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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WHAT's it's Wednesday's Ramble

So, lots of Wednesday stuff to ramble (um, why is the 'n' misplaced in the pronunciation of Wednesday? Am I missing something?)
I'm thinkin' I better limit the Wed-n-es-day ramblin' to the time I have before I pass out to the little OTC sleep aid I take nightly (with a glass of wine) :) The only problem with the OTC sleep aid? Is that it only lasts a few hours and then like a bell on a bicycle? BING! Pops my mind awake....then it's the usual ritual so many of us do. Potty, check the doors, check the children (or pets if you don't have children, or plants if you don't have the other two)...and, hopefully? Climb back into bed and fall alseep again. Last year? It got so bad? I'd be exhausted and in bed as soon as the kids were...because I knew I'd catch those first few hours and then be awake all night. So, it got to the point that I was super drowsy driving the kids to school and sleepless for days in a row. I gave in and went to the M.D. I wanted some good ol' Ambien. But, I tried several others first because I was afraid Ambien would be too strong for me and I' d be sleep walking/living the next day. In the end? It took the Ambien to hold me all night. The instructions say, "Take IN BED..." Obviously? This didn't apply to me. Oh, and they said, "Don't take with ALCOHOL." Obivously? That doesn't mean beer. That means liquor. So, we were at Mrs. T's house letting the kids play while the adults gelled and I was having me some beers and extremely excited that I was about to have a fantastic night of sleep! So, we get home and I tend to a few things and I take my "pill" while climbing in the tub because these things always take about 20 minutes to kick in and make ya' a little drowsy, right? Wrong! It was the biggest acid trip I've ever been on!!! And, I've never done, I was still a virgin and this was my first time. It gave me 70s psychotic colorings and cotton balls raining from the ceiling. There were purple butterflies and everything was lit beautifully in rainbow style! I was in the tub and the wall started kinda vibrating and those little stickem's that keep you from slipping in the tub were crawling up the wall! It was cool. Oh, and my belly button was talking to me and the water was deep, pretty aqua! It was so facinating that I yelled for DH to bring me the phone and he did...can you believe that? So, I called Mrs. T and rambled on in acid trip fashion explaining to her how those stickem's were climbing up the wall to my tub. By the time I got out of the tub and dressed? Their were cotton balls falling from the ceiling in all types of vibrant colors and the fake flowers were blooming at me and the whole house was going "whoosh, whoosh, whooosh." At that very moment I realized that everything was right and well with the world...

So, DH is figuring this out as I'm trying to catch cotton candy falling from the ceiling [the pink lemonade were the best] and this is what happend next:

DH: "Wanna' have Hanky Panky?"

ME: "But their are cotton candy balls falling from the ceiling!"

DH: "So?"

ME: "Okay, I can eat them while were pankyin'."

Apparently, I was really good. But, I don't remember it. I just remember the cotton balls and cotton candy.

[Oops, got distracted by the weather's like a drug to us farmies, "Slight possiblity of a little bit of rain, maybe, possibly...oh, and, some wind......" ] Is he serious?? Holy Crap?! I'm still here? Are y'all still readin'?" Good. Cuz' Daddy leaves me with the funniest of comments you could leave with any person anytime. Daddy: "Hey Gal! Guess what? " Me: "What, Daddy?" Daddy: "Blah, blah, blah blah, I'm as happy as a [XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX]!" He was really happy. Okay then...I think I've said just about enough. I'm stumblin' over the keyboard so I better say "Buenos la noches Ladies and Gents...." Lights out and, Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

WWC 04-29-08; One and Water

Howdy Y'all! Quickly I must upload my WWC pictures. Soon it will be time to pick up the kiddos. I feel that what I got done today (grocery shopping, bank deposit, hair cut) has left me now at 2:07 pm with not half my list done for the day.

So, we will see how quickly I can check stuff off "with the kiddos" home. Here we go for WWC. I played this week with no slacking!

Hope ya' like what I got! One blinking arrow (I fear this thing).

One boy, one girl, one jeep ride....

One big beautifully happy smile!!!

One big, black, furry spider on my window (he was on the outside....I'm not that brave.)

Hey? What's this? One tiny lady bug (they aren't all red, you know). At first? Something was crawling on me and I immediately flicked it away in fear. Then, I saw what it was and I had to nurse him out of shock before releasing him outside. Lady bugs are very "beneficial" in a crop field. They eat a lot of the sucky pestulent bugs.

