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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Truth About Me, Aging, Weight and Health

The truth about me, aging, my weight AND health: A Tell All


Who's been here?
That picture up there? That's how most of my old favorite clothing stand-bys have been fitting as of the last six to twelve months. Not a great feeling. My metabolism had been growing more and more lazy and I had been finding myself joining it. We even moped about it together.

Recently I went to one of my doctors' for a visit only to be told that my blood pressure was extremely high - especially since I have always run lower than normal = wakeup call.

AGING: I started noticing the weight coming on a couple years ago. I was stepping up into 40 so I chucked it up to that. I mean, I birthed two children and maintained a petite figure for the next ten years or so, right? I deserve not to worry about that 40 weight. [Ha ha, that's a pun!]

When I turned 40 last year, my thought process and declaration was that I would start getting serious about exercising and my belly fat after my birthday. Kinda of a "I'm 40 and going to be FAB" kind of declaration.

Well, with kids in school, extra-curricular activities, and all the other things I threw in to take up my time give me an excuse why I didn't hit the treadmill hard each day I just didn't quite get there. And, it's over a year later.

Other than my 'koolaid' I eat quite well. Although, I had started adding in some chip munching and more carbs than I used to. Salting food more. A lot of things I didn't partake in when I was younger and really never wanted to. I don't eat sweets. Somewhere between the kids the sweet tooth swapped teams. Maybe that's why I started liking salt so much. Hmmm. Something to ponder.

I did notice that my face was puffy. Kinda' balloonish. And, that's when things really started bothering me. Along with hot flashes and feeling cruddy about myself all the time. So, at the prompting of a friend I decided to join a gym in our area. Get real. Get serious. Hubby liked the idea so we joined together and have been diligent for the last six weeks in going regularly.

I do a spin class. (The first time I took it it kicked. My. @$$!! BIG. TIME. And, that wasn't even using any resistance!) I also do Muscles In Motion which is a cardio class with weights. It's FUN! (The first time this class ALSO kicked my @$$.)

So, eating better and working out regularly - really working out (not like my 'walk on the treadmill reading on the kindle' type work out at home) the scale was still not my friend. Lose two pounds -gain two pounds, lose three pounds - gain two pounds. Five years ago [okay, maybe more like ten] the weight would have come off immediately.  Mean scale! MEAN! Baaaaaaad scale. ;-{

And, my face was still puffy too!

So, enter last week when I went to see said doctor. He said, "GO SEE YOUR MD NOW!" So I did. And, you know what? My BP was still incredibly high. WTH?

Apparently, since I had blood pressure issues with my first child and pre-eclampsia (It was horrible. They caught it late because I ran low for a pregnant woman so my BP looked normal right up until the end. My face was puffy back then too) that makes me prone to high BP as I age.

He also did mention that ten pounds makes a big difference in blood pressure as well. Which I'm working on.

Solution? A little green pill. Not to be confused with that little blue pill; that's for something entirely different. :-P

                                                                                                                         This little baby here ------------------------------------------------------->

Works magic. I asked my doctor how long it would take to start working. He said a day or two. What a difference. I didn't realize how awful I'd been feeling. Not to mention self conscious about, well everything about myself.

My hot flashes have even subsided some. Oh, I still get them here and there. But I actually had a little chill when I woke up yesterday morning.

And, with hard work - avoiding high sodium foods and continuing with my love of vegetables - I've lost six pounds! I've also cut back on my favorite koolaid. Replacing it with that awesome liquid known as water. In addition I discovered some of those muscle things in my arms! Yeah, for real! Some of the puffiness has left my face. I've still got some work to do to slimming it, that IS related to the weight issue.

My goal isn't really about the number on the scale, okay, for now it is but ultimately it's not; the whole muscle vs. weight thing but rather, fitting back into my favorite clothes!


Life changes, our bodies change. And, that is okay. But, we still have to respect them and love them and work them out a little.

And, that's my update on me and my physical challenge to build a better me. :-)

Happy Monday!!!