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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I haven't posted pictures in ages.  So, in an effort to get back on track and caught up; I finally loaded 100 + pictures to the LT from my camera.  Here are a few snapshots from over the holidays!

I forget the story on this calf.  If the Mama died or just rejected him.  But, the hand's daughter at my FIL's ranch has been bottle feeding her.  We went up Thanksgiving Weekend and Lil'Gal got to bottle feed (I missed it; no pic :-o ) and then the kids calmly approached the calf.  Adorable, right?

These need to be framed and put on the wall. ;-)

This one is also from the ranch.  I'm posting it because I just have a thing about windmills.  I don't know what it is but I love'em.

Our Christmas Donkey (church Christmas Eve pageant)

Someone is excited about Santa.   Actually, she was dawning her Angel Costume but all the while all she could think about was when Mass was over we were going to BeBe and PaPas for presents! ;-)

And, here is a family picture from Christmas Eve.  I have to tell you that these are hard to come by.  Hubby and I are not the most photogenic people.  It seems whenever one of us looks really good, the other one has a stupid expression on his/her face.

The kids come by it pretty naturally; of course,  most kids are photogenic anyhow, right?

So, Merry Christmas!  I'll be back with more soon!


Farmer Jr.'s Thanksgiving Song

My son had a guitar a few years ago and truly wanted to learn to play it.  But, they were still young -- his sister especially -- so it got tucked away for awhile.  Then, one day while being curious, his sister broke it.  :-(

I thought that would be the end of that.  Every so often, Farmer, Jr. would mention how he'd really like to have a new guitar.  Or, the comment would come up in conversation with his sister about how she broke his guitar.

When the Teenager started bringing his guitar over and 'jammin' for us, it ignited this passion again.  Only, Farmer, Jr. was even more serious.  So Mom went out and got him a really nice, REAL guitar, small enough for him but still large enough that he can grow with it.

My brother will be giving Farmer, Jr. lessons when they come out.  So far, Farmer, Jr. knows one cord he learned and practiced on Christmas:  The cord of "A."

Last night he got out his guitar to practice for a few minutes.  He and Lil'Gal then came to me to preset his lyrics and playing skills. [Lil'Gal was the dancer to the music; spinning around with a scarf, too cute!]

Farmer, Jr. has been working on holding the strings and trying find/make-up more cords.  Without further ado, I give you Farmer, Jr's Thanksgiving song. :-)

One day on thanksgiving, I saw a turkey,
but it ran off. 

So I got my 4 wheeler and started driving off to get it. 
I shot an arrow at it, and it made it run.

But it landed right on my barb-b-Q pit.
so I lighted up my lighter and lighted up my barb-b-Q pit;

and that turkey fried.

It..... Was....... A....... (he hit the high note) GOOOOOD THANKSGIVING!

I guess you had to hear it with the music; it made more sense and rhymed a little smoother! Ha!  I just took it down as he sang.

I see a STAR in our future!  LOL!  Happy Hump-Day; remember to put some Diggity in it!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

41 years later; they found each other again...

I have so much else I should be doing besides typing away on Macxine; I did get my writing assignment basically completed and I don't have to email it in until the 30th.  So, I can perk and tweek it a  little more.  [Thanks Lis for the quick skim and ideas about where I could clip a few words.]

But, I HAVE TO TELL THIS STORY!  At least in part today and maybe I'll come back with bits and pieces, chapters if you may.

41 Years Later, My Daddy and his first ever love have found each other and are together.  Together-together.  They live thousands of miles apart with separate lives but they have visited and spent time together and it is just like it was 1968,9 or whatever year it was when Daddy graduated high school.

The story is so incredible and beautiful that I really would love to write it up into a romance novel.  But, then I get intimidated when I think about all the details and interviews I have to do with them both.  Unless, I just made up the middle and then Daddy could be my shadow reader and write in pieces and places that I missed.

It would also be telling two stories of two people and where their lives went and the paths that suddenly brought them back together.

Those of you who have followed me from the beginning know that my Dad went through a divorce after 21+years of marriage; to which, he jumped through every hoop to save.  But, she just decided she wasn't in love with him anymore and quit the whole family.  None of my business; everyone lives their own lives and has their own hearts and minds so I hope she made the right decision for herself.

Anyhow, during the ugly D process there was, of all things, a high school reunion.  My Dad considered attending but then blew it off as it was an 8 hour drive and he just wasn't feeling it.  Who would under the circumstances?

So, his first love -- I shall call her Eden -- was asking around about him.  Several of the class members where mingling by phone and calling, emailing and setting up for the reunion.  She was there.  If only Daddy had known -- I bet he would have been there too.

Anyhow, she asked a buddy of my Dad's about my Dad.  He shared what Dad had been going through, yada-yada. Said Buddy called my Dad.  "Hey, Big Guy, guess who is looking for you?"  My Dad was stunned.

Said Buddy gave Eden my Daddy's phone number.  She pondered it about a week or two.  Did he remember her the way she remembered him?  Where they still the same two people from 41 years ago?  Had his life changed him or was he all in all the same boy/man he was back then?

SHE CALLED HIM.  They spoke for hours.  They talk everyday at least once a day.  Waking up together in the mornings and tucking each other in at night.  They talk, and talk and they are 41 years younger and still....  It's a beautiful story.  When I talk to my Dad I see it all in my head like he's reading pages to me from a really good book.  A perfect love story.

Anyhow, kids are fighting and laundry is waiting and I have books to be read and my new toy to finish the tutorial on.  But,  I had to share.  Oh, and she is still just beautiful.  Back in the day?  She was a BOND GIRL.  Not in real life, but had O-O-7 seen her -- well, actually, he wouldn't have stood a chance. ;-)

Happy Sunday!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tubs, Sheets and Why is that?

True confessions:  I don't like to scrub the tub.  I know, this is ME here.  But, it's just a thing I tend to procrastinate about.

I'm back to keeping up with my blog again; though, in my sporadic absences I did gain new followers!  Thank you!  [Or wait, is it because of my sporadic absences? LOL!]

I have a disliking for folding fitted sheets.  Why is that?  And, why haven't they invented some little cardboard or plastic gadget that would work like the one's they use for shirts in clothing stores?  Sure, I fold mine and they look all neat and lined up.

But, I cheat.

I stuff and tuck all the non-matching parts within the layers until it looks like a clean, semi sharp rectangle.

So, this morning I woke and immediately started into household chores when I wanted to be doing other stuff; but the chores were in need to be done.  But, everyone else was watching TV, playing and doing as they pleased.  The only chores to be done were the ones that are always done by me.

Ah, well, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

But, why when my daughter cleans up her own room on her own mind you, does it end up being a lot of work for me?  She brings stuff in and out and I end up on quality/clutter management.

So, Christmas is over and we have dawned to a new day.  I did take a little time to catch up over at Emmeline's place.  And, now I'm going to open up my textbook and start on my writing assignment.

As soon as I tend to the sibling rivalry from the other side of the house.  Why is that?

Happy Friday, FWFD of the week -- even if school IS out!!  Today is like having and extra Saturday!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Just Like That! Snap!

And, just like that it is Christmas!  Just like that.  You prepare and decorate and shop; actually, the little one's wait aaaaall year looooooong.  And, then *SNAP* you wake up to happy little voices who are up WAY to early for Mom and Dad who were up a little extra late 'cuz you know why.

Well, we were generous parents this year.  We were generous all the way around (except I forgot to get Uncle J something so I really gotta' make that one up at New Year's).

Santa was big ticket items this year too!  Way to go Santa!  I guess he knows they are only believers for so long before growing up spoils just a little bit of the magic.

AND, we are very blessed as family and friends have all been sooooo generous with us as well.

I want to wish you all the brightest and merriest of the holidays.  I hope you are having a wonderful time with the warmth of friends and family.

