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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yea, Baby! TOOT my Horn!!!

So, all in all? I'm all giddy with the feeling of, "I SO TOTALLY ROCK!!!" I almost even named this post that, but then I thought bloggies might decide not to read, me sounding all vain and full of love for myself, LOL!

So, let me run through some thingies that'd be goin' on over here on da'farm.

See this? I know it would look way better and you could see all the stitching detail I did with embrodery thread and stuff if I had scanned it. But, I was lazy, still haven't loaded the software I bought six months ago to "stitch" scanned pics together, and I was in a hurry to get this thing in by the deadline:

[FYI, I left all, or most, of the pics in this post at full are pretty large so you can click for a closer look! ;-) ]

I'M A WINNER!!!! Yep! I won this months layout contest at our local little Scrapbook Paradise! FYI? My second win! $25.00 gift certificate towards store merchandise!!! Whoo-HOOO!

Hey! YeaAAA! New computer desk, finally! We really had a little crap together set up before we found one we wanted. [Notice the sun set out the window?]

So the picture doesn't do it justice with those cords still hanging and all. But, one step at a step at a time.

Lookie who graduated from "Kindergarten!" Isn't he handsome in his cap and gown? He was so proud to get to wear this.

Here he is at the ceremony....being'a Ham, if I might add.

And, here too, .

Last? You just can't beat a new pair of Tennie Shoes! These babies are like walking on air with little air pillows in the heal and along the gait of the foot. Pleasingly priced too at $39.00!!!

Happy Saturday!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

A few things about TEXAS

1. A possum is a flat animal that sleeps in the middle of the road. 2. There are 5,000 types of snakes and 4,998 of them live in Texas . 3. There are 10,000 types of spiders. All 10,000 of them live in Texas , plus a couple no one's seen before. 4. If it grows, it'll stick ya. If it crawls, it'll bite ya'. 5. "Jaw-P?" means "Did ya'll go to the bathroom?" 6. People actually grow and eat okra. 7. "fixinto" is one word. 8. There is no such thing as "lunch". There is only dinner and then there is supper. 9. Iced tea is appropriate for all meals and you start drinking it when you're two & We do like a little tea with our sugar. [I prefer mine without.] 10. Backwards and forwards means "I know everything about you." 11. The word "jeet" is actually a phrase meaning "Did you eat?". 12. You don't have to wear a watch, because it doesn't matter what time it is, you work until you're done or it's too dark to see. 13. You don't PUSH buttons, you MASH EM. 14. "No. Jew?" is a common response to the question "Did you bring any beer?" 15. You measure distance in minutes. 16. You switch from heat to A/C in the same day. 17. All the festivals across the state are named after a fruit, vegetable, grain, insect or animal. 18. You only own five spices: salt, pepper, Texas Pete, Tabasco and Ketchup. 19. The local papers cover national and international news on one page, but require 6 pages for local gossip and high school football. 20. You think that the first day of deer season is a national holiday. 21. You find 100 degrees Fahrenheit "a bit warm". 22. You know all four seasons: Almost summer, summer, still summer, and Christmas. 23. Going to Wal-Mart is a favorite past time know as "goin' Wal-Martin" or "off to Wally World." 24. You describe the first cool snap (below 70 degrees) as good chicken stew weather. 25. Fried catfish is the other white meat. 26. You understand these jokes and forward them to your Texas friends and those who just wish they were from Texas .

Married Life: A date night?

