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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On an UP-Note!

So, the Childhood Flashback seemed to leave people down or slightly upset.  Yes, I had to purge it here because it hit me last night again -- well, every time I hear the words Ice Cream and Cone together.
But, on an upnote!?  It's New Year's Eve!  Whoop!  Oh, yeah.  We have a fine menu set out for this evening, which after this post, I will begin preparing!  DH and I have no real plans.  Though, my Baby Bro (not the collegiate, he's on my Dad's side -- geeze, the family tree.  Maybe I'll hit that at the bottom of this post) is coming with Mom and then he'll stay over.
The baby brother via Mom is 13 going on 16.  And,  you know, Farmer*sWife is way more fun to party with on New Year's Eve than the "MOM."  Even if we aren't having a party! ;-) [No offense Mom, you know how it is.]
The pork chops I made last night?  AWESOME!  Very delicious!  Eight thumbs up in an eight thumbed family!
The "Brown Sugar" glazed carrots.  YUM!  And, I don't like sweet with real food.  But, Lil'Gal was extremely pleased (I knew she would be) and DH had a great liking for them, even to comment that his mom used to make carrots like this! [Me?  Cooking' like my Fab-tastic MIL! Without trying!  Best compliment of the night!]  Farmer, Jr.?  A gagging two thumbs down.
He totally diss'ed the carrots.  Though, he did not leave the table without finishing half of them. Mama's are just that way sometimes.  :-D
New Year's Menu
We we are having finger foods and snacking, warming, celebratory foods.  Which include:
  • Cheese dip, to which I always cook up some tasty hamburger meat to mix in.  YUM.
  • Stuffed and baked Jalapenos!  Stuffed with cheeses and some chicken bits!~ YUMMMM!
  • Chips and Dips.
  • My homemade hot sauce recipe; though, tonight I'm adding some tomatillos! HOT &  YUM!
  • Steak and shrimp Ka-bobs!  YUM!
  • Salad
  • Black-Eyed Peas
Wanna' party at my place?
I also picked up a nice cheap and on sale cheaper bottle of champagne.  For me, well me.  DH doesn't drink champagne.  At our wedding?  He filled our champagne glasses with beer.  I had returned from having my dress adjusted [again] and didn't have time to complain.  You so CAN totally tell it's beer in those glasses.
So, I guess I'll have a lot of champagne left over.
Happy New Year and don't forget!
Tomorrow, something special will be happening here!  Who want's to start out 2009 as a WINNER!  Yep!  *smiley-wink*  You will wanna' be here!


Childhood Flashbacks: The Ice Cream Cone

I didn't sleep for flip last night. Well, I fell asleep fine but then I woke up. I got some cold water and returned to bed, knowing that I was s-c-r-e-w-e-d with a flat head driver. Mine as well have beaten me with it too. I tossed and turned and tossed and turned all.night.long. Meanwhile, DH would throw a snore in here and there and then he'd flip over and snuggle a little. Then, I'd go back to tossing and turning, knees up, legs stretched out, leg out of the covers, leg under the covers, flip-flop, flip-flop... Yep. Add a couple of potty breaks -- not sure if I really needed to go or if I was contemplating finding another place to lie my head. Either way, I ended up back where I came from and did the Flap-Jack dance in bed until this morning. I finally fall asleep for about 15 minutes -- of course, when the alarm is going off and it is time for the world to wake up -- and I dream, ever so quickly, about Daddy's friend's Lil'Gal who turned one year old. Daddy called last night and we conversed about things and he told me about the birthday party. So, I dreamt about pink ribbons, pink boxes, and the baby and her older sister were playing tag with pink ribbons. Then, I woke up by DH's snore. Can you believe he can do that? Fall back asleep immediately after hitting the snooze and into instant snore-zone. Phblblblt! Kay, enough whining. On to the flashback! It's been awhile since I've done one of these. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Ice Cream Cone I remember, I was about oh, eight years old. Maybe six or seven -- I get the ages mixed up because I can't really remember my aunt's birthday or age. She was born later after my uncles and my Mom. Anyhow, Mom and I had gone to visit. I remember I was sleeping upstairs in my aunt's room and the trundle beds were separated like two twins in the room. My aunt was supposed to be home already, I imagine, and was apparently late and past curfew. I remember waking up to a whole lot of chaos, yelling, voices, etc. My Gramm was apparently very, very upset and I could hear my aunt while my Mom played referee. Apparently, the good big sister too. Because my Aunt, at barely 16 years old or maybe she wasn't 16 yet, was intoxicated. Um, she was beyond that and she was throwing up all over the place while my Gramm continued to barrage her with scoldings and threats of a life time of being grounded. All of this in vain, as a drunken teenager who is vomiting on herself is not going to be able to register and things you say, yell, scream or threaten her with. And, at the particular point and time -- I think the vomiting was punishment enough, along with how bad she was going to feel the next morning.
I remember being sent back to bed when I discovered them in the bathroom and my Mom was putting my Aunt in the shower; clothed and all, LOL!  Yuck!  My Mom then proceeded to get her cleaned up and into bed -- all the while, my Gramm continued her barrage of linguistic artillery. So, all of that aunt was grounded to her room. Boy, was that fun. I was a big, annoying pain in her butt because I was a kid and she was a teenager. And, she was stuck in her room and had to share it with me. Two days later my Mom takes me for ice cream. Well, I had a lot of issues with dairy when I was younger so I got the rainbow iced sherbert/sorbet [whatever].   Being kind, Mom decided to get an ice cream cone for her sister too. After all, we were visiting and wanted to do something together but my Aunt was grounded. So, we get back to Gramm's house and I remember sitting on the stairwell to the upstairs bedrooms, licking on my sherbert. My Mom and my Aunt were there talking and enjoying their cones. Then, my Gramm comes along and she scolds my aunt and she -- TOOK HER CONE AWAY.  And, then? She ate it -- right there in front of my Aunt.  I was flabbergasted! My Gramm said that since my Aunt was grounded that meant she couldn't have ice cream either.  Secretly, I've always been peeved about this experience and event.   Even at that early age, I felt that the ice cream was separate from the discipline.   And, we had bought it for her and we were only visiting for a few days.  We didn't visit very often. On a sad note, my Aunt was killed in a car accident by some other teenagers about a year or so later.  She was a passenger and her boyfriend was driving and her best friend was standing up in the open skylight the car had in the roof. It was a tiny, little hatchback. Her boyfriend was speeding, but the other kids ran the stop sign.   My Aunt seeing the accident about to happen, pulled her friend down and into the back seat.  Both my Aunt and her boyfriend were killed upon impact.   Her friend had a lot of issues for years, obviously, because my Aunt had literally saved her life but didn't survive herself. I don't have a whole lot of memories of my Aunt because I didn't get to see her very often -- like I said.  And, she was older than me.  I do remember an incident with her earings...that'll be another flashback of it's own. ;-)  And, I remember unintentionally annoying her when I was about two or three years old.  I followed her like a shadow. And, I remember the Ice Cream Cone incident.
Well, I have to address our annual letter we send out at Christmas/New Year's time.  It's New Year's Eve!  Y'all play safe tonight!  I know I will.  We've no plans and considering I didn't sleep but a 15 minute wink last night -- I know I'll probably crash and burn early.  Though, I do plan to use toothpicks to hold my eye lids open until midnight!
If I'm not back later [I'll probably be back later], then I'll blog ya' next year!  Don't forget!  Tomorrow is THURSDAY and something BIG is coming!  Fun!  Prize?  I don't know????  You'll have to come over and check it out manana!
Happy Hump-Diggity New Year's Eve!!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crunchy Baked Pork Chops and Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots

Now that I have your attention: Yummy! That's what's for dinner tonight! I'll let ya' know how it merits with the family! Be sure to read the previous post about what's coming on Thursday! I'll probably leave the polls open until sometime Friday, or maybe longer for more participation. I'll announce all the details on Thursday! ;-) Happy Tues-Day before New Year's Eve!

Something BIG is coming!! ;-) [Prizes?]