Love to you all and HO! HO! HO!  MEEEEERRY CHRISTMAS!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just as soon as I.....

Just as soon as I.....

start this post, something will once again interrupt my thoughts and the clickity-click of my nails across the keyboard.

Where have I been that it has been six days since my last post.  And, even that one was for the pleasure of my Lil'Gal -- all 6 1/2 going on 16 -- and her love of "Bubble Gum Music".

Well, I will say, that I have never had more drafts of posts saved since I started blogging as I do for this month.  I start something totally on a mission with something to say and to share, even if just for the love of reading myself back to myself -- and then, as is life, I get interrupted and when I return I'm no longer on that pattern or thought process and the whole thing that seemed genious at first seems suddenly moot.

[Moot, where did that word come from anyhow?  It is a good word though.  Better than saying "it suddenly seems impertinent or it suddenly seems to lack importance..."  When I hear the word 'moot' I think empty, cold, claylike, wet.....mud.  Something that could have been but turned back to the matter from which it started... something that fell short from its original destiny.]

So, I've been wasting away my days, here of late.  Just trying to get through one, so looking forward to the next, only to find myself in the same predicament when I awake on a new but somber morning.

The cold and the grey outside are of no consolation.  I miss the warmth and the sunshine.  It refills my glow.   I feel like a slug zipped and tucked safely in my castle where I can hide from the world outside until sun returns to warm the bubble I maintain around my life.

I've been reading.  A lot. Lot of reading.  But, not the typical stuff I read about improving life, relationships, family, finances, children, education.  Escape reading.  It's addicting.  And, we all know I have an addictive personality.  After reading thousands of pages of the Twilight Saga (and yes, Lis, I've started to read Twilight itself from the beginning) I've read Shiver, and in the middle of the SnowBride or whatever it is called (cute, so far) and have about finished reading a trashy (oh-so-trashy) Harlequin Novel.  Though, I wouldn't call it a novel in all it's predictability and the fact that the paper back was a mere $3.99 at Walmart.  Not quality reading by any forte, but then I wasn't looking for quality when I spontaneously picked it up.

[Another not me, spontaneity and expenditure....hmmmmm....]

I wanna' be writing.  I wanna' have a storyline take me over and just be destined to clickity-click-clack it out like you see on a movie where the protagonist is finally struck with the 'meaning of it all' and out comes something wonderful (and profitable).  Profit is always nice.

Lis is kickin' it with her Seventh Tribe [soon to be] series.  She's really going all the way and I will be her biggest hoop'in, hollerin' fan when she gets that big announcement that it shall be published.  It both excites me and inspired me -- and, I will say quite honestly intimidates me slightly.

Can I ever write like that?  Yes, that question does cross my mind.  As an optimist I think "I can do it."  But, the realist sometimes sneaks in and makes me wonder, "Would I be good at it."  [For shame, I wrote that.]

But, I am an optimist; and even though the sight outside is gloomy and pessimistic, I shall find my groove and get back to it.

Ah well, I've rambled on long enough.  The fire place is toasty but as stated at the beginning of this post, just as soon as I...  "Sure Honey!  Sure Kids!  Just as soon as I hit post....."

Happy Hump-Day; put some liquid warmth in it and maybe add a few marshmallows and some whipped cream!

[And, why is it marshmAllows when it should read marshmEllows....  Just Sayin'.]


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just for my Lil'Gal...

Don't  hate me; she loves them.  OOOOOkay, I'm guilty.  I like'em too! ;-)

Here ya' go, from Lil'Gal!

[She asked me, "Are you going to send this to the Jonie Brothers?"  If only, it were so easy..]  :-D



Not to be confused with Poison Oak or Poison Sumak.

Happy Thursday, almost FWFD of the weeeeeeeeeeek!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kid Conversations: Santa's coming.

Lil'Gal: "Here Mom, here's some of my stuff to put in your closet."

A few minutes later she emerges once more from her room, "Here Mom. This stuff is special so put it up safe."

Repeat again a few minutes later, "This stuff can stay in the living room."

Me: "What are you doing?"

Lil'Gal: "Cleaning my room and making room for my new toys from Santa Clause."

Me: "Well why are you giving me all your cr@p?"

Lil"Gal: "I didn't give you ALL my crap, I gave some cr@p to my brother too."


Friday, December 4, 2009


Sometimes, I wish life came with a pause button. Like earmarking a page of a book, so that you can set it aside while you read something else, or go back and repeat a previous chapter.

What if life were like a bookshelf. Whatever mood you woke up in on any particular day would allow you to pick up that chapter or book and live it out. Never missing anything, never losing or giving up anything. Just a change in stories to refresh it all for awhile...

Sometimes it would just be nice for everything in this month, this day, this moment to pause. And, maybe I could flip the channel knowing I could go back and pick up right where I was.

But, life doesn't pause, does it?

Have a wonderful weekend ~


Monday, November 30, 2009

Three books later.....Where have I been?

Recently, I rented the DVD to 'Twilight.'  Hubby out of town hog hunting, the kids and I rented a few movies.  Having previously caught the movie on satellite in bits and pieces, and finding it to be more than I had expected I included the Twilight DVD as one of mine.  *sigh*  BIG. MISTAKE.

See, sometimes, when something hits me in just the right way to make just a certain impact, I become.  Obsessed.  Like when the song Love Story by Taylor Swift came out.  Something about that song stuck with me and I carried Macxine with me everywhere so I could continuously play the music video on You Tube.  Drove the Hubby nuts.  [Luckily, he wasn't around to realize just how many times I played it.]

Then, I purchased the CD and did the same in the SUV.  All the time.  Over and over, play a few more songs and then skip back to Track 3.

When this happens, I have learned that I have to immerse myself completely to get break the addiction.  And, just like Love Story, I have been stuck.  Addicted?  No, more like obsessed.

New Moon has been released in the theaters, only to be sold out the first few days.  I ached to see this movie -- to know what happens next.  But, being the smart one (or not?) I decided that for THIS one, I would read the book first.

I headed to Wal-Mart and scooped up a copy of New Moon.  After having been approached by another Mom (and her daughter) I knew that one book would not be enough.  I'd better play it safe and pick up Eclipse while I was at it.  After all, 1200 pages should be enough to cure me -- and, whenever would I find the time to read more than that in a short sitting anyhow?

I finished reading New Moon in the span of 24 hours, and was indeed glad to dive immediately into Eclipse.  I devoured these books so quickly that I realized I'd better have Breaking Dawn as a back up because I was totally committed to reading the entire Twilight Saga.

When I arrived at the book department, there were still several copies of Breaking Dawn available...only, something was uninterpretable.  GASP!  They only copies left were written in Spanish.  ?!?!?!

My heart actually started to race. What will I do?  They had dozens two days ago?  Holy Cr@pville!  I neeeeeeeeeeed it!  I rummaged through the Twilight section several times, then through all the sections attached and nearby.  I found copies of the other books out of place but NO Breaking Dawn.... !?!?!?  I actually had to remind myself to breathe.

>While scurrying through the store for the few items I'd popped in for [#1 being Breaking Dawn] I was sure to scan every end cap for a misplaced copy of said book.  As I headed to check out I felt the magnetic pull to go back to the book section and look just once more.

I did.  Everywhere.  I went through the same set of books again.  I went around the corner.  I went around the other corner.  I went back.  I stepped to and fro among the few other people there looking for a book of their own.  I can only imagine I looked like a meth addict searching for my last hit/dose/fix that had somehow fallen between the books.

And, then I saw it.  In a grocery cart [not belonging to me].  There were three hard-backed copies.  Without hesitation, I swooped and grabbed one.  Luckily, it was in a cart belonging to a sales person.  Otherwise you would have seen one of two things happen:

1) FW begging some person for one of their copies of Breaking Dawn


2) FW fleeing at full speed [with book in hand] from an angry customer. Could you see me in jail, waiting for the Hubby to bail me out for theft and harassment? And, all for the longing of more paranormal romance....

