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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Ever since our visit with my life long friend this past weekend, I haven't been able to get this song out of my head. This is the "big one" we used almost all the time when we were choreographing our magical performances. Though, "Betty Davis Eyes", was another good one. Anyhow. I just had to post this little play list. I'm hoping I can incorporate it into an email to her and surprise her with the musical flashback!
As seems to be typical when I try to incorporate a play list into my blog post -- you'll have to click on the "Pop Out" Player button to get it to open and play. Anyhow. It's good for a flashback to the early 80s, I guess it was. So, now I'm going to try and email it to her. Haven't come up with a bloggie nick-name for her yet. It's been hard and I've given it lots of thought. I'm thinkin' Kitty because we used to carry kittens around in our shirts while we rode our bikes. And, "Kitten" would sound more like we were lovers....and Pickle Juice just isn't very attractive for a Gal. Anyhow, enjoy your "Eclipse," (and yes, the pictures of the road trip are coming....soon.) Have a Happy "Bright Eyed" Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Super Saver! It's a muddy world....

HIIIII! YaY! So, I was a super saver....I've never really calculated what I saved (pre-coupons, which of course are my newest obsession due to -- see my bloggie roll to check it out). DH called to check back in as Farmer Junior is "fit to be tied" (and lucky I haven't actually tied him up to anything) because he wants to go with Daddy and is chompin' at the Bit to get out there and see what havock has been wreaked on the cotton and see the machines running and/or getting stuck in the mud. Yep. Farmin' is in his genes. I don't know what he'll be farming by the time he's a grown up. Probably farmin' genetically altered (hopefully for a positive way) crops in a cement world using some sort of genetic break through where the crops don't need soil, earth, rain and sun. Whooooo's a changing world! So, back to Super Saver! That's me. That's my Super Hero title today. After DH explained (without actual cursing or griping) that "It's not a good time for Farmer Junior to ride along with us right now....we are mighty (Bleepity-bleep) peaved about the situation." That situation being? It's a muddy world out there in the middle of the field. Cotton is strained and tacking away from it's safe haven in the bowl. It wants to be rescued. But, it's too BLEEPIN' muddy for the machines to get in and get it out. Flippin' Chicken Biskets!!! ME: "Honey? If it's any consolation of any? I can offer that I saved at least $24.00 at the grocery store today!!!!!" DH: "Great Job!" Mind you, $24.00 doesn't make a fool's difference when he is looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars of crop in the field that are supposed to be harvested to pay for the hundreds of thousand dollar expensive machines required to extricate said crop from said plant and field. But, still? I know it is encouraging to him that I am it is to me, that he and my BIL are also trying hard as well. It comes down to the bottom line -- make a buck, save a buck, pay for your house and feed yourself. Geeeze! That was kind of a low note of my happy quote! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, let's talk about savings Baby! I've always been a good saver, smart shopper, and magician with leftovers and the like. But? After reading my way through "Pro's" blog I have a new obsession to keep an actual count. And, I've missed so many shopping pennies -- but, it is hard to total when you are constantly threatening the life out of two small kids, who are in shopping tow with you. So, a run down: DH wanted Green "Scope." "Scope" was $3.00 MORE than generic Green "Scope." When you read the labels, they are the same. BLEACH, Generic: I LOVE me some CLOROX. But, I did sacrifice a try last month at a scented generic bleach as the label showed no difference other than CLOROX vs. Generic. Um, I bought the generic bleach again -- Saved a dollar or so. $1.00 buck! COUPON MOM! Yep, finally got to use another one of her coupons she makes available. I find that I do typically save a whole lot more than a coupon can save me by buying a not so "well known" brand. [Our two local groceries chains don't offer double and triple on coupons.] But, still? I saved $2.00 dollars on eight rolls of toilet paper. That's a quarter a roll! And, considering where it goes? TOTALLY WORTH IT! (And, yes, it was name brand TP). MINCED GARLIC: Okay, this savings was last week but I just had to share. I learned this tip at "Pro's" place that if you save the pretty minced garlic jar, and then mince your own? Significant savings. So, I said, "Hey? I'm about out of minced garlic. I'll try it." Jar went through the dishwasher and waited. Last week's grocery trip I bought two cloves of garlic at a total of 65 cents. Minced garlic for the same sized jar was going for $2.39, I believe (if, I'm quoting correctly). CAN you BELIEVE THAT? Like a $1.7+ savings! All, I had to do was peal it and mince it through the chopper. Easy-Peasie! (uh-oh, now I sound like Pro, LOL!) [Now? Why didn't "I" think of that?] BLACK PEPPER: Seriously? I love to cook but I'm no Emeril. Generic Black Pepper will work just the same for me as McCormick's. And, it's a big difference. I didn't totally write down the amount but I'm thinkin' a couple of quarters. (50 cents! ;-D) MARK DOWN MEAT: Typically, around here? When the meat is at mark down? They season it so you can't see the rankness through the re-packaging. But, today? I checked it out a little deaper. (Again, Pro Found $16.00 worth of black angus thick cut steaks at about half priced. Told DH, he'd be eating steak tonight -- another little ploy to lift his spirits. (Oh, and the sale or freeze by date? 07-31-08 -- still two days away.) A splurge still? But DH totally deserves it and I'll enjoy as well! OLIVE OIL: Holy Crap! This shit is expensive. Recently, I purchased the generic. Hey, again, I love to cook and I'm pretty good at it. But, an extra $2.00 or $3.00 on a bottle of Fancy Olive Oil, isn't going to improve the flavor of my stir fry. ZYRTEC: Over the Counter!!!! At first, I was like, "Blast you Zyrtec for going over the counter! Now insurance will no longer cover the cost!" But, then? Generic!!! Whoop! $24.00 Zyrtec brand vs. $16.00 for generic. Exactly the same thing, I checked with the allergist. $8.00 savings! (Unless you need the Zyrtec D, which DH does from time to time. But, typically, he gets by with an extra $8.00 in our pocket each month now). FRUIT BARS: So, let's just get it out there. Name Brand doesn't always taste "so much better" for the price....and, often isn't as healthy as a generic. So, lets use Fruit Bars as our example: Awhile back, Mrs. T cleaned her pantry and gave us some extra fruit bars "Nutri-Grain" that her kiddos weren't gonna' eat. So, my kids? Didn't like them. DH does. But, kids say NO. I compared the labels: Generic has 20 grams LESS sodium, 1 gram less carbs, 1 extra gram of fiber, 75% more Riboflavin, 75% more Vitamin B6, 90% more Folate, the same with the Name brand on all else, except additionally: 100% Vitamin B12, 4% Phosphorus, and 2% Magnesium. All at about $1.00 cheaper per box. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It gets better. So, while running every errand connected to each other on the same trip to the same town, I walked from one parking space with two children and across two locations (pit stop at the optomistrist to order contact lenses) to the CVS Pharmacy. Had a prescription there. Discount vs. our fantastic local, family owned little pharmacy. Rare, but I took it. So, when I get in there? 50% off bins! Wine! White Merlot! Body Butter! With the savings and CVS card? I got a $7.00 bottle of wine for $2.99. I should have bought about four or six of those suckers. Probably woulda' looked bad with the kids being with me and all, though. AND? Body Butter Cream also 50% off. $5.99 regular. With 50% off and CVS card? $1.99! So, let's see if I can calculate all my savings today (plus the garlic)... We are looking at $32.00 plus savings! Smart Shoppin? Totally ROCKS!!! Yeah, so I'm a "Super Saver!" I've always been thrifty? But, now? You can add, "Super" to that! Try it out. Take the few extra seconds. If it's two pennies or a dollar? Read the labels to be sure you are getting all of what you are paying for -- or? Aren't paying more, for less. Happy Super Tuesday! [I'll have those road trip pics up soon. Just busy and lazy to mess with formatting today!]