Something BIG is coming! And, I don't mean New Year's day or 2009. But, something big will happen on the 1st day of 2009! You'll have to make a note to the calendar to check back over here. "Will there be prizes? you ask. Well, there might possibly be! There is a possibility, a slim chance that Yes, there will be prizes! What's something BIG, without prizes or a GiveAway? there will be prizes. So, you will have to come back here on Thursday. But, don't wait until Thursday. You can still pop in from time to time today and tomorrow. To read what's happenin' in FW's world. Just be sure to also drop in on Thursday! Hang-Over, Hung-Under, or whatever state you find yourself in...check in! :-) Got ya' wondering now, don't I? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On another, unrelated note. Let me click out a few other things across the wide, white space of this posting place. Lil'Gal walks in yesterday morning (Farmer, Jr. had traded me places in the middle of the night) to find my in Farmer, Jr.'s room. She is excited to exclaim in a half whisper-shout that Santa Clause had left the box to her doll house behind!!! And, she found it hidden under her "Toy Story" blanket that had been previously "locked" in the computer office. GASP!!! DOUBLE GASP! How do I handle this??? Make a big deal? Pretend I didn't hear her? How did she GET IN THERE???? And, then I remember. DH was watching a show about Hitler and the Holocaust and I didn't find this to my sleep palette. I had planned to return to the computer room so it hadn't been locked since the children were already sleeping. But, then, I forgot and crawled into bed with DH who was going to change the channel but I don't think he ever did. I fell asleep. And, forgot to go back and lock the computer office. And, the first place Lil'Gal went? Into the open door to that room. Where she discovered the box "SANTA" left behind that DH forgot to slip out of there while the children were sleeping!! YIKES! Now had this been Farmer, Jr.? He would have had lots of questions and not been so easily fooled. However, Lil'Gal gave me her own explanation to which I strictly adhered and then tried to ignore/blow the whole thing off as if I wasn't surprised or disturbed. And, we agreed that the doll house was too large in built form to fit easily in Santa's bag or down the chimney so he must have stuck around long enough to put it together too. And, then I added to that, "Boy, I'm sure glad Santa didn't make Mama and Daddy have to build that thing! Then, it would have been awhile before you got to play with it!" We both sighed and I think the issue is over. Though, she noticed immediately when the box was no longer there. I noticed her looking around for it but neither she nor I said anything about it. WHEW!! Don't forget about Thursday! ;-D And, Happy Tues-Day before New Year's Eve!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Things I enjoyed today...:-)

Bare with me.  My fingers have a few minutes left before my OTC sleep aid kicks in but my brain and mind insist that they have something interesting to purge into type for the cyber world to read.  
Though, I realize I need a big comeback from my Carrot post.  What's up with that anyway?  Nobody cares about cooking carrots these days?  I will say, the recipe for scalloped carrots topped with breadcrumbs was fantastic!  Lil'Gal asked to be sure I saved some for "left overs" for her tomorrow....that's a pretty good Carrot recipe.  But, you know....a veggie, some cheese, some cracker crumbs and butter and -- whala, it doesn't taste like veggies anymore.
I digress.....
So, some things I did and enjoyed today:
I told DH I had a really good day today.  I really enjoyed the day.  He asked, how so?  As, how was today different than any other day and considering we didn't do that much and I didn't even leave the house.
  • I played transformers with Farmer, Jr. and figured out the glitch (for the second time) with "Bumble Bee" so he would transform completely with all sound factors in tune.
  • I played "Princess and the Pea" with Lil'Gal.
  • I watched "Transformers" the movie with the kids while working in the kitchen, and then the four of us actually all ended up on the couch watching the movie together.
  • I played basketball with the kids (when the wind lied down before changing directions for the front coming in).
  • Me and Farmer, Jr. built some stuff with legos.
  • I rode scooters with the kids.
  • Me and Lil'Gal danced to music.
  • We played with the dogs.
  • I scooped the dog pen too! (Nasty, but it has to be done.)
  • I cleaned a few baseboards.
  • I cleaned a few doors, geeze kids are hard on a house.
  • I played on the computer and visited the blog neighborhood, though not many were home.
  • I did puzzles with the kids.
  • Lil'Gal and I read a book together.
  • I went through my cookbooks and cooked up a new recipe.
  • I had a good day, I didn't lose patience or my mind, and I'm happy and fulfilled. 
  • I counted my blessings and boy, that took awhile.  I'm a lucky Gal.
I have to say, that I really enjoyed today.  I enjoy everyday.  But, quite often we are so busy with the schedules, the lists, and getting what needs to be done -- done, and on time.  It is enough to wear a Happy Gal out.  But, today was our schedule.  Sure, I had things I should have done like fold the laundry. 
But, hey?  We don't get the slowdown very often.  DH busted a walnut hauling rocks and working on the rock beds around the house while the wind was whipping aggravatingly.  Meanwhile, me and the kids enjoyed the day! LOL!  No, we helped with the rock beds some too.  But, we spent more time doing all the above.
All in all?  Not a bad day, huh?  No, not a bad day.  A fantabulously awesome, stress free, schedule free, enjoyable, do-whatever-we-want kind of day.  And, you just can't beat that!
Happy Saturday!


Pondering What To Cook with Carrots??

I've been wanting to make glazed carrots. Sweet like, as Lil'Gal has developed an interest in carrots and I find that I should take advantage of this interest while it exists -- hence, making a really good carrot recipe. And, I just assumed sweet would be the way to go, thus "glazed." So, while looking through a few of my favorite cook books -- one being the newbie to the shelf that I reviewed for January's issue of Root & Sprout -- I found two delightfully though differing recipes. Honey-Kissed Carrots and Cheese Scalloped Carrots. Seeing as how my children like squash cracker cheese casserole, they actually might enjoy the Scalloped Carrots, and who are we kidding? Anything goes better with cheese. Then again, Lil'Gal likes sweet, sweet anything and anything sweet. So, the Honey-Kissed Carrots might work too. And, as I'm typing and thinking and deciding, Lil'Gal just came in and requested hamburgers tonight so she can have some chips with it. Typically, I make baked "french fry" potatoes. They are easy too; just slice up a few potatoes into thin fry looking shapes, add a little seasoned salt and broil. They are superb and healthy. But, still. The carrots. And, what goes with glazed carrots? I've been pondering all day. Oh, well. It seems we are having burgers tonight anyhow. So, I guess the "What to Cook with Carrots?" question will be side-barred a day or so. Though? I might cook up a helping of those Cheese Scalloped Carrots afterall. You know. Just to try it out and see what the kiddos think. Am I rambling? It's because I want to and need to bissell mop my floors but this will not happen with children traipsing through the house. And, bloggie town seems to be tucked in with not much happening. Christmas recoop and all. Hmmm. What's something fun and simple and not too people invasive to do for New Years. We could have some friends out but then they'd have to drive home and that aint good on New Years Eve. And, "I" don't want to be out and having to drive home. Maybe I'll glaze some carrots for New Years Eve along with those Black Eyed Peas we are all to make and eat for Good Luck.
Oh, their were critter tracks on the back porch.  I'm thinking a raccoon and a big fat one, at that.  Me to DH, "There are critter tracks on the back porch."
DH to Me, "Yeah, I saw those....[pause]...."
Me to DH, "What do you think it is?  Surely not a cat, prints look like some critter or possum."
DH to Me, half listening, "A cat, a possum, something like that..."  Didn't I just say not a cat and possibly a possum?  LOL!
The wind has finally lied down in expectance of the cold front coming in this evening. So, I think I'll take the kids outside and play a few rounds of basket ball while we can, without getting pelted by wind blown wads of dirt. Seriously, we get the average of 25-30 mph winds with the 40 mph gusts around here. And, you do get pelted in the face and eyes with dirt as their is currently no crop to hold the dirt down. Guess we'll be farming the neighbors land again this year, only which neighbor, LOL! Okay, our land and rented land but not our dirt. The dirt changes from field to field as it travels with every wind-gusty day.
Know what's funny?  Okay, not funny so much -- I feel kinda bad but still it's cool to watch.  When the wind is whipping up like that and a bird is just doing it's thing and flying along and suddenly a big Gust catches it and blows it back and then the bird flies really, really hard against the gust but he's not getting anywhere. 
I see this all the time out my kitchen windows.  And, I watch the poor guy who looks like he's tied to a kite string or something.  Flutter, flutter, whipping those wings, until finally the birdie will give up and glide with the wind bursts until it breaks free.
Happy Saturday, the windy way -- with carrots on the side. :-)


Thursday, December 25, 2008

As promised, A Vloggie Christmas Song!

