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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Does writing, make you a Writer??

I was watching Craig Ferguson last night (up late with hubby out of town huntin', paperwork stuff for Mom, preppin' stuff for the school party on Friday -- this week is so overbooked somehow) and he had a novelist on.

Now, I caught the tail end of the visit/interview but the novelist seemed quite educated and yet, very humbled in his publications....  Then Craig brought up the discussion that everyone (including himself, at which he punned a joke) has written a book now-a-days.  And, it's true.

As an example, Craig mentioned Paris Hilton.  And, he's write.  I mean right.  Paris?  No offense, but she is not the book writing type.  I'm not saying she hasn't been educated enough (though, I find her too dull to research or care) but that...  a book?  About, what... um, say her?  Her life?  Her hardships?  I don't know....

But, the thought does get my mind flowing and I picture her walking around a room, her room, dressed as she does and somewhat distracted by her hair, her dog, her...stuff, as she is rambling on stories of her childhood and the life as she has known it (while rolling in millions, and sleeping on a couple of gold bars of cluelessness above the rest of us living in reality) as some shadow writer is frantically capturing every syllable on her laptop -- hoping for this to be his/her big break into the written word of bi-graphing the lives of people -- so long as Hilton doesn't turn out a tantrum along the way.

[I'm not biased against Hilton...I've seen her interview and she seems like a nice Gal.  But, then, I've seen other stuff too and she's just never been one on my list of talents.]

I've been published.  Throughout life, I've been published.  I've been encouraged by teachers that this is a true art for me.  I lost my way in finding a profitable career; not always what you invision yourself doing but what makes you the big bucks.  I've written for various publications on a voluntary basis, as newsletter chairman or committee chair, and to share youth leadership excursions within Statewide districts.  I've even been published for sharing my story of a predawn hunt that granted me the drop-tine I'm so proud of that is now mounted and hangs in the eves of my Living room.

But, just because I'm published -- does that make me a writer?  I think so, if that is what I have decided to be.  To work for, to earn for, and to seek recognition for.  Maybe not a novelist in any way shape or form; but at least some form of a true acclaimed writer.

But, when I know people and have read them from the rough draft that truly have talent, I find I have to agree with Craig Ferguson that it seems everyone is a writer now days -- even if they didn't actually write the book themselves.   And, that's not fair.

Just because you have the money to self-publish does that put you in the same game as those who have worked the years it takes to have their book put out there?  So that people can finally devour the wonderment a writing artist shares?

I do know several people who have written wonderful books and self-published them.  And, a few have been picked up by local book markets.  Just the same, I know some who have written a book and somehow had it published and printed.  In support, I purchased it but when I read it, I found myself wondering again....

Can just anyone be a writer?  I know, we all are writers out here and share so much of ourselves.  But, the published kind that you can pick up and feel and flip through IRL pages...

And, it is this concept that confuses and perplexes me.  I have shadow read two books.  The first wonderful and such a fun read.  The second?   Quite the talent and intrigue...with tempation of sequels to come.  It's a book that I want to follow into a new cover and beyond.

What do you think?  What is your opinion?  How do you feel about the influx of books from everyone to practically cartoon characters these days?  Do you think the celebrity-ism of it over shadows in some ways those aching to be told and read stories by the talent of so many people that might just be standing next to you at the convenience store?

What do you consider talent?  I really want to reflect on this concept.  Share all your thoughts with me here.  And, thank you for your time, opinions and incites.

Happy, it's almost Thursday already!

[Pssst, and regardless of what you think of any of this.  If you like to write?  Write it.] :-)


Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Brother In Concert! Jammin!!! (Video)

Oh, yes.  I'm so going to pimp this post.

This is "The Teenager" who is all of 14 (he'll be 15 in January) and he's jammin' on his acoustic guitar to the Beatles!  Whoo-hooo!  What a little (okay, pretty big) old soul. :-D

He's self taught by the way.  And, he and a couple of good friends are getting together for -- wait for it -- JAM SESSIONS!  Babiest Bro is in a Band!  Oh, ladies?????  LOL!

Anyhow, check it out.  And, if you love him?  You can share him.  Only if you are a good friend with a family friendly blog, though.  [Make him famous!  Get him on the morning Talk Shows!] :-D

I know.... ME?  Super proud!  (And, the acoustics outside where bad with slight wind, etc.  But, I wanted good lighting.)


Super Saturday!! I bounce back!

Yes, I do.  I do indeed. I bounce back quite quickly!  You wouldn't believe what a nice day this has been.  Kids have been grand!  The weather couldn't be more fantabulous -- had I special ordered it!

You just couldn't ask for a more spectac-terrific day!  Okay, well you could ask.  But, it would be moot.

Baby'Bro, the Teenager, came out to spend the night and hang out with us today.  I about gasped because he is so dang handsome!  Every time I see him, he just gets more adorable.  I can't get over what a gentleman he is -- at 14 (15 in January).

To the teen Gals I have to say, not only is he a hunk in a package?  But, he's kind and considerate too!  Whoo! AAAaaaand, he can play the guitar.  Yep.  And, he and a couple of friends are putting together a little band.

BTW, I have three fabo brothers.  I'm one lucky sister.

My pendulum tends to swing long on the high end and short on the lows.  I know yesterday I was all P!$$ and Moan, but today?  I'm wearing bells!  And, yesterday is a faint memory like faded pages of a book lost in the attic for a generation...  I can hardly believe I was such a crank.

Anyhow, we got the dogs out mid morning and played with them while listening to the Teenager play a variety of tunes; those he's written himself and a collaboration of Beetles and Jonas Brothers.  He can also play, ummm, what are they called....Daughtry?  Something like that.

Then we loaded up for a few errands and to pick up a new board game or two and some MEAT!  Too pretty outside NOT to grill.  I'm doing beef ribs tonight.  YUM!  I love to grill.

A few rounds of UNO and I'm hoping for a round of frisbee.  But seein' as the kids are setting up Monopoly, I guess first, I'll be making a few rounds past GO.

So far, this has been a SUPER Saturday!  I hope same goes for you. ;-)


Friday, October 23, 2009

P!$$ on everything.....

Yep.  P-I-Double S.  And, add in a little moan.  I woke up this morning in almost no mood at all; which, slowly metamorphosed into a nasty, steaming pile of crap.

I feel like someone p!$$ed on my parade.  I have lots of things on my "To Do" list today.  I was actually looking forward to today -- afterall, it's FWFD of the week,  right?  Well, plblt.

I did make-up my face, kinda.  It was time to take the kids to school and my hair is a big, flat, mess.  I ran a curling iron through it and then put it down and blew it off -- Screw it.  Screw the hair.

I realized when I got home and unloaded the SUV that I forgot to review my children's memory verses with them on the way to school.  And, I thought to myself, "Screw it.  It's Friday."

One of the biggest things on my "To Do" list today was to race against a million people on the internet, hoping my page would load before theirs with great tickets to see Taylor Swift.  It's been on my list for weeks, since I heard she was coming.