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm Back!

Howdy Y'all Bloggies! So, we are finally back from our little road trip. It was actually quite nice! The fields seem to be crusting over, though still too wet to get a machine in. So, the verdict is out on how bad things are...we just know that they were "alright" before, due to the drought. And, now, they are less than alright. My glass is half full though and the get-a-way did DH good. Kids were thrilled to stay in a hotel room. That's a big deal to them (personally, I don't walk bare foot on the carpets, bring my own pillow and check the mattresses for bed bugs). It was a nice place though (indoor pool and you could see it from the indoor balcony). I have lots of pics of the trip. DH said I was Japanese! LOL! You know, the old cliche where japanese tourist carry their camera and are clicking pictures everywhere? Yea, that was me. Street signs, stuff in stores, kids, etc. I'll upload those later. For now, I've still got all the unpacking and getting the house back in order as we left ubruptly, and also have some company in town that I want to visit with before they leave in the early a.m. The best part of the trip, I must say, was being able to pop in on my life long friend. I've know her since she was four. I think I was six or seven. She was sitting on the bench on her front porch as I was walking back to my Gramm's house from playing at a friend's. She was so sweet and so cute. "Hi!" She said. "Hi..." I said back. "Do you wanna' play? Do you wanna' be my friend?" She asked. We've been friends ever since. My childhood was a mess of constant relocation and upheaval but we always remained friends. Occassionally, a letter. Sometimes I'd spend the summer with my Gramm. Sometimes, I'd live with Gramm and my friend and I would walk to school together. And, so it went. Now we are grown and she and I are still very close friends, although life, different towns, etc., keeps us apart. She's ill. She has a wonderful husband and two beautiful children, four years and two years. Her kids and my kids played wonderfully together. We had such a great visit. We spent the night at their house and visited into the late hours (well, late for all of us). She's ill. The kind of ill that just interferes with life in general. That just craps on the quality of life by leaving you feeling crappy all the time. The kind of ill that never goes away. And, it breaks my heart. She is so strong and she is dealing, as we must do, with something like this. I just love her sooooooo SOOOOOOO dearly. I've always said how much I hated my childhood. No disrespect to my Mom or my Dad. They were young, and married too young, and then split...yada, yada. But, my fondest memories are of the sleep overs and all night stay ups we would play together. Trying to wait for "Mighty Mouse" or the sun to rise. We'd do our hair and wear leotards and choreograph these "fantastic" skits and dances. Then, we'd charge family members to come and see our performance. We'd play card games all night long. We'd fight and then one of us would call a few hours later -- wanting to play again. We'd eat the entire jar of pickles just so we could drink the pickle juice. My Gramm used to put sweet-in-low in her jar of pickles. She liked them sweet but was always dieting. Sometimes she would forget to mark her pickle jar with "a rubber band." And, we'd eat one. YUCK! We used to ride around on our bikes with kittens in our shirts. Her house and Gramm's house were just one house apart. I was a Senior her Freshman year of high school. I remember sneaking her into her house after she'd been out late one weekend evening with some friends and (as all high school kids do) had experimented with some "spirits." LOL! We did a pretty good job of covering in front of her mom. The hardes part was she was having twins stay over that night. Only one of them didn't meet up with them on time. YIKES! And, the one who was there was shitfaced had over indulged a little. Anyhow, somehow we all managed to make the appearance that "both" twins were there (until the other showed later). She's probably going to kill me for putting this on my blog! LOL! But, no one who reads this knows her (so no worries Gal!) Gosh what good times! Anyhow. I loved every minute of our visit. And, she's coming in next week and will come out with the kids for a day. I'm going to steal her away from her Mom and hopefully make her spend the whole night. I'll pamper her in my Queen of Sheba tub to soak away the aches and headache. I'll keep the kids happy and quiet the next morning so she can sleep in and get the rest, which is the only thing that can really help her not feel so bad all the time. And, I'll plaster her with some beer and vodka while we laugh and laugh before she is hopefully able to induce some good sleep. I can't wait! Anyhow, if you have a life long friend and haven't had that conversation or recent call. Pick up the phone. Plan a get together. Bask in the wonders and reminisce in the memories that only such a wonderful friendship can provide! Happy Friendships and Sunday!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's that sound????

Well, y'all Dolly gave her spill. I awoke shortly close to 3:00 a.m. to loud winds and torrid rains hitting on the windows on the South side of the' rooms have lots of windows and that is where the storm seemed to be blowing from. Though, I hadn't been sleeping so soundly for the last hour or so. This time I just actually got out of bed, rather than flipping and flopping and flap-jacking (all the while trying not to wake Lil' Gal). Though, Lil' Gal was apparently awake too because she then spoke and asked me where I was going. DH was in our room on the other side of the house and the only thing to really be heard in there (other than a few tinks or rain and some wind) was the "snore factor." But, the weather was SOOO loud on the kids' side that Lil'Gal and I couldn't sleep. Farmer Junior ended up with DH in our room. Farmer Junior, apparently, isn't bothered by the "snore factor." The rain was so loud hitting against the windows that I couldn't hear well enough (I was listening for the sound of a train engine, in case a tornado was to come through unexpectedly.) We were only under a tornado watch. But, I awoke with the heart pounding fear. I walked around the house most of the night, off and on, changing rooms and trying to plan my recruitment route for everyone in case the "freight train" did pronounce itself. My Baby (though not so baby) brother was also visiting and so I had to be sure to include him in this emergency route. I finally made a pallet in our room (Lil'Gal and I wouldn't fit in the bed with DH and Farmer Junior) but I had to get her into a room that wasn't so loud so she could actually get some sleep. Once she was padded down and asleep I made my exit to our bathroom (yes, our bathroom). I considered the tub, but settled for a pallet of my own....I was desperate for sleep and DH was snoring so loudly that I couldn't tolerate it. It was much quieter in there and I actually fell asleep for about 15 minutes before Farmer Junior hollered out in his sleep. Once again, I couldn't decided where was the best place to be sure, if asleep, I would awake in time to hurdle everyone into DH's closet for safety. This may sound very paranoid to you...but, when the wind is that loud and the rain is that hard and the TV says we are under a Tornado Watch? The possibility stands. I didn't want to be one of those unfortunate families on the news that had been tossed about in their sleep by an unexpected tornado. So, at six this morning I layed on the pallet with Lil' Gal all the while the alarm kept going off but DH wouldn't wake; from the lower window where we layed I could see the kitchen lights on at my MIL and FIL's house. Someone was up and getting ready for their day. I was just wishing DH would get his @$$ out of bed wake so I could slip stealthily beneath the warm covers and fall blissfully to sleep be sure he wasn't late for work -- well, water work's anyhow. Poor guy. Anyhow, with all the water puddling around DH has decided we are going to get out of town so he doesn't have to watch the cotton tattering, and rotting in the field. But, he doesn't know where to go, or when we'll go. He just told me to pack some bags and be ready. So, if you don't read me for a day or'll know why. I'm not techie enough to bloggie via my cell phone. But, I'll be sure to share some pics if we go anywhere fun... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As for Mama bird? Farmer Junior and I searched for her yesterday. Determined. We kept seeing one bird in particular that looked just like her and she herself kept searching areas as we were. She also searched closly to the ground and field grass. Fighting against the high winds and then she'd settled in one of her few known spots to rest...then? She'd begin searching again. So, Farmer Junior and I are hoping and living under the impression that she was able to move her two baby chicks in time (though, I know the odds are that the babies were washed and blown away.) Dammit Dolly!! Poor Mama bird. Anyhow, happy WET Thursday.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dammit Dolly!