Howdy! So, I snatched away a few minutes after returning from eating yet another fab meal at my MIL and FILs. Though, I missed the actually deboning of the turkey. FIL stated that this one seemed to have more meat on it than Thanksgiving. At which time, we both realized I wasn't there at the deboning ceremony (I like the hot, steaming fresh turkey pickins!) We are back and DH is working on hauling rocks around into our flower beds. Lil'Gal is jammin out to music in her room while playing with her new Barbie house Santa brought. Farmer, Jr. is playing tractors vs. Transformers -- you know the John Deeres will win this one... ;-D Without further ado, as promised. Farmer's Wife sings you a Christmas song in a Christmas vlog! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and I wish everyone well -- however you celebrate the final days of 2008. :-)

YAY Santa!! Merry Christmas to Vlog!

Hmmmm. It is 1:23 in the morning. I know! I know, right!? But, Santa's coming!! Well, okay, he hit our house already. I missed him though cuz' I was assembling the Barbie/Princess three story house to help Santa out. DH checked on me a time or to judge my skills see if I needed help. He added some input and I kicked him out. Because last year he got so frustrated with the way easier assembly project than Barbie's Dream House for her Princess Pals, that he stripped screws, left out some dowls, and glue? Out of the Question. Anyhow, then Santa threw out the extra Santa stuff. And, I was good about hiding the tags, boxes, and packing materials. So, I was handing Santa the big bag of bubble gum that the kids love and have been dying to have, chew, purchase to chew but I will never buy them. Only, I dropped the bag and bubble gum went everywhere! Geeze! So, Santa requested I help no more said to leave it there on the floor and the children would realize what a hurry he was in. While sharing some candies he left for their stockings as well (cuz' we all know I despise candy, especially when my children are eating it) I knocked over the platter of half eaten cookies and the praline I saved from MILs for Santa. (CRAP! Dirty Praline, and I was so hoping Santa wouldn't want it and would leave it for me)! Santa flew up the chimney, so nice for him to escape right? DH came in and complaining that I might wake the kids and questioned why I was up so late! SHHHHEIST! Yes, he did offer to mean well but get in my way help but I reminded him of how much of a pain in the @$$ it is with two Santas in the house exhausted he was and that I should just finish up. Though, I did give him the job of running fly man should a child sleep walk due to the spilled bubble gum and cookies and all...interception so they wouldn't find me hiding tags and bags from those stocking stuffers. I wrote a song for my bloggies. I so want to vlog it now with Macxine but it's a sure fire to wake the house. So, I'll be sure not to lose my interpretation to "Alvin & the Chipmunks" great Christmas song. So, hang in there. I'll vlog it. Just have to get some shut eye, and find a time and place where...I can sing....full tune. Merry Christmas Y'all and to all a Good Healthy, Warm, Loving and Safe night. I couldn't wish anything less than all the best for everyone I know. Merry Thursday, for us all I pray..... :-D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fog and Impatience

Last night I tried to pop in and comment around blogville but the fog was thick and so service was hindered. Very slow. I was able to visit a few blogs but I couldn't reach the door bell to say "Hi!" Finally, I wrapped the children's couple of gifts from us to put them under the tree. I also tallied "Santas" givings and came up short on Farmer, Jr. but we threw in his birthday present (his birthday is ten days later) to even it all out. We'll pick up a something little from us for his birthday next week and then of course the party is from us. Lil'Gal woke at dark-thirty to discuss with me the facts that:
  • It's Christmas Eve
  • Our itinerary is to visit Sweet D and Uncle J get presents, return home, Christmas Pageant, got to BeBe's house for dinner and presents, then home to wait for Santa
  • There are new presents under the tree
  • I'm mean because I won't let her open her gifts now
  • Santa is mad at me
I got her back to sleep but not for long. She played musical beds last night too. She crashed and burned at first but apparently her subconscious knows there's a whole lot of gift giving about to begin and so she didn't sleep well. She visited DH also. I'm thinking to discuss the same as above with him. But, DH didn't hear because he sleeps so deeply. She then woke him to state that she was leaving because "you snore too loud Daddy." At which point, she returned to me in her room. Lil'Gal has no patience. She says it's Christmas Eve and so they should get to open their gifts now. I can tell this will be the issue all day until we get out of here to distract her. She likes "things." She likes "presents." She does not like "waiting." As I type, she returned to the computer room to hassle me some more share the fact that Farmer, Jr. has one more present than she does. By the look on her face this could be detrimental. So, I had to stop in the middle to go count with her (only two a piece from us cuz' Santa and everybody else does the rest). She double checked the labels, counted again, and was satisfied. Except for the part about having to wait to open them. I'm fearful if I head to the shower while DH and Farmer, Jr. are out that she will secretly steam open her gifts in her shower and then try to rewrap them (without the gift inside). Oh, she's only five. But, she's smart enough to pull this off. I also have that fabulous cookie dough recipe from Another Online Mom whipped up and chilling in my fridge. I'm wondering after I dress, how quickly I could roll it out and cut some shapes to bake and glaze before I begin making some rounds today. We have a full schedule. At least, "I" have a full scheduled. Can you believe it is almost 2009? This year blew by in a frenzy. I'm hoping to take time to smell the flowers in 2009 -- after I plant them, of course. I hope to pop in here later today with a family pic or maybe a "vlog" with me and the kids...or maybe, just me! To wish all of yours well and Happiness. Happy Christmas Eve!! This has to be the best Hump-Diggity Day in awhile, huh?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is Magatron a MAC or a PC?

I received this in an email last night from Lis. I found it cool and laughable. On a side note I'm slightly beside myself. Christmas is two days away. My children have been tearing the house and themselves apart, while wearing their halos, of course. Lil'Gal's attitude towards, well, everything that isn't what she wants her way -- is awful. It reminds me of when I a was a kid. I knew the spoiled kids who got everything and I knew they didn't deserve half of what they got. I got stuff, but never the big ticket that they all got. Am I now that parent doing that to my own child? I'm mean, she's lovingly adorable. But, this "I want" attitude is upsetting to me. And, yes, Santa could just not visit her this year. Santa Clause could drop off some items for Farmer, Jr. because all along his behavior is really good. With the exception of antagonizing his sister and all. But, Santa will come down our chimney Wednesday night. And, he will leave goodies. Because the participating in the joy and imagination that comes on Christmas morning is something a Mom and Dad just can't do without. Lil'Gal is loveably adorable. She's my angel bug. It's just her halo tends to fall off and it tarnishes so easily. And, she can turn on the spin of a dime. From adorable, to frankenstien, LOL! to a Saint. Why is it this way? Maybe Santa will bring me that instruction manual that was left out of the womb when she was born. If this is my only complaint today? That parenting is hard? I guess my Glass must be pretty full, huh? I better get back to my "Thank Yous" to life and the God who gave it to me. Off to the store to break the budget. Then, home to make a new cookie recipe from "Another Online Mom." [Check my blogroll cuz' I'm too lazy and short on time to pop in the link there] ;-) Happy Almost Christmas Eve!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Send some hugs...

So, after I type up my "all about me" blog post and all about how wonderific my life is -- I went on to read my blog roll and blog reads. 
There is this one Mom, a Mom to three children, who is totally juggling life....completely.  And, I read her and I want to help her and I want her to have the best and she deserves, if nothing else?  A few days a week just to spend with her children and quite possibly, just to sleep.
I've tried to send her to Root & Sprout because they have a group titled "WildFlowers" which would be a great place for her to share her knowledge, concerns, and all the rest that comes with parenting a Downs Syndrome child.  I know she can barely vent in her blog though, which is totally dedicated to her third, Lucian.  So she can share the story they are all living together.
Anyhow.  I want her to have a wonderful Holiday season.  And, I want her children to be able to enjoy more of her.  Though, I know there are so many Moms out there who are sacrificing everything for their children -- including time with their children -- just so they can give their children as much as possible.
So, she's my current stalk.  Go click the furry faced guy above.  Read her posts and her stories.  Send her some supportive comments.  And, maybe even follow along like I have.
She is a trooper.  So, please troop over to her place.  (Oh, and maybe check out a few of those ads she has there.  They are very interesting and they can help a Mom out too by following curiousity.)
GNight bloggies.  Happy Saturday Night.  
Happy Life.


Cape in the Kitchen!