Every time I listened to one of her songs this fantasy would play out in my mind where me and Lil'Gal were sitting there at the concert, singing our hearts out.  Then, because she's so adorable and knows the words so well, we get invited back stage and my Lil'Gal gets to shake hands with Taylor.

You know that fantasy.  We all have one like that for ourselves and/or our children.

Well, I woke up this morning and heard those infamous words in my head, "Screw it."  So I did.  We aren't going.  What was I thinking?  Where were my priorities?  My brother is out of a job, I have friends who can't afford insurance, I live in a castle and here I was going to throw all that $$ out into cyberspace to spend 2 hours sitting in an uncomfortable chair listening to millions of (germ infested and some of them ill, I'm sure) screaming people I don't know.

Screw it.  Me and Lil'Gal can have our own music video here at the house.  We can watch a Taylor Swift video up close on our big flat screen T.V.  Besides, she'd already asked me, "We just sit there?  All we do is listen?"

My range top is dirty.  I hate that.  Screw it.  (Okay, don't screw that.  I'll clean it.)  We have a birthday party to go to immediately after school today for the kids.  A bowling party which should be lots of fun for them.  All I really want right now is for it to be over so I can be home on my back porch with my kids and my dogs and the beautiful day outside.

And, my pants are too tight.  Favorite jeans from last year are making their impression around my waist.  I walked into my son's room to put something away and his bed was left unmade.  Hmpft.

I crawled into it.

My kitchen is a mess, my floors need a mop, I have to wrap a birthday present and cut out a bunch of crap for the kids' school fall party next week.  The one thing I WILL be sure to do is sew the denim I washed and ironed yesterday -- it's going to be a table cloth.

I was watching the Today Show this morning (full of my mood and lack of wanting to do anything) and Tim McGraw was singing.  I love to hear him sing.  But, I was looking into his eyes and I got the impression that -- though he was singing a song with feeling and putting himself into it to perform it well -- there was something else going on in the back of his mind.

Maybe he had a fight with his wife.  Maybe someone close to him is ill.  It seemed something was bothering him, and yet the audience was clueless.  They were all lit up with smiles and happy, singing voices -- clueless to what was going on in his life.

But that's life isn't it.  The Show must go on.  Regardless if you are a country music star or a stay at home Mom, juggling many hats.  You have to put on that happy face when all you really want to do is say,  "P!$$ on it."

Enough griping.  Time to put on my Big Cowgirl Boots and deal with it.  And....maybe take a Midol.

Happy FWFD of the week!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

WHO WON? " Half Way to Each Other..."

SO SORRY it took me so long.  I kept telling myself I need to count up entries and host a drawing for this great book but then I'd get distracted and forget.

Anyhow, thank you to those who enjoy books and reading for entering.  And, thanks to everyone who commented on this.  :-)

Now, for the drawing.  I'm going to do this one real quick with my handy-dandy Ziplock top shaker and no video -- it takes too much time to upload and I'm already so late on this.

So, the winner of the copy of "Half Way to Each Other" is......(drum-roll).......

[drawing by Lil'Gal]  THE QUEEN!!

YAY!  I believe I have your current address on file so I will email the PR rep and let her know to ship out your copy!

Thanks so much for playing along y'all!  More to come :-)


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Share My Towel? No thank you...

Le' Towel.

Le' after shower towel. Do you share? I don't.

What? "We're clean..." my hubby says. Um, yeah, I know that part. It's not the clean part that bothers me about sharing a towel. Its more about the who dried what and where. Don't judge me.

First, listen to my scientific reasoning.

Okay. So party A showers and is clean. Party B showers and is clean.

Party A & B have 'significant' areas that are significant and all. Party A dries off and ruuuuubs here and ruuuubs there to be sure that Aaaalllll significant areas are appropriately dried.

Then, Party A offers towel to Party B. This is not an immediately after Party A showers scenario. In this scenario, the towel has rested, still damp and somewhat warm with schluffed skin cells, and other who knows what 'significant body part stuff' from Party A, stagnating in the dampness for 10 - 20 minutes or more prior to Party B showering and exiting in need of a towel.

Mind you, double use of my own, personal, only me dried in insignificant and significant places towel is acceptable to me. (Unless my mind wanders and I'm drying my face and then I have to de-towel and dawn a new towel -- just has to be.)

BACK to PARTY A & B: Now, does that used towel sound like a towel you want to dry off with? Really? I mean, who knows what significant part that towel dried before you dry your own body and insignificant and significant parts. Come'on now. THIIINK ABOUT IT....

Would you dry your fresh face with a towel that someone else had dried their "hoo-hoo" or "boo-hoo" or any hoo with?

Yeah. That's what I'm thinkin'. So weigh in. Do share. And, be honest. Because I know. With my scientific thinking and reasoning... My point is true. One towel per you or whoo-hoo or boo-boo or anyhoo. Am I right?

Happy Sunday! :-)


Sunday Thoughts (from Saturday)

I was dreaming and I can't remember much except I was jogging (back to somewhere) on the beach and I passed "Said Hot Guy who in my dream was known to have the best demeanor ever making him Mr. Perfect" and he said something and I said something and he was going to catch up with me. But, first he had to close up some part of where ever I was running back to.
I think in my dream he was some compilation of actors and characters that fit my dream persona guy. Anyhow, the tide came in and it rose quickly (as in seconds) up to over my head. I can swim but not as quickly as I can jog.
Said Dream Guy swam by and drew me onto his back to swim clear of the ocean wave floods. The next thing I knew, we were back in the building/s where I was originally headed too (a mystical and extremely luxurious castle type place) and as he continued to swim/glide through the air I found myself ever so peacefully comfortable and fell asleep with my head resting on his shoulder.
Then, the phone rang. "Honey? What are y'all doing?" Me, "Still sleeping?" Poo. :-D
Anyhow, yesterday was another great day. Lacking frustration and animosity and floating in all things good.
Yesterday evening, we celebrated my FILs 70th birthday. 70. Can you believe it? Though, you wouldn't really know it or think it if you knew his personality. 70 can be SO young. I've mentioned it before, I have the best MIL and FIL in the whole wide world. Really and sincerely.
Anyhow, my SIL put together pictures and made a fabulous cake (like she did for Hubby's b-day surprise). We all wondered if he'd be somehow alerted to the fact that we weren't just going to dinner last night. But, he wasn't.
We arrived and I was lucky enough to herd the kids in to the room quickly enough to see his surprise that there were a multitude of old friends all there for just him. He was touched. Everything went well. A wonderful get together to celebrate 70 years with a wonderfully loved person.
Hubby and I did a little toast to Dad. It was a wonderful evening.
So, this morning is our church bar-b-que fundraiser. I took advantage of the fact that there is no CCD today and slept in with the kids. Hubby was out the door at 5:30 to start cutting meat. Thus my great dream beginnings and the call that cut it short, LOL!
Kids have some make-up work today before we go up for the white elephant sale, fun for kids stuff and the auction. And, I need to shower so I can fix my new doo. Yep. Got a good hair cut yesterday but as the stylist said (and I already knew) I have to work with my hair. This sleeping on a wet head and expecting something glorious -- or at least decent and unflat in the morning -- is a dream I can no longer achieve.
The weather outside is glorious! GLORIOUS! Just perfect for a Sunday.
Here's a thought shared at Stacy's Random Thoughts:
Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile...
There were some really cute pics too; you might wanna' check her out for a little optimism today.
I hope there is some SUN in your day today, even if it doesn't shine down from the sky ;-)