Yeah, so "Dolly" came in along the Texas-Mexico border and now she is pounding us with rain. Normally, we are all about rain around here. Except when the grain is being cut....and, when the cotton is in the field waiting to be picked or stripped. SHAME. DH of course is bummed and mopey. He didn't check the rain gauge this morning. I told him that what if it filled up and then over flowed? We wouldn't know exactly how much rain we got all together. He said, at that point? It won't matter any more. Cuz' our cotton crop will be ruined. Dammit Dolly! That's gonna' be my new curse word. Along with Bleep and Chicken Biskets. Bleepin' Dolly. Why did she have to have such a cute name. So, it's all wet and as DH says, "A Turd Floater" around here. Good thing is the new septic in the new house works fantastic! [It bleepin' better though for all we paid for it upon building this castle.] At the old house? We wouldn't be able to flush a toilet or drain a tub for days. Boy, I don't miss that at all. So, we had a storm move through with possibility of "circulation" ie: Tornadic activity! So, me and the kids had to scramble to Daddy's closet and sit for about five or ten minutes until it passed. And, my windows are all wet and dirty again -- I just cleaned'em!! ALL! (Well, except the garage and computer room). But, the outsides too!! If that is my biggest problem today I guess I am pretty blessed. So long as the cotton doesn't drown. AND, I didn't sleep well at all. Sure I fell out hard, but it just didn't last. Once I heard the rain trickle and occassionally pound on the tin of our roof and the glass of the bedroom windows I knew that was that. So, I played musical beds going back and forth from here to there. Thinking one place might offer me more sleep than the other. I hate it when I'm so sleepy -- yet, completely awake. And, I kept thinking about Mama Bird out there and her tiny babies. I sure hope she was able to move them to a high spot or a mound and protect them from the wet. I might get my umbrella and make the wet walk to the rain gauge and check on Mama bird. (If I can overcome the Tornado fear -- with my luck one would spin it's way over and I wouldn't be IN THE HOUSE.) Happy Wet Wednesday! [Dammit Dolly!]

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well, me and Lil' Gal decided we were gonna' make it a day on the town! After all? It IS my BIRTHDAY and she's been wanting to get her ears pierced...can you think of a better way to spend your birthday with your five year old than getting her ears pierced? So, we went. We went to the mall and stepped into "The Children's Place" because I figured they'd know the best place to have a "child's" ear pierced in the mall. Oh, by the way? They were having a sale. A 50% off WHAT'S ALREADY ON SALE -- SALE!!!! Whoop!! So, I got Lil' Gal two pairs of shorts and two shirts. Normally priced at $6.50 each (they are cute, comfortable "strechy" shorts. She likes these). They were marked down to $3.99 and 50% off!!! Then? I found two nice collared "Polo type" shirts for Farmer Junior. $16.00 dollar shirts for $4.99? Talk about a birthday treat!!! I love a good steal deal!!!! I walked out of there with a good place for ear piercing and six pieces of clothing for $18.88. Under $20 bucks! I so gotta' go brag to Pro Homemaker at his blog! [He's in my blog roll if you are curious.] Lil' Gal picked out the cutest "bling" of light green shiny rhinestone earings to be...pierced with. Isn't she just the cutest? [And, yes...her hair is very, VERY straight. Because after the Scrapbook Paradise, we went to...the hair salon!] Lil' Gal needed a trim and Mama needed a new doo. Cuz' I've been pretty cheap in the hair department. Oh, FYI? Everything we purchased at SBP was FREEEE-- due and thanks to credit and gift certificates to splurge on there!!! I DID tell you my MIL rocks!!!! She is the total awesomeness of Mom and MIL!!! EVER!!!] I mean? I gave up my highlights (which made me look younger, prettier, and, some left over of hot that I used to be) because it was costing $300.00 - $400.00 a year? Can you believe that? Rediculous! And, apparently? They don't take HUGS & KISSES or GROCERY COUPONS for payment. Anyhow, they had to straighten all her curls out to be sure the cut was even and all. We took off two inches....and framed around her face a little. Gosh, it will be pretty and curly tomorrow? But, it will also look really, REALLY short -- at least for her. Ahhhh, but it needed to be done. Me? Oh, yeah. I got an actual WASH with a scalp massage! (I forgot they do that cuz' I've gotten so cheap, LOL!) Then, she blowed dried me, and flat ironed me too to be sure for a straight smooth cut. Not much for one on a straight iron but they use a little spray that protects the hair and helps it hold it's shape (at least until I got home and checked the mail in 20 mph wind). THAT is why I DON'T like "product" in my hair. That, and the humidity. Anyhow, I got a real nice cut and style....if only I can do it as well myself (without making it look like it always does, LOL!) THEN? Miss "Dolly" decides to start moving NORTH west. B!tch! Um, we have lots and lots of acres of Cotton poppin' in the field....and Cotton is our CASH crop..... [think about all the stuff made out of cotton in your home...yeah, and it takes very little cotton to make much of anything.]
(Texas Snow!)
So, Miss Dolly better keep her Bleepin' circulation far, FAR, away from here. Or, I'll be kickin' some Hurricaine tush -- cuz' it's my bleepin' birthday! And, Hurricaines ARE NOT invited. Ha ha! And, DH offered to take me to a nice dinner but I decided we'd save the money since I apparently spent a bunch today (oops!)...but, then Lil' Gal and I still have to bake that cake. So, off we go and DH will "pick something up" on his way home. I still have left over frosting from our 4th of July cupcakes so I'm going to bake the cake? And, let Lil' Gal decorate it anyway she sees fit. And, I'm going on the back porch to drink my "thrifty" wine and read myself a Happy B-day Good Time! HOLY CRAP! I think I've had the best Birthday EVER!?! And, without even tryin'. Happy Tuesday! Y'all Bloggies Rock!!!!



Yep. The big 36'er. Course, I like threes. So, this is a pretty cool age. Too bad r.e.h. has been MIA so long. He also likes threes. So, DH hadn't gotten me a card yet. And, I told him not to worry or waste $5.00 on a card but to just write me a little note from the heart. It would mean more. This morning on my bathroom countertop I found a folded piece of paper from a yellow note pad. He wrote the sweetest things inside. He totally kicked Halmarks @$$! Totally!!! SIDE NOTE: tt and gr inquired about the phrase "fumigate a ship" from my previous post. My FIL has a pest control business. (He started it a million years ago to help out in those years when the crops didn't provide so well). My FIL is a very smart man. I have the utmost respect for him. Anyhow. They do residential, commercial, and industrial. Fumigating a ship is when they go to the port for a ship that is either coming in or leaving to another port. By law, the ships have to be treated to kill any pests/insects, etc. that might be in the bins, food, grain, etc. One time they did this big job for the military. Took special clearance and all. They were fumigating the weapons and vehicles that were being shipped off to Iraq. Pretty cool! BACK TO MY BIRTHDAY: So DH brought breakfast this morning to us also. Kids slept late. Still trying to decide what to do today. Waste fuel and go shopping with some of my gift card goodies my Fav and Best MIL gave me...even a scrapbook gift certificate to my FAV little Scrapbook Paradise! Or, Lil Gal and I have discussed making me a birthday cake. Because you know with kids....birthdays are all about the cake! FLASHBACK: I remember my first birthday at home as a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom). My son was a year and a half old and my daughter was two months. We went to Super Walmart and I bought Farmer Junior one of those really big plastic bouncy balls. for about $4.00. We played in the back yard and I pushed him on the swing while Lil Gal rested in a "river" chair. That was six years ago. My how time does fly. The only bad thing about birthdays to me, is that I hate flashing back to my childhood. It totally sucked. But, I have to say the second half of my life is completely and totally fantastic! I am ever so blessed. My glass is flowing... Okay, the other bad thing about birthdays is the aging. It's bad enough that my face is falling (for a good laugh, click here: So What Is This?) But, apparently my A$$ is too. I've never had much of a bottocks. As my Dad says, "I've got a back with a crack; plywood A$$." Which, I inherited from him. (Thank goodness my kids have inherited their Daddys well rounded bum! LOL!) Anyhow, the two inches or so of tissue that is back there? Has drifted and is now merging it's way down my thighs. I have to tuck it back up into my underwear or it will make an appearance out of my shorty shorts when I bend over. Being short myself, I have to wear shorty shorts or else I'll look like I have no legs. Almost forgot! Guess who shares a birthday with me? This little guy: (Click on the picture to see the baby bird peepin out from under Mommy.) Actually, he and his/her sibling were born/hatched about two days ago. Me and Farmer Junior went to check the mail, just as the sun was setting so we could check on the two little eggs while "Mama bird" was out inhaling bugs and stuff. But, when we got there Mama had moved and the eggs were no where in sight. We sat down beside her within arms reach. She didn't move and was apparently still napping (they are nocturnal birds). I actually reached out and pet her tail feathers. Of course it startled her a little and she jumped up -- to display two tiny little peachy colored balls of down. Babies!!!! Well, Tropical Storm "Dolly" is out in the Gulf so things are a little edgy around here as we have basically all of our cotton in the field with exception to what they got out yesterday. But, she's going in down Mexico way so not so much to worry. I figure she's wanting a margarita. I mean, that's a lot of work spinning her way across the entire Gulf. So, I guess that about sums it up for now. I'm off to go share my "sagging" self with the world! I'll be back later Gators! Happy Tuesday and Happy Birthday!!! (If you happen to share it with me)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What I did today! Inquiring minds, just wanna' know!