Uh-oh. Some one "missed one" on his home work.

You will never beleive this one. Have you ever seen a Hummingbird stop...hovering and humming?

Well, this guy was flying and hovering around outside the window one moment and suddenly down he went. He's actually sitting on his tail. I don't know if he actually hit the window and sat here in shock for a minute himself....or if he truly just wanted a break. I mean, that's gotta' get really tiring humming around all day like that.

Above, boiling water. Below, water running from my cool faucet into the "Queen of Sheba" tub.

Here's a side view.....

(Oops. Water wasted while taking these pictures.)

The bathroom sink faucet wanted a showing too. Aren't these the coolest????

It's raining water in my shower!

And, last....but, most importantly. Rain water, in the field. Yes. We got 1 1/2 inches early Saturday morning (4:am with lots of thunder and lightening). Then we got a few extra showers on Sunday!!

Good thing. The cotton was startin' to get a little thirsty!!!

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

I PHEWPED: The Error of My Ways

This little bloggie post is dedicated to Mrs. T and Sweet D. I've always considered myself a good friend. The kind of friend, I'd like to have. And, in being a good friend? Guess what ya' get? Good friends...really good friends that really love you and are there for you. I do have lots of friends, and a couple really, really close ones. They are such good friends that they put up with me and my "ways." And, I can count on them to be there and to understand and to accept "me." Well, I guess I'm resting on my laurels...because it has come to my attention that....I haven't been a very good friend. So, today? I had to pull my foot out of my A$$. I was sweetly and lovingly enlighted that I haven't been seeing things quite clearly. I've always been a firm believer in seeing things from the other side. Everyone needs to step back and look at life in "the other person's shoes." You know what? I've been expecting everyone to see things "in my shoes." But, I haven't taken the time to step out of my own and see the other view. I've been too busy wrapped up in "my little world" and how I want everything in a straight line, black on the black side, white on the white side and any gray is swept away. So, I apologize. Thank you Mrs. T and Sweet D for loving me so and accepting me... Where would I be if I didn't have y'all to love me, toot my horn, support me, encourage me, and listen to me bitch....and watch me obssess and laugh [at]with me about it? Thank you to ALL my friends. My Bloggie Buddy, Miss Allie, Farmer's wife JK, Mrs. "Teach" L....if I listed everyone I'd fill the internet. [See what a a lucky Gal I am?] You may wonder why I put this in bloggie world. Well, I want my friends to know how important they are to me. And, I want the rest of the world to know how important my friends are to me too. My friends are always "tooting my horn" and "stroking my ego." Well, they deserve a big TOOOOT for being so wonderful....they also deserve some "ego stroking" from me. We are lucky to have the people close to us who love us. The good thing is that good friends allow each other to take advantage now and then. But, as a good friend we need to also remember to be selfless at times too. I've been allowed to be selfish. Now, it's my turn to be a little "less" about myself for awhile. FYI? Be sure to hug your friends today.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Giddy with Goodness!!

So, I'm giddy! With the simple smells of goodness!

I know I've been away a day or two. Really hard to be bloggie when your busy-busy. Mom's b-day was Tuesday and I'm makin' her a gift at her special request. And, tomorrow I'm makin' her a special cake that fits her dietary requirements yet is yum-yum-yummily good!

Plus? I'm working on a secret project of my own. Personal employment. Yep. Friends have been eggin' me on and encouraging me in so many ways. Bloggies have commented here or there. A few have unknowingly "lead" me to a new way....there will be more to come.

Nag me! Nag me greatly! Drive me nutty so I'll quickly finish the finals so I can make my "Biggie Announcement!" Deal? [shakin' bloggies on it] Deal!

So, giddy goodness. Seems all the above is giddy, when you have fresh crisp [still warm from the dryer] sweetly cleanly scented sheets made up on your bed....just in time to enjoy their crisp feel and crisp scent for a magnifo-perbulous slumber-lific night of rest and dreams.

Kinda' like this.....hmmmm [sniff-sniff] mmmmm. [Still warm and snuggly too!]

Oh, MY? I DO look happily comfy and pleased....if I do say so myself! ;) Is it magic that brings about this fantab-tastic relaxing meloncholy joy and urge to launder and re-linen beds everywhere? Or is, it Maybeline dryer sheets?

