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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Creamy Chicken Casserole on a Cold Sunday!

So, it's cold outside -- I mean, BRRRR-diddle for a South Texan Gal.  I don't do cold...  No Sir, No Ma'am.  Anyhow, I've got lots of cooked chicken (left over from baked chicken dinners, etc) and so I'm thinking a warm and creamy casserole will be just the right thing for dinner tonight.

I should be folding the growing mountain of laundry that's in the utility room, overflowing the baskets and the cart.  (Actually, it's more like a gurney).  And, steam mopping the floors.  But, it's cold outside, Brrrrrr-Diddle cold (wait, I said that already didn't I) and I'm enjoying some reading.  Sookie Stackhouse book 9!  Lil'Gal is watching Scooby Doo and begging for another round of Yahtzee or something.

Farmer, Jr. and the Hubster are out spraying fields to prep for planting season which is just days around the corner.  So, enough about nothin' on a Sunday -- here is the recipe.


3 1/2 cups chopped cooked chicken (OR, 3 1/2 pound broiler-fryer whole chicken)
1 quart of water (only if you need to boil the whole chicken first)
1 can (10 & 3/4 oz) of cream of chicken soup (undiluted)
1 can (10 & 3/4 oz) of cream of celery (I don't use cream of celery; cream of mushroom if I need the extra can) (undiluted)
1 8 oz carton of sour cream (light sour cream tastes just as well and cuts calories)
salt and pepper
1/2 a 16 oz pack of oval shaped buttery crackers (I use the rectangle, generic brand of butter crackers)
1/4 cup of melted butter or margerine (you can use spray butter instead to save fat and calories; the crackers are buttery enough on their own.)

Boil your chicken, if you need to with salt and pepper to the water.  If you have left over chopped chicken then go to the next step.

NEXT STEP: (I'm a riot, huh?)  Combine cooked chicken with your canned soups, sour cream and salt and pepper to taste.

Place butter crackers in a zip lock bag and crush by rolling with a rolling pin.  Flip the bag several times to get the crackers really crushed and fine.  Place half the crackers on the bottom of your baking dish (this recipe calls for 11 x 7).  Spoon chicken mixture over the cracker crumb crust.  Top the mixture with the other half of crushed crackers and either drizzle with melted butter/margarine or spray the top with spray butter.

Bake at 325 for 35 minutes or until lightly browned.

Personally, I'm going to puree some steamed carrots and mix them in with the chicken mixture in hopes of getting the kids to eat an extra vegetable serving, unknowingly.  Though, yellow squash works better because it blends well and isn't as strong as a flavor.  But, I'm trying carrots anyhow.

I'm also serving up with Salt-Pork, green beans.  YUM!

Another idea is to mix in some grated monterrey jack cheese with your chicken mixture; talk about making it creamy AND gooey.  But, I'm not doing that this time.

Anyhow, enjoy!!!  And, Happy Sunday!  [BRRRRR-rrrrrrr-diddle!]


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kick a Little.... @$$ :-D

This song came on the radio today while I was on my way home from spending half the day at the school and I hadn't heard it in a long time.  It is so true!  I hoped to find the music video on You-Tube but no luck.

But I did find this one and it's a good playing.

Turn up the volume and KICK a'LITTLE!!!!  After all, it is almost FWFD of the weeeeeeeeek!


"First Comes Love Then Comes Money"

I'm ashamed to say I've had this book since last summer and I read it and never got around to posting my review.  For shame, and my apologies to the authors (Bethany and Scot Palmer) and to the PR rep with HarperOne who sent it to me.

That said, let me tell you what I thought about this book.  I thought it terrific!  Most of us know that money is one of the biggest issues people/couples fight about.  And, we all see money in different ways.

Some of us are super savers while others can't keep a nickel in their pocket.  I see this with my two children.  Farmer, Jr. is a saver and when you tell him that you will match his money for a big ticket item, he usually already has his half (even if we don't).  And, he's only eight years old.

Now Lil'Gal is a spender.  Instant gratification.  I'm fearful of the day she gets her first credit card.  She's smart but still.  She'd rather walk out of the store with something that isn't completely what she wants, than walk out with nothing in hand at all.

In their book, First Comes LOVE Then Comes MONEY, the Palmer's describe the various "money personalities" behind what makes people tick over a dime and a dollar.

If you have ever hidden the truth from your significant other about what you have spent or hidden the purchas(es) itself, the you have committed what the Palmers term as financial infidelity.

Infidelity?  Yeah, that got your attention.  But, think about it.  That's really what it is, isn't it?  Cheating only in terms of money.

