scotch taped to their castle wall?  Am I right?
I just hope she doesn't come find me and take it back.  Because I want it.  It's mine.  I totally *heart* it...
She did host a lesson on how to make my own little graphics like this.  But, I've been too busy lazy to get around to doing it.  So, I've resorted to thievery.  [Chicken Biskets.  I just realized it's Sunday and I stole on the sabbath.  Diddly.  Time to go confess again. *sigh*]
Happy Sunday!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Her Brother-in-law is HAWT!

We went to that b-day party today.  The Mom and Dad are good friends and the Dad is also our CPA. The Mom and I are good friends.  She's a nurse and an new entrepreneur starting a new pharmaceutical research company.  [I offered myself up for testing sleep aids and anti-anxiety meds, LOL.]  They are so sweetly and wonderfully friendly, calm and positive.  They are great friends and great people.  They are, should I say it?  Awesome.
Anyhow, the Dad has three brothers.  Known them for years but I always thought it was two brothers and a sister.  But, come to find out the "sister" is the S-I-L and her hubby is the oldest brother.  CPA is calm and fun.  His two younger brothers in their late twenties and thirties are like big "boys."  
You should have seen them jumping around the gymnastics arena where the party was.  And, these guys are tall guys.  All the boys are handsome.  And, kinda' in order of birth -- meaning they got better looking with each spawn.
However, the third born looks just like Val Kilmer.  Only better.  Can you imagine better than Val Kilmer?  Can you imagine Val Kilmer better looking than himself?
He's totally cool too, and nice, and fun and is always helping out with the CPA and his wife's kids.  Kilmer has a daughter a little older than the CPA's three.  CPA has a just turned six-year-old daughter and twin four-year-old boys.  Ha-Ha, that's a little story in itself! *snicker*snort* inside joke with us.
Anyhow. Kilmer is HAWT.  I used to just be star struck by his resemblance to the actor and his great disposition.  Whenever we see him at friendly functions the first think I think is literally, "There's Val Kilmer!"  Okay.  I usually forget that name, along with his real name.  All, I can say, is "Ice Man."  Remember?  Top Gun?  Holy "I was hot for those guys" when I was a young teeny-bopper.
So, usual fashion he walked into the party [with his kinda' new girlfriend in tow] and CPA and wife say, "Y'all remember [Kilmer]?"  To which DH and I agree that, yes we do, and I adlib, "I'm always start struck when he first walks in because I think 'Hey!  It's Ice Man!'"  Everyone gets it and even the girl friend giggles.
[I know why she giggles.  Cuz' she goes home at night to Kilmer.  Ice Man and all.]
Anyhow, this shin-dig was at the gym-athletic club and the party was held in the gymnastics arena.  Kilmer and girlfriend walk in from working out at the gym prior to the party.  Kilmer has a tank shirt on.  Kilmer has awesomely built arms!  I'm talking total "Val Kilmer, Top Gun" body arms.  And, of course the rest that goes with the arms.
He walked away and caught my eye a few minutes later hurling himself in true fun fashion into the pool of foam squares.  The kids love those guys.
And, I felt it.  That little voice that beats morse code in your chest that say, "Um, he's HAWT!!"  See, formerly he was always a "movie star" that I wanted to get an autograph from.  I never noticed the "Hawtness."
Next time me and Mrs. CPA get together I shall have to confess.  I almost confessed to DH -- but, I realized going into the Hawt arms thing might not set as well with him.
Anyhow.  I have this guilty feeling in my gut for crushing noticing another guy's HAWTness.  So, I knew I needed to confess.  And, since church isn't for another twelve hours and I needed to purge -- I'm confessing to my bloggie buddies.
Give me my penance.  But, please be lenient.  It's not my fault, after all, that Kilmer is....Awesomely HAWT.
Okay.  Now I will retire the A word and the H word for awhile.  And, DH and I are going to watch a football game a romantic movie together.  DH also has some Hawt arms.  With Hawt hands.  That medicinally rub my feet and calves.  DH is my lovie and is my Hawtie.
Still, something tells me I'm going to dream "Top Gun" tonight.  :-)


Count Your Awesome.

We are about to depart for a birthday party.  Everyone is up, dressed, and cooperating quite nicely.  Lil'Gal even let me put a pony tail in her hair with a large pink ribbon!  YAY!  No temper tantrums either -- Totally Awesome!
She's decided she's going to be a "Tinker."  Not because the dress and skirt are cute, those are just perks.  But, because "Tinkers" make things and fix things.  So, that is her career goal for today.  I think that is pretty awesome!
I received an award (like two weeks ago) and downloaded it but never had it posted over here.  It was for all my hard work wrestling those Gremlins.  
Thanks "Fairy Princess"!  Sorry it took me so long to get it up!  Oh, and thanks for adding me to the blog roll again!  (She revamped her place.  Totally, pink, sweet and there is even a Unicorn.  I *heart* unicorns.  They are awesome!)
Have you counted your awesomeness today?  It's Saturday.  Saturday is a good day for counting awesomes.  Awesomeness is a list of all the things you need a pat on the back for.  Did you brush your teeth the full 60 seconds this morning?  Awesome!
Having a home, that's pretty awesome.  Good family is awesome.  Having friends is awesome. Having a blog is definitely awesome!
I turned in another article to Lis with Root & Sprout and she loved it!  YAY!  Super YAY!  Super AWESOME! 
I wouldn't be able to participate in all of this if it weren't for the internet.  So, the internet is awesome!
Today, I feel awesome.  I'm counting my awesomeness and the "awesomes" in my life.
Happy Saturday!  Hope your's is Awesome!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Fire and the Field Trip