I will not admit here what I was willing to pay for that book but luckily it was more than reasonably priced for a hard cover.

So, is Breaking Dawn all it is set out to be?  YES.  In fact, now that I'm down to page 529 out of a mere 754 pages I'm slowing myself down.  Savoring each word and emotion as I read it.  Because, this is it.  This is all I have left of this saga -- until I read it all again.

I'll be heading out to watch New Moon as soon as life will possibly let me [though, I can't stand the movie theater] only, I'm really secretly holding out for the third of the triquil?  threequil?  Eclipse...'cuz that's when it gets really good and all back to Edward.  [swoon] Dear, Sweet, vampire lovely Edward...

Don't get me wrong.  Jacob is a sweet, cutie too -- all werewolf, and all.  But, it is the passion between Edward and Bella that stole my heart, my mind, and my Thanksgiving weekend.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Who knew.

I've been encaptured.  Taken, if you will.  I've fallen prey to it and I'm happy for it.  I can't put it down.  No, don't ask me to.  I can't.

I read the whole book in less than 24 hours and as soon as I hit 'publish' here,  as Hubby is watching T.V. in bed, and kids are upstairs watching movie/s in the playroom I will once again, Escape.

Eclipse.  That is where you will have to find me, should you need me.

I think, I shall even light the fire place.  Just for the ambiance to add to the pleasure/torture/pleasure the story brings me.  If you read less of me here, know that I am in another world....where, the words fill my mind, leaving the pages blank and my imagination takes me somewhere far from here......

I hope to return...  I know I must as there is still a Fourth volume to devour...  I can't help's addicting.  It's as if I'm on my own, Special Diet....

When that one has been consumed, and I've watched the actual movie to "New Moon" I do not know where to go from there.

So, Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Reading!  Happy Addiction, where-er' you may find it.  So long as, it's Happy -- That's all that matters ;-)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ChoclatiQue...chocolates out of the box!

Y'all know if I'm blogging about chocolate....then, it must be really good.  I'm not a big sweet eater, but when I do have a craving, I want a flavor that lasts on my pallet.  This chocolate company has earned the Farmer's Wife, Glass Half Full seal of approval.

Choclatique provides over 200 Authentically American premium chocolate confections.  Everything from the traditional to the whimsical, which I find most beautiful and mouth watering.

(American Apple Pie)

(Cranberry Cream)

Each of their magical confections are hand-made and hand-decorated.  Then, they are hand-packed in a chocolaty brown box and adorned with a beautiful chocolate ribbon (the box and ribbon are, unfortunately, inedible however).

Choclatique also sells sauces, ganaches, beverages, chocolate bars, marshmallows, nuts, cooking ingredients and other novelties.

Let yourself shop the colorful array of chocolates in their Flavor Guide.  The colors, shapes, and holiday flavors are all so inticing!

AND, you can build your very own box!  Which, I find freeing.  Who wants two double darks when the milk chocolates are your favorite?  To me it always seems that with any nice box of chocolates, I always end up with a few I do not prefer.  But, not in this case.  You pick'em as you like'em!

[What about the taste test? I know y'all are all wondering.  Hold tight..]

Their website provides an interesting and delectable history of chocolate, as well as how they make their product -- from harvesting the cocoa beans, to the milling and the processing of the substances that are reaped from the beans,  to the actual artistry of Chocolatique's fine products and savory treats.

These little diddies make for great gifts, either for friends and family and your favorite chocolate lover or for your clients and patrons.

[Get to the taste test, I hear y'all thinking.  Don't worry, I am!]

If just knowing about their choc-o-lates and enjoying their sweet chocolates isn't enough, they even have a Blog about chocolate.  If you are a true, bonafide, lover of chocolate -- you are gonna' want to add this blog to your blog roll.  There you can find tidbits and interesting information about who's loving what in chocolate but more importantly you can find ALL kinds of RECIPES!  Shlurp that one into your reader!

Here is another wonderful option in their product line, SUGAR FREE.  What about the diabetic in the family who loves chocolate but has a hard time finding a good quality treat that encompasses all the wonderment of true, sweet, rich, silky sweet chocolate?  This is what actually led me to Choclatique in the first place.  Their Sweet Deceit line.

Now, all this sounds great...but, what about what "I" think?  Well, I was lucky enough to receive a sample from their "Napa Valley Wine Collection."  Wine chocolates?  Oh, my.

I received:

Fall Vineyard Merlot, Late Harvest Cabernet, Estate Chardonnay, and Sparkling Blanc de Chocolate.

At first, I was thinking the chocolate itself was somehow tastefully scented for the tongue with the name of the wine it wears.  But, no.  Each holds inside a soft creamy filling.

They. Are all.   Wonderful.  I'm not a big sweet eater and I tend to not crave sweets.  But, on occasion I do like something -- a taste -- of sweet.  I want it intense, bursting, and lingering to the senses.  All of these are.  In fact, we have a Christmas party in two weeks and I'm hoping to get an order of these wine embellished chocolates in my mailbox in time to take as a gift to the hostess and her husband.

My favorite of the four?  I'm a white wine lover so it would be the Sparkling Blanc de Chocolate.  This is such a full flavored little treat that, one melting on the tongue will leave you satisfied for quite a while. A white chocolate filled with the taste of a sparkling Blanc.

My second favorite?  Estate Chardonnay...  Again, a white wine encased in a silky, milk chocolate.

Third, is Late Harvest Cabernet.  Red wine cream within a dark chocolate casing.

And, Fourth, though still fabulous -- Fall Vineyard Merlot.  If you like a vibrant, rich, red, then this dark chocolate is for you.

As an FYI, I volunteered to do this review.  I did not receive compensation, well other than the box of fabulousness.  So, if you trust a Farmer*sWife, you will want to check out this company and their fine chocolates!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dear Everyone: The Bullet list...

In a bullet list:

  • Dear everyone, I apologize greatly that I did NOT get the chocolate review posted as I basically promised would have been done by Friday evening to the wonderful PR rep of the fantabulous company that sent me sweet, beautiful, fantastic choc-o-lat'es.  Really.  And, this IS coming....
  • Dear Edward, I apologize that I cannot watch Twilight again tonight as I fall asleep.  The Hubby is home, sleepy, and watching the end of a football game....but, you can still stop by to watch me sleep ;-)
  • Oops, Edward, I forgot.  We keep all windows and doors locked at night...The fluke is open, so try the chimney?
  • Harlequin, I am thankful to have your $3.50 paper back book about the Fireman and Christmas.  Both to set the mood for the holidays, and hopefully to deter what seems to be becoming an unhealthy obsession with a mythical vampire.
  • Tomorrow will be all about the pie sale...and, the turkey dinner at school on Tuesday...oh, and the DRESS for Wonder-Mom's wedding and reception.
  • Dear Dress, please fit perfectly and make me into a beautiful, magical, mythical character.  My family would be thrilled.  (Okay, me more than them but just go along with it, kay?)
  • Dear Husband and Children, please wake in the best of moods in the morning...and, if you aren't in the best of moods, could you all kindly take a script from the Stepford Wives?  Thank you in advance.
  • Dear week, please fly by tomorrow and the first half of Tuesday -- then, really take your time so that we can revel in all our thankfulness...and post-pone the return of Monday for as long as possible.
  • Dear empty wine bottle, remember the whole rock into water thing from the Bible?  Yeah, that'd be really nice about now...
  • Dear God.  I am thankful.  I know I don't always show it.  Sorry. :-(  But, I am.
  • Dear, AMCs.  Thanks for voting Taylor Swift as the rockin'ist musician of the year.  I knew she was awesome from the get go, so glad y'all all figured it out too.
  • Oh, and Dear God.  Thanks again! ;-)

Happy up and coming Monday, but more importantly, Happy Thankful week.  And, thank you to all of you for just, you know....  Being.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dear Edward, I pricked my finger...