Super Mom, ie: me, rocked it in the kitchen tonight!  YAY!  Wait, I did better than that.  I did, second helpings, SUPER-YAY!  Totally wearing the "Super-Cape" in the Kitchen!
And, for a book review!  Squeeee! SWEET!!  Totally! (And, yes, I wrote that in True Valley Girl accent!)
Oh, DH walked in and at first he was all, "What's that?"  Though, he did state, "But it smells good..."  Lil'Gal hummed along to herself, "I am hungry, dinner smells yummy, la-la-la-la-la, I am hungry and it smells yummy!"
DH taste tests the "Corn Chowder" I made, leaving out from the recipe some of the evaporated milk so that it would be less soupy and more chowderie.  DH makes that, mmmmm-MMM good face.  :-)
Then, I do the Chicken recipe....AWESOME.  The chicken breasts were so tender I could cut them with a spoon -- yes, I said a spoon, that was in my hand -- and serve to the children's plates.
Seconds were eaten.  I froze the leftover corn-chowder for Monday's arctic cold front.  [But, I kept a serving for my carb fix tomorrow in the fridge. :-)]
And, the book was free.  Came along with the other three in the set.  From a source from an article I wrote for Root & Sprout, which will be published in the January issue.  Super Cool!
So, be prepared for January's Root & Sprout on January 1st, 2009, cuz' you might find one of the four (no, not the one I cooked dinner from tonight 'cuz that one is sleeping peacefully with my other favorite cookbooks) available as a GiveAway at Root & Sprout.
Though, I will be xeroxing multiple pages from the "GiveAway" volume.  It's not just a recipe book.  It's a book to read!  ;-)
Don't forget to check it out!  The Book Review, and all the other great stuff at Root & Sprout, January 2009 publication.  That should be the first place you visit in cyber-2009.  
;-)  Happy Saturday!


Friday, December 19, 2008

DON'T go to PODUNK!!!

Back from the party.  I'm pooped.  My ears are ringing from sounds of hyper high-pitched voices.  We are barely pulling in the drive and Farmer, Jr. is ready to invite playmates over.  Um, "NO WAY, Jose."
The party was a complete success, which is good.  I didn't get fudge made but I did get the Apple Bread made for the teachers.  I meant to make a loaf for Wonder Mom too....but, I didn't have enough batter last night and being tired I thought it not important.  Of course, this morning I awake (on the couch) and am peeved with myself for not mixing up a half batch.
I have to take Lil'Gal in for her regular eye exam in a few.  Gosh, Geeze, I hope they don't have to dialate her this time.  Whatever was I thinking that it be "cool timing" to have the appointment on the other side of the city (not my tiny town) after the party and on a Friday afternoon?
On a sad note, our Priest passed away today.  He's been ill and having issues with diabetes and pain that comes with that, etc.  So, we were all aware -- but still.  Last year he delivered a wonderful and even humorous sermon on Christmas Eve.  Awful.
Brother Update.  
We got him out.  What an unnecessary fiasco. 
Turns out, I was right.  He went to dinner with a new guy he was training.  He had a couple beers, the trainee had about five and isn't used to drinking a whole lot.  So, Lil'Bro drives them back to the hotel for obvious reasons but they stop at the convenience store across the street. He parks.  Then, he's approached by an officer.
He discusses with the officer the situation.  The officer then administers a sobriety test to my Lil'Bro -- which he passes easily, obviously.  Lil'Bro expresses that he will leave the vehicle parked if necessary and he and his co-worker will walk across the street.  But, that he was driving as his coworker was snockered.  The officer agrees that the "coworker" should return to the room via bi-pedal fashion.
Then, he suggests to Lil'Bro that Lil'Bro needs to take a breathalizer.  Lil'Bro inquires as to why and the officer turns him around, cuffs him, and takes him to jail.  The coworker took the LapTop for work and immediately informed their Supervisor -- who was very understanding of the situation and began efforts on his end to try and get Lil'Bro out too.
Now, I've heard Wyoming is a pretty place.  But, like all places, it has some podunk towns.  And, Lil'Bro was working in and arrested in a podunk town.  I know this, not just from the residents themselves telling me as I contacted probably half of Podunk's population trying to find a way to get someone to take my credit card or other means to bail him out -- but, because when I finally spoke with a bail bondsman he explained that that "town" is podunk and two hours away one trip from anywhere and nobody wants to go there.  
He kindly offered to go there for me himself and "run" my credit card info and bail out Lil'Bro for a wee fee of $500.00.  Hmpft!  Chicken Biskets!  Bleepin' Pie-hole.
It gets better.
I'm waiting on another guy whom I have been told might be local to the area.  Daddy starts again from his end and works it out where he can send a money order from the bank.  He knows the bank President in his little town (miles away from the boonie woods where he lives) and is told to just wired the money -- that the court should take a wire and save a day of overnight mail.
Nobody in Podunk is aware this is an option.  Daddy keeps playing musical phones with the employees of their judicial system.  (I sware, they were all in the same room laughing to themselves as they passed either of us along to the next one.)
So, finally a supervisor walks by a ringing phone and picks it up.  Dad is asking for the information to wire the money to.  The Supervisor states, "Well, our wiring department is gone for the day and the banks are about to close, BUT...... you could just pay by Credit Card."
:-X  Do you know how many times we tried and how many people we dealt with to try and pay this by credit card?  Seriously.  Stay out of Podunk.
In other news,
I forgot my cell phone today.  The one day I forget it.  And, I was gone for about 4 1/2 hours. DH calls the school office to consult with about travel coordination regarding a friend and I who have Christmas stuff to swap out.  It is scheduling itself and happening while I am unavailable.  He works it out.  So, I think all is fine.
I walk in the door and pick up my cell phone.  16 calls.  SIXTEEN missed calls!  Sixteen?  On a Friday morning?  Holy Cattle Drive!  So, I've already handled several or they handled themselves since I wasn't available :-D.
And, I'm pooped.  But that's okay.  You wanna' know why?
It's Farmer*s Wife's Favorite Day!  Friday!  And, no school next week.  No homework, no spelling tests, no tight bed time routines, no early morning scrambles.  And, even better?  Santa Clause is coming to town!
Yeah!  Totally!  The song says so so I know it's true!
Super Sigh.  Happy FWFD!  (Don't forget; stay out of PoDunk!  ;-)


Thursday, December 18, 2008

What's Left!??

What's left on the to do list for this week.  Well, children have a cute Christmas program at school tonight.  Lil'Gal is going to be a sheep and Farmer, Jr. is a wiseman.  So, you know the video camera is getting a total charge right now!!  And, I found this little cord I had not seen with the video camera before.  I am going to see if somehow, someway it will work with the video camera and Macxine and magically download video.
If it does?  Watch out bloggies!  Here we come!  Me and the Little One's will be making music videos for ya' all the time.  If it doesn't work.  Then, I'll be sure not to remove that request for a digital video camera from my Santa letter (for next year).
Um.  Oh, school party tomorrow.  I'm filling in for a Mom who withdrew her children from school.  So, since my Christmas tree craft fell apart, literally.  I saved the peppermints and scrapped the rest and we are making Christmas cards as place holders and decorations instead. 
Which means, I'll be using my Sizzix to cut out Santa shapes, Christmas trees, Candy Canes, Mittens, Ornaments, Holly, etc, etc.    And, I still have to make apple bread (Gary's recipe) and fudge (Harry's recipe) for the teacher gifts due first thing in the morning.
And, that's about it.  I can hide locked in my closet to wrap the kids and DH's gifts.  And the kids can help me wrap the gifts for the MIL and FIL (whom I heart and adore cuz' they are fabutastically wonderific!!!)
I can hardly believe Christmas is here in less than a week!  


Incarcerated? Excuse me?