It's Friday!  And, I'd like to say, "And, on Friday...she rested."  But, we all know that ain't happenin'.  Not around here, anyhow.
After the children go to school today and I take pleasure in a quietly, peaceful home -- I have to clean it.  Been a little behind as I haven't really spent much time here, except to sleep or feed the family.
Enough about all that, though.  Did you see the pictures up top?  Do you know what that is?  That's my fire place, with an actual fire!  Sweeeeeet!  Okay.  So, no.  It's not real logs.  DH said "nope" to that because it creates a smelly, sooty, mess.  :-[
He got me the fake fire log inserts that look really cool and real.  And, it's pretty!!!  And, he's right!  No Mess!  So, FW is a happy Gal.  :-D  [Farmer*s Wife is a spoiled Gal.] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FIELD TRIP!
This man and woman came down from San Antonio.  They are with a bird rescue facility.
All the birds there have been saved and nursed back to health.
This hawk would fly around out in the open.  It would go land on a building and then come back when summoned.
He even played with the trainer.  Pretending to walk behind him, when he was asked to fly.
Here is a Bald Eagle.  What a beautiful bird.
He is missing half his left wing though.
They didn't tell us what happened.
You can see better here when he attempts to spread his wings. Sad.  But, he's happy and has a safe home now.
These trainer/refuge people were really good with the birds. The kids followed the rules really well too.
Here's the Prince with Little Gal.
When I told them to smile for the picture, he put his arm around her like that.  Too Cute!
He also told me that "Little Gal is his best friend."
Aren't they so super sweet!?
Next was some animal education.  Here are a couple of reptiles.  A baby alligator and a ball python.
So, I did break down and spend a little money.  The kids got "WebKinz."  The first ones they've ever had.  Not like they needed another stuffed animal; though, you can play with these guys virtually too on the internet with a special access code that comes with the pet.
Here is Little Gal posing with her "Sassy" kitty cat.  (Unfortunately, her eyes are closed.)
Farmer, Jr. chose the Parrot. His name is "Fred." Fred has already had hours of play time.  Fred took a bath last night too (I was not aware of this until he handed me the wet bird, requesting that I dry him.)  
No problem though, as I throw these guys in the washing machine once a week, anyhow.
And, one more, just for good measure!  Adorable, right?


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mommy Meryl!

I found a new blog to stalk.  Seein' as how Another Online Mom has made it to my blog roll, I thought it was time to make a new friend.  Click on the little stalker Dude up at the top there and check her out!
She has a fun blog and she does lots of reviews and give-aways too!  Guess where I found her?  At [yes, this is yet another plug] Grow Together!  Sweeeeet!
So, I was trying to win her drawing for some cool Teenie-bop, Bubble Gum music for me and the Lil'Gal to listen to.  But, I think I missed the deadline of blogging about A Mommy Meryl's Place for an additional entry.
I fell asleep last night in the middle of my blog post.  And, this morning it was Super Foggy so the signal wouldn't pick up.  Though, at the little "Wi-Fi-Ice-Cream-Burger-Joint" the sky is bright and shiny -- thus, I have cyber access! ;-)
Even so, there she is.  Go check her out!
Off to the field trip to drive the munchkins to the wildlife place to see birds and animals.  It will be fun!  The Knight already hugged my waist, all excited to ride with me and Lil'Gal (his Princess) and Farmer, Jr.  Poor Farmer, Jr.  He's not used to being the third wheel -- to a guy. LOL!
Oh, Hap-Hap-HAPPY Almost Friday!!!!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Super Mom! Wonder Mom! Awesome Activate!!!

HOWDY!  Here I am!  Hello?  Out there? Yeah, I'm here?  Kay, I'll wait.  Finish what you're up to and I'll just ramble in the meantime.
So, yes.  I've been so busy.  I've been out of pocket.  It is incredible how a person can bounce through the day in "pin-ball" fashion and get so much done.
The family lunch at school turned out great!  I even got some work done at the local "ice cream and grilled cheese" burger place that is awesome enough to have free Wi-Fi accessible from their parking lot.  Even when they are closed...  I need to send them a thankful note.  I need to send a couple, anonymously and from different return addresses so that they get the impression that everyone is loving their Wi-Fi -- and not just the Farmer*s Wife in the white SUV who brings her Lap Top in and buys nothing or maybe a tea.
After all was said, done, eaten up and cleaned -- there was the school project going on with Wonder-Mom.  I finally came up with a "catchy" name for her. Apparently, "Super" was already taken. (It's my blog; I can dominate a term if I want to.) :-) 
She's awesome like me though, she encompasses more patience and kindness.  And, she's fun and witty and she'll drink a beer now and then.  Oh, and she's crafty and "thrifty too."  [Right up my alley, huh?]
I'm all the Super - in the Super Hero Mom analogy.  [My costume even reads "SAHM."  Which stands for "Super-Awesome HAWT Mama" a/k/a Stay At Home Mom.]  But, she's a whole lot of Wonder.  So, we have joined forces and together there will be no project, child or task we can not tackle!
With that, I'm off to get dressed for the field trip today.  I do realize this shows it posted late last night -- but, I fell asleep in the middle.  So, I had to finish up with my humungo cup of Joe that I'm not about to "rebrew" with a little added caffeine.  
I just have to make it through today and then it'll all be down hill to my SUPER-FAVORITE Day of the Week -- FRIDAY!!!!  YAY!!!!
On a side note, the "Knight" will be riding with us today.  He and Lil'Gal worked it all out at school yesterday since his mom can't attend the field trip after all.  Lil'Gal is thrilled.  Farmer, Jr. will apparently be the third wheel.
I'm going to capture lots of pictures and a few of the adorable little couple too!  I'll put them up here later tonight. ;-)
And, with that?
Happy [Almost Friday] Thursday!


