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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Howdy creative peeps! As many of y'all know, I'm in Arkansas visiting with my dad. The kids and I are having a great time but I'm having slight withdrawals because my signal this year is very weak and so I can't easily get service to the iPad and my service on my iPhone is slow too. Not phone or text but my Internet. :-(

So, I'm sitting in the Walmart parking lot trying to get this up so everyone can 'link up this month! Mine CWCG #4 is almost done but Daddy is taking me and the kids fishing this afternoon along the river (I don't know which one). So, I'll get mine posted in this very same post soon, but in the meantime I wanted y'all to link up.

Comment if it doesn't work and I'll work the kink out. I'm all HTML right now. :-)


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mr. Linky Test

This is a test, only a test of the Farmer*sWife blogging system. Should this be a real linky post you would be notified by an actual blog post.

I'm testing two things:

1) that it works 

2) if I can change the post id for each month when I use this for the CWCG and/or other events. ;-)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Double Rainbow rises and falls over my castle!

So, after a slow trickle of rain over the day; enough to keep the Hubby home and out of the field so we could spend some actual time with him, we walk out to find not one Rainbow but TWO! Arching over my castle.

I took some pics with the big camera but only after I did the video first. Sometimes rainbows can be so fleeting, so I grabbed the first photo recordable unit I could reach! I'll put the pics on the LT tomorrow and see if I can enhance the second, weaker, rainbow out without losing the quality.

But, I had to share because this isn't so random and even at that, how often do two rainbows arch and bow over one's home, one's castle? SWEEEEEEEET. Totally. :-D

Excuse the yelling but I was talking to the family and kids! :-P Oh, and the finger was clearing the fog off the lens. Indoor a/c vs. outdoor totally warm and humidity causes that... I didn't have time for the camera to 'aclimate'. LOL!

HOW blessed am I? [Prayers of thanks tonight for a wonderful, awesome, family filled day.]


Monday, June 20, 2011

Lil'Gal singing 'my side' with her acoustic guitar

My Lil'Gal, my star. She actually let me video her again! (Side note the lyrics changed for the camera; they were a wee cooler the first two rounds but I think she was trying to impress).  The 'you said you went to the moon and you lied' was word-for-word. :-P

My future country music star and pop-cross over!

In reviewing this, I get the feeling this song is about and to her brother... :-P The whole 'just cuz' you can play a guitar (he was giving her cord lessons yesterday; though, I doubt he'd lie about going to the moon. I'm thinking he lied about something 'else' he was allowed to do that she isn't.) Kids.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

GREEN LANTERN: a Mom's review

Let me start with wishing all the Daddys out there a wonderful Father's Day. Thanks to some greener grain, Hubby was able to attend church with us this morning and join the MIL and FIL and church crew at breakfast. Then, at his request and seconded by the kids, he wanted to see 'Green Lantern' which has just opened this weekend.

I don't think I've ever written a blog review of a movie other than expressing my obstinate love for the Twilight Movie Saga. I will add 'A Walk to Remember' as another good, unrelentingly loved movie, for those who (*gasp*) have lacking admiration for Twilight and its succeeding movies. [FYI, A Walk to Remember is a must see movie if you believe in true, unrelenting love. I'll just say, Shane West.]


First off. I've seen one or two other 3D movies in the theater in the last three years. I'd say two, to be exact. The last one I recall is Tangled, which was adorably funny. However, the 3D affects of Green Lantern gave me quite an issue with my vision. It was uncomfortable and caused me to focus and refocus. I tried to watch without the 3D glasses but then, most things were blurred or double visioned (because they were designed for 3D vision). My assessment is that the 3D used in today's technology does not mimic IRL visual three dimension.

Once the movie progressed into more of the earth/human related daily life I found more comfort. But, all of the alien/space/horrible evil bad guy scenes reinstated my visual difficulties.

Within 30 minutes after leaving the movie, I found myself with a pounding headache and my eyes felt like I had been over-focusing all day. They felt extremely strained, which apparently they must have been after the length of Green Lantern. If you have eye issues you might reconsider 3D.