[Last Night] So, we are all happily celebrating that it is the last night before the last day (3 hours to be exact) of school before summer break! Me and the Lil'Gal take ourselves a big, steamin', bubble bath. She is ecstatic and I enjoy the warmth on my back (it was tired from picking black-eyed-peas and a box full of squash, amongst the million other chores). Kids get a little extra video time cuz' it's the last night before the last three hours of school. DH razor shaves! DH brings me a toddy! DH reminds me that the son is waiting for me to tuck him in when I get done pasting my face with every form of cream and putty I can get my hands on moisturizing my skin. I head to son's room and he makes the usual request, "Will you lay with me?" And, I make the usual response, "For TWO minutes." So, I climb in and lay there and he rolls over to fall asleep. I'm counting down the seconds in my mind and I think I'm at 1 minute and 24 seconds left to go. Gosh, my eyes are heavy though. So, I close them....then I wake and I have about 55 seconds left to go. I open my eyes again but, DANG, my contacts are stuck to the back of my brain. I'll have to pry them out, rinse them, and then put them back in again. So, as I get up I check the time with the backlight on my watch. Is that 9:30? 10:30? What time is it? 4:30AM!!!! Yikes! I fell asleep. I stumble to the bathroom to peel my contacts from my eyes so they can have an hour or so of rest. I see the toddy DH made for me, it's room temperature now and no ice left. I grab my water cup and head to bed but have to move something in order for it to rest on the bedside table. A candle. DH had candles. I climb into bed for my last little bit of slumber and I ask DH, "Why didn't you come get me?" He replies, "I did....but, you were asleep..." Poor DH. So, tonight I'll be making someone a nice, hot, relaxing bubble bath. And, I'll be serving up a toddy. Tonight I'll be the one with the razor shave. Tonight? I'll be lighting some candles and probably throwing in a foot rub (the one I would have gotten last night). Yeah, that's married life. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Happy Thursday!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Hi! Happy Memorial Day!

[Though, my kids have school today and DH has to care for the crops and I, of course, work 24/7...but, I'll take a little bloggie break ;-D]

Anyhoo, in remembrance of Memorial day I'd like to count the blessings and freedoms I have. Little things that just wouldn't be if we didn't live in our beautiful Nation, USA. I respect and remember each soldier who has fought for our freedoms. But, I also remember family members who have passed and I like to remember how blessed I am in life.

With that said, Happy Memorial Day!


Y'all know I like to revel in the little things. So, BLEEEEEP!!! Yeah, I suddently realize I have sensored my language! (Okay, that sounds like a loss in the freedom of speech. But, actually, it's an improvement of speech).

See? I have found myself wandering along and something comes up like, something is spilled, something is broken, my favorite show is cancelled, some one cuts me off in traffic or just, typically, drives too dang slow. You know, those little things that often cause explicatives to fall out of our mouth.

But, I realized I was replacing those explicatives with BLEEEEP! Just like on T.V.!!!

IT WORKS!!! It so totally works!!! [Regretfully] I used to find such relief when completely frustrated in using the He!L or the F*!$ word (usually under my breath), and a $H!T would slip in here and there accidentally....oh, and also? Bitchin.' And, I don't mean in, "Hey, that's a bitchin' truck!" I mean as in (as recently quoted by my son), "If Daddy saw that he'd be Bitchin!'"


[Editor's note: Though it sounds like it, I am not a curse-a-holic. And, I'm usually very good in front of the kids. But, still there's gonna' be an occassional slip and children will be sure to catch it....and repeat it.]

"Bleeeep!" Who Knew! And, it works with anything!!! Holy Bleeeep! What the Bleeeep! Son-of-a-Bleeeeeep! And, when your doubly upset, Mother-Bleeep! Bleeeep!

It can be used in a sentence: "Hey! Get your Bleepin' BLEEEP of the road!" Or, "Who the BLEEEEEP does he think he is?!" Or, "Where the BLEEEEP is my [insert item here]?!"

Anyhow, you get the point. I'm just sayin'? You should try the "BLEEEEEP."


HIP! HIP! Hooray! For Lime-A-Way! So, there have been the ghastly water spots accumulating on the glass in our shower. I tried, Amonia, and various cleaners. But today? I tried Lime-A-Way!!!! WHOOOP! The spots are gone! Yeah, Baby! I did the Happy Dance!


My daughter calls them "Brown-Eyed-Peas" and we think it's cute and she'll eat them if they are Brown Eyed vs. Black Eyed. So, brown-eyed-peas, they are. Picked from MIL and FIL's garden...and the kids helped me shuck them. What a great thing, right? For them to watch their food grow! We also have sweet corn, squash and tomatoes so far, YUMMY!


Last year my Dad bought all the grand-kids B-B guns. Now, YES, I do believe my kids are too young to have a B-B gun. But, Dad was going through a divorce and it was getting cruddy and so I caved as I knew it would make him feel good. [FYI? DH keeps the B-B guns locked away and they are only used under his and my extremely careful supervision.]

