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Monday, February 28, 2011

FW Poetry: An Ode' to my iPhone

So, it has been quite the while since FW has shared some poetry for the love of her inanimate things.  I've 'oded' to the dishwasher, the old bissell flip-it and even the dust-buster.  Today, I 'ode' to appreciate an item of a different variety.

TECHNOLOGY.  :-)  I do so 'ode'ore you.

An ODE to my awesome iPHONE

Ode to my iPhone, which I always cradle near.
Your vibrating chirps, I always revere.

You're loyal, dependable and always on cue.
Mac gets jealous as his Wi-Fi isn't as astute.

In the light and the dark, power or lack of plug,
we have a charging bond from which we share our constant love.

We share emails and music and FB galore.
I'm overwhelmed with your awesome, technological allure.

One day a new (i)Pad will roam within these walls,
just know you'll always be my first to go to for texting and those occasional, actual calls.

I thank you sweet iPhone and Hubby for carrying the monthly rate,
as we were destined to be together, you and I, by a techno-addictive fate.

Happy Wednesday a/k/a Hump Day!

Hump-Diggity!  Diggity, Diggity, Diggity....  (Remember that show?)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LAUGH! at ME! Things I ALMOST FB'd today...

Me. all humorous-jumerous. ;-P  [I've been doing a lot of that too, lately.  The whole smiley, goofy tongue out thingie....  Hey, I yam what'I'yam...]

It has been brought to my attention that I post a lot on FB.  I have also heard some say, "People don't have to post everything about their day...."  But, as a reformed tweeter (believe me, I had a problem.  I think it was an intervention that caused tweet deck to lock up and fail on me, never to work right again) I still post those little 140 character notes.  I'm habitual.

It's like texting with a whole bunch of people at once.  My Lil'Brother brought it to my attention today that I am 10% of his posts.  He has a 130+ friends.  So, I'm one out of every 13.  Or is it 13 to every one of the other peeps posts.  Oh, and he commented that I am 'always' on (line, that is -- though, I find my humor pretty accessible too. *snort*).  We all know I'm available (again, ONLINE.  No dirty minds) most of the time somehow by LT or iPhone, to which I hope to one day add 'iPad'.  So, yeah.  I'm pretty much always here.  But in an effort to save myself from being hidden by all my FB friends -- I'm holding back.  Some.

Here is what I almost FB posted today: (You know, in addition to the stuff I DID put out there, on-line.)

Charlie is back on Two and a Half Men tonight, I hope he has his $h!t together.

Hubby splurged on Ralph Lauren sheets and OMG they are awesome.  To which I would have added the following comments:
--  I'm too cheap to buy RL sheets
-- Yes, Hubby actually went sheet shopping

Considering I woke every hour on the hour from midnight on last night; and actually got up at 4:30a.m., throwing in the towel on rest -- I think I'm doing pretty good at clickity clicking off the check list.

Book + Treadmill = Me Multi-tasking

Sweeeeet!  I'm prepped for dinner!

I want a Suburban, because there are times when Bigger IS better.  This is one of them.  I'm not picky though.  I'd TOTALLY settle for the extended Expedition. This one would have been posted from my iPhone.  Kids in back seat not getting along and all.  But, I would have pulled over and posted it at the stop sign and 'off the highway and on the totally deserted' county road.

Am not!  Okay, so totally am....

I don't wanna' hear it.

"Hey, Mr. DJ put a record on.... I wanna' dance with my baby"....  (Sometimes Madonna channels through me. Go figure.)

"Only got four minutes to save the world!"  There she goes again; or, maybe that one was Justin Timperlake.  I like the Justin.  Um, well, Justins.  But, like TOOOTALLY not in that cougar way. [Except for the older, legal one... maybe.  *snicker*!]

There were more.  And, will be.  But, like I said.  I'm trying to reconfigure my brain so that I don't smother my peeps for fear they will hide me.  And, then who will read me over there at FB and link back to over here??  ;-X  Super GASP!!!  I'm trying.  But, it's a long, multi-stepped process and the first step is admitting "I" have a problem.  And, I'm just not quite there yet.  I've only accepted that my Lil'Bro's comment might.  Might.  Have inferred that I have a problem.

So.  Baby posts.  I mean steps.  ;-P  (there I go with that again.)

Happy "I wrote this MONDAY but am so out of the box, breaking the rules posting on TUESDAY!!!!"



Monday, February 21, 2011

Nickels, Dimes and Dollars

OK.  Actually, just pennies.  Pennies a day that is.  But, at the end of the month they total into nickels, dimes and quarters; the occasional dollar.

I'm talking about my earnings via my Triond content and my google ad clicks there.  For example, my content has earned 50 cents in the past ten days, but just today I earned an additional 37 cents from ad clicks on that content!  Now, you start adding that up day by day and I AM earning a few bucks here and there.

I'm thankful to the friends I've made over there who visit and comment on my content, and to the tweople who click my twitter links, and to my FB peeps who follow me around -- and, to y'all.  My blog friends.  Those couple of seconds you take out of your day just for lil'ol me are really appreciated.