Secondly, I didn't pay much attention to the parental guidance rating because I'd seen a scene or two in the commercials which demonstrated that the move was quite entertaining and light hearted as other 'super-hero' movies we have viewed as a family together. My children have watched Iron Man with my husband and I, and Transformers as well. Lil'Gal has loved 'Hercules' for several years (even when I found the whole evil vs. the gods war toward the end quite deeply scary myself).

The way this movie started out, even I found a bit intense (blame me for not researching in advance). The concept is that there is this one bad guy (originally from the board of eternal rulers) who had been banned because, well, he went bad. You know, the power trip kind of bad. He fed on fear. So, not knowing where this movie is, the first 20 minutes is this bad guy sucking the fear out of people, excuse me, species and leaving them as empty dried carcasses of themselves. Ahem. Insert my Lil'Gal covering her eyes and/or hiding under my arm. >:-{ Not liking.

At the point where I expressed to my husband that this is "NOT what we thought" and that we were considering entering another movie (I was thinking that penguin movie with Jim Carey, which Lil'Gal also wants to see), Lil'Gal says to me, "I thought there were going to be real people in this." Me too. Suddenly, enters Ryan Reynolds and real people. Phew. The movie did get much better from there. But the evil bad guy parts were still a little overwhelming for my eight-year-old who can understand and tolerate Twilight. *GASP* yes. She's finally seen even the violent scenes but with my play-by-play explanation.

A plus, and earning a BIG STAR is Ryan Reynolds, whom I find adorable in more than one way. His little girly friend, all smart, jet flying and feisty was an equal plus for the male genre of watchers.

I have to say this picture in Neeeeoooow way does justice to how well his 'energy skin' fit his tightly built.........everything.

And, the whole internal struggle he deals with while finding himself as this new super hero is well written and well understood by both my children.

I have to say his 'earth' nemesis (who is an innocent, unappreciated or valued but super intelligent professor of science, that Hall/Green Lantern Human grew up with) was quite annoying in all of his severe, ear piercing screams during his multiple transitions from an infection caused by I can't say how or where because it is a spoiler alert.

Another BIG star is earned because my Hubby grew up with Green Lantern (which I did too, but he followed the original more closely) and expressed that they really did a very good job at staying true to the story. We went on to discuss the
*tiny SPOILER ALERT* yellow ring that came about and the fact that it left the story open for a sequel. Hubby shares a short tid bit about said earth nemesis (aha, we thought he was gone) and how it might all play out.

So, if they have a sequel and Ryan Reynolds is in his green energy skin, then I have to give this one more BIG star. Over all, I like the movie. Farmer, Jr. loved it. He too, though, in all honesty finally expressed that the big, black, turmoiling, multi-snaking like, yellow fear sucking, evil guy was scary.


Movie true to story: STAR
Scary guy believable: star (dislike though)
Ryan Reynolds in green energy suit: **SUPER-STAR**
Moral values teaching courage and self belief: STAR
Social acceptance of all species: STAR
Child friendly (under 10): MINUS star and thumbs down

As an adult, I'd give it 4 stars. As a parent taking children to see a super-cool, super-hero movie? I give it 3-stars as it could have been slightly more kid friendly. (ie: please don't inflict nightmares from the stupid, evil, fear-life sucking guy).

One last note, put this in a green, energy skin. In other words, he's like this but painted green. Oh, and no shorts.

>;-D he he he....  Ooooh, yeah. FW did enjoy the movie.  Thank you Hubby and Happy Father's Day!!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

'AMBER FROST' Review/Giveaway!

A few weeks ago I finished reading another YA read provided by

ireadiwrite is an independent press specializing in digital books. I have a kindle and *heart* books on demand, so this is a great site for me to find great reads. [Though, their books are available in multiple e-reader formats.]

Amber Frost, by Suzi Davis, is a YA romance novel with a little bit of enchantment mixed in.