Yeah, so.

Hubby's hog hunting and me and the kids are hanging while I bake a turkey, prepare the dressing for the school luncheon, prepare to bake pies, and watch some movie rentals....  Holy Housewife, Batman... sigh.

So, yeah, Twilight.  About that....

Oh, dear sweet Edward.  [swoon] I'd prick my finger for you, if only you would come.  But, alas.  I realize I am no longer a 16 year old, cutie, sweetie high school Junior.  I'm a happily married housewife with two beautiful children -- making food, for folks.

You know?  No one told me there was a paranormal option to dating out there.  I mean, really, I think my whole generation was kinda' skipped on that one.  When we had vampire movies, they were all like, "Vampires are BAD.  Bad, bad, Bad."  Wear your garlic.  Make your own silver bullets.

Now vampires are all cute, young, hawt,, typically, and steamin' Hot.

No fair.  I didn't get to have these kind of teen fantasies.

And, if I do now?  I'm just a 37 year old 'vampire cougar.'  Or 'cougar vampire.'  Okay, so I don't know how you would refer or create a term for such a type.  But, sigh.  Would it be cheating?  If a wife pricked her finger?  And, a hawt looking, sweet, "I'll protect you forever because YOU, Farmer*sWife, are now my life" vampire happened in to devour clean up the trickle?

Some one weigh in here.  'Cuz, I'm a little confused....  *sigh*

Guess, I'll have to hold out for Moonlight.  And what wolves -- I mean dreams -- will come....


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Odds and ENDS

Odds and Ends.  Don't expect this to make any sense.  I'll just ramble what went through my mind as I walk by the LT in effort to get my stuff done around here and a blog post in too.  :-)

Sheesh, laweeeeeze!  It's been hard to get an actual  blog post in lately.  I sware.  And, when I get the free time that I could blog, I find myself engulfed in new activities.  Like the writing course I'm taking, and re-reading/proofing Lis's second book -- a YA (young adult) paranormal type story (love it!).

So, I'm just going to keep this page open and I hop around my kitchen working on dinner, the kids homework, and the other afternoon yada-yada.

SO.  EM IS BACK!!!  YAY!!!  I absolutely loved reading her blog, keeping up with her life and I also adored the way she wrote about it all.  Very detailed and very entertaining.  Just love'her!  Welcome back Emmeline!

Don't forget to clean your washing machine...  YES, TIS TRUE.  I saw this a couple of weeks ago on one of the morning news shows.  Now, I know about running a cycle to get rid of that 'smelly water' smell.  But, just to clean out the....wait for it....E-COLI.  AND, they said wash all undies separate from the rest of your clothing.

Obviously?  I had issue with this rolling around in my mind for several days.  I suddenly found myself quite disgusted with undies of any kind and wanted to convert the family to disposable.  But, I knew this would never go over with them.  I do bleach all things white, but I think I shall purchase a basket strictly for undies and run them all together.  It does, kinda make sense you know.  I might go so far as to include socks in that run...but, that's about as far as I think I'll go.  From now on?  Undies get a washin' of their own.

Oh, and apparently when you bleach?  In steaming hot water?  The heat of the water basically neutralizes the bleach's ability to disinfect.  [Say what?]  Yeah, so when you run a bleach cleaning run in your washer bleach with cold water.

Second grade is kicking my butt.  This week seems smooth so far.  Um, it's only Tuesday I know, but quite often I'm spent with worry and feeling overwhelmed by this point in the week.  It's partly, because I feel a lack of control I guess.

If I hear too much more about gangs, and drive bys, and drugs in the big city (TTL I don't live there) I think I'm going to go "Black Knight" and buy myself a black beat up pick up truck.  Jack it up, wrap it in roll bars, bumpers and brushguards.   And, add in some weapontry to take these worthless pieces of CR@P who think they are so cooooooool and so tuuuuuuuuuf and so baaaaaaad@aaaaaaaass.  I seriously wanna' hang'em all from the triangle and gut'em like a deer.  Then, we could put their heads on sticks like "Lord of the Flies."

That just gave me a great idea for a post, when I get a chance to actually POST-post, LOL!

HAPPY NOTE!  I have some stuff waiting for reviews and giveaways.  FWEEEEE stuff!  I'm going to lose my rank with my sponsor sites if I don't get some up.  Oh, and CHOCOLATE!  Typically, I'm not a big chocolate fan.  But, I DID get some very nice chocolates in the mail.  Specialty chocolates and I get to write a review.  This is the kind of chocolate even a not so into sweets person gets excited about!  Really awesome stuff -- perfect for a little Christmas shopping for stocking stuffers and other, sweet wonders. [It's under lock and key to keep the Lil'Gal out of it; we all know she can sniff out sweets better than a trained blood hound.]

Me and a few others are making Thanksgiving dinner for lunch at the school for the children and parents who can attend; that's part of my weekend plans.  And, we are having a pie sale.  Homemade pies.  So, I'll be cookin' and baking this weekend.  I can't WAIT for Tuesday as it is half day and after the luncheon because then we are on VACATION baby!

Well, casserole is in the oven and I need a shower before the boys get back from karate.  The holidays are upon us so when you are feeling angry, hurtful or frustrated -- remember to take a moment and think of at least one thing you are thankful for.  It will brighten your mood and mellow the hustle and bustle of preparations for family and friends gathering together.

Thanks for readin' my ramble....and, Happy Tuesday!  Tomorrow is Hump-Diggity Day and then we are halfway to FWFD of the week!  And, that is just Sweeeeeeeeet!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Maria and Mrs. Robinson

Childhood Flashback:  Maria and Mrs. Robinson

It was first or second grade.  Mrs. Robinson didn't like me much.  Though, I never figured out why.  She never seemed happy with any of us actually.  Typically, I loved school and I loved my teachers.  They were often like surrogate parents.

But, not Mrs. Robinson.  She was round and portly.  She had yellow hair.  The kind they color to look that way.  She wore it up in a bee's hive.  At least, that's what it looked like to me.  And, she was mean.

If you were tardy, she'd embarrass you in front of the class.  I was often tardy.  Mom wasn't very good with time management.  Once, I tried to explain to Mrs. Robinson that it wasn't my fault. After all, I couldn't drive a car.  I had to wait for my mom to bring me.

She grabbed me by the upper arm with a grip so firm it left a mark, and she put her face close to mine and she whispered something as she seethed.  I don't remember what she said but I do remember the glare in her eyes and the contortment of her face, and I made a mental note never to try and reason with her ever again.

I remember once on the playground a boy named David called my name.  When I turned around to face him, he kicked me in the stomach.  Apparently, someone had dared him.  I fell to the ground and I couldn't breath.  I was sure I was suffocating.  Have you ever been kicked in the stomach?  I thought I was dying.  I managed to crawl to the steps of the school and tried to speak but barely a breath would come out.  Mrs. Robinson growled at me for bothering her.

When I was finally able to catch my breath enough to speak and tell her what happened, she told me not to be a tattle tail and sent me for a drink of water.  I hated that school.  HATED IT.  And, I typically loved school.

Then there was Maria.  When she'd get to school she'd roll up her cut offs to make them really short.  And, she'd tie her shirt up so that her tummy would show.  She said it made her look like a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, but to me it always looked tacky and like her clothes were too small.

Mrs. Robinson would occasionally nag at Maria to put her shirt down.  But, Maria never did and Mrs. Robinson didn't seem to really care.  She'd just mutter something under her breath and go on.  She never cared much about anything.  To this day I wonder how she ever got to be a teacher in the first place.