Monday, November 17, 2008

I am SO cooking this....

So, she's on my reader roll. Though, I pop in rarely.  But, THIS?  This I am going to make.  This I am doing for Turkey day with Daddy and the boys.  DH will forever request them again.  The kids?  Phewp.  They can eat them the old fashioned "Salt Pork" way.
But, we adults?  Will splurge.  Oh, and the elegance.  MMMM, I can smell them now.
Go here:   My Mouth is Watering.... No, it really is.
Now I sent you to bed all hungry....  :-D


Fire AWAY!

This is how the sun chose to greet me on this beautiful Monday morning. I have a busy, busy, blurry week. Yes, I do. I am sure you do too. But, we can take it. We can make it. Go ahead, hit me with your best shot -- I'm ready... ;-D Happy Monday!!!!!


No they aren't.  Wait. Let me check.  (Crap diddly, I can't see anything in here without the light on)....Nope.  They aren't.  My EYES are NOT crossing.  It's just that the left one is way weaker than the right one I'm so blind, at 8.0 and an 8.50 below, depending on which eye and so it closes itself when we have to read or type late at night.
Oh, no.  Really?  It's after midnight?  But, I have to get up at 5:am with a 30 in the middle.  No fair.
OK.  Then, I will leave you with this sweet song to help you happily along on this beautiful Monday.  [Don't feel TOO special, I'm sharing it at "Grow Together" too.]
Can't get much better than that. Enjoy. The showing will probably be limited as I am anxious to delete from my You-Tube. A Mama just can't trust some people. But, I had to share her future "star-ism" with my bloggie buddies everywhere! Way to wake up on a Monday!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yummy! Oh, yes, it is!

Doesn't this look yummy?  Bread (sticks in rolls) with pepperoni, bacon and/or black olives? 
If these don't hit your fancy, I'm sure the recipe could be adapted to personal preference!
Yumm.  Here's the link!   Pillsbury's Yummy Bread recipes!
[Don't forget to hit the pillsbury website first to get signed up for the $$$$ savings in printable coupons they send directly to your "inbox." Then, these tasty treats won't just be yummy -- they'll be cheap!] Enjoy! Happy Saturday!

Sunrise....Sunset, PARTY ;-)

(A Pretty Sunrise to the Right)
Howdy!  I know right?  Where have I been?  I totally missed the party last night.  It was my plan to hang out with all y'all drinking Shiner and Sauvigan Blanc.
I woke up on the couch.  Lil'Gal had requested I snuggle for a few minutes during her movie.  DH and Farmer, Jr. were watching "a guy" show in the bedroom.  I wake at 11:00 p.m. on a childless couch. 
Further investigation shows that Lil'Gal is tucked into her bed.  Farmer, Jr. has also been tucked in.   (A Pretty Sunrise Below)
I walk into the bedroom inquiring as to why DH didn't wake me up (so I could party bloggie style).  He mumbles something about the fact that I was sleeping.  :-[
So, I walk into our bathroom with the full intention of showering but my legs keep going out the other side, down the hall, and into the living room.  Where my body tosses itself, fully clothed, onto the couch and I fall back into a slumbering stupor. 
I woke at 5:30 a.m. to the sound of the flapper in the vent-a-hood (windy front came through) and Lil'Gal requesting I come snuggle in her room.  We lay there for awhile and whisper sweet things to each other and finally decided to get up and take in some cartoons.   
So, that's how it went.  Me and my big party, Week Two.  Next week!  Next week, I say!  I declare next Friday, Farmer*sWife "Party" Day!
  (A Pretty Sunset to the Right)
Happy Saturday!


Friday, November 14, 2008

OK, I'll play. It's FWFD!!!!

