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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Truth About Me, Aging, Weight and Health

The truth about me, aging, my weight AND health: A Tell All


Who's been here?
That picture up there? That's how most of my old favorite clothing stand-bys have been fitting as of the last six to twelve months. Not a great feeling. My metabolism had been growing more and more lazy and I had been finding myself joining it. We even moped about it together.

Recently I went to one of my doctors' for a visit only to be told that my blood pressure was extremely high - especially since I have always run lower than normal = wakeup call.

AGING: I started noticing the weight coming on a couple years ago. I was stepping up into 40 so I chucked it up to that. I mean, I birthed two children and maintained a petite figure for the next ten years or so, right? I deserve not to worry about that 40 weight. [Ha ha, that's a pun!]

When I turned 40 last year, my thought process and declaration was that I would start getting serious about exercising and my belly fat after my birthday. Kinda of a "I'm 40 and going to be FAB" kind of declaration.

Well, with kids in school, extra-curricular activities, and all the other things I threw in to take up my time give me an excuse why I didn't hit the treadmill hard each day I just didn't quite get there. And, it's over a year later.

Other than my 'koolaid' I eat quite well. Although, I had started adding in some chip munching and more carbs than I used to. Salting food more. A lot of things I didn't partake in when I was younger and really never wanted to. I don't eat sweets. Somewhere between the kids the sweet tooth swapped teams. Maybe that's why I started liking salt so much. Hmmm. Something to ponder.

I did notice that my face was puffy. Kinda' balloonish. And, that's when things really started bothering me. Along with hot flashes and feeling cruddy about myself all the time. So, at the prompting of a friend I decided to join a gym in our area. Get real. Get serious. Hubby liked the idea so we joined together and have been diligent for the last six weeks in going regularly.

I do a spin class. (The first time I took it it kicked. My. @$$!! BIG. TIME. And, that wasn't even using any resistance!) I also do Muscles In Motion which is a cardio class with weights. It's FUN! (The first time this class ALSO kicked my @$$.)

So, eating better and working out regularly - really working out (not like my 'walk on the treadmill reading on the kindle' type work out at home) the scale was still not my friend. Lose two pounds -gain two pounds, lose three pounds - gain two pounds. Five years ago [okay, maybe more like ten] the weight would have come off immediately.  Mean scale! MEAN! Baaaaaaad scale. ;-{

And, my face was still puffy too!

So, enter last week when I went to see said doctor. He said, "GO SEE YOUR MD NOW!" So I did. And, you know what? My BP was still incredibly high. WTH?

Apparently, since I had blood pressure issues with my first child and pre-eclampsia (It was horrible. They caught it late because I ran low for a pregnant woman so my BP looked normal right up until the end. My face was puffy back then too) that makes me prone to high BP as I age.

He also did mention that ten pounds makes a big difference in blood pressure as well. Which I'm working on.

Solution? A little green pill. Not to be confused with that little blue pill; that's for something entirely different. :-P

                                                                                                                         This little baby here ------------------------------------------------------->

Works magic. I asked my doctor how long it would take to start working. He said a day or two. What a difference. I didn't realize how awful I'd been feeling. Not to mention self conscious about, well everything about myself.

My hot flashes have even subsided some. Oh, I still get them here and there. But I actually had a little chill when I woke up yesterday morning.

And, with hard work - avoiding high sodium foods and continuing with my love of vegetables - I've lost six pounds! I've also cut back on my favorite koolaid. Replacing it with that awesome liquid known as water. In addition I discovered some of those muscle things in my arms! Yeah, for real! Some of the puffiness has left my face. I've still got some work to do to slimming it, that IS related to the weight issue.

My goal isn't really about the number on the scale, okay, for now it is but ultimately it's not; the whole muscle vs. weight thing but rather, fitting back into my favorite clothes!


Life changes, our bodies change. And, that is okay. But, we still have to respect them and love them and work them out a little.

And, that's my update on me and my physical challenge to build a better me. :-)

Happy Monday!!!


Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Gym & I: Rebuilding our relationship :-P

PUBLIC BLOG NOTICE: These 'gym' posts I hope to be humorous and also, on occasion, allow me to brag about my physical improvement. :-P

I have to say that it is SO MUCH harder at 41 than at 25 to get my body back in shape. Of course, until hitting my late thirties I never had issues with 'getting back in shape'. I just kinda' maintained it. Don't throw tomatoes, I did work out and work at it more but I didn't have to work at it like in my 40s.

I don't expect to be as fit as I was at 25. But, I would take my physique back (after having two children) from about 35. I was good and comfortable with myself. And, no high blood pressure or puffy face, and my clothes still fit..

Just keep spinning, just keep spinning-spinning!

So, my first day at the gym I took a spin class. I've always wanted to do a spin class. You know, like you see in the movies where they are spinning super fast and sweaty [I don't like the sweaty part, that's why I get the fan] and having a conversation with best friends like the gals on' Sex In The City'. I was really excited!

I went in totally motivated to SPIN-SPIN-SPIN! But it's not just spinning. There is resistance called gauge. You have to stand up and bike (and not like when we were kids). Then you have to alternate with this position I'd almost call a crime called "Hover" I hate to Hover unless I'm hovering over my children's lives and academics. Anyhow at each interval you have to turn up your gauge. OW.

As I was spinning in a class that in my 20s and 30s I would have kick PIE at, I found myself breathing hard and cursing to myself under my breath. [A LOT.] At that moment when I saw my profile in the mirror I realized - Holey $H!T! I HAVE totally let myself GO!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! And thus began my uphill battle with working out three times as hard as I had to in my younger years, when I enjoyed working out three times as hard as I had to. What's the term for that scenario. I know there is a word in the dictionary for that turn of events in life.

So this morning, after having been spinning and attending a cario-weight class for about six weeks a couple came in to spin. She seemed a little younger than me. Not slender but in really good shape (i.e.: her old clothes fit). She brought her husband who seemed about my age. I've never seen a man in the class. Would love to get Hubby but he's not crazy about the tiny bike seat (um, we don't spend that much time 'on' the seat and when we do we worship it.)

Her husband is training for a triathlon. Or something similar to that. He was in good shape too. Since he was in training she suggested to him that he should try the spin class with her. At first I think he thought, politely, "Eh, I can do this." He didn't know what he was in for!

I was next to him and recognized his struggles. Oh, he was holding his own but it reminded me of me six weeks ago. *Patting self on back at my progress*

At one point, about half way through (while I was doing well) it was "Hover" time. Again. At the same time we both said under our breath "$h!t". I found it quite funny and we laughed through our breathing.

The instructor giggled as she said, "Sorry!" into the mic as she was leading the class.

I'm thinking we might see them both back at the next class. I'd love to get Hubby in. I might challenge him. ;-)

Anyway, other than some curses under my breath and my clothes still not fitting any better I've found that the gym is worth it and I'm held to a higher level of participation so long as 'the others' are watching me. Because at home... well, for a little electricity my treadmill agreed not to tell on me. :-P


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kids and Sibling Rivalry

So, we all know. As parents. That when you have more than one child there tends to be an animosity in the house. It is basically a love-hate-love-tolerate-love-hate relationship amongst the siblings.

So Farmer, Jr's room is usually in a whirlwind of a wreck. Not because he's messy. Because he still plays a lot with his tractors. He's practicing for next year when we hope we have a real crop and for life learning. LOL! And, legos. And transformers. And, those build a critter things... Bionicals? His uncle gave him?

He's in sixth grade but as handsome as he is he is not on the girl radar - wait - he's on their radar but he doesn't know what it is yet.

Anyhoo. He had the chores to do and his room and bathroom to clean. He gets overwhelmed when it comes to his room and 'cleaning'. "I'm still playing with that, after my homework." And, "It's tooooo much MOM!" Well, you get it out, you put it up.

"I'm going to wear those clothes again." Say what? Dirty. No.

