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Saturday, October 30, 2010

CRIMINALS beware; the BIG DOG'S in town

Out here where we live there is a certain criminal element that tends to wander along our road from time to time.   They present themselves as 'water testers'.  The idea is that they offer a service to come in and 'test' your water to see if it is healthy or needs improvements (that they are to provide?).  Here is the thing.

It's A SCAM.

Even the Sheriff's Department has explained to us that it is a scam.  Today, they came through the area again.  Every so often a new group comes along some dressing the part, some far from, in hopes of scoping out our homes by testing our water.  Really?  People fall for this?  Apparently, they do.

See what they really want is to get inside your house to kind of scope it out.  Also, if you happened not to be home at their visit they would probably intrude and break in robbing you of your favorite, valuable items.  Sum's-of-Bleaches.

Anyhow yesterday: (new people in a new vehicle; you know they think we aren't on to them if they change it up)...  [RING-RING!]  "Hello?"  SIL, "The water testers are back, they are next door (my baby SIL's) and on their way to your house."

Me, "CR@P!"  And, hubby isn't home.  Not that I can't handle it.  But, still.  It's rude to open the door with a pistol in hand, though I do it as I deem necessary.  Still, you never know to what extent these people will go...or, if they might think a mom at home with young children vulnerable enough to mess with.  Though, their racket is 'get in, scope the place, get out and come back to break in later'.

Seeing their van at my baby-SIL's and knowing the dogs are out in the back -- Biggun' free roaming. Meaning un-tied because she only wanders around the house, unlike the wild-one who loves to take off on a wild running spree chasing grasshoppers and critters through the pasture and fields -- I get an idea.

Lickity-split, I run out the back, grab the leash, holler for Biggun' to come and have her leashed and in the house as the predators approach the door.  I open the door greeting they guy (I find out later that my BIL saw three others hiding inside the van) with a 160+ pound dog.  And, she don't look friendly.  And, she wants to get to that guy.

"Hi, I'm here with the -- WHOA!  That's a BIG DOG!"

Me, "Yes, and she doesn't take well to company." [Me holding back a 160+ pound dog about to drag me out of the house after this guy.]

Standing a few yards back he tries his ploy, "I'm with a water testing company", I cut him off.  "I'm not interested, my husband handles that."

Him, "Is that a St. Bernard?"  Me, "No, she's a Mastiff and as you can see she doesn't like company."  Biggun' is continuing to about pull me out of the house and she's looking quite fearsome at this stranger.

The best part of this, beside the fact that my dog probably outweighed this guy, is that now those 'bad guys' believe that she is a full-time, inside dog.  So, even if we aren't home -- I doubt they'd chance to break in never knowing from where her huge size and mouth might attack.

[We keep the gate locked of course, too.  And, MIL and FIL, and the SILs all keep watch on each other's houses.]

While she is a gentle giant, I have seen her agitated.  Should that guy have approached me in a violent manner I have no doubt she would eat him.  He had no doubt, either.  I love that dog.  Best dog I've ever adopted.  And, I'm saving my pennies and dimes because on day far, far, years from now when it is her time to leave us -- I will bring a new Mastiff into our home -- kids at college by then, it might even become a full time inside dog -- Hubby's allergies or not, LOL!!


Friday, October 29, 2010


Ya'll know how I feel about Candy.  And, thus why I have such disdain for a holiday devoted to -- Candy.

This afternoon we get home and have to go through the numerous goodie bags, gift bags, and candy prizes from school today and the Fall School Party.  [Oh, Joy].  Lil'Gal in an effort of keeping score (though, she doesn't realize she eats the most candy around here) wanted her candy in one bowl, safe and separate from Farmer, Jr.'s candy to be placed in a separate bowl.  Both bowls to reside at hands reach in the pantry.

