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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's Up Doc?

Little sleep last night.  Feelin' pretty bright and shiny today, though. :-D

First I was trying to finish the last 75 - 100 pages of The Time Traveler's Wife.  And, Hubby fell asleep [immediately/instantly/before his head sunk into the pillow] and began snoring.  And, the snoring became unbearable so I left to the couch and finished the book.  It was a good book, but it left me lacking for a little something.

[Editor's Note:  This post will read like it is turning into a book review post, but it isn't.  Just bare with the next paragraph because I had to finish the thought.]

I think I just never grew the attachment to the characters like I did in Dear John -- which left me heart wrenched.  FYI, if you have seen Dear John, the movie, and have NOT read the book I am obligated to tell you that the movie is sheer CR@P compaired to the book.  Hollywood ruined the author's vision and the story totally lacked the luster and emotion that the book instilled.  After having read Dear John I was left with such a hole in my heart that I was afraid to pick up another 'good' romance novel for months.  The entire summer in fact.

Which is why I found myself thrown into everything True Blood, vampire, smut and typically happy endings but with paranormal characters of all species, fighting and action, and of course, lots of debauchery and immoral self-indulgence.  All the fun and none of the heart wrench. :-D

I will end with the fact that I think considering the style of the writing and the type of story TTW told, that the movie will mean more to me.  I'm actually excited to see it but ruled myself to read the book first. 
So having finished the book, I turned off the flashlight.  And, I lay there.  And, nothing happened other than the faint disturbing sounds of the Snore Factor.  At this point in time it was after midnight and too late to partake of any over the counter sleep remedy.  So, I opted for a glass of wine and the kindle.

I fell asleep after 1:am and woke at 4:am for a short stint and then at 6:30 GASP! to start the day...

[Editor's Note:  Here's what this actual post is about.]

On the way home from dropping the youngin's at school this morning I clicked the radio to XM 80s.  And, I hear this:

Dont'cha just love that song?  Takes me back to the good movies like Pretty in Pink and Say Anything...  Mollie Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy, Duckie, Jake (he was in another Molly Ringwall movie), Mannequin.  Ah, those were the days of flamboyance!

And, then the name Peter Cetera crossed my mind.  Remember him???

And, this guy!  What ever happened to him? 

So that's what's up around the castle today.  I'm headed to tread-the-mill double time since I've missed two days and my legs are making me pay today.  But, I'm happy to say that the 5th book in Larissa Ione's Demonica series was just released and already in my hot little hands (because I pre-ordered!).  And,  my four book series ebay steal came in Saturday!  So, I'm set!

Then, I'm going to have to force myself to finish the little article I claimed from Demand Studio as it is due today.  And, if I'm smart, I'll pop open my books from my writing course and get an early start on my next assignment -- since my summer haitus is about to end and I'll be back on deadlines.

So, Happy Tuesday!  Sounds to me like I'm living a full one.  Hope your's is full too.  Of blossoms and sunshine and fruit scented butterflies!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

FW Ponderings: The Bullet list

  • At what age, does the tooth fairy stop coming?
  • Guinea Pigs don't like their nails trimmed.
  • If you wait too long to trim the Gunea Pig's nails, they will start to spiral.
  • The Mom who brings cool cupcakes on the first day of school is dubbed the 'cool mom' for the rest of the week.
  • Killing two birds with one stone isn't really the most efficient way.
  • If calories could be burned as easily as they are ingested, the world would be a lot healthier and life would be a little more fair.
  • Guinea Pigs need baths. 
  • Guinea Pigs don't like baths.  At all.
  • When the package says, "Makes 3 dozen cookies" it is wrong. 
  • When the package says, "Makes 10-12 pancakes" it is wrong too.
  • Even a buzzard won't eat a dead buzzard.
  • Crickets will eat wounded crickets.  I wonder if they'd eat a dead buzzard.
  • Maybe there is no use crying over spilt milk, but cursing about it sure makes me feel better.
  • Sometimes I text my vote to reality shows.
  • I have developed an extreme dislike for bendaroos.
  • I wonder if I am the only person who likes to eat Cream of Chicken soup, as soup.
  • Ramen noodles are a rockin' good brunch.  Especially, the pork flavor.
  • I like to watch Wizard's of Waverly Place...when the kids aren't even in the room.  Or home.
  • The PAM commercials are right, if you spray the pan AND the spatula your cookies won't stick.
  • Blogging is a wonderful way to procrastinate. ;-)


Friday, August 27, 2010

Rockin on FWFD of the week!!