"But I'm working on thaaaaatttt. This is sooooo harrrrrddddd."

Reminds me of my second youngest brother once. Me, my brother first born next to me, and my Dad were all at the table. Playing dominoes. Second brother starts throwing his toys away because "he has too much stuff to keep his room clean."

Me <----- appalled="" because="" didn="" growing="" have="" i="" mom="" much="" my="" p="" pretty="" t="" up="" with="">
He was grounded to his room until it was clean. Me, my younger brother and Dad were at the table. Second brother looking at us from his room. We waved. It was hilarious - at least on our part.

Anyhow, Lil'Gal actually loves her brother. Sure, she harasses the cr@p out of him. But that's what girls do apparently as kids when they love someone. (She harasses the cr@p out of me too, and her Dad, all in a loving way).

Back to the room. Lil'Gal had offered to help him clean his room. In her words, "I'm good at organizing." I told him if he was smart, he'd let her help him and then in trade... spend some quality time playing a board game or Wii with her. He agreed but then went with his Papa to get new tires for his Go Cart.

Lil'Gal cleaned....and organized his room. Including his million tractors.

When he got home I told him, "She cleaned your room. AND, organized your large tractors. (She also did his closet). You better be sweet and spend some quality time with her."

Him. Looking at room. "I'm. AMAZED. Yes, Ma'am." And siblings are loving instead of hating. It's the small things...

Love kids, love family, love life, love kids who get love and life....

Happy weekday!!!


Friday, June 28, 2013


You know you have a big dog when people say, "WHOOOOOAAAHHH" when she walks up. Or when you walk out of the vet's office with extra heart worm meds and an empty pocket book. Or when you have to buy a ramp to get her in the SUV.

My biggest baby is also the biggest member of the family. Well, almost. Hubby is a big, strong guy. And, in better shape. She's holding up a hefty weight next to him though = at a full figured 162. Which means, DIET time (again).

Many of y'all have seen several OK. TONS. Do I really post that many pictures of my pets? LOL pictures on Facebook, and of course, here at my blog of my pets. And, my wee bit of favoritism for my Biggun'.

There she is:

That's her smile when she injured her hip. She was heavy back then too. She threw it out either chasing a tractor or chasing a tractor and falling in a hole her co-partner dug in the dog run. AND. Had to go on a diet. Try getting a 160 plus pup up on a bum hip. That was a rough two weeks.

Here she is with Lil'Gal. Playing iPod.

So I knew she was overweight again and I knew the foreboding scale was in our near future. It was set in stone when I ran into a lady and her daughter at Petco the other day and she had a gorgeous English Mastiff. Here's how the conversation went, in general.

Me and the kids, "Look, a Mastiff!"

The Mastiff, "Look! Kids! Who want to pet me!"

He was super sweet. Their size can be very intimidating (which comes in handy time to time) but their smile will melt you. [And, their paws will crush toes. I know from experience.]

Me, "How old is he?" *I think he was about a year*

Me, "He's so handsome! They are the best dogs...gentle giants."

The owner, "Oh, yes. I really wanted one. My daughter found him on Craig's list."

The kids, "His HEAD looks waaaay BIGGER THAN BRANDI's."

And, that's when it hit me. Um no. he just hasn't grown into his body. YET.

Me, "What's he weigh?"

Owner, "About 125."

Me *GULP* I knew then and there, if HE was 125.... SHE is not 150.

Owner, "We are actually trying to put some weight on him. What DO YOU feed your Mastiff?"

Me, "Um. She's on weight management..."

Ramp practice to get her in the vehicle
So, after the vet appointment with both dogs it was decided and prescribed to put her back on a diet. Truth is, she only eats four cups a food a day. Well, that's what she is served. She could sneak back over to Dulce's bowl for a snack-a-roo if Dulce doesn't eat all of her food. Although, I don't see that being the issue because little Dulce has put on a few pounds too. Weighing in at a whopping 59 pounds. Far cry from Biggun'. :-P

According to the vet, 'That's not working.' So cut her back more and add in exercise. Which is hard during the South Texas heat with triple heat indices well into October. To which the vet also agreed that it is too darned hot for her. So, either walk her before sunrise or after dark. She'll be spending half the day in the utility room (where she currently is).

