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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The in and outs on one foggy morning

Howdy Bloggers,

It's a fine but extremely foggy Tuesday morning. They are calling for 'dense' fog tomorrow and Thursday. If what is outside my windows currently isn't dense then the next two mornings are going to be even scarier drives into town to the kids school campuses. Though, once I get over there it won't be so bad. But on these back country roads, never knowing who might be coming from the other direction raises my level of anxiety.

It is really eerie when the fog is like this, pretty much hovering at my front door and back door almost taunting me to let it in. *shiver* You can't see past the window and I feel like we are isolated or in the twilight zone. *insert sound track* nee-nee-nee-nee

It kinda looks like this guy ---------------------------------------------->>>

See? Scary.

And, I have to go out and battle my way through him with my children this morning and the next two mornings after. *extreme dislike*

So those of you who follow me regularly on Facebook know that I signed up to substitute at the school district where the kids are now attending. I've spent a lot of time volunteering and being generally involved and I'm lucky to be able to.

There is a training in February and after that I think I'll be good to go. It'll be kind of fun and being in the school system puts me in the know, ya' know. The kids are thrilled with this new turn of events. :-)

On that note, I received a call months ago requesting that I attend a parent involvement conference at the local conference center. They are actually bussing the parents participating to the facility where the conference is to be held. I declined the bus ride explaining that it was closer for me to drive myself.

This is apparently a pretty big deal because they are feeding us there. And, I think I get a T-shirt. You know it is a big deal when they give you a T-shirt and a free lunch.

Tomorrow I am actually attending the 'pre-conference conference' which is supposed to apprise me of what I need to know about the actual conference. When I signed up for this (well again, they called me directly and requested my attendance) I didn't realize what a big deal it was going to turn out to be.

But, my curiosity and interest are totally peaked. So, I'll keep you posted on how it goes and what I learn am coerced into signing up for. :-)

I have a half written children's book review I need to get up. I'll hopefully finish that and post later this week. Other than that, my living room is filled with half folded and hung laundry. And, my counter tops are cluttered with school folders and to-do lists. Clutter annoys me so I'll have to get to that soon. But again, it won't be today.

So it was nice blogging with you. I've enjoyed our little visit, especially seein' as how I'm not getting to chat regularly - though, I'm trying. I've been better in 2012. Time to wake the youngins' and prepare them for fight against the fog on our way to school. Wish us luck.

And, Have a Great Tuesday!! Smile and the Whole World Smiles With You! [Isn't that what they say?]


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quiet before the dawn

I love the quiet of the mornings - well, if you don't count the snore factor who can be heard from just about anywhere in the house when he is in full swing - before the world wakes up. At least before my family wakes up.

I started this school year waking at 5:am and at first it really killed me. And, then I got into a routine but 5:am still killed me. And, then the snore factor made me finally give up the fight for those final 30 - 45 minutes and I started waking up at 4:30am. Which, actually wasn't quite as murderous as 5:am. I think it has something to do with my sleep cycle.

So now I use that extra time I've bought myself to enjoy the silence - to quote Depeche Mode.

I can read, search the internet, FB, and even - tada - blog! I've been more dedicated to my blog since starting this new morning routine too. Although, come Saturday morning I have a rule for no one in the family to disrupt my sleep for any reason.

With my quiet and calm before the dawn I'm posting a few pics of the youngins from the Live Stock Show:

Here is FJ and his deer blind. He placed 3rd in his class (which had about 25 entries). He welded the inside frame of the blind. His daddy taught him well and assisted him but FJ built it. I'm so proud. :-)

And, of course - the kids showing their bunnies at the auction:

They did great and we've got a little $ coming for their college funds. Well, I hear Lil'Gal stirring (she's a morning person like me) and it is time to wake the family so I'll catch ya' later. MaƱana.

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Poppin' ya a Smile :-)

So much to blog about but alas the family is complaining for lack of socks, undies, and so forth. As I bounce around the house I thought why not share a little happy rhythm with y'all.

So, enjoy!

FYI, I wonder what these guys were on :-P Happy Hump-Day!!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

PLEASE VOTE: Lil'Gal's 4-H Homemaking Photo Entry

Howdy Y'all. I need your input and fast as I have to get this photo printed and on foam board and ready to turn in on Tuesday.