So far the first week of school has gone wonderfully smooth. With the exception of a severe tantrum or two (you can guess from who...NO, NOT me).

Homework done, no griping, study for tests, spelling practice, AR reading, ready to walk out the door on time in the mornings with lunches, backpacks AND shoes on! What Mom could ask for more?

So, with that I needed a rockin', bouncin' song to celebrate to and burn off the coffee. :-D

I might haved posted this song/video before...not sure. Probably just on FB. But, this song always gets me moving! And, today I feel like moving!

It skips the very beginning of the ceremony and [I'm happy to say] the word B!tch has been replaced with the word 'girl'. This is a plus for Lil'Gal because she loves the beat of this song.

Enjoy! And, remember to wear a smile on your face. It'll lift your mood and the moods around you. Oh, and compliment someone today! YAY!

I always laugh at the line, "Someone call a doctor; gotta' case of the Love Bipolar!" ROFL!! That's a good one, Katy!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Transportation of Cotton

So, the module trucks are all over the place. As are the cotton modules, spread around farms and fields like hay bales (which are also quite present these days). I love this time of year when the crops are being harvested and there are tractors, combines, cotton pickers/strippers, buggies, and such chugging along the road and the fields. Everything is alive!

This year has been cool because there are new machines running. Module pickers like we have [though, the boys are selling them because they personally have had DOUBLE HELL with them], and cotton bale pickers. They pick the cotton and shape it into a bale (I haven't had the opportunity to watch/video one in action) and then somehow they wrap it in this yellow plastic. Looks just like a round hay bale, except it is white, of course. And, wrapped in yellow. ;-)

Harvest and planting are my two favorite seasons down here. Love it!

Anyhow, the other day I shared a module picker unloading the module of cotton it had just picked and built. So, I thought y'all might enjoy watching how they get it to the gin.

Farmer, Jr. was our secondary narrator. The clinking and panting were the dogs. We have to keep Dulce leashed or at least 'attached' to the leash so she doesn't get curious and run off. Not that we mind her wandering but she likes to cross the road to the other field and the vehicles don't drive slow along this rode.

We don't worry about the Biggun'. The only time she runs is if we have something worth running for in our hands, LOL!


Spin Me Round Like a Record ;-)

It's Wednesday! Hump-Day! The days are spinning like the tracks on a record.

So, let's start the day out with a little jam, shall we:

Happy "Two days until FWFD" of the WEEEEEEK!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Farmer*s Daughter...

The Farmer's Daughter started Second Grade today... WOW!

Before we know it she'll be all grown up. One day she'll be in college. And, then we'll be planning her wedding. And, then she'll have babies of her own and I'll be spoiling my grandbabies as much as I try not to but it's addictive spoil her...or more. ;-)

Farmer, Jr. will marry a farm girl, I'm almost sure of it. He might learn new things in school. He loves to build and design structures so he might even minor in Architecture or Engineering in college -- but his Major will always be the farm.  Anyone who has spent any time around him would agree.

The Teenager started high school today.  *sigh*

So, another year.  Come, lived, and starting all over again...  So is the circle of life and I'm very blessed to be living it so full.

Happy Monday!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wanna' be Your....

I heard this song on the XM 80s radio the other day and it's kinda stuck with me. Great for getting your groove on for you Sunday.

Tomorrow we start school. So, today I'll be making and decorating school house cupcakes for the kids in the classrooms and banana bread for their teachers. ;-) Never hurts to start out the new year on a 'sweet' note.

FYI, we are playing hookie from church today. Let the kids have one last Hurrah and sleep in; and, me one last non-scheduled morning... I'm going to say my prayers while I treadmill and then get on with the rest of the day!

Jam away!

Okay, so the song is great and all? But, can someone explain this funky-pie video to me???

Happy Sunday! [SUMMER is over. :-( Nose to the grind-time.]


Friday, August 20, 2010

Moooo're Moooo-ers by Rith


The vlog of my goodies from Rith Pottery! I did one along in the garage about 10:30 the other night; the night of receiving my stuff I'd ordered. The kids were asleep as was the Hubster (he'd gotten rained out and actually made it home in time to eat -- and the crashed and snored). Poor guy, they are so tired.