So, Another Online Mom was tagged with this one, and she knew I'd be kind enough play along too.  I think Gary did one of these recently too.  I think his was a little different though.
Anyhow, my blog time has been so limited the past week.  I still need to open up "that Box" and see if there really is anything in it.  If so I need to help it find a cubby hole in the home so when DH walks in he'll realize "it belongs here" and he'll let us keep it.  [It worked with the dog, :-D]
I promise I'll feed it electricity and ink as it needs.  I'll keep fresh paper down and I'll "bathe" it at least once a week to keep it free from the dusty smells.  I don't think one more electronic pet in the house would be too much, do you?  ;-D
1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Holy cow, is there a whole story behind this one.
2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? The other day when I went round and round with my Lil'Gal and I got frustrated and lost my temper.  I hate it when I do that.  I feel like sludge. 3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Yes, but no one else does.  So, I type or print in full cap. 4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT? Turkey. 5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? Yep, 2. 6. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU?   You seriously have to ask this?  We would so be "peas in a pod." ;-) 7. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? Only as necessary, or funny, or to win points in an argument.  OK.  Kinda. 8. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS?  Yes. 9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? Right, risk everything I am so lucky to have, just for the sake of being catapulted from a giant rubber band.  Um, I think not. 10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? Not big on cereal.  Raisin bran, I'd have to say. 11. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? No.  I should.  But, no. 12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? Willed. Minded. Headed. Hearted. 13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? Yeah, not so much about ice cream.  Really not into sweets so much, either. 14. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE? Eyebrows. 15. RED OR PINK? Hot pink with Lime on the side. 16. WHAT IS THE LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? Impatience; temper; controlling spirit. 17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST. Oh, geeze.  So many. 18. DO YOU WANT EVERYONE TO SEND THIS BACK TO YOU? 6 to 1; half dozen to the other. 19. WHAT COLOR SHOES ARE YOU WEARING?Red with denim. 20. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? Home-made bean and egg breakfast taco. 21. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW ? "The Best Day With You" by TS. 22. IF YOU WHERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? We don't have enough time.  OK, coral (the hot pinkish kind) 23. FAVORITE SMELLS ? Pine-Sol; Bleach; Gain Fabric Softener. 24. WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? My sweet DH. 25. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU?  I like her blog, so I guess that would be an affirmative. ;-) 26. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? The Dust Bunny Relay -- when they are racing to escape my Bissell. 27. Hair Color? Yeah, I had to go back to being expensive.  Highlights on my dark @$$ hair. 28. EYE COLOR? The most beautiful blue, I've ever seen. ;-) 29. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? I'm blind, totally contacts. 30. FAVORITE FOOD ? jalapenos, really hot salsa.  Baked chicken with potatoes or rice.  Anything my MIL cooks. 31. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDINGS?  Totally chick flick, romantically, funny, happy endings.  Or true "LOL and Pee myself" comedy. 32. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED ?  Crap-diddly.  Can't remember the name but it was on cable and funny. 33. WHAT COLOR SHIRT ARE YOU WEARING. Didn't we already go over this one. 34.  SUMMER OR WINTER? Heat and Sunshine! :-D 35. HUGS OR KISSES? Depends; all of it from my little one's. 36. FAVORITE DESSERT ? Not really.  OK, Cherry Pie. 37. MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? I like a gamble.  I'll see how it plays out. 38. LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND. See above.  Though, maybe "Sweet D" will play along and post on "her blog." :-D 39. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW ? Ha!Ha!Ha!H!!  "Parenting with an Attitude," "The Everything Guide to Magazine Writing," Financial Peace" (Dave Ramsey)," "Ready Freddy: The King of Show and Tell" (with the kids) 40. WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? A Mouse. 41. WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON TV LAST NIGHT. You know?  I missed it.  But, it would have been "Greys' Anatomy." 42. FAVORITE SOUND. My children sleeping peacefully; singing, laughing. Also, the sound of "quiet-still." 43. ROLLING STONES OR BEATLES? I'm not fond of rocks or bugs.  LOL; OK, again -- Beatles. 44. WHAT IS THE FARTHEST YOU HAVE BEEN FROM HOME??? Hmmmmm. 45. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? Speed talking; but, not on purpose.  OK, it might be a curse. 46. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? In America. 47. WHOSE ANSWERS ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO GETTING BACK? Anyone and Every one's!
OK.  Well I'm off now.  Lots to do (what's new).  But, I'll be back to share a "Shiner" when the kids are home from la escuela!
Happy FWFD Friday!!!! YAY!!!!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Feel the Bubble Gum Beat.