He also mentioned, with her being seven years old or so...that Mastiff's tend to live to be only about nine years old or so.

Me, "WHAT????"

My baby. Getting to be an old lady. We've both let ourselves go a little.

Oh, the thing about a big dog? They are protective, loving, loyal. Pretty much the same as a little dog, just a whole lot more to love. ;-)


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

JUNIOR HIGH'dome: Entering the transition

Yeah. So we are heading there now. Me and Farmer, Jr. Junior high. Today was the field trip for 5th grade to the Junior High so the students could get a tour of the campus and also a presentation by the Junior High students about what clubs are available and what 'Junior High' life is like.

Farmer, Jr. only half way interested. Me, getting anxious, excited, paranoid? Yes, all the above. A wee bit "WTH are we in for?" Yeah, that too. MY BABY!! MY BABIES!! (I know all these kids and they look so small and young to be on a Junior High campus... sweet peaches, I just want to cuddle them!)

The principal gave a great speech. Although, I didn't find it quite as inspiring as I would have thunk but rather a slight bit - um, intimidating... I thought that speech would be saved for the first day of school.

It is so different from when I was a kid. Farmer, Jr. and I are a team though and we break into each new year together with all of its challenges and cool stuff too. By the time Lil'Gal comes along I've got it down. Which is good. Because she doesn't like change and transition either. And, she has separation anxiety. (I'll let you know what year she kicks me to the curb). :-P

So, I am preparing as much as him to endeavor onto a new campus and get to know new staff come July.

I will say, Farmer, Jr. has a good little group of friends. At lunch we got a table together because, well, at Junior High you can sit wherever you want. ;-) A bonus for growing and maturing. You also get a whole lot more food choices and a way better snack bar. The boys commended the food; this is what they are most looking forward to. :-P FJ went and grabbed a couple friends and one or two might have grabbed him to sit at our table. Most of the boys are in Safety Patrol with him which means they were selected from 4th grade for exhibiting excellence in behavior and academics. (These are the type of boys I'll let over to my house with him).

At the 'assembly' the Junior Highers' shared about various clubs. Band, Choir, NHS, Cheerleading (obviously NOT his thing but Lil'Gal will probably jump all over that one - pun intended), Yearbook, Swim Team, etc. I would mentioned to FJ, 'Hey, you might like that?" Him, shrug. Me, "What about that???" Him, shrug. Me, "What about THIS one?" Him, "I don't want to do anything that makes me stay after school." Okay. Well, there'ya'go. LOL! I guess extra curricular will stay with hunting, fishing and 4-H. FINE with ME!

The campus. I need to sign in as a guest and introduce myself to Ms. S, the librarian there so I can meander around the campus to find my way around. With 13 5th grade classes and a quick tour I couldn't figure out which way was up and down. Do I really have to know? YES.

One of my bestest friends is a teacher, Ms. Les, and she asked me recently, "How long are you going to follow them around until you let them out on their own?" Or something like that. She meant it well.

Me, "Copter, copter, copter..." A) Farmer, Jr. needs me to on a certain level; dysgraphia is something that doesn't just apply to ELA. It affects him in every course. Notes, testing, etc. So I have to be aware of what is going on in the classroom to be sure he is getting the accommodations needed (and, of course, ONLY what is needed). B) Lil'Gal still wants me around. My being on campus provides her with confidence. C) I know the kids. ALL the kids and they know me. They like me. My kids will grow up with them. I will know who and what and when to help my children make good social choices should they ask my opinion. D) I have friends with children in the same age range who don't have the opportunity to be up there all the time. I'm their eyes and ears when I see things going one way or the other, I can hug their kids or high five them and help them when they seem to be falling astray. D) I LIKE it. One day my kids are going to thank me for all that I do and have done and for the fabulous opportunity that they had with my being 'around'. Helping in school. Knowing the staff. 