Anyhow, while uploading to YouTube the next day I realized that my address was flashing all over the place and I really didn't want it out all over YouTube -- seein' as I'm totally stalkable material. So, I tried to cut that part out in movie maker but I don't know if it worked or not and the next thing I new, I just grabbed the flip cam and filmed my little diddies while multi-tasking. :-)

What is it about cows? I just heart'em. And, now I have a whole family to adorn my kitchen!

Happy FWFD of the weeeeeek and last FRIDAY of my SUMMER 2010!!! Monday we start back to the grind... *sigh*


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Module Pickers!

This year the guys are running module pickers (meaning the one machine both picks the cotton and builds the module [of cotton] at the same time). In the past the men ran strippers or pickers and then dumped into a buggy which then dumped into a module builder; or the stripper/picker would dump directly into the module builder.

THEN, someone has to run the module builder, compressing the cotton into a gigantic brick of cotton. Which is then picked up by a module truck (it has a planing bottom with teeth and tracks that draws the cotton into the truck. The module is then taken to the gin where it sits until the cotton from that particular module is ginned.

Anyhow, these new and cool machines come with some new glitches and quirks and pain-in-the-@$$ issues that have to be worked out.

Here's one from the field unloading it's module:


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

RECIPE: Farmer*sWife's pork and beef tacos

This is a great little meal to cook up. It's easy, very inexpensive and yummy. Also, you don't have to make tacos with this. You could serve the meat up over rice if you wanted or with other sides.

SIDE NOTE: This was a last minute idea to video this meal; so obviously I didn't think through the holding the camera while trying to cook at the same time idea. ;-? Next time, I'll pull out the little tri-pod. :-D

I usually get about a six pack of very thin sliced pork chops (boneless) for about $2.50 - $3.00 (max). I also purchase a pack of thin sliced Eye of Round steaks (same size and similar thickness to the pork chops) for $3.00 - $3.50.

I take half the pork chops and half the beef and freeze the other two halves together for a future meal. Then, I slice the meat into very thin strips, so that it will sautee' quickly and the meat will be tender.

Cook as I do in the video and WHALA! YUMMY and CHEAP! Meat for a meal for our family of four for under $3.00.

Did you notice I said, 'Breakfast'es'?  LOL!  That was a Lil'Gal term that spewed itself into the convo.

Add in home cooked beans and/or home refried beans and the meal comes up what, 25 - 50 cents?

Then add steamed veggies or salad and you're done!


I make my own 'bagged' salad because I'm a BIG salad eater and it is so much cheaper and less 'pre-packaged/prepared'. I buy the generic veggie mixes/stir fry mixes (Hill Country Fair has good ones, Walmart's Great Value brand is yummy too). You can purchase a bag of veggies for about a buck or less.

[FYI, mincing your own garlic is not only cheaper but it doesn't have any of the preservatives in it.  And, yes, it lasts a long time in a cold fridge.  Though, I cook with it pretty regularly.]

There's your meal. Feeding a family of four for about $4.00 Bucks!!!!

If you family consists of BIG EATERS then double up the beans and veggies. Double up tortillas if you want. The beans and veggies are packed full of vitamins, iron, fiber, and more!!

That's one of Farmer*sWife's inexpensive meat meals! ;-)


Sign her to the RECORD LABEL!

Lil'Gal came in the house yesterday from playing in the sprinklers with her brother and the two dogs. (The dogs were actually holding the porch down and trying to keep it dry).

Anyhow, she said, "Okay, so here's the song I just wrote." To which I responded, "Lemme'get the video camera!"

Lil'Gal presents "My brother, my two dogs and playin' the Phenias and Ferb game"

Taylor Swift? Will your label sign her? ;-)


Sunday, August 15, 2010

One night...

This song was playing on the 80s station on the way to church this morning.

Returned home for chore and couponing only to discover it had returned. So, I figured, "Hey! Why not share!"


The 80s... Full of color and big hair, LOL! Too bad the videos are so cr@ppy on YouTube.

Happy Sunday, almost Nose-to-the-Grind day.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Who's SMOKIN'?

The thing about a good book is usually a really good character.  And, when that character is smokin' hot, it's even better!