Friday, October 16, 2009

Bit & Pieces Pet Pics & Brandy ;-)

So, bit and pieces. Kids are doing fine. Kept them home today as the week was a wash, Lil'Gal had an annoying cough that made her not so comfortable and Farmer, Jr. had leftover fever from the ear infection.
I was dreaming of sleeping in a little late on this fare Friday morning...cold front -- correction, cool front -- came through and it was nice and gray and cool outside. No sooner than the Hubby is ready to head to the office does Farmer, Jr. come down from their 'sleep-in' in the playroom...
All hungry... And, wantin' breakfast. *sigh* [Whoa is me, poor lil'ol Farmer*sWife.]
Kids remind me that since they are feeling 'so much better' and fever free now, that I was due to fulfill my end of the deal regarding the Bean is for Behavior Bean jars. [They'd finally filled them, all 64 or more ounces.]
Four errands later we return with stuffed pets (they spent their own money), DS games and Lil'Gal's new electronic kitty. This thing is pretty cool. It's a full sized cat that meows, purrs, licks it's paw, rubs it's whiskers and -- ROLLS OVER -- onto it's back for a tummy rub.
It was marked down on clearance. So, now we are a 2 kids, 2 dog, 1 guinea pig, 2 electronic hamsters, 1 electronic/robot cat sized family. Pretty cool, huh?
So, some new family photos:
Cool front; cuddles needed a blanket apparently -- he was cold... Farmer, Jr. discovered this little bird bouncing around our back porch. He was chasing bugs and pretty good at it. Except when he'd smack into a window, get a little dizzy and flutter without direction. He was sweet, though. I put out my finger and he climbed right on.
He then let the kids have a turn. The colors are beautiful!
Today started kind of glum outside which made me feel like cooking.....anything, everything, LOL! But, later in the afternoon it cleared and the sun came out and as you can tell (sorry about the sun reflection on my lens) it was a beautiful afternoon!
Perfect weather to bring out the Pups!
Lil'Gal spent some quality time petting the new (robotic but sooo real) Cat. The pups actually seemed to do fine with her around (the cat) but, she didn't meow. Had she? I'm fearful. Brandy doesn't like cats (so I was told) and Dulce will chase anything smaller than her, it seems. Me and my furry Gals hanging out on the porch.
Below: Me and my Big'ol Gal. Just can't get enough of her ;-)
Brandy, our recent adoptee, is just the sweetest, loving-est, loyal dog. I just laugh every time she turns that big ol' mug of hers to smile at me.
She loves the kids, and Dulce. And, she actually seems to enjoy them laying on her and all. She'll take any attention.
If I'm giving Dulce a good petting, you can bet Brandy will push that big ol'head of hers to get in-between. I tell her I love her and I love them the same but that she has to share me cuz' Dulce was here first, afterall. ;-)
She'll come up and lay down beside me in the yard while the kids and Dulce are playing. If I don't have a hand at least resting on her (rubbing/petting is even better) she'll shove me with her big paw for attention. And, should I remove that hand? She'll pick her head up and paw me again. Almost as if she can't cat nap next to me for fear of abandonment.
Makes sense though. Seein' that her first two families didn't stick. Well, with us - she's stuck. And, I told her so today. My favorite thing is when she comes up and just rests that heavy (often drooly) head on my lap. I just giggle.
Today, the kids were giving out milk-bones to the dogs. I felt something wet hit my leg. Brandy was so excited that her mouth drooled excessively -- the breeze blew wet pant on my leg! Gross, I know. But, again. I just laughed.
Today was a wonderful day hookey-day home! Days like this remind me that I have all that I need.
Happy FWFD of the Week! :-)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dear Rat B@$tard Criminals....

Dear R@t B@$tards,
If you are one of the peeps who have been hanging out at the local grocery stores to steal purses and/or cause bodily harm to the customers, then this post is for you. If you see me walking into/out of the store -- I suggest you step aside.
I've seen the news and am aware that you are too lazy to get a real job, thus you rob the rest of us hauling our carts (sometimes children in tow) back to our vehicles. We do not intentionally mean to rub your nose in the fact that we work hard and you are too lazy to do so.
I am prepared to take you on. Do not approach me, for you will regret it. I am always on guard and prepared to take on the perpetual punk who thinks s/he is somehow entitled to my belongings, my vehicle, and my money.
I will freak out. I will go crazy Mama. I will run you over with my cart. I will be sure to fight to the end to take you down. I will remember every move from my son's karate class. I will poke out your eyes with my keys, or fingernail, if necessary -- whichever is available at that time.
I will bite anything I can get my teeth into, I will kick you with my boot heels. And, if I am carrying that day, I will use armed force. Don't worry about my aim. I have five shots in the barrel. If you are lucky enough to get away, I will chase you down with my SUV while on the phone to 911. Self-Defense is 9/10ths of the law....
A few suggestions? If I may? Flip a burger. Wait a table. Mow a yard. I have done all of these in some form or fashion. And, guess what? I got paid.
Your's UNTruly,
~~ Farmer*sWife
Would you pass the following PSA along to your Gangster friends? THX {Hugs}
Dear Gang Bangers. Boy oh, boy are you tough! It must take so much nerve and braveness to drive by in your vehicle at high speeds and shoot out your window at a house. I mean, how do you keep from falling out? I am curious though, whatever did the house do to you?
Some people might find it more manly to step-up and confront their opponent/antagonist. One on one. But, you? NO. You do the drive by car thing which is waaaay better. Except I guess, when the child that is sleeping there gets injured by a stray bullet. Or, the friend visiting is hit by a lethal blow.
Oh sure. I understand that it is very hard to aim through the solid walls of a house. And, it is hard to aim when the vehicle is moving at double-digit speeds. I just don't know how you do it.
On a side note, you might wanna' read the message I sent to your friend, R@t B@$tard. ;-)
BTW, my concealed weapons licensed is expired but I am signing up to renew it. In the meantime, think of it this way. If you can carry? I can too.
Happy Wednesday!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

The GREAT FW Tricycle race.... FW Rocked it!