[I know.  I'm currently under construction.  Not where I want it but time is so limited now days that I gave up a trip to the potty and a yawn to change it up.  The idea was to go Fall and Christmas but red and green together is really hard on the eyes.]
Bubble Gum Music.  That's what my Mama calls it.  But, she is right.  It's cute, it's fun, it's catchy and it's bouncy!
Who doesn't need a little bounce in their day?  I love to bounce.  It just makes everything fun.
So, go here.  She doesn't have an actual video up for this one yet but You-Tube groupies have already put the song up with some pics.  [The CD was just released on Tuesday, these kids have too much time on their hands -- I sware.]
M-Mm-Mmm-mmm-mmm  Mm-Mm-mmm-m-mmm....
So, chew it up, blow some bubbles and let them bounce around in your head all day!
[I WILL get to reading y'all. pm -- tomorrow.]
Happy Bouncy Thursday!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Just walked in!  Running at 85 mph!  Somehow ended up signing myself up for more duties with my Kiwanis Club (community/civic service club I volunteer with).  Not sure how that happened as I know I said, "No"  and, "I can't do that" several times.  But, then another task came up and they were about to ask me why I was even there I had to so something because I'd bailed on everthing else so I said, "Okay, I can manage that one."
So far, I have done over half the stuff on my list and the other stuff mostly consists of duties that can be done from or within the home.  So, if I stay on track at 85 mph until 6:00 pm and then slow to a crusing 75 mph?  I'll have totally ROCKED this Wednesday!  I mean, kicked it in the Hump-Diggity!
Anyhow, I'm "Boy Howdy" happy because the internet is up again!  [Cover your ears] SQUEEEEEEE-eeeeeeeeeee!  All is well in FW's world because she can work across the entire nation from within her castle!  Oh, and I got some great photos to attach with my article due next week for Root & Sprout!!!  [The editor's going to love me! *smiley-wink*]
I also received a referral from a friend.  I did her daughter's party last summer with invitations, tu-tus, peter-pan hats, coloring books, fairy wings, etc. for a budge of $60.00.  So she paid me $100 on top of it for handling all the details for her ;-)  Unfortunately, the Gal called me yesterday and the party is the 30th of this month.  In order to shop effectively and get the most bang for the buck, I need a couple of months notice (I prefer four).
And, November is booked to the limit.  Next week is the school art project me and the other Super Mom are doing with the bigger kids.  She's the one who gave me the wine cooler.  I need a good blog name for her.  Then, I have to shop and prepare the Thanksgiving meal for the school and parents for Wednesday's holiday family lunch.  Wednesday will be spent all day at the school on that. 
I have to write my article, work on the project for Kiwanis (angel tree gift list for the MHMR Hospital in the area), there are doctor's appointments next week, the school field trip is Thursday, Mrs. P's b-day is Saturday so I'm in charge of handling her b-day gift from the PTL (I volunteered for that one willingly, in fact it was my idea), then the kids will be out of school and I'll be preparing for Thanksgiving week with my Mom, and then my Dad and the boys are coming down.
Yada-Yada, Happy December!
Oh, I received another award today!!!  I'm so Super Thank-happy!  Ms. Olives and Pickle Juice gave it to me!  Here it is:
Too kind!  
Welp, My Wonderful -Best-Woman-I-Know-In-The-World MIL called and I need to pop over to her house on the way to get the children from school (something about a Christmas present for one of them).....
Then, it will be time for spelling tests, memory verses, reading, and baked chicken!
Ain't Life Awesome!
Happy Hump-Diggity - Mid Afternoon!


Coming to you LIVE, via the SUV!

Obviously, the internet is down at our house.  Well, not just our house -- all of us, in my little FW farm village.  The main tower we have access to bounce our signal from is down.  And, we can't call the guy cuz' it's not our tower.  But, I am hopeful, begging, praying, going through withdrawals sure the tower's owner has already called "their guy" to fix their tower.
So,  being without access for so long, (I left the house at 2:45 yesterday to pick up the kids and headed to gymnastics) I had to find a place to access my cyber world.  Guess where I am?  Guess.
I'm sitting in the front seat of my SUV cross legged and using my console for a desk top.  Yep.  People are driving by and looking at me crazy.  The little corner eatery isn't even open yet.  They are more of an "early lunch crowd through late night drive through" kinda' place.  They specialize in ice cream so that all makes sense. [Did you figure out what eatery I'm talking about yet?]
I hope someone doesn't call the sheriff on me.  Someone is working on maintenance at the place this morning.  There go some more people looking at me like I'm weird.
So, I did a bad-bad thing yesterday.  I had errands and a notary in town and while there, I popped into the awesome store full of awesome stuff.  The idea was to purchase the new "Taylor Swift" CD that was released yesterday (I've been waiting two months) and while there, I would go over to the computer department and look at all the pretty wireless printers.
So I did.  I also picked up some new ink cartridges for DH's printer at the office so I can print some more of those pretty Root & Sprout flyers to pass out and post to bulletin boards everywhere.  (Spreading the word and all, you know.  You can find the link to print here:  Grow Together if you want to help the cause.)
When I left, I discovered there was a big box in my cart.  In addition to the "Taylor Swift" CD and the ink cartridges.  While pondering how it got there, I loaded it in the back of my SUV.  When I got home with a truck full of groceries and everything else that had been cluttered into the vehicle, I found the box was still there.   Quite large.  Quite pretty.
Not sure what to do with it, I put it in my closet.  Kinda' behind some other boxes and stuff.  The black out had me worried that I might have stolen the box (and it's contents).  But, it's finally coming back to me.  In bits and pieces, like a dream.  I think I bought it.  The pretty, wireless, "I do everything" printer.
Though I don't remember scanning the card or writing a check or signing anything, I do have the CD playing in my SUV and I do have the box in my closet.  So, we will just see what happens from here.
On another note, I received a sweet little award yesterday.  I just didn't get the chance to post it because -- well, you know.  kc had this little challenge for bloggies to share about some "thankfulness" and "happy" in their lives.  Knowing me, I obviously had to participate in this.
I didn't win the prize:  Harry did.  But, he is deserving because he shares so much and has saved so many of us mega-bucks with his tips, tricks, and links to free stuff.
I did get this pretty little thing though:
Isn't that sweet!  I'm going to add it to my awards bar on the left.  I think I have enough now to make a link to another blog for them.  Do I feel special?  Yes, yes, I do.
Well, I am now off to the rest of my day which if  you saw my list you would sware I made it all up just to come across as some super hero type Gal.  [I am though, a Super-Hero, you know.]
Happy Hump-Diggity!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Bite ME, Murphy!