So, DH set up a little shootin' target with hanging cans and plastic apple juice bottles. He then provided superb instructions and supervision. The kids loved it! What a freedom! To walk out back and target practice with a B-B gun!


Here's the cotton crop at the house. I just love how it's all straight and orderly in rows. It's so beautiful to drive along the highway and watch the rows of cotton and grain spin by.

The other morning the sun was playing Peek-A-Boo in the clouds.

Happy Memorial Monday! And, don't forget to try out the BLEEEEEEP!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

By George!

This one is for you Sweet D! [She left this for me on MS on Mother's Day]. Ladies and Gentlemen? The KING of COUNTRY!!!!!

Someone turn the air down cuz' he just melts me!
Happy George, I mean Happy Country, I
Happy Saturday!


Housewife Poetry, by "Farmer*swife"

"Laundry" Laundry, laundry go away... Can't you wash yourself today? Fold yourself up tight and neat, Undies, shorts, shirts and sheets. Don't forget to bleach your whites! Separate colors, darks and lights... Oh, never mind...don't waste my time. Only a Mama can get the laundry right. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Ode to my Dust Buster" Black and Decker, my dear Dust Buster. You fill my heart with joy and luster! Always charged and ready to meet the mess... of all my tools you are the best. But, don't tell my Bissell cuz' it'll get fickle. And, the broom is nice but can't work alone Has to take the dust pan along wherever it goes. But, you my friend and cleaning tool? You should know I think you rule. Cuz' should a crumb fall by the way? Your right there to save the day! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "For the Love of a Dishwasher" Oh Dishwasher, dishwasher, how fair are you? Washing my dishes and sanitizing them too! How did I go a decade without you? Oh, you were worth the wait, my sweet Bosch. And, I love you more with each dish that you wash. You'll never go a day without Jet Dry... Only Cascade with Hydroclean Action and Bleach.... I promise I'll never take you for granted, and, I'll always keep your stainless door shiny and clean. I just wanted to say "Thank you" for all that you do. And, let you know just how much I love you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yea, this stuff pretty much runs through my head everyday. I have lots to bloggie about but don't want to use it up all in one post. I'll be back later....and from time to time? I'll share a new rhyme ;-D Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 23, 2008

If it ain't one's another.

So, like I've been saying? The Final Countdown. Today is Field and swim day. The kids have field day competitions and then after lunch they get to go swim at the pool. My kids are ecstatic! Swimming so rocks!!! Of course, personally? My kids aren't allowed anywhere near a two inch puddle a large body of water without ME there ready to dive in and save, if necessary. FLASHBACK to Saturday: Saturday was Aubree's fifth birthday. The tea party. Later that afternoon? She begins running a low grade 99.5 fever. It goes away. This continues through the next several days until she is running 103 at night and has missed three days of school (the week before the last week of school). Being the smart Mom, and there being no other symptoms -- I diagnose her with a Urinary Tract Infection and the doctor confirms my assessment. No contagion, antibiotic to eliminate fever and eventually cooties in the bladder -- doctor releases her return to school. FLASH FORWARD to Yesterday: Aubree's first day back at school. Pick up kids and notice on the way home that Son's eye is red, watery and irritated. ME: "What happened to your eye?" SON: "It happend on the playground." ME: "What happend? Did you poke it?" SON: [shrug] ME: "Did you get dirt in it? Did you scratch it? Did you hurt it in some fashion?" SON: "I don't know." ME: [To myself....I'll eye drop it and see how it does....we already missed one T-ball game due to a "suppos-ed" tummy ache. FYI? An extended trip to the restroom solved that issue...too late to make the game, though.] THIS MORNING: Time to wake and ready for school. Kids are joyful about swimming. ME: [to son] "How's your eye?" SON: "It feels much better." ME: "GASP!!! Oh, no. Now both eyes are red. Chicken Biskets! We gotta' go to the eye doctor today." SON: [whiny] "But we are supposed to go to the swiiiiiii-iiiiim party today?!" ME: "We'll see what the eye doctor says." Notice how I put the fault off on the eye doctor? Pretty sneaky, huh? All in all? Yeppers. Con-junc-ti-vi-tus. Cow Poop! 48 hours of isolation from other children. 48 hours of constant hand washing, and lysoling every thing children can touch (in other words, the entire house). Not only no swim party? (For either child because the Pre-K can't go without a parent and this parent has to stay home in quarantine with the son.) But, we also had to cancel the afternoon dinner play date with Mrs. T and her crew. No play date for the kiddos and no play date for Mama or Daddy either. Chicken Biskets! I sware. If it ain't one thing....[you know.] Happy Friday! [The Final Countdown of the Final Countdown.]