MMMMMMMmmmmmm, slept in. Well, not sleeping but "layed" in until almost 7:30 this morning! Kiddos slept and DH didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn today...although, he wouldn't be attending church with us as he had a ship to fumigate. I swagger into the kitchen to set the coffee pot, and swagger back into the bathroom to insert my eyes. I am extreeemly blind without glasses or contacts. And, I don't wear glasses during the day because they don't allow enough peripheral vision and I bump into the walls and such. So, as I swagger, I plan on taking the kids for our routine Sunday morning breakfast "before church" as I'm not planning on attending the 8:00 a.m. mass. I'd rather swagger around the house a little more. DH alerts me that we have a visiting priest and that mass is an hour and a half! [GASP!] I don't mind a long service (I was raised Baptist, but I converted to Catholocism because you can drink and not have to deny it every Sunday morning. They actually even serve it! Yeah, at 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.! Cool, huh?!) It is a known fact that, a five year old and a six year old are not going to manage to sit quietly for an hour and a half, without fighting, disruption and five trips to the restroom between the two of them (okay, and maybe one trip for myself). So, reluctantly, I nix church today. THUS, SCHEDULE CHANGE: DH has time to take us to breakfast before the ship. But, I have to loose the swagger and do the high speed shuffle. I was still applying mascara while climbing in the truck and buckling my seat belt. I got a little in my eye. Don't you HATE IT when that happens? And, it stuck to my contact too. Geeze! Anyhow. Breakfast was nice. DH drops us and I... Break out the Bissell! [Well, first I check my PDA Phone waiting for a msg from my Tech Buddy.] Then, Bissell around 3000 square feet, impulsing the house with the sweet clean aroma of Pine and Sol. I stroked across the floor, (trying not to let the children see I was getting so giddylee high from the Piney sweet scent), all the while nagging said children to Pick up their CRAP off the floor kindly return their toys to their own rooms. SIL calls as I stop to swap the laundry and add to the pile that will require folding, etc. when I finish this blog post. We get online and discuss the Scrapbook product(s) we were going to order to save shipping -- but, they are out of what she wanted so we scrap that idea. ;-) But, as I am on the computer I check for new coupons which apparently are not available yet and read my emails. I also check my PDA Phone every 30 minutes for a text from my Techie Buddy who is going to be assisting me in ordering my laptop!*** Yeah!! We got our GW check and DH said I could get my Lap Top!!! ***If you are interested in the yesterday's story on that, read on here: ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` YESTERDAY: We went to Best Buy to try and find the 'best buy' on the lap top that did everything and really fast! That's what I wanted! Everything! And, I wanted it NOW!!! So, I look at the Mac Books that Tech Buddy had told me would work best for me but I didn't wanna' have to shell out the $$$ to load Microsoft Windows (I know, why buy a Mac when you are going to run Windows on it -- my Tech Buddy explained it and it is totally cool!!!) Anyhow, Sales Guy lead me to the HPs and I find the one I want with bells, whistles, steak, and speed! The price was mighty fine and 'on sale' cheaper than I what I expected to pay. While Sales guy start to ring me up, I call up Tech Buddy "just to double check" that I'm getting the best deal. Bex, his wife answers as apparently Tech Buddy is extremely sick. (I could hear him literally cough up a lung and then put it back in! Yeah, pretty sick.) So, she tries to translate what I'm getting and then he hears the words "MI-CRO-SOFT VEEES-TA." Noooooooooooooooo!!!!! So we discuss all about it and, so...I have to tell Sales Guy, "Um, yeah...never mind." Sales guy and his Sales Buddy try to argue with me that any machines left with Windows XP will be removed from the shelves in about two days and will no longer be available (except online via another site or something). So, I argue that, "Um, no. My friend states otherwise." [Although, when I tell Sales Guy that Vista is apparently CRAP -- he agrees this seems to be the impression going around. He agrees with me on that point but was still going to sell it to me?] "So what are you goin' to get?" Sales Guy's buddy inquires, smarty-pants like, I think he was almost calling me a liar? I say, "I don't really know, but I'll still take the router." LOL! Yeah, they knew what I was getting. And, I wasn't buying it from them. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Otherwise, pick up here: So, that's why I keep checking the PDA cell phone because I had text'd my dying Tech Buddy that should life return to him I'd be waiting anxiously, drooling and foaming patiently to order my lap top. [He's gonna' offer advisement as I order from the website recommended so that I only pay for what I need and not the extra bull crap they try to tack on.] In the meantime, I scrub four toilets inside and out, along with the four bathrooms they reside in. [Okay, three bathrooms and a potty closet.] I wash the covers of and clean two children's booster seats which were disgustingly filthy, unload and reload the dishwasher, and change the laundry -- then I feed lunch to two children. I check my PDA again, and then realizing I will be needing to purchase new Clorox Bleach tabs for the toilets soon and also Clorox Bathroom Cleaner -- I have a thought. "Maybe Clorox offers coupons or discounts on their web site..." Nope. Just some tips on how to use their products. I think I pretty well got that figured out. So, since I'm here? I read a few bloggies, laugh a little, snort a time or two, and then decide I'll pop in an update on my own bloggie. I mean, I couldn't leave y'all hanging as I know that the minorly intricate details of my daily life are a big part of what keeps y'all bloggin' on. Well, no text or call from Tech Buddy so I guess he's still trying to keep that lung down. Off to change the laundry, yet again...and then begin the mountain of folding. (Luckily? I like the folding. I just hate sorting the dang socks! Chicken Biskets!) Happy Sunday!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Holy Fast Talking!!!