"Murphy's Law" Remember him?  Murphy?  And, his law(s)?  You know, the whole "if anything can go wrong, it will" concept.  Like, he was the first person to realize, "Hey, this is a really enigmatic concept!  I can't believe no one realized this before me."  So, then he creates this set of Rules and coins the basic phrase, "if anything can go wrong -- it will." 
In actuality it happened more by accident.  Apparently, Mr. Murphy was at a Naval Base (if I remember correctly) and he was working on some new instrument of measure.  Supposedly the technician working on the project [it couldn't possibly have been Murphy himself, now could it] didn't do something correctly and the machine failed.  And, so then this Murphy guy said something like, "If there's anyway to get it wrong, he [the technician] will."
There was a person in charge of recording the research and also keeping up with certain laws that were imposed.  My understanding is that this guy wrote down this comment and dubbed it as "Murphy's Law."
You know what?  Murphy is a Pie-Hole!  Oh yeah.  A big, pessimistic, thief of a Pie-Hole.  Did you know that this idea and concept and understanding of the "enigmatic" was formerly known as "Sod's Law?"
Unfortunately, back in 'the day' the term "sod" carried with it a negative worth.  [Personally, I would find that quite befitting a negative rule of law.  I'm just sayin'.]
Anyhow, enough wrangling history.  I had a "Murphy Day" today.
But I so, TOTALLY KICKED Murphy's Pie-Hole!  :-D
This morning was sprouting beautifully from all the seeds planted the day before and the tending to them, late into the night and wee early morning hours of today.  
The coffee pot percolated at 5:30 a.m. and I was already up tending to the "first dos" before it finished.  And, that included the wake-up from Lil'Gal at 2:00 a.m. and the whole potty, change bottoms, yada-yada get her back to sleep routine.
Breakfast:  check School:  check School Fundraiser Tickets:  check
Notary:  check Extra unexpected needy cell phone calls:  check
All the while, waiting on a very important call for an article I'm writing.  A call from a prominent and respected children's hospital, which came while in route to my next scheduled event.  Responsibly, I explain I am in route and that I will return the call in "five minutes" after exiting and finding a safe place to continue the call.
And, I do so.  But, apparently where we are located down here in the state of Texas and where she is located in the state of Ohio?  My phone will not dial out or return the call.  In a panic, as I do not want to appear unprofessional or flaky, I high tale it back on the freeway to a well know free "Wi-Fi" zone so I can email her promptly to return my call.
I get there, and race and scramble for a desk or table where I can get away with talking and still take notations on Macxine.  The free "Wi-Fi" now requires payment.  I was willing to pay at this point to save face, but I didn't have time to deal with all the bull-manure paperwork.
So, I exit quickly at full trot and jump back into the SUV and head to the used book store.  Surely they have free Wi-Fi because they appreciate their clientele.  I grab Macxine's bag, my purse, and scramble into the door while chirping the SUV behind me.  As I race in I almost run into a great friend and associate and am blabbily rambling what is going on -- and how important this is -- and why I want to do it -- and that the "Fab B&N bookstore now sucks Pie because they don't have free Wi-Fi."  
Said friend shares that the used book store doesn't either.  Stupid Book stores.  But, he hands me his phone and says, "Take your time... all the time you need."  But, his phone won't dial out the number either.  And, we are with separate service providers.  [Oh, I am SO taking this up with my mobile service tomorrow -- I better get some free something for how big they could have screwed up my whole "cloud nine" plan.  Pie-Holes.]
So, I dial information for the number to the hospital because information will then dial it for you -- SMART, HUH?  Yeah, the brain cells finally jump started.  I asked for the particular person and rambled my message and she finally got it, called me back, and totally understood that we live in Pie-ville land.  YAY!
So, my interview is set up with the cool, fabu-tastically, awesome source for my article.  And, I have another one or two lined up for tomorrow also.  And, I wasn't able to talk with a researcher directly because she has a big lab project due.  Buuu-uuut, the correspondent was totally able to get her to answer my questions in a quotable manner! Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
I totally kicked Murphy in his Pie-Hole!  :-D
And, after that was all under control?  I had regained the title as "Ruler of My Day" and every other idiom bowed down before me as I went about my business.
How's that for a Monday!  Murphy? Who did he think he was dealin' with?
This is Farmer*sWife.  And, I say,
"Happy Kick-Pie Monday!"
[Editor's note:  Should you want more info and all the other laws applicable to "Murphy" go here:]


