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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TURNING POINT WINNER! (and book coupon codes!!)


Just a quick fly-by to announce the winner of the digital e-book, which was offered in this post: PRESS RELEASE: Turning Point (YAY!)

An old fashioned-drawing was handled by my son, Farmer, Jr. and the winner is *DRUM-ROLL*

Callie Kingston!! CONGRATS CALLIE! And, thank you to everyone who entered to win an e-copy of this awesome book!

PS. If you didn't win, you can currently purchase a digital copy for 99 cents at

Click this direct link to Melissa L. Garrett's Profile Page to purchase your copy TURNING POINT and/or PRECIPICE (an adult romance novel). :-D

Be sure to read her bio where she offers the 99 cent coupon codes for both books as a thank you for visiting.

Happy Reading!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Why Volunteer in the School Library

As most of you who follow me regularly or frequent me often know, this year was a big transition year for both my children and myself into a new school district.

We went from a private campus of 36 students, grades Pre-K through 4th to a Primary campus of 1,100 students and an Intermediate campus of about 600. Not only was it a size transition but also a social and academic transition because the teaching methods are different.

It took a full six weeks for us to settle in. While Farmer, Jr. fell in well socially (it didn't matter one way or the other to him) he struggled with academics and new teaching styles (ie: Mama can't hold your hand no more). Where as Lil'Gal adapted to the scholastic part but, even being my assertive social butterfly, she floundered socially. To the point of tears almost every morning - hers (and mine once out of sight).

I had to find a way to be involved. I needed to know what was going on. My children's entire academic careers have involved me being involved. I'm lucky enough to have the flexibility that I can volunteer and attend school functions during the day that I know some parents aren't lucky enough to be able to do.

Obviously, I volunteered myself to the teachers as needed. Lil'Gal's teacher took me up on this here and there and this was beneficial in Lil'Gal's adjustment - she felt more secure knowing I was there on campus somewhere. And, the occasional pop-in to the classroom furthered this. But, Farmer, Jr.'s teachers didn't seem to need me. How else could I be involved? Then a flyer was popped into my hand - "Volunteer at Your School Library". GENIUS.

It is amazing the untapped knowledge I've learned and continue to learn from volunteering at the library. I've learned how the school works, the schedule, I've met teachers and am getting to know the student population AND they are recognizing me. I'm "Lil'Gal's Mom" which makes Lil'Gal a person, a name, no longer just a student ID number. I'm there which makes me more available to the teachers and the teachers more available to me. I myself am no longer a parent to an ID number, but a parent with a face - and thus a voice.

Librarians are the heart of the school, I swear. They know something about everything going on. And, they know all the teachers and staff, obviously :-). They know testing schedules, upcoming events, and of course ALL ABOUT AR. They gave me links to pretty much everything - my children's academics and AR are all online. I can know anything I need to about anything with the click of a mouse.  "I" can check out additional library books for additional AR reading for the kids. I could go on and on and on.

Top Reasons Why You Should Volunteer at the School Library:

1) It's FUN!
2) The Librarian and the library are the heart of the school, vessels of knowledge (and they will share)
3) Accessibility: to the teachers and by the teachers as well as to your kids
4) Make your child a name and face, not a student ID #
5) Learn how AR and so many other school and academic programs work
6) It makes it easy to help pre-select AR books your children would like and test well on
7) The BOOK FAIR!!
8) Get to know the student population
9) Meet other parents who also volunteer
10) Your kids really love you being there ;-)

Believe me, this list should be WAY more than ten. But, if you get the opportunity to volunteer at your children's school library then you can find out the rest for yourself!

I'm blessed, as Dave Ramsey says, "Better than I deserve". HAPPY FRIDAY!! FWFD of the week!!


Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm IN LOVE! (with Friday!)

Every Monday or Tuesday I hear a particular song on XM 80s and I think, Holey Guacamole THIS is the song for this Friday! I'm so TOTALLY going to SCHEDULE the post for the ultimate impact.

UmKay. Last school year. This school year. Two sets of six weeks. I've heard the song probably six times in 12 weeks and swear that this time I'm gonna' totally do it and NOT forget and then, ahem. What day is it?

BUT WAIT! It is still FRIDAY! And, an unexpected lower key Friday before I am dutied to so many things tomorrow and this song crossed my mind and said, "But it is STILL Friday??!??"

So, with this wonderful sentiment of a song I give you: FRIDAY, I'M IN LOVE!!!

[Unfortunately The Cure has that stupid embedding not allowed issue on their videos - um, not good for promotion considering they are currently a been-there-been-heard, where-are-they-now group - but who am I to judge their artistic license. I just found another video, so there The Cure! I'm sharing you - against your will. I might even influence a few record sales - sue me if you want to] :-P

HAPPY FRIDAY! FWFD of the [squeeeeeeee] weeeeeeek!


