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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Insect Wars; I captured on Camera

No Friggin' kiddin! Kids panicked on back porch as there was a mean, ugly, huge red wasp. They run from the porch, flinching as he moves and flitters around. SUDDENLY? He stings the big @$$ spider that made a home along the stained ceiling to our porch. Spider dies, kids come in excited. Apparently, this wasp is carrying this spider and heading to his nest. But, where oh where is the nest? Well, we watched (I captured via camera) and he carried, dragged and otherwise moved that big @$$ spider all the way to a airflow hole in the rock wall of the house. Fart Knocker, wasp. I let him be tonight with his big kill and dinner for the pubating youngins' and all. But, come tomorrow? There will only be a dead wasp with fragments of a half eaten spider in that hole. Serving notice to all other RED Wasps and other, flying, stinging creatures. "Say my little friend." It's called WASP FREEZE and it's here to party with YOU! Still, the pics are cool. And, I DO love Mother Nature. So, check this out: This is Mr. Red Wasp carry/dragging Mr. Big Fat Meaty Spider towards his den.... So here, he got a little lost. Put the spider down. Went looking around to find his hole/nest on our porch.... Here he has figured out and remembered where his nest is.... Wait, no. That's the happy dog who doesn't have a care about the wasp OR the spider. HERE, is the wasp whom has finally found his bearings -- I thought they had built in GPS? Hmmpft. Anyhoo. Now it is a question of, "Will it fit?" Un-Freakin-Believable. Fat spider fit in the hole.... Good huntin my red man. Enjoy your last meal; for tomorrow will be your Green Mile. :-D

Friday, August 28, 2009

Texting and Driving: An Important Message

I found this via my blog roll. I know the second video has been in the news -- another way to try and get people, particularly teens, to realize the severity of texting and driving. And, to realize that a second, is less than a second, when operating a vehicle. And, all it takes is 1/2 a second to ruin lives... If you have teens or preteens with cell phones, you will want to share these with them. Front Porch Reviews: An Important Message Thanks, Tamra for putting these up for us.

Comedy? GOT FUNNY? ;-D

HAPPY PEOPLE! :-) SLURPEES: DORK FISH?? Did you know he got his start on Star Search? Remember Star Search? Boy, how many of us wondered and wished to be on that show so we could break out into Stardome!? ;-) As if I haven't taken up enough of your time, here is one more for the heck of it... What they He!!, it's FRIDAY!!!! :-D Happy FWFD of the week! Make it a happy one!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I have a new, simple, yummy recipe for y'all! I was looking online for a new recipe to use the leftover chicken from baked chicken two nights ago. Y'all know I love to 'recycle' a meal into another meal -- double the dinners and half the cost. :-D
Typically, I'll make chicken spaghetti with left over chicken. Either for a second meal that week or to freeze for easy pull out on those busy, 'kids extra-curricular activity' nights.
Anyhow, I found CHICKEN MARTINO online at! Of course, in true fashion, I changed it up slightly to make it my own.
Chicken Martino, Farmer*s Wife's way:
4 cups chopped, cooked chicken
1 can cream of chicken soup
4 oz sour cream; 4 oz cream cheese (if you leave the cream cheese out, use 8 oz of sour cream)
1/2 - 1 cup pureed yellow squash (sneaky way to add in veggies) :-D
Ritz crackers and/or Butter crackers
Coat your casserole dish with non-stick cooking spray. Pour in chopped chicken and lay out evenly.
Mix soup, sour cream, and cream cheese together until smooth. Add some pepper. What I did: Add in the pureed, yellow squash. Add as much as you feel comfortable with to taste; I add more than less because in the soup mixture you can't hardly taste the squash; especially, once it's all cooked together.
Pour the soup mixture over the chicken.
Place a roll of ritz and/or butter crackers in a zip top bag. Roll out with a rolling pin to make cracker crumbs. Spread cracker crumbs for topping after soup mixture. The original recipe says to bake at 400 for 20 minutes. I prefer to bake at 350 for about 30 minutes or so. If the casserole is cold, it might take a little longer to get bubbly in the middle.
Also, the recipe called for drizzling butter on top of the cracker crumbs. Seriously? If you are using Ritz or Butter Crackers -- you don't need to drizzle additional butter.
It's heart healthier my way. :-D
Try it out and tell me what ya' think!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You know I had to do it....