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Final Countdown!

Okay, so technically? Next week is the final countdown to the end of this 2007-2008 school year. And, I mus say? As happy as I was for it to begin? I am just as happily overjoyed, or more, that it is coming to an end. Next week we have Monday, Field Day and T-ball game that afternoon; Tuesday, Toy Day, and T-ball game which we have to miss due to Kindergarten Graduation (cap, gown, and all); Wednesday, Pizza Party day (I'm bringing the pizzas again and the guy had better not screw up this time), Thursday, early release day and last day of school. Yea, they get out at 11:00 a.m. I'm thinking that due to the fuel costs? I might ask the Principal if we can just "call it a day" that day. Unless their is some other form of end of year celebration. I am soooooooo looking forward to less scheduled, free days of slumber, random cleaning mixed with random play time. I've actually been "craving" to scrapbook. And, I've organized the scrapbook closet and even prepared some supplies for the kiddos. I plan to do lots of "random" things this summer. Not spontaneous? But, peacefull and non-time demanding. I love SUMMER!!!! Anyhow, in due respect? The following two songs have engulfed my brain. Yes, when I awaken in the morning and even as my mind drifts off to sleep (greatly encouraged by that little OTC pill) these are the songs that play in my thoughts:
You have to actually click on Pop-Out Player there above I believe. I've added a couple of playlists before but for some reason the codes don't always work when I put them in my actual post. Go figure. Anyhoo? Happy Thursday! [Next Thursday will be truly happy! ;-D]

Monday, May 19, 2008

Later that day...the Package.

So, after the "tea party" and all the fun and all the guests left, me and Mrs. Les were hanging out on the back porch enjoying the wonderful weather and just catching up over a glass of wine (or two). The Lil'Gals, my Angel and one of her FF (Fav Friends) Miss Ali, were playing dress up and Barbie and all that goes with that ;-).

Meanwhile.....DH embarks upon the back patio with a "package."

DH: "What's this?!"

ME: "Oooooh, my whacha'macallit or my other thingie I ordered!! Yea!!"

DH: Who is G. Rith?!!!! [do I sense a small amount of agitation or concern in his voice?]

ME: "That's Potter's Blog who made the salad bowl/plate for Papa Schroeder...I bought it through ESTY, remember?"

DH: "NEW YORK CITY?!?" [He sounded like the Pace commercial, LOL]

ME: [While Mrs. Les is enjoying our banter,] "Honey, I'm sorry. That's actually my lover. I fake the whole not flying thingie. I fly out twice a week while the kids are in school...."

DH: Still standing there....he didn't buy it. LOL!

ME: "OKAY!'s a sex toy. I read about it in bloggie world and thought I'd try it out." [Mrs. Les still watching, listening and trying not to smirk].

DH: Still standing there.

ME: "What? Did you need something else?"

DH: "I wanna' see what's in the box!"

ME: "Bring me a box knife." He does and I open the box. I pull out this beautiful peice of art/pottery -- a dish. Out of the mind of Papa Schroeder and into reality by G. Rith. He will be soooo pleased.

Oooooh, and Potter Rith sent me a surprise!!!! Lookie:

Pig on a stick!!! How did he know I love pencils??? And, a cute little ceramic piggie on top? Perfection!

DH: [Exits into house. Apparently, disappointed. Guess he was hoping for the whole sex toy thing, LOL!]

So, I'll fill y'all in on Papa Schroeder's reaction when he gets his little giftie ;-) In the meantime, thanks gr (click here to check out his stuff/blog). And, be sure to tell your wife that the size is perfect. Both bowl and plate.

Happy Monday!

Tea Party Anyone?

So, this Satuday was my Lil'Angel's 5th birthday. We decided to celebrate this year with a "tea party" including some manicures and pedicures.

Decorations were in place....tea sets out....