Sunday, November 9, 2008

How to Wrestle Them, The 411

Fairy Tale Princess offered up some Saturday Suggestions [I realize it is barely still Sunday now, but I've been a busy Farmer*sWife.]
She provided some "challenges" for her bloggie friends and a few were actually personalized to a particular bloggie.
tt gets:  How to be happy all the time.  Sweet assignment!
ff gets:  How to fry or otherwise cook venison.   Super Sweet assignment!
FW gets:  How to wrangle Gremlins without breaking a sweat. WTF (edited)?
Aren't I all the know about happy?  Aren't I all the know about cooking [venison, yummy]?
How come "I" get the dag-gum-Gremlins again?
So, I considered my blog schedule I griped.  I whined.  I p-i-ss-ed and moaned. and happily agreed.  Cuz' I'm all sweet and mushy that way (and I don't want her to quit "Following Me.")
So.  Here is how the Gremlin wrestling went down today.
Great long morning.  Dress and head to breakfast, church, CCD.  It's a pattern, as my children remind me.  Because we are all quite structured and routined and well planned around here.  Well, except Lil'Gal.  She does what-ever-the fly-by she feels like.
Then, we return home.  I change clothes and get ready for "Operation:  Prepare for the week, this week's mission?  Wrangle the Gremlins."  Well, first Lil'Gal gave me a make-over because I had promised her (to get her to do something else earlier in the day).
Then?  I hit the mission.  
1) Kids Rooms.  Kids helping.  Clean, de-clutter, with assistance from Mom.  Assistance being I carry a secret hidden bag and all the "Gremlin bait" scattered through the kids rooms?  TRASH.
2) Sock dusting.  Oh yes.  See, I rarely go barefoot even in my own home.  Just because...if there is a crumb or dirt track?  I am very uncomfortable stepping on/into it.  It's about as bad as wearing socks and walking into something wet.  Yuk.  But, as I spot those sneaky dust bunnies (they tease out the Gremlins) I "sock dust" them.  Then, after a few hours of tending to my day and "sock dusting?"  The socks go in the wash.  Gremlin chum?  GONE.
3)  After dinner.  All dishes go in the dishwasher and anything else that might need a once over that I can fit in there.  I *heart* my dishwasher.  Course, I went without one for over ten years (and with two small children).  Then, I run it.
4)  Manage the laundry.  Search the house for all possible remnants of clothing, sort and run those loads.  Then, in the evening fold and hang all of it.  ALL of it.  Every tiny item.  Then put away immediately so that it is stored and invulnerable to the Gremlins.
5)  Do ANYTHING else I possibly can in advance.  And, leave no chore or duty until the following day.  Because, if I do?  Leave it somehow incomplete?  The Gremlins will have a party with it while I sleep.  And, I will curse myself along with the Gremlins the next day.
6)  Marry someone who's related to someone with a Pest Control.  Free Gremlin bait.
7)  Fill the coffee pot.  Be sure to include, FILTER, coffee grounds AND water (it's not pretty when it happens any other way).  Double check the timer, before going to bed.  (If you wake during the night?  Double check it again.  Just in case.  And, make a trip around the house to "sniff out" any possible Gremlins in action.)
8)  Keep wine on hand and drink it prior to falling asleep.
If you follow all this?  You will be able to wrestle the Gremlins that attack your home, and do so without breaking even a slight "perspiration.".  The hard part comes?  When you want to do anything else but worry about the Gremlins.


Wanting, Hoping, Willing it to come...

Howdy all,
It's me the happy Gal!  Though, my mind is in overdrive.  I looked that up in the dictionary and that word was not there.  Oddly strange in this 21st century, don't you agree?  Anyhow, I'll define it myself and maybe submit it to the authors who put together "Webster's New World Dictionary."  
I assumed by "New World" it meant -- up to date with all the new words we've created in the last six to twelve months; and, of course the one's we created the year before and the old one we don't use anymore.  Apparently, I miss-informed myself.
So, guess what.  The good adrenaline over-pumped.  Yeah.  Did you know adrenaline can go bad?  It can havoc your body while your mind is totally in control of things.  I think another term for this particular chemical reaction in the body is commonly known as "anxiety."
I'm not an anxious person.  Hyper, I've been told.  Obsessive compulsive, my friends have witnessed.  Which, I don't see what the big deal is with that if it keeps you in control of your life, your world, and your mind.  Okay, so there is a lot of repeat activity in the day and I don't do well with unexpected change or unplanned spontaneity.  But it keeps me on top of the issues and events that must occur within the day and in a scheduled manner.
In other words, it keeps me in control. ;-)  Type-A personalities are really serious about the control thing.  [Y'all didn't realize I was a Type-A?  Oh, Type-A's can be really happy and be-bop!  Just don't mess with their "Be" or their "Bop."]  
Anyhow, I'm not an anxious person.  I'm not like the skittish cat or the dog with the twitch. But, I will say, chemicals can defect.  And, I am one of those who carry that genetic flaw.  Dad brought us all up to speed when we all started having the "WTF?" moments.  [And, no.  I did not just say the F-word.  I have a "flip" alternative for that. ;-)]
Things are great!  I pinned it!  I hit the nail on the head and came through as myself and not a lazy, happy-go-lucky, yada-yada, Gal.  I made an impression.  And, I'm so ready and excited to do it again.  I have some important and awesome stuff layed out these next few days to get me one step further to what my goal is -- Because remember?   I am Better Than I AM.
And, then suddenly....the adrenaline hit.  Like too much sugar to a diabetic, it's too much adrenaline for me.  For the overly high-speed person I already am?  It's a total backfire.  And, when I'm already flying up to speed and over cloud nine looking for my destination where I plan to land?  Adrenaline is not needed.
Anyhow.  Blabbity-blabbity and y'all are all thinking "What is the point going on in here today!?"
I want it.   I am highly hopeful.  I am "Willing" it to come.  As stated in the book, The Secret, you have to put it out there and know it is yours.  Because whatever you send out?  Will be sent back in multi-fold.  And, I'm living proof because I have always lived my life that way.  And living that way, has brought me to where I am, to what I have, and to those I love.
And, I don't believe I am overly deserving.  Please don't take me as an "ego maniac."  I'm just open.  Positive.  Appreciative.  And, welcoming.  I'm mindfully using my "will-power" to bring me my next endeavor.
So, starting tomorrow?  I'm working on the second nail.  
All nail, all hammer, no thumb.
Because to s/he who wants it?  It will come.
"Happy Optimistic Day.  
Don't let your adrenaline get in your way.  
Just do what you do and be who you choose.
And, the rest will follow in suit to you."
With that? 
Gd'Night to Sunday and a Good Happy Monday to ya'!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Gremlin Run!