Yea baby! I got the power. The power of GAIN! [no money or kick-backs are earned by my honestly sharing my love for this magnifiscent and reasonably priced product; Thanks Jay for the 411 on disclaimers]

These go even better? With "Blue Sparkle" Snuggle [fabric softner]. [same disclaimer applies as aforementioned.]

Oh yea -- sure I like GAIN fabric softner [Original scent; don't get distracted by the fancy...the original kicks all linen, soft, crisp, heavenly cleanly scent @$$.] But, Snuggle is more cost efficient and melds into a giddy with goodness scent-sation!

So, things to remember today.

1) Nag me to get the rest of my shit act together to complete my $$ project and share my "biggie-bloggie" announcement with y'all all!

2) You can have clean scented laundry at a fractional cost....just choose the right products and scent-sations to mix....Or, be smart and trust my scientific research.

3) There is somehow, someway, always something to be "giddy" about. Find it...and your day, your night, your dreams and your "manana" [nya thingie] will be....giddy.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Farmer*swife Family Conversations

Last week: ME: [Looking in mirror, tousling hair and making sexy, sultry pouty faces with my lips] DH: "Does your head itch?" ME: "No, I'm tousling my hair and making sexy faces." DH: "Oh, I thought maybe you had dandruff..." ME: [To myself, "so much for sexy."] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weeks ago: ME: [Peering out window, admiring a visiting hawk as he hunts for prey across our front pasture] "Kids, come look at the hawk! SON: "Mama, how long are you going to watch that hawk?" ME: "I don't know....a minute? Maybe two? Are you the slacker police or something?" [Super-sonic Super-Mom ears hear an ever so slightly "clink".] ME: [Still peering out window] "Son, you better put that Hersheys' kiss back in the candy bowl from where you got it, right now." SON: [Amazed at my super abilities] "Mama, how did you KNOW?" ME: "God gave all Mama's eyes in the back of their heads." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recently: DAUGHTER: "Want me to brush your hair, Mama?" ME: "Sure!" [I assume the position on the floor and daughter proceeds brushing and styling.] SON: [Enters room, approaches me and begins tussling my hair all over the place] ME: "What are you doing?" SON: "Looking for those eyes in the back of your head!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This morning: SON: "Can I have a fruit bar?" ME: "You just had a whole bean, egg and cheese taco for breakfast!" SON: "You don't make'em as big as the taco place." ME: "That's because you don't get a snack an hour later after the taco place." SON: [Enters pantry] ME: "Get out of the pantry." SON: [Exits strangely and takes the long way around the Island] ME: "Put the blueberry fruit bar on the island, NOW." SON: [Again, amazed at my mind reading super-ability, places "blueberry" fruit bar on island] ME: "You may put the fruit bar in your backpack for your snack at school today." SON: [Exits] ME: [All knowing Super-Mom alarm sensor goes off in my head. I approach Utility room and peep in to find son placing a "blueberry" fruit bar wrapper in his backpack] ME: "What's taking you so long?" SON: [Jumps slightly, but can not answer as half a fruit bar will fall from his over stuffed mouth] ME: Go to your room and wait for me there..... You can guess what happened next on this one.

WWC 04-22-08; Wind and Five

Well, I kinda' faultered at this week's WWC. The "five" threw me off. Just couldn't be creative with it. Of course, I've been busy with other projects....still, I always have my camera around so surely I coulda' captured something. But, I didn't, so here's what I've got for wind.

The pasture when there is no wind.

The pasture on a windy day....

The slide is "riding the wind." This was another 35-40 mph gusty day. Blew all the rain...far away.

Happy (busy) Tuesday!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The "Orchard" and the "Legend"

Catchy title, eh? Let me tell you how I came up with it. Sure, cute, easy, catchy. But, also -- slightly reality.

So, today I came out as DH returned from another "mission" trip. He's been workin' hard to finish the dog run so we can get our pedros a la casa de nosotros. (I'm better at speakin' it than writing it but I think I said "our dogs to our house"...slanderous spanish).

So, I walk out from the project I've been working on (in the closet of our office) to find this going on? Hmmmm, what did he bring me?

Oooh, some land scaping? A tree? Finally, finally a tree? There had been this hispanic man who would drive along and view our home as we were building. Apparently, he sells trees. Oaks, some others, and fruit trees. Oranges. Hmmmm, note my bloggie title?