Lil'Gal took several photos with two 'set ups' to enter in the photography division under 'animals' for the Livestock show this year. I need you to vote on two things:

A) Vote on your favorite pic in both the tea party and the basket photo shoots

B) Vote on your favorite pic/shoot of all and please tell me why. I don't know what guidelines the judges use in selecting and ranking photos. So I need to know what you think about the pic or the set up or how it made you feel, etc. Just a tidbit if you can as to why this was your favorite.

NOTE: The pics are at full pixelation so feel free to click on it and view them full screen or large because the entry is required to be printed as an 8 x 10.

THANK YOU!! FYI, I will let Lil'Gal pick from the top two voted pics for her submission. And, yes. She took these by herself although I was part of her crew to put the bunnies back on the mat (like a million times, LOL). :-)


Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C
Thank you! I'll post the winning pic and her entry selection as soon as I have received enough feedback. I'd like to order the print tomorrow midday for one hour pick up. (In case Walmart's print has issues so I can have printed somewhere else).

THANK YOU for taking the time to share your thoughts!


Friday, January 13, 2012



As some of y'all already know via my pre-announcement Facebook post - IT IS COOKIE TIME!

This is Lil'Gals first year in Girl Scouts. She wanted to join before but I didn't want to start in a troop knowing that we would eventually have to make the district change from our little private school (in B town) all the way to our BIG school/s the same distance the complete other direction. So we waited.

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! She is Super Excited to sell, sell, sell. AND, our troop is contributing to the local Animal Care and Control Center which happens to be the very same shelter where we adopted and saved our dear sweet Brandi a/k/a Biggun' from. :-D

She said she would write letters to her prospective buyers (like we do for 4-H) and I agreed that we would personally deliver any local cookie sales. Then I thought, why not take the sale to my out-of-town family, friends and bloggies?  So I agreed that I will SHIP to our dear out-of-towners who are so supportive! She's handwriting 30 letters at this point in time. For those who order before she gets all of those written she wants to do a thank you letter to be included with your order.

The cookies sell for $3.50 per box/package. Here are the varieties her club is selling this year:

THIN MINTS: thin chocolate-pepperment (think Andes candies) cookie coated in chocolate. 32 cookies/10oz box

SHORTBREADS a/k/a TREFOILS: a shortbread cookie. 44 cookies/10oz box

SHOUT OUTS!: Light and crisp, Belgian-style caramelized cookies. 40 cookies/9oz box

TAGALONGS a/k/a PEANUT BUTTER PATTIES: regular cookie with soft peanut butter and coated with chocolate. 15 cookies/7oz box

THANKS-A-LOT: large shortbread cookie with a chocolate coated bottom. 16 cookies/8.5oz box

LEMONADES: large shortbread cookie with a tangy lemon icing. 16 cookies/8.5oz box

DO-Si-DOS: peanut butter cookie with peanut butter filling. 20 cookies/8oz box

SAMOAS a/k/a CARAMEL DELITES: vanilla cookies covered with caramel on top and bottom then rolled in coconut and striped with chocolate. 15 copies per 7oz box.

She has two goals. One, sell 125 cases, gets her a flatscreen TV for her room (which she knows she's not allowed to have a TV in her room until...well, currently after age 10 but personally I'd prefer after 15). The second goal is to sell 83 cases to win a point and shoot camera which she wants very much and would put to great use. [She has to borrow her Daddy's for her 4-H photo submission.]

These are out of the box goals. But, my Lil'Gal has a big heart and I have lots of friends with big hearts and so we thought why not offer free shipping for cookie purchases to those who are kind enough to order from afar. (My hope is that the free shipping will prompt bigger per order sales) :-D

If you are interested then email me at with Girl Scout Cookies in the subject line. I'll give you your total and confirm your shipping address. I trust my blog buddies and online friends so the check and the cookies can pass in the mail.

And, thank you all in advance for your support! We are super excited to make a mark in the Girl Scout cookie world and Lil'Gals dreams and hopes are high!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon of Blue :-)

I heard this song on the way home from working in the library at Lil'Gal's campus yesterday and I found myself bouncy and light. :-) Not exactly bubble gum music but really catchy. So, I thought I'd share with all of you - because it is a great morning song!

'Keep your eyes set on the horizon on the line where blue meets blue,
and I'll bet that silver lining well I know it'll find you soon...'