I triked it.
I totally triked out the tricycle race. What, you didn't believe me from my last post, Tricycle Races :-D
FW no tellie a lie; when she signs on for something (fun) she's sticking with it... No matter how many beer drinking boys sign up before her. That's right. I'm a trike riding Babe.... :-D
So, they made the announcement that you had to sign up ahead of time (I thought it was first come and saddle up, first to ride.) There were still two spots open for the tricycle race = for a $5.00 fee. No problem. Honey? Gimme' sum money.
I race down and as young couple (as in 21 and day or two) are asking, ", why do we race? And, um, what do we geeet?" I slide in, sign my name in the very last spot, hand over my $5.00 bill and answer them with, "The Title, but no worries, I already took the last spot."
Ruthless, I am, huh? They were actually surprised by my stealthy moves but also relieved that they could hang back and drink more beer. They smiled, and praised me with the fact that they would cheer for ME, and only ME! Squeeeee!
It's time. I do a couple squats to stretch my lower lumbar which has been giving me h$!! the past few days.
I hand over the flip-cam and hubby gets restless as he is now in charge of a new gadget. Hubby, likes to fiddle with gadgets. His, mine, yours, a strangers -- if he sees it and if he can reach it? He will fiddle with it.
Hubby takes a practice film clip. I'm like, "SAVE it for the RACE Honey!"
Here we are receiving our instructions and our obstacle course/track behavior instructions. One of the coaches was a little concerned about me being the only Gal, "Be careful and don't let these boys run over you. They've been drinkin' and all." I wink at her, "No worries." -- snicker, Um, I know how to hang -- that's why I Shiner'ed up x 3 for power and a caloric energy boost! :-) So, here we go. I'm the one in the burnt red top; the hair went up right before the race. I'm a serious competitor -- and, I needed to rid myself of any wind resistance. Trikes = speed, and these were dirt bike trikes :-D.
Waaaait'a'minute. Hubby is all happy camera man with a new gadget he hasn't fiddle with yet. Hence, the 4 videos for a 50 second race. This will give you time though, to check out the guy to my left. He weaseled in up next to me outta' no where and took the inside hook of the curve. PieHole.
So, if you pay attention you can tell I was off to a good start but when I rounded the bend (the part you lose site of me) my @$$ slid right off the tricycle seat due to not enough Pie-age to pucker up and clamp on. Of course, my feet and hands were gripped with speed, thus the Trike followed with my Pie/@$$ and I flipped over.
I was lickity-split-quick to jump back on though, and I took back and passed 4 other guys in the second pass....
On the last curve, the three guys in front of me all huddled up rounding the final bend to the finish line -- about to push me to the back -- I saw an opening on the inside curve and knowing I'd wreck with someone, I powered up and through! I paused only to apologize to the big guy I cut off and sent hitting the pavement. [Shhhh, eek, he skinned his elbow up a little there; sorry Big Boy, FW rides for real. Ridin' trikes ain't for no sissies.]
Had I not had that look back "I'm sorry!" moment of sympathy -- I'd a come out in third place, or possibly even a near second. D@mn my moral compass!
Almost Victory is a riot! [Knocking a big competitor outta' my way? Better.]
LOL! Got Trike?


Tricycle Races :-D

So John Deere Dude and the Missus say that there is an event happening today (in support of a good cause; a cat refuge -- cool place too! You wouldn't believe the construction and the play areas for this place) and they say -- "they have fun stuff today, brats and crout, cold beer and tricycle races."
Me: Really? I bet they aren't just for the kids. I bet they have them for the grown-ups too! I mean, there's beer -- and it's a fund-raiser thingie. [Big smile crosses my face.]
I bet I can win. ;-) I can still tricycle with the best of them you know. That's a perk of being 5'4 and 108lbs. I still fit on a trike pretty tight! [Okay, I sit on the back step but still; I have a definite advantage.]
I'd be out practicing right now on the drive, except the kids left the Radio Flyer trike behind my old SUV and the tire was smashed and unfixable. I guess I could try the Flying Turtle; you know, to get my legs and arms in the swing of things. :-D
Remember those? Flying Turtles:
So, I shall be taking my camera and my generic HD flip-cam and maybe be posting some video of me triking across the finish line.
Happy Saturday! Oh, and it's an Octoberfest thingie too -- so, I could dress up all German. (Un-Perk: I don't fit into those skimpy German Bar Queen corsets so well anymore. Poo, no free admission for me.)


Friday, October 9, 2009

WIN Renova Anti-Fatigue SHOES!! (By Timberland Pro)

Recently, I received an email inquiring if I would be interested in trying a pair of shoes from the new RENOVA line for Timberland Pro. They offered to send me a pair of shoes for me to wear and keep, in return for sharing my thoughts about the shoe. I visited the website and read up about their new Renova line which is designed to be an anti-fatigue shoe line. After trying the FitFlop out this summer and loving it (not a Timberland Pro product), I wondered what this new closed toe shoe line from Timberland Pro might be like.
I tend to stand most of the day as I go about my work, daily duties, and life routine. I just am not much of a sitter. Never have been. I guess it is because I am not what you would call a stationary person. Even at the LapTop, I typically stand while reading/typing away at the bar. Of course, there is the multi-tasking too. The bad thing about all the standing is that my feet tend to hurt at the end of the day. Sometimes it takes a licking to my back as well. After perusing the Renova shoe line, I made my selection and emailed the PR rep back with the shoes I would like to try. That'd be this one:
Saturday I adorned these to my feet and stayed in them all day long. I grocery shopped, birthday gift shopped, and took my daughter to a birthday party that was held in a gym. I wore them as I continued through my day. I was, quite pleased.
But, was it because they were brand spanking new? Would the comfort continue?
With the exception of church on Sunday and a doctor's appointment in town last week -- I wore these shoes every day, all day long. And, they are fantastic. Truly. I will stand behind these shoes all the way.
The pair I was provided runs $80.00 on the website. I know, kinda' costly. But, if you are always on your feet and looking for a shoe to endure -- this is the shoe and it is completely worth it. FYI, they come with a 30 day comfort guarantee.
AND, they come in work fashion as well. Isn't this adorable? Couldn't you so see yourself wearing a pair of these diddies to the office?
It comes in several other colors too, including the basic brown and black.
Here is a closed heal style:
Unfortunately, the RENOVA series is only for women. Sorry, Men. Timberland Pro does have a lot of nice work boots and other styles for men at their website, though.
AND, you can still enter to win a pair for a special lady in your life! What a Christmas present a pair of these would make!
GIVEAWAY! Whoo-hooo! (This giveaway is open for shipping in the US only)
  • 1 entry) comment with a story about why you deserve a new shoe and what style in the Renova series fits you (or, if entering to win for someone else, then why they deserve a new pair of shoes)
  • 1 entry) grab my button/badge and display it on your blog (comment with a link; if you already have it up, it counts for one entry)
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I'd like to thank the Timberland Pro company and their PR agency for this wonderful opportunity, and for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway!
GOOD LUCK! [This giveaway will close on Friday, November 6th, 2009 at midnight CST. The winner will be announced on my blog and contacted by email if available. If the prize is not claimed within five days, a new winner will be drawn.]
And, Happy FWFD of the WEEEEEEEEEK!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Get your motor revved, Ooooh YEAH... (Music baby)

So the actual music video has been 'enabled by request.' You'll just have to make due looking at hit album cover (I personally, have not problem with this). If you need to, envision him singing directly to you. Men, well -- I think it still works both ways. Have a wonderful Thursday = almost FWFD of the week! Meanwhile, I'll do as I always do with a new and addicting song. I'll play it about a million times, wake up in the middle of the night singing it, dance around the house, school, grocery store and elsewhere until it finally -- like a bolt of lightening -- it finds an outlet. :-D SWEET!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No more Lazy Pill....Putting it all out there.