Maria was taller than most of us and she used that to her advantage.  She was pushy, bossy, and pretty much told everyone what to do.   Her hair was midnight black, thick and wavy.  And, it hung wildly around her face and shoulders and all the way down to her waist.

Maria always acted like she owned the playground. She was always pushing everyone around.  If she was on the swing set then you weren't allowed on the swing set.  If she was on the monkey bars, then you weren't allowed on the monkey bars.

My mom had instructed me not to let kids bully me.  In fact, she went so far as to tell me that if someone hit me and I didn't do anything about it?  She'd give me a paddle herself when I got home.  I think she was just trying to encourage me to defend myself in the best way she knew how.

"Rochelle, if you let them pick on you and push you around now they will always pick on you and push you around."   And, you know what?  She was absolutely right.

One day at recess, I'd had enough.  Maria was dressed in her typical attire of rolled up cut offs and her tied up t-shirt, hair dangling wildly all around her almost medusa like.

Mom had dressed me in her favorite red velvet dress.  I hated that dress.  It was a vest like dress that I wore over a foofy white blouse with a poofy white collar and long, fluffy-poofy white sleeves.  The dress was real velvet which made it very heavy.  Whenever I'm at the doctor's office and they put one of those x-ray vests on me, I always think back to that red velvet dress.

I wanted to play on the monkey bars.  Maria had beaten me to them though, and was already sitting at the top as if she was the queen of the monkey bars.

"You can't climb up here, these are MY monkey bars."

"They are not your monkey bars..." I retorted.

"Oh yes they are!" she hollered back. "I got here first, so they are my monkey bars.  And, YOU, better not climb on them."

Don't ask me where it came from, but I countered with, "Oh yeah?  Well, you're not the boss of me and you can't tell me what to do!   It's a free country and I can climb on them if I want to!"

That's all it took and Maria came climbing down.  The other kids began circling around to watch what was about to happen.  I could hear my Mom's words in the back of my head, "You had better defend yourself young lady..."  I really didn't have a choice.

Maria came barreling at me and shoved me forcefully to the ground.  As she did, I reached out grabbing tightly onto anything and everything I could.  I fell backwards and my feet went up into the air, showing my undies to the world, black patten leather shoes up high to the sky.

I was completely humiliated as I heard the laughter of all the kids around us.  Once again, I despised the fact that Mom had made me wear that dress.  But, as I began to upright myself from the asphalt I felt something in my hands.  I looked up to everyone laughing and realized, they weren't laughing at me...  They were laughing at Maria!

I had ripped her shirt right open!  SHE was humiliated!  No one even noticed that my dress had gone right over my head when I fell to the ground.  And, the best part?  I felt something dangling from my fingers.  It was Maria's necklace.  I'd grabbed on so forcefully that I'd ripped her shirt and broken her necklace as well.

I felt satisfied.  I felt proud.  I felt....vindicated.  Maria might still be the boss, but she was no longer the boss of me.  And, she and I both knew it.

I remember I didn't remain at that school much longer after that.  I did find out later on that Mom had had it out with Mrs. Robinson at one point, and took it to the principal.  Mrs. Robinson lost her job and shortly after we moved away anyway.

I like to think we left that school in a much better place.  Having ridden it of Mrs. Robinson and the fact that Maria had been tamed.


True story.  Mrs. Robinson would threaten us that if she turned us in for being tardy, CPS would take us away.  I don't know how that lady was every able to be a teacher.  Of course, that was back in the late 70s.  I don't think administration was as aware back then as they are today.  and, I don't think teachers were regulated and evaluated on the same level.

I do know that my Mom, did indeed, threaten Mrs. Robinson when she found out about her grabbing my arm so violently.  Shortly after that, my Mom had her fired.  That was an empowering moment for me.  I realized, that just because someone was an adult -- and in a position of power -- didn't mean they were always right.  And, that being a respectful child did not mean tolerating abuse.

That is a big lesson for a little girl to learn so early on.  Especially, when I looked up to teachers as mentors and safe havens.

I'm off on my way today.  But, I just had to share as Maria has been on my mind lately.  Isn't it funny how we just suddenly flash back?

Happy Friday!  FWFD of the week!  We are going to PAAARTAY this afternoon.  I'm might even vlog  a Shiner with ya!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Color My World...

I have this book.  This book is awesome.   So awesome, in fact, that I won't even let my children color or write in it, when that is exactly what it was designed for...  (I'm too stingy with mine). :-D


I've been waiting for over a month to order copies for my kids, and also for my niece and my nephews!  This is an interactive book -- no, not computer games or technological learning -- but, reading, writing, rhyming, and thinking abstract.

Today the author, Debbie Mancini-Wilson, is hosting a big launch of this book at her website.  The idea is that the more hits she gets (and purchases, if you like) the greater the rankings on this book.  

Even though it is self-published, this book has made it to the shelves at Target.  Yep, Target!  But, I waited to buy my copies until today so that I could support Debbie and her endeavor.

FYI, her website is also interactive for children to learn more about the character in the book, to find more coloring pages and other writing and poetic activities.

Here's an example of one of the activities within this story:

The Colors Within

I really don't care
'Bout the color of your hair.

I'm not concerned with the color of your skin,
I'd really rather know your colors within.

Here is my desire, if you want to hear it...
I want you to show me the color of your spirit.

Quite simple is my goal...
I want to see the rainbow of your soul.

Next to this poem is a picture box with the instructions: draw a picture using all the colors of your soul.

By the way, if you order a book today?  You are entered for a chance to win up to $8000.00 in other prizes!  No exaggeration.  But, that's just a perk.

The book.  That's what it is all about.

Anyhow, I just wanted to put this out there to help spread the work and to share Debbie's work.  I really hope you will look into this book, if you are planning to purchase any children's gifts this year.  Or, it would also make a great gift for teachers to use in the class as well. ;-)  That one is also on my list!

I encourage you to click the title to this post and check it out!  I love supporting something wonderful!

Also, if you want to read my full review, click here: COLOR MY WORLD

Good luck, Debbie!!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Howdy y'all!

The TimberlandPro shoe giveaway ended Friday at midnight.  Boy-oh-Boy did I have a lotttttta entries!  Now I know why a lot of bloggers use RANDOM.ORG for their giveaway posts...

It was fun though ;-)

I have to say, I still love-love-super-love these shoes.  I have worn them almost every day for over a month since I received them.  I even wear them around the house when doing typical housework.  I alternate between these and my FitFlops.

If you want to know more about these shoes, where to get them and my overall impression, you can read up here: WIN Renova Anti-Fatigue SHOES!! (By Timberland Pro) the moment we've all been waiting for....  I must say, Thank You again to everyone who participated!  And, don't forget, if you don't win -- you can put these on your Christmas wish list.  I wanted to order a pair for my Hubby but they only come in ladies shoes.  Sorry, Hubby.

And, the winner is, by random drawing (the old fashioned way, LOL):


Thanks Karen!  Please email me with the item number of the shoe and style you want, along with the color you are wanting so I can turn it in to the PR rep.  I'll need your shipping address as well.

Thanks again to everyone!  I have more giveaways and reviews coming.  Life is just overbooked.  Especially with the holidays coming, school activities increasing, and my writing course...  I'm trying to save my spare time to read up on my bloggies and read up on the manuscript I received in the mail. :-D

I've also signed on to shadow read another book; a somewhat sequel to Precipice.  Sweeeeeet!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ever feel like this???

Yeah, kinda' like that...... [boom,boom,boom, boom biddy boom, boom]


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Meatloaf Salad

Meatloaf Salad.  This is a fantastic and healthy lunch!