It cost me an extra $6.++ to adorn the chairs in tulle. My "tinker-bell" came in and ooooohhhed and aaaahhhhed at how "beautiful" it made the room look. [Totally worth the $6.++. Oh, and you know I'll put that tulle back to use in another project.]

Obviously, for a tea party there is a special dress requirement...

They're all dolled up and making their "place cards" for the table. Tea Parties have a seating arrangement, you see. ;-)

A little spa soak is always nice before we get our "tonie nails" done...and, even better with a friend.

Then it's upstairs to the "spa...."

Those are our salon experts now. Painting away...notice how Little Miss Ali is waiting patiently for her finger nails to dry....(I think Aubree is calculating the bill on the computer -- this one is on Mama baby girl.)

I guess it might be nice to actually have some "tea" at a tea party.

Okay, so kiddos don't care for tea. We had pink lemonade and apple juice. But, it tastes just as nicely served from china tea pots and drank from little china tea cups. We also had fruit and chicken salad sandwhiches.....but, the Gals were holding out for cake.

This is Aubree's cake. I also made little single sized cakes for the Gals. But, go figure? I didn't get a picture of them all layed out? We had applesauce cake (from scratch). It was quite yummy....well, we adults liked it. Some of the Lil'gals weren't totally impressed. Hey? I was trying to make it special.

Do you think she's going to lick those candles?

Absolutely! Afterall? It's her party!

She liked it! That's the most important, I guess :-D

All in all? I think everyone had a special time.

Happy 5th Birthday, Angel! You're my Number One Gal!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Life Overbooked!!

Well, obviously no WWC this week. Oh, I clicked some pics but no time to deal with resizing, uploading, etc. (I know, it just takes a few clicks but I am lucky to click this away!) So, it's May and that means "May Madness!" May is always overbooked. Last month of school, last month of T-ball games and practices, daughter's birthday, Kindergarten graduation, end of year class parties, and I also have a lot of end of year activities with my community service group. We sponsor a Terrific Kids program at an elementary school in the "big town". So, assemblies, ice cream socials, etc. on top of my own kids school stuff. This week I was doing some "Honey dos" in preparation for my daughter's 5th birthday party this Saturday. As y'all may recall, I like to do "birthday's" really special for the kiddos. If you don't recall, you can check it out here: So, this week I stained and varnished the baseboards for the play room (to be the the "Salon" at the party). Yesterday, I sanded the crap out of the front door trim that I was notified that "I" was supposed to stain (several months after the bare wood had been left exposed to the various elements of our weather). I then stained it all and it actually looks "fabulous," if I do say so myself. Anyhoo, as my sweet Tinkerbell is turning the big "5," [an important childhood milestone] we are having a "Tea Party" complete with china tea cups, saucers and tea pots. We will also be pampered with manicures and pedicures! Whhhoooo, classy, huh? We'll be doin' it all at our house though as I work on a budget. [smiley-wink!] Matter O'fact? I'm supposed to be making the Petti-fours right now. But, bein' crafty I'm gonna' cheat a little. Still, I have to make about 12 individual sized cakes iced with a basket weave. [FYI? I've never done a basket weave. :-0] So, I'll be sparse around bloggie world a little longer. But, I WILL upload lots of pics from the party! And, come end of May? I'm having a bloggie party at my place!! I'm going to commandeer the computer room, the cable, and lock myself in with some snackies and some Shiner Bock -- and let the bloggie party begin!!! All y'all bloggie buds are invited! Happy May, Happy Thursday and Happy Bloggin'!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Secret Identity: Things ya' didn't know about me

Yea? So things you didn't know about me. Some of y'all are prolly (Cinder-single term: see my bloggie roll) thinkin' "What? I thought they were Charlie's Angels..." But, NO. Chalie was just a character in a T.V. show.

"I" "AM" an Angel!!! Whhoooop! (But, then...y'all all know that right????) LOL!

See? There is this Ramblin' Madman we all like to read. And, he's so there and shares everything. And, then there came along, unknown, "unsigned" anonymous person who crapped all over our Ramblin Man's self analysis -- Ramblin' Man (in my bloggie roll) is always a good read. He's always honest about "it all." Sometimes his honesty may be on a satyrical level about himself, but? He puts himself out we all do.

After all, what is bloggie world all about, right?