For those of you new here with me, I have a widget on the left side bar that has links to my most current articles and recipes published through Triond.  So, if you are curious (or hungry) click through to find something new.

AND, I know that some people find google ads on blogs annoying but in support of them -- I've earned over $20.00 with those little babies over there on the left side bar.   Unfortunately, google doesn't pay on those until you reach $100.00.  But, then you can be paid via PayPal or check mailed directly to your little mailbox at your house.

So, I'm 1/5th of the way to my $100 bucks!!  [Feel free to give your mouse some extra electronic exercise by left clicking on those ads over there.   After all, the mouse needs attention too.] :-D

Anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks, and thank you, and that I appreciate your support and for reading me, and following me, and friending me, and clicking on me!

With that, here's a little song by 'Cindi' that I felt appropriate for this post and conversation...

Happy Monday!!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Across The Hall" BOOK GIVEAWAY (Romance)

Typically, I'm not one to 're-read' a book.  Particularly, just a few months of having read it the first time.  Although, I am one to watch a particular set of movies over, and over, and over... and over again.

But, when approached by this book's author, NM Facile, to review this book on my blog (and, offer a e-book copy giveaway, YAY!!) I immediately said YES!  And, I committed myself to re-reading this book in order to write a full review with the story fresh in my mind.  My review on Goodreads was short and concise, but for my blog I wanted to share a more in-depth insight.

The second time around, it did not let me down.  My attention was once again captured immediately.  I love how the story begins with Sylvia, a college student and the Main Character, waking to an awful hangover from a night out with the girls.  Because, obviously I want to know what happened the night before.

While trying to heal her broken heart through a few one night stands, Sylvia finds distraction in a bad boy.  Opposite of her former type.  With the help of close friends who posse around here, Sylvia thinks she has finally found a way to put her life and her heart back together.  Then again, her mysterious bad boy might just turn out to be more than she can handle.

Life gets more complicated when an unexpected stranger moves in Across The Hall.  Fate becomes twisted.  Her heart and mind confused wanting love but fearing it too, the previous scar on her heart from her first heartbreak still healing.

This story takes me back to those days of my twenties.  A time when I was an adult and in charge of my life though still somewhat unsure and unsteady in so many of the decisions and choices presented to me.  Yet, an age where life teases out one's wild side.  It took me back to that first, true heart break.  And, it brought back that level of passion youth pours into relationships.

This is a great read, smooth chick-lit with a little steam wavering through the pages here and there! ;-D
[Who doesn't like steamy scenes?]

So, the fun part for you?  Besides reading it for yourself?  I get to offer a signed, personalized copy of this e-book as a GIVEAWAY courtesy of  (You can download to your e-reader or read via your computer).


1 Entry) Comment here asking to be entered; be sure to include your email address so that I can contact you if you win.  Or, you can email me your email address to (You must comment to be entered).

1 Additional Entry) Post a link to this giveaway on Facebook and post the link in the comments here.

1 Additional Entry)  Tweet about this great little giveaway and post the link in the comments here.

That gives you three chances to enter! ;-)  This giveaway will end at midnight CST on Saturday, March 12th, 2011.

Note:  If the winner does not reply to my email notification within 48 hours I will select a new winner.  Winner to be chosen via random drawing.



Thursday, February 10, 2011

PISS & MOAN: The Moral of the Story

Yeah, so I probably should vlog this.  But as it is, I'm slipping it in here and there while tending to the household chores and preparing for company for dinner tomorrow (YAY!) and working on [more] school party stuff.  [We've had a lot of stuff going on at school lately....]

But, I don't have time to make the video and then upload and Hubby would probably walk in and ask me why I was talking to myself.  And, I'm all frazzled and frizzed from cleaning (although, I do think I look pretty sexy in my tight cammo T-shirt, lace-up boots and jeans.)  :-D

Anyhow, back to the P!$$ and Moan.  This has been a fairly cr@ppy week; and full of lots of stuff I didn't want to do/deal with.  So I was gripin' about it all on Monday and woke to the phone at 5:am Tuesday that the ambulance was on the way to get my mom and I needed meet them at the hospital (about an hour away, driving in the dark, which I am not supposed to do).

Not catching the hint, I was whiny Tuesday evening about other stuff coming up and, though, glad that mom was okay -- frustrated with having lost a day or at least half of a day.  Wake up the next morning to make up for two days lost only to get a call that Mom is having an allergic reaction to her antibiotic and that needs to be changed IMMEDIATELY.  But, I'm an hour away and the doctor closes in like 45 minutes and the nurse won't put me through to Mom's doctor but instead insists that she come in. [Ahem, again I explained to the nurse that Mom is practically bed ridden and just released from 6 hours in the ER the day before.  Pneumonia, in case you are curious.]

Anyhow, that all finally got worked out, Mom back home and to bed and resting and taking her meds and healing slowly.