He drives this old, really old, (I don't know what year model Ford, DH does, but he's not here now) pick-up truck ['73, I think]. So, he's approached us about "Wul'd yu' like too buy a orange treee? I also have Oak trees?" He's a nice man.

Although, first time he emproached our new home (gate open, stupid me) I hit the panick button and called DH on speed dial as this person and his nicely preserved truck drove down my drive (I was appropriately, unlicensedly armed, I might ad) -- y'all know me...unacceptable to drive down my drive if I don't know who ya' are.

DH says, "Oh, that's the tree man. He wants to sell us an orange tree. Do you want one?" Oooooh, yes. My fav FIL said, "Just plant yur'self an orchard out there...that's what ya' outa' do!!!" And, immediately? I was in love with this idea. So months later and a magical kindom with a castle built upon it? Guess what?

My Orchard. Okay, so it's only one tree. But, how do you think Orchards start. The tree stork fairy pops in during the night and lays an orchard of baby trees while you sleep? NO. You have to plant them. And, in order to plant them? You have to purchase them. Foop. Always, a loop in my master plan. That damn "dinero/dollar" thing is always holding me up.

Anyhow, I now orchard. It's only lacking the lime tree(s), the avacado tree, and...hmmm...there will be others.

But, alas, my day goes on. FYI? The big "project" I was working and widdling and sewing away at in the closet of the office? "Tu-Tus!! For my friend's daughter's b-day party. Tinker bell and Pixie Hollow! So, I'm makin' the tu-tus with the sewing machine now! Woop, don't I kick some A-double-triple-@$$et!!

Yea, and Ms. Missy had to take one on a test drive. All products have to be tested prior to submission to the market. There is something with BBC or the OCD (wait, that's me) or the...what's the other one? Anyhow. This is the plainy jainy. They get way better!!!

So, To add to the Orchard but before the Legend part. Or, quite possibly these are "legendary pics." I mean, look at the view I have from the Island in my kitchen:

What is this? The sun sets and the moon is in the sky. And, I get to see both at THE SAME TIME from...the my kitchen. Told ya' DH built me a castle....Who else has this kind of view? A day ending and beginning...all at the same time.

So, the Legend. DH goes to drink some cervesas with los amigos while grilling la hambergusas and discussing cagada de lavaca/o? (Yea, on the spanish kick still. Basically, tailgates, drinking beer, cooking meat on the pit and bullshittin'. LOL).

Anyhow, kids down and I get the cable. So, the infamous, "I am Legend" with Will Smith comes on. Ooooh, I get to watch a "real movie!!" Then, it turns into "vampire town." I thought the world was bombed or something and he ended up living and was searching for others.

Yea. Vampires. WTC!? (The "C" stands for CRAP). Totally good movie? But, I'm totally? TOTALLY going to have LEGENDARY bad, sleep-mares. Poop. Super -legendary-poopville bad dreams. I hate vampire movies.

So, now I'm off the enjoy my vampire-marish slumber. Chicken Biscuits! I hate vampires.

Happy Blogging and Happy Saturday/Sunday morning!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PFC: Challenge #3

It's that time again! PFC day. Brought to us by That Rambling Mad Man. I've enjoyed his ingenious little monthly writing challenge. Here are the pics and details for this months challenge:

I wasn't totally thrilled with the "character" pic. If you click to enlarge it you will see that this is possibly a "cross-dressing" rock star? Face like a guy and half a Gal's body? I'm not sure. But to each his/her own. Luckily, in a sudden "light-bulb" moment, my character for my story developed.

Objective emmitted "transition" and "movement" to me.

The Setting is just a beautiful shot. Leave's me with the feeling that the city is so loud, yet so quietly beautiful from afar.

This little guy was kinda' hard too at first because I felt like he upset the whole "mood" that was developing in my story. Like he didn't fit. But, then he fell into place.

The bird, I really enjoy. Fit just right.

Anyhow, that's my little take on the pics for this month's challenge. The way my mind works, is just suddenly it starts narrating the story in my head and then I hit the keyboard when time allows to grasp the general concept. And, I re-visit it later to finish it up.

Let me know what you think!

"A Life to Love"

I made bad choices, on purpose. I went wild. Before that day, I wasn't a wild person. I was well rounded and fit into that "pretty little box" all wrapped in ribbon. The box all mom's and dad's want to wrap their children up in. I wanted out of that box before I smothered. I no longer fit in that box.