The Palmers found themselves at one point in $35,000 of credit card debt.  They tell how they were able to use their communication systems and solution including:

  • Identifying your Money Personality (I loved this section; very interesting and it all made total sense.)
  • Index (FRI) - a twenty question diagnostic tool that reveals the severity of financial indiscretions. (Hey, you have to put it on the table in order to deal with it.)
  • Master proven financial communication systems such as the Money Huddle, the Money Dump and learn how to Fight Fair (about money; everyone could learn a little from this.)
  • Achieve financial goals with healthy financial communication.

This was an easy read and also an insightful book.  My hubby and I do pretty well about money (because we are both savers, I guess, so we mesh well).  But, I know and have friends who would greatly benefit from giving this book a read.

And, because I'm so generous, I'm going to offer my copy up as a giveaway. :-D  Doncha' luv me?!

So, what do you have to do to earn a chance/s to win?  Let's make it simple (one entry for each):

1) Share a common problem, question, or issue about money within your own relationship
2) Tweet this giveaway (send me the link to count)
3) Follow or subscribe to me

3 entries:  Blog about this little review/giveaway.

(This giveaway ends on February 12th at midnight CST.  The winner will be selected by random drawing and announced on this blog and/or I will email the winner so be sure to provide your email address in one of your comments.)

Easy-peasy!  With the economy as it is, everyone could use a little knowledge about what money means to them!

Thanks for stoppin' by and Happy Thursday!  It's almost FWFD of the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I want your FeedBack; Be honest, Not brutal...

I want/need your feedback.  Many or most of you know (or maybe don't, not like my life is the center of the circle of your daily lives, LOL) that I signed up and enrolled to take a writing course in writing for children.  Lis had previously enrolled and was enjoying working through it as had a friend of her's prior.

So, doing all things that I think are a way of bettering myself, challenging myself, and improving my skills so that I may one day be published on a regular basis and making my Hubby the pride of Farmville by my income and notariety (Ha ha), and following Lis's start dust -- I enrolled with great enthusiasm.

My first two assignments have been fairly easy and when I received my feedback from my instructor I found myself a little 'aingst' (is that the right word)?  I love a thesaurus because my vocabulary seems to have dwindled that past eight years (minus the last two) as my ability to spell (I was formerly a superb speller, now I am constantly hitting spell check, what the Spell?) and,  I also have a tendency to write exorbitantly long run-on sentences and abuse both the comma and the apostrophe.  (The legal field has that affect on one after 10 - 12 years).

But, that is not what this post is about.  I'm going to share an exercise I did in preparation for Assignment #3.  I will share with you the before that is dull and drab and PROVIDED by the LITERATURE of my course study manual.

I will then provide the FIRST, and rough draft, of my writing the same story/scene and you all give me feedback via comments.  I'm serious here.  If I'm treading water or drowning, please tell me and I'll work harder have a temper tantrum and drown myself in three Shiner Bocks then, I will (if I still feel so motivated) tweak my first draft and post an 'improved' version and then y'all can tell me if I have a lick of sense or talent am able to improve and/or make something readable become 'visual' in the reader's mind.

Okay, so here we go.

The example we are given to make more visual:

She sat down by a big old tree.  It was at the edge of a field.  The light was bright after the dark woods.  She watched the grass move as the wind went by.  In the sky, clouds were coming up from the west.  They were moving very fast.  Pretty soon they began to cover the sun.  She saw some lightening and hear some thunder.  Now the wind was blowing hard, and the grass was really bending.  She felt a drop of rain.  Before long, a lot of rain was falling, and the thunder and lightening increased.  She went back into the woods.  The trees there would protect her from the falling rain.


Now my version:

She noticed how hard the ground was beneath her feet and how the soil cracked across the field as she took shelter from the blazing heat of the sun, under an old, large Mesquite tree.  To the West, she noticed the sky was hues of gray, black and dark blue with the density of denim.

As she watched on, a trickle of sweat ran down the side of her neck and was absorbed in the cotton fibers of the tank she was wearing.  The clouds were moving towards that old Mesquite tree quite quickly.  She could see the dirt and soil in a distant field as it began to whip and blow across the empty plains and fields.  Like a fog of smoke, she thought to herself.

Suddenly, a splinter of light flashed behind the clouds, bright and blindingly.  And then as she heard a boom as the sky cracked with a loud clatter and a bolt of lightening struck the ground.

Finally, the rain this part of the earth was so thirsting for, was coming.  As the clouds of the storm blew closer she rose against the trunk of the mesquite, scratching her back against the dry bark of its trunk on her way up.  That's going to smart tomorrow, she thought.