I had to do it. I can't get it out of my mind. So, I thought if I gave it a listen or 20 two that I would be able to clear it from my system. Back in the dead of the Southern dust bowl.... I'm missing Sweet Georgia, and Alabama too. At least I can sniff a good whiff of the Rosemary plants Hubby's cousin Paul sent back with us....and, a little sniff of that soft, damp, well fed Alabama dirt that it resides in. So, Willie has a different tone to his voice. Something about the way he sings just really hits the note of the words in his songs. And, since I had to do it; I'm going to share two of my other favorite songs by Willie.... Okay, three. :-D Well, actually, I love about ten of his songs as all time favorites, but I won't do that to you.... [They disabled the Seven Spanish Angels with Willie and Ray; Fart knockers... >:-{ Grrrrr....] Okay, that's enough Willie for now. I think I've had my fix. So now, let's have a little Whiskey for our Men and some Beer for our Horses and then we can saddle up and ride away the rest of the day. :-D Well, this one is awesome but the stupid embedding is disabled. Anyhow, if you want the story on this, click HERE for a little Beer for your horses. ;-)


FINALLY, right? After my ramble last night. Gosh, sometimes I feel like I'm on speed. I get so wound up and I just can't slow myself/my brain down until I finally crash....
Thanks for puttin' up with my rambles like that.
SIDE NOTE: We lost Senator Kennedy today. We have lost a lot of Icons to 2009.... It makes me wonder....
Precipe -- the winner iiiiiiiiissssss? [Shake, shake go the entries in my ziploc shaker container]
AMANDA from Cool Mommy's "My Three Girls" blog! YAY! Thanks for entering, Gal!
Eye Buy Direct -- and, [shake, shake] the winner of the $100.00 value to Eye Buy Direct for new frames and lenses iiiiiiiissssssssss....[shake, shake] PROHomemaker! Yippeeee! Thanks for entering!
Simply Salads -- (Yesterday, I made the avacado/grapefruit salad. Shlurp, Yum!) The winner of this fabo salad book iiiiiiiiisssssss [Shake, shake, double shake] MELISSA from Frugal Creativity! YAY! Thanks for entering!
So, there are the winners for the giveaways I posted previously! I'm all caught up now. I have lots of other review and giveaway stuff -- but, I'm going to hold off on most of that until next week in order to get my system set up for the school week schedule, etc.
Happy Hump-Day! And, I'll be back to read y'all after I fold the laundry. After all, it's Happy Housewife Day.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Overwhelmed? No fair!

I'm home. For the few followers and readers who are loyal and keep my stats from going to the big fat NillO! Not to be confused with NILLA, as in wafer (which I would be glad to send you a box for free if you will seek me out and read me daily). :-D I have give away winners!! (I know, it sucks to win, but not know it and give up on hope of winning and so you curse yourself for even taking the time to enter -- only to find out 2 weeks later you DID win after you went out and bought the thingie you wanted to win because you were already so in love with the idea of having it....) ( that just me?) WINNERS? I WILL post tomorrow. Y'all are first on my blog post list as Hubby is takin' the kids to la escuela. Sheeze, school. A whole OTHER container of worms trying not to drown on the water waistin above the top soil (that's a good joke if you've been around and read me over the past year and a half, LOL! Grandpa drowned the worms I dugg up at 5yrs for fishin.... I told him so, but who listens to a 5 year old...) :-D I have three winners, BTW. For three giveaways, one that ends at midnight tonight so I'll actually be on time for that one tomorrow. *SUPER-duper-SIGH* Reality and two kids in separate grades and life and extra curricular activities and my devotion to a hot breakfast and hot dinner, homemade, 5-6 days out of the week on the table has me in a flurry after my trip and vacation.... OCD. Yep, Yep. It's great 'cuz it works. But, if all your ticks are tocking outside the clock? You find yourself rambling and strolling around the house/neighborhood/laundry room/life checking EVER-IE-THING three times and yet, wondering why nothing is done already... Because, you are a week of control freak, Super Mom, behind of the map of the daily ins and outs and schedule routines. Schedules are good. They keep EEEeeeveryone on task.
So that Super-Mom (that's ME, Farmer*sWife) can get some rest/TV time/Farkle/wine in at the end of the evening to ensure she wakes before the rest of the household to have a 4 cup caraffe cup of coffee in silence; (take in of deep breath to continue run on sentence)
....while SuperMom/Farmer*s (Awesome) Wife rebuilds her daily/weekly growing to-do list, checks her emails, posts about if the morning is swell or well, as she bakes up a Super Mom hot, protein, brain fueled, delicious breakfast for the family to eat -- during which time, Super-Mom heads to the vanity to watch the crap news of the day as she paints her face into a hope'to be fabtabular masterpiece.'s nice to be back. :-D yes, Yes. Most absolutely yes. More BETTER to come tomorrow.... shall I offer up a coffee vlog? Happy end to Tuesday Wednesday mornin!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Sweet Georgia