Anyhow. A few of us GALS, got a little "PREE-terbed" in comment world and we shared our disliking for said negative Orafice-Burn (look it up under my terms.) And, thus, low and behold, (Knight officiated our TEAM logo, and) we became....wait for it....Legend--dary--R.E.H. ANGELS!!!

We carry weapons, we are trained in multiple types of "martial arts," we know a lot about cyber safety, we can kick some cyber @$$, AND....we also carry (or maybe it's just me) a whole lot of crazy, crazy ass scared woman -- when needed.

The lovely Knight of "Knights Natched Up Ramblings" (again see my Fav bloggies list) developed this Fantabulous Logo for us. I'm thinkin? I might have T-shirts made. Possibly? Even a cap or sun-visor! After all? I'm an "ANGEL!" I'm a bloggie star!!!

WE GALS "So Totally Rock!!!' [Happy Cheerleader dance, bounce, peace fingers...and all that!!!! y'all know me!]

Oh, so, um....Happy Dia de los Madres. And, um, Happy Sunday!!!

ANGEL POWER??? Kick some Cyber @$$!!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cow Poop

She was woken 15 minutes before she actually had to crawl out of bed. Apparently, the little one had an "accident" and needed sheets and clothing tended to. Her body was still aching and her ears, eyes, and sinuses were on fire. With all the effort she had, and a helpful tug from the little one, she managed to fall out of bed. The little one tended to and the, handled, she crawled back in to bed with the little one by her side. Thank goodness for those last 12 1/2 minutes. [The sound of bare feet approaching] "Honey? You told me to wake you at 15 after. Something about putting something in the oven?" Oh, yea. I'm making sausage quiche for the teachers at school today. It being their appreciation week and all. Once again, she forced herself to fall to the floor, her feet and legs barely catching her. Had her upper torso made it to the floor? She never would have left there. Into the kitchen she groggily, foggily, achingly wandered. Coffee...that will wake me and soothe the raspy rawness of my throat she thought to herself. [Flip, went the light switch...brightly on blinded, burning eyes.] Hit the fridge, pull out the half prepared delacacy for the teachers. [Crack, went four eggs along with the sound of milk.] From somewhere a fork appeared and it seemed the ingredients were being beaten together. MMMmmmm, I smell coffee. Two sinus cold pills and two cups later? She realized that two cups were not enough today. But, it was too late to make more. Kids fed, dressed, lunches packed and backpacks loaded, the hot quiche sitting and smelling wonderfully in its warmer.....she was off. Off to tend to the day. That day that wouldn't, couldn't stop. The coffee began kicking in and the allergy pills too. Things aren't so bad....I'm waking from myself and my aches are....well, manageable. After all, it's only a 99.6 fever and everyone knows that "doesn't count." At least not in Mommy World. Children at school, teachers fed, tank fueled, unexpected stop to pick up the Fav MIL, drop her off with the SIL, purchase MIL's Mother's day gift, handle work assignment for the day, make the item returns to appropriate stores, pick up daughter's birthday present....pick up the rest of MIL's present....finally back to home. When I get there I am surely going to fall to the couch. No matter what....mess, duties, it will all wait for I must rest. Right. This is Mommy World. She slithered out the door of the SUV (thank goodness it sits up high so she could just melt down the side step) and into the house bringing only the special purchase from the meat market (they have fabulous ribeyes, expensive, but fabulous) that was to be part of Fav MIL's gift. Throw it in the freezer....hit the couch with soft snuggly blanket. Now almost dozing...[GROWL!!!!!] Oh, hungry. Can't rest with a grumbling tummy. I'll eat and then? I'll lay down for awhile before I have to pick up the kids. But, the T-ball pants had to be washed and dried for the game tonight. And, the beds hadn't been made (remember the Little one's accident before dawn?) And, there were still all the items that needed to be unloaded from the SUV and put away and/or gift wrapped. Luckily, tomorrow is Friday. Mommy's one off day. Oh, wait...we are working the school bar-b-que...the all night cookin' kind. No day off this week. The world never stops in Mommy World. I feel like Cow Poop. But, the world doesn't stop for Cow Poop. It'll spin around it, over it, even through it. But? It won't stop. [Groan] Happy Cow Poop....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One more today, For Good Merit!