Okay, so in reply to tt (don't fret me on not providing the link because I am too lazy at this point and dinner is supposed to be put in a hot oven in about 15 minutes -- I already made the casserole so I've got 15 bloggie minutes to get this all down.). Did you read that as quickly as I typed it? Cuz, if you did? Then, you KNOW ME. LOL! tt left her comment on my last bloggie and mentioned that she thought she might have read it as quickly as I speak, unless as possibly as quickly as my day went by. So, to comment back in full disclosure I realized I'd have to bloggie about it. So, let me bring you into my world. I am a fast talker. Not, like "Hey, let me talk you into my smooth deal and screw you out of something pertinent to you..." But, more like, rapid. Like rapid, machine gun fire as my "sweet" DH would say. I took a speach class (as required in college) and the only thing the teacher had to critique was that I spoke too quickly. "HUH?" So, I watched the video tape he'd made (he video'd us all, like any good speach teacher, so that we can analyze ourselves for ourself.) Okay? So, yes, I speak quickly. But, what people aren't aware of is that the human brain is capable of thinking three times as fast as the mouth can find time to utter the words. So, the next speech I gave? I almost suffocated! No seriously!! Because apparently when you are a rapid speaker you breathe on the in and outs of the sentences. I was basically holding my freakin' breath! And, it was really hard to retain my thought because I was so busy trying to slow my mouth down that my brain had already skipped about three to five sentences ahead! Seriously? I think people think that rapid talkers are air heads or full of themselves or too wordy to take time to listen. I am not a talk your head off person. But, when you read my blogs? Some of them are long. But, as to quote the second born sibling, my Big [Handsome :-)] Lil' Brother? He reads it like I'm saying it and he totally gets it. And, a three hundred word/thousand word/full page blog? Yea, takes about 30 seconds to read it all. Anyhoo... I married a farmer. This is the guy that my dance partner (also a farmer but a quick talker and quick shuffler on the floor like myself introduced me to) left me standing next to because I didn't want "those men" thinking I was "all available and bar queen." Though, I did frequent the bars, but primarily for C&W dancing. [Don't knock it till you've tried it. Good exercise, fun, and FUN! Better than just sitting at the bar downing beers and packing on the pounds....and peanuts. anyhow, I digress.] I will admit I was pretty good at downing the beers (hey, all that dancing leaves a Gal thirsty!) My dance partner had left me there with a short introduction to go fight with his "girlfriend" (not about me, everyone knew we were there strickly for dancin!). So, I first ask future DH, "Am I cramping your style?" I mean, I didn't know if he was there to pick up chicks or something. Future DH, "NO..." (He smiles a cutie southern smile...) He's all tall and wearing starched Wranglers and a grey felt Stetson....YUMMY! So, then a good quick two step, "or Shuffle as some call it," or, "Double Time," comes on and I ASK HIM "You wanna' dance?" Future DH: "No....[pause] maybe to a 'slower one.'" [GASP, ME? Slow? DOUBLE-GASP!] So, years later? Yea, we're all married with kids and all that. But still? the rapid talking is an issue between us. DH: "You talk too fast, like "beedip-beedip-beedipp!!!" or however, he mimics me. "Down shift Girl!" Yeah, that's what he tells me. And, "You talk so fast people can't keep up with you and they all tell me about it." ME: "Um, do you realize how hard it is to speak SL-O-W-LY SO Y-O-U CAN K-EE-P UP? Gosh! I can't even breathe! And, then? My mouth forgets what it's saying cuz' my mind is like three or four thoughts ahead and then I sound like a babbling idiot!" Then, I always retort with, "SHEEEEZE! Why can't YOU just learn to think faster!!! I mean, seriously, Honey? It is VERY FRUST-ER-ATING!!" Yeah, that always gets him....LOL! NOT. His biggest issue, is when we are all out and the guys are talking and the gals are talking and DH likes to keep up in the know about what ALL'S GOING ON and so...he eaves drops....yeah, really. And, he TOTALLY busts himself cuz' he will actually tell me, "Honey, Down Shift...slow down they can't understand what you're saying..." ME: "Um, that's just YOU cuz' you are trying to keep up with two conversations at once!?" BUSTED! Ha Ha!! So is married life. I ask my friends and they WILL TELL me when I get all riled (is it wriled, or riled) up and ask me to repeat myself or slow down. Just y'all bloggies know this one, true fact (you can google it). When you meet someone who is a rapid speaker? Please empathize with them (us). [Okay, not the air head ones, cuz' yes, there are a few -- BUT NOT ME.] Because if our rapid speach is so much that it makes your head spin? Then think about how our minds and brains are spinning every moment of everyday and even in our sleep. No wonder I'm such and insomniac. Happy Friday and Speedy Communications!!! [Whew! 10 minutes (post editing) to spare! (smiley-wink)]

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

CALGON?! Take me Away!

Calgon? Take me away! Or, realistically? Shiner Bock. OR, even better? Some Savignon Blanc and a hot bubble soak in the Queen of Sheeba tub with my show on the teli. [And, DH home to corral the kids -- a dream, as it is harvest time.] Yes, summer is grand. And, the kids and I have really enjoyed it during it's busy days and days of calm. But, it's been about a month and a half now? And, the kids are getting anxious and agressive with each other. When they yell? Whine? Fight? Scream? Gripe? Moan? Groan? I regress to Rosie on the Jetsons with my "BEEP-BEEP" and I quickly short out -- "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!! "Mama? Why are you making that sound?!?" ME: "Because y'all have pushed me to my meltdown limit! Remember what that is?" "Oh, yea..." So, Lil Gal bitches whines and screams and yells and drives me almost to meltdown point -- over brushing her hair. It was a task that took about ten minutes as she has very long, blonde, princess hair that is also in dire need of a two inch trim of the dry ends. Farmer Junior is P-Oed because Daddy left without him this morning and Farmer Junior doesn't want to go run errands with us. But, Daddy isn't going to make it back to the barn in time before I have to leave for a notary job, meeting, and other "In City" errands. So, it is about 9:45 when we are loading up to exit the house and embark on our day and myself and two children are already at our witts end. I wonder how this will all go, today? Let's check the list, shall we:
  • Drop off stuff as SIL's house and MIL's houses
  • Notary Job
  • Bank Deposit
  • Hobby Store (Big 50% off sale)
  • Meeting (at an asian restaurant, instead of the mexican restaurant -- not good with kids)
  • Grocery Store
  • Bread Store (name brand bread at half off)
  • Post Office
We make it through the first three. The Hobby Store was a chore. Apparently, six years olds develop a hearing problem? I spent $42.00 but everything I bought was 50% off! So, I got $84 dollars worth of stuff!!! The Meeting I already knew would be a PITA (Pain In The A$$) as it wasn't at the Mexican Restaurant where the kids can get bean and egg tacos for lunch. It was at an Asian Chinese Food Buffett. I took PB&J sandwhiches, fruit bars and juice packs for the kids. Yes, the little asian waitress looked at me as if I was breaking the rules. "They are kids? And, most kids don't eat chinese food at five and six years old." She gave me that odd, unappreciative smile. I myself had Ice Tea. [On a budget so I skip the meals at the mtg to save on the dues required to volunteer in this community service organization.] Farmer Junior proceeds to eat Lil Gal's fruit bar thinking she didn't want it as she didn't inhale her PB&J quite as quickly as he. So, now? She's all upset. Thank goodness my club members have know her since she was weeks old and since he was a lil'bitty himself. Three or four arguments and fights, me pointing fingers, raising my voice, manhandling kids and two trips to the bathroom? It was time to leave (Thank Goodness). Next Stop? The grocery store. Ummmm. I only need just a few things and I didn't have coupons for these and I knew exactly where everything was so I should be able to be in, paid out, and in my vehicle in 10 minutes or less -- plus two small children -- add another 30 minutes. Farmer Junior finds it fun to beat and pulvarize tenderize all the meats in their packages while I look for the best prices per weight of items that I can make some deliciously cheap meals out of. People are looking at me/us -- the one's who understand and those who have no clue. The behaviours today are behaviours that my children know are not acceptable. Where is this coming from? I was gonna' just blow off the bread store at this point and hit the post office in small town when we return library books tomorrow. But, I knew I'd kick myself for missing out on the name brand whole grain soft bread when I realize we are out of bread tomorrow. AND, I wouldn't be back in town this way for another week -- which would force me to buy the store brand whole wheat which "isn't as soft and fresh as the name brand." [That's not me, that's the other three in the family.] A plus, though? I let the kids pick out a sugar free pack of gum (you know, for all their good behaviour in the grocery store [SNORT!]) and the cashier commented on how lucky they were to have "ORBIT" gum, and how he really likes "ORBIT" gum. So, at first they're a little selfish until I remind the children that, "Um, wouldn't it be nice to share? Seein' as y'all have a whole package of gum?" A moment of thought. Lil'Gal offers the cashier a peice of her gum. Farmer Junior does the same, as to not be out done by Lil'Gal. The BONUS? The cashier states, "Since y'all were so generous? Mama gets a loaf of bread for FREE!!!!!