It all pays off in the end. Think of me as the mom Sandra Bullock played in "The Blindside". (If only I was as good looking as her). Yeah. She's all cool and put together. She's a super mom. Yeah, THAT's ME. 

So while somewhat intimidated by all the changing of classes and hoping FJ can keep all his stuff organized, I'm almost getting kinda-sorta-maybe ready to help my first born grow up a little more. Ya' know. In a few months. After summer. 


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Farmer*sWife's Easy Muffin Tin Apple Pies

So I made these today. For the CCD bake sale tomorrow for their project to help children in between foster placement. (Yes, I had to brag about the kids again.)

Anyhow, these are so easy. I just kinda' made them up. We had apples, I wanted to sell something different, we had brown sugar and biscuits... TADA!

The before pic after I've assembled them:

The pic when they are toasty and done:

Plated to cool and be wrapped for the bake sale tomorrow! YES, we tried one. My brother said I should exhibit a pic of one cut in half but we only had one left and it was eaten before a camera or phone could be clicked :-P

Here is what we did (so simple) and remember to make it your own:

3 apples, two pink ladies and one granny smith (the best pies are made from the most flavorful apples)

Half an orange (I added this because we had some that needed to be eaten, and the citrus is good for the apples)

1/2 a stick of melted butter

brown sugar (I didn't measure; 1/2 - 1 cup; I did mine in batches so that is why no measurement)

About 3 tablespoons of flour

All spice and cinnamon to your liking

Canned biscuits (not jumbo or flaky although I think flaky might work really well)


Peel and dice the apples into mini cubes like about 1/4 inch or smaller. Mix up melted butter, brown sugar and spices. Add in apples and mix. Squeeze the orange juice over the apple mixture and mix well.

On a floured surface roll out canned biscuits, one at a time. Roll it out until about 3 inches in diameter.
Place rolled out biscuit in one of the (bakers sprayed or non stick sprayed) cups on a muffin pan. Lightly tuck the middle into the muffin cup. Fill the cup with apple pie filling.

Fold the edges of the biscuit in a flower style over the apple pie filling.

Repeat for the rest of the biscuits and pie filling.

Melt additional butter and brush on the tops of each muffin apple pie. Be generous but don't drown them. Then put in 400 degree oven for about ten minutes. Check them. Pull them out and check the bottoms as well as the tops. They will be unset and tender so be careful not to break through the bottoms.

You might want to brush with butter once more (I did) and put back in a watched oven for another couple of minutes. They will still need to cool to set up after done baking (when crust is tender brown on bottom and top).

Let sit about ten minutes and then place on a plate or other dish. SERVE. ICE CREAM WOULD BE NICE!!

It is so much easier than it sounds and they are fantastic!!

Happy Saturday and happy baking!!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Farmer*s Wife Fish Stir Fry! EASY PEASY!!

As posted on Facebook yesterday, I am posting the Fish Stir Fry recipe I made up yesterday evening to spice up the seafood and veggies in this house! It came out fantastic!!

You can find several online via google and pinterest but my family won't do teriyaki sauce or most other asian sauces. So, I improvised (although the kids hate the veggies anyhow so I broiled their portion of the fish).


So, we usually have fish on hand since Farmer, Jr. and Hubby fish a lot and I always keep frozen vegetable mixes and frozen stir fry mixes on hand because - well - I love steamed veggies.

My recipe.

Fresh fish/frozen fresh fish/fish you can find depending on what is available in your area.

We prefer trout, flounder or tilapia if we have to catch it or purchase fish. (I prefer steak-ier fish as well like salmon, tuna, and shark but my family does not).

I cut the fish into cubes a little under 1" squares. Then I used a minimal amount of olive oil (just enough to keep it from sticking to the pan) and I dusted the fish cubes with our homemade fish fry recipe.