When we fell into each other's lives, we never spent a moment apart. Our kisses were so sweet and soft. And, when we made love we were one in motion. It wasn't about the sex. It was about us. We were calm, cool, rousing, and at the same time energized by one another. We were the cliche'. "They'll be over each other in a summer." "It's just puppy love." All the things older people say because they are jealous of the fact that they are so tied up in "presenting themselves" in their facade, they can no longer love like us.

Gosh we truly were so magnificent together. So in love. The kind of love and passion you feel after watching one of those romantic movies about young love. Like "A Walk to Remember." Yea, we were like that. That's the kind of love we shared.

While away, I experimented with life. I experimented with my sexuality. I experimented with drugs and similar paraphenalia. I became the "bad girl." In ways, I'm ashamed of that now though I probably shouldn't be. It was a learning experience and a freeing experience. I was LOUD and living out loud because I wanted to be louder than my life.

All the while singing out so loudly through my life doing whatever I wanted and whenever I felt like it. Singing a brashly metal song. Breaking all the rules and boundaries, but that other little song was always chirping softly in a far, cobwebbed corner of my mind. Like the tune of a bird....a Yellow Warbler. Those are common in the place I come from.

It's been so long since I've been back there. Fifteen years, give or take. After he left me I couldn't stand the quiet anymore. I had to get away. So I did. I left. And, I never looked back...too afraid I'd loose my nerve. It was just me and his sock puppet he'd left in the car.

So, here I sit. Hands tight, knuckles white on the wheel. His sock puppet still by my side. Fifteen years later I'm returning. Making that long, traveling, drive to all that I so desperately ran away from to escape. Fifteen years and yet I haven't delt with him leaving me yet.

It's getting quieter now. Fewer buildings, less cement and asphalt. More trees, and leaves and sky. I'm getting closer. I no longer see city blocks but I see mountains of landscape all created by a larger life source.

I can't believe he called me. How did he even find me? After all this time? He wants to be a part of my life. He wants me to be a part of his. Where does this understanding and forgiveness come from? I think by feeling it I am learning.

It was the creation of a love of a lifetime. But, when he left me I had to give it up. I feared I couldn't be the person that would be required of me. Sure, I've regretted it. But, so long as I lived so loudly I couldn't hear the regret in my mind and I couldn't feel the pain in my heart.

When I got the call, though? I heard it again and felt it again. And, it is on this drive that I will deal with it. I will mourn my loss and be great full for what is a new start.

Though, I lost the love of a lifetime, I realize I have second chance. Not many are so lucky. I will love him. I'll wrap him up in that perfect little box and tie him up sweetly with a big blue bow.

I no longer want to be loud. I no longer have to be loud. Had I only known or been wise enough back in the beginning to realize that I could have them both, in a way. Because my love of a lifetime lives on through our son. He left me something behind after all.

A comment. At the last minute I toyed with the idea of changing my main character to a guy, thus changing the gender rolls in the story. I think it would have read and made a little more sense in some ways. But, then I decided it would get too much away from the "character" in the picture. And, by keeping it the way it is, I thought it to be less easy to realize the ending before reading upon it.

Lastly, when conflicted about a decision I've always done best going with my first instinct. So, this is what I first wrote and I kept it this way.

Happy Reading and Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

04-15-08: WWC; 100th BLOG POST; Tax Day!

Boy Oh, Boy! Lots going on today!

So, it seems the 100th blog postis a milestone in bloggie world. Possibly, our trial period is over and we are employed (as volunteers at no pay) as a true member of bloggie world? Either way, all milestones deserve credit and recognition for the accomplishment.

Although, I will say I've been a little blah-read bloggie lately. My best stuff was in the beginning when I had my friends read me but had not yet been ventured into by the bloggsters. I'll get it funny bone, that is.

I've really enjoyed blogging. It's been a great outlet. I make the time "for me" to play around and talk to myself in here. And, to catch a good laugh and/or a something challenging to think about that has been shared by other bloggies.

My readership has doubled or more! Whoop! Thanks y'all! Comments really do make us feel "read" and "special."

I aim that the future 100 posts will be way more Bloggie! I mean, isn't that the whole point? To rant, rave, giggle, make fun of ourselves and appreciate our uniqueness?

Oh, have to mention that deadline day. Hope everyone is up to date. We signed our return yesterday and DH sent it off in the mail.