Yeah, so go figure. Those little white pills the doctor says will make you chill out and not freak out at every crumb/assignment/imperfection/loss/hurt/mess/crisis apparently makes you very lazy. Okay, maybe not you, but me. And, maybe not lazy but...well.... less efficient.
Only, you don't realize you are less efficient. Until a year and a half later when you look around and find that your perfection of a home, is not so perfect anymore. And, your obsession with keeping the castle impeccably clean -- has been taking a vacation. And, you haven't been paying much attention to all those minor details....
No wonder my list kept having boxes un-checked each day. And, no wonder it didn't bother me! Geeze Oh, Pete (thanks Karen, I've totally adopted that term) :-) what a slacker I'd become, but no more.
SUPER-MOM a/k/a FARMER*SWife is back in full swing. You've probably all noticed that lately though, huh? Cuz' I've been kick@$$ at everything around the house, homework, and blogging like -- all the time as well.
I've had lots to say. I've been laughing at a lot of things; including myself. Even out loud. I'm finding myself efficient again. Sure, the OCD is slowly coming back into the picture (as Mrs. Les refers to as my Monk issues) and my insomnia is probably short to follow....
But, I'm no longer in need of that tiny, little white pill anymore. I used to refer to it as my Happy Pill because it made everything in the world tolerable to me, including me, LOL!
I have a NEW list and I can gaurantee that I will check off EVERYTHING on it today and probably even add a few things:
Scrub and polish bathrooms
Finish remaining laundry and put away
Wash and remake Awesome, Fancy, Shnazzy new King Size Bed of Awesome sleep
Hit all the light switches and door knobs with germ killing chemicals :-D
Tweet giveaways and reviews
Tweet to win the Wal-Mart $20.00 gift card
Beg for new followers (see how I already did that? Right here in this little post? Efficient, eh?)
Hit the treadmill
Fax request to pediatrician's office for updated shot records
Clip and cut coupons for tomorrow's massive grocery trip
And, more.... [FYI, I've already done most of that and washed my SUV as well.]
I almost didn't publish this post. Almost. Wanna' know why? Because when I re-read it I thought, "Oh, my. Everyone will think I'm weak. Everyone will wonder why the doctor prescribed me a little white Happy pill." I don't want people to judge me. And, I am not weak.
I will share the seriousness of anxiety and stress issues. I'm an overachiever and you know what happens to overachievers? Sometimes they push themselves too far -- and I seriously do have some issues with OCD -- but then, don't we all? :-) We've all felt that feeling at one time or another.
That stress factor; the fight or flight. Shortness of breath. Chest tightness like a rock on your pleural cavity. And, for some (like me) the Gag Factor...
About a year and a half ago I had a full on anxiety attack. It was the second true full out one I've had in my lifetime (well, not including childhood). It was the anniversary of Jeph's death (Sweet D's son), my husband's cousin lost his wife completely unexpectedly, my now Ex-Step Mom decided after 20 years that she no longer wanted to be married to my Dad, and my Dad was on an emotional roller coaster while jumping through hoops to try and work it out. [Turns out, it was a good thing it didn't work out -- God knows what he's doing...]
It had been coming on for a few days. It started with the numbness and tingling in the finger tips. Of course, my chest had been so tight that I couldn't even sing along with a song on the radio. I felt constantly as if I couldn't breathe. I just couldn't catch a full breath.
I remember that Saturday morning, sitting on the PC (didn't have Macxine back then) trying to finish the PFC [Picture Fiction Challenge, some of y'all may remember and/or still play along]. I thought the typing on the keyboard would wake the circulation up in my hands -- and that finishing my First PFC would get my mind off of everything.
It didn't. If you click that link and read that PFC you'll realize where I was at that time and place -- somewhere deep in my mind was -- Impending Doom.... Yep. That's a big 'symptom' in recognizing this health issue.
[If you read that PFC, you might want to lighten up with one of these, PFC #2: "Tell Me a Dream"; or, PFC #3: " A Life to Love".]
Finally, knowing it wasn't going to get any better, I went out to find my husband in the garage and let him know that I wasn't feeling well. And, that if he found me lying on the ground -- to know I had been light headed. His suggestion was to eat something.
I know I had eaten breakfast, but I couldn't for the life of me recall what I had put in my tummy. On the brink of the worst, I called my Dad. He's all too familiar with anxiety attacks. Apparently, there is a chemical imbalance that runs in our family -- from my Dad's mom's side. It typically hits in your 30s. [My brother has since experienced this and has been prescribed medication to level things back out.]
Dad asked to speak with my husband and told him to take me to the E.R. Hubby still didn't quite understand. Again, he thought if I ate something I'd feel better. We loaded up, kids and all, but on the way to a place to eat I instructed him to take me to the Minor E.R.
Which was the right thing to do. The receptionist could tell immediately that I wasn't well (possibly, because my hand was shaking so bad that I couldn't even sign in? And, that I was making no sense when she tried to question me?). They took me back right then and there. They ran an EKG, the physician questioned me about what had been going on in my life, family history, etc.
I truly thought I was on the verge of a heart attack. Really. I felt THAT bad.
She diagnosed me as having a full-on anxiety attack. I kept telling her that it didn't make sense that I was having these physical symptoms. I kept explaining that I understood where it was all coming from; so why then, was this happening? Why couldn't I control it? Why couldn't I make it stop? I felt ridiculous and like a big fat hypochondriac. But, I wasn't.
It took close to 45 minutes for them to be able to get me to calm down enough. My EKG came back abnormal. My blood pressure typically runs low and was up for me, but more, my heart beat was racing at over 100 + beats per minute, in a resting position. (My typical heart beat is in the low 60s).
After all of that, my general MD put me on medication to keep the chemicals regulated.... indefinitely. Thus, the little white Happy/lazy pill.
I quit taking it once before; but, by day 7 - 10 I realized this was not the best idea. I wasn't ready. Six months later, I've found that I would forget to take my medication. And, after having forgotten for a few days -- I decided to forgo and see how things went.
And, I'm fine. I'm better than fine. I'm wonder-iffic! And, I'm productive. And, really enjoying having myself back in full; though, I might be driving the Hubby crazy because I'm back to 5th Gear/Overdrive -- LOL
They reason why I shared all of THIS part with all of you is because I want to get the word out that these symptoms are 'not all in your head' as some people [including me at one time] tend to think. Our bodies are cellular and chemically based. Every thought we have, every breath we take -- is due to a multitude of chemical reactions that occur within our bodies.
When those chemicals get out of whack, the body can't always undo the cycle by itself.
For me? I'm back! My body is working in prime mode. I feel good, I feel energized, I'm happy (Okay, I'm almost always happy -- even when I'm mad).... Should I begin feeling something awry again -- I'll contact my physician. Because, this is no issue to put off.
Listen to your body. And, don't put symptoms -- of anything -- off as "all in your head."
And, with that -- I'm off again! Anyone seen my cape? ;-)


Beer Season? No license required....