Georgia, Sweet Georgia -- I've got Georgia on my mind, and in my lungs, and filling my eyes, and ears and senses... Sweet Georgia, I'm sorry it took us so long to get here to visit you and our friends and family. You truly are a beautiful place to be, just as I'd visioned since I was a small child listening to Willie sing that song about you.
Farmer, Jr. is picking apples with his Great Uncle on their place in Georgia. They have their own little apple orchard. What's better than getting to pick your own apples? Farmer, Jr. would have picked apples all day. I've never been big on raspberries. The flavor just always seemed to strong to me. [Why are they spelled ras-p-berry, anyway? If it grows in the South it's pronounced razberry... Just sayin'.]
Well, let me tell you -- the manufacturers fake it wrong with their artificial flavor version. Fresh, ripe raspberries picked straight from the bushel, taste mildly sweet and wonder-ific. So, I will no longer say I dislike 'raspberries'. Instead, I will say, I only enjoy them fresh from the bushel. :-D
Ever seen a goat on a hot tin roof? Well, we did. And, you can feed them! Yep, yeppers! You place the [purchased] food into a tin bucket and then you can send it up to the goats on the roof via a hand crank or bicycle crank. The goats wait for the food and try to eat it before you are able to dump the tin bucket to the ground for all of them. THIS, of course, was a big hit with the kids. So, I have more to come. But, my internet falls between the days and places where we stay. And, we all know now that I can't upload pics from my cell to my blog [yet]. But, pics from my camera have to go directly through the LT for editing and resizing. But, it is now time to head up to the cabin and tuck in the youngins. Remember, we are on a schedule an hour ahead of Texas time. GIVEAWAYS: I know I have several giveaways with winners that haven't been announced. I apologize for faultering on that, but this trip was last minute ON TOP OF hosting the surprise 40th birthday party for Hubby that I had to jump through hoops and over hay bales to pull off without him finding out at the last minute. So, I will post all winners as soon as we get back and the kids are safe within their school walls. :-) Thanks for understanding. AND, I have lots more to come waiting at home to be posted for some lucky person to provide a new home for it/them. Happy Friday! *sniff* smell that? It's sweeeeeet Georgia... :-)


Monday, August 17, 2009


M-I- crooked letter, crooked letter, -I- crooked letter, crooked letter, -I- hump back, hump back, -I-

Yep! Left Texas this a.m., trotted through Louisiana, crossed the Mississippi river (too cool), and bridged over to Mississippi on our way to Alabama!

Tomorrow, we head on to Georgia!

Kids have been great. Hubby's been patient & an excellent travel companion.

Still can't upload photos via my phone :-((

So, untl I find a way to bypass these browser issues, etc. I'll have to wait for the LT.

Happy Monday Y'all!

Hit the road, JACK!