On to WWC!!!! I had lots of fun with this one!!!! Close up and Background:

This little gadget lets me see the background behind me while driving. It's very nice to know to move quickly out of the way when an 18 wheeler comes flyin' up my ass tailpipe.

Below is what is called a "conversation mirror." It allows you to see your passengers as you converse with them along your drive.

It is also good for keepin' an eye on rambunctious children. Let's see a close up of what is in the background in this mirror:

Oh, there they are. Don't they look so sweeeeet and peaceful?

This little guy is a cotton plant. Following are his buddies in the background. [They wanted to be included in the photo shoot.] Unfortunately, there seems to be a few cotton plants that didn't quite come up -- bad seed? Hmmm, the jury is still out on that one.

[FYI, I hope they all come up and "boll" out nicely as these guys are supposed to help make our house payment and fill our fridge.]

This guy below, has something hanging from his trailer hitch...let's take a closer look, shall we?

Yea, that's what it looks like. Apparently, this guy thinks he's making a fashion statement.

I think if you click I left the picture bigger. If not, y'all let me know and I'll re-upload it so you can see this in all it's nutty glory (LOL!)...some of you may find this is quite close enough.

So, that's my "WWC - Tax Day Reminder - 100th post" today!

Happy Blogging and Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Door Knob day

So, today is door knob day. Meaning, I realized the door knobs needed cleaning. Because, someone left them sticky....hmmm. Wonder which someone that could be (have a pretty good idea it's the someone with a sweet tooth). We have 24 door knobs (inside). And, while cleaning the door knobs I generally clean the surface of the door in the grooves and stuff. You'd be surprised how quickly dust can accumulate there. If you don't stay on top of it? One day? It will have moltened into the paint...and will not be removeable.

I know this from the cute little quaint house we formerly lived in. It had been residence to a few families over the 25 plus years. Some were better house keepers than others. Either way? Those grooves and corners? Uncleanable....always looked grungy. Drove me nuts!

Anyhow, along with door knobs go the light switch face plates. I've been to some places and houses and I think the face plates have never, ever been wiped down. Not that it my business. I know I'm a freak about some of these things. But I still can't help but think of how many times a day house hold members touch these things. And, with not always clean hands. YUCK!!

Anyhow, we have 40 of those inside. [Outside are DH's responsibility :) ] So, while doing the door knobs, light switch face plates and the doors themselves? Well, typically a dusty, splashed on, or somehow otherwise dirtied base board will be found. So? NOW, it is door knobs, doors, light switch face plates, base boards day.

Know what this is? It's called a "Flying Turtle." Ever play on one of these as a kid? They are fun (even as a grown up). Anyhow, last time I cleaned the base boards I had to do the tushy schooch around the house (either that or break my back leaning down the whole time, or my knee caps). That time, I about wore a hole through the back side of my britches....tooshy schootchin' and all.

So this time I got smart!!! I placed my bum on the flying turtle and "Fred Flinstoned" myself around the house with rag in one hand and spray cleaner in the other! Too fun and too fast!

But, when doing the base boards? There are always the corners that the mop, bissell, vacuum might miss because they are too tight to get into. And, like the door faces? If you don't stay on top of these little corners...the dirt will eventually molten itself to the floor and base board and no scrubbing machine will remove it. (I know, I tried everything in the old house).

See? This is one of those tight corners. We have multiple of those around the house. So, now it is "Door knobs, doors, light switch face plates, base boards, and tight corners cleaning day." But, no problem. I was rolling my way through on my son's "Flying Turtle." And, having a great time while I was at it.

Now that all of that is's on to the laundry. Loads of it to fold. I know, your tired of hearing me strum this tune.

Anyhow, that's how my days go. They start out with the list and the calendar of events and then they grow into a whole lot more. But, technically? Since it was really only door knob day? I'm way ahead on the rest of the week [smiley-wink!]

Happy Cleaning, Happy Monday! Oh, and have you cleaned your door knob(s) today?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Crime-a-phobic! Aren't we all?

So, Mom was supposed to come by this afternoon to drop by my keys. I was happy to share with her that I found a little something (last little tid-bits gathered from the old house) that I knew she would really love. A pic of my Papa! He's in his military uniform (black and white photo, of course) and he was only 15. He lied about his age so they'd let him in the ARMY.

(There is only one original which my uncle has).

So, I found one my Gramm had professionally reproduced and framed! Mom will love it!

Anyhow, on to the CRIME-a-phobic.