This is just too good, NOT to share!
Happy Hump-Diggity Day!!!
Got Beer? :-D


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear Chatty Gymnastic Moms...

Dear Chatty Mom's at gymnastics,
I will be there at the table today to watch my daughter and work on my son's homework, spelling, and health quiz review with him.
Mom A: Do not sit by me. Please watch the other two children you bring with you; not just your shining star having the private lesson in one corner of the gym floor. What message are you sending? [FYI, if there is punching today, I will be sure to intervene this time.... your kid/not your kid -- he shouldn't be punching other children.]
Mom B: Hey! It's great that you also bring your L.T. to work on your many things while watching your child, and chit-chit-a-chattin' with EVERYONE else there. So friendly, you are!
But, would you mind not chatting on the phone about all your personal drama? Congrats on the new grand-baby, BTW - but my son does not need to hear more details of the delivery - he's only seven right... Kindly? If all the calls are so dire to be made, could you maybe watch from downstairs where the other 15 of us aren't included in the convos? Thank's Gal. I appreciate it.
Mom C: Your toddler is adorably cute, but I think it'd be in better taste if you wouldn't let her run around in her diaper. I realize she may not like her shorts, but she kinda' needs to learn now....clothes are for public. Diaper wear in the home is fun -- but, not at a public facility.
Dad D: Yeah. I got nothin. You're just a great spectator. Thanks, :-)
[Are we seeing a pattern with gymnastics here lately?? FW might need an attitude adjustment, or not?]
Happy Tuesday, again.....


Bouncin' in Bubble-Gum Pink!

Y'all know me. All Bubble-Gum Pink and upbeat! If you are up or if you are down, give this song a disco-round. It's bound to get ya' bouncin'!
She does her own intro, but it's short.
Cute and Frugal! And, bouncy! Love it! Happy Tuesday! ;-)


Monday, October 5, 2009

The 1, 2, 3s of Food Allergies (and a giveaway)

Food allergies are not such an uncommon phenomenon these days. I myself have a niece who is very sensitive to food coloring and flavor additives in food -- even the simple 'gold fish' will bring a break out of hives and a rash. Just as easily, a hug from someone wearing a scentilating lotion can irritate her skin and bring about a physical reaction within moments.
Our school has banned peanut based products (with exception to the child's personal lunch) as we had a student with a severe peanut allergy. So, it is something we all really need to be aware of and also have an understanding of what to look out for in diagnosing and recognizing an allergic reaction.

1, 2, 3s of Food Allergies

In recent years, food allergies have become a growing public health concern. Over the past 20 years the number of diagnosed cases of allergies, asthma, and autism rose in staggering proportions:

400% increase in food allergies

300% increase in asthma

400% increase in ADHD

Food allergies currently affect approximately 3 million children. Experts partially contribute this due to an increase in parent awareness as parents are quicker to have their children tested.

In the old days, children might be sensitive to one or two foods. Nowadays a child may be allergic to and/or have sensitivities to 6 or more foods.

One theory about this rise in food allergies is thought to be due to food processing techniques. Another theory blames the germ-a-phobe generation, stating children are so protected that their immune systems are unable to properly develop and are suppressed.

A third possibility is the fact that food -- especially more exotic and foreign foods -- are more readily available and in increased variety. The more foods a person is exposed to, the greater the chance of increased allergies.

Still, most wouldn’t consider peanuts, milk and eggs an exotic or foreign food and these are part of the issue. Peanut allergies have doubled from 1997 to 2002; that’s a five year span. Milk and eggs are foods children have been eating for generations, but it seems to be taking children much longer these days to outgrow allergies to them.

Why we may not know why there is a growing increase in food allergies, as parents we do know we need to become better educated in this area regarding what are food allergies and how to prevent them.

Robyn O’Brien is the founder of Allergy Kids, author of THE UNHEALTHY TRUTH: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It, and a mother of four. On her website, Robyn educates us a little on what allergies are and how they are able to affect our bodies.

“Because 70% of our immune system is found in our digestive tracts, the foods that we eat and the chemicals that they contain can have a significant impact on our health.

As these chemicals in foods work through a child's digestive system, they can corrode his or her "pipes" in much the same way that chemical toxins corrode plumbing! This "chemical corrosion" of the digestive tract can leave a child vulnerable to a host of auto-immune disorders, including allergies, asthma, Celiac's disease and other conditions.”

Knowing that our immune system is so dependent on our digestive system, it makes more sense that we know more about what foods to watch out for and signs and symptoms of a food allergy reaction.

Gina Clowes with Allergy Moms provided an extensive list to help identify an allergic reaction to a food item.

Mild to Moderate Allergic Reaction Symptoms:

  • Hives, itchy rash, blotches, pinkness
  • Red eyes, swollen eyes
  • Itching, tingling mouth
  • Nausea, abdominal cramps

Severe Allergic Reactions Symptoms:

  • Difficulty breathing, wheezing
  • Lethargy, blueness, fainting
  • Tightening of the throat, feeling of something in the throat
  • Hacking cough, horse voice
  • Vomiting, diarrhea
  • Large, diffuse hives
  • Tongue swelling, lips swelling or blue like in tint
  • Reactions is progressing and several areas are affected

In treating an unexpected reaction, it depends on whether a child has known food allergies and his history. Minor symptoms, such as a rash or hives, can often be treated with liquid antihistamine and then monitored for any additional symptoms.

For severe symptoms – especially respiratory symptoms – call 911. If you have an epinephrine (Epi-Pen) for known allergies, administer it along with antihistamine and then call 911.

For children and adults with life-threatening food allergies, Gina instructs that there should be a food allergy action plan to detail what to do in the even of a reaction. This will be helpful to a caregiver in the event the child or adult is unable to administer his own medication.

Amy Recob’s daughter was diagnosed with severe peanut and tree nut allergies at 18 months old. This led Amy to author the book, The BugaBees: friends with food allergies. The characters in the book help children understand the ‘Big 8’ in food allergies: peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soy, fish, shellfish, wheat and eggs. These make up 90% of all allergic reactions in the United States.

Parents also need to be aware of other items that might have been exposed in a facility where peanuts and other food allergens are. Also, be sure to read food labels as an item not thought to be a danger might either contain a food allergen or have been processed in a plant with one.

These tips and this information leaves me feeling a whole lot more enabled to deal with food allergies, should it be within my own children or a play-pal who is visiting. I hope this information has been as helpful to you too.