So add a little bounce and a little happy optimism to your morning and give this a listen!

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Spousal Debate: Angelina Vs. Jen

I want your take. Men and women. Star lovers, haters and those who really don't keep up but have a thought to share anyhow.


This conversation/debat has come up between the Hubster and I like three times over the past few months. Typically, I'm finishing dinner, he and the kids are prepping the table and we are catching part of 'Entertainment Tonight'. [And, yes, we do turn the TV off during dinner most nights. But Monday nights are Mama's TV night. Hubby gets Tuesday but he watches in the bedroom  and the rest of the week plays according to the kids schedules and homework and visiting and playing and reading.]

Except Big Bang Theory on Thursdays - we all watch that. Anyhow, I've digressed - so like me. Back to the GREAT DEBATE.

In the past he and I have debated the awesome wicked sexy, pretty, coolness between Jennifer Aniston (my fave) and Angelina Jolie (his pick). He has agreed the 'overall' Jen is the more well rounded, normal, beautiful pick but that Angelina is sexier. !!VV##%$%$!! [That's me not cursing while thinking is he out of his F!ck$ng Mind?]

SO, I'm going to lay out tonights conversation after seeing some blurb about Brad that of course required the name Angelina to come up to which the Hubster once again commented, "She's beautiful (or) she's the sexiest woman." *GAG*

Me, "Um. NO. She's not."

Him, "Yeah, she IS. Those lips and she has a great figure... and since she and Brad have had kids she's not so weird anymore. I saw her in an interview the other day and she was... not so weird." In my mind I'm thinking adopted kids yes, (which is awesome) but just recently had a kid. I don't know if he is aware of that - even though that has nothing to do with this conversation and I am thrilled that there are six children with a loving family.

Me, "She has nice lips except they are disproportional to her face. I mean I love a nice pair of full lips but on her? No. And, she's not sexy. Jennifer Anniston is WAY sexy over Angelina. And, Angelina is still...(searching for a more defining word) weird. Physically weird... and socially odd."

Him, "Oh, yeah. Jennifer is beautiful but in a different way. She's like (I can't recall his exact words but it was like good girl sexy or something the made my mind think that way) **beautiful, but...Angelina"

Me, "If I had to choose I'd totally be Jennifer Aniston. She's in her early 40s and she looks fantastic, is comfortable in her own skin and just so well put together. Besides, I never liked Angelina. Even before the whole Brad-Jen-Angelina thing. She's just. Not believable."

Me adding, "Like that movie Salt? Will never watch it. No desire."

Him, "It's a good movie."

Me, "Blech." [Thinking, you just watched it cuz 'Joli' was in it.]

Him, "It's like that movie with so and so and Gina Davis? Where she was a bad @$$ hit man and then wanted to turn her life around so she went and (blah, blah, blah), like that."

Me, "I remember that movie. It was good. But, that was Gina Davis."

Him, "I still think she's sexy [ier than Jennifer]."

Me, she's so. NOT."


What is your take? Brad-Joli-Jen love triangle (she's a bitch) aside - and Brad out of the picture - what is your take. WHO do you think is physically sexier/hotter and second who do you think is overall the sexiest and hottest. I'm an inquiring mind and I want to BFF people who agree with meto know.

Oh, it just hit me. What brought the whole topic of discussion up was the fact that Brad Pitt is up against George Clooney for sexiest man. REALLY? Really REALLY? Isn't that a given? And, no. I'm not Team Brad. Poor Brad. 'Joli' totally kicked down his cool factor. Just sayin'. The last time I thought Brad Pitt was hawt was in Legends of the Fall. That was the first and only time. And that was ages ago. Sure, he's still cool. And, an great actor. But... if I was going to take that up with the Hubster on the next Great Debate I'd be Team George. 'Cuz George was all ER and Oceans 11 and that movie with Jennifer Lopez and he's so recluse and wears his grey so well. He's so... GEORGE.

I'm looking forward to your comments. :-D


Y'all ready for THIS!? [Pumpin' my Monday]

I woke up this morning and as I removed myself from the bed the Hubster asked, 'Que hora es?" To which I replied, "Too early for you to worry about." It was 4:30. He wasn't snoring so bad although he did have a bout around 3:50 a.m.