So, I just flew through the Vampire Academy series (400-500 page books), all five of them (the 6th comes out this winter and I'm totally going through withdrawals) as per Lis's recommendation.

[Thanks, Lis >;-D ]

Then I found this guy:


'Nacho' Figueras (He's from ArHENtina)!  <3

Okay, he looks a little pretty boy there but he totally isn't.  He's from Argentina and has a body melting accent.  He pretty much came from nothing but is on top of the world now with his love for the game of Polo and the fact that he happens to model for... POLO...  [Not that this guy needs a cologne... guys like this are born with an animalistic pheromone and have no need to spritz themselves with man-made concotions.]  Think Edward, and how his 'scent' draws one in... [wragglin' eyebrows ;-D]

So, this guy (after having seen him in an interview -- Ladies he even does so much to help less fortunate children and also share his favorite sport with the world, pointing out that it isn't just for the elite) -- he became my "Dimitri".  In some of his more rugged photos he totally looks just like I envisioned this character.  All, lean, solid, strong, muscular and athletic (and HAWT handsome).

See, Dimitri is a Guardian and the absolute BEST at fighting off the bad guys.  He trains the younger students, with one-on-one lessons with Rose...or as he says, 'Roza' in his Russian accent.

So, I just thought I'd share.  You know how Jay is always so kind to share his smokin'ly hot photo ops.  So, I thought I might jump on the band wagon and do a little sharin' myself.


And, now that you have all filled a useful spot in our brains with FW ramblings and wasted a few useful moments on something of nil'importance -- you may now return to your Thursday, already in progress.

:-D  Happy almost FWFD of the weeeeeeeeek!!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Farmer, Jr.'s 19 1/2" Trout!

Happy Sunday!

Lil'Gal and I went to church this morning but Daddy and Farmer, Jr. went fishing.   Hubby has been putting in so many hours (leaving around 6:30 most mornings and not getting back in from the field until close to 10:pm or later (7 days a week).  Farmer, Jr. is typically with him so we thought they deserved a break.

Lil'Gal and I said enough prayers for all of us and what could be better on a Sunday than enjoying nature and all the the Sweet Lord created?  So, I think fishing goes well with a Sunday. ;-)

Anyhow, here is Farmer, Jr. with his biggest fish ever.  He was very excited!

Happy Sunday! Oh, and guess what we are having for dinner? (Okay, not tonight, but real soon!)


Thursday, August 5, 2010


Lil'Gal drives! Without a chaperone.

Okay, that's kinda' a lie. 'Cuz I put her brother in harms way to back seat drive her and to hopefully help her learn to drive without flippin' the dang thing! I could hear him tellin' her EEEEEVerything I'd told her over the two lessons we had together over the previous two days.

BUT, I hadn't planned on teaching her how to 'start' the GoCart. That was all Farmer, Jr's idea and I'm thinking that is going to come back and bite him in the PIE and haunt mine as well. I can just see her next explosive tantrum and her backpack loaded in an attempt to 'run away'.

You know. In those moments where I am suddenly the meanest, worstest Mama in the world and she wishes she could live with another family. In my defense and her reality bite, I remind her that with 'that attitude' no one else would take her. And, that that is why God blessed me with her, because one hard head can handle another, LOL!!

Naw, she's my princess. Except when she is challenging me. an everyday challenge.


Happy Thursday, almost FWFD of the weeeeeeeeek! And, tomorrow I have an after work playdate for Lil'Gal with Lil'Diva and Me and Les...and, some boot leg bounty!!! SWEEET? TOTALLY!


VLOG: FW report, Gocart lessons, and miscellaneous


Farmer*sWife decided to vlog yesterday evening!  After having given Lil'Gal her second lesson on the GoCart.  And, as usual I tend to ramble a little here and there!  Well, off to the treadmill.  Gotta' make up for the extra splurges yesterday!

Happy Thursday, almost FWFD of the weeeeeeeeeeeee!


Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm just pondering... that's all...

I'm pondering.  Though, some might call it rambling.

But, if it is truly thought based and questioning in reason, then isn't that actually pondering?  Rambling is just going on and on about much-a-do about a whole lot of stuff that adds up to be nuthin'.  Right?

So, definitely.  I'm definitely just pondering (along the scrambled rambles firing off in my mind).