So, since I've been so far behind in bloggie world I had to share one more my Big Lil'bro left at my MS place; he knows me so well:

The caption below it says, "Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy."

I always say, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!" [smiley-wink]

Okay, time for tylenol and cleaning.


Life to the 3rd Power (and late WWC)

Howdy Y'all! Gee-wizz, has it really been a week? A whole week? Since I've posted to my bloggie? I knew things were busy, but come on? I mean, this is me, right?

Well, apparently, life has exploded -- make that imploded -- and there are remnants and rubble left all over my house! My house is a mess!! Yes, MY HOUSE! Somewhere between Friday and now I am waaaaayyyy behind.

A couple of you noticed I was missing. Thank you for looking out for me ;). For the rest of y'all? WTH? (Just kiddin'!)

DH fogged the house so now all the mirrors and floors have a film -- and you know what? The little fruit fly buggies are still here....I think they have multiplied and have undergone a chemical/genetic mutation and are impervious to pesticides. Actually, DH said he used a house friendly (non-toxic and natural) fog for them.


Ummm, don't we believe in toxic germ/bug warfare around here? DH has the college degree in farming and bugs? But, I have a degree in chemicals and I can tell you that it's gonna' take the toxins to get rid of these buggers!

Earlier this week, I tackled the laundry that had exploded all over my living room...only to turn around today to find five more loads oozing from the utility room. (Where does it all come from?)

On top of all of this? Murphy's Law has kicked in. Yesterday I was somewhat achy and sinusy...allergy like and all. Today, I wake up feeling all medicine head, and my sinuses, my ear canals, and my throat are all on fire. Not to mention the fever in the eyes. I'm running a low grade fever, you know, the 99.5 kind. Leaving me totally functional yet feeling like trampled horse manure. Damn Murphy!

On a Fun Note: Friday night we had the annual Farmer Appreciation dinner and "Casino Night" that a local tractor retailor provides. Whoo-hoooo!!! This is my one most favorite night of the year! They feed us steak dinners, give us some free booze and then let us gamble our hearts out to win tickets for drawings for lots of free prizes!!! CRAPS is my all time favorite. Every year I stand at the same table with the same stick guy and "casino employees." They always take good care of me and send me on my way with a few extra tickets in my pockets (both for booze and for prizes).

On a Suckie Note: I didn't win a damn thing this year. Chicken Biskets!! Previously, I've won a portable DVD player (which was wonderful on the 12 hour trip to Arkansas with toddlers in tow) and the next year I won a set of golf clubs and sold them for $150.00!! (Mama needed some mad money and Mama don't golf.)

The other biggest thing that happend this week(end) was this:

Yeppers! Mason lost his first tooth. He was, of course, ecstatic as his school chums have been loosing teeth left and right. I hid my sulleness at the fact that he is officially full out boy now. No more baby, toddler, little boy. He's a full out's kinda' scary.

Saturday we had T-ball [AGAIN] first thing that morning. Then the "Annual Fair," then errands. We stopped to eat here:

This is the smallest little hole in the wall ran by a fairly young guy. The food is fantastic! Primarily mexican food but also homemade staples like, old fashioned hamburgers. Oh, and his hot sauce? I'd give it an A+. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's as good as mine. Different flavor, but just as yummy.

See the joy on her face? It's because we are eating at Julio's Easy Stop.

The rest of Saturday flew by in a cleaning (go figure) frenzy and a batch of Potato Salad for a bar-b-que at Mrs. T's the next afternoon. Sunday flew by with church, CCD, a birthday party, then that bar-b-que that afternoon/evening. FYI? We totally forgot to serve the potato salad. Mrs. T later noted that it was rather tasty and she/they'd be happy to keep for themselves :o).

Monday didn't stop either, until we got home from T-ball at almost 9:pm and then washed and bedded down the kiddos. Tuesday was the same with errands, school, Teacher Appreciation week and breakfast and gifts, homework, another T-ball game....

There's my little red sox now. I'm his number one fan :)

Anyhow. Here is my WWC, 3 and fire.

3 burners, burning.

Hey? At least I played.

So the rest of May is pretty much over booked and we will continue to live life to the 3rd power....but, come May 29th? I'm taking a big fat break....Lazy summer days are soon on their way...

Happy.....what day is this?