I slept wonderfully last night!  I tried to stay up and have a late night party in the blog neighborhood, but not much luck with this time change.  Though, this morning?  The sun rose beautifully and blindingly in Farmer, Jr.'s room, where I fell out.  I checked my watch and it was barely six a.m.
Sweeeeeeeeeet!!  When I heard Lil'Gal's voice and Daddy in the kitchen I rolled out of bed feeling like I had rested until 8:00 a.m., but it was only 7:00.  Love it!
I walked happily into the main room and ACK!!  The Gremlins!  And, as I approached the kitchen Double ACK!!  They hit there too!  I went to the laundry room to escape and catch my breath only to find that they scrambled the laundry!  I had one tiny wee-little basket last night of the mix-matches that don't make a whole load.
This morning?  Three loads to wash and four to be folded!  How does this happen?
They got me too.  I'm totally disheveled and in dire need of a shower.  Stupid Gremlins.
My FIL has a pest control business as a side line to the farm; and it also works with the farm.  I asked him if he had anything for Gremlins.  He said he used to but the government band it because it was too environmentally unstable.  He said I just have to let them run.  The Gremlins that is.
He did share some good news.  Apparently?  Gremlins run seasonally.  Meaning, every season of the year.  But, they tend to have cycled out about the time the children are off on their own or away at college.  He says he hardly ever has a Gremlin run at his house anymore.  The Clutter Monkey sometimes, but no Gremlins.
Hmmmmm.  This has me thinking about who these Gremlins really are.  It's no wonder I don't sleep well at night.   Who can sleep when the Gremlins are sneaking around wreaking havoc on your peaceful home.
Anyhow.  I have to go shower off the Gremlin dust.  And, sweep up their shedding from the floor.  And, then tend to the laundry they left strewn everywhere.
But, it's Saturday!  And, I feel great!  Gremlin dusty, but great!
Happy Saturday!  [Watch out for the Gremlins.]


Friday, November 7, 2008

No one came looking for me?

Wow!  No 3:00 a.m. post from me.  No morning post at all.  And, no one wondered?  No one found it odd?  I know, y'all have lives outside of blog world and it aint always about "poofin' Farmer*sWife's ego."  But still.  What if the field mice had carried me away?
[They've been running rampant and everyone everywhere with a field near has issues.  The mommies are big, fat and fluffy like an oversized Gerbil.  Only with sharper teeth, rabies and other scary stuff.]
Anyhow, if you are wondering?
I SLEPT!!  Whoop!  I still woke up at 3:00 a.m.  Farmer, Jr. was hollering out in his sleep which I had just heard and was waking to, when DH -- bumped my leg with his.  Me, "Hmm?"
DH:  [As Farmer, Jr. hollers out again and I get up to go check on him] "Someone's hollerin'."
ME:  "If you heard it already, then why did you bump me?" [ie: Get up and tend to it yourself and let me sleep you fool.]  Most respectfully intended, of course.
Anyhow, I sent Farmer, Jr. into our bed because that was the easiest sooth for him.  Then, I fell in his bed (after checking the watch and seeing it was *GASP* the wretched 3:am) and I went back to sleep!  YAY!!!  And, then I dreamed.  A really good dream.  But, I can't tell you any more than that.  I can't tell DH either.  *mischievous grin*
Then, every body up.  We pick up breakfast tacos for the morning meal and eat them in the school cafeteria.  I take care of school business and type set the fund-raiser tickets before time to make hot lunches for the kiddos.  Then, I'm off to the sign store to get a sign made to advertise outside of the school about our fundraiser.
Then, I pop in the little eatery next door to the school to get caught up on some other business. DH had mentioned they had a sign that said they now have Wi-Fi! In the country?  In the little diner eatery?  Seriously?  They do!  Super Squeeeeee!
So, I've found yet another spot to hang with Macxine and work on the go while tending to children and every day life!  AWESOME.   And, I have a whole hour and 20 minutes before picking up the kids from school!  [Well, should my battery last -- I might have to sneak around looking for an outlet.]
So, so far that's my busy but not very interesting day.
Happy FWFD Friday!!!!!!  Yeeeee-HAW!  And, Boy Howdy!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why, oh why...

Yep.  Me again.  Yep.  Weeeeee hours of the morn.  I made the house rounds.  I made the blog rounds.  Macxine is getting tired herself...her battery is getting low and she is requesting some peaceful sleep to recharge, herself.
I wish I could do that.  Just plug into an outlet and recharge.  Battery low in the middle of the day while multi-tasking?  Just plug in and go wired for awhile.  Okay.  It'd be a little weird.  But, effective.
I know.  I make no sense.  I fell asleep in Farmer, Jr.'s room last night.  At like, 8:30.  Can you believe that?  This time change has been great for my mornings.  I'm up at 5:30 in the morning with no sleeper's remorse (even when I've been up in the middle of the night with the no sleep thing).  But, I don't do so well in the evenings.  The sun goes down?  And, I do too.
Since I didn't get all my post children's bedtime chores done last night I now have a morning full of all the extras.  Making lunches.  Prompting children on spelling words and memory verse.  Set up the coffee maker before actually getting any this morning.
I think I'm going to have to go back to my OTC sleep aid.  Because, this middle of the night thing is killing my evenings.  Though, it is really nice to have the house all quiet and to myself.  
Okay.  I'm going to shut down and see if my mind will do the same.
Happy early Thursday!