So, I called Mom this a.m. to confirm that she was still comin' by this afternoon. Got her voicemail (she only has her cell phone as she is on fixed income due to work related injury that basically broke her body in a million shattered pieces). Hmmmmm. She'll check the caller I.D.

[Later] Hmmm, still haven't heard from Mom. [Dial her again]...the phone finally picks up, there is some shuffling...I can hear her? Someone? Speaking in the background. All the while I can tell the phone is still bein' smothered somewhere. I yell out, "Hello! MOM!!! HeeelllloooooOOOO! MOM! I'm on the phone!!!!" Then it hits me: There's a burglar in her house and she left the phone on so I can hear what's going on and call the cops. Or? She's been carjacked! [Hey, we know this really happens. And, I've seen a lot of crime shows.]

Turns out? She was at her Doctor follow up and couldn't get to the phone. Apparently, she didn't realize she'd accidentally answered it while in the treatment room.

CRIME: So does all of that paranoia imagination make me a "paranoid personality?" No...Okay, maybe a little. But, this is the world we live in. And, I have lived through and experienced things both myself and through friends that are criminal and "unacceptable."

I mean, seriously? How many bank robberies can we have down here in a week? And, I don't mean like the good'ol Western Days. Or, like "Ocean's 11," or what was the movie with Katherine Zeda Jones and Older Hottie Sean Connery? If you're gonna' do a heist? Please do it right. It is embarrassing that like three banks have been robbed around here with fireworks taped to look like a bomb and a plastic water gun. PHEWP!

And convience stores are constantly being hit, clerks being harmed or killed, and all for a case of beer and a carton of cigarettes. I remember this guy in high school. He was in my Honors Algebra class. He was tall, lanky, kinda' dorky but generally nice. One of those guys that tend to get on your nerves but still, basically nice. He was a good kid.

Anyhow. Two years after graduation I'm watching the news. They show a surveillance tape clip of him [this part is graphic] having his throat slit and fighting as he fell to the ground. Two punks who were high were trying to break into the register. They got away with a case of beer and like $20 bucks or something. He didn't survive.

Turns out? He didn't even work the night shifts. He told a coworker that he'd cover for him that night. His Mom was concerned about it. She said on the news that he told her, "I'll be fine Mom." I think about him every time I enter a convenience store. And, every time I drive by the one where it happened.

So, I don't get it. We have the technology to propel people into space. Even, to let them live up there. We have the technology to build mechanical body parts. We can "clone" new body parts.

But, we can't find a way to keep someone from walking in a bank and stealing our money? Just because they are too lazy to get their own?

We can't protect a convience store clerk? It's been sixteen years since that happened to "Carl," I believe his name was Carl. And, nothing has changed. No great improvements.

We are all obsessively doing this?

I don't know what made me want to bloggie about this. I guess it's because, when I couldn't reach my Mom? First thing I start thinking is that something "criminal" happened to her. I have to think about it when loading my kids in and out of the vehicle when out in public places.

I'm approached every so often by one of those scammers in the parking lot. "Um, Ma'am? Please? I'm from out of town and me and my family are stranded here. Do you have any spare cash?" It infuriates me. Trying to victimize me while I have my children with me -- puts me into lioness mode.

Once it was a lady. I told her I couldn't help her. "I don't carry cash" (I really don't). I told her the police could help her. She had an excuse why they couldn't. I told her, she was making me uncomfortable as I had my children with me.

Another time? The last time? I was having a frustrated day. I'm exiting the grocery store and on my way to my vehicle (no kids with me this time) and I see they guy out of the corner of my eye trying his "ploy" on a couple. They brush him off and he comes to me. I was frustrated.

As he started with his, "Um, Ma'am?" I flat out said, "Seriously? I don't have time for this crap!" He apologized and left me along. I felt a little bad for a moment...then, I was over it.

In the heat of the summer I won't start the vehicle until I've loaded all the groceries. Poor kids have to sit in the heat (90 plus degrees). Why? Because, I'm afraid someone will jump in the front seat of the running vehicle while I'm loading the groceries in the back...taking my SUV with my kids in it.

It happens! So, I always try to think ahead and be prepared. Sounds slightly crazy and overly paranoid, I know. But considering all the purse snatchings (with little old ladies still attached to said purses) lately? I would be naive NOT to be always mentally on guard.