Do you have a child or know a child with moderate or severe food allergies? Well, I have two great giveaways for you, if you!
First, I have a copy of the colorful and beautifully illustrated book, "The BugaBees, friends with food allergies" up for grabs. As mentioned in the above post, this book was written by Amy Recob. Amongst other degrees and job titles, Amy is a mother to two children -- one of whom lives with life-threatening peanut and tree nut allergies.


This book would be a great addition to your child's book shelf or, your child's school library.


You can win a Stuck on You special Allergy pack that includes sticky dots, wristbands, and a bag tag in your choice of gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, or nut free. (The allergy pack is not available personalized with your child's name). To win:
Mandatory to qualify for this giveaway: 1 entry) visit the website The BugaBees and tell me something about the author, the site, the book, or something else you picked up while there. AND/OR,
1 entry) visit the website Stuck on You.
Additional Entries:
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One separate comment is needed for each entry to be counted. This Giveaway ends on October 26th, 2009 at midnight, CST.

Good luck!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

MEME: 5 'purdy' words

So, the other night I was blog hoppin' and I read Kcinnova's World where she had this nice little post, made up of 5 words assigned to her, and what they meant to her. I thought this was quite nice, as it gave a lot of incite into the little things that keep her tick, tick, ticking along. And, I volunteered to take on 5 words of my own -- but, I wanted "purdy" words because I'm all demanding and anal that way. She was kind enough to put up with me and give me some words she knew I'd like. :-) FAITH: Whoooo! This is a good one. I have a lot of faith. LOTS. If I didn't have my faith, I wouldn't be where I am today. Optimism takes a lot of FAITH. And, it takes a lot of BELIEVE-ing too. Kind of ironic that these were two of the words the children and I studied in our CCD class this morning. Faith is also hope. Faith is commitment. Faith is knowing it will all work out in the end. I'm not showy about it, but my FAITH is in God. He's never let me down. OCEAN: I used to really love the ocean. I still do. But, I don't like the sand. The ocean is both beautiful in how it swooshes around our planet and how it holds a world all it's own. It is also dark and dangerous. Tide High. Tide Low. It gives and takes. I do love the smell of salt as the breeze brushes against my face while making it's way to the dunes. FLOWERS: Flowers are very aromatic. They are also very soft. They offer a soothing spirit. They can be quite vibrant. My favorite flower is the Tulip. I love it's strength and sturdiness. Even more, I love how vibrant a tulip is in any color. Coral colored tulips are my utmost favorite. ORANGE: Like the the view from my kitchen of the sun rising brightly, largely and orange with red tints each morning. Like the sun as it sets on the Western horizon each evening. The ever standing and dependable color that distinguishes the days from the night. Orange makes me think of citrus too. When I read the word orange, I can almost taste it. Strange, huh? FLIPSIDE: Now where in the dictionary did she come up with this word? Flip side? As in, 'well on the flip side of that....' There's more to come when you flip the side. Life has a flipside. It does encompass the theory that there are 'two' sides to every story, every person, and to how you view life. Flipside: the alternate view, discernation, interpretation of the same thing. For some, the glass is half empty. For me? I see it from the flipside -- Cuz' I'm a Glass Half Full Gal. ;-)
Thanks KC, this was FUN!
Happy Sunday!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halfway to Each Other...


This past summer, I was allowed the opportunity to read an adult romance novel (no, there were no hot and steamy scenes; it wasn't about that kind of romance) that was written by a wife about the real life journey her husband and she went on to bring themselves back to each other.
The couple, Susan (the author) and Tim Pohlman, were on a business trip together in Italy. As soon as they completed this trip together -- which was strictly business and only business and nothing but business -- Susan was resolved to file for divorce. The spark gone. The love, lusterless. The husband, no longer a friend but more of an annoyance.... Sad.
While on this trip, they unexpectedly shared a moment of love for the atmosphere Italy perfumed around them. And, for that split second, they wondered -- did they, maybe, still love each other?
They made a decision together to jump out on a limb and out of the comfort of their routine full of work, children, soccer Mom and Professional. To jump out of the lead role of the High Powered Executive and bread winner, father, and spouse. They made a decision to make an effort and see if somewhere deep inside they were still a couple -- and not two people living separate lives, though fawning to live those lives jointly.
No simple task, as the trust was awry. How do you give up everything in an effort to rebuild a relationship with a person you no longer consider on your team? And, a person who you no longer even consider your friend?
Haven't we all fallen into this rut some way? We get so caught up in the bake sale, booster club, PTA, the golf league, laundry, the yard, and the outer appearance of "the perfect couple who have perfect kids and a perfect relationship" that we might not even be aware that we aren't really connected anymore.
This is what Susan and Tim were going through. They were so busy playing the 'roles' they were no longer living. That isn't life, that's a facade of life.
Italy changed that. On a whim, a dare? A challenge? They drop everything. Sell the house. And, move the family (daughter and son who think their parents are 'out of their mind' crazy) to Italy for a year.
No job. No technology. And, a HUGE language barrier.
I took this book with me while on our trip to Georgia. When I finally cracked it open, holding to myself that the long drive would be the best chance of dedicated reading time I'd get, I found that I couldn't put it down.
Sometimes real life is better than fiction, as the saying goes. This is true of this book. Following their journey as a couple rebuilding, working together, and as a family -- reconnecting with their children who had also fallen into 'playing their roles' rather than actually participating as members of this family -- was a journey I really enjoyed.
I'd like to think of myself as Happily Married, and I am. But, I will say that I still learned some lessons about relationships, about love, and about how to hang on to it and re-invest yourself. This book reminded me of WHY. Why I am married. Why I have children. Why all of that is important. AND, to enjoy, revel and love every minute of it.
Eye opening. I myself, am often so busy being Super-Mom, 1st place Housekeeper, Teacher's favorite Mom, and the wife 'any man would want' that I miss the little stuff. Like what it is my husband really wants in me as a wife. When it comes down to it, I don't think PTA President, expert towel folder, and 'the Gal to go to' is at the top of his needs from his wife.
If I'm working so hard on a project to benefit my children and their classmates, then why am I yelling at them for 'being in the way' or 'being a distraction'? Doesn't make much sense, does it.
Halfway to Each Other is a wonderful read, just for the sake of a good 'chick-flick' kinda' read. But, it's a little more than that too. Whether your marriage is stumbling emotionally or flying high to the heavens -- this is a book you will definitely enjoy reading. And, ya' might even learn a little something about yourself along the way.
Guess what? As with all great things, I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY! My copy is stamped, "Uncorrected PROOF Not For Sale" but, the PR rep said I can offer a copy to giveaway to one lucky person! I get to keep my copy to pass around to my friends and give one away TOO!
How to Win: [You must leave a comment for each of these in order for me to be able to count it]
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[Editor's Note: This giveaway closes on October 18th, 2009 at midnight, CST.]


Zhu-Zhu pet WINNER!

Howdy all!
The kids and I did the drawing for the Zhu-Zhu pet review/giveaway and one lucky winner won the cute adorable little guy.
And, the winner is??? Let's go to the video shall well:
Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who commented, tweeted, followed, and contributed to this giveaway and my blog! I wish I had more than one pet to give. I do have other great giveaways coming though; along with a few reviews and of course -- the ins and outs of Farmer*sWife!
;-) Happy Saturday!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who likes Brandy? We do!