"Nope.  All candy goes in one bowl", I say.  "WhhhhYYYYYYY????" Lil'Gal whines.  "Because I am not going to have my pantry taken over by bowls of candy."  [More whining.]  Me, "Either one bowl, or I can take all the candy and throw it away and have Daddy take it to the dumpster."

[Unhappy compliance] "OOOOKAY."

Lil'Gal accounts for all candy in bowl.  She leaves and I place it in the Pantry.  [Later] Lil'Gal appears with candy (eating it).  Me, "Didn't I tell you you have had enough candy today?  And, aren't you supposed to ask?"

Lil'Gal "But, I didn't have that much candy today.  I hardly had any and no snack."

Me, "Your teacher told me you had two cupcakes.  AND, you ate candy on the way home.  What else have you eaten?"  Lil'Gal exists frustrated.

Me, brainstorm.  I may not be able to lock the PANTRY but I can lock the 'lock cabinet' I had built in the pantry.  And, what do you know; it will hold a nice big bowl of candy.  >;-D  he, he, he, laughing mischievously.

[LATER]  Lil'Gal walks in pantry.  Lil'Gal exits pantry.  "Mama.  WHERE'd you hide the candy?"  [Arms crossed]

Me, "I locked it away."  Lil'Gal, [whiny] "WHyyyYYYYYY did you lock it awaaaaaAAAAAAY?"
Me, "What difference does it make, you are supposed to ask before you get candy."
Lil'Gal having a tantrum emerging.  [Me, trying not to laugh.]

"WhhhyyyYYYY do you have to lock up the candy.  Why, why, WHYYYYY?"  Going on further to herself while opening a healthy snack, "I wish life was better than this...  I WISH life was BETTER than THIS.  I wish Mama's wouldn't lock up the candy."

I WIN!!  :-D  But, now I have to hide the key!


Because I can't help myself! ;-)

Yes, because I can't help myself.  And, it is my favorite day of the week!  FRIDAY.  No schedules.  Okay, tomorrow we are getting up before the rooster crows to take the kids for some fun.  But, still.  It's FRIDAY.  No homework.  Hubby has a class which leaves me and the kids to do whatever we want for the evening.  Or, to do nuthin' if we want. :-)

And, I will be watching one of my all time favorite movies (after Medium).  So, with that and because I can't help myself (and don't want to):



Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why I Hate Halloween

I've blogged in years past about my dislike for Halloween.  I've also blogged that in the past two years I have been the one to host a fall costume party for my children and their friends.

Did I decide Halloween was fun?  Hardly.  Could I afford to cheat my children of this somewhat "Americanized as Sacred Holiday"?  Nope.

Sure when they were young.  But now they have external influences, ie: friends who love Halloween.  And, making costumes is fun this year I totally bombed out and purchased cheap disguises from Wal-mart and y'all have seen in the past that I am good at it.

However, the whole door-to-door pan-handling for candy thing is way beyond acceptability for me.  And, it's not the begging since we all know I do a little comment/read me/read-me-over-here/read-me-over-there begging from time to time.

I choose to keep my kids at home and host a fun party for their friends and folks at our house where I know the whos, and the whats and the activities and the eats and the games and the tricks and the treats.  I like to be 'aware' in control like that.

My disdain for Halloween is based on more than the candy.  Though, y'all know I hate candy; candy should be outlawed; or, maybe they could make people who consumed candy wear a monitor like x-ray techs that would sound an alarm and cut one off when they had exceeded the safe level of candy intake.

Candy makes my sweet Lil'Gal turn into an out of control demon, horns, forked tongue, tail and all. I have found her stashes (stolen from the pantry, BTW) under her bed, in her closet, wrappers hidden in the dirty laundry, inside a sock.

She has no control when it comes to candy.  We tried to admit her to a CLA (Candy Lovers Anonymous) but AA said their is no such thing.  Really?  With all the -candy-over-indulgers?

Everyone knows cigarettes can kill.  And drinkin' too much. But, where is the self-help for candy???