So.  SJ is going to be peeved with me for posting this probably.  Poor thing.  But, I just have to vent it.  Poor thing.
His job takes him out of state often and for weeks or longer at a time.   Most recently, he has been sent to Wyoming.  And, it's apparently cold and nothing 'a do as he doesn't know anyone there.  Maybe a coworker he meets at the site or something.  And, sometimes the company has him room up with another employee (which, from stories I've heard this isn't always wonderful either.  Imaginge rooming with a complete stranger for weeks on end.)
Anyhow.  My life has been booked by the minute and will continue to be that way until we get home from the school party tomorrow.  Speaking of which, I'm at the little local diner/eatery with the Wi-Fi waiting on the kids.  Since I drove all the way here to make lunch for the school today with WonderMom and another good, dependable School-Mom.  She made home-made tortillas for the meal!  YUM!
Back to the story at hand.  Daddy calls me last night.  I was working on an article that I insisted to myself I would finish and submit today so that Lis would have one less to worry about before the deadline.  The phone rings but the kids don't catch it in time.  My cell phone rings and I miss that call too.  I pick up both phones and see it's my Daddy.  So, I call him back.
Apparently, my brother has been incarcerated.  Yep.  Poor guy.  And, where he is -- is in the middle of the state and according to the people I've been speaking with -- there's no one around to be helpful.  I'm states away.  Daddy is states away.  Little Bro needs $$ to get him out so he can tend to his job.  It was a stupid thing.  Many of us have on occasion had an alcoholic beverage and then drove back to our current residence.
Yep.  They got him for drinking and driving.  He was not intoxicated.  Apparently, "under the influence."  He's a big guy and he's also responsible.   Who hasn't had a glass of wine with a meal at a restaurant and then driven home.  So, he's been stuck there.  In the -- I queeve as I say it -- jail.  Alone.  With the only phone call allowed having been to Dad.  Who, at the time was in the middle of hosting a Holiday party.
So, me and my Daddy have been dealing with these people and on the phone long distance trying to work it all out.  Talking to this person who says "nope, talk to this other person."  Who says, "Oh, sure...just call this so-and-so."  So-and-so says, "I have no clue what you are talking about.  You can drive to Wyoming though and we can work it out in person."  Grrr-diddly!  Daddy finally got it set from his end.  LilBro will get out tomorrow.  Then, he returns on Monday to see the judge.
I'm so frustrated for him.  He's a smart kid.  He's getting everything together.  He's up for a new fantastic job.  I so hope this little glitch doesn't interfere with his job.  It's just not fair.  And, again.  I know we should not indulge in alcoholic beverages and then drive a machine on the road with other people.  But, under the influence isn't the same as intoxicated.
We should not drink and operate a vehicle.  Though, why do they sell and serve  beer and wine, and even liquor at restaurants knowing that most of the customers have no intention of taking a cab.  Maybe they should outlaw beer and wine at restaurants and make it mandatory that you sleep over when at the bar.  I don't know.  I just know he's not a drunken idiot.  I can't wait to talk to him.  I can only imagine what he is going through in there.  And, beating himself up.  I bet he went to eat a good meal at a nice place because he was lonely up there and he probably had a nice glass of red wine with it.
And, he probably walked out the the rental car and happily headed back to his room when the lights and sirens went off.
So, with all else in my full and happy life I've been worried for him.  Pop a good word in with the big guy upstairs if you think about it.  It would be devastating if LilBro lost his job over this.  He's daddy to my handsomely adorable nephew who is exactly one week to the day younger than Farmer, Jr.
I know my LilBro is humiliated with himself.  I can only imagine.  He really is such a good guy. He'd take his shirt off and lay it across a puddle for a lady to cross and not ruin her shoes.  Yes, he is a gentleman that way.
Hopefully, this will all be remedied and he can maybe come home for Christmas and bring the Lil'Guy with him and we can stay up late while the children sleep, waiting for Santa.
Well, time to pick up the youngins.  I'll peep in when I hear back from Daddy and LilBro that he is out.  I just feel so bad for him.  One of those things.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's in Farmer*s Wife's head....

Yep.  This is it.  This has been in my mind all morning, since Lil'Gal requested I get out and actually play some of our Christmas music.  
This version too.  I love the way she sings it.
Enjoy!  Santa Baby (I'd like a new suburban or a full size crew cab pick up truck that gets exceptional gas mileage; or, a new digital video camera so I can vlog.  Or...nah, that's about it!  Thanks Santa!)
I'm off to slay the dragons!  Be back later!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I dreamt last night.  I dreamt a lot of stuff and when Lil'Gal woke me to come snuggle with her at 4:00 a.m. I made a mental note to remember it all.  But, I can't.
I do remember I was working on a bunch of stuff (what's new) and I was typing up and editing of all things, an article, LOL!  I was adding hyperlinks.  Everything had to have a hyperlink.  Everything.  Hyperlink.
I kept thinking, "I gotta' finish this so I can get on the next one."  But, the hyperlinks were never ending.
Oh, the other dream.  I received a pretty little Christmas card from jay.  Well, that really happened.  But, it happened again in my dream and I thought to myself, "I've really got to get to those Christmas letters."
So, I guess I'm carrying a little stress about that.  If I get everything done today and tomorrow like "scheduled" I'll be right on track!  I like tracks.  Who doesn't?  Especially, when life is following them.  Being off track isn't so good.  It's a bumpy ride.  I don't like bumpy.  I tend to spill my coffee on bumpy days.  And, that just isn't fun -- in any way.  Hot.  Wet.  No fun.
Okay, now I'm just rambling.  Too bad there weren't any Hamsters in my dream.  :-)  Well, it is ButtPIE cold outside -- 33 degrees.  I'm making home made sausage biscuits for the youngins so they'll have something warm in their tummy as they head off to school.
Okay.  The biscuits are from a can -- but, the rest is from scratch.  
Happy Tuesday, and with that?  I leave you this!!!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Ways to Feel HAPPIER!!!

1)  Get plenty of rest.
2) Visit the dentist regularly.
3)  Dress appropriately for the weather.
4)  Brush twice daily.
5) Eat right. 6 Get outside in the sun every once in a while.
7) Always wear a seatbelt.
8)  Don't over indulge yourself. 9)  Bathe regularly. 10)  Read to exercise the brain. 11)  Surround yourself with friends.
12)  Use the bathroom regularly. 13)  Get plenty of exercise. 14)  Have your eyes checked regularly. 15)  Eat plenty of vegetables. 16)  Believe that people will like you for who you are. 17)  Forgive and forget. 18)  Take plenty of vacations. 19) Pick up a hobby. 20)  Love your neighbor as yourself.
Do all these things and you will be a happier, healthier person!
Happy Monday!!


Sunday, December 14, 2008


Time for the Roomba Report!  Because you know, you wanna' know!
You so totally have to get one of these.  We don't have carpet, only hard floors, with exception to the stairway to the play room.  So, I can't report about carpet.  But, I can say that having only hard floors is an open gateway for dust bunnies to float around -- constantly.
Very annoying to Farmer*sWife and to DH as well.  Hence, the sock dusting I do daily.  No more.  No more sock dusting.  ROOMBA ROCKS!!!
Last night I hid in the corner eaves (I was supposed to be getting ready for the party) so I could watch my little Roomba work.  DH finally drug me out of the house -- I could have watched it for hours.
We returned home and guess what?  Roomba had vacuumed the floors and then docked itself for a recharge!  AWESOME!!!  Today, I did my bedroom while making "muffin men" and cut out cookies with the kids.  Even under the bed!  I didn't have to swift today!
Then, while I washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen -- ROOMBA cleaned the crumby mess and all the colored sugar and sprinkles!  I felt like a team.  We were working together.  That little thing is like the energizer bunny too!  Keeps going and going and going.  It's been working for over an hour I'd say now between the bedroom and the kitchen and great room.
And, yes.  It gets really close and along the baseboards and under the cabinets.  It pays close attention to those details.  It will full circle the legs of beds and furniture.
I feel almost like I am two people.  We were at the party last night (which was fun and they finally got me to do some shots -- no tequila -- vodka, of course) and I was telling everyone about my Roomba.  "Hi FW?  What've you been up to?"  Me, "Oh, me?  Yeah, I'm vacuuming my house right now!"  Them, staring at me in awe of my "awe"someness that I can be in two places doing two separate things at one time.
Oh, and did I mention that Roomba is great entertainment for children?  Oh, yes.  They are so taken with it.  Farmer, Jr. says he wants to buy one for himself. ;-)  He and Lil'Gal are just following it around and get giddy when they see it pick up dirt and lint.  Roomba babysits too!  They should advertise that on the box!
So, there's the update.  I'm going to prepare Farmer, Jr.'s birthday party invitations, bill the notary jobs I was supposed to mail out yesterday, and print some coupons for my gargantuan grocery shopping list for tomorrow.
Happy Sunday!  The ROOMBA way!!! 


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Too much Egg Nog?