I was just ready to get up (sleepy yes, but mentally alert as well) and tackle this Monday. This week in fact. There is so much on my list of things to be done in addition to the things I'm behind on (how? I don't know) that I was just ready to get on with it. And, after having woken up every morning last week at 4:30 a.m. I've found that I appreciate that extra down time where I can mingle through my morning without checking the time to ensure I'm on schedule. It is just nice - the time to myself. And, for whatever reason the 4:30 hasn't been so hard to get out of bed - maybe 5:am is back into my deep sleep cycle. I don't know.

Anyhow, today is super booked even though there are only two actual appointments on the calendar. I have tons of errands and a mountain of laundry to fold and hang (I'm sure I'll hear three voices in about 20 minutes asking 'Where is my XXXX?' LOL).

Next week is the livestock show. I'm excited about it but there is still lots to do in preparation. And, we've had some bunny issues. First one little bunny whom I've nick named 'Humper' hit puberty WAAAAAY too early. They aren't supposed to hit that stage for like another month. But, he developed early and so I had to isolate him to his own cage about four days ago. So, last night 'Hopper' (he's been named that since the beginning because this bunny is very difficult to handle and he hops all over the cage) started the same behavior. Harassing the other bunnies in his cage. Thus, I put him with Humper. This didn't work out as I thought it would. Because Humper, having been isolated was very excited to have another bunny and he could care less if said bunny was a boy or girl. It was probably due to the fact that Hopper had the scent of the ladies all over him. But, either way - our rabbit chair said best to separate those two as well because two  'horny' boys can get quite aggressive. *sigh* I'm out of kennels.

The other bunnies are doing quite well. But, we have three that need to put more weight on so I'll add bunny dessert to the list of things to pick up.

My house is a mess. At least by my standards. My floors need a good mop over. so much that I dreamed about it last night and when I woke I had the urge to see if there really was dried milk on the floor. And, my kitchen counter tops are a mess of papers, notebooks, 4-H stuff, and baking supplies. [I plan to practice FJ's upside down pear cake with a new idea before he makes his official entry next week.] The clutter drives me (and the Hubster) nuts.

If I can get back home from library duty and the feed store and Wal-mart for materials for Farmer, Jrs shop project notebook - and if I can get the laundry tackled before time to pick up the kids then maybe I can make a quick sweep/steam around the core of the house.

Oh, and girl scout cookies. Thursday we have our meeting and launch and starting the 15th we will be officially in full swing of girl scout cookies. If you want some, let me know. I'll deliver to the local peeps and I'll even ship to those out of town if you want several boxes. Just hit me a comment or an email or a FB post. :-D

Well, my spare time is up and it is time to wake the rest of the family.

HAPPY MONDAY! I'll leave you with this to pump up your morning since it's been playing in the back of my mind pumping up mine. :-)


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Farmer, Jr. turned TEN - Bio on our risky delivery

Ten years ago this week my son was born. I can't believe it has already been ten, quick, wonderful, memory filled years. 16 months after he was born, Lil'Gal was born. And, life became full of many BIG changes and adjustments - all worth it. (i.e.: I closed down my litigation business that grossed over $200,000 a year to raise my six month old son and our approaching daughter. It was QUITE the adjustment all in all).

Following is how we brought Farmer, Jr. into this world and the extreme medical issues he and I endured in doing so - and a few photos of highlights of my Little man. Heart warming to go back through the [TONS of] photos. <3

Farmer, Jr. was about five or six months old in this picture. I love this picture. It sits framed on our bookcase in the living room. Otherwise, it'd be hanging on my 'cotton wall'. I have a wall of pics of the kids in the cotton each year. It is the wall between their bedrooms.

His little hand in mine

This little guy and I had a really tough time bringing him into the world. I was working 60-70 hours a week/weekends running my own business but I was in really good shape. Toward the end of the pregnancy when I'd wake up at 4:am with heartburn and insomnia and uncomfortable I'd walk on the treadmill before dressing for work each morning.

The last six weeks or so I was miserable. Not wimpy first pregnancy wimpy but miserable. But, at the time I thought I was being wimpy so I didn't complain so much about my symptoms. Three weeks before his due date the OBs put me on rotation within the group - you know, in case I went into labor and my OB wasn't available to deliver FJ. The third doctor on rotation caught my blood pressure. I run low typically, even under stress - so what appeared normal to everyone else caught her attention as 'HIGH' for me.