Not only did I get one loaf of bread at half off? But, I got a free loaf too!! That's a $3.70 savings!!! This is "Nature's Own" bread that runs $2.4+ at the grocery store! I got two loaves for $1.09! That gave me the strength to endure the Post Office with two little kids. (It also paid for the gum!) The line was horendous! But, I have a credit card and they had the "self help" postal scale. Whoop! Package sent!

We make the trip home and the kids are all worried, concerned, and nagging about "snack time." So, home, the vehicle unloaded, kids eating "ice cream" [I was weakend]...I head outside to the back porch with the mail, a scrapbook catalog...and, um...a beverage. No Calgon. But, goes some of the days in the best life I am lucky to live with my fantastically though, sometimes bitchy family! I am so blessed! I have a home. I have a great DH. I have two beautiful children. I have a vehicle that runs well (though aging and quite messy, YUCK!), I have fuel in said vehicle and I have money to haggle with the sales. I have cable! I have a full freezer and stocked pantry! I have indoor plumbing! I have a Queen of Sheba Tub! So, my Glass was drained for awhile but at this moment is about to be refilled over half full. Happy Daily Life and Happy Wednesday! [Calgon or not] :-D

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No Bleepin' Sleepin'!! >:-{

I went to sleep blissfully, after a nice long HOT soak in my "Queen of Sheba" tub. But, it was one of those nights/mornings. I realized I'd basically been watching the clock and flipping and stretching and changing positions most of the night. Finally? Sleep was about to hit when "SNNNGGGGNNNGGGGHHHH!" DH started snorin.' Really Loud. Well, off to the couch I go [with my feather pillow in tow.] Flip flop, like flap jacks. Almost, almost, almost asleep -- I think? "Mama? I had a bad dream...." "Okay Baby girl Mama will come lay with you." This is at 5:00 a.m. So, I lay there. She actually did go back to sleep and is still sleeping. I just lay there and let her snuggle until I hear DH's cell phone ring and worry that he might have snored through the alarm. But, he was up. I go climb back in our bed [hoping my comfort zone might bring me an extra 20 minutes before the kiddos are up.] Nope. Screw it. An [generic, of course] excedrine migraine (lack of sleep gives me a head ache) and two cups of coffee, and the computer. Haven't even puttied and painted my face done my make-up yet. Not like me. Well, my Junior Farmer has awoken [he's first this morning?] and he requested pancakes for breakfast. I offered chocolate chip but he wants "cinnamon roll" pancakes. ???????? We'll see what I can come up with. I did explain to him that he would not have them iced all over like a cinnamon roll. He'd have to eat them with our [sugar free] regular syrup. After that [and painting on the face] Pro Homaker has me all wriled up about coupons so I am off to click and print my way into some BIG TIME savings. I'll let ya' know how it goes! Have a Happy Cinnamon Tuesday!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Pro Homemaker-dot-com

So, viewing a few bloggies today in between cleaning the [30]windows we have [plus four door sized], mending a button, stripping the beds and remaking them all AND washing all the dirty sheets, organizing Lil'Gal's closet [I know...she should do it herself. But, I'm a control freak and....I really have to pick my battles with her. Closet was a peaceful fix for me.] So, what else? [Consulting the List] Oh, I had to repot a plant, dust the window sills (Lil'Gal did do this for me -- cost me one whole can of pledge, but hey? She was happy and that chore is done...yeah, baby. Multi-tasking!) I might add, there are 19 window sills (we have large windows with two panes each.) I also cleaned the inside of several of the windows and all door size windows as well. The dishwasher had to be emptied first thing this morning (generally how I do it around here) and the beds had to be re-made. I had to make a chart for Lil'Gal [we are working on medication assisting her with her urinary medical, charts offer incentives.] In the meantime, feed kids, keep kids happy and busy (Farmer, Jr. got to go with his cousin and Pa to the Ranch! Cool beans. Only one to maintain today! [of course, the high maintenance one -- but, incredibly adorable]) And, walk on treadmill. Okay. Didn't do that one because I hopped on the computer and into bloggie-ville as chatty had bragged and shared about a thrifty, neat freak, organized bloggie!!! SO TOTALLY UP MY ALLY! Anyhow, here's the URL to check out this fab, thrifty, neatie, bloggie: Pro Happy Savings! Happy Tips and Tricks! And, Happy Monday!!!

Lookie what I learned!

Yeah, recently? These guys landed on my chimney. Farmer, Jr. rushes in exclaiming that there are VERY LARGE BIRDS on our roof! He was excited and also concerned. I went out expecting to see a seagull or a grackle or something... Click on the pics to see: "Um, ducks? The lake is that way! Ha-Ha!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anyhow, I used these pics to play around with adding text to them (like chatty and gr have done, and probably another hundred of y'all). So, it didn't work for my quite the way Pottery Guy explained to me but he gave me enough information and instructions to get me there! I still need to work on this trick a little (I'm not very good with the paint program). But at least now I know the little trick y'all bloggies use to write on your pictures ;-D Thanks gr Y'all have a Happy Monday!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

All about Texas

I received this in an email this morning and in true fashion, I felt I should share it. Happy Sunday!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bleepin' Vloggie!

Well gang. I read the manual and hooked it all up just like the little pictures showed. I changed the settings according to the manual, blah, blah, didn't work. Now, I am sure I can consult with DH when he gets home and it may either be that I'm using the outlets on our TV/DVD duo rather than an actual VCR...[but, since the hook ups are the same it shouldn't really matter.] However, I am an intelligent person so surely I could figure this out on my own...right? I'd like to think so. PHEWP! Well, I'll let DH give it a try this PM if he gets in at a decent hour and is feeling techie. Though, usually, I am the techie one. If I can't get it to work then that means all of my tapes will have to be taken to a "professional" to be converted to DVDs. In which camcorder will need an upgrade. Because not being able to convert them to DVDs myself -- is, as they say -- unacceptable! That's my only complaint today. So, life is good (just not on DVD). Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies and Virgin Vlogging!