Fish fry mix:

1 part flour
2 parts corn meal
Seasoning of your choice (we use Tony Chachere's)

Place fish in pan with oil warm/hot and powdered with your cornmeal mix. Stir until mostly cooked and a crispy texture. Then remove into another dish.

In the same pan, add frozen vegetables. Whatever stir fry veggies you like. Sometimes when I stir fry I even add fresh veggies that we get from my Fabo FIL's garden. Squash and the like. Use whatever YOU LIKE.

I use spray butter because it has minimal sodium and little to no calories. The fresh frozen stir fry mixes have their own water. So I stir them around and season according to my family's liking until pretty much cooked through.

Obviously, I like a lot of yellow squash and broccoli. Once this is done I add the fish back in. To finish cooking it (and warm it of course) and get it all yummy with the veggies.

And here it is! (Up above) Click for a larger view. It was SOOOO good. Hubby raved over it and I even had it again for brunch today.

Oh, and don't forget. Only if you want to. I did make some lightly seasoned rice to serve it over/with. The rice I did in my rice cooker my Daddy got me YEARS ago to which I am eternally great-ful for.

I used a pat or two of butter, two measures of rice, two measures of water and a chicken (knorr's) bouillon cube and some ground black pepper. But you can use any type of rice you like!

It was yum. And easy! *patting self on back*

Happy cooking!


Saturday, March 30, 2013

I was gonna' blog today; NO. REALLY. I was...

Judist preist, cheese and rice... Facebook really is a suck pie that gives instantaneous feedback at the click of a mouse and a few words typed in...

Verses blogging an entire story and waiting to see if anyone agrees or feels your joy or pain. FB has been the cr@p of my blog. Because I'm OCD and probably Adult ADHD and I have to have attention immediately. See me. Read me. Comment. Like my post. Get me! Get me now! OK... GET ME NOW!!

Y'all know. All of us FB junkies are the same.

So many have been lost along the side... their blogs growing dark, empty, and webbed. Only to be enjoyed by the occasional google hit from someone who finds just what they were looking for and yet aren't aware that that blog has been abandoned.

CURSE you Facebook! I will not fall along the side of the road. I will not let my blog rot in vermin cyberspace... lonely and unloved and unvisited. I WILL work harder for my blog to grow the stats it so loves. I WILL.

But it is a struggle and a journey. Kids, school, extra-curricular, marriage, family, working (outside the home), home maintenance, exercise for the body... Geeze. I'm Fab and 40, but I'm also Fab, 40, and... FLABBY. When they hell did that hit me so hard? (I don't need your comments. I already know what y'all are thinking. Keep the glass less full FW and maybe you won't have that ring around the waistline. LOL!) THAT. AIN'T HAPPENING.

So, I had this whole post typed out in my head but by the time I got here I lost my thoughts and am basically rambling through. Which might be more interesting anyhow.

Speaking of rambling. Well, not rambling. Maybe back to the random clicking and immediate satisfaction. I've found yet a NEW thing to obsess about. Y'all know me. I find something new an then I'm addicted to it for like, what seems like, EVAH. And, everything else goes by the wayside. Scrapbooking, photography, my floors (I still obsess about my floors...and toilets)... books, reading (the reading thing has really hung on! Three years, I think it is going to stick), reviews, pets, school, creative writing, volunteering, BAKING, subbing at school... I get on something and I go and go and go and go and ... well, like the energizer bunny.

But the addiction that I'm obsessing about at the moment is... wait for it... it's legendary...


YES!! That is where I have been! I CAN PIN from anywhere. During an insomniac night at 2:am, while waiting at a doctors visit, while searching for a recipe and then I get sucked in to all the other cool stuff, via an email of a pin from a friend who is showing me what they are working on NOW. It's an endless vortex. And, it eats me and my time and I'm a pinterest-crack-whore because I have to follow more pinners so I can find more things. I have to make new boards. I have to search new ideas and concepts. PIN ME. PIN ME. PIIIIN... ME. Pin me now!