Saturday, October 1, 2011


It's time for the CWCG again. This months prompts were:

depricate - to express earnest disapproval of, to depreciate or belittle 
finesse - extreme delicacy or subtlety in performance, skill, discrimination
gemma - any budlike structure or outgrowth that can separate from the parent to form a new identical individual
mailed fist - coercive force or the threat of such force 
varicose - abnormally enlarged or swollen 

Theme: jealousy 

And, the picture:

And, here is my piece: PROCRASTINATION

She was anxious. Time had run away from her and now it was deadline time and she had nothing. Not a single word or syllable. Not even a letter. Not even a title. And, there was a prize. She signed up and entered this challenge in hopes of winning the debut YA thriller novel, TURNING POINT, from her favorite author - the famous, million dollar book seller, Melissa Luznicky Garrett.

She'd been following her since her very first publication. She dreamed of being a gemma to Ms. Garrett. Ms. Garrett wrote with such finesse. Audrey had loved her as an author since the very first word she ever read written by her.

Ms. Garrett would probably greet her with a depricate attitude, shunning her for her irresponsibility and lack of attention to scheduling her time and calendar. But, then there is the husband, the kids, all the extra curricular activities, and life that got in the way of Audrey's passion for writing. Still, Melissa Luznicky Garrett, author, had three children of her own ranging from kindergarten to junior high. And, yet. She manage to write all those books, and tell her stories. Meanwhile, Audrey was scrambling and hoping to get her entry submitted before the midnight deadline.

She applied her fury with a mailed fist, "No Honey. No Kids. I can't. I HAVE to get this in. This hour is mine..." She deserved it after all, didn't she? After all, she'd done girl scouts, guitar lessons, 4-H meetings, dance class, homework, volunteering at the school, she'd spread her time for everyone else. It was time she took a little 'time' for herself? Right? Right.

Her families needs were varicose compared to her own. Well, no that wasn't right. Audrey just tended to their needs with more attention than to those of her own. But, not tonight. Tonight she was focused. She closed the door and locked it. She ignored the cries for dinner, clean socks, and gym shorts for the following day. She ignore the demand for her husband's fishing pants. "He's a grown man, surely he can find them in the dryer for himself. I wanna' do this. I want this. This hour is mine."

She was tired of being jealous of the freedom and time the rest of the family had to spend as they so chose, almost wasting their free time on TV and riding scooters outside and playing card games together. This was her moment. This was her hour. She would write, write, write and she would enter. It might not be the best entry. She probably wouldn't even win. But the lucky part was that it wasn't about the quality of the submission, rather a random drawing by those who chose to participate and make the deadline.

Audrey had thoughts in her mind of the day she would not only win a personalized signed copy of Melissa's book to add to her unsigned library, but of the one day Ms. Garrett would offer a chance to meet with her in person. New York was a long drive and a fearful flight. But, Ms. Garrett had promises of visiting each of the 50+ states of the US. Audrey had her heart banked on it and would drive across the entire state of Texas, anywhere, just to meet and greet with her favorite author of all times.

Audrey grabbed another gummy bear from the package. She bit the head off and said, "I can do this, I still have two hours left. I will meet this challenge. I will ignore the knocking on the door. I will ignore the please for dinner. Tonight, I will write. Just for me. And, of course, for my winning entry."


PRESS RELEASE: Turning Point (YAY!)

Convinced a fresh start is all she needs to escape the problems at home, seventeen year-old Jenna Lyons runs away in the middle of the night. But when her car breaks down on the outskirts of La Grange, Missouri, population less than a thousand, she gets sucked into the small town, and one family in particular. Jenna discovers there’s a liar in La Grange, and he’s deceived everyone. Now she must decide whether to run away from the truth, or blow his secret wide open.

“The tornado isn't the only thing that twists in this story--if you love dark characters with even darker secrets, TURNING POINT is for you!” ~Anne Riley, author of The Clearing

“TURNING POINT is a YA thriller that will rock your socks, young or old. You should add it to your wish list immediately. I recommend it to anyone who loves stories that expose hidden secrets.” ~Tegan Allan, review on Goodreads

Published by Create Space
ISBN 1461149703 (ISBN13: 9781461149705)

Available In Print and Online:

Melissa Luznicky Garrett is an author of adult and young adult novels. TURNING POINT is Melissa’s second published book. She lives with her husband and children in upstate New York, where she is currently at work on her next book. Connect with Melissa on her blog:


This is the press release for my dear friend Melissa. Today is the official release of her second published book. And, with this.....*drum-roll*

I am offering one digital copy of this YA thriller to one lucky winner!! [Thank you Melissa for sponsoring this!]

All you have to do is comment why you think you'll like this book! 

That's it! Easy peasy! This giveaway will close at midnight CST on Saturday, October 15th. The winner will be announced on my blog and contacted via email (please provide your email or other link to contact you).

Happy Saturday and thanks for stopping by to check out this great announcement ;-)