How to:

Crumble some left over meatloaf in the bottom of a salad bowl/dish.  Sprinkle with some grated cheese, variety is good.  Microwave 30-45 seconds -- long enough to get warm and gooey.

Add mixed salad to top.  I make my own bag salad and keep it on hand always.  Green leaf, red leaf, with some purple cabbage, red onion, and grated carrots.

Mix in some fresh green chives if you like a little extra spark!

Top with diced avocado and tomatoes.  Even add some boiled egg, if you like.

I also add spicy, pickled jalapenos.  Serve with a light dressing on the side.  My newest favorite is Paul Newman's Light Cranberry Walnut.  It's light, flavorful and not sweet.


Happy Munchin!  Happy Hump-Day!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Don't call me Sweetheart....

I called today to confirm I still had my appointment at the GYN's office (because our home phone has been out again for about a week, so no one can call ME to confirm/remind me) and the receptionist calls me Sweetheart.


Excuse me?  Are we dating?  Are you my Husband?  Are you my Gramma?  Call me Sweetheart.  I think not.

Currently, I'm ordering the Lent items as discussed with my fellow CCD teacher which was supposed to have been done last week; where did last week go?

Yeah, so, fingers aren't crossed that it'll all make it in on time for Sunday's class.  Unless, I pay extra for shipping -- which the whole idea in the first place was to qualify for FREE shipping.

Add that to the list of tests my son has this week, which means 'we' are studying for all these tests. Factor in that I haven't read narry a blog or even posted in days...  [I know, I could have read blogs on Sunday -- but it was sooooo pretty outside that I sat in the sunshine with my hard copy of "The Seventh Tribe", the first book in what is to be part of the series "The Windwalkers", written by Lis Garrett.]

I have pictures to post, and pictures to print and my Writing Course materials and manual came in the mail yesterday (which I'm super excited about).   But, I haven't written a word yet.  Too busy repeating second grade.

My kitchen is cluttered, which is never a good thing.  I see the house as your state of mind.  If the house it cluttered, particularly the core of the home, then the mind must be scrambled.  And, mine is.

I just finished billing two notary jobs (mind you about four or five days late) which means a trip by the post office to speed up delivery, and I still need to grocery shop for the items to cook lunch at the school on Friday.

My son hollers this morning, "MOOOOOM! I don't have any pants!"  The boy's pants consist of two play pair, one casual and one cammo, and the rest are Wranglers.  "What do you mean, you don't have any pants?  (checking the laundry room) I've washed all the darks."

Uh-Oh.  I hit his laundry cabinet and, in true Carol Burnett style, am tackled by tons of laundry -- consisting mostly of dirty, denim Wranglers.  Eew.  Luckily, he does find a pair of clean Wranglers to wear while I dig my way out.

How does one go from "On top of EVERYTHING" to drowning under everything in 24 hours? 'Tis life, and I have one.  And, for that I am very thankful.

But, don't call me Sweetheart....

;-)  I'll be back y'all!  Hang tight!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Does writing, make you a Writer??

I was watching Craig Ferguson last night (up late with hubby out of town huntin', paperwork stuff for Mom, preppin' stuff for the school party on Friday -- this week is so overbooked somehow) and he had a novelist on.

Now, I caught the tail end of the visit/interview but the novelist seemed quite educated and yet, very humbled in his publications....  Then Craig brought up the discussion that everyone (including himself, at which he punned a joke) has written a book now-a-days.  And, it's true.

As an example, Craig mentioned Paris Hilton.  And, he's write.  I mean right.  Paris?  No offense, but she is not the book writing type.  I'm not saying she hasn't been educated enough (though, I find her too dull to research or care) but that...  a book?  About, what... um, say her?  Her life?  Her hardships?  I don't know....

But, the thought does get my mind flowing and I picture her walking around a room, her room, dressed as she does and somewhat distracted by her hair, her dog, her...stuff, as she is rambling on stories of her childhood and the life as she has known it (while rolling in millions, and sleeping on a couple of gold bars of cluelessness above the rest of us living in reality) as some shadow writer is frantically capturing every syllable on her laptop -- hoping for this to be his/her big break into the written word of bi-graphing the lives of people -- so long as Hilton doesn't turn out a tantrum along the way.

[I'm not biased against Hilton...I've seen her interview and she seems like a nice Gal.  But, then, I've seen other stuff too and she's just never been one on my list of talents.]

I've been published.  Throughout life, I've been published.  I've been encouraged by teachers that this is a true art for me.  I lost my way in finding a profitable career; not always what you invision yourself doing but what makes you the big bucks.  I've written for various publications on a voluntary basis, as newsletter chairman or committee chair, and to share youth leadership excursions within Statewide districts.  I've even been published for sharing my story of a predawn hunt that granted me the drop-tine I'm so proud of that is now mounted and hangs in the eves of my Living room.

But, just because I'm published -- does that make me a writer?  I think so, if that is what I have decided to be.  To work for, to earn for, and to seek recognition for.  Maybe not a novelist in any way shape or form; but at least some form of a true acclaimed writer.

But, when I know people and have read them from the rough draft that truly have talent, I find I have to agree with Craig Ferguson that it seems everyone is a writer now days -- even if they didn't actually write the book themselves.   And, that's not fair.

Just because you have the money to self-publish does that put you in the same game as those who have worked the years it takes to have their book put out there?  So that people can finally devour the wonderment a writing artist shares?

I do know several people who have written wonderful books and self-published them.  And, a few have been picked up by local book markets.  Just the same, I know some who have written a book and somehow had it published and printed.  In support, I purchased it but when I read it, I found myself wondering again....

Can just anyone be a writer?  I know, we all are writers out here and share so much of ourselves.  But, the published kind that you can pick up and feel and flip through IRL pages...

And, it is this concept that confuses and perplexes me.  I have shadow read two books.  The first wonderful and such a fun read.  The second?   Quite the talent and intrigue...with tempation of sequels to come.  It's a book that I want to follow into a new cover and beyond.

What do you think?  What is your opinion?  How do you feel about the influx of books from everyone to practically cartoon characters these days?  Do you think the celebrity-ism of it over shadows in some ways those aching to be told and read stories by the talent of so many people that might just be standing next to you at the convenience store?

What do you consider talent?  I really want to reflect on this concept.  Share all your thoughts with me here.  And, thank you for your time, opinions and incites.

Happy, it's almost Thursday already!

[Pssst, and regardless of what you think of any of this.  If you like to write?  Write it.] :-)


Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Brother In Concert! Jammin!!! (Video)

Oh, yes.  I'm so going to pimp this post.

This is "The Teenager" who is all of 14 (he'll be 15 in January) and he's jammin' on his acoustic guitar to the Beatles!  Whoo-hooo!  What a little (okay, pretty big) old soul. :-D

He's self taught by the way.  And, he and a couple of good friends are getting together for -- wait for it -- JAM SESSIONS!  Babiest Bro is in a Band!  Oh, ladies?????  LOL!

Anyhow, check it out.  And, if you love him?  You can share him.  Only if you are a good friend with a family friendly blog, though.  [Make him famous!  Get him on the morning Talk Shows!] :-D

I know.... ME?  Super proud!  (And, the acoustics outside where bad with slight wind, etc.  But, I wanted good lighting.)


Super Saturday!! I bounce back!

Yes, I do.  I do indeed. I bounce back quite quickly!  You wouldn't believe what a nice day this has been.  Kids have been grand!  The weather couldn't be more fantabulous -- had I special ordered it!

You just couldn't ask for a more spectac-terrific day!  Okay, well you could ask.  But, it would be moot.

Baby'Bro, the Teenager, came out to spend the night and hang out with us today.  I about gasped because he is so dang handsome!  Every time I see him, he just gets more adorable.  I can't get over what a gentleman he is -- at 14 (15 in January).