Too much Egg Nog?  Ya' think?!
Farmer, Jr. put "Spirit" to drink from the "trough" but to me it looks more like Spirit is hurling in the Ginger Bread house! LOL!!
Hope this doesn't happen to any of y'all or myself over the holidays.
Speaking of which we have a party to attend ourselves tonight.  DH is giddy because MIL and DIL are keeping the children and overnight -- so we can stay late, and party ourselves when we get home.  [Right, like THAT's gonna happen...I'll be out the moment my PJs are on. LOL!]
Sigh.  I am so awful.  This will be a fun party and all but I really don't feel like socializing and making a bunch of small talk tonight.  I'd like to snuggle in and watch some T.V., read some stuff, take a long hot bath....blah.  I know, right?  Bouncy Me?  
We've just been so busy and this next week I have to pile in everything else because the kids will be out for the holidays after the school party on Friday.   Which means, no "free time" to think, write, etc.  And, I still have to actually "write" the three other articles due for Root & Sprout!  YIKES!
Anyhow, I will dress and attend with "bells on" because DH is excited to go.
He's asked me like twice a day for the past week, "Did you confirm with my Mom?  She's still keeping the kids over night, right?  She didn't forget?"
Geeze, like a kid in a toy store!  BTW, my MIL is awesome and she doesn't "forget" stuff.  Like baby sitting, anyhow.  My in-laws and Sweet D are the only people who keep my kids.  Dad lives in AR so, it's not like I can just call him up and drop the children by.  And, I *heart* my Mom but I'm just not comfortable leaving them. [Shhhhhh, don't tell.]
Anyhow, obviously, we don't get out hardly ever without the children.  I've grown accustom to them being with us though.  Family and all.   Anyhow, it'll be a big evening.
In other events today, me and Lil'Gal assembled her Vanity and Stool that I got on sale at Target!!  Finally, some furniture for her room!  She's been wanting one forever and I didn't feel like I'd make this Christmas -- since, I've told her since last December we would get her one.
I don't know.  You think she likes it??  
Um, she absofabu-LOVES it!!!  All day, she's been doting and having little parties in her room.  Which we must all attend.  And, the item of honor is "The Vanity."  Too cute!
See this shoe?  Up above?  Cute, right?  I know!  I picked up a pair to get Lil'Gal through the fall and winter with something cute and dressy.  Unfortunately, the Gremlins stole one.  I've look everywhere.  Typically, the Gremlins will hid a shoe or the pair very well but leave a few hints.  Like a lonely sock outside of a closet or something.
Not this time.  I have looked everywhere and I can't find the other shoe.  I'm thinking either they were hungry and ate it?  Or, there's a one legged Gremlin out there wearing a really cute shoe.  Either way?  It's been long enough that I am probably going to have to break down and buy her a new pair of fall shoes.  [That I will keep in my own closet, this time!  Rediculous!]
DH went out Christmas shopping today.  I told him not to get anything for me since we've spent a lot on Santa for the children this year, and since he got me my Macxine (and that printer followed me home.  Which, I love by the way)  :-D
So, look what he did?
Yes, he so totally must have read my letter to Santa Clause because I have been wanting one of these sooooooooooooo super bad!  As bad as four years ago when I wanted a Bissell Flip-It!  Which has been the most awesome floor vacuum/mopper ever!
I saw Target had an older model on sale (it was red, of course) for $96.00 this week.  I so wanted it.  I so hoped Santa would drop it down the chimney for me.
Well, DH gifted it to me early today! YAY!  So, I can clean my floors while schmoozin' at the party tonight!  How awesome it THAT?  Talk about multi-tasking! :-D
Yep.  This one is a newer model and it came with, not one, but two lighthouse/wall thingies.  You can put them at a doorway and either limit the Roomba from entering that room/space, or you can set it to "lighthouse" where it will direct Roomba into another room and back home again.  Sweeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!
He-he-he.  Watch those Gremlins run tonight!!!  He-he-he.
Well, I gotta' go bath myself and Lil'Gal and dress and I don't even remember where I left those bells.  Ringa-din-ding!  
So, have yourself a Happy Saturday!  DH is home and he will be frustrated to see me "here" and not primping "there."
Later Gators!!


Friday, December 12, 2008

FLY BY; It's all about beans!

I have 30 pounds of beans hanging out in my fridge and freezer.  I have a ream of research and interviews printed out for two of my articles due in a week. ;-)
I'm on my second mug of Joe.  I forgot to make the kids lunches last night and am opting to blog instead of making them this morning -- so, the children will be getting tasty-nutrition free fast food for lunch today.  They are thrilled.
I have to drive across half of Texas and back to tend to some notary jobs and then pick up 30 pounds of beans from my house and head back to la escuela for lunch and the fall fund-raiser.  Anyone want a sausage plate?
I assume by the time I return home, that I will have a severe aversion to sausage, beans and potato salad. ;-)
Farmer, Jr. had a bad dream about bees last night.  Lil'Gal is being super bossy and annoying right now.  The car industry is peeved because the government won't bail them out of their debt.
Um?  Car industry?  Welcome to my world, the "Real World" where money really exists and not just on paper.  You earn it, you spend it.  You don't pay your bills?  The debt collector comes to repo your life.  That's the way it works.
I know.  I don't follow all the details of this stuff.  But, anyone knows that the government isn't going to come to our rescue if we lose our job and get our lights turned off.  So, I'm tired of hearing the car industry piss and moan.  Maybe they should try getting a loan or financing their expenses.
On a similar note, this just might be the time to purchase a new vehicle.  ;-)
I'm rambling.  
Yesterday I was exhausted.  Don't really know why.  I barely remember going to sleep last night.  I woke up at 5:00 a.m. in Farmer, Jr.'s bed and I don't remember going there.  DH said Lil'Gal woke up in the middle of the night wanting "cold" water.  DH and Lil'Gal served her up some fresh cold water and then he tucked her back in.  
I didn't her a thing.  So unlike me.  I slept good though! :-)
Kay.  Guess that's enough.  Just wanted to bring y'all up to speed so you know I wasn't going all MIA on ya.  I know.  Y'all know I wouldn't go MIA because I'm too in love with this world.
Life is good.  It's Farmer*sWife's Favorite Day!
Oh, I'll be back later with pictures of Christmas caroling at the Hospital!  I have a pic of Wonder-Mom too.
Happy FWFD Friday!!!!!  Yeee-HAW!  Giddy Up Cowboy!  Yippee-I-O-Ky-A!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The FREEZE, after Midnight...

Um.  It's after midnight.  I felt really sleepy earlier?  And, I still have information to enter to update the fund-raiser spreadsheet.  And, I'm almost afraid to look at my list for tomorrow because it is full from top to the bottom line and also in the top margin.
I signed off of chat with Sweet D, while finally catching up with some bloggers.  Come to find out.  I'm not sleepy -- well, I am.  But, my brain woke up as soon as I got up to do all the stuff I had to do at the moment.  Like, check the door locks, check the Christmas tree lights (DH had just woken and made a pass to turn them out), I had to potty, refresh some cold water....listen to the wind.
WEATHER REPORT.  For real now.  I've been feeling kinda' guilty for complaining about our semi-cold spells when my northern friends are freezing their patoochskies off every day since last month.  Most northerly are Gary the infamous potter, Lis the founder of R&S, and Knight the beautiful, musical performer.
And, I've been watching the weather and it is awful there.  I went to Illinois once when the wind chill was averaging -11 degrees; my camera I got for graduation a few years prior froze.  Yep, got left in the mini-van.  The best day was when the "feel like" was in the tens but the real temp was +1.  Yeah, I can actually say I experienced 1 degree temperature.  And, I will say, that shortly thereafter I experienced 101 in body temperature.
Go figure.  Oh, hey!  That's a great, laughable story!  Remind me to tell it to ya!
Anyhow.  Tomorrow the weather from way up North is coming down here.  Well, actually it is here now!  It is blowing, and howling and whipping the dirt around at 40 mph wind gusts.  
Tomorrow we will wake up to 38 degrees.  SERIOUS 38 degrees.  With a cold@$$ windchill.  The high might hit 52  but that's just make believe cuz' with the wind chill they are still calling for a real feel of 48...high....
I hear you Gary and even more?  I hear you in full bone chill, Lis.
DH and my BIL were invited to go hunt quail at the awesomeness place of game to hunt -- the one down South that holds such history for our state.  And, also holsters a bounty of great farm land and, again, game to hunt.  The "KING RANCH."
He will freeze his cajones off.  [That word is there for my blog and Grow Together friend, Nathalie with Professor Pocket.]  Still?  I hope he has fun.
The worst part?  I have to go places and be places and run errands so I can do things and take advantage of super coupon combined store sales.  All in the stupid, suck pie-hole, cold arce, cold, weather cold, crap stuff.
Night (stupid double vision....sheeze, I need my new glasses).
Happy -- crap coldness -- Hump Diggity.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Double Vision, the scoop.

