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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Teaching: At a higher level

So, I am super excited to have new curriculum for our middle schoolers whom I am in charge of teaching for our CCD this year. As y'all know. I really enjoy being involved with children and students of all ages. Subbing on campuses and interacting with the students and children and young adults from our church as well. Most of whom I've know since they were in kinder and first grade and suddenly they are in middle school and entering high school. #saywhat? #saywhen? #saytime is flying by too fast?

So today, as I peruse the new curriculum and work to put together an engaging lesson for my CCD middle schoolers, I find myself easily distracted.

Focus Farmer*swife.
Ooooh, this looks interesting. That part will totally lose their attention.
*squirrel* wait that was the dog

Okay, we need to look up that bible verse...

*it is quiet in here. maybe I should turn the TV on, but nothing interesting to distract me. Oh, I've seen this [Lifetime] movie before. this will work*

Sooo, how can I incorporate this? Wait, they can't answer those questions yet. Skip that page and address it at the end of the chapter.

*i think I need a snack*

FOCUS... Middle school is hard. How does the Priest keep our adult attention. I'm usually a fun teacher. I need to read ahead. I need... wait

*Lil'Gal* *what Lil'Gal? The animals? K. I'm working on my CCD lesson. Yes, you are in my class this year (MORE PRESSURE). Sure, you can see the student work book [please don't get ahead of me].*

*ew. there are crumbs on the floor. WHO left THOSE THERE? I better sweep.*

K. Focus. Ooooh, this is good. How can I make this more interesting to the students. Ummm. Hmmm. Look it up. Discuss it. Maybe we should go back and discuss that other part first. Yeah. Then read this passage then...

*I need to work on the lesson on how God provides before we have our fun field trip*

Criminy, distracted again.

FOCUS... *ramen noodles sound good about now*

FOCUUUUS... *I think pasta will help me pursue my agenda for this lesson. Hey, that reminds me. I need snacks for the classes tomorrow. I better check the pantry. Ooooh, look! I haven't seen THIS Lifetime movie before.*

Do all teachers of any subject/venue deal with this type of distraction?

Teaching little kids is easy! They just want to learn and be entertained. Big Kids ask BIG QUESTIONS. *squirrel*


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Long time?? No write??


Things are good here in Farmworld lately! The kids are back in school and we actually already have one six weeks under our belts.

Krezent, a/k/a The Beast (Hubby is still trying to get him to come to Crescent Wrench but so far it isn't sticking) is doing wonderfully on the farm. He keeps us entertained daily with his little antics. And, other than kenneling him and Dulce up in the run at night he pretty much gets free roam of the place.

My hip is doing wonderfully! I've been hitting the gym at least three times a week. No high impact but lots of walking and weights. Primarily arm weights. I don't want to do anything too stressing to add wear sooner than later to my bionic joint. ;-)

With that I have lost ten pounds! My face isn't so puffy and my arms look leaner and not sausage-like. So, I'm feeling healthier and better about myself. In fact, I've been in great spirits lately.

I've also gotten back into subbing. Finally in middle school. I lost a whole year last year due to my hip issues. I lost of a lot of myself last year too. But, I've finally found my way back. I must say I was hard to live with through all of that - CHRONIC PAIN can RUIN a person.

Farmer, Jr. says I'm crazy to sub at middle school. But I've really enjoyed it and forgotten how much I missed all the kids! I love it when they see me at lunch, the classroom, the hallway and remember me and run up to give me a hug. Priceless!

In fact, today I am subbing for ISS. Really quiet. Going to be a really long day. But it is also cool because I get a free day to read and surf the web while getting paid. *Super-Cool* :-P

CCD has also started for the 2015-16 year. Love having 'my' kids from church back too! Oh, and I've even been motivated enough to start my scrapbooking again! Currently, I am about to finish a photo book project for Tech Guy and his wife from a trip we all took in 2008 to the Frio. I know, many years late but it will be a surprise to bring back those memories when they get this little surprise in the mail. Surprises are great, right? When completely unexpected?

Anyhow, I'm thrilled that I can blog via the internet and not the blogger app now, except I can't upload any pictures other than from a URL. So no pics today.

Happy Tuesday! Make it a terrif-tastical one!