So, we did paint the tonie nails. Pretty cute, huh? So, as my Lil'Gal said to me this afternoon, "We had a great fun day, RIGHT MAMA!?" "Yes, I let's see if Mama can upload our music video!" We made two music videos. After making the terrific and huge [hence the recipes name "Jumbo"] Chocolate Chip Cookies, we decided to make our first vlog. Here are some scenes from the cookie making. Mmmmmmm! From scratch! Here's the recipe if you want it. (We left out the pecans, apparently I'm the only one that likes them in chocolate chip cookies.) My taste testers. (I know. Cookie dough has raw eggs. But, we all have to live a little and licking the beaters is a very important part of childhood.) The kiddos are watching in amazement as these are "Jumbo" Chocolate Chip Cookies. Three and a half inches! Yes, only six cookies to a cookie sheet -- mmmmmm, might tasty but one is all ya' need. So, then, all sugared up? We set up, grab our music gear and wardrobes and tape a music video. So much fun? Kiddos wanna' do another one to their "other" bubble gum music [as my Mom calls it] song. The second comes out even better than the first. To the computer room. Now, when I bought this video camera seven years ago while expecting my first child -- it was important to me that I would one day be able to hook the camera up to the computer and burn the videos to a DVD. I was assured by a sales rep who actually did seem to know what he was talking about -- that I could indeed do this. Having two children back to back left me with no time to mess with the computer and DVD part since the old computer wasn't equiped with a DVD burner. So, that part of the project was on hold. I would, occassionally, have DH hook it up to the VHS player and record some videos for the Grand parents who live out of town. Today: I get out the manual and have to skim/read the entire thing until I find a small, short, section about how to record from the "tape" [It uses a Mino Digital Video Cassette, part of the problem obviously] to the computer via "another media source." ie: the Television set. So, as it is past dinner time and I still have to grill the burgers and chop the potatoes for baked potatoe fries -- the vloggie will have to wait. Tomorrow, time allowing -- I will screw around with this bleeping set up apply myself a little more and try the whole hooking it up to the TV and then to the computer. Although, it does mention and "Ilink." But, from the pictures that was the big techie termie back then for a usb cord. GEEZE. Now I ask myself? Why didn't I purchase the camcorder that recorded directly to a DVD? Um, had something to do with quality at that time..... Happy Friday and Happy Vloggie!

It's my Friday, I can sleep if I want to!

Yesterday was a fun filled day. We had a morning swim play date. Then, we went to my Bloggie Buddies house and the gals played dress up and the boys played legos. And, tractors. Then we Gals strung some bead and made some bracelets. (If you peep real close you can see my beads read "Friends.") It was a full day and when we got home it was time to catch up around the house and do the dinner, bath, and bed thing. Poor DH got in late-thirty last night. Kiddos all tucked in bed. Me all tucked in bed. Alarm goes off this morning. DH keeps hitting snooze. Poor DH needs a little rest, a little sleep in. But, No. There are crops to harvest. DH leaves the house at about five minutes till 7:00 a.m. Lil'Gal sleeps, I sleep, Farmer, Jr. sleeps. Lil'Gal and I finally mosey ourselves awake and to the living room. Poke-EE-noke-EE-O for her and coffee for me ;-). I know, I should correct Lil'Gal -- but, it is just so cute the way she mispronounces it. After all? Childhood is fleeting right? So, I hang on to the little tid bits while I can. So, counting my blessings. It's my Friday and I can sleep if I want to! Oh what a joy! After a pretty scheduled and fun week -- it's always nice to have a "do nothing" day. Of course, with kiddos...there really never is a "do nothing" day. Farmer, Jr. wakes and I make us a nice hot and tasty, healthy little breakfast. We leisure and then dress. We'll hang out today. Color some art. Maybe Lil'Gal and I can paint our tonie' nails. I'll chase Farmer, Jr. around the back. We'll read some books. We'll make some cookies. Yeah, it's a nice's a Happy Summer. When I take it all in and think about it Glass is flowing and full. Sure, it shakes a little and I loose a few drops. But so long as I keep counting my blessings it will never run low. I hope you too, can enjoy some rest and a peaceful Friday. May the sun warm your cheeks and your glass flow. Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Scent Sations!!!

I just opened this from Sweet D and I thought, y'all would all enjoy a swifty sniff of aromatic bliss!!! LOL! Wouldn't that be soooo nice? We had a fab happy swim/play date today! I mean, "OMG, To Die For!!!!" And, ankle bracelets to boot!!! Whoo-hoo! I'll share more later unless DH gets out of the field at a reasonable time. If so? Well, sorry bloggies :-D, got some better otherwise detaining plans! Happy Thursday! Y'all know I luv' ya'!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And the winner is??????

Howdy Bloggies! I've popped in real quick to upload and share the winning Layouts (LO) that me and Lil Gal did for the June Pet LO Contest: Here's Lil Gal's: [remember, she's only five and she tied with a Gal who I'm guessing was about ten -- The older Gal's was better with more detail and really cute. But, then again, there is the age difference. So glad that they were both able to enjoy a little fame!] So, as a winner she received a $10.00 gift certificate to the store! Whoop! And, she got to pick out two free pages of 12 x 12 card stock. She did herself a little shopping and then left herself a little credit for the next visit. (That's my Gal!) Here is mine: I left my LO pics at full resolution if you want to click and view the detail (for anyone who might be interested). I didn't remove them from the plastic protector, a little quality might be opaqued. Well, Lil Gal's Fav School Friend is coming over the morning for a play date. They are total accessory Gals. And, nail polish, and lip gloss, and coordinating skirts and dresses and shoes, get the point. [Upon hearing this Farmer, Jr. stated, "I'm OUT of HERE!" and called Daddy to come pick him up, LOL!!!] May you too be a Winner and Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 7, 2008

As Promised....

Well, as promised yesterday, I have lots of photo shots for y'all! We'll start with how we spend the 4th of July around here: Hey look! There's DH on the combine....and there he is dumping on the buggy. You're almost done Honey!!! Next, here are the two tiny little grey speckled eggs (not much larger than a couple of jelly beans). We'll keep ya' posted on the Chuck Wills Widow population increase around here ;-) Here's an update on the cotton. The bushes bloom in mostly white (but some pink/purple-ish) flowers. The flowers then form little bowls like this: The bowls grow bigger like the picture on the right. Then they begin to POP! open. After that the plants are sprayed with a chemical called DROP and it basically causes the plant to drop the leaves so that the cotton strippers and/or pickers can remove the cotton more easily. I'll try and share some of those pics later for those who are curious about it. It really is so cool to see the whole process from the plant in the field to the module, to the gin, and so forth. Of course, I've saved the best [most] for last. It was so hard to decide which of these pictures to upload to my bloggie so I pretty much went with about all of them...but, yes...there are still more. Now, these don't look anything like the fantastic sky show I enjoyed that evening. (And, I took millions -- okay -- 20 something.) But, here you can at least see I learned a little something. These are the same exact sunset taken seconds apart. The first photo was taken on "auto" function on my Cannon Digital Rebel. The second I changed the settings (okay, I looked at my notes I listed under "sunsets" and I put it on TV mode and I changed the numbers and the camera did the rest). Just a little knowledge makes a big difference, huh? If I took the time to actually play around and crop these -- the colors will really show up more enhanced and truer to life. I will say please be sure to click on the sunsets. When enlarged you can see all the true colors and they are just so pretty! Now these are my favorites. I love the way the sun shines in that star like, glorious, manner from within and between the clouds: Isn't that a beautiful picture? [Okay, maybe I'm biased because I took it. But, it came out fantastic!] I've always found something wonderfully intriguing about clouds. I mean, they hang up there in the sky all by themselves. No tape, no glue, no nails or strings or brads. (I realize it is actually science and chemistry that puts them there....but I still find the beauty of the clouds themselves). Now...I know I hardly did these skylines justice. But, I still find the way I captured them fantastically beautiful and when I see the sky all lit up with color and glory? I've feel blessed. I feel peaceful. I feel happy. While I'm rambling about stuff, I'd like to give a shout out to the Man Up Stairs for the showers, drizzles and rain we've been receiving. Little by little it is adding up to half an inch so far. That may not be two inches or even one inch. But, if one inch is all we need -- then our Glass is already half full! [smiley-wink] And, even at half an inch, it certainly couldn't, it's gotta' be some help. ;-D And, with that I will end this post. I'll have to come back later about the lice in my hair dream. EWWWWWWWWW! Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lazy Bloggie!