I'm at Gymnastics and YES, they have wireless highspeed available and open and free.  They have kinda' started noticing me accessing it -- but, so far they don't mind.  It's awesome though because I am able to review more emails, correspond and check into websites of prospective sources for my "articles."  Can't you tell how I'm so in love with this?
Macxine and participating over at Root & Sprout have been awesome for me.  My brain is rebuilding, my esteem and energy levels are returning.  Okay, I've always had energy but I was becoming lazy in how I applied myself.  I realized I can do twice as much as I crumbled to doing.
So, enough of all that.  Lil'Gal is so cute to watch as she jumps and attempts to tumble. ;-)  Farmer, Jr. HATES Tuesdays because they are "gymnastics day" which is a total bore for him.  He and I do his reading and review spelling words and then he finally gets to drawl around while watching the girls tumble.  
I've explained about the numerous hours we have put in for him with T-ball.  Two or three practices a week and then games.  He doesn't get it because, after all, "T-Ball is funner than gymnastics."  Hmpft!  Oh, well.
Double vision.  I've had issues with this the past two years. My vision is really bad:  -8.50 and -7.50.  That's um, well, blind.  My eye doctor has told me that I am a prime candidate for the surgery.  I've had friends that have had it and love it.  But, I'm skeptical.  What about in 20 years from now?  Hmmm?  They don't know what might happen as eyes change and age.  My doc agrees with me -- so, he's doing the best he can to keep me in the eyes I have.
He originally attributed the double vision to the degree of difference between the left and right eye.  Which makes sense.  When I get tired at night and when wearing my glasses, my eyes will begin seeing two pictures.  Like two T.V. screens, etc.  Usually, it was because myself and my eyes were very tired.
It started happening earlier in the evening this past year.  And, I have to walk up to our very large flat screen to read the menu and guide sometimes because it's blury and I can't interpret the words.  Then, it started happening with my contacts in.  And, I'd develop this instant headache out of no where around 4:30 to 5:30.  Instant.Awful.Painful.Headache.
My eye doctor is very inquisitive and easy to talk to.  And, so the double vision came up in conversation.  But, he was concerned about my double vision with my contacts.  This shouldn't be an issue.  So, we do the look here and look there with my eye covered.  I felt it.
He asks, "Can you tell what is happening?"
Me:  "No, but I felt eye did something."
Him: "Yep.  Where does the picture go when I do this?"
Me:  "Down" Him, "Yep."
Him: "Now what happens to the picture when I do this (to the other eye)?"
Me: "Um, it kinda goes up and out?"
Yes, ladies and gentlemen?  I have myopia or whatever it is called.  There's a different term for each way the eyes go when not moving together. My left eye and weaker eye goes up.  My right eye and stronger eye, goes down.  So, they have been fighting each other to stay in line and that is why I catch myself in the evening covering one eye while I do things.
DH, "Why are you covering your eye like that?"
Me, "Huh?  Oh, didn't realize I was doing that."
*sigh*  So, they can fix it in my glasses with "prism" in the lenses.  Though, it will make my eyes more comfortable?  It might also let them drift up and down and I'll look, just lovely.
They can't fix it in my contacts because there is no way to "prism" the lense.    So, if it gets worse or untolerable in my contacts, I will have to get a second pair of glasses with "prism" to wear over my contacts.
Purpose being I can see better all the way around.  My vision is so bad at this point that I don't do well outside of the house with my glasses.  Oh, and no peripheral.  If you see me driving down the road (even the dirt ones) and I have my glasses on?  Steer clear, way clear.
Oh, I left out:  Lil'Gal has myopia or whatever it is called.  Severely.  She had surgery for it when she was nine months old.  It stuck for awhile, but then her brain decided it just wanted to use the one eye and not the other -- so, it began happening again.  So, we did glasses.  And, later, another surgery at about three years old.  Still the glasses.
Apparently?  Her brain just never totally synced her eyes together and so her brain occasionally chooses one eye or the other.  But, at least it is alternating.  We never knew where it came from...until now.  *sigh* *double sigh*
Well, class is over so time to load up and head back for the rest of the routine!  Maybe I'll catch up with y'all later this PM.
Happy Tuesday!


Tuesday's TreeTOP!

Ooooh, aaaaaahhh, prettttyyyyy ;-)
So, YES!  Panic is settled for the next few hours.  I feel on top of things today!  Not ahead, but on top of.  It's another one of those, "If I can just make it through this week..." weeks.  Like the one before Thanksgiving week.
But, I got ten pounds of beans cooked yesterday (in addition to the other family meals).  I'm waiting for donations to the school and then I'll cook another 13 pounds or so tomorrow.  And as soon as the PTL President gets back to me with his Mother's potato salad serving calculation factor, I'll be boiling massive pounds of potatoes.
I believe in doing as much in advance as possible to make things easier the day of a project.  Any project.  Hey?  Who do I sound like?  ;-)
I stayed up extra late last night folding all the clothes.  YEP!  ALL OF THEM. What?  Socks? Crap-diddly.  No, I didn't sort the dang socks.  Chicken Biskets.  They are sitting in a big annoying pile right next to me so that I will get to them next.  :-{
[Sorting socks really stresses me out.  My anxiety level goes up way high.  It's a simple task?  But, it doesn't always come out right.  Socks with mix-matched stains.  Socks with missing counter parts.  It's enough to drive a Farmer*sWife crazy.]
Ooooh, and I was up and in the shower at 5:45 a.m.  [Yes, I am admitting that I passed out fully clothed on the couch in the office after folding mountains of laundry.]  Dressed and portrait painted, I was in the kitchen.  Macxine had a full inbox for me with lots of replies and info for my third article I'm working on.  (Four all together; one is a review though.  And, I like the product so that should be easy-peasie.)
And, it was calm and dark and quiet...I love that time to myself in the mornings.  So, I brought out the trip-pod and captured a lit pic of our New Tree!   
Great hot breakfast, kids fed, dressed, shoes "ON and not lost" (that's a super big task these days) and we were out the door on time with no fight, hassle or whining.  AWESOME!!!
I've finished one article for R&S and will be sending it off to Lis today.  Waaaayyyyy ahead of the deadline.  Making both her and my life a little easier with one less thing on the "To Do" list.  :-)  I just rock that way!
Alrightie!  Happy Farmer, Jr. hates Tuesdays!!  LOL!!!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Two Fisted Monday

This morning I have two hands wrapped around my two Cow & Sunshine mugs made for me by Gary over at his Potter's Blog. Each mug holds four 8oz cups of coffee (though, I still argue that half a cup gets lost via steam). And, I'm brewing another mini-pot's worth. I feel behind already. Ugh, I dislike that. Yesterday evening I had the intention of putting my article together that I fully researched and is ready to almost write itself.  (I so wish it would?  But so far -- it hasn't.  *sigh*)
But, since I'm waiting on my new glasses that will curb my double vision -- and I was having double vision -- I couldn't concentrate well enough and opted for folding laundry while watching reruns of "Charlie," as Sweet D calls it. (Two and a Half Men -- I just really like the show and the reruns always give me another chuckle.) Then I saw the zip top bags full of cash, checks and ticket stubs. Pooo!. Chicken Biskets! I have to count dollars and make sure all the money adds up and then calculate how many plates we will need, so far, for Friday's fundraiser. So, I hit it. Double vision and all. Let me tell you? It is hard to create a spreadsheet with two fingers over one eye. Oh, the double vision? Yeah, that's a whole other post. If you are curious, I'll blog about it. If not, well...I might blog it anyhow. So, this morning [pause] hang on, the second carafe is hot and full :-D  
Well, hard to type with two hands full of mugs so I'll put one down. Where was I? Oh, so this morning I wake up at 4:45 on the couch, in the computer room, covered in cash and stubs -- just kiddin'! And, I think to myself that I could get a jump on my day by an extra 45 minutes! Yeah! That'd be great! My mind says, "Um, FW? Your body might be ready to be all up and at-em? But, I'm not. So lay your hiney back down and shut your eyes."  So, grudgingly, I did as told. But, I'm up now. I'm secretly hoping DH will throw out the, "Honey, I'll take the kids this morning!" so I can save the extra 45 minutes of loading up hassles and round trip. That way, I can prepare for my interview this morning for another fab article and start writing the one I've already researched. Sweet D is coming out to visit and bring us some lunch. She doesn't know it yet? But, I'm so putting her on towel patrol. She already knows how I fold'em. :-D So, what's on your agenda today? And, how many cups will it take to get you there?
Happy "Manic" Monday!
[I'd post the You-Tube of the video by Cindi Lauper, but the rights to embedding reserved thingie.]