Howdy! Well, obviously I didn't make it back to Macxine to load party pics & fun. Boy, I tell ya. Sometimes, it'd be interesting and entertaining to be a moth on our wall. LOL So, we are on the road! Hubby woke up middle of the night sleep walking and sayin' "Time to get up! Time to get up! Up!Up! Up!" I giggled in my sleep at this feat until I realized it was a quarter to four in the mornin' and we did, in deed, need to get up, packed and loaded up for the first 12 hours of our 16 hour drive. Poo. The 16 ounce coffee I just finished from our first stop along the way is doing me good. (I spiked it with on of those caffeine shots they have next to creamers.) :-D So my idea was to include a photo of our driver but blogger says I can't from my phone. WTH? Ilm off to figure that out. Travel posts are no fun without pictures. And, after all, I can't let K.D. from Green Olives & Pickle Juice be the only one postin' pics along the vacay ;-D Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

HOLY SMOKES, Parrtaayyy!

Update: Party a super hit; super success! Hubby overwhelmed and reeeeeling the first 30 minutes or so -- well, actually, the whole party -- with all the wonderful family and close friends who attended.
I was too. I was so thrilled I was almost to tears a few times.
"Honey? You GOT ME." :-DD
He did mention that, knowing me, I figured I'd have something up my sleeve for his 40th. But, the whole month early thing? Yeah. Worked for me. Squeeeeeeeeee!
He said, "I thought you'd do something, BUU-uuuut, I didn't know it was going to be TODAY!"
Me: "Yeah, so you still want to leave for Georgia today?
Him: No.. [grin]
Me: "We leaving butt crack of dawn before the rooster crows?"
Him: [big grin] "No, we are leaving on Monday..."
Me: [Big Stupid Elated Happy Grin] :-D
I have pics and fun and lots of love to share, but I have to pack for our 4:am departure in the morning! And, hubby wants to spank thank me for the party! ;-D
Thanks for all the support! If I'm packed and insomniac, I'll post some party here later!
To friends and family who read me, who helped in so many ways, hauling stuff, cooking, calling, who told fibs, and who drove lots and lots of miles to be here -- Thank You. From the bottom of my heart; I think I am more touched -- if possible -- than he was....
I couldn't have done it with any of you....
Ain't life grand?


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I tried to post this from my phone but since I haven't done it too much and I wanted to include a pic -- the only pic I thought to take -- I waited until I got home to my full sized keyboard.
So Sweet D and the kids and I, loaded up and headed out towards the water to a nice little fish shack (okay, not a shack) with good food and ice cold beer. [Well, the beer is never really ice cold either but it goes well with the meal.] ;-D
I didn't get the girls and I didn't get my kids and I didn't get a pic of me and Sweet D and K.D. But I did manage to snap this one of Kelly and her Hubby! :-) I had to be quick though! LOL!
It was a really nice pace to visit considering the next four days are going to be worked through at warp speed between notary jobs (like the money; inconvenient when the jobs come in), back to school prep, cooking with Sweet D for Saturday (the big surprise), packing for a five-six day trip across three states - make that four as I think we make a little hike through Louisiana too -- but just in path toward Alabama.
Saturday Hubby is going fishing with a buddy (butt-crack of dawn) :-D and I'll be tending to the ins and outs of the day. I'll keep you posted.
Oh cr@p! That reminds me -- I need to holler at Wonder-Mom. I hope she'll lend me her lasso 'cuz I still can't find my cape.
Happy Wednesday! I really, really, really will be back to read y'all inbetween Farkle rounds tonight!
Happy Blogging!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Go Green? Go Lean. And, add Confetti :-)