Meet Brandy. She's our newest edition to the family. After Blue passed away, we knew we were going to have to get another dog -- one, because Dulce is very social and she's been getting a little lonely during the day with the kids in school. And, two -- because, we are a two dog family. The kids wanted Dulce to have a friend and the kids also wanted another friend.
We had discussed this when Blue passed away. And, we all agreed we would adopt a dog that was good for Dulce and good for us too.
The kids have been nagging at me -- in between the trip to Georgia, school starting, Hubby's surprise 40th birthday party, gymnastics, karate and all the other hoopla that makes our lives so happily full.
Just look at that muzzle. Look at those sweet eyes.
Yesterday, I was watching the news at noon and they typically have a segment at the end of the program with a pet who is looking for a new home. I've been watching waiting to see if maybe the perfect pet will appear -- all the while planning a trip with the kids to the Animal Control Center or the Humane Society.
Yesterday, they showed this adorable Gal.
Look at that face! I know she shows some gray, though she is only four years old. They mentioned that while I was watching. She's been at the facility a couple of times. The first time they treated her for heartworms. The second time, the man had to return her due to a move or transfer -- the employees said he had tears in his eyes as he gave her up. His family would miss her too.
Just look at that smile!
So, they introduced her on the segment and she was so calm, so sweet, so docile (as is the nature of her breed. Mastiffs are known to be Gentle Giants.)
She turned and looked directly into my eyes through that camera and I knew she was the one.
I quickly called Hubby to run it by him. He happily agreed, "Go check her out, I know we need to get another dog."
So, I called the facility for details and location. And, I scrambled around the house before heading out to pick up the kids. Oh, JOY! I knew they were going to be so excited. As they loaded in the Chariot, I informed them of my surprise.
Questions, questions, questions they had. What's her name again? How old is she? What does she look like? Will Dulce like her? When do we get to go? The staff was thrilled that we were there specifically for Brandy. They have apparently all grown attached to her through her various stays. As soon as they brought her out from the kennel I already knew we were bringing her home.
They have a great play area and the kids pet her, called her, walked with her, "walked her" etc. Unlike Dulce, who is high on life and energy -- Brandy is LARGE and calm and happy just to walk beside you, sit beside you, or lean on you for attention.
At one point, Lil'Gal layed on her. Brandy just looked at her with that big, drooling smile. She seemed happy to have the kids there. Even though, they were quite excited.
I was a little concerned about Dulce, after her little temper when introduced to Piper. Though, Piper is a puppy and 'small' compared to Dulce (who is medium in size, LOL). And, I also knew that Dulce respected larger dogs -- like Blue and my MIL's weimer, Gracie. Like the lady who was the dog handler (who was very hopeful and happy that our little family, kids and all, were wanting to take Brandy home) said, "They'll work it out." I agreed. I filled out the application -- Yes, yes! You have to apply and be approved -- and, we hung out with Brandy until all was said and done.
As I went to escort Brandy to our vehicle, I requested a leash to borrow; having irresponsibly forgotten ours. The lady handed me a kitty cat leash. LOL! This slender decorated ribbon as it seemed to lead out a 108 pound dog.
Turns out, that's all it takes for this Gal. We loaded her up and she traveled so well. Upon arrival she sat up, excited. We unloaded her and took her for the meet and greet through the panels of the dog run.
Dulce's hair stood up a little on her back as she curiously sniffed at the large muzzle of the new dog before her. Hairs stood down. Then Dulce happily bounced around, waiting for us to enter the run. She wanted to play and she wanted to be pet.
Once in the run, Dulce did the 'butt-sniff' Hello. Brandy returned the gesture, and all was fine.
I let the kids stay out and play with the dogs awhile; even though dinner and homework were running a little behind.
Hubby arrived home and went out to greet her as well. "Whadda' ya' think?" I asked. "She's BIG," he replied. YEP. She's BIG alright. Big and perfectly loveable.
Look at that smile! Look at that Happy Gal! This morning I went out to see how they were getting along. Just fine. Dulce bounced and hopped and bantered between attention from me and wandering around. Brandy stayed by my side where ever I went, doing her lean to "pet me please" stance with a drooling smile.
So there you have it! We are officially a family of 4 with 2.5 pets. The .5 is the guinea pig. Boy has he turned into a spoiled one. I'll save that for another post, though. ;-)
FYI, these pictures in NO WAY do her justice. Especially, with regard to her size. So, calling all friends? Come out and see her! She's a sweetie <3
Happy Thursday -- almost FWFD of the WEEK!!


HomeMade Breakfast Pockets

This morning I tweeted/FB that I was making homemade breakfast pockets for the kids. I received lots of tweets and several requests for the recipe. As most of y'all know, I try really hard to feed the kids a hot breakfast 5-6 days out of the week. (Okay, Sunday's we have tacos at the local Jalisco so I don't get credit for cooking that day; Saturdays are cereal and 'fend for yourself' days). :-)
This is a really simple recipe and most of this can be prepared the day before to speed up the process.
1 can of 10 count buttermilk biscuits (generic work just fine)
2 cups grated cheese (I use cheddar and jack)
3 - 4 eggs, scrambled
diced ham (or breakfast sausage, mix it up) :-)
Floured surface
The eggs may be scrambled the day before. And, the ham may be diced in advance. Or, if using breakfast sausage or bacon, these can be cooked in advanced also and stored in fridge. I often bake up a whole batch of 'bacon' and keep it on hand for breakfast meals, etc.
Flour a surface to roll out biscuits. I use wax paper because it makes my morning clean-up a snap!
Place two biscuits, stacked together, on floured surface. Flip in flour a few times so they don't stick to your rolling pin. Roll out to the size of a tortilla; flipping a few times while rolling.
Place open on a non-stick sprayed baking sheet.
Down the middle place some scrambled eggs, diced ham and top with cheese. Fold the two sides together toward the middle, and then tuck the ends. Lay seam side down on baking sheet.
Bake at 400 for about 7-8 minutes. Sometimes the biscuit won't quite brown on the top so I flip it about a minute before they are done. If you wanted to get that fancy color, you could brush with butter -- but that is more mess, time, and fat.
Take out of oven and serve.
TA-DA! And, you feel like a Super-Mom, Spouse, Chef
I DID take pictures, but didn't realize the memory card was still in the reader and not in the camera. Luckily, I was able to snap up those at the end.
TIP: The great thing about canned biscuits is that they serve as instant dough. I often make pizza pockets in the same manner. Just spread a little spaghetti sauce on the rolled out biscuits. Add hamburger meat, sliced pepperoni, cheeses (and for me, lots of jalapenos), seal, bake and enjoy!
Kids and hubby LOVE these! Ya' just can't go wrong.
You might also want to check out THESE simple recipes for breakfast too! ;-)
Happy Thursday, almost FWFD of the week!