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Things I say...

  • Flucky and Clucky (on those Fluster-Cluck days)
  • Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!  (expression of super, delight)
  • *Super-Squeeeeee*  (double the delight)
  • Sweet Febreeeze! (So awesome I feel like I'm sniffin' Febreeze from the bottle)
  • PIE - replacement for the A-word, ie: Don't be a Piehole!
  • Southern'ism: Anything ending with an apostrophe instead of a g (ie: just sayin')
  • Summa'ma Bleach! (self explanatory)
  • Mother-Trucker... (again, self explanatory)
  • Criminy Jickets! (Jiminy Cricket)
  • squeeeee-licious! (deliciously squeal-able!)
  • Chicken Biskets! ($h!t)
  • "Nucking Futs" tt's cute little curse, without cursing ;-)
  • OH, My Britches (NO. Way.)
  • BLEEEEP!: replacement for any foul curse word ;-D
  • "Skitstövel": mean's "shit boot" in Swedish