Go Green. Lettuce that is.
Y'all know me. I'm a salad Gal. Gotta have it. Got Salad? I'll eat it. Above: Confetti Salad
But, a Salad isn't just a Salad. A Salad can be a fabulous, delectable meal.
Jennifer Chandler has brought me into a new world of salad. She sent me a copy of her book, Simply Salads. And, let me tell you -- every page of this book makes my mouth water.
Every 'meal' in this book is illustrated with a beautiful, delicious looking picture of the finished salad. Below: Grilled Steak Salad, YUM!
I love salad. I eat salad every day, at least once a day. I crave it. I HAVE to have it. So obviously, a book ABOUT salads is completely up my alley!
Who loves bacon? BLT's are fab! Did you know BLT comes in a salad, too!?
What about slaw? Are you a slaw lover? Jennifer has a section on slaws too! Try this one on for flavor, Mandarin Orange Slaw:
Obviously, I am NOT giving away my copy of this cookbook for salads. It's mine! Aaaaaallll mine ;-) BU-uuut, Jennifer is generous and so she said I could offer a copy as a giveaway with my review!
I am telling you, you want to win this beautiful book. It's a hard-cover book filled with 242 plus pages of edible genious! And, as it is titled, the Salads are simple to make. Many work directly from the salad blends already prepared for you and ready for purchase at your local grocer.
And, every recipe has a picture of the mouth-watering meals! Next on my list is "Grapefruit and Avocado Salad." :-P (That's my tongue hanging out of my mouth). Most, if not all, also have a recipe for a wonderful dressing to accompany and perfect that particular meal.
Such as "Pancetta-Wrapped Scallops with Rosemary-Lemon Vinaigrette." Excuse me while I lick my lips, Schllllup! YUM!
So, you wanna' win a copy of this recipe-book? I'm making it super easy.
  • 1 entry) comment about your favorite salad, dressing, or why you would love to have this book.
  • 1 entry) tweet this giveaway; you can do this as many times as you want -- 1 entry per tweet. You MUST comment back here with the link for each tweet though.
  • 5 entries) Visit Jennifer Chandler's website and comment here with something you learned or liked (FYI, click on the magazine tab for a fabo list of PDF recipes!).
This giveaway closes on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 at midnight. I'll need a way to contact you if I don't already have one to let you know you won -- and, I'll also announce the winners here :-)


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ins and Outs -- The way I tick

Howdy y'all! I know. I haven't been reading too much. Well, I do make a daily hit here and there according to how my blog roll is updated and read ya' here and there. I do also try to comment. I like to let people know I've been by. :-) I'm kinda' nice that way.
[Question: If you italicize a period -- does it look any different?]
I'm only able to read a few here and there with everything going on in between. We've had lots of activities and well, life outside the cyber world going on. [TTGL for my GPhone :-D ]
The Ins:
Birthday party at WonderMom's yesterday. Kids are currently playing with all the cool -- inexpensive -- home made party items from the Bob the Builder party. What a hit!
I should be folding the laundry (day three of saying that) - what's new, right?
I learned (well, I think I learned) how to make a DVD from pictures to play in our DVD player and watch on the full screen T.V. I say think I learned because it's currently 'burning' to a DVD. The last one only captured 15 pics out of the 84 that I scanned in to use -- so, who knows.
I knoweth what I am doing enough to Knoweth I do not know what I am doing. :-D
The Outs:
Going shopping at the thrift stores with WonderMom today. As soon as she gets the little man down she's going to sneak over and we and our Lil'Gals are heading out. I'm super hoping to find some great items for back to school -- at a nickel's price. Okay, I'll pay a dime. And, add a little ribbon here and there to fancy it all up.
[*snicker* I just answered the phone with "Bring it on." You should try it. It's a shocker.]
The Way I Tick:
So, I'm reading this book (for review, BTW) titled, "First Comes Love, Then Comes Money." It's written by a husband and wife team. Both are financial planners and have dealt with so many couples where money -- or underlying personalities and ways of thinking about money -- make or break marriages.
My Money Personality? I'm a saver. Yep. I know? Quite the surprise, huh?
[Did your drink just sneeze out your nose?] *giggle*
It hit me fully on the head yesterday as I was reveling in my $36.10 savings from the Texas Based H.E.B. store. I don't usually shop there because they no longer combine coupons. Grrrr.
Anyhow, I was trapesing through the house putting away the bottles and cans of cleaning products I'd raked in on at the grocery store. As I looked up into my utility room cabinet to place a can of Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner (next to the Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Foamer Cleaner), I found myself giddy! I even clapped my hands together real fast almost bouncing off my feet.
I was excited and my heart began to race a little!
Seriously? Seriously. It was two-fold. Cleaning products (YAY!) and super savings on them (Super-YAY!). Kinda' like when I walk around in my new shoes I got on clearance last weekend. I smile every time I look down at them.
I feel....
Seriously, you ask? Seriously.
I'm a Geek Freak and I like it.
The Ands:
So the Hubster mentioned he has a birthday coming up next month. ;-D
I asked him, "What do you want to do?" We discussed some options since it's his 40th and that is a special milestone. He's pondering ideas.
On the forefront of that -- I've got it all handled. Coming together quite nicely. I'm so super stoked and counting down. Did you just hear that? (Yes, it was me squeeeeeeeee!!!-ing)
Happy Sunday! Enjoy your Ins and your Outs. And find the Giddy-Happy in the little things! I do. It's the way I tick!
[Oh, and don't forget to practice your happy dance! It exercises the moooooood] :-DD