The core of the story is about happiness. Personal happiness and wanting happiness for others as well. Who would be willing to sacrifice their own personal happiness if it would make someone else happy?

The MCs visit this concept often throughout the book.

What if in wanting happiness you were able to influence the things around you, the weather, people even, without realizing it? Somewhat unintentionally. Sebastian Caldwood is someone, who for whatever reason, emits such an influence. He and Grace Lynn develop a wonderfully strong relationship. But, it is what they both want? Or, is it merely what he wants for himself? What does he want for Grace Lynn? What does Grace Lynn want for herself?

And, what are the detriments to Grace Lynn because of this misunderstood influence?

Sebastian and Grace Lynn toil together as they also begin to discover that Sebastian has a very long, and mysterious past.

*Slight Spoiler Alert*

I was conflicted slightly with Grace Lynn and her family dynamics. In the beginning she is a pleaser who doesn't know anything other than fulfilling what is required and expected of her. Then, when it seems she has finally found independence and personal worth, she gives it all up at the turn of a page (click of the kindle). Because she had finally found her ability to assert herself, the way she immediately fell back under the emotional insincerity of her mother lacked a little plausibility for me.

BUT, then again, Grace Lynn is a teenager. AND, she had spent a lifetime living inside a perfect little shell. So, maybe that is just me. You'll have to read it to judge for yourself!

A couple of my favorite scenes: the weather change; the shed; the lake. :-)

This was a really cute, quick read. And, it did get me thinking about what real happiness is. FYI, it is the first in a series. The second is expected to be available Fall of this year. [You can find out more about this book at Good Reads: Amber Frost]

Speaking of happiness, I have a little to share with you! ireadiwrite is offering a signed digital copy as a giveaway!

All you have to do to be entered to win is:

1 entry) comment here that you want to be entered

Additional entries:
1 entry) share in your comment what sounds good to you about this book!
1 entry) FB post about this review and giveaway (and tag me please, @GlassHalfFull Gal)
1 entry) tweet it (chirp, chirp!)

You don't have to FB post and tweet every day; though, that is great if you want to. One post or multiple still earns you one entry.  If you want to post about it on your blog that would be great! But, I'm not making it a requirement or an option to earn a chance to win.

I'm trying to keep it simple so we get a lot of book lovers/e-reader lovers to enter!

And, yes, this book is available in various formats for various e-readers.

This giveaway closes at midnight (CST), July 4th, 2011. So be sure to enter before you shoot off those fireworks! Good luck!!


Monday, June 13, 2011

The Best Dog Ever

Mug Shot ;-)
Most of y'all know I'm a pet lover and animal lover and lover of nature. I've visited Killdeers' nests and documented their family on my blog along with saving a finch here and there a couple of humming birds who accidentally concussioned their head due to my shiny windows. [Grackles are the exception; total dislike.]

I followed the baby dove that got blown out of the tree during a big storm last year, I even have pics I never posted. It was amazing how the mom and dad kept feeding the baby who fell from the nest and moved her from here to there as she grew and the sun's heat got more intense. The kids witnessed this; what a wonderful lesson of nature.

Along with that there have been the stray baby jack rabbits, frogs and toads, a snake or two and we have video'd and witnessed multiple red wasps stinging extremely large spiders to drag to their dens. [At which point, I spray said 'den' with wasp and bug killer spray. My house is 'NOT' flying-stinging critter friendly.]

As a family we have a fish, formerly a beautiful 3-inch Luber grasshopper, a guinea pig, and two dogs: the escape artist, a stray, who adopted us several years ago (literally). And, the 'BIGGUN'whom we adopted after the loss of our 13 year old weimer, BLUE - named for his color.

All of this brings me to our wonderful dog, our Brandi, the perfect [very large breed] dog.

You must be touching or petting her or you get the paw.