To the teen Gals I have to say, not only is he a hunk in a package?  But, he's kind and considerate too!  Whoo! AAAaaaand, he can play the guitar.  Yep.  And, he and a couple of friends are putting together a little band.

BTW, I have three fabo brothers.  I'm one lucky sister.

My pendulum tends to swing long on the high end and short on the lows.  I know yesterday I was all P!$$ and Moan, but today?  I'm wearing bells!  And, yesterday is a faint memory like faded pages of a book lost in the attic for a generation...  I can hardly believe I was such a crank.

Anyhow, we got the dogs out mid morning and played with them while listening to the Teenager play a variety of tunes; those he's written himself and a collaboration of Beetles and Jonas Brothers.  He can also play, ummm, what are they called....Daughtry?  Something like that.

Then we loaded up for a few errands and to pick up a new board game or two and some MEAT!  Too pretty outside NOT to grill.  I'm doing beef ribs tonight.  YUM!  I love to grill.

A few rounds of UNO and I'm hoping for a round of frisbee.  But seein' as the kids are setting up Monopoly, I guess first, I'll be making a few rounds past GO.

So far, this has been a SUPER Saturday!  I hope same goes for you. ;-)


Friday, October 23, 2009

P!$$ on everything.....

Yep.  P-I-Double S.  And, add in a little moan.  I woke up this morning in almost no mood at all; which, slowly metamorphosed into a nasty, steaming pile of crap.

I feel like someone p!$$ed on my parade.  I have lots of things on my "To Do" list today.  I was actually looking forward to today -- afterall, it's FWFD of the week,  right?  Well, plblt.

I did make-up my face, kinda.  It was time to take the kids to school and my hair is a big, flat, mess.  I ran a curling iron through it and then put it down and blew it off -- Screw it.  Screw the hair.

I realized when I got home and unloaded the SUV that I forgot to review my children's memory verses with them on the way to school.  And, I thought to myself, "Screw it.  It's Friday."

One of the biggest things on my "To Do" list today was to race against a million people on the internet, hoping my page would load before theirs with great tickets to see Taylor Swift.  It's been on my list for weeks, since I heard she was coming.

Every time I listened to one of her songs this fantasy would play out in my mind where me and Lil'Gal were sitting there at the concert, singing our hearts out.  Then, because she's so adorable and knows the words so well, we get invited back stage and my Lil'Gal gets to shake hands with Taylor.

You know that fantasy.  We all have one like that for ourselves and/or our children.

Well, I woke up this morning and heard those infamous words in my head, "Screw it."  So I did.  We aren't going.  What was I thinking?  Where were my priorities?  My brother is out of a job, I have friends who can't afford insurance, I live in a castle and here I was going to throw all that $$ out into cyberspace to spend 2 hours sitting in an uncomfortable chair listening to millions of (germ infested and some of them ill, I'm sure) screaming people I don't know.

Screw it.  Me and Lil'Gal can have our own music video here at the house.  We can watch a Taylor Swift video up close on our big flat screen T.V.  Besides, she'd already asked me, "We just sit there?  All we do is listen?"

My range top is dirty.  I hate that.  Screw it.  (Okay, don't screw that.  I'll clean it.)  We have a birthday party to go to immediately after school today for the kids.  A bowling party which should be lots of fun for them.  All I really want right now is for it to be over so I can be home on my back porch with my kids and my dogs and the beautiful day outside.

And, my pants are too tight.  Favorite jeans from last year are making their impression around my waist.  I walked into my son's room to put something away and his bed was left unmade.  Hmpft.

I crawled into it.

My kitchen is a mess, my floors need a mop, I have to wrap a birthday present and cut out a bunch of crap for the kids' school fall party next week.  The one thing I WILL be sure to do is sew the denim I washed and ironed yesterday -- it's going to be a table cloth.

I was watching the Today Show this morning (full of my mood and lack of wanting to do anything) and Tim McGraw was singing.  I love to hear him sing.  But, I was looking into his eyes and I got the impression that -- though he was singing a song with feeling and putting himself into it to perform it well -- there was something else going on in the back of his mind.

Maybe he had a fight with his wife.  Maybe someone close to him is ill.  It seemed something was bothering him, and yet the audience was clueless.  They were all lit up with smiles and happy, singing voices -- clueless to what was going on in his life.

But that's life isn't it.  The Show must go on.  Regardless if you are a country music star or a stay at home Mom, juggling many hats.  You have to put on that happy face when all you really want to do is say,  "P!$$ on it."

Enough griping.  Time to put on my Big Cowgirl Boots and deal with it.  And....maybe take a Midol.

Happy FWFD of the week!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

WHO WON? " Half Way to Each Other..."

SO SORRY it took me so long.  I kept telling myself I need to count up entries and host a drawing for this great book but then I'd get distracted and forget.

Anyhow, thank you to those who enjoy books and reading for entering.  And, thanks to everyone who commented on this.  :-)

Now, for the drawing.  I'm going to do this one real quick with my handy-dandy Ziplock top shaker and no video -- it takes too much time to upload and I'm already so late on this.

So, the winner of the copy of "Half Way to Each Other" is......(drum-roll).......

[drawing by Lil'Gal]  THE QUEEN!!

YAY!  I believe I have your current address on file so I will email the PR rep and let her know to ship out your copy!

Thanks so much for playing along y'all!  More to come :-)


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Share My Towel? No thank you...

Le' Towel.

Le' after shower towel. Do you share? I don't.

What? "We're clean..." my hubby says. Um, yeah, I know that part. It's not the clean part that bothers me about sharing a towel. Its more about the who dried what and where. Don't judge me.

First, listen to my scientific reasoning.

Okay. So party A showers and is clean. Party B showers and is clean.

Party A & B have 'significant' areas that are significant and all. Party A dries off and ruuuuubs here and ruuuubs there to be sure that Aaaalllll significant areas are appropriately dried.

Then, Party A offers towel to Party B. This is not an immediately after Party A showers scenario. In this scenario, the towel has rested, still damp and somewhat warm with schluffed skin cells, and other who knows what 'significant body part stuff' from Party A, stagnating in the dampness for 10 - 20 minutes or more prior to Party B showering and exiting in need of a towel.

Mind you, double use of my own, personal, only me dried in insignificant and significant places towel is acceptable to me. (Unless my mind wanders and I'm drying my face and then I have to de-towel and dawn a new towel -- just has to be.)

BACK to PARTY A & B: Now, does that used towel sound like a towel you want to dry off with? Really? I mean, who knows what significant part that towel dried before you dry your own body and insignificant and significant parts. Come'on now. THIIINK ABOUT IT....

Would you dry your fresh face with a towel that someone else had dried their "hoo-hoo" or "boo-hoo" or any hoo with?

Yeah. That's what I'm thinkin'. So weigh in. Do share. And, be honest. Because I know. With my scientific thinking and reasoning... My point is true. One towel per you or whoo-hoo or boo-boo or anyhoo. Am I right?