Yeah, so...I have some fantastic sunset pics [taken using the lessons Photo Pal gave us a week ago or so] but, I'm too lazy to upload them. Isn't that crazy? I mean, it takes, what? A couple of minutes? Yeah, but then I have to load all the pictures and I have to go ahead and burn the CD of the keepers and then, since I am at it...I should upload them for printing.... Sheeze. It becomes a chore. Y'all know it is hard for me to start something and leave it. Thus? I am actually procrastinating this project/chore. I am NOT a procrastinator. Hmmmm. Well, seein' as it is Sunday and the last of a Holiday weekend...I'm gonna' let myself off the hook. But, I will post those pictures...tomorrow. It's in writing so now I am committed. Oh, and I also did get a pic or two of those two little grey speckled eggs that Lil Miss Chuck Wills Widow is nesting on. [I guess, she's probably a Mrs. and not a Miss...unless she procreated against the laws of God -- wait. Do birds mate for life? Do they get married? Am I the only one who asks these questions? LOL] We also made some flag 4th of July cupcakes. And, watched some free fireworks from way across the grain field. And, listend to some electric guitar (we could hear it across the grain field AND the highway)! I called the farmer family who lives there thinking surely the kids were having a party while Mom and Dad are out. The Dad answered the phone. ME: "Oh, okay then. Just checking. I'll go back to enjoying the music now!" Ha ha! Oh. I know why else I've been bloggie lazy. Remember the paper sale? Yea, so I've been scrapping pics and paper. I have finally convinced myself to start a layout and come back to finish it that I have my crap scrap table back. Oh, and I almost forgot! WE WON!!! Me and Lil'Gal entered that "Pet Layout" Contest at the local Scrapbook Paradise and I won!! And, she tied with another Gal (older than my Lil Gal). The kid entries were really cute and pretty good. So, I figured my Lil Gal's entry with two pics of the dogs and lots and lots ribbon wasn't going to have a chance. But, at least it was on display. And, the adults were pretty cute. There was one I really liked with pictures layered, inked, framed in card stock, etc., etc., blah, was good. So, I also figured that I wasn't in the running for this contest. But, I WON! We WON!!! That means free paper....oooooh, and free other stuff!!!! BIG, BIG NEWS!!!! Farmer, Jr. learned how to ride a big bike -- training wheel free! We practiced the other day. Then yesterday morning he was putting on his tennie shoes as soon as he awoke. I too, shoed up. But, when I walked out to assist him? He was riding the thing by himself all the way down the drive! WHOO-HOO for him!!!!! Today? He was practicing the "Look Ma, no hands!!!" Okay. So, that sums up my Lazy Bloggie. If you are still actually reading me and haven't fallen asleep or aren't desperately reaching for your mouse then I'll add that I also have pics of DH on the combine cutting grain. That's generally how we spend the 4th around here. But, as that involves uploading pics and I've already been there....tomorrow. Oh, and also remind me tomorrow to tell you about the lice in my dream. YUCK! RIGHT? Who dreams about lice? Why? I'll pull out the dream manual and we'll find out ;-) Later Gators. Happy Lazy and Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Secret Addiction!

I have a confession to make. I have an addiction. It started out sweet and innocent...and so far, it hasn't gotten too out of control. I'm addicted to....paper. NO, I don't eat it. NO, I don't smoke it. And, NO, I don't roll all over it naked. I, um, collect it. For scrapbooking, of course [or, that's my excuse]. Being a thrifty Gal, I usually wait for a sale or a coupon. On occassion I'll splurge on specialty pages at our local little Scrapbook Paradise. But there are days, like yesterday that I get a giddy glee and light headed feeling! Me and the kiddos dropped in one of our usual fabric and hobby stores. The dollar bins were, we walked back the scrapbook isle. OOOOOH, PAPER. I luuuuuuuv the paper isle with all the colors, patterns, designs, glitter, texture...and, it was on sale!!!! ON SALE!!!!! Not the half-off sale. But, the six sheets for 96 cents! Holy Toledo Batman!!! With gas prices at $4.++ dollars a gallon? Six 12x12 sheets of pretty paper for 96 cents is enough to have me floating on a silver lined cloud! I was like a kid in a candy store! "Oooh-ing" and "Aaaa-ing" over the browns, the matts, the denim, the hay, the grass, the sand, the pretty flowers, the paisleys, the prints, all the options! Oh and "Card Stock!!!" Do you know what all I can do with pretty textured card stock??? The dreams and possibilities are endless! I grabbed up the patterns of paper, sheet by sheet, one? No, better get two, just in case. After all? It's on SALE! When I left the store I was satiated. I felt like a cheesecake lover who just ate one bite of each of the 112 flavors in the Cheescake Factory. Like a chocolate lover that had just drank her fill from Charlie's Chocolate Factory river! My tongue was still sweet with the taste of an unbeatable deal. I could hardly wait to get home and feel the pages between my fingers again...the textured pages and glitter pages feel extraordinary! Then? I got to organize them!!! According to texture, color, style, print! Just thinking about it is making me giddy and light headed again! Anyhow, now you know. If you see me in the paper isle drooling, possibly foaming a little at the mouth? Be sure to steer me and my basket to another isle. But, if it's on sale? Just quietly back away! Happy Addiction and Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

For the Birds!

So, I was opening the gate yesterday around lunch time and I almost hit a bird on the head with the bottom of the gate. The bird (which I recognized as a "Chuck Will's Widow") appeared to be wounded. I followed it a little and it once again took a short flight just above the ground. Finally, it flew a further distance. [Apparently, they are nocturnal so I'm sure she was woken in a sleep induced stupor.] Today, it happened again when I went to close the gate as I was leaving for "swim lessons." I think I startled her as much as she startled me or vice-a-versa. Anyhow, at that point I almost stepped right into/on her little nest of two small little eggs! Apparently? Birds seem to love nesting around our place. And, once again? The nest is on the caliche right off the side of our asphalt drive. AND, right in the death path of our gate. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now, this is not my first encounter with one of these guys. Last year, I returned home from dropping the kids at school and was [again] startled by a fairly large sized bird that had become trapped in our screened porch. I immediately called the local wild habitat around here for suggestions (I thought the bird was a Hawk). The lady instructed me to approach the bird and look for "tallons" [claws]. Upon doing so the bird let out a little sound and it's face SPLIT IN HALF! It looked like a scene out of aliens or something! Scared the living BLEEP out of me!!! Hearing my alarm, "It's FACE SPLIT OPEN!!!!" The lady informed me about the bird and instructed me to grab it and release it (right, it's face splits open and my whole hand could fit in there....I don't think so.) I got someone from the farm to do it. The bird let his wings dry (damp from the dew on the screen) and then took off. But, not before I was able to click this great pic of his face split open. Unfortunately, I printed it but did not save it.....(doesn't do me much good here). So, I don't know what these guys are doing around here as the internet says: "It is found in the southeastern United States near swamps, rocky uplands, and pine woods." Anyhow....I hope this Little Gal gets to hatch her eggs: Above is a close up (I cropped it in pretty tight). Click it and zoom for a better look. You can't see her straight out here, but if you click this picture and view full size and/or zoom in tighter -- you will find that she is about a foot and 1/2 from the gate. I couldn't open the gate completely without distrubing and threatening her. Here's one more view. I'll try and get a pic of her little eggs. I will end with the fact that these birds eat primarily bugs and insects: they fly through the air with their [face split open] mouths open and catch the bugs through the air -- kinda' like a whale does in the ocean. But....I have also read that on occassion....they will eat a whole small bird!!! YIPES!!! What about my baby Killdeers that hatched recently!!!! (three of the four egg was abandoned so I let Farmer Jr. keep it). With that, Happy Tuesday (and I didn't post my WWC....Cynical Bastard played the same play! Smart minds think alike!)