When we adopted her she seemed under fed for her breed. Though the story told, she had come through the pet center twice. They had to heartworm her the first time and the previous family to adopt her had to bring her back -- I think the husband was military and got transferred unexpectedly. He had two small children who loved to ride on Brandi's back as if she were a cow or small horse. The staff story went on to say the Dad of the family actually had tears in his eyes upon returning her. :-(

I saw her on the weekly 'pet-of-the-week' segment on our local noon news channel. I swear she looked into the camera and directly into my eyes. I immediately called the pet placement center and Hubby directly after, "I think we found our new dog."

Picked up the kids from school and, homework be d@mned, we went to meet her as a family. She LOVED the kids and we could tell how displaced she felt. In the 'visiting area and dog run' she would follow the kids and never leave our sides. She was a sure sell. The tech who helped us with her had spent time with her at her former 'incarceration'. She was so thrilled for such a great family for 'Brandi' that I think she skipped a few hoops and requirements so she could be sure we got to take her home that afternoon. [Did you know you have to apply and have referenced to adopt a dog? Yep.]

Brandi was 103 when we adopted her (at 4 years old; a full grown female of her breed is typically around 150). Now she's a full figured gal at 160 pounds. [I will merit, that she needs to lose about 10 pounds; we're working on it.]

A typical full bread, English Mastiff pup, will run you around $700.00 - $1000.00. GASP! We adopted her for a menial $60.00.

Brandi is the most loyal, most loving, most generous and tolerant and understanding dog. Her breed was built to rest at the feet of kings. [She's also good at intimidating strangers due to her size.] :-D

Kids love her! She loves kids!

And, out of all my dogs, she is the bestest, most wonderful, most loyal, most kind natured, [shhhh, don't tell] favorite dog ever. Ever, ever, ever. Which is why you continually see pictures of her posted on FB and conversations about her. :-P


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday's Summer Sunshiny Day List to Do :-)

What's on the agenda today, Farmer*sWife?

Why, not too much; after a few things I'm going to claim this day as a 'do-nuthin' or only what I feel like' day. (Those are awesome days). :-D


  • skip church Attend church with Hubby and the family because Hubby will be in the field for the next couple of weeks with little or no break. 24x7 or as he says, 'Balls to the wall' busy.

  • Breakfast with the family and church crew at our local Mexican taqueria. (YUM!)

  • Sort the socks (blech)

  • Read on the treadmill: Still reading A Map Across Time, started One for the Money (Hilarious), begin my next book for review, begin a Smutty book for the week as soon as I finish the Map book >;-D he he he

  • Write book review on 'Amber Frost'

  • Catch up on blogs and WWF and FB (okay, I'm always caught up on FB)

  • Maybe, maybe write an article for Triond; I've fallen off the wagon over there

  • Read the current Beta version of TURNING POINT, while sitting at the barn with my feet resting on my 160 pound 'puppy' and an glass of ice cold tea or wine, depending on the time of afternoon

  • Enjoy the moment...

That's it. That is my Sunday Summer Sunshiny Day List!


Monday, June 6, 2011

VLOG: Tribute to Melissa Garrett, Author

Y'all who follow me closely know my passions and my dedications and my friends, and so many if not most of us, have become dear friends and supporters to each other.

For those of you whom I am lucky enough to have as followers and lurkers who aren't necessarily in my FB group or a regular or a commenter - I am thankful for your following and taking time here and there to read the ins and outs of my life as a Happy Mother, Happy Wife to a Farmer, and my working on being a true Writer. Along with my other antics and occasional gripes and love for the spirits. ;-)

This vlog is a dedication to my dear friend, 'LIS', more professionally known as Melissa Luznicky Garrett. I could give you a history of what great friends we have become, some inside jokes we wouldn't share but with one or two IRL friends and the overall congruency we share as mothers and wives and friends and our lives in general. But, it is pretty much understood at this point in life. :-)

I will put in print the overall statement of what I say in the vlog, though I say it better there:

Melissa Luznicky (that's a hard name to say AND type) Garrett, Congratulations! I am so proud of, but more and mostly, FOR you. You are on your way. You took that step and you didn't fall off into the pit of fear and denial. (I wouldn't have let you anyhow = me nagging.) You have wonderful, creative stories to tell with endearing characters and the world would miss out so much if you didn't share them with us. But, you are sharing them.