And that, my friends and followers and newbies who pop in via a misdirection from google (or bing, I hate bing)... is where I HAVE BEEN. But, I'm going into therapy and rehab. Working on my ten virtual steps. And today is step one. I've admitted my sins and dysfunctions. I shall blog again. it shall be part of my therapy.

:-D I crack me up! With that, HAPPY EASTER!!! May the bunny find you happy, healthy and leave you in a state of euphemism... Because that is happy at its finest saturation...

[Oh lookie, a new recipe to pin!!]


Sunday, February 17, 2013

A PACKAGE IN THE MAIL??? (and other news)

For ME?? Lil'ol ME?

I love mail. All my life I've loved mail. Even junk mail and catalogs. Sure I tend to throw half of it away these days because it just adds to clutter. But, I still love it in my mailbox. Mail, real mail, means someone out there knows and acknowledges my existence. And, that is cool.

But when a PACKAGE is in my mailbox... well, WHOO-HOO!! I get super excited! Even if it is a free sample I signed up for (because free surprises in your mail box are way better than surprised in your 'in' box).

So yesterday was a lazy-do-nuthin'-day. Which means I didn't check the mailbox *GASP*

After CCD and the Historical Society raffle I checked the mailbox when we arrived home. And, holey Cowbells if there wasn't a package in there!! FOR ME! SQUEEEE!!

A package? For me?

What's in it???

The new and improved and rewritten - PRECIPICE!
Melissa Luznicky Garrett rewrote her first novel and she sent me a fresh copy of the new and improved volume! So that was a super Whoo-Hoo! SWEET? Totally. :-D

On a side note, things are running smooth around here. Kids have been doing their darndest to keep up their grades. A to A/B Honor roll 4 out of six six weeks so far. Farmer, Jr. has been doing really well. He kicks A at math. Obviously, ELA (English/Lit) is a struggle for him due to the dysgraphia but he is still pulling in the grades with a few but little accommodations so far. This year compared to years past has been wonderful.

We look at school for him with a new light. And, we tackle things differently.

Lil'Gal is doing well as usual although she IS struggling with Math a little. Those Mad Minute (3 minute, 30 problems) are killing her. I'm worried she might lose her A/B Honor roll for the year due to one grade this past six weeks. I keep checking to see if her teacher has finalized her grades.

All in all things are grand around Farmer*s Wife's house. Kids are good, we are good, pets are good.

Life is good.

Happy Sunday!!!!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

The new: PRECIPICE!!

        <------------------- b="" right="" steamy="">

I know I've blogged about this book before. But the author, Melissa Luznicky Garrett, has revamped it! It was her first book and self-published but after writing several more books she felt she just had to revisit her first novel and publish it appropriately. (I loved the first version, and this new, revamped, steamier version is even more.)

So, back to the KISS! (see 'the new' cover again!)

Precipice isn't just about a kiss. It is about a woman named Julia Becker, who is discovering that some of the stable decisions she's made in her life are turning out not to be so right.

Infidelity is out of the question, even in a dead end marriage that never should have happened in the first place. Try telling that to Wes, the school's new music teacher who happens to find Julia irresistible.

In addition to her own personal struggles with a marriage to a man she now realizes she never really loved and the secrets he keeps, unbeknownst to her;  she finds herself struggling against the ultimate betrayal to not only her husband but her best friend.

Life is weighing down on her and she just might not have the will power to fight the attraction any longer. Wes doesn't make it any easier, finding anyway to spend time with her... be where she is. She's at a PRECIPICE... This precipice leaves her feeling unforgivingly guilty. She is not one for infidelity. Yet, she is still young and full of desire that has never been filled by her 'fit the box' husband; older, yet the smart, safe choice. Making things worse, he disrespects her profession as an elementary school librarian, belittles her, and buys her cats when she brings up the thought of having children. As if meows could squelch a woman's physical need on a higher level. 

