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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Mommyhood is wonderful.  One of the hardest, most wearing, stressing, endearing, and loveable jobs I've been blessed to have.

I am lucky to be able to be with my children.  SIL and BIL attended a funeral today...of a Mom, who passed away at 36, right before her 37th birthday.  She left behind three children - the eldest, 12 and the youngest only two.

So, today has been a day of enjoying children, my own, my niece and nephew and making plans to visit with my brother [The Bachelor, today is also his 30th birthday] and his son, my nephew 7 days younger than Farmer, Jr.

Loving Mommyhood all day long.   And, then....little by little, as they so well do...  They begin nit-picking.  Whining....  Bothering each other.  Griping, slightly...  And, in the end, tattle-telling...

And, while I am so truly in the euphoria of how lucky and blessed I am to be a part of all of this.  ALL. OF. THIS.  Them discovering their boundaries and dis/respect for each other...  And, after having a sharing conversation about loving, parenting, loss, blessedness with my SIL [niece and nephew's mom] I find that my fuse...  Though, longer today -- elongated by the bond that ties me to them....  is, well.  Almost to it's wicks end.


"Mama!?"  [13th time for the afternoon]  "Farmer, Jr. did X and I said No but he did it and...."

Farmer, Jr. "Mama!!?  Lil'Gal is coming in to make a lie about me and I did Z and she thought I did P on purpose but it was an accident!?..." and then, Farmers*s Wife whips around and her body follows her on auto-pilot and she heads to the drawer in the kitchen.

[Pre-curser:  I dislike the entire idea of physical discipline, though, I have learned that there are times that merit it.  Rare, but times when the kids cross the line and are not yet old enough to understand consequences that make more impact at a more mature level and age.  Rarely, and ever so earned...Hubby gets the belt out....]

The children see me and hear my voice, the voice slave that takes over as I head to THE. DRAWER.  And, at that moment I spew the words from my mouth that I HOPED to avoid today....

"I'M GETTING....the WOODEN.  SPOOON!!!!!"  Both children turn into wonderfully, well behaved little people who love each other so much their eyes light up!  Oh, how I love that look (the one they design right before they know I'm about to crack; the one that is my antidote to MEAN MOMMY).

And, I say, "Apologize to each other, get along and GET THE DOGS OUT already" and they run out skipping happily and everything is well.

Oh, the wooden spoon?  Went back to rest peacefully in its happy place in the drawer....  It's job having been served today... at least for the next 45 minutes or so...

:-)  Happy Saturday!!!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I SHOULD... [But?]


I should be...

  • on the treadmill; or at least, doing the great Pilates DVD I have.
  • cleaning the mirrors in Hubby and I's bathroom.
  • taking something out for dinner (I'm thinking light and left-overs again instead).
  • dusting lots of stuff I usually obsess about dusting but have tried to avoid/ignore/pretend away.
  • replacing the light bulb in the deer tine chandelier my MIL and FIL got for me and Hubby when we moved into the house.
  • reading my fellow bloggies posts to catch up, since it appears I'm in the mood to be irresponsible/lazy.
  • making the three new pair of flip-flops I owe Lil'Gal's friends (their feet were too big for the size I previously purchased).
  • organizing the coupons I've printed and clipped from the flyers in Sunday's paper.
  • scheduling some play dates (well, WonderMom text me for Thursday so I did that much). ;-)
  • running some more laundry and folding the three loads that are clean and dry.
  • working on a writing project I started two months ago but got side tracked by the end of school stuff with the kids and all the traveling.
  • cleaning out my appliance garage a/k/a hiding place for cr@p that would otherwise be out on the bar.
  • calling a dear friend of mine.
  • writing for a source or two that will earn me a few extra $$.
  • Oh, that reminds me, billing the notaries I did yesterday and sending via email.
  • organizing Farmer, Jr.'s room so it is easier for him to clean up his messes.
  • doing my job of SAHM/WAHM instead of pretending I'm someone who is on summer break.
  • making a few important phone calls (eh, it's 4:40 so it's probably too late to get through to anyone anyhow.
  • not pretending today is Friday afternoon; FWFD of the week.....

What AM I doing?  Well, other than this blog post... it seems I'm wasting my day away....  Though, partly finishing the two of three books I'm currently reading....  And....  well, generally slacking....

Shame FW, for shame.  Happy Tuesday!