PRE-ECLAMPSIA. Big time. Farmer, Jr. and I are so lucky. I don't think Hubby ever realized the severity of where we were.

SYMPTOMS I HAD (That I hadn't read about until after delivering him):
  • - severely painful pimples (even on my neck like men get) - caused partly by testosterone from FJ being a boy
  • - extreme itching; constantly
  • - extreme thirst
  • - extreme (I mean the worst ever in the world you can think of) heart burn

I remember mentioning to my OB about my heartburn and that all I could tolerate was apple juice (which I cut 1/2 with water) and malt-o-meal. She warned me about the calories in apple juice but didn't think much of the thirst as pregnant women near term need lots of fluids. I have to admit - I didn't make a big deal about any of my symptoms because I didn't want to be the wimpy 1st pregnancy pregnant woman. I learned after that I was just plain STUPID.

So, the risky part. DELIVERY. They had to put me on magnesium sulfate to prevent seizures because my whole body was out of whack. If you read about Pre-Eclampsia you can see how detrimental it can be. Mommy and baby can die from it. And, my case was severe.

I was in labor for over 24 hours - I think I gave birth to him around 5:am - I'd have to check my notes because I was so out of it from the MagSafe - as it was nicknamed. MagSafe makes you feel like you are on fire (at least in a strong dose like they gave me). It also feels like you are on the graviton at a carnival and like the worst hang over you could ever, ever, ever imagine having.

I delivered FJ after much stress between he and I. The nurse tried to put me back on Mag-Safe and I - as respectfully as I could - told her where to stick it.  She got my doctor who explained I was still in danger of seizures and she compromised with me at a half dose and hour (it's administered through IV).

They finally released me two days later after he had been under double 'billy' lights for jaundice and I had lied about my fever (there was a whole other issue with this B!TCH of a nurse but that's another story). I went back into the ER and was admitted to the hospital a day and a half later due to extreme bleeding. Hemorrhaging actually. I bled/hemorrhaged all night long. At one point I passed a clot the size of a baseball (I SH!T you not) and the nurse said that was a good thing and referred to it as the size of a little baby almost - or something like that. She was sweet, very caring an doting but Asian with a strong accent. I lied there - bleeding all night - with FJ in my arms where I could nurse him with tears running down my cheeks. Hubby was there - sleeping in the recliner couch. He slept through the baseball sized clot.

I came within minutes, hours, ounces of a blood transfusion. It was ugly. Turns out the fever was because of infection due to part of the placenta that had remained in my uterus. The Pre-eclampsia had broken it down so bad that it delivered in pieces. Wonder Farmer, Jr. made it as long as he did. When the placenta is damaged like that there is no way for a doctor to know if any minuscule fragment remained. It was a fluke.

My little chick magnet; this was Hubby's cousin's wedding - Farmer, Jr. danced with several of the barbie doll bridesmaids
(My FJ with his #1 finger up because that 'babe' he is with (and all her friends) were #1) :-D

After that - about two  to three weeks in, Farmer, Jr. developed colic. And, NO. I don't mean a night or two of gas. After Hubby and I experiencing along with Farmer, Jr. 4+ full months of colic I about tore out anyone's throat who dared to say their infant was colic one night that week. GAS is GAS. COLIC IS MISERABLE INFANT-YOU-CAN'T-FIX-IT !@#$$$ COLIC. Just so we have that straight. I thought I was going to have to nurse him into his teens. I literally lived off three intermittent hours of sleep for five months. Which is partly why when I was pregnant with Lil'Gal with FJ only six months old - me and Hubby agreed I'd close down the business. It would have been an impossible task after everything we'd all been through.

2011 Spring School Pic

Now? Farmer, Jr. LOVES sleep and sleeps well. Though, he still has a sensitive tummy. But, he's healthy and happy and he continues to bring us such joy. All the H-E-double-L he and I (and Hubby on some level) went through to get him here and even after - was totally worth it.

Farmer, Jr. and his Daddy walking in Grandpa's woods
Ahhh, the memories...  My little man ain't so little anymore.

So, I finally got his birthday tribute post up. Now I need to shower and off to bed. 4:30-5:am comes early and I'm already at the end of my week. Happy tomorrow is FWFD of the WEEEEEEEK!