Lis, since the beginning, I have and forever will be riding the dust trail of the shooting star you are.... *smiley wink*

Without further 'ado' my tribute vlog to you (take four better work, LOL!):

LIS, you ROCK!


Friday, June 3, 2011

CWCG #4; come 'write' along with us!

Another month, another new story for us! There are five of us signed up to play along so far but it is hard for everyone to participate every month with kids, jobs, housework, juggling, and our more lucrative writing projects.

There is no pressure and if you want to post late one month, just be sure to let us know here when you have your creative work up at your place. [No, I haven't found a free Linky thing yet.]

And, anyone can play. You don't have to be published or looking to be published. We all love to be creative and it is fun to write a little poetry, make up a funny story, put words into a heart felt tale, etc.

As I've said before, one could even participate by writing a tightly constructed sentence.

The only things you have to do to play along are:

Incorporate the five words (chosen randomly from the dictionary)
Have your piece work around the theme provided
The picture is totally optional
And, have fun!

It is that simple!

Now, on to this month's challenge:


spritzer: a drink consisting of white wine and soda water
eyedrops: liquid medicine for the eyes
trek: to travel slowly or laboriously; to go on foot; a journey; a migration
legitimize: to make or declare legitimate
deed: a thing done, act; a feet of courage, skill; a legal document which transfers property

Theme: Temperature


(I shouldn't comment, but isn't he adorable?)

There you have it! Let your mind ponder and write away! I'm going to make the deadline on this one for June 30th, 2011 (dontcha' think we'll all be busy that Friday prepping for 4th of July Celebrations?). The new CWCG #5 [YAY] will be posted Friday, July 1st for a deadline at the end of July. Sound good?

Well then let's get cracking! Or should I say, 'clicking' across those keyboards. ;-)


CWCG #3: Experience of a Soldier

This is going to be my second attempt at blogging with the iPad. Fingers crossed, it is a success. I typed my entire Creative Writing Challenge Game #3 on the iPad this time rather than sending back and forth to the LT via iWorks and pages. I've learned a lot more about the formatting and how to work with an external keyboard. Traveling without the LT has so far been a success, though I miss the comfort of 'knowing I have it with me'.

I wrote this totally free writing without really thinking about where it would go. I'm not completely thrilled with this story, but like my last CWCG I tried an area a little more foreign to me.

Share your thoughts both extreme grammar issues and/or storyline. Pats on the back are extremely welcomed and appreciated!


Libra - seventh sign of the zodiac
Slumlord - an absentee landlord who exploits slum property
Scarce - not common, rarely seen
Roar - to make a loud, deep, rumbling sound; to laugh boisterously
Formal - according to fixed customs; stiff in manner. Designed to be worn at ceremonies.

Theme: Military


Also coming shortly will be the next Creative Writing Challenge so be sure to check back and play/write along with us!


     I wake, the sound of chopper blades a roar in my head. My mind is confused as I try to recall where I am and what is happening. Pain is burning through me, my chest cavity in flames, the pressure is so intense I can hardly breathe.

     Someone is speaking to me, I see his face in a blur. The sound of the blades are still piercing my ears, my head, my body. I've been shot. I remember now, the impact of the hit. I'm alive. I think of my wife, expecting our second child. She is waiting for me to return for my leave in time for the birth. We scheduled a C-Section so I can be present. I missed the birth of our first. I need to be strong. I need to survive for them. The pain is so intense. I will myself to live.

     The person is speaking to me again, his face is clearer. It is my sergeant. We are in route to the medical facility. "Hang on," he yells over the whipping of the chopper blades. I say in my mind, I will hang on. And, then it is black.

     One month, two weeks and three days later I am well enough to be discharged from the medical facility. Due to my injuries I am eligible for an early discharge. I am able to return home. I can still feel the hole in my chest and abdomen, though pink, soft, scars are all the evidence left of that almost fatal day. My sergeant tells me to return to my wife and kids, to forget the military and live a normal life. "You've served your country well," he adds.