Friday, June 18, 2010


This is the majority of what Farmer, Jr. did the entire time we were at the lake in Georgia.  Any body of water we crossed on our way up through Louisiana, Alabama and into Georgia he wanted to stop and fish at.  Even if the sign stated 'No Fishing' allowed.

This was really neat!  This was a water fall that used to run an old gin.  Above the gin is a pottery store.  They make stuff like Gary but not as cute! ;-)

Here's the info.  It was hard to get a clear picture because there was a  light right above this description.  I tried flash and no flash.  If I'd had a tri-pod or something to lean against I could have gotten a better picture with one of the other apperature settings (listen to me, sounding all photo professional, LOL!)

Here's some of the pottery they make.  See the piggies?  I like the ears, but I think Gary's have more facial personality and a better color scheme.  Maybe I'm just biased 'cuz we all *heart* Gary. ;-)

I must say, I DO love these mixing bowl, nesting pots.  Gary??  Mixing bowl, nesting pots, much??? :-)

Here are the kids and Great Aunt Patsy!  She's 81 and I must say, she gets around wonderfully and has quite the personality!  I enjoy visiting with her.  Oh, she's also quite the canner.  This year she had a lemon pie for us and shared some canned beats!  SHLURP!!

I should have cropped this first but I'm lazy.  Honestly, I didn't even take the time to cut the pixel-ation down to save space on my blog.  But, at least I'm getting these posted.  So, the good thing is you can click the pick and blow it up full screen.  Cute little family, huh?  I wonder if they have family in town as well and our giving them a tour of the lake.... ;-)

More fishing...  Lotta' fishing.....  Lotta' swimming but more fishing for Farmer, Jr.

See?  There's a fish there.  About at Farmer, Jr.'s waist.  Lil'Gal's just in there for the pose! ;-)

Another pose, only a silly face this time.  Tech-Guy taught the kids this photo fashion, LOL!  The cool thing is that the pad I'm standing on (across the water from Lil'Gal) is designed to hold a helicopter.  One day, when they retire, Hubby's cousin will bring his company helicopter out there and use it for E.M.S. on the lake.  Le'Cool?  Yes, le'cool!

Pics of the boat barn.

Beautiful, isn't it?  Hubby's cousin owns a construction company and has had years of experience with building and constructing.  He and his wife, Mrs. Lisa, are taking their time and building this step by step.  One day, they are hoping to retire up there.  Did I mention how beautiful it all is?

Can't post this without a video or two.  Here is one of the kids and Hubby jumping into the lake together, I think I might have included some additional beautiful scenery in this one:

We had such an awesome visit.  It is sooooo beautiful up there.  One morning Mrs. Lisa and myself took an early morning walk up to the marina.  I guess I should have taken my camera.  It was so lush and so peaceful and beautiful.  We stopped at a little breakfast/brunch diner at the marina and had toasted bagels with sliced strawberries.  I had cream cheese and a wonderfully, ripe tomato slice on mine.  Which was so delectable that I now have been eating something similar for breakfast daily. ;-)

Along the way we stopped at Hubby's cousin, the second of three brothers.  They live in a beautiful house waaay up an inclination.  Their oldest will pogo-stick up and down the driveway.  This driveway is so steep that I almost dive out of the vehicle when driving up it to park.  It just gives me the gravitational feeling that the vehicle will topple over backwards due to the angle of inclination.

Anyhow, Cousin #2, Mr. Don, took Farmer, Jr. on a scooter(?) ride down the drive and back up again.  My heart stopped beating on both the down and the up.  But, they had a good time! LOL!

Did you see how steep that driveway is????  Did you?  Could you imagine bouncing a pogo-stick down it and back up again?  I think not!!!!  Hubby is so funny; he didn't want to be part of the video... LOL!  Always something about weight or his balled head.  Personally, I find him quite S-E-X-Y but then I'm in love with the man! ;-) <3

Here's the trip back UP the driveway....

Notice Farmer, Jr.'s expression of joy?  What was up with that! LOL!

So at this point, I'm thinking I've lost all my readers because it took so long to read/watch this post.  But, in short, SHORT, short....that was Georgia 2010.  We also did Alabama in which Hubby's cousin Paul, Sr. got me addicted to this wonderful little pizza joint that makes THE.BEST.GREEK.SALAD.