To help you better understand me, let me share via a list:

A)  The Candy = I HATE candy.  You know that song "IIIIIIII want Candy?"  Yeah, like the song but only because I think it is about a girl named Candy.  If you are named Candy then no hate intended.  If you are candy then I distain you.

B)  Safety = Who are we kidding.  Of course now days most parents take their kids through the neighborhood to the houses of peeps they know and trust.  But there are still parents out there who just let their kids go roaming (some with a driver to other neighborhoods) for alternative venues in search of free candy.

C)  Candy = Empty $$ Pocketbook!!!  Candy is expensive!  Lucky for me I live in the country.  If someone comes up and rings my doorbell?  It won't be for candy and they won't be greeted with candy either. [If you ring my doorbell?  That means I don't know you AND, more importantly you don't know me.  That means I greet you armed and dangerous.  That means you'll probably be leaving very soon.] LOL!

D) WEIRDos = The stupid, crazy-monger people come out.  Doing more than pranks, but ill-will.  The 31st is simply the day after the 30th and they day before November 1st.  The month where we are all about being forgiving and thankful and sharing.  Yet, on Halloween, there are gatherings of people who think that skinning a cat, gutting a dog, cow, goat, or worse - exchanging blood in some unfathomable to me process will 'empower' them because it's any day of the week of the year been designated as "Halloween".

True, I do hold a soft spot for a certain vampire (or three), some of whom partake in the blood exchange process.  But, that's fiction (And, they actually have fangs. Among other things). >;-) he, he, he...

I realize that 90% of America luuuuuuuuvs Halloween.  While I'm one of the 10% who could truly do without it, I will now step down off my soap box and let the rest of you enjoy your Haunted Holiday.  And.  Your candy.

With that rant, Happy almost FWFD of the WEEK!!!!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sweet November

So it is November!  Thanksgiving already.  OK, technically we still have a few days of October dragging out but to me I'm booked through Turkey Day.  And, immediately after that my schedule is full through Christmas -- so, actually, it's 2011 in my world already.  


WHERE did the next two months go?

This weekend we are headed to San Antonio to take the kids to the RiverWalk for it's annual floating coffin parade (and a little Christmas shopping at Cabella's).  Next week hubby and the BIL will be going pheasant hunting for about five days; meanwhile, I'll be polishing the castle as we have family coming in from Georgia that weekend to stay with us through the following week.

There's a week in-between to get caught up on whatever was missed during the rest and then we have the school Thanksgiving luncheon and then we head up to Arkansas to see my Daddy for a Thanksgiving dinner and a few walks in the woods.  [I'm looking forward to this because it falls in scene with my WIP so I'm hoping I'll be able to sit at the picnic table and type away at several chapters!]

Back home for Turkey Day with family here and then Christmas decorations and preparations and parties and presents and (pressure) and then it's another Happy New Year.

Time sure does fly.  It can be overwhelming at times.  But, I have to look at it like this.  With all of these plans and all of these activities and all the things I gotta do, wanna do, and just do -- I am a lucky Gal.  I've got a full life, I've got people in it who are important to me, I've got love.  

So, with that -- Happy Wednesday (the day before the day before FWFD of the weeeeeeek) and Happy Sweet, Cold, November Rain...  :-)


Monday, October 25, 2010

The Way You Do The Things You Do....

It's Monday, again.  A new day and a new week to get it right, get it better, and get it done!  Just be sure you like the way you do the things you do and it'll all work out just fine!

And, where a smile while you do the things you do.  Do a little dance while you do the things you do.  Hum a little song while you do the things you do.  And, enjoy today while you do the things you do!

After all, this is the only 'today' you've got today. ;-)

Happy Monday!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

I need 9 clicks, please!


Quick note! Help a FW out? I'm nine clicks shy of the 200 badge on my Triond page. If anyone has the time, would you click on my Triond widget over to the left side bar (ya' have to scroll down' a little) and click on one of my recently published articles and/or recipes there? [If an ad pops up you can 'x' it out.]

A comment would be great, but a click (well nine) is all I really need to get my badge!

One more article published this month over there and I'll double my iddy-bitty earnings. Though, the iddy-bitty is growing as my content grows! I can't wait to see where I am at the end of this quarter! (And, I'll be publishing more than one more article this month!)

Wish me luck and thank you for the help and support!

Happy Saturday!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Howdy Y'all!

Recently (a few weeks or a month or so ago) I read "A Bitch Named Karma" by Stephanie Haefner.  And, I LOVE IT!!  I posted a review about it here.

Looks good, right?  It IS.

Well GUESS WHAT??  She's having a giveaway and is giving away two copies of this book!  YAY for Y'all!!

All you have to do is click here:  HERE and then follow her on FB and on Twitter!  That easy!

[She's fun to follow too!]

Good luck!!!


It's Still Rock and Roll....

Billy looks quite young in this video, no?  I ran into someone the other day that I hadn't seen in years.  I thought to myself, 'Wow, she's aged..."  Then, I wondered if she saw and thought the same of me...

As time keeps flying, I'm half way through the middle of the day, in the middle of the week.  Some things accomplished, others pending.  But Rockin' and a Rollin' through it all!

[Oh, and I met my goal of one published item today!  Just have to make time to work on my writing assignment that is due in three weeks...  First comes Farmer, Jr.'s social studies project though --  that's Saturday's agenda!]


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's going on in my blog?

Howdy Y'all!

Seein' as I was going to tread the mill, but it took me a little longer to get my article published today, I thought I'd use my last 15 minutes before children time to catch everyone up on what has been going on around here....  [Because, I know y'all are all so interested and have been dying to know.] ;-)

First off, the gremlins have messed with my life clock because I swear I'm only getting 12 out of the 24 hours in the day lately.  Not sure how they managed that but it IS happening (ie: the lack of treadmill time).

Secondly, I'd like to bring y'all all up to speed on my writing as of late.  I've been working diligently squeezing it in wherever possible to build up my content and publish articles regularly over at

Triond os a venue where writers can publish their articles, pictures, poems and other creative writing, recipes, etc, etc with flexibility of when and what.  Triond in turns publishes the piece on a website and/or venue where it feels it fits best (in accordance with some tags, and labels the writer gives along with the piece).  So, I have several photos, a poem, a recipe and five other articles up.

The cool thing is that the way I get paid, is by building my content.  And, of course, by the masses of internet users around the world who search and visit my stuff.  I get credit for traffic.  Additionally, at the publication of my fifth article I qualified for google ads within my work.  Clicks on those also provide me with pennies; half of what the click is worth to the advertiser.

What I LOVE about this is that I have the flexibility to publish anything I want without serious deadlines so it allows me to think more openly and work when I can.  [I am trying to set up a schedule where three mornings, minimum, will be dedicated to submitting content.]  And, the best part as that once an item is published, I continue to receive hits on it and earnings forever.  So, the recipe for today?  Keeps on bringing in $$ and I never have to even look at it again (but I do; for comments and 'likes' and stuf).


FYI, if you check out my right side bar and scroll down a little you will see a widget from Triond.  It makes available the most recent articles I have published.  So, if you don't catch me on FB or Twitter you can always click over there and see what I've been writing about (please click over there and see what I've been writing about). :-D

Last on this matter, I have made a few changes to the blog.  Still not thoroughly pleased with the way everything is placed but working on it.  One of those changes includes adding (oh, yes I did) back the google ad sense ads.  This is for two reasons: 1) When I checked it out I found out that I had earned $15.00 when I had these there in the past but never knew it, 2) It kind of works together to my benefit since I have the google ads via my Triond posts as well.  (Bottom line, I'll take any pennies I can get).

Next:  I have still been haven't been able to type a single dang word working on my WIP.  While it has been open in the background, I will admit that I haven't actually typed any words there.  But, I do have several scenes from the story line outlined in my head that will be inputted there as soon as I get through this school week with the kids.  [Apparently, my child-free time is all booked up and mostly out of the house this week.  Again.]

Third, that church children's activities for our Octoberfest went over really well!  Everyone had a good time and appreciated the set up!  And, now it is over so I can reclaim some of that time back.

Fourth, Farmer, Jr. is now officially a member of the 4-H!!  YEA!!!  He will be raising rabbits.  They are born at the breeder in November and picked up early December.  This is only a month long (animal) project and seeing as how we get to pet and love on the rabbits and feed'em up fat (but not too fat) I see this as a pleasing experience for all of us! :-)  I mean who doesn't love sweet, soft, widdle-bunny-wunnies??

Farmer, Jr. will also be building a shop project with his Daddy (which I need to get them working on already because January will be here in NO. TIME.).

As for Lil'Gal, I don't have an extra curricular set up for her this year.  This after school, during the week stuff is hard to manage (I know so many of you who do it well, but I have Fourth grade Science and Social studies to pass again -- FJ is in third grade but his studies are with the fourth graders).  And, I like to keep a strict homework, play, dinner, bathe, bedtime schedule.  I'm all uptight that way.

If we don't do anything this year, she will also be in 4-H in the Spring as soon as she begins third grade.  So that will give her something extra as well as caging two birds with one stone. ;-)

Last, I received a little letter in the mail from the school where I take my writing course and it said, "Hey, GHFG?  Get your pie in business!  Your break is over and your assignment is do in three weeks!"  SOO-ooooo, I'll be working that in too.  Somewhere. Somehow....

There is so much more but I just saw the clock and it is time to head out to pick up the youngins so I best run.  But, that is a little of what has been going on around here.  If you are still looking for more from me at this moment; click: 1) My Triond widget to see what I've been writing, 2) my 'other' widgets around here, 3) leave me happy comments and I'll respond when I get back!

Happy Tuesday, it's almost Hump-diggity Day, which is two days away from FWFD of the weeeeek!



So, I had a great post.  But, the embedding was disabled.  Chicken Biskets.

Happy Tuesday....


Monday, October 18, 2010

Motorin' by...

So where are the days going?  I spent this morning paying bills (usually Hubby does this but I get the little one's that come in the mail now; he handles most online bill payments) and then signing up for, and printing entry applications for Farmer, Jr. to participate in 4-H and this year's livestock show.  (Okay, the show is in January but it follows with this season).

So, Farmer, Jr. is going to raise rabbits!  We have some good friends with three years under their belt and lots of experience and knowledge about this so I feel that Farmer, Jr. will be in good hands with this project.  Also, he is going to build a shop project with his Daddy (more to come on that and probably photo pics as it will be a working project), and also he'll enter a cookie or cake recipe.  [It'll be cake because I have a dead-on from scratch recipe that will have those judges drooling!] >;-D

Other than that, I've gotten no content published today for Triond.  THAT will be another post to bring y'all up to date on my latest writing/publication experience and venue and how it all works and why that Triond button is over to the right (ya' have to scroll down a little).

And, I am in the middle of washing Lil'Gal's sheets (again).  Accidents lately (even with the pull-up).  I don't think she has been fully following her vibrating watch schedule during the day -- though, all liquids are cut off shortly after dinner.  She did good for several days with no accident, even in her undies.  But, this last week to ten days I've changed her sheets every second and third day or so...

I haven't been on the treadmill since, when?  Friday for 30 minutes?  I'm totally feeling it too.  All slugish.  And, I'm behind all over again (two weeks in?) on my blog reads as well as keeping up with my friends and connections at Triond [kind of a support system].

And, here it is at 1:14 and I'm rushing to clean the kitchen floor and hide the laundry cart and jump on the treadmill.  I am so totally MOTORIN' around here.

And, with that, enjoy this song:


Thursday, October 14, 2010

There's the bad, there's the crap. Then there's Wonderful.

I wrote this post last night and published about for or five minutes to midnight.  This morning I read it and I thought, 'this is not the message I intended to put out there.  No one wants to read all this cr@p.'

So, I pulled it and am publishing this post instead.

The point is, I could b!itch about A, B, and C.  I could p!$$ and moan about this and that.  But who wants to hear that?  Right?  Sure we need to vent sometimes, but not today.

Today is FRIDAY!  FWFD of the week!  Absolutely! The sun is shining, my kids are happy and learning in class at this moment.  I have friends coming over this afternoon.  There is gas in my vehicle, food in my fridge and my pantry is stocked.

We have clean clothes (though, yes they need folding) and the socks are sorted.  Oh, and the internet is up and running at full speed again (it was s-l-o-w slow this morning).

So, see?  Everything is wonderful!  I mean life has ups and downs.  But it is how we look at it that motivates our mood.  So, I'm hoping this little diddy will pick up your mood as well!

This is not the original video; as is sometimes the issue the actual video does not have embedding rights available.]

Happy Friday!!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WIP! Just doin' my thing (writing style) :-D

So this morning, as usual, I'm just going about my day doing my thing.  Lil'Gal woke with flaming red eyes which later dissipated but after a confirmation trip to the eye doc -- she got put on drops.  Early catch so she can go back to school tomorrow non-contagious.  And, with antibiotic drop armor against anyone else who might be carrying an eye cootie.

[Bare with me here and drudge through this post to the end because, I'm going to give a little *sneak peak* excerpt (like all my cool writing/author friends do) from my WIP.  That being of one of the two scenes that presented themselves to me this morning.]  Squeeeeeee!!!

After the doc's office we do the Walmart and errand thing. Lil'Gal, happily chewing a piece of her new gum, was quite quiet on the trip home.  Thus, allowing Mama's thoughts to wander.  At one point a good song came on the radio, one I hadn't heard in a long time and could never catch the artist.

And with that, out of NO WHERE, a little scene hits me!  A scene for my WIP!  And, after I think that one through -- a second one to go with!!!  I'm like "YAY!"  Because this is where I've been stumped.  Where is MC going with all of this?  I've kept asking myself....  I mean, I know she's got issues but where does the remedy come in??

For those of you new here wondering what this is all about, you can check out THIS POST.

Anyhow, said WIP stays open in a back window on my Mac most of the time but other than a tinker here and there I've been too busy to sit down to it creatively.

[I must say, the lack of time and creativity can wittle away at my confidence sometimes when I sit there with nada new.  Sometimes even causing me to doubt myself slightly, thinking, "What if I'm just a make-believe-I-wanna-be-a-writer?"  I know.  FW doubt herself???   Rare. ;-P

So, I'm driving along listening to this new-to-me-again song and this scene pops in my head.  I don't even know exactly when it happens in the story yet because I haven't written ahead that far (still working out the break between Chapter Four and Chapter Five).  But, it told me where the story is going.

See, the story starts out harsh, with a lot of anger and frustration -- but, the new character (that just finally fully introduced himself to me and to my MC) outlined the second half of the story.  The part where things look up for my MC.  The part where she is finally able to tackle her demons (actually, her mother's demons) and I now feel satisfied that this story will come to fruition on a peaceful note.

THAT, makes FW very, very happy!

Oh, the scene.  Here is a little clip.  Still rusty as it has just been typed fresh from my head but I am too excited to worry about tweaks and perfection right now:

His one hand on the small of my back, he ran the other one up to the back of my neck, his fingers tangling in my hair as he pulled me tightly to him.  My cheek rested upon his shoulder as we stood there, frozen for several moments in complete silence. 

“I’ll never let you go.” He spoke into my hair.  “As long as you are with me…”  A hot tear streaked down my cheek as he whispered it again, to himself as much as to me, “I’ll never let you go.”  I believed him.

What do you think!!!!????  Please share!!!!

Oh, and in case you were wondering -- this is the song:


Monday, October 11, 2010

Joke for the day! Have a laugh!

A young blonde girl in her late teens, wanting to earn some extra money for the summer, decided to hire herself out as a "handy woman" and started canvassing a nearby well-to-do neighbourhood. She went to the front door of the first house and asked the owner if he had any odd jobs for her to do. "Well, I guess I could use somebody to paint the porch" he said.

"How much will you charge me? "Delighted, the girl quickly responded, "How about $150? "The man agreed and told her that the paint and brushes and everything she would need were in the garage. The man's wife, hearing the conversation, said to her husband, "Does she realize that our porch goes ALL the way around the house? "That's a bit cynical, isn't it?" he responded. The wife replied, "You're right. I guess I'm starting to believe all those dumb blonde jokes. "A few hours later the blonde came to the door to collect her money. "You're finished already??" the startled husband asked.

"Yes," the blonde replied, "and I even had paint left over so I gave it two coats. "Impressed, the man reached into his pocket for the $150 and handed it to her along with a $20 tip.

"Thank you," the blonde said, "And, by the way, it's not a Porch, it's a Lexus."

Oh no, she didn't???  Happy Monday!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Sleeping Beauty, quite truly.

She so loves her Princesses and fairly tales,
if she only knew...
She is my fairy tale Princess come true.

Riding upon the shoulder of my sweet Prince,
King Daddy tucks her in with a hug and a kiss.

Into her dreams her mind will wander...
all the while I watch her and ponder.

What sweet dream is this, so wonderful and true?
I have an idea how, you do too, I presume.

I've been blessed by our sweet Lord from above.
She is my kiss, and,

HE, is my hug.

This is a repost from January of 2008.  I was reviewing some of my older posts looking for creative inspiration for new creative submission to the new venue where I am publishing content.  And, I thought, "Hey, this definitely deserves a repost."

I think I had just begun blogging in December of '07.  I was such a newbie back then... ;-)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

70s Flashback-- Rod Stewart

So, it seems I've been doing quite the many music flashbacks here lately. It's good to remember when, though - eh?

Anyhow, I seem to pay most attention to the 80s and 90s and primarily the old rock from those decades.... Well, some is rock but others have been pop or new age or whatever they call it when it isn't classic, country or rap but also not true rock.

Anyhow, I found myself in the mood for a little Rod Stewart this late afternoon/early evening. :-)  It takes me back to when I was truly a kid.  Funny what I remember when I hear these songs.  I won't break out names or the bust factor but I will say that I recall many adults experimenting in all that was the  70s *wink-wink* and some of y'all know exactly what I'm referring to.

I remember one time, when I was VEEERY young and I was running around my uncle's house (the eccentric one; he's a true genius but with that comes some, well, eccentricities in his persona, LOL!).  Anyhow, I was young enough that I must have half way dressed as I recall running around into the living room in my undies and no shirt [wait a minute, is that where Lil'Gal gets it?  Nah, I'm very inhibited about any form of exhibitionism.]

Said uncle did the 'come here' motion with his hands and as he squatted down to pick me up his 'lit' cigarette burned my chest to the Northeast of my (then non-existent) chee-chee.  Um, OW.  Yeah, and as I recall that memory the record player was playing "Do Ya' Think I'm Sexy!"  Ha! Ha!

Oh, I have other vivid memories from visits with that uncle.  Like the time I was blamed (being older) for writing on the inside walls of the playhouse he had made for my cousin (his daughter); of which he made a couple more to sell.  [She told me it was her playhouse and she could write in/on it if she wanted to.  Who was I to argue with her at the time?]

And, the time he lived in this awesome house but for whatever reason (this is SOUTH TEXAS keep in mind) it didn't have air-conditioning.  Whaaaaat?  Me and my cousin got extremely sunburned in the pool and at night, rather than sticking to the sheets, we camped out in the cool of the pool water until we about passed out where we sat/submerged/floated.

I found the actual music video for this song but -- of course D@mn them! Why do they do that the embedding was disabled by request... Pblft.

This song gets in my head and I'll sing it over and over and over again, out loud, in my head, and humming from the purse of my lips.  I love this song.

But this one.  This is my all time favorite.  Every heart break, every heartache, well you know.  The first cut is the deepest...

Always try to love again <3; Happy Hump-day.  I sure hope you put a little diggity in it.  Afterall, this is the very last October 6th, 2010 you'll ever experience.  Make it worth it!


De Ja Vu? Lover Boy!

Jammin!  But what's with all the aliens???


Fall in South Texas (photo shoot)

Howdy y'all!

We went to my MIL and FIL's ranch this weekend to enjoy the absolutely God given beautiful weather.  Crisp but not overly cool, sunny, light breeze on occasion...  Hubby and Farmer, Jr. also did a little dove hunting with a friend and my BIL and nephew. They had a blast!  

Anyhow, here are some shots:

The cows coming in...  (I *heart* cows)

Pretty tree....

Here donkey, donkey, donkey...

Now that's some serious bull$h!t !!

That's not a leaf; it is a grasshopper.  If you zoom in more you can see the legs and all.  He hop-flew away after I took this.

See the tan cow?  She's looking at me.  Everywhere I went, I would find her looking at me.  In the morning Lil'Gal and I were playing in the yard and low and behold this cow stood by the fence and just stared at me...  Oh, and see the black cow next to her?  They are running buddies.  Because wherever I saw the tan cow (watching/stalking me) her BFF was just a few feet away.

Papa built a floating pier for fishing...  Everyone knows Farmer, Jr. is all about fishing...
[And, farming, and hunting.]

Lookie, a cow AND a windmill (y'all know I *heart* windmills too!)

And, the boys!  My BIL a/k/a Big S as named by Lil'Gal several years ago, my nephew (a fellow tractor die-hard like Farmer, Jr.), Farmer, Jr., the Hubster -- and dinner!!!  [Lil'Gal is hanging out behind Big S.)

Isn't that a handsome bunch?!

With that it is time to tend to my duties!  Happy Hump-Day!


Friday, October 1, 2010

One Headlight

I really like this song. The rhythm and the just mellows me...



Farmer*s Wife Conversations

LAST NIGHT at Dinner:

Brain: "Hey FW?"

FW: "Yeah, Brain?"

Brain: "You know if you eat that whole bowl of buttery, smooth homemade mashed potatoes smothered in that chicken fried steak gravy it'll defeat the whole purpose of all that hard work on the treadmill."

Taste Buds: "Dude! Shut your brain waves! We want'em! We NEEEED them buttery, smooth, homemade mashed taters all smothered greasy, chicken fried steak gravy! Besides, stomach likes them too."

Stomach: "You know usually I do. But lately? I've been feeling pretty good since FW has cut back on all the heavy, fatty, sugar-filled carbs..."

Brain: "See. Told ya'."

Taste Buds: "Y'all suck pie."

FW: "Y'all fight it out about the potatoes. I'm gonna' pour a glass of wine."


THIS MORNING before Dawn:

[PHONE] brrrbrrbrrbrr [vibrating alarm]

Will Power: "Pssst! FW! That was your alarm! You were gonna' get up super early and we were gonna' rock the treadmill this morning, remember?"

Brain and Body in Unison: "Ain't gonna' happen."

Brain and Body quietly sing-songing in Unison: "Good night, sleep tight, go back to sleeping sweet Farmer*sWife..."

HAPPY FWFD of the weeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!  Super Squeeeeeee!!!