     Forget? Who can forget? Would such memories so easily become scarce? I think not. I know that I will not forget. It would be wrong to forget. It would be impossible.


     I see my wife. She is crying and waiving as I exit the plane and make my way across the tarmac. Our eyes are locked, and I think how I almost lost this. I kiss her on the cheek, on her lips, across her forehead. I reach for my daughter and take her from my wife's embrace and I hug her to me tightly. I say a prayer in my head thanking the Lord that I am here now. I hug my wife again, feeling my son who resides in her full belly against me and I kiss her intently, the four of us clutched tightly together.

     It's been almost eight months since I last saw her. I long to kiss my wife in other places, across her heart tattoo placed where only my lips and my tongue may roam. Maybe I can forget just a little of the death and fire and war I've just returned from. Kissing her in those places will replace those memories, even if for a few moments. I want to kiss her tummy where our son is growing. I love my wife and my family. I am home. It is good to be alive. Others from my troop didn't fare as well.

     My wife makes idle conversation on the drive home. I peer out the window, watching the streets, sidewalks, buildings go by. We pass so many buildings that are condemnable and yet the slumlords rent them to the poor and less fortunate. I think how these buildings would be the dwellings of a wealthier man in the place from where I have recently come, having a real floor rather than sleeping on dirt. Cockroaches, yes, but running water and a sewage system. I am thankful to be an American. I turn my thoughts back to my wife and daughter to hear their chatter. After all, I am home. I should be thinking of home and not that other place.


     I've now been home three weeks. Each night I fall asleep rubbing my wife's fully grown belly, feeling childlike as my wife simultaneously strokes my hair with her hands. It is comforting. It is an adjustment, returning back home after all I have seen and experienced. My wife doesn't press me but I know she wishes I would talk with her and share what I am feeling. I do not want to share. I do want to share. I feel like two people. The soldier, and the husband and father. I cant seem to merge the two. I feel torn. I am a Libra. Libras are known to be fair and balanced. I do not feel balanced. I share this with my wife.

     My wife is quietly thinking about what I have said. She keeps stroking my hair, my ears, across my eyebrows, my cheeks. It feels nice. I find myself lulling into sleep. She whispers as I fall into slumber, "Tonight you sleep, tomorrow we'll find balance."


     Today is my first appointment with a therapist. My wife has scheduled me with a therapist who specializes in working with soldiers returning from war. It feels so formal. I wear my dress uniform. My wife says I don't have to. The therapist will require that I talk about my tour, my duties, my dreams that haunt me. Thus, he will be speaking with the soldier and I will dress appropriately.


     Today is my sixth session. There are no orders given, no rules to follow. He let's me talk about anything and everything. I express to him how I feel split, like two different people. I want to be one person again. He understands. He does not judge. He does not put words in my mouth. He does not tell me how I should behave. He tells me to feel, not to lock it away. I find he is an outlet that helps me combine my two parts together again.

     He schedules our next session. As we approach the door he grabs my hand to shake it. "Thank you," he says. Why is he thanking me. I should be thanking him.

     He sees the confused expression on my face and explains. "I say thank you because of what you experienced in an effort to protect our country, your family and mine. I am thanking you for your sacrifice. I've dedicated my career to soldiers. And part of fulfilling that is by showing appreciation." He pats my back. I am realizing that what I experienced, while unfathomable as it is and horrible as it was, that in someway, it is a good thing. I served a true purpose. I am not a horrible person.

     I am a good soldier. I am a good father. I feel that the two can become one again. It will take time, but finally feel I can find my balance. My phone rings as we are saying goodbye. My son is ready to meet us. He and I shake hands once more and he pats me on the back again as he rushes me out the door.

     My wife smiles at me as I enter the room. "You promised you'd be here and here you are." She struggles through a contraction. I hold her hand and she squeezes mine hard. I witness the beauty of the birth of my son. This very moment confirms everything. The death, the war, being shot, almost dying -- it was all worth it. To live my life, with my family and my freedom.