Addicted so much, in fact, that when driving in for a middle of trip sleep-over at Paul and Paul, Jr.'s house Paul suggested we hit the same cute, pizza, salad, pasta diner.... to which Hubby knew, I was cravingly ecstatic for! :-D  Greek Salad + Southern Pecan Draft = Happy Farmer*s Wife! ;-)

Happy Alabama and Georgia!  And, Happy FWFD of the weeeeeee-eeeeeeek!  Shiner-Bock Time!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gearing UP! Oh yes I AM!!!

Gearing up!  The time is coming!  I'm stoked!  Here's a clip.... ;-)

Come on, you know you wanna' see it too! ;-)

Pics from Georgia will be posted soon; and maybe a few from the FRIO as well!  Happy 'it's almost FWFD of the weeeeeeeeeeek'!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TT Visits Farmville and FW and Dez!!!

So, between our annual river trip to the FRIO and our trip to Alabama and Georgia I had about four days to spare to unpack, wash, clean, repack, etc. Originally, TT was going to be coming down but as our plans changed to departing in the middle of the week -- well, I was going to have to miss her and her Lovie/Hubby and Sweet D was going to have to entertain and enjoy them all to herself.  :-(

BUT, she came in two days before we were to leave!!!!  Here she is with Sweet D!

And lookie what they brought me!!

I thought it was to share, but Lovie was playing the wonderful role of designated driver and loveable, chauffeur to his wife during their visit -- this was just a gift for Lil'Ol Meeeee!  (Surely, I share; but me and Uncle J are the only 'oil' drinkers [as the Hubsters calls us] around.... ;-)

Here we all are!!!  Me, TT, and Sweet D!  What a three!

At first, I had a slight panic attack (totally, I mean between the trips and packing, etc. I hadn't dusted a baseboard! [GASP!] Or steamed my floors (which is always a 'To Do' before we leave out of town) and I had tons to do in addition to the five loads of laundry sitting on the cart in the living room waiting to be folded.  And, all before TT's unexpected early arrival with her Hubby and Sweet D that afternoon. But, it all worked out!

No baseboards. [TT agreed not to look or finger dust.]  But, toilets and loos scrubbed, mirrors polished, floors steamed and a homemade mexican fajita dinner ready to go!!! :-) FW knows how to pull it all together!!

TT met the pets!

[Mr. Cuddle's was introduced by Farmer, Jr.]

[Piper, hammin' it up!  Adorable, YES???]

They got to meet the 'Big'un' [Brandi!] and the Lil'er'Un [Dulce] but of course, we couldn't get Dulce out because she just wouldn't play fair with Piper.  shame....

Of course, the Hubster showed TT's Lovie the farm and the tractors and such.  And, we had to get a toy or two out...  Here is TT's Hubby [a true lover of a beautiful lawn and all machines that go with] taking a ride on Hubby/Farmer, Jr.'s lawn mowing toy/machine. ;-D

Can't leave out the Go-Cart ride with Farmer, Jr. as the wonderful driver he is!!!

We had a fabulous time! It was so great to see TT and her Hubby. Uncle J, the Hubster and TT's Marine-man got along really well. Good people. The Hubster really enjoyed visiting with them and so did Uncle J.

That's hubby cookin' the meat; [Left to Right] TT, Sweet D, Uncle J [Notice the Shiner Bock ;-D ], TT's Lovie and the glass full of pink 'koolaid' is where I'd be, but I was taking the photo!

And, I know the whole trip was such a great break for TT; those of you who read her and follow her blog know that she has been juggling both Parentals, in their later ages. They finally had to move them in their own home which makes things easier and yet tougher?

What a job. With older parents' pain issues, dimensia, etc. it is unbelievably stressful. But she does it. And, her Hubby/Lovie supports her.  What a Lady.  What a wonderful Child.  And, what a great friend!

Anyhow, I was so thrilled that I didn't miss her trip down. After all, we'd all been planning it for about six months!


Saturday, June 5, 2010


The Host, by Stephanie Meyer, my take.

Many of you [it's common knowledge] are aware that I was totally taken in by the whole Twilight Saga.  I've read the books (devoured them, actually) and seen AND OWN the two movies released so far [Twilight; New Moon].  And, by seen, I mean probably 30 times a piece and every time I channel surf and find something about them on cable.

On June 30th, Eclipse will be opening [insert high-pitched SUPER-SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE] and my phone/text messages/and emails have been coming in to mark the date and schedule a Gal's viewing together of the third out of the four movies in the Saga.