Happy Sunday! :-)


Sunday Thoughts (from Saturday)

I was dreaming and I can't remember much except I was jogging (back to somewhere) on the beach and I passed "Said Hot Guy who in my dream was known to have the best demeanor ever making him Mr. Perfect" and he said something and I said something and he was going to catch up with me. But, first he had to close up some part of where ever I was running back to.
I think in my dream he was some compilation of actors and characters that fit my dream persona guy. Anyhow, the tide came in and it rose quickly (as in seconds) up to over my head. I can swim but not as quickly as I can jog.
Said Dream Guy swam by and drew me onto his back to swim clear of the ocean wave floods. The next thing I knew, we were back in the building/s where I was originally headed too (a mystical and extremely luxurious castle type place) and as he continued to swim/glide through the air I found myself ever so peacefully comfortable and fell asleep with my head resting on his shoulder.
Then, the phone rang. "Honey? What are y'all doing?" Me, "Still sleeping?" Poo. :-D
Anyhow, yesterday was another great day. Lacking frustration and animosity and floating in all things good.
Yesterday evening, we celebrated my FILs 70th birthday. 70. Can you believe it? Though, you wouldn't really know it or think it if you knew his personality. 70 can be SO young. I've mentioned it before, I have the best MIL and FIL in the whole wide world. Really and sincerely.
Anyhow, my SIL put together pictures and made a fabulous cake (like she did for Hubby's b-day surprise). We all wondered if he'd be somehow alerted to the fact that we weren't just going to dinner last night. But, he wasn't.
We arrived and I was lucky enough to herd the kids in to the room quickly enough to see his surprise that there were a multitude of old friends all there for just him. He was touched. Everything went well. A wonderful get together to celebrate 70 years with a wonderfully loved person.
Hubby and I did a little toast to Dad. It was a wonderful evening.
So, this morning is our church bar-b-que fundraiser. I took advantage of the fact that there is no CCD today and slept in with the kids. Hubby was out the door at 5:30 to start cutting meat. Thus my great dream beginnings and the call that cut it short, LOL!
Kids have some make-up work today before we go up for the white elephant sale, fun for kids stuff and the auction. And, I need to shower so I can fix my new doo. Yep. Got a good hair cut yesterday but as the stylist said (and I already knew) I have to work with my hair. This sleeping on a wet head and expecting something glorious -- or at least decent and unflat in the morning -- is a dream I can no longer achieve.
The weather outside is glorious! GLORIOUS! Just perfect for a Sunday.
Here's a thought shared at Stacy's Random Thoughts:
Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile...
There were some really cute pics too; you might wanna' check her out for a little optimism today.
I hope there is some SUN in your day today, even if it doesn't shine down from the sky ;-)


Friday, October 16, 2009

Bit & Pieces Pet Pics & Brandy ;-)

So, bit and pieces. Kids are doing fine. Kept them home today as the week was a wash, Lil'Gal had an annoying cough that made her not so comfortable and Farmer, Jr. had leftover fever from the ear infection.
I was dreaming of sleeping in a little late on this fare Friday morning...cold front -- correction, cool front -- came through and it was nice and gray and cool outside. No sooner than the Hubby is ready to head to the office does Farmer, Jr. come down from their 'sleep-in' in the playroom...
All hungry... And, wantin' breakfast. *sigh* [Whoa is me, poor lil'ol Farmer*sWife.]
Kids remind me that since they are feeling 'so much better' and fever free now, that I was due to fulfill my end of the deal regarding the Bean is for Behavior Bean jars. [They'd finally filled them, all 64 or more ounces.]
Four errands later we return with stuffed pets (they spent their own money), DS games and Lil'Gal's new electronic kitty. This thing is pretty cool. It's a full sized cat that meows, purrs, licks it's paw, rubs it's whiskers and -- ROLLS OVER -- onto it's back for a tummy rub.
It was marked down on clearance. So, now we are a 2 kids, 2 dog, 1 guinea pig, 2 electronic hamsters, 1 electronic/robot cat sized family. Pretty cool, huh?
So, some new family photos:
Cool front; cuddles needed a blanket apparently -- he was cold... Farmer, Jr. discovered this little bird bouncing around our back porch. He was chasing bugs and pretty good at it. Except when he'd smack into a window, get a little dizzy and flutter without direction. He was sweet, though. I put out my finger and he climbed right on.
He then let the kids have a turn. The colors are beautiful!
Today started kind of glum outside which made me feel like cooking.....anything, everything, LOL! But, later in the afternoon it cleared and the sun came out and as you can tell (sorry about the sun reflection on my lens) it was a beautiful afternoon!
Perfect weather to bring out the Pups!
Lil'Gal spent some quality time petting the new (robotic but sooo real) Cat. The pups actually seemed to do fine with her around (the cat) but, she didn't meow. Had she? I'm fearful. Brandy doesn't like cats (so I was told) and Dulce will chase anything smaller than her, it seems. Me and my furry Gals hanging out on the porch.
Below: Me and my Big'ol Gal. Just can't get enough of her ;-)
Brandy, our recent adoptee, is just the sweetest, loving-est, loyal dog. I just laugh every time she turns that big ol' mug of hers to smile at me.
She loves the kids, and Dulce. And, she actually seems to enjoy them laying on her and all. She'll take any attention.
If I'm giving Dulce a good petting, you can bet Brandy will push that big ol'head of hers to get in-between. I tell her I love her and I love them the same but that she has to share me cuz' Dulce was here first, afterall. ;-)
She'll come up and lay down beside me in the yard while the kids and Dulce are playing. If I don't have a hand at least resting on her (rubbing/petting is even better) she'll shove me with her big paw for attention. And, should I remove that hand? She'll pick her head up and paw me again. Almost as if she can't cat nap next to me for fear of abandonment.
Makes sense though. Seein' that her first two families didn't stick. Well, with us - she's stuck. And, I told her so today. My favorite thing is when she comes up and just rests that heavy (often drooly) head on my lap. I just giggle.
Today, the kids were giving out milk-bones to the dogs. I felt something wet hit my leg. Brandy was so excited that her mouth drooled excessively -- the breeze blew wet pant on my leg! Gross, I know. But, again. I just laughed.
Today was a wonderful day hookey-day home! Days like this remind me that I have all that I need.
Happy FWFD of the Week! :-)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dear Rat B@$tard Criminals....

Dear R@t B@$tards,
If you are one of the peeps who have been hanging out at the local grocery stores to steal purses and/or cause bodily harm to the customers, then this post is for you. If you see me walking into/out of the store -- I suggest you step aside.
I've seen the news and am aware that you are too lazy to get a real job, thus you rob the rest of us hauling our carts (sometimes children in tow) back to our vehicles. We do not intentionally mean to rub your nose in the fact that we work hard and you are too lazy to do so.
I am prepared to take you on. Do not approach me, for you will regret it. I am always on guard and prepared to take on the perpetual punk who thinks s/he is somehow entitled to my belongings, my vehicle, and my money.
I will freak out. I will go crazy Mama. I will run you over with my cart. I will be sure to fight to the end to take you down. I will remember every move from my son's karate class. I will poke out your eyes with my keys, or fingernail, if necessary -- whichever is available at that time.
I will bite anything I can get my teeth into, I will kick you with my boot heels. And, if I am carrying that day, I will use armed force. Don't worry about my aim. I have five shots in the barrel. If you are lucky enough to get away, I will chase you down with my SUV while on the phone to 911. Self-Defense is 9/10ths of the law....
A few suggestions? If I may? Flip a burger. Wait a table. Mow a yard. I have done all of these in some form or fashion. And, guess what? I got paid.
Your's UNTruly,
~~ Farmer*sWife
Would you pass the following PSA along to your Gangster friends? THX {Hugs}
Dear Gang Bangers. Boy oh, boy are you tough! It must take so much nerve and braveness to drive by in your vehicle at high speeds and shoot out your window at a house. I mean, how do you keep from falling out? I am curious though, whatever did the house do to you?
Some people might find it more manly to step-up and confront their opponent/antagonist. One on one. But, you? NO. You do the drive by car thing which is waaaay better. Except I guess, when the child that is sleeping there gets injured by a stray bullet. Or, the friend visiting is hit by a lethal blow.
Oh sure. I understand that it is very hard to aim through the solid walls of a house. And, it is hard to aim when the vehicle is moving at double-digit speeds. I just don't know how you do it.
On a side note, you might wanna' read the message I sent to your friend, R@t B@$tard. ;-)
BTW, my concealed weapons licensed is expired but I am signing up to renew it. In the meantime, think of it this way. If you can carry? I can too.
Happy Wednesday!