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

$100 to Eye Buy Direct!

New Giveaway! I have the "Magic Code" towards a free pair of non-designer prescription eyeglasses up to a value of $100.00!!
And, look!  You can try them on virtually!  Just a couple of clicks and you can see what any of these wonderful frames look like on YOU! [I'm not really wearing those...  I was able to view them on me virtually -- they look Great, right?  Okay, maybe not the best pic of me since I'm in housewife mode today -- but, the glasses frames definitely are a fit!]
All the frames at Eye Buy Direct are extremely reasonably priced; some even better than reasonable and they are AWESOME!!!!  Eye Buy Direct offers a selection of designer frames as well, which carry a slightly higher ticket, but they still beat out most designer retailers! 
Eye Buy Direct offers fashion and affordability!  
And, YOU could win up to a $100.00 value in Eye Buy Direct frames here! Above are some frames for men.  I'm not a guy but these look pretty nice!   Both of these frames run about $25.00 ;-)
Eye Buy Direct has Men's wear and Women's wear!  And, don't forget about the AWESOME'er sunglasses!  I so super want a new pair of sunglasses -- you know, the one's that are in style now that cover your entire eye -- great sun and face protection!
Have you seen Jennifer Garner in her prescription lenses?   I have and she's wearing them from Eye Buy Direct!  Tina Fey's frames?  A mere $17.95!  Throw in a few names like Justin Timberlake and Matt Damon...  Yeah, they were Eye Buy Direct too!
Women's frames, Men's frames, Designer Frames, Sunglasses, Bifocals and more!  I was taken aback with all of the fabulous frames they have available and the prices are incredibly reasonable!  One adorable pair of colored frames was priced at $7.99!  Most of the cute one's I liked were priced between $20.00 and $40.00.  
You don't want to know what I paid for the frames I currently have.  I wish I would have known about Eye Buy Direct back then!
It's so simple, you just choose your frame, enter your prescription (you can get a copy from your eye doctor) and order!
How to win:
First Entry)  REQUIRED.  Visit Eye Buy Direct Fashion Eyeglasses and comment here about a frame you like for yourself or a family member.
Additional Entries:
1 entry) Tweet this giveaway; comment here with a link.  You may earn one entry for each tweet (but I need the link!) ;-) [This is limited to five entries a day] :-)
3 entries)  Post your "Eye Try" photo with your favorite frame on the Wall of Frame!  (Comment that you did and with the link if possible!  I wanna' see too!)
5 entries) Post about this giveaway at your blog; if you want, include the frame/s you will buy if you win!  [Just for fun!] I must say, it was super fun trying on frames in the virtual world -- like window shopping from my Lap top!  :-)  GOOD LUCK!
[This giveaway will close close on August 19th, at midnight.  I'll do the drawing and announce the winner within 48 hours after that.  Be sure I can link to comment at your blog or have an email address to contact you if you win!]


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Green Olives & Pickle Juice II: lazy sundays...

Green Olives & Pickle Juice II: lazy sundays...

Uno Pelo de Perro? Too many VTs?