And, Happy Birthday! Again, my sweet, loving, adorable Farmer, Jr!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WEDNESDAY! Taking on the world!


Happy Hump-Day! And, yes - I have a few minutes to blog on this fine middle of the week morning. If I would have gotten out of bed about ten minutes earlier I would have been even more ahead of the game but hey, 4:45 is pretty good - right?

So, I totally tackled Tuesday. The first day back after a three-plus week off from the school and extracurricular schedule. Yesterday was Farmer, Jrs 10th birthday. 10. TEN. Wowzers. That time totally flew by, LOL! I want to do a post dedicated to him but I have to load the pics from a disc of when he was so teeny and adorable. (He's still adorable, just not teen.y anymore. The boy is less than twelve inches from looking down on me.)

And, seeing as how I didn't have time yesterday to pull the disc out and how I waisted those extra ten minutes in the bed this morning [yes, waisted. The snore factor was in effect so it was dumb for me to even lay there] I don't have time to get that one up.

But, I wanted to pop in because I'm making an effort to blog more. :-) I know how much y'all miss me when I'm away.

Anyhow. Lots on the agenda in addition to the regular. Errands today, and then time to pack up Christmas before the kids get out of school. Tomorrow I'll be decorating Farmer, Jr's cake for his laser tag little birthday celebration on Saturday. [I'll post pics; hope it comes out like I've envisioned.] And, I have to work on the notebook with photos and procedure, etc. for Farmer, Jr's shop project and my CCD lesson.

But it is Hump-Day! YAY!

Make it a good one! And, remember to smile at someone!


Monday, January 2, 2012



Yep. Today is the last day of our winter/holiday break. The past few days I've been breaking the kids and myself back into a 'normal' bedtime/morning routine. Still, tomorrow morning is going to be a shocker to all of us. I'll probably add an extra scoop of coffee grounds into the coffee maker tonight.

We always think the holidays are so busy but as they come to an end I start to mentally prepare for the busy-ness to come. In addition to taking down all the decorations (I've been gathering them all under the Christmas tree which I will conquer tomorrow while the kids are in school) we are preparing for the livestock show.

I still have to work on the notebook for Farmer, Jr and his deer blind project (sharing the process and incorporating pictures that demonstrate it).

Luckily, we get a week off for the show (even though we are participating we don't have to worry about homework too).

I didn't (or at least haven't yet) make any New Year's resolutions this year. Although, I am assessing my time and what changes I might make in my schedule (that being make a regular schedule with things I want to do actually on the weekly calendar).

Some of those would be to exercise regularly (I know, cliche) and read a little more. [I made a last minute goal in November to read 50 books in 2011 and I was at 30 or so. I think I made 40 if I include a beta that isn't listed in goodreads yet.] I'm starting 2012 with a goal of 50 books. As soon as I finish this post I'm going to hit the treadmill and finish a kindle book as my first of 2012. Only 49 to go :-D

I'm still waiting on feedback on my graded (final) writing assignment for the writing course I had been taking. My instructors feed back could make or break how I see my level of creative writing and to what depth I will continue to pursue it.

I do have several short stories from the course that I just need to polish and then actually submit to a few children's magazines. That would be awesome. Totally.

Pretty much though, I'll spend the next 20 weeks or so trying to get from Monday to Friday with the kids grades in high standing - and from intersession to intersession in the count down to summer.

My thoughts may seem a little all over the place because they kind of are - and I'm having to monitor the kids on the Wii (love-hate and all). Plus, I'm blogging from the blogger app and it is kind of restricting. Still, at least I CAN blog. :-D [I *heart* my iPad.]

Happy Monday!


Blogging from the iPad

Our internet has been down here at the house for a few days now. It was being weird before that too.

Anyhow, I've wanted to blog and was going to write my first post of 2012 but when I went to upload a picture it wouldn't take. This apparently has something to do with the lack of Flash which (I've read) Steve Jobs had a great disdain for.

I did a little research and found that BlogPress had a great iPhone app and now an iPad app that would help fix this issue. But, I couldn't find 'that' app. All I could find was WordPress and a few others.

BUT, I did find this blogger app and so I'm trying it out as a test this morning.

So, let me know if it works. (The picture is of Brandi and the kids used an app to decorate her for Christmas). :-P