I love blogging. But, yet, I've hardly blogged as of late.  How many did I actually post in July?  Even, I don't know the count (though, the rest of y'all can look at my sidebar while reading this -- I can't see it while in post mode.  Blogger should change that.)

I have tons of pictures and lots of stuff to help muddle up and fill up the cyber world with. Stuff that someone will read, even if eventually...  And, yet.  I haaaaaven't done it.

I should also be doing something creatively constructive like writing something (wait, does this post count?) or working on my next writing assignment.  I should be practicing my telekinesis since I've been dreaming those dreams again (I've dreamt them off and on since early childhood).  The cool thing is that in my current dreams, I'm better at it, quicker, and even though I don't really sleep well those nights I dream it -- I haven't been waking with the headache I used to.  Strange, huh?

Though, I will say that when I wake up I sometimes find myself mentally willing the light to turn on or the shower, etc.  Weird.  Takes me a minute or two to realize that I'm in reality and no longer a dream state.  Still?  Maaaaakes me wonder?  [Pondering]

Do you believe in the powers of the mind?  Of mind over matter and energy?

Instead, I have been spending my 'extra' time delving so much into books with other places, other venues, other species? Other worlds where, though life is still full of action and complications, it seems less rigorous and easier to be a part of.  I mean, I checked out a 450 page book on Saturday and finished it by noon today.

And at that rate, Rose (the main character) has got to be totally exhausted from so much happening in so few hours...  and, yet, rather than give her a break -- I'm thrilled that I had the whereabouts to also check out the following book in the series or I'd be wondering all evening/night where my 'Academy' peeps be. ;-)

And, what if she missed me?  She might enjoy all the attention her life and her story has been getting.  Like coming to life again.  It has to be boring being just a character written within pages, stagnant until someone visits you, making you come alive again by reading those pages.

Had I left that book there at the library, would it be possible for her to feel stagnant?  And, left behind?  Just when she was getting to so regularly live out her story again?  [I Ponder]

Do you think characters in a book get bored when the pages remain untouched?  Do you think they really have some life-source when we read the pages and the events of their lives?  As if, each time someone cracks the cover of a book, the characters get to be real again, alive, and live out their story?

It's just a thought.  [And, no I ain't been drinkin' or smokin or anything like that...just thinking creatively, that's all.  Just pondering.  No need to go call the folks with the van and the white jacket...] he, he! ;-)

It might partly be that obsessive compulsive part of my brain -- you know, the part where when I get and/or find something new and fun and cool, I throw every ounce of time I can squeeze out into it for months, sometimes years on end until....eventually, something new comes along and the cycle begins all over again.

Currently, I'm sitting on my beautiful front porch which needs landscaping along with the rest of the yard and house -- that'll probably be my next obsession when we finally figure out what we want to do and get started -- it'll probably be hard to keep my fingers free of dirt and my pocket book safe from the nurseries, LOL!

But, I'm sitting here with my dogs and watching the children play while all this purges itself from my mind.

Even as I type this post, the back of my mind keeps nagging me like the beeper on the microwave that 'Blood Promise' is sitting on the island in the kitchen, just a mere four feet or so behind me.  At this very moment, my mind is staring at it using those infamous eyes in the back of my head to look through the full length kitchen window just behind the bench I am sitting on.

The second nag in the back of my mind is that I have yet to 'Shark' the floors today.  But, that isn't coming from my creative quadrant.  That is coming from my responsible quadrant.  You know, the dry, humorless, critical thinking, check-listing one.

Hey, maybe the kids would hit the window sills and baseboards for me for $1.00 and I could get on that as soon as I dock Macxine with her charger and cool deck?  Hmmmm.  That'd be nice!  And, then I wouldn't feel so guilty when I trod back to the treadmill this evening, 'Blood Promise' in tow and promising more of the same and yet more of the new.  [Being responsible, definitely NOT pondering]

[Not that I have to tread the mill while reading, but gosh.  Isn't it such a productive concept?  If children and chores would allow, I think I'd walk through an entire 500 page book without even realizing it.  It's this new concept that has overtaken me.  And, I personally, find it quite the AWW-some. ;-)]

Well, the kids have found me and my mind is now overwhelmed with two voices and four conversations about six topics....  So, I guess no more pondering.  Though?  Do share?  I'd enjoy knowing what you ponder about my ponders....

Happy Monday!