I will say.  This morning I woke in need of un pelo de perro -- a hair of the dog -- due to too many Vodka Tonics at dinner with P.J. and our families.
Waiter:  "Would y'all like another round?"
P.J.  "Keep'em comin...."
And, he did.  My dinner showed way late to the point that I really wasn't interested in it any more (though, it was good for breakfast).  On the way out, I apparently got in a fight with a rock boulder and the rock won.  But, not before I got in a good lick or two! LOL!
It was a fabulous time though, visiting with my friends and seeing P.J. and her little business she has developed for herself.  The kids are adorable as always and her husband is the nicest guy.  I just love them so much.  FYI, if y'all don't remember, P.J. and I have known each other since she was four and I was six or so.  I know, right?
Earlier yesterday afternoon we did some shopping.  We DID find fabulous bar stools.  Just what we were looking for.  And, of course, they are adorned with a star -- iron backs and leather cushioned seats. :-D  
In the meantime, we stopped by a feed store that had great windmills.  I soooo want a windmill in one of our rock beds one day.  They were pretty esspeeeenseeeeve though.  So, we didn't get them.  BTW?  I love windmills.  I don't know what it is but when I see one my mind is captured.
BU-ut, there was this awesome purse -- on clearance!! squeeeeee! -- and I really wanted it.  But, I decided no.  Then, I thought about how much I deserve it :-D.  But, then I thought too much money.  Then, I thought about how good I would look wearing it and how it had a leather star, some pretty blingies and brown hide on one side.  *sigh*  It was such a pretty purse... Isn't that a pretty purse? Hubby bought it for me!!!!!  Isn't he so special!  Isn't he the greatest?!  Spoiling us on the trip, putting up with my boulder fight, and being in a good -- not gripy -- mood the whole trip!!!!
We also found a great headboard that goes with the house and theme in King Size!  Now we just have to wait until the next shopping spree when we will invest in a King Sized bed to go with it.
We hit the Bass Pro Shop.  Too funny.  Lil'Gal asked where we were.  I said, "Bass Pro Shop."  She said, "where?"  Farmer, Jr. (not on purpose) said the Bad @$$ Pro Shop -- Hubby quickly corrected him while we stifled our laughter.  Farmer, Jr., "Oh, Lil'Gal -- I meant the Bass Pro Shop." :-) 
While there, Hubby was looking at shoes among other stuff.  I found -- the clearance rack -- love the clearance rack!  And, I found some adorable shoes, high wedged heal and over the toe strap for $7.49.   Marked down from $34.00!  And, the only size available?  MINE!  Sweet!
Hubby bought those for me also knowing how I can't pass up a steal deal like that...and, they are cute and comfy shoes.
This morning we went to some friends' house that Hubby hasn't seen in a long time.  They all met in college and the two got married after graduating from A&M.  [I served their wedding cake; impromptu wedding party member -- I'm good that way, LOL!]  They are also coming for the Big Surprise, but shhhhh....don't tell.  ;-)
So they grilled some burgers and steak for lunch and we yummed it all up and visited for the day before heading back home.  We also had a few beers for which I was very thankful because everyone knows, "The hair of the dog that bit you, takes the sting away."  :-)  Shiner Black Lauger saved the day! 
It's so nice to be home.  It was a fun trip, though.  Unfortunately, I've had Barbie in my head all weekend with the "I feel connected..." theme song from Barbie Island Princess.  Can you guess why?


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fly By Photo Shoot

Fly by!  Tried to get this out last night, but you, hubby, bedtime.  This building below is a little fuzzy because we were moving and I took it with my cell phone.  But, it was built kind of pre-fabed.  To finish it in time for the World Hemisphere held in San Antonio in 19????  they built each room -- fully carpeted and everything -- and then placed the rooms in block stacked fashion on top of each other.
This is the view from our hotel room, but it was also the view from the pool on the roof atop the 11th floor.  Ooooooh, pretty, huh?
River walk.  Virgin daqueries to cool off the youngins.
I'll be back with more.   FYI, we stayed at this fancy smansy hotel on the River and the wireless internet?  Not FREE.  They wanted to charge me $10.56 for one day = 24 hours use.  No bueno!
But seeing as how we are on the river and downtown San Antonio, I checked out all the other networks and found one I could access for FWEEEEEEE!
I will say that I slept for flip with a sleep tumbler, a snorer, and a wiggle worm.  Poor me. :-)
Hubby's hollering!  And, we are off!  Going to see P.J. and the kids this evening for Mexican food and margaritas!  [I'll have mine with vodka though; tequila and I are no bueno!]