Sunday, December 7, 2008

DH got the Christmas lights up a week or so ago.  I forgot to post a picture!
Though, I really want top of the roof lined with lights too -- something tells me it won't happen this year.  It'll probably take a year's worth of convincing to get him up that high next year.
You have to admit, if the top was lined too it would be even more beautiful.  ;-)
I'm not a Gal to complain much though.  
I found this in the potato bag last night.  Something about it caught my attention.  It developed several shapes in my mind -- like watching clouds in the sky.  
What comes to mind when you look at it?  
Okay, off to my Sunday afternoon routine.  I stayed up late last night and the Gremlins held at bay.  They apparently waited until we were gone this morning to make their mess.  At least, as best I can guess.
I also have a bag full of cash!  YAY!  And, some tickets for sausage plates!  YAY!  But, they don't belong to me.  I was just left in charge of counting and estimating for the fundraiser at school next week.
Basically?  This week is gone already.  Let's just say I'm hanging the cape up and pulling out the Jet Pack this week.  I won't bore you with the calendar.  Just picture it full with lots of events, color coded according to what it is, where it takes place and the importance.
I *heart* Macxine!
Happy Super-Sunday!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Other Great things! And, more stalking....

20!  TWENTY!  Vente! 10 + 10 = 20!!!
So, I said to myself every day for weeks and weeks now yesterday, "When I get twenty followers?  I'm hosting a celebration!  Oh, yes!  It will be a Hoop and Hollerin' Fest!  What a grand day it will be if, wait, NOT IF, I'm an optimist and all when I hit the big 20!
I feel like a youngin' again!  Thank you!  Thank you ALL!  I love Followers.  I love to Follow.  I love ME! ME! ME! all of YOU! YOU! YOU! more than I could ever love myself!
'Tis true?  Oh, yes it 'tis!  'Tis too true!  Times twenty!
[Here is where FW does the happy dance.  Maybe I'll vlog and add it in here later.  Soon/immediately, we are off to the Hobby Craft Store to pick up fab stuff at 50% off for the newbie tree, and some gifts for the school party and the post office -- if they are still open when I get finally get there.]
So, SUPER-DUPER "Y'all so totally Rock!" to you!  Thank you for making me twenty again!  Hmmm, I wonder what it feels like to be 50...  (hinter-ville) :-D  [They call me needy for a reason.]
And, with that note?  I'm pimpin' out another blogger.  She's already on my roll though, why the pie am I not on her's yet? I never expect anything from my bloggies, other than the every day, every hour pop in and read a comment on occasion. 
She is so witty and funny and Mom to two beautiful Gals.  She juggles through life like we all do and her favorite term (when not exercising the occasional curse) is For The Love of Pete!?!
So, she my newbie stalker - wait, stalkie.  (Geeze Oh Pete!  I wish she stalked me.  Yeah that term is her's too!)  :-)
So, click on the stalker guy up above, click on the title, click on the link right there that I just gave you -- just click.  Clicking is good.
As Martha [Stewart] says, "It's a good thing."
For the Love of Pete?  You aren't there already!?  LOL!  I crack me up!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Assignment for Me? Crayon Shaving.

Miss (Mrs.) Fairy Tale Princess from within her castle gave me an assignment last week...and, it's due tomorrow as tomorrow is grading day and Saturdays offer new assignments.
Whew!  I'm getting it in just in time to receive my gold star; though, I prefer a big fat RED A+ (yep, that's a hint to the Princess since she's really quick and witty on the awards and, I AM being graded. :-D )
So, every time I thought about this assignment I came up with crappy childhood memories.  And, she knows I'm all fun lovin' and happy and giddy and full of a lust for life!
Then, it hit me.
Crayon Shaving.
When I was a little girl, I had to entertain myself most of the time.  I was in my room and it had one of those old floor stand heaters.  I forget what you call them and I'm too lazy to look it up, but they are the ones that look like coiled up candy.  To me, anyhow.
So, I had an egg carton for pretending and playing with.  "Today?" I thought to myself, "Today, I will make some cookies."
So, I filled each little carton compartment with a small amount of water.  Cookies need ingredients, chocolate chips and other colorful items.  So, I thought and then it came to me, "Crayons are pretty and colorful.  Shave the crayons, that's what I'll do."  And, I did.  I took my time, and if I remember correctly, I even cut up little bits and pieces of paper to add into my batter.
With the egg compartments filled of a rainbow of crayon shavings and my creative cookie dough, I took the egg carton to that old heater to bake.  It was winter time so the heater would kick on from time to time, which is where I developed the idea of baking my cookies there.
I waited.  I gave them forever.  I'd check them, but it hadn't been enough time.  I set my mind and I wished really hard.  I wished with my heart in it.  I knew it would be so completely marvelous and magical when my cookies became real.
"Won't the world be so impressed?"  Needless to say, the cookies never did become real.  I think I finally forgot about them and then got in half-@$$ trouble for my mess.  But, there is a moral to this cookie story.
I've always had faith.  I've always believed in wishing and dreams coming true.  Even, though those cookies never came to fruition, I kept hoping and mentally wooing life telekinetically. Like in those dreams I have?  Where I move stuff around the house.  Levitating pencils, spoons and flipping light switches off and on.
[I've been having those again dreams lately.  I like those dreams.  Not always when they have such high intensity to where I eventually levitate myself -- those always give me a headache.  But, the rest of it is just plain fun!]
So, it does work.  I can prove it.  It took some time and lots of practice.  Crayon shavings were just a learning process.  And, who wants to eat cookies made with water, wax and paper anyhow?  
I applied my hope, wishing and mental telekinetic thinking to life.  Though, the media wont come running to interview me and make me the next "new thing" -- as so many think life just "is" and that life "just happens" to you.  Many think life is up to "the fates."  Let them think what they want.  Let them fill themselves full of pessimism.  
For me?  Well, I know better. 
Happy Saturday!  Feel like baking some warm, gooey cookies?


My coffee's lacking creamer -- But, it's FWFD!!!

Well, it's quite a bit chilly out there this mornin'.  I'd say low 40's.  And, it isn't expected to get any higher than maybe a degree or two over 60.  And, possibly a tiny bit of drizzle.  Just enough to make you damp, cold, and your hair frizzle.
[I know those of y'all up North are freezin' your bleeps off and reading me and chuckling because this is spring time weather for y'all.  But, for us it's purty-darned code outside!
I realize to some of y'all, an average of 50 degrees during the day, is actually a pretty nice day.  I'm not acclimated that way.  Remember, I'm a Southern Gal and I like it HOT!
Farmer, Jr. is so cute.  He says, "code."  As, in, "Mama it's cooooode outside!" :-)  He also says cryon -- for crayon.  He's so Southern!  I just love the way he speaks.  Lil'Gal enunciates everything as in, Blank-e-let, and Fust-er-a-ted.  I *heart* her speak too.  :-)
So, I'm out of the all time fab coffee creamer.  I tried my powder back up.  And, some milk.  And, some sweetener.  :-(
No Bueno.  Ay Caramba.  No hay leche de cafe!  (That's a joke for the bilinguist Mommy who created Professor Pocket.  They sell bilingual music CDs for children to learn dual languages.)
Apparently, I'm rambling.  It's the coffee creamer thing.  But, everyone knows what day it is...
"What day is it???"
Farmer's Wife's Favorite Day!!!  Hip-Hip-Hooray!!
Happy Friday, Yee-alllllll!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

She's SO Important to Me....

Evenin' bloggies.
She finally did it.  My BFF finally set up her blog that we tried to start for her about six months ago.  She, even, finally posted.  So, I was able to comment to her.  And, she went to check it to see if anything came of it yet.
I've been waiting so long because I want to share her with all of you so much.  She's my BFF, God-Mother to my children, though hers are grown -- we are souls given to each other.
She says I'm an old soul and I say she's a young one.  She's fun, loving and would give a stranger her shoes if their feet were ailing and she knew they needed them.  Though, she needs them herself.
Her heart is amazing.  Though, it is somewhat shattered.  I'll let her share her story.  That's why I brought her here.  For an environment of understanding and support without judgement of her emotions -- though, there should be no judgment for her emotions.
She's my biggest (well, her and my Mom tie) cheer-leader and she's my biggest "Ego-Poofer" I know.  So, please give her a visit.  Learn a little about her.  Visit, and share her story with those you know will benefit with what she has to share.
Here she is.  She's been reading me from almost the beginning, cuz' like I said -- we are tight that way and she's my biggest cheer-everything! :-)  She knows many ALL of you and is fond of you as I am.
I am so proud of her for taking this step because I know it will be so liberating, if that is the right word, for her.  She's my Sweet D and you can find her here:  Glass Half Empty.