As I read along I cursed Jim and rooted for Julia turn against her morals because, after all she deserves it. All the while feeling her guilt as my own for thinking that way about Wes. A hidden crush for the lovely Wes whom she thinks is a wonderful match for her best friend. (While fantasying about him because if she were a free woman, she knows she could better fulfill his needs.)

This story is one of those that leaves me feeling like I really know the characters, as if I could pick up the phone and call Wes and Julia over for dinner one evening. Stories told like this one leave me reminding myself that they are characters in a book, though I still wonder what they are doing now.

AND NOW YOU can have a chance to read it TOO! I promise you won't be let down! f you like contemporary romance, or romance of any kind, you will adore this story.

So don't miss out. Especially, ahem.... the snow storm scene. *fanning self* :-) Wonderful, steamy contemporary romance read. Smut free but not passionate snow melting free. You can find Precipice in print and kindle at PRECIPICE.

And for a short time the kindle version is - FREEEEEE!!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

As promised, Lil'Gal's completed project

In my previous post I showed the kids working on their shop projects  but Lil'Gal still had to put the top on her art table and they decided to add castor wheels (because that table is REALLY. HEAVY).

So, as promised, here is a pic of her with her completed Shop Project. She painted it turquoise - her favorite color.

In addition to the shop projects Lil'Gal decided to do photography again. Santa brought her a really cool camera so she staged a few scenes. These are the two she is entering for the show this year.

Titled: Aggie Mascot

Titled Bunny at Sunset
Brandi in Aggie attire is just adorable. I swoon over! That picture will be framed and going on Lil'Gal's wall after the Livestock Show.

Tomorrow they are excused from school as we have four items to bake for the show and some require chilling in the fridge; cooling before the next step and it just ain't right to have to keep a kid up after school until midnight to work on their baking projects.

They go back to school for 1/2 day Tuesday but I'll be up at the show judging homemaking projects once I turn in the kids items so I'll be up there all day. Then, Wednesday our bunnies get sifted. The bunnies are doing really well. I'm really pleased, demeanor and fur and (meat) I some of y'all don't wanna' hear about that but that's what the livestock show is all about - after all.

And, NO. HOPPER. (Those of you who followed our rabbits last year know about HOPPER.)

I'll have to post at the end of the week (well maybe Sunday because rabbits are last on the sale list so we'll all be up there until midnight or later (*sigh). But next year that puts rabbit rotation in first for sale.

Still, its fun and there's food and beer and good camaraderie and that's another great part of the show.

Anyhow, been working on notebooks and projects and photographs and paintings and printing recipes and tomorrow the kids will be baking so I'm going over and out. But, this will be an exciting week.

[Oh, and FYI to my dismay... Christmas hasn't been put away... Don't judge me.]

Smile at someone and throw out a compliment! It'll add some happiness to the world!


Saturday, January 12, 2013


It's that time again!! Between working with the kids two notebooks and their notes and pics of their projects and baking projects and school and now the show is here it's been crazy-mad-busy around here.

(Tired of hearing that one, eh?)

Anyhow, the chicken is baked, the recipes are typed, one notebook is finished both shop projects almost complete and Lil'Gal is going to paint her picture she drew on canvas tomorrow to enter.

She is also entering two photographs this year.

So here is what I have pics of so far:

Lil'Gal working with Daddy (these pics, I just adore) and she's always fashionable, LOL!

Who says a girl can't build stuff? NOT. In this house! She LOVED, absolutely loved every minute of building her arts and crafts table with her Daddy.

This pic cracks me up, looking through Daddy's tool drawers and cabinets for the thingie she needs.

How can than NOT crack you up or touch your heart??? Working with Daddy and looking for the tools. This is framable. I tell ya'.

Farmer, Jr. of course kicked it out of the ball park or should I say crop field again this year.

Lemme' see what pics I have on hand in my photos for Farmer, Jr. :-)

Finished project! YAY! Now if we can just get the Project Notebooks done we'll be good. And lots of baking for projects on Monday. Oh, and Lil'Gal has to paint her pic she drew on canvas.

Otherwise all is *SNORE*