So, enough rambling and babbling. Just be safe out there. Remember your "Schwaka-Chacka" stance. Use those eyes in back of your head. Acknowledge those prickly hairs on the back of your neck. BE PREPARED.

On that note! Make it a Happy One!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Me So Bad...Forgot to mention my AWARDS!

One more thing! I have a couple of little awards over on the side there. I had the top lines in Rambling Madman's third day of the month story! No, I'm not his stalker (okay I stalk his blog a little sometimes, and generally at night) but I also have this thing about threes. So, my illness is what lead me to be a winner!! I had three.....THREE, lines in his story! Thanks Madman Ramble!! In addition to recipes, Butteryfly girl has graciously shared her "E" for excellence award with some of us newbies and some of us not-as-read. I feel like a winner! I feel Excellent! Now all I have to do is mark my calendar for December and make a shot at that "Spork Award" from tink. I'll have to improve my blogging though to get that one. Anyhow, y'all are fabtastic! All my friends who read me are Spectabulous! All y'all bloggies who pop in for a read and a comment are Spectac-T-Rific!!! (I love new happy words!!) And, with that, please DO have a "Happy Thursday!"


So, I have some fascination with telekenesis because all my life I have had dreams with the recurring power of telekinesis. I tried looking it up in a dream book but the ones I have do not mention it. The dream may include different people in a different location but it always involves me moving stuff with my mind. Pencils, a spoon, flipping on or off a light switch, closing a door. That kind of stuff. And, yes, I can levitate myself in my dream. It's really hard though, takes a lot of concentration and I typically wake up the next morning with a headache. That is usually where the dream ends. I guess because my mind is completely weakened from all that concentrating. My mom and I used to get those ESP games when I was a kid. The idea is that you look at pictures and symbols on a card and then the "sender" concentrates on it and the "receiver" then sees it in his/her mind and tells the "sender" what message was sent. Pretty cool! There were also cards with smells (fruit, etc.) to mentally send a message. You would close your eyes, smell the card and think about it. The next thing you know the "receiver" tells you what fruit it is. (No, they can't smell the card). Mom and I were pretty good at it. I think I was a better "receiver" than sender, at least with her. Curiousity has me considering finding one of these games (if they still make them) and trying it out with DH or a friend. I also think I'm going to add "trip to the library" to my list of "to dos" to check some good stuff out about this. They just built a new fab library (took'em forever) so that will be a good excuse to check it out. Anyhow, as I've recently had this dream again, it got me thinking maybe I should really check out more about this "power" I have in my dreams. I googled a little and found this. Thought you might find it interesting too. Mind you? It's man made telekenesis, but still pretty cool. So, what do you think? Well, that's all for now. I've got some work and projects to finish (oooh, I did make some money yesterday -- notary business kicked in a little for me. And, money is always good. Too bad I can't mentally move more of that into my pocket. Although, some positive thinking about work and money might bring me some....hmmmmmm) Anyhow, Lator Gators and Happy....(concentrate really hard and I bet you can read my thought that finish this sentence)!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

WWC, Smooth & Rough, 04-08-08

So, I woke up this morning at 5:00 a.m. with a pounding head ache. I layed there until 6:00 a.m. at which point I fell back asleep for about 20 minutes. Then, DH and I crawled out of bed. Two Excedrine Migraines and one and a half cups of coffee later the pounding subsided...but, as it did? I could hear something playing in the background....AAAUGUGUGG!!! "I went to the year three thousand...not much had changed but they lived under water...."

That damn song, AGAIN!! It's been over a week already!!!! I can't get it to shut up! It's catchy and all but apparently, it plays all night while I sleep -- thus, the head ache. Anyone, know how to get a song out of your head?? Help me? Please????

OK. So, on to the WWC.

Hard Workers. Building the dog pen -- that's "rough" work.

Oh, look? My son is bringing me something....wonder what it is?

Awww, a little frog. His eyes are smooth and shiny. (No, he's not a toad. He's pretty with green spots. And, he didn't pee on me either. He did have a cute little croak).

He matches my smooth granite.

My son collected a wagon full of rough rocks.....

My SUV is smooth and shiny (cuz' it's clean).

My legs are also smooth (cuz' I shaved...I need a tan though).

This antique lamp looks pretty rough. I found it in the old barn and my FIL let me keep it :). It cleaned up nicely. Sorry, forgot to take a clean picture of it.

And, I always like to throw one of these in:

So, I was grasping a little this week....