So, again -- missing the hint/s I'm whining about the cold and having to get out for the kids field trip and stuff.  Having settled myself to terms and done with my tantrum [it is really all about the cold; I *hate* the cold] I get to school and am reading in my Chariot waiting for time to leave.  My tummy growled at me -- I'd forgotten to eat breakfast because I usually eat when I get home from dropping off the kids.

And, considering it was 29 degrees outside the vehicle started to get pretty cold.  So, I decide to drive over to the local jalisco style restuarant to eat a taco and warm up while waiting for time to leave for the field trip.  And, that is when it happened.

DEAD.  BATTERY.  Holy Chalupa Batman!!  What-the-hey?!  And, in about an hour and fifteen minutes I am supposed to drive three children to the field trip.  So, I call Hubby and get lucky.  He's available and the Knight-in-Shining-Armor [John Deere Green] he is, he comes out with a new battery and fixes the Chariot all up just in time for our excursion.

The Moral of the Story IS:  FW!  Quit your Gripin!  Quit P!$$in' and Moanin' because Karma comes back around and Karma is sayin, "Hey?  You have it pretty well so if you don't like it how it is -- I, Karma, can change it for you."  Me, "No thank you Karma.  I learned my lesson.  I want my normally, scheduled routine back.  Thank you."

AND, get this!  Something else came up today and I so, totally, wanna' stomp my feet and whine and p!$$ and moan.  But, I'm fighting the urge.  I must heal myself from this negativity, spoiled, whininess that has been plaguing me.

So starting tomorrow I will be singing THIS song.  Because I'm not about P!$$ and Vinegar.  I'm made of sweet wine, blossoms and sunshine.  ;-)  And, after all, tomorrow IS FWFD of the WEEEEEEEEEK!!!!

Make it a beautiful one!


Monday, February 7, 2011


Yeah, remember the Pet Shop Boys?  I heard this song today and it stuck with me.  Opportunities....


Friday, February 4, 2011

Raising a Jumper

Lil'Gal is a lot like me.  And, by a LOT I mean a lot.  I do what I wanna' do, how I wanna' do it and don't try to tell me otherwise or be prepared to verbally fence with me over the logic.

As a child her age, however, I was not true to myself.  This was due to the fact that my childhood was...well, not. good.  You know those Lifetime movies where the child comes from such hardship, such misery, such a struggle and finally triumphs in the end?  Yeah.  Well, I lived it.  And, it wasn't that pretty and all wrapped up in Kleenex commercials either.

That said.  Once I got old enough to have a voice, I used it.  And, I haven't stopped.  And, it drives me nutty that Lil'Gal will not follow the rules and tests every boundary; having no respect for the word "NO". In this way she and I are POLAR opposites.  I like lines drawn, black, white, no gray.  I's dotted, T's crossed and no extra curly cues.  [Unless you feed me wine or some other spirit; then, I'm much more pliable -- LOL!]  Ha ha!

I just caught another pun in that one; double pun = strike one up for FW creativity with words. :-D

Raising a Jumper.  This is what Lil'Gal is.  She's a jumper.  She is not afraid of life.  Though, she deals with some physical hardships that sometime wane her emotional strength and sometime cause her a moment of pause, she never doubts herself.  And, she never gives up.  Believe me, if you know her you know you'd cry 'uncle' just due to the sake that you were exhausted from the battle/struggle/debate.

She might on occasion develop a sudden case of the shys but it is fleeting and only related to her age.  When she's reached adulthood?  Hear her roar, oh yes we will.  She is head strong and determined and she jumps right into life.  In every aspect.

She's a jumper.  And, as I watch her and struggle to deal with her mental strength and strong will; trying to teach her that there are indeed boundaries that must be respected and enforced, I see so much of myself in her.  Only she is free-er to implement this part of her personality from the start.

She won't be told, she won't be fenced in, and she won't be easily influenced.  Like a wild horse who refuses to be broken.  She jumps into the group and I often find in the end she's running the show.  So all of this hard-part-of-parenting is so totally worth it.  Sure, I'm going gray at an early age (okay, not that early).  Sure we share temper tantrums.  But, one day....  one day not that far from now.....

She's going to jump herself right into success.  She's going to dive right in and find love and a life to be proud of.

So what are the rest of us waiting for?  We only live one life (that I know of so far).  So, be a jumper.
[Sound my my splash as I jump right in.]


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For a Good Laugh (You're Welcome) :-)

So, I heard this bit on the way to the grocery store after having sweetly tucked my children into class.  The You-Tube version below does not have any video so feel free to listen while you work.  It is hilarious if you stick with it.  Just know, that the final punch line does have a couple of 'appropriately placed' curse words for the sake of 'comedic impact'.

I've heard this skit several times and I always end up laughing out loud!

This is another hilarious one;  I love the part about his son wanting to buy a truck...  If you can't listen to the whole thing then at least make it 3 minutes in where he talks about his first vehicle, a 196? VW Bug.  Remember those?  HEEEE-LARIOUS!!!  If you CAN listen to the whole thing?  OMG, you'll laugh so hard you'll almost pee yourself!!  [And, this one is 'cursed' free.]

Happy Tuesday!! Hope I made ya' laugh!