When I heard that Stephanie Meyer had a new book out, her first novel written for adults, I had to snatch up a copy.  After all, any author of Twilight is an author of mine. ;-)

So, after completing two other books I was currently in the middle of reading [and setting a couple of others I've promised to finish aside] I finally popped it open.  I knew and had read reviews that it wasn't 'Twilight' in style.  But, I think at first there was still some longing in my heart for that type of romantic passion. [Where'er is my sweet Edward... LOL!]

There is romantic passion in this book.  But, that isn't really the basis or purpose of the story in this book.  That is a small side line that is woven into the main character [The Wanderer] and the body [Melanie's] she shares (as her unwilling host) and the development and learning about the power of relationships and human/alternate species bonding.

Though Wanda is so incredibly more intelligent and experienced on some levels, she is just as much a part of us and as lost as we sometimes are in our human lives ourselves.

This book is a whole lot more Sci-Fi in nature.  And, I am NOT a Sci-Fi kind of Gal.  I'm all kissy face, sunshines and blossoms, romantic love, the girl gets the boy, TEAM EDWARD kinda' Gal.

But I read it, stumbling through from time to time with my mind wanting to know what happened next but missing that intoxicating addictive withdrawal I went through while reading her first four Twilight Saga books.

I completed the book last night.  Well, actually, about two o'clock this morning.  Hubby finally gave up on trying to understand it and I hit the couch with book light in hand to finish just a few more pages.  Which ended up being several more chapters and the extras at the end of the book.

As I began reading this book over our holiday river trip vacation, I did begin to feel that draw.  That feeling that while playing cards with Bex, I was secretly longing to jump back in and see what was going on with Wander/Wanda and Melanie, and Wanda and Jared, and Melanie and Jared and Wanda and Ian, Jeb and of course the ever-loveable and adorable Jamie.

[Don't worry, Bex was feeling the same thing over her Dragon Tattoo Girl book she was reading]. ;-)

This morning I was swapping laundry and I felt that little twinge of "I wonder what they are doing now" kind of thinking.  To me, that always is my realization that the story was one that would stay with me.

If you are a Sci-Fi lover, I think you will enjoy the energy of this story.

NOW:  There were a few things that I thought.  Hmmmpft.  I don't think it quite should have gone like this/that/the other. But this is my own personal idiosyncrasy when it comes to reading and fictional escape.  And, my never ending search for another Edward. ;-)

This novel was an easier read for me compared to one like Dear John which, in the end, tore my heart out so bad that I had to immediately throw myself into the Morganville Vampire series and other vampiracly (my own word) paranormal story lines.

I was please to discover that Stephanie Meyer does have the ability to write outside the Twilight genre which she will forever be best known for.  [At least in my mind/house/circle of Twilight Mom friends.]

For those of you who 'just didn't get it' on the whole Twilight Saga, I'd say that you should give Stephanie Meyer's The Host a chance.  I'm thinking she will surprise you.

Don't judge a book by it's cover.  And, don't judge an author merely on what you have previously loved or disliked.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Did ya' miss me? (You know you so did) ;-)


We are back from the Frio! It was fun and the kids all had such a blast. ;-) I myself was super stoked because I emailed our cabins the night before we left and they confirmed that there is now a WiFi signal there!

So, I was just thrilled knowing I'd be posting pics daily from our fun. But, I didn't. Wanna know why?

Was it because I was drunk four solid days? NO. And, I wasn't.
Was it because I was so busy having fun that I forgot all about the internet and cyberworld? NO. I did have super fun but I didn't forget about cyberworld.

Was it because what they considered a WiFi signal sucked super big @$$ PIE? YEEEES.

I survived it though. We had lot of other stuff to play with. Tech-Guy brought an iPad. Those things are SUPER DUPER COOL! I just knew he'd have one because he is up to date on all things Mac/Apple and technology gadget related.

He also took millions of awesome pictures of the kids in the water, which I WILL post some of later (maybe this evening). He was so awesome with the camera that I didn't even get mine out -- but once.

I did try to capture a little video but only got one the first day.

Anyhow, I just had to unpacked food and clothes and etc from the five day trip and now I'm preparing for Georgia again. I'm wondering if you can do a pay as you go on those WiFi cards rather than having to sign up with a contract. That would be something worth looking into for traveling.

[Does that idea make me redic?]

HAPPY SUMMER AND GUESS WHAT ELSE? Happy FWFD of the weeeeeeeeek!!!! And, FW favorite season of the yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaar!