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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SHISH-KA-BOB'it Baby!!!

We had Shish-Ka-Bobs the other night. I haven't made them in awhile. I don't know why? This menu item just kinda' slipped my mind for an entire summer awhile. Anyhow, this is a good, tasty and healthy treat that can be made pretty cheap if you play your cards right! It all depends on the ingredients and cuts of meat you choose. I chose, boneless chicken thighs, a cheap thin cut of beef steak, and thin cut pork chops -- all real cheap! Then, vegetables: yellow squash, calavace or green squash, purple onion, green bell pepper, and jalapeno (for me). You can add mushrooms, tomatoes and anything else you like grilled or sauteed.
Layer in mixed fashion on skewers. If using wood skewers? You need to soak them in water first for awhile. To prevent them from burning on the pit. We invested in an inexpensive set of four (enough to feed more than four of us) stainless steel skewers.
Season assembled kabobs.  I also like to marinate with some Italian Dressing.  I use "Wish Bone" name brand for this type of cooking.  Chopped items  Layered Skewers (the extras I mixed in foil with some butter   
They are now ready to grill!  [They were wonderfully tasty too, by the way!]
Well, Lil'Gal and I are headed off with 20 minutes to get to Gymnastics today.  Then, to pick up her new prescription, and a few items at the store, and back home for all the rest!
Happy Grillin' and Happy Tuesday!



I'm not big on a lot of this type of sugary, gooey stuff for breakfast.  I think it'd make a better fit for dessert or a snack -- when the kids can still burn it off.
But, along with all the coupon sites, and manufacturers I've signed up with [thanks to] I received an invitation to join a program with General Mills called "Pssst."
They send me coupons and freebies.  I then try the product, eventually will be requested to review it (on their blog) and then I get more freebies and cheapies.  Previously, I received an email that allowed me to print a $1.00 off coupon to try these things.  I was also allowed to email it.
Today?  I received $10.00 off in coupons for this product!  (That's ten $1.00 coupons!)  Plus a voucher for any 'one' can of Pillsbury Sweet Rolls, Grands, Min-Bites or Flaky Twists -- a value up to $4.39!  And, this just the first product I get to review!
Pretty cool, I thought!  So, maybe go and check out -- and see if you can join the fun (and freebies) too!
Happy Savings!


5:13 in.the.morning.

I know what you're thinking.  WoW, she really is up bright and early...gonna' rock that treadmill?
I woke at 4:19.  Farmer, Jr. was nudging me to move over, or out of his way....he wanted our bed.  I give in.  I'm heading to his room so I can have a bed for myself.  I couldn't go straight back to sleep.  I considered blogging....  I thought, better to not and close my eyes  and hope wait patiently for slumber.
[Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.]
I hear feet shuffling.  It's coming from Lil'Gal's room.  Her body is bothering her.  Part of her urinary issues.  She is often rashed down "there" due to urine that dribbles or is unexpectedly released.  Kind of like those commercials about bladder control.
I try cream.  Nope.  She is obviously in real discomfort.  Poor Lil'Gal.  Not fair.  So, we take a warm soak in the tub.  That often helps.  I'll be keeping her home from school today.  Making the calls to the doctors to see which one can fit her in -- all they really need to do is call in an antibiotic.  We are going to have to put her on it prophylactically again. 
The tub helped for about five minutes.  Now, I'm just trying to keep her mind off of it and hoping she can fall back to sleep for a few hours.  
I'm not complaining by any means.  There are parents with children that can't communicate.  There are parents with children who have a limited life span.  I'm one of the lucky ones.  Very lucky x two.   We have to get this figured out and addressed, though.
Anyhow.  Wishing I had my BIG MUG about now.  Maybe it will come in today.  
Happy Tuesday!


Monday, September 29, 2008

SCOOBA: iRobot

I totally want one of these.  It's the new iRobot, which I've been considering and thus researching cost, and ability of the unit which is what lead me to this.
Easily accessible?
Easy filling and emptying?
The scrub brush comes out easily, just like on my Bissell Flip-It and it goes -- in the dishwasher!
Obviously, it can't totally replace a good old fashion "Flip-It" job by me?  But, I wouldn't be worried about dust bunnies floating along the baseboards so often!  I'm getting a warm and tingly feeling -- just from watching the video!  Now, I'm going to watch it in action! It' a Music Video! "i" just might have to have an "iRobot" Scooba. Yes. I really am so easy to please. :-)


Pump up your Monday! Don't let it bring ya' down!

My list is waaaaay long today!  I've already made a trip to the Dollar Store after dropping off the youngins'.  Then, I've called in a doctor's appt, and prescription refills to be ready when I hit the road back to that side of town.
Though, I had to pop in here for a couple of things before I head out again.  On the way home this morning I heard this song (I was flipping stations until something good was on).  And, I thought?  What a great song for a Monday!  I'm gonna' share it so everyone starts their week out on the right foot! [You know you were totally jammin' down to that!] And, here's one more to totally top it off! Believe it or not? I actually vlogged a little music video to this but it kept timing out, or forgetting the music, etc. It was really funny though! Ha-ha! Guess, for my eyes only this time. But, here's the real thing. Give it a spin before you go on with your day! [Psst, It's okay if you were dancin' and punchin'! I do it all the time. Great morning workout!!!!] Don't let'em get ya' down! Happy Monday!


1:30 AM: What's Outside My DOOR?!

I'm sleepin' still slumberingly because my OTC "shut my mind up and help me fall asleep" pill still had a little linger left.  [FYI, I went to bed after 11:pm.  Seinfeld re-run was still on.]
Typically, my OTC will hold me until about 3:am at which time sleep goes on intercession and I walk the floors, making the rounds.  I was dreaming something...not sure what?  But, I remember in my dream someone else was wearing one of my favorite shirts and I was thinking at that very moment, "How did she get my shirt?"
At which point, there was a scraping noise and the sound of dogs barking.  MY DOGS.  Uh-Oh!  DH also wakes with a startle, "What's that sound!"  [Scrape, Scrape goes the sound again.  coming from the back porch -- we think.]
DH flips the switches.  (He had our bedroom wired where we can flip 'all' the spot lights on from there (ie: gargage, back porch, side of house, front porch).  He's smart that way. ;-)
We can't figure out what the sound is.  But, he does discover that our glue boards we put out on the back porch to catch the field mice are....missing.  Huh?  They smell like peanut butter.  (You know?  I thought for a second?  It might'a been gary LOL -- the peanut butter!! Ha-ha!)
Anyhow.  I'd still like to think a snake drug them off.  But, DH is pretty sure it was a critter.  And, the dogs were barking.  I'd don't think they'd bother waking up over a snake a few hundred yards away.  Anyhow.  He then takes the pick-up out in search of the critter.  Possibly, a cayote!
And, it seems the critter got the glue boards stuck to his paws....which made the sound as it puttered around our back porch.  I'm just glad it wasn't a person.  But, still?  It took awhile to get back to sleep.
So, I layed there and thought about the fact that my cell phone would alert me (via vibrate/silent mode, because I'm considerate) to wake at 5:30ish for the meeting with the treadmill.  And, I thought to myself that we would wait and see how I felt about waking up then -- depending on when I finally fell back to sleep.
And, I felt like sleepin' in till 6:am.  So, I did.
Happy Monday Morning!  Have a great day and a great new week!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Put Your Big CowGirl Boots on and DEAL WITH IT!

The Gremlins invaded my castle today while we were at church and CCD.  I guess I did lose a day yesterday -- had to go through the leftover junk at the old house and trash or treasure it as my FIL is about to have some work done on the old place before my Baby SIL moves in.
So, we walk in today at "feed me now" lunch time for DH and the youngins'.  Suddenly, I'm overwhelmed with the mess.  Dust bunnies.  Left over cookie sheet and cooking rack in the sink (my Mom and Baby-est Bro didn't leave until about 10:pm which is way late over here.)  Yes, the rack and sheet were from my baking some goodies to send in the prize packages. ;-)
The laundry gets folded today or Monday's during a soap.  It's exploded again and we are all about out of.....guess it?  Socks.  Chicken Biskets!  [I hate to sort socks.]
Farmer, Jr. and DH went back to the old place to donate what was left of treasure and I get to go this week and bag the trash left over.  Lil'Gal begins whining or moaning about something and I'm frustrated and at my "no patience level."  I'm peeved.  Why?  It's Sunday.  It's a good day.
Then, I pop in to check my email and type up the recipe for said items I baked.  [I like to share that way.  And, you never know about allergies and stuff.]  I saw I had a new follower on my Blog!  YAY!  So, I popped in to her place.
Apparently, her Lil'Grand-Gal had had a seizure and stopped breathing!  GASP!  It woke me up completely to my irritated attitude.  Let me explain:
Lil'Gal was about three months old.  I was nursing her.  I would notice that at night she would almost choke in her bassinet.  She was gurgling and basically drowning in her milk.  So, I started putting her up in the bouncer so that she was very inclined and head elevated.  I mentioned to the pediatrican that the spit up would just drool down the side of her mouth.
Drool is natural, he tells me.  [Um, no kiddin'?  This ain't my first rodeo doc?  Remember?  She's kiddo numero dos.]
It's a Saturday morning.  I have a cold coming on and am feeling under the weather.  I'm playing with Lil'Gal on our bed and she's laying down flat on her back.  Suddenly?  She passes out and become lathargic.  HOLY GASP!  I tussle her softly on the bed and stimulate her.  She wakes.  Whew! " Scared me for a minute there Gal.  Thought you quit breathing on me." I say to her.
Seconds later?  It happens again.  And, she doesn't come back so quickly.  I grab her and throw her on my shoulder.  I'm calling out her name as half calmed yet totally panicked as I can.  I'm grabbing the phone.  I'm calling DH, I'm calling anyone, I'm calling everyone!  I finally get her "revived?" yet she still seems a little lathargic.  
DH screams into the driveway.  I don't even remember who or how Farmer, Jr. ended up with my MIL.  We are on our way to the hospital and I'm in the back seat of the SUV with a mirror to Lil'Gal's nose so I can see her breaths and make sure they don't cease again.
We get her to the hospital.  They run all types of tests.  We get her on an apnea monitor.  Which we kept her on for three our four months.  Until the register showed a normal amount of episodes.  Apparently?  All babies have apnea episodes when they sleep.  We just aren't aware of it. God's way of keeping us sane, I guess.  But, when it is a high number?  You have to treat it.
I'd stay with her in the living room.  Her in her bassinet and me on the couch.  My eyes popping open every few minutes -- I didn't sleep for days, I don't think.  I'd make sure the little light was still blinking.  The monitor did have an alarm, too.  Which would sound when she had an episode and when at night, in a calm, dark and quiet house?  It would pierce my mind and my heart would explode and then I wouldn't sleep another wink that night.
We put her on...oh, I can't remember...regland?  But, it was for reflux.  It helped.  Once she got on solids the problem pretty much fixed itself and she outgrew the issue.  Though, the first night without that monitor?  Was unnerving for me.
She's fine now.  Oh, sure.  We've been through two eye surgeries because her brain never "syncronized" her eyes together.  We've had the bladder reflux which I previously posted here. And, surgery that fixed it (click here for more on that)
for the most part. Though, she still has an irritated and spastic bladder.  But, she's here.  She's happy.  She's intelligent.  Her brain works, her body works, and she's my angel.
So, it took me back to the cap I found today at Tractor Supply and DH purchased it for me because he likes me in a cap.  Which, I rarely wear.
It's cute and a little blingy and it's pink and all that Gallie-Gal stuff.  That's the pic of it up there.  On the front is a multi-colored Cow and she's putting on her Big Cowgirl Boots.
The message reads, "Put Your Big Cowgirl Boots on and Deal With It."  The back, clasp reads, "Deal With It."  ABSOLUTELY.
I'm going to fuss and moan and be disgruntled because of dust bunnies?  Because of loads of unfolded laundry?  Because my beautiful, perfect Lil'Gal knows how to push my buttons and get what she wants?  Because she isn't afraid to speak her mind or share her opinion or feelings?
Farmer*sWife!  You have THE LIFE!  So, when it gets a little crazy?  I'm wearing my new cap.  Like I am right now.  I'm puttin' those big CowGal boots on and I'm totally going to, "Deal With IT!"
Happy Sun-Dealin' Day!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

SALAD: Farmer*s Wife's Way

Lunch time came around on this beautifully, sunny, crisp and warm South Texas day.  Turkey and Cheese for Farmer, Jr.  Ham and Cheese for DH.  Lil'Gal's not really hungry right now.
ME:  Ensalada mi Amigos!!
I make a fab salad (I make my own bag salad; two gallon size bags at a time) as it is.  I made a couple of bags of salad while at my Dad's in Arkansas earlier this month and my Dad raved!  Course, he raved at just about everything me and my Big-Ll'Bro cooked and served up.  ;-)
But, that is just the "base" the "stock" if you will that I begin one of my salads that I eat for lunch, dinner, etc.  [I love salad.  I eat it every day at least once.  If I don't? My body starts to feel all blah, and heavy.  I need some fresh crisp veggies, daily.]
Farmer*sWife's Home-Made Bagged Salad Recipe:
1 full head of green leaf lettuce
1 full head of romaine lettuce
purple cabbage
purple onion
grated carrots or match stick carrots.
2 large gallon size zip top/lock bags.
Cut each  head of lettuce in half.  Gently chop lettuce head halves and mix 1/2 head of chopped romain lettuce with 1/2 head of chopped green leaf lettuce in one gallon zip bag.  Repeat for the other bag.
Slice purple cabbage according to the thickness which is your preference.  Add, somewhat generously to each bag of lettuce.  Slice some purple onion (thin) and mix in to each bag.  Add grated or match stick carrots -- as many or few as you like.  By hand, toss all ingredients together in bag one.  Repeat for bag two.
These will stay good for over a week!  I eat salad every day and DH eats about every other day so it usually doesn't stick around long enough to go bad anyhow.
Here's the fun part!  Adding the Extras!!  Below is the salad I had for lunch today! MMM-mmm-good!
What do you think?  Looks pretty yummy, huh?  (You can click for a larger view).
The good part comes in when I add to my home-made "bagged salad" all the extra stuff.  I usually add the following:
Sliced Roma tomato
Some diced avocado
Diced boiled egg (if I have on hand)
Sliced pickled jalapenos (I have a whole one here)
Natures Seasoning Salt
Dressing of my liking (Light Italian today) on the side.  Very important.  I like to dip my salad slightly into the dressing so that I am able to control the salad to dressing ratio.  This is very important to me.
I'm an "on the side" Gal.  You know the movie "When Harry Met Sally?"  Sally is my alter ego.  LOL!  Anyhow, this salad was tastefully and terrifically satisfying.  It was -- wait for it -- squeeeee-licious!!!!
Happy Salad Saturday!!!
[Editor's Note:  If I have leftover beans and/or cooked ground beef?  I'll put some in the bottom of my salad bowl and sprinkle with a little cheese.  Then, warm in the microwave.  Then, add all the stuff listed above.  YUMMY!]


Chivalry: The Dance!

I received an email today from a friend.  Our home builder actually.  (Y'all remember, we're Shiner Bock buddies!)  Anyhow, he sent me the link to this video and it is absolutely cute, funny, and all of the above.
I'm dedicating this to tink as she was having a down day yesterday.  Basically, one of those "I hate people" days.  And, she is also getting married in November -- so this will double up her spirits in two ways!  I'm hopin'!
Wedding dance off I tried really hard to get find the code to embed.  I was able to download once but -- it didn't work right.  This is too cute and funny and adorable!
These are destined for a lifetime of fun together!
Happy Dancin' Saturday!


Friday, September 26, 2008

The Winner Is? BLOGGIES!!!

Well, I bowed out of going to see Sweet D.  Not because I didn't want to go, but it's so far where she is today (house sitting for another friend).  And, I was just too lazy to spend the rest of this beautiful afternoon loading up kids, snacks, swim suits, and such.
Only, to have to do the same for the return trip home -- right after I'd kicked back to relax with Sweet D for awhile.  [She's hanging out by the pool.  I know.  What is wrong with me?]
Anyhow, she kindly let me off the hook and we agreed to make an "appointment" so that nothing would come up and replace our visit next week!  Just me and her while the kiddos are in school.
NOW.  On to what you all are really here to find out.  WHO WON!???
Watch and find out for yourself: I was so excited about the drawing?  And, yet slightly dis-heartened because I knew not everyone would win. :-(  So, if you want to email your address to me I will still put a little tiny sumthin' to send to you.  Afterall, EVERYONE likes gettin' goodies in the mail!
Happy Winners!  Y'all email me your info!  I've set up an email dedicated just to my bloggies! [Makes my life easier and more organized and now y'all don't get mixed up with the coupon emails and all my other reader stuff!]
Oops, left out the email:  Now y'all all know where to find me!
Happy Day!


Tallys Totals are IN! 36 chances to WIN!

Okay. I counted all the comments at the Bloggie Appreciation Post....unbelievably? I had to do it like three times. Partly because I was also a commenter -- though, that shouldn't have made a difference. Then, knight had the last comment -- but, it posted at 12:01. I missed that at first and that caused me to be off by a count. Then, there was a comment by kc that wasn't a "comment" comment but an explanation I think? About her issues with...commenting. LOL! So, we had a total of ten participants. Some, were more diligent than others. Especially in the last few hours! One or two, I'm thinking didn't realize they could come back and participate more. So, maybe next time? Yes, there will be a next time. This was so fun and brought little high-lights to my day(s) as I stopped by to peep at my email/blog when passing Macxine in route to continue my domestic duties. I feel like everyone enjoyed it and wore an extra smile on their face from time to time while going about their own things. There are 36 entries for the drawing. I have some stuff put together for the "box"(es?). I need to pick up a couple of things and do some baking this weekend for fresh goodies! And, hopefully, I'll have it all taped, packed, wrapped and labeled to go out for Parcel Shipment on Monday!!! ______________________________________________________ I hope to vlog this with the kids when we get home from school and ice cream. But, we might be making a trip into the Big City to pop in and say "Howdy" to Sweet D, since she's been hoping to visit with us. [My BFF and kid's GodMother!] See y'all in a few hours!

45 MINUTES till PRIZE Time!

This is it y'all!  gr and kc have been very vigilent and entertaining in their "you know what" you know where for additional entries for the bloggie appreciation prize drawing!
Multiple of my bloggie pals and readers have added their two cents and thoughts to "you know what" you know where.
45 minutes left!
There is still time to drop some additional "you know whats" for additional entries for the random drawing!
I'm cutting it off at NOON, Texas time.
Then, I'll tally the totals -- make the little slips for each Bloggies "you know whats" and have it ready for the kids to vlog and draw the winners!!!  [Oooops, did I say winnerS?  That must mean there's more than one prize?  Hmmmm, I'll have to go check that out!]
I'm off to make that bed, swap the laundry, fold the loads, and scrub the other three toilets (and two tubs.)


Savory Hamburger Casserole

Savory Hamburger Casserole (original, from 1958):
Cook 8 oz macaroni according to directions on package.  Brown 1/2 cup chopped onion, 1/2 lb sliced mushrooms, and 1/2 lb hamburger in 3 tbsp cooking fat.  Add 1 tsp salt, 1 1/2 tsp paprika, 2 tbsp flour, and blend.  Gradually add 1 1/2 cups milk, stirring constantly until thick.  Stir in one cup sour cream and 3 tbsp minced parsley.  Add the drained macaroni.  Place all in a casserole and top with 1/2 cup buttered cracker crumbs.  Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.  Serves 4-6.
That was the original recipe verbatim from the book.  Sounds good?  But, obviously I made a few changes to give it a little "Farmer*sWife" style.  And, who adds cooking fat to their ground beef now days???
Farmer*sWife Savory Hamburger Casserole:
Boil macaroni noodles (I don't think I used a whole 8- 12 oz.  I had some left over.  I just add them to the mixture until I get the noodle/meat ratio I prefer.)
Brown 1 pound (half a pound, that was a laugh) ground beef with 1/2 cup chopped onion, 1/3 cup or so chopped bell pepper, and (I added almost a cup of pureed frozen peas and carrots to hide veggies from the can't taste it if you cook "with" the meat and seasoning instead of adding later). [I left mushrooms out of this one.]
Season meat in your own fashion.  I use salt, pepper, season salt/Lowrys, garlic salt or minced garlic.  TASTE.  Add, what's missin'.
Cup of milk or so.  Might need a little more.  Cubed velveta -- enough to your personal liking.  Cup sour cream, stirred in at the last after the cheese has melted.  TASTE.  Add, what's missin'.
Add drained macaroni and mix thoroughly.  TASTE.  
Pour into casserole pan (I hit the dish with not-stick cooking spray.  Clean-up is a snap when putting left over casserole away.  I always do this.) Top with grated American Cheese.
Roll out a third of a pack of butter crackers and about half a pack of saltines.  I put them in a gallon sized zip lock and roll them with a rolling pin.  Flipping often, until the crumbs are fine.  Add more crackers and repeat, if needed.
Top casserole with cracker crumbs and gently press into the cheese a little.
Bake at 350 for 20-30 mins or until bubbly and crackers are golden!  


8:30 ALREADY?! Holy Cow, where did my mornin' GO!?

My goodness where has my morning gone!  And, no coffee either because the carafe was in the dish washer.   DH took the kids early for tacos.  I was going to take them but he wanted me to take them to his nast-asty, hole-in-the-wall so they could get food poisoning favorite little place and I refused. I was going to take them to the "Mexican restaurant" as we were planning on having "Mexican food tacos" for breakfast.
So, I said, "Have at it!"  Then, I was up extra, extra late and still?  Forgot to make kids lunches.  DH snored.  Loudly. Roof shaking loudly.  Aaaaaalllll Niiiiiight Looooong (like the Lionel Richie song).  I finally fell into Farmer, Jr.'s bed and woke at 6:15.  When I entered the kitchen?  DH was still snoring -- still loudly.  How can he sleep with himself through that?
I make lunches, holler to the children, help dress them, pack back packs, and the memory and spelling review for DH to work with them at breakfast.  They leave.  I strip Lil'Gal's bed and start that load of wash.
I pop up Macxine's desktop and see I have a bundle of bloggie comments!  [I heart me some comments!]  Gary asks for a pic of me and DH.  kcinnova and Gary ask about how me and DH met....some of this is in the archives.  I need to paint my portrait to my face and fix my hair, and fold those towels over there, and make the bed that I didn't even bleepin' sleep in for DH.  
While looking through the archives for that picture I decide to take a pic of the Hamburger book from which the recipe I offered up and have yet to post came from.
Though, I said I'd post it yesterday at the kids dental appointment...I chose instead to type up the article I happily offered to Lis at Root & Sprout for her section on "Flourish Frugally." I am glad I did because she needed it in today. She replied this morning and told me she will indeed publish it in the October issue [YAY! I'm published again!!!] Where was I? Oh, yea. I'm WAAAAAY behind. Because of the pic for gr and kc, the pic of the book which led me to the PC [GASP! I know?!] to re-size it, which then reminded me [when I put the compact flash card in] that I still hadn't burned and printed the pics since school started! 
Obviously, I then got caught up with that: renaming, cropping, deleting the crappy pics and right when I finished? The program locked up!! So, I thought I lost all that work! While waiting on the program to reload I popped back over here to write up this post to let you know where I am and what I am doing and that, I WILL get those pics and recipe to you the very next thing!  Just as soon as I get my face painted, my hair styled (so it can fall back to soup when I step out the door), all the clutter cleared from the kitchen, and swap the next load of laundry.  Oh, and I still owe the treadmill 45 minutes because I promised it...and, you know me. I keep a promise ;-).
BBR!  Happy Friday!


Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hi Ya'll,
I will work on the recipes I've been promising while the kiddos are getting their teeth cleaned.  [Macxine travels well!]  Hmmm, wonder if the docs office is open for a little wireless?
Got the cookbook from 1958 packed to copy the recipe "as original."  Then, I'll add what I did.
BB Mom inquired about baking bacon.  I'd heard of this before but never done it.  Then, I read it as a tip on's blog.  He's in my reader list if you scroll down on the left.  You should all bookmark his place because he has tons a great tips for cooking, cleaning, and $$$Saving Money$$$.
Anyhow, simply put.  Pre-Heat oven to 400.  Cover cookie sheet (baking sheet with a lip to catch grease) with tin foil.  Preferable the large heavy duty kind so you may cover the entire cookie sheet with one solid piece.  This isn't necessary but does make clean-up a snap!
Place your bacon slices close together (barely touching but don't over fill or they won't crisp quite as well).  Place in oven on baking rack and bake for 20 minutes.  You might need to check at 18 minutes and see if it's ready or needs a few more minutes.
Remove bacon to a plate covered with paper towels to absorb extra grease.  Then, either eat and enjoy of save in a zip lock bag for future meals or recipes.
Last:  Remove the tin foil carefully and discard!  YAY!
I did this with breakfast sausage the other morning too.  I sliced it into patties and layed in cookie fashion on the [foil lined] cookie sheet.  The patties came out perfect and no splatter or mess on my range top!
NOTES:  Harry at might have actually roasted or broiled his bacon.  You can pop over there and check his tips list to be sure.
Jay mentioned to me to use a rack on top of the cookie sheet (metal cooling rack) and then the bacon/patties would cook but all the grease would fall to the [foil lined] cookie sheet, thus making it a little healthier.  Haven't tried it this way yet.
I will never fry bacon or breakfast sausage patties again.
Happy Bakin! Bacon!


Quick! The PRIZE POLLS are closing!

Less than 24 hours until the final deadline for the "Prize Patrol" Project!  The PPP is to honor all the bloggies who read me, comment [to me], get me, pimp me, and whom I love to do all the same for as well.
If you aren't aware of what the Prize Patrol Project is?  It's my Bloggie Appreciation project!  A box, full of goodies, to be shipped to the lucky winner.  All participants are entered into a drawing for the box of gleeful goodies!
It wouldn't be fair to those who have been keeping up, to tell you any more than that or how to get entered for this fabulous box of wonderments.  So, if you haven't been keeping up, you'll have to lurk around my posts and find your way in to the Prize event!
For those of y'all who have been keeping up?  I've been sticking tight to the tally!  Remember, you can have more than one just have to "you know what" "you know where!"
Sorry for my previous Post Meltdown.  I don't often lose my patience like that yes I do as I am a totally, fun-loving, happy-go-lucky so long as it's "going MY way" kinda' Gal.
But, even Farmer*sWife get's pushed past the BLEEP from time to time.
Happy [Prizes on the Way] Thursday!


The Stench of Bull Manure is permeating my day!

Holy Bleepin' Cowpies!  I'm becoming agitated an infuriated rather quickly this morning!  Because the bureaucracy of the medical system is a bunch of Bull Manure and it's mighty 'smelly-bad' about now!
Farmer, Jr. had an MRI scheduled "during" Hurricane IKE.  [Something to due with some leg pain and his gate.]  Well, obviously, IKE screwed all that up.  So, I call the Neurologist last week to reschedule this "grand event."
It's just and MRI.  Farmer, Jr. climbs up on the table in his little outpatient gown; they take "video imaged" pictures of his lower spine from the inside for about 45 minutes.  He dresses.  We go home.
NOOOO.  Apparently?  The authorization (insurance and medical director approval requirement) will expire -- this weekend.  So, they want to do the MRI tomorrow mid-morning.
Okay.  I can handle this.  I don't like glitches in my schedule but I can flex it with 24 hours notice.  Oh, but his "physical" expired too.  You know.  Right after IKE.  And, they can't let him climb up on that little table without a current physical.  And, doesn't this type of cowpoop just have to happen at the END of the bleepin' week right about....weekend time.
"Call your pediatrician and get squeezed in."  Oh, so it's that simple.  [Well, for me it is because I'll just show up and won't leave till he sees my child/ren.  I've done it before in a crisis of illness.]  But, we have a dental appointment for "both children" this afternoon, immediately after school.  Which is a trek in itself because I have to fly from B town through counties to the "Big City" where all the doctors are.
I already confirmed this appt.  I don't want to pay charges for last minute cancellation/rescheduling.  And, why can't the rest of y'all work it out since the problems and issues lie within this confusing little world of paperwork and insurance...crap?  Right?
So they try.  Pediatrician calls the Neurologist's office and they discuss and the only way to get the current "Physical" is if I cancel the "other appointment I already had on the books today" and wait until closing to be squeezed in for Farmer, Jr.'s updated physical.  Which, I love our pediatrician and I know that my child is healthy, and we are on top of everything.  So, basically by "Updated Physical" they mean:  3 hour wait in a loud, uncomfortable waiting room with kids who are ill and a $25.00 co-pay.  
So, three or six phone calls and returns and relating back and forth?  I get the dental thing rescheduled (thank goodness I know the folks there -- but I wasn't going to tell the other medical offices that because it still isn't really fair to the people/doctor I know.) 
Day Surgery calls to do registration on Farmer, Jr.  And, then they tell me no food or drink with the exception of clear liquids after like midnight.  Apple juice is okay so long as it is before 8:00 a.m.  [What in the Bleepin' Chicken Coop Poop are you talking about?  People!]
ADMIN:  Yes, for the MRI.
ME:  All he has to do is lay still on that little table and count the beeps for 45 minutes.  I've been through this before.  I've been through it with my Mom.  I've been through it with my five-year-old several times.
ADMIN:  Oh, you don't want the anesthesia?  Because, that would be a whole lot easier.
ME:  [Fummmmming, and between gritted teeth]  Yes.  It would.  Wouldn't it.  No cancelled appointment.  No miserable waste of time at the pediatrician's office.  No, re-application for approval from the insurance and the Medical Director (whatever the bleep that person's purpose is.  I sware it's just a made up person and title to intimidate parents into jumping through hoops).
It "would be" simpler, quicker procedure in the morning.  Less missed school.
[Again to myself:  And, me?  Not contemplating going freak-style, angry Mama, Schwaka-chacka on everyone!!!!]
So, now that I am "finally" informed about the anesthesia part (at the last, fricken, bleepin' minute)?  I get to go back and undo and redo alllllll the conversations I've already had and been juggling for the last two hours.  All because of one word that noooooo one found important enough to mention to me at any point and time, prior to today -- anesthesia.
Son of a Stinky Bull-@$$ BLEEP!
The MORAL of the STORY is:  Make sure you are all on the same page, people!  There IS a manual!
Happy B!tch!n'!  I mean, Bleepin'!!


5:30 is too early; but, a PROMISE? Is a stupid PROMISE ;-D

I'm up all at 5:30 in the morning.  My post will say eight minutes after that?  But, you try waking your body unexpectedly when it's sleeping well and having a strange dream?
Then, try adding a pair of 73 degree contact lenses into a pair of 98.6 degree eye balls that haven't un-welded themselves yet.  Then, I had to wait on the last two per-cu-lations (I like to spell it that way -- I might even write my own "make sense" dictionary one day.)
Boy, aren't I all cantankerous this morning !  Ooooh, and an "S.A.T." word to boot, and so early!
So, I have on the sneakers.  I have poured a cup of coffee.  As I begin to drink it I feel this giddyly, warming feeling overwhelm me as I think about my brand-new-mug that Potter's Blog will be shipping to me today!
Though, it might partly be the coffee.....
Anyhow.  It's one of a kind.  A RITH Original.  Oh, I am sure he found a way to autograph the bottom in permanent sharpie or something....and/or provide it with certification that it is indeed a "True RITH Original!"
ALRIGHT!  A promise is a promise.  I'm going....
And, I will end with "Potter's Blog Do you EVER sleep!  I just knew I had you beat on the early morning post....Oh, well.  You win.  I won't be doing this "on purpose" again."  [At least not for a "sane" while.]
Oh, and fairly flutters?  Thanks for the inspiration!
Happy Early Thursday!
[Editors Note:  Once the coffee went down the eyes were functioning at full viewing capacity?  I really enjoyed the quiet walk on the treadmill!  I'm typically a morning person anyhow, once I'm out of the bed and moving!  I only walked about half an hour watching the news 'quietly' but I burned 100 calories!
Can't beat that for a jump start on your day!  Hey? I might?  Might?  Do it again 'early style' tomorrow morning too!]


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HOME AGAIN!!! Potter's blog returns to blogger!

Well, potter's blog wasn't happy or comfortable over at wordpress. Nothing against wordpress. I know several of y'all know it and love it. But, sometimes it is easier [quicker than learning something entirely new] to stick with what we know....our comfort zone. ;-D So, here is the new and improved and [almost] empty blogger space for our pottery professional to once again, fill our bloggie need: potter's blog Yippeeee! Oh, and hey? The mug's in the mail, manana -- I believe!!!!! And, it is A-double U-E -- S-O-M-E!!!! Absolutely AWESOME! Happy Blogging!

Where NO blogger has gone before...we lost gr?

GASP! So, I've been addictively checkin' in at Gary's place as he's been working on my mug (I got a peak via Etsy!  It's FAB-TAB-wonder-ific!!)  Anyhow, Potter's blog has gone where no blogger has gone before.... AWAY!  He's working out a new blog over at wordpress.  Apparently?  3,333 is the max posts and blogger shut him down! Have any of the rest of us [not me] filled our free blogspot or loca'al up?  I commented for gr to come back to us and just make a new pottersblog2.  Not sure if that will work either.'s his new place:  Geeze.  I hate change. For anyone who doesn't know?  Potter man is the brains and talent behind stuff like this:
Yeah.  He totally made that by hand.  From a pile of dirt and water clay, shaped on his spinny-wheelie thing and then kilned, and then painted in glaze, and then kilned again and whaaaa-laaaaaa and TA-DAAAA!
Oh, and no.  I didn't "steal" his artwork.  I asked, I mean -- I'm going to right now!!!!!!


It's Nothing Personal...It's Just FUNNY!

So, I missed SNL this past weekend.  I received a comment from Baseball Mom who has been readin' me for awhile; and, decided to grace me with some comments!
Anyhow, I popped over to her place to see what was going on over in her neck of the woods? First, I discovered, that IKE "icked" some rath her way.  :-(
Then, I watched this video she embedded.  Remember, I don't like to make a big hoop-la about politics.  This is strictly for humor.  And, it is soooooo BLEEPIN' funny! Again. This is not about politics. It's about snort giggles! I respect these ladies for their efforts to persue the issues they find important. It takes guts both ways to get out there and take a stand while Americans throw roses and tomatoes at you. I wouldn't do it. You have to admit this Saturday Night Live skits is funny! I personally found it "pee on myself and fall out of my chair funny!" Isn't humor and satire grand? Happy Laughing!


What REALLY happened....

Good intentions are worth something right?  We should get credit when we really intend to do something; make a change...  Because, if we don't get there the first time at least we are starting on a path -- or, intending to.
Okay.  So, maybe good intentions aren't worth any credit.  Dr. Phil summed it up in one of his books (yes, I read several of them) "Life takes action."  Well, I fully intended for action to happen at 5:15 this morning....but when the cell phone vibrated under my pillow?  I layed there contemplating if this was the best idea after all....
Until, it wriggled out a reminder vibration.  At which time -- I decided to wait and see what the coffee maker said.  At 5:30 the coffee maker sounded off in hot percolation [that should be spelled perc-u-lation -- there is no "O" when I say it]  that "I still had time" to make that action happen.
I continued to lay there -- on the couch (I'd played musical beds at 3:15 a.m.) until....I'd wasted away the good intention.
WHAT?  You are asking, was my intention?  Well you see, I had this big plan to get up at 5:15 (not really so early, at all) and pre-heat the oven while I pried my eyes open one at a time and put on the ol'sneakers. 
Next step was to cut the breakfast sausage into patties and place in cookie fashion on a tin foil lined cookie sheet to "bake" the sausage patties.  See, if I bake them then I don't have to tend to them and I could walk on the treadmill instead.
The TREADMILL.  This was my intention.  I thought I could steal an extra 30 minutes from the 24 in a day and make it worth about an hour.  [ie: while I was activating my metabolism "invisible" me would be in the kitchen cooking sausage patties and baking biscuits.]
The coffee is quite good -- though, I agree with knight.  One hit of "Tiramisu" creamer and that's all I can take.  Second cup merits the French Vanilla -- or maybe even some plain ol'2% milk.
I will say that I'm half way there.  I'm dressed, and breakfast is halfway done.  I've blogged about my lack of follow through.  Now it is off to my "art class" [bathroom vanity full of various brushes, creams, and face colors] and then I'll do that super-spin "Wonder Woman" style and make up those 30 minutes of treadmill -- I sware I will!
[Even if it takes me all day!]  Tomorrow.  I promise.
Happy Wednesday Morning!  How's your day percu'latin'?


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday's Vlog! Bloggie Appreciation Prize!!!

Hi Y'all! I did a little vlog and within I discuss a little prize opportunity I wanna' offer up in appreciation of bloggies, friends, and just in thanks for all the happiness I have! It's wet outside. Muddy, rainy. And, I'm beaming with Happiness! Must be that "Tiramisu" coffee creamer or sum'thin'! So, watch on for the low down! [The quality came out crappy on You-Tube too.  Go figure....]
Don't forget. To participate and earn a chance at the "Prize Package" all you have to do is comment to this vlog. You may comment more than once, so long as it is a true comment and not a cheatie way of getting an extra entry. For each comment, I'll put the nickname of that bloggie on a piece of paper and we will have a drawing to announce the winner. The entry deadline is noon on Friday, this Friday, September 26th. That way, I'll have time to get ready for the drawing so that Lil'Gal and/or Farmer, Jr. can draw a name from the Stetson and I can announce the winner in time to get a mailing address to send the package out by Monday. I hope Monday. Unless, my weekend spills over and I'm not able to fill the box with all the goodies I had intended! Thanks for being so great and reading me. Thanks for watching me. Thanks for feeding my ego. Life is good....even if the boat has a leak. Because a leaky boat is better than no boat at all. As long as we remember to see it that way? Our glass will always be at least half full and our boat at least half empty! Happy Tuesday! Do what floats your boat!


Morning Comes Too Early...

Morning comes too early. Coffee is good with Tiramisu non-dairy liquid creamer. [The coupon was for $1.00 off of "two." So I gave myself a chance at something new.] One cricket can keep you listening all night long. One cricket is hard to find. Especially, if he's on the outside of your window. .......mmmmm, hot coffee. Morning comes too early. One eye wakes up quicker than the other eye. My left eye is a whole degree weaker than my right. So, it takes an extra minute or two before it will actually even open. I walk around with one eye open and one closed for a couple of minutes. Strange. When I get home from dropping the kids? I'm going back to bed for awhile.... I always think that, but I never do it. I'm not coming straight home from dropping the kids off. What should I make for breakfast. Cheerios and milk and a banana. Good. Breakfast is made. Morning comes too early. I'm going to insert my eye balls (contacts) and paint my face into a beautiful portrait. Happy Tuesday. Hope morning comes a little later for you!

Monday, September 22, 2008


I had a dream last night about visiting in Australia. Only there were no kangaroos or elephants. It was a big metropolis and we had to drive on the wrong side of the road and you had to turn left everywhere and then circle back around to get where you were going. Um, what on earth does that mean? I don't know. I do remember this hot guy making eyes at me (I think he's the same guy from Taylor Swift's video I blogged yesterday -- um, time to change that image and tune.) So, [limited in time] I was unable to embed this directly to my blog. Peeved me. Anyhow, click the link and ride into your Monday on this great song and video. Not that I'm all about the music lately. But, waking with Taylor singing in my head again this morning? I decided it was time to break out the"King" and build me a new tune to obsess to! (click here) Well crapville. Screw the d@mn click link and just cut and paste it. I sware. I try to be nice and make things easy -- but, YouTube won't cooperate with this video -- "Cuz' embedding has been disabled by request." Chicken Biskets! Don't rob yourself of this little ride!! Happy Monday! I'm off to my "out of house" duties!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some History Behind the Artist...

Some of y'all may not be fans of Country Music. Some, may like Country - -but, only certain genres of Country. Some may not like change. I fit there, time to time. I fought the Dixie Chicks cuz' there was just something too jazzy about they way the dressed in "morphed" country get up. Don't get me wrong. Not everyone in Country has to have a solid Gold or Platinum Belt Buckle the size of a salad plate. Those are for those Hottie bucking Horse riders and Bull riders. Cuz' that's a rodeo trophy. But, still. Even if you are blue-grass? You gotta' wear and live a little country. The Dixie-Chicks won me over with several of their songs so much, that, I did indeed purchase the CD [album]. Then, you know the one. With the Big voice? And, the Big mouth to go with it? She peeved me. That CD has been in my archives ever since. NO, I didn't join the burning and I didn't have DH run over it with a tractor -- though, I think his Tractor's Sexy (Get it, LOL! Kenny Chesney!) I paid good money for it and it IS good music. Natlie Big Mouth just has to grow back on me... After all. This is the land of the free, the brave, and the free to shoot their mouths off [normally allowed only under the influence of sugar, malt and, and the hard stuff.] so long as their mouths are within their own home and not the home of us all?... Anyhow, I also like/love Big & Rich! Not all their music is Country. A lot is a big Country/Rock mix! After all, "Country Music Don't Rock & Roll...yeee-ahh, the Record Man told Me [them] So -- Never Get It On The Radio-OOOO, keep rollin' rollin. My best rendition of B&R without Vloggin' a sing song that would leave y'all all tone deaf with headaches! LOL! But, as did Leanne Rymes...who lost/crossed genres...her way for awhile? Leanne was a young Country Star who was built on Country Music. Leanne was a mere, sixteen, or fourteen? When she did he whole Cattle Call song "Blue" singin' with the voice of Patsy Cline Re-incarnate...... Taylor Swift wrote all, ALL, -- did you get that? ALL -- of the songs on her first CD [album]. My Big Lil'Bro has a great dislike for B&R. He used to dislike Taylor....but, he's found a liking for her. Though, I wonder that it is not so much her music. But, possibly more the fact that she is such a cute hottie who is now at a legal age to date whomever she chooses without concern of a lawsuit and imprisonment. 
Big Lil'Bro is in his mid prime of his 20s. [Gals, he is available. He's a big, strong, Texas boy. With some handsomeness and a whole lot of gentleman mixed in. He's quite the catch. Though, all resumes must be submitted via me first. ;-) ] Anyhow, digress and digress I do again. With some ramble=bamble and talkie lottie. But, I just had to pre-empt the history of the Sweet Lil'Gal, about grown up now, who favored us all with her little "Love Song." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Musical Influences: Her grandmother, who was an opera singer, Garth Brooks, LeAnn Rimes, and Tim McGraw. Taylor's Songwriting: Taylor is the first female solo country artist to have written or co-written all the songs on her Platinum-selling debut. The album has since sold over 2 million copies. The Myspace Generation: Taylor Swift gained a huge following through her myspace page early on in her career. She made a point to connect personally with fans every day, and answer questions, and it has grown so much that she's become the No. 1 Country artist on Myspace, and her music has surpassed over 40 million streams. In 2007, when she won CMT's Breakthrough Video award, she thanked her "Myspace fans," and said she would bring the award on the road with her when she went on tour with Brad Paisley, later that year, which she did. She even let fans pose with the award. What a Doll!: She's hardly the first country star to have a doll designed in her likeness, but in the Fall of 2008, fans will be able to buy Taylor Swift fashion dolls, and dress the doll in outfits that Taylor has worn. There's even a replica of her trademark crystal guitar. Some of Taylor Swift's Biggest Hits: Tim McGraw - No. 6 Teardrops on My Guitar - No. 2 Our Song - No. 1 (6 weeks) Picture to Burn - No. 13 (as of Mar 15, 2008 chart)
Happy Sunday Night/Monday Morning/Taylor Swift ya' off your feet! Day!!!



I heart this song. I woke up after having a bad dream about losing patience with Lil'Gal so I headed to her room to snuggle for the rest of the morning's twilight. The second time i awoke....patiently, peacefully, and well rested -- as we are now back on late church schedule since CCD is after the 10:am mass -- this song was in my head. I made my coffee humming it. I went to the bathroom to dress and paint my face into a beautiful masterpiece. I took Macxine and she and I rocked it out with this video we found on YouTube. The idea is that if you play it a million times? The mind will finally, hopefully, bore of the tune. So that a person may enjoy the tune at will without being drowned in it. Anyhow, it's a really good song. So, I dedicate this to Potter and Mrs. Potter as he had posted the cutest little tidbit this morning about how He and the Mrs. met and fell in love. A love story.... Happy [Love Song] Sunday!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Vlog: Update on DH Birthday, Friday and Shiner Bock Talk

So, some were wondering about how the "Birthday went." I thought I'd share. And, everyone knows I LOVE Fridays! Cuz' that's my one full night off!! CCD starts on Sunday and I teach the youngest of the youngins'. It really is fun though. So, as of now? Friday nights and Saturday mornings are my only downtime until holiday weekends and/or summer. Oh, I threw in a little about Shiner Bock as me and my bigger Lil' Bro discussed it while in AR and, well. Watch on. Here's a little vloggie as y'all ALL KNOW how much ya' missed me! Anyways. I'm gonna' watch Farmer, Jr. impress us with his new bicycle skills and Lil'Gal will probably speed up behind him on her "three wheeler" trike! LOL! We'll watch the sunset. We'll fight, argue, whine, flip and/or eenie-meenie-miny-moe choose a video for the night and POP some popcorn! Then, I might give DH his "other" B-day present. Cuz' he's so great and deserving. But, you won't hear a re-cap about that one. Some things are better kept within' the castle! LOL!! Happy Friday Y'all!!!

Confessions of a Housewife

* I like to fold things.  I obsess about folding.  Towels and cup towels are my favorite.  Dish Clothes and wash clothes are nice too.  Sheets are grand.  Except for fitted sheets. 
* I've finally figured out how to fix them so they fold with nice sharp corners.  Manufactures need to place the elastic (a large band) within the seem of the actual perpendicular corner of the sheet.  The part that fits at the corner of the mattress from top to bottom.  It would stretch and also fold into a nice, tight, sharp corner. ;-)
* Folded towels must be stacked end vs. end.  Or, the seam from folding must go on the bottom.  And, alternated from left to right (ie:  towel 1 open seam is on the bottom left side of the folded towel.  towel 2 placed on top of towel 1 has it's open seam on the bottom and right side of the folded towel.)  This results in perfectly stacked towels that don't fall over each other in the cabinets.
* By NO MEANS, is a towel folded into a square (ie: folded in half, and then back in half).  This is not acceptable to me.  I refolded a third of the towels at my Dad's in AR while everyone else was resting.  I was bored, ancy, and the towels in that cabinet bothered me.  I also refolded all the cup towels and re-organized that drawer.  They were folded into squares. :-(
* I love the smell of pine-sol.  I don't need lemon scented or spring fresh.  Regular old "Pine-Sol" works for me.  If it weren't that I think it might somehow be unhealthy?  I'd sniff it.  Straight from the bottle.  But, like I said.  That sounds unhealthy and, weird.
* I dislike cleaning bathtubs.  I love a clean bath tub (especially mine).  But, something about having to climb in there and scrub it all down and then scrub the floor of the tub is distasteful to me.  But, I do it.  Because, well, I like clean tubs.
* When making a sandwich, I am very particular about spreading peanut butter or other condiments completely to the entire edges of the piece of bread.   Kind of like frosting the slice.  Not thick?  But, guaranteed full coverage.  DH slaps on some miracle whip and leaves a lot of bread exposed.  Yuck!!!
* I think the word sandwich should really be spelled with an additional "h".  ie:  Sandwhich.  Because when said, that "h" is somehow phonetically heard in that word.
* I like all my ducks in a row.  I don't have any ducks.  But, if I did?  They'd be all lined a row.
* I don't like to walk bare foot.  Even, on my own [clean] floors.  I prefer to wear socks or a shoe/sandal.
* Oh, and I NEVER walk bare foot in a hotel room.  The carpet is all sticky feeling and nasty.  Sure, they vacuum?  But, how often do they steam clean those, I'm thinking NEVER.  Nasty.  Hotel room carpets are n-a-s-t-y.  Think about the fungus feet and other funk that finds it's way there.  {{shiver}}
* I don't like carpet.  It's soft and pretty and comfortable....but, personally I don't like it.  I have issues with all the contaminants it can hide.  We don't have carpet in our new house. Except in the stairwell to the playroom.  And, that -- was against my will.  [I also hate to vacuum.]
* I really enjoy dusting things.
* I enjoy cleaning mirrors and windows.  I tried to clean the windows at the old house once.  They are three paned glass so that is six panes (inside and outside) to clean.  They didn't seal very well so after I cleaned them?  They were full of dust and dirt again, almost immediately. But, in my castle?  I enjoy cleaning all 19.  Inside AND outside.
* I read magazines from back to front.  I flip through each page first.  Then, I go back and read the articles....out of order.  And, from the one in the back to the one in the front.  I feel a little sorry for the poor article that got stuck in the back and often won't get read....


Conversations With Things Around The House

[As I pass by the fridge on my way to fold some clothes, I hear]
Pssst.  Farmer*s Wife?
ME:  Yeah?
It's me, Tonic.
ME:  Yeah?  What's up?
It's Friday.  You know what that means, right?
ME:  It means video and popcorn night and nooooooo schedule?  Whoop!
Well, what about Vodka?
ME:  What about her?
You gonna' let her and I mix it tonight?
ME:  No, can't.  Vodka ran out before the hurricane and haven't been by the liquor store lately.
Well, it's kind of lonely in here.
ME:  Lonely?  But, you've got milk, Sunny D, and V-8 Splash in there?
Yeahhhh, um.  They're kinda' square.
ME:  Oh.  Okay.  I guess I could move you to the back fridge with the beer and the cokes.
That'd be GREAT!  Farmer*s Wife?
ME:  Yeah?
ME:  I know.  ;-D
Happy Friday!!!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rooster? Ring my bell!

Oh, great.  That title now has another song stuck in my head.  What is it with me lately?
Anyhow, y'all know I'm not so big on politics -- or at least discussing it and ranting and raving unless something funny happened that I can make fun of.  Like when President Clinton fell asleep at the Martin Luther King Memorial ceremony....(click here for more on that.) (If the link doesn't work it is: Oh, and keep in mind I wasn't quite as censored back then; I used a lot of anacronyms. ;-) Anyhow, I received this in an email today and just thought I'd share.  Maybe you can catch a laugh?  Worth a try....
John was in the fertilized egg business. He had several hundred young layers (hens), called pullets' and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs. He kept records and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced. This took a lot of time, so he bought some tiny bells and attached them to his roosters. Each bell had a different tone, so he could tell from a distance which rooster was performing. Now he could sit on the porch and fill out an efficiency report by just listening to the bells.
John's favorite rooster, old Butch, was a very fine specimen but this morning he noticed old Butch's bell hadn't rung at all! When he went to investigate, he saw the other roosters were busy chasing pullets, bells-a-ringing, but the pullets, hearing the roosters coming, could run for cover. To John's amazement, old Butch had his bell in his beak so it couldn't ring. He'd sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one. John was so proud of old Butch he entered him in the Renfrew County Fair and he became an overnight sensation among the judges.
The result was the judges not only awarded old Butch the No Bell Piece Prize but they also awarded him the Pulletsurprise as well. Clearly old Butch was a politician in the making. Who else but a politician could figure out how to win two of the most highly coveted awards on our planet by being the best at sneaking up on the populace and screwing them when they weren't paying attention. Vote carefully this year...the bells are not always audible. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, listen to this "ring!" Happy Thursday Again!  
[Better get back to the birthday plans for my DH!] ;-D


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Super Freak -- You can't touch this!!!!

I used the words "Super Freak."  About, five minutes ago.  And, it is now stuck in my head.  Maybe I should go back to knights place and listen to "Put the Lotion in the Bucket" again...or, Jonas Brothers for the third time today.
Thought I'd share:
And, here's one more.  Just for the "thang" of it!
Happy Freakin'!!
[Don't Touch That!]

Knowledge is Everywhere....

Kids came home from school today and began working on a little homework (lessons re-inforcement) while I reviewed their previous and graded work.  Guess what I learned?
K comes before i and e;
C comes before the other three:  a, o, u.
Now surely I learned this in grade school?  But, it seems I forgot that little tidbit of a rule.  I just always spelled how I guess I'd memorized it.  I've always been an excellent speller until the last year or so.  I find myself often going to the spell check; and, sometimes I argue with it.
I haven't typically had trouble [that I am aware] spelling with C and K...but, it is very possible that I have mispelled a time or two.  Had I remembered been aware of this little rule?  I'd have gotten it correct.
I do remember, "i before e, except after c."  And, then there is that little part that goes, "except after a as in neighbor and weigh."  Or, um, something like that.
Oh, the other thing they are working on right now?  The long and short vowels.  So they have to strike the unheard vowels and put the little "u" above the short vowels.  Oh, and they are working on plurals and apostrophes in the first grade!  
Farmer, Jr. gets frustrated because "they don't teach us to drive things" in school.  He wants to be learning how to run the tractors, plows, and the High-Boy [spray machine, Rogator].  I explain to him that he has to learn this stuff first in order to be educated enough to read tractor manuals and to calculate percentages and ratios for chemicals for the High-Boy.
He still believes otherwise.  Oh, to be a child again.  Of course, I always loved school.
Lil'Gal is excelling in school and she doesn't seem to get so frustrated.  Which is kinda' odd as Farmer, Jr. is usually the patient one and she is usually all about attitude and emotion. Homework time with Farmer, Jr. is very frustrating.  He kinda' thinks he "knows it all."  And, often disagrees with the instructions or the correct answer.
[And, I don't want to hear anyone say that it sounds like he's like his Mama....and you know who you are, if you're thinkin' that.  :-D]
Knowledge is the power to open doors.  Education and good parenting are the keys.  Patience is the "graphite" that keeps the lock working smoothly.  I need lots of graphite.  ;-)
Happy Wednesday Ramblings and Happy Learning!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HELP PLEASE!!! Holy Birthday Batman!!!!

So, I lost five plus days due to Mr. "Ike."  And, I return exhausted and brainless yesterday evening.  I woke this morning to find that it was my SIL's birthday -- which means.  DH's birthday is on Thursday!
Criminy!  He is the hardest person to buy for because he generally "already has it," "can get it through the farm," or, can buy it himself.  Sometimes I feel like I just save him a trip to the harware store or Academy.
SUGGESTIONS?  I need suggestions for something not too pricey that I can get/make/handle in the next two days!  I thought about a surprise party -- but, then I realized his birthday is Thursday, not Friday.  So, less work for me I guess.
He really enjoys a good chocolate sheet cake which is what Lil'Gal and I made for him last year. He admitted he'd like another one.  Other than that?  I got nada.  Maybe a real good ribeye from the meat market (the kind that costs $11.00 per pound, yummy)!
For our anniversary I made him a "coupon" card that made a full body massage available.  Um, honestly?  I think he's barely gotten that one in bits and pieces.  Shame on me....
So, please help!  Ideas!  I'll shop for it!  I'll make it!  I'll shake it!! Oops, wait.  Not that one, LOL!!!
Tips about DH:
He's a handy man and can build things.
He likes to relax.
He isn't too techie, though he might enjoy a GPS should he have a real need/use for one -- one day.
He's tall.
Happy Tuesday and please send me birthday assistance ASAP.  DH deserves it!!!


Home Sweet Home!!!

Howdy!  I'm back!!  I'm completely exhausted so this won't be too long or too lively.  The trip to AR was great and the kids loved it -- all, but the long A-Double-@$$ drive, I should say.  There's more to say about the visit and all but I'll save that for later.  Just want to drop an update for my Fantab fellow bloggies and my wonderful friends.
Though -- if you go to AR anytime soon?  Remember the "Deep Woods Off" when you are deep in the woods.  The prehistoric sized mosquitoes were completely immune to my "Sports Off" and were able to get themselves a tummy full of me.  My legs look like a war zone, like....well, like they were hit by IKE.
I digress.
My brother flew in from a job in Wyoming so he could ride back with me and we could view and ponder the devastation that hit Houston.  We loaded up the kids sometime around 5ish and were well on the road by 5:30 a.m.
As we got closer we realized people were in a frenzy for fuel.  I apologize to the guy who took FOREEEEEEEVER to fuel up in front of me and who was talking on his cell phone the whole 25 BLEEPIN' minutes while I waited [IM]patiently for him to finish so I could top off my own tank.
I actually cursed him and he looked at me and obviously read my lips which were saying, "Get the F@c$ off the F'ing Bleepity Phone and pay attention to what you are Bleepin' doing!!  A-hole!!!"  Yeah.  He pretty much read all of that.  I talk really fast though so maybe he only caught the "Bleep" and the "Phone" part.  Anyhow.  I apologize again.  I'm usually not like that.
So.  Lots of trees uprooted.  Big Trees!  Pulled straight out of the ground as if someone picked a weed from the lawn.  As we got closer to my brother's place (which we were told that entire area had been completely under water) there were power lines down, stop lights hanging by a thread, roofs relocated, and everyone driving -- kindly and courteously, kind of.
Thank goodness my brother's vehicle was unharmed -- except for the missing fuel someone had siphoned from it's gas tank.  And, his apartment had power returned just as we unloaded.  The power is skippy on that side of town and some won't have power for weeks or longer.
My brakes were crap because I was due a super break job by DH but he had been so busy in the field and IKE was unexpected.  And, DH didn't want me to go to break check.  So, I got to AR with metal on metal and then got the front brakes fixed to get us all home.  Talk about loud and grinding.  But, we made it.
When I coasted in the drive to the house -- I had been up since 4-ish a.m. and had been on the road with a few potty and fueling was 6:30 p.m.  DH greeted me with a glass of wine, a clean home, and a hot pizza.  Kids were pleased.  I was pooped.
So, I still have so much unloading to do.  And, so much catching up on the phone with missed appointments, and other "chores and duties" I had signed up to do -- but, didn't, because I hauled A-Double D- @$$ outa' here.
Oh, we did have ONE scare in AR while IKE meandered it's way North.  Tornado watches, YIKES Ike!  Daddy has a tornado shelter put in/under ground.  Tiny and cramped for three adults and two children.  But, we would stand it if we had too.  Luckily there too?  We were the one tiny little green spot on the weather radar.  Oooh.  Which reminds me.  I need to check in on jay at his place.
Oh, and jay?  I looked for you in Walmart.  But, I guess we shopped on different days or at different Walmarts, LOL!!!, What day is this?


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And, we are off!

Howdy Peeps!  Bloggies!  Friends!
Thanks for all the sweet and kind and warm thoughts and prayers!  I've got all the fridge and freezer food loaded, kids and my bags packed and loaded, and now?  Time to tuck Macxine in her nice, travel bag!  I'm gonna' have to get her some bling on this thing when all the "Ike" stuff is through.
DH will be back any minute with Farmer, Jr. from picking up stuff for the generator for when we return.  We'll just be gone a few days to wait out the worst.  But, when I get back there probably won't be a satellite or antennae for me to "bloggie from."
I'm going to see how far across Texas I can get heading through LA and into AR.  When it gets dark and scary and the kids start whining I'll hit a hotel pit stop.
Maybe they'll have high speed internet so I can check back once more.  Heaven knows I won't be able to sleep -- riiiiiight, LOL!
Hey jayman?  Do they have Shiner Bock in Arkansas?  If so, I need to tell my Daddy to pick me up a twelve pack cuz' I'll probably need the first six just to come down from the adrenaline and worry.
We'll all be fine though.  Oh, crapville.  Forgot that I better review the map.  Here I am just expecting to hit the gas and end up where I'm s'posed to be.  Well, Bull patties and the stench that goes with it....
Here we go!!!!!  Later Y'all!  
And, Happy Wednesday, Happy Thursday, Happy [Party for Farmer*sWife] Friday!!!!
And, a whole lot more, until I get back.  And, I more seven minute vlogs about my trip to the grocery store.  I watched it later after I came down from the "high" of savings?  Yep.  Lil' borin.  But, it was worth it.
Oooooh!  Maybe I'll Happy Dance again -- bein' so happy to be home....and, have power....and, internet.  Whenever that may be.
Well, better kick it in the pants and hit the road!
Later Gators....


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sleepless Rhyme Ramblings

Now I lay me down to rest,
I pray that [bleepin'] Ike goes West.
No wait, North would be better.
Then we wouldn't blow away from all the bad weather....
Should Ike fail me and let me down?
Then screw him and the weather -- I'm leavin' town!
Arkansas State, to my Daddy's, I'll go...
Though in the woods at Daddy's?  Technology is slow.
I'll try to holler from the top of a tall pine,
or from the county road....
But more than likely?  My bloggies won't hear much....
Until I'm allowed to return to my soggy, wet, home....
So hang safe, hang high and dry.
And, maybe say a little prayer that my castle survives?


Monday, September 8, 2008

Holy Y'IKE's....

Apparently? According to the latest little news drop in -- before the actual ten o'clock news view....Mr. H a/k/a "Ike" is heading with all the spaghetti tags grand central station down the way of South Texas. Corpus Christi? Galveston? Brownsville? Farmer*sWife's back door? Is it gonna' come here? I wish I could text or email or blog Mr. Ike a message in Hurricane Morse Code Stating: "Hey IKE? STOP. We still have crop and money in the field, STOP. Please disarm the high winds and rains, STOP. Party in the Gulf awhile, STOP. Then, when tired and hung over? Dissipate, STOP." Wouldn't that be so cool? To just communicate with weather? Geeze. So back to where I was. Is it coming to my back door? Is it? Huh? is it? Well, guess we will all find out come Friday or Saturday morning. Son of a Bleach!!! DH says [I'll moderate his explicatives] "If that explicative, explicative, Mother of a and Son of a Explicative, comes this way and here? We are packing up and getting the H-E-double L outa' here." [Me to myself] "I don't want to get the explicatives out of here....unless we don't have clean water....." Though, if we do leave? I'd love to go see my Daddy and hang out with him and let the kids play in the woods. But...that's a whole lot of an eleven to twelve hour drive away. And, DH, probably won't be in the mood for a trip that far....and, or course, if you are going the Arkansas way? Welp...Son of a Bleach "IKE" might hit that way too - full of winds, rains, tornadoes, and loss of power. Hmmmm. Maybe North and West -- deep west and into a big city...that has high speed available all around the "town." That way? I won't loose connection with my bloggies, my friends, and my Peeps!!!!! Bleepin' Hurricane! Bleepin' Ike! Craptastic suckville of weather!!! Phewloop! Well, in two days I'll be packing down my own vehicle with all my takes and not melts that DH will gripe about -- thus, is why I will be taking my own vehicle with my not to melts and other stuff, LOL! Macxine? She'll be in front cuz she doesn't require the safety of a booster seat and seat belt. My youngins'? They'll be watching DVD right behind me, belted in safely. DH? Hmmmm. Good question. Bet he won't want to leave his vehicle, I love that truck. Times like these make me wish I was back in a Billy Bad @$$ truck...but, Mama's need the SUV. Night Y'all. Mornin' comes sooner than I expect. Happy Monday Night, and Happy Weather!

Farmer*s Wife Does the "Happy Dance!"

YAY!!!  I'm super-duper squeeeeeky happy!!!  My day started out wet and hot and not in the way some of y'all are probably thinking.  And, then I was depleted of some of my morning caffeine need.
But, it did the "Hokey-Pokie" and it turned itself around!  So, watch my happy little vloggie!  And, you can see me Happy Dance and then I'll share a few of the squeeeeees I saved $$$, dineros/cash/dollars on!!! Oh, and I also forgot to add extra joy to what is "toppin' off" happy?  Pottery Man over at his Potter's Blog is working on a new coffee mug (hopefully, the spill free kind) for me to pour my whole little four cup caraffe in at one time!!!!!! [Go check it out at his place, it's super cute!]
At first I wanted one of his "Cow Jumps Over the Moon" mugs...but, then?  I thought to myself, "I'm drinking coffee in the morning and that means I am watching the sunrise.  So, in reality?  The little cow should be jumping over the I right?"
So, gr, the cool Pottery Guy he is?  Is making it that way and Farmer*sWife size too!!!  Wait!!!
Once again?  It gets better!  I won $25.00 in a drawing for signing up for a fabulous new parenting website/online magazine ( to which I have also submitted several articles and been published and/or to be published in future editions....
So, my mug [pleading I don't get jinxed/hack-robbed] will be paid for via my PayPal bucks!!!  Yippeeeeeeee!  For, Lil'ol MEeeeeeeeeee!  Super-Duper-Di-Deeeeeee!
Happy Monday, y'all!
[Editor's Note:  Gary Rith with Potter's Blog is in a link over to the left of my blog and scroll down.  Root and Sprout can be found at and also on my favorite websites list; it is a wonderful resource ran by a Mom and written for by Mom's and Dad's trenching it out "family style" every day!]


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Any Given Bedtime....

It was just past eight thirty as she tucked them in, again.
"I'm so sleepy," she muttered, "but it's still early." she said.
Please six in the morning, don't come too soon,
she thought, as she secretly hoped no one entered her room.
The children snuck out once more, another hug and a kiss.
She needed some time alone; though, their love is such bliss.
Again, small little feet tiptoe with such grace and ease.
And, into her room she hears them slowly creep.
"Maybe if I don't notice their coming,
they'll slip back to their rooms?" she secretly thinks.
"What are you doing in here?" She gasped!
"Mama?  Come snuggle with me, please?"  His little voice asked.
As, she trodded him ever so gently down the hall...
she soon heard the little one also call.
"What about me, Mama!  Please sleep with me too?
I get scared, and get lonely, sleeping without you."
Tomorrow is yet, another full day for them all.
But life wouldn't be so full without their sweet bedtime calls.
-- Farmer*sWife
Yeah, so I still have the little one's peepin' and peeking in with any excuse.  "I need cold water?"  "My eye hurts and I need some drops."  At this very moment I feel the eyes in the back of my head scanning the darkness beside me for the cause of the sound that is sneakily hoping to slither into bed next to me to snuggle to sleep. 
Kids.  They are so fantastically wonderful.  I have to say?  Out of any hug or any kiss on the cheek? Or, any hug or kiss, period.  The sweet loving hugs and kisses of a little person -- who, has their whole universe wrapped up in the unit that is "You?"  Is better than butterfly tickles leaving sprinkles of gold dust on your cheek.
And, my ears and eyes "in the back of my head" did not fail me.  I coerced the little person to come on in....he jumps into his Daddy's side of the bed and pretends he's not there.  Knowing, that sleep will come shortly and Mama and/or Daddy will carry his peaceful, sleeping body and mind back to his own room -- when it is time.
Happy Sunday Night!


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Farmer*s Wife Saturday Morning Vlog

Howdy Bloggies!
Saturday morning coffee time.  Hope y'all all enjoyed your Friday.  I know I did.  I love Fridays because we get to let go of the fast paced, tight schedule of the rest of the school and work week.
Anyhow, wanted to pop in a little vloggie for ya' to say Hi and all that good stuff.  Would have been around sooner but the school week is tight and once the kiddos get home it's almost impossible to vlog because they loooooove the camera.
I know I probably look like a booze hound by now.  But, I'm not really.  Yes, I like my Shiner Bock, I do like wine; and yes, I like me a vodka tonic now and then -- but, I don't usually like em' all in the same night.
But, it waaaaas Friday night and DH was home instead of in the field until after 10:pm....So, I guess we had ourselves a little party.  Everybody's gotta' take a load off now and then.
Well, with all that said?  I'm off to purchase a leotard and some "french vanilla" coffee creamer cuz' I don't think I can hang much longer with the crapola I bought.  Learned my lesson there.
Happy Saturday!!!!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Come, Follow Me!!! Pandora leads the way....

Howdy Y'all! If you take a little lookie up towards the top under the site meter, you'll see I added the new Blogger Tool to Follow me! So, if you wanna'? Please pop your little self in there to follow the daily ins, outs, and vlogs of Farmer*sWife and her happy little life! Bloggies Rock!!! Oh, and have y'all tried out PANDORA?! It's fabtastic! Thanks Sweet D for the "hook-up"! I'd read and heard about Pandora before but never dropped over there to see what all the hype is about. Well? You can make your own radio stations with ONLY music you choose and like. You pick a genre and/or an artist. Then, it provides a slide show of music and you click a thumbs up or thumbs down if you like or dislike. It's not all your particular artist, either. It's more like "Tivo" for radio. And, you can make up tons of your own radio stations. So, maybe rock today, country tomorrow, classical at bedtime, new get the idea! Macxine and I are jammin' out right now while we are going about our daily duties! So, Come Follow Me and then party at Pandora!! Happy Thursday!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dessert! It's Happy Hour!

Okay, Y'all!  Third and last Part of "What's Cookin' in Famer's Wife's Kitchen!"  This is the dessert and I'm vloggin' this just for tt from Paint and Spackle cuz' she voted for it and has been waiting for it -- and, I'm thinking she had a not so great day.
So, I titled this the "dessert" Part (3), but it is an adult or over 21 dessert, however.  So, please do not concoct this fabulous recipe for those under age....LOL!
Here we go!
Don't ya' just love how You-Tube changes the intro to your upload with a photo op from the middle? Instead of the "beginning?" Yeah, they are so full of witt over there! Enjoy and Happy Tuesday! Whoop! Tomorrow's Hump-Day! So celebrate, Farmer*sWife's Way! LOL!

WWC: Moody and Bright

Squeezin' this in a.s.a.p.!
Lil'Gal was moody yesterday and had a tantrum.  Some might say shame on me for putting this up here.  But, I'm willing to take the heat from her when she is older.  Besides, when she's older she'll get a kick out of it -- cuz' she's got a great personality!
Besides, it's my blog and My Lil'Gal and I love her, even when she is moody.  We all get MOODY from time to time.
Bright, beautiful sunrise!
Happy WWC and Happy Tuesday!  [Stop in at Potter's Place and drop a joke in his comments.  It might win ya' sumthin'!!!!!]