Realizing the violence of this storm, she turned to make her way to the barn for shelter.  Though withered and old, it would provide safety in the torrent of this storm.  As she began trodding across the field East towards the old barn, she felt little drops of rain pelting at her hair and her face.  The drops became larger and more intense as she began leaping faster towards dry safety.  The wind was pushing at her back, as if to rush her out of its way.

The drops became so large and heavy as they came down with more and more intense force, that they began to sting as the licked the back of her arms and legs.  And, just as she reached the protection of the barn, the storm came fully alive and it let it's anger be known by it's lightening and thunder.


Okay, so.... What do'ya'think?  Do I have a lick of a chance?

Thanks y'all!  Happy Hump-Day!  Hump-Diggty!  (You gotta' have the diggity in it.) ;-)


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mr. Cuddles (The Guinea Pig) Live on video!

I've video'd this little guy a few times but he always gets camera shy.  Today he was a little more participating.  I guess he was feeling stardom, LOL!

Usually, when I walk by the utility room he hollers out a little greeting.  Unless he is hungry (mind you he always has food but he likes it freshened up and he also is a big lover of my salad and hay).

Sometimes, I'll call to him from the kitchen with a high pitched, "Wheeee-Wheee!"  To which he almost always squeals back to me, too cute.  Hubby always tries to get me to get Cuddles to do it when company comes over; like a side show, ha ha!

Anyhow, as mentioned, he simmers his squeals and excitement whenever the video camera comes out.  If only you could have heard him before I hit record.

Oh, and the under the chin thing.  He's typically not so trusting of that and tends to nip or bite should someone try.  I think it is a safety issue.  He would NEVER let the kids do this.  He used to let me do it from time to time but once I tried it and he wasn't in the mood and he bit me.  My bad because I was messing with him in the cage when he wasn't in the mood.

Anyhow, I waited a couple of months and then I started letting him sniff my hand or finger and then I gently rub under his chin in a questioning if he'll let me pet him.  Usually, he does and now he has realized it feels quite nice.  His fur is soooooo soft under there.  But, if he hears the kids around he immediately jumps back into the kennel.  [He and I have a nice, calm, understanding relationship...]

The kids ask why he talks to me (mostly over them) and all.  The truth is, even in their most sweetness, they annoy him a little sometimes.  They get too loud and excited.  Farmer, Jr. does real good on his own. Lil'Gal however, asserts her authority over the poor guy.  What she thinks is cute and fun tends to make him quite nervous, LOL.

I think if we would have raised him from a baby guinea it wouldn't be so much this way.  I grew up having a guinea pig from time to time.  But, when he was living with our friends (from whom we adopted him) he was out in the barn most of the time with the rabbits.  So, with the exception of outdoor animals wondering around, I think life was pretty uneventful and he was able to just be himself, LOL!

At least their children were better with these type of animals and didn't annoy them and make them nervous?  Ha Ha!  Poor Lil'Gal.

Anyhow, I have definitely proven that one CAN indeed, spoil a guinea pig!

It is funny because in the early mornings when everyone else is asleep and I walk in to get a can of biscuits or something from the spare fridge in the utility room, Cuddles will squeal with delight and stand on his bowl -- requesting breakfast. Too cute!

Then, sometimes the kids will run loudly through the house and he'll hide behind his box and then I walk in and he recognizes my footsteps and will pitch me a little squeal for a snack. When he wants hay, he will squeal, and when I walk in he will run around his pen in excitement, jumping along the way and then stop right where I always put his hay. Isn't that so cute and adorable?

If he hears a plastic bag in the house, he assumes it is my home-made salad mix and will squeal again asking for some 'ensalda'.

Pets, I tell ya! I had to explain to the kids that he and I have a lot of time in the house together and that I am the Mama and all the pets love the Mama just as much as they do. Everyone knows the hand that feeds them (and loves them) :-)


I need a private blog....I hate change.

It's not change per say, but spontaneous change. I take issue when things don't follow the norm and the plan. It is not to say that if one task is completed out of order on my list that I am bothered, but if the list is not completed or the day forces a whole new agenda -- unexpectedly -- that is what I don't do well with.

I can be spontaneous, as I have said before, when I plan to be spontaneous. For example, a certain Saturday is open. No plans, not too much to do. So, I think to myself, "Hey, if something fun comes up or if so-and-so wants to come over -- cool. It's a spontaneous day."

But, should it be a Monday and say Wonder-Mom is like, "Hey, let's take the kids for ice cream after school today!" I'm like, "Noooooo, this is Monday. We go home. Kids eat a snack and play for 30 minutes while I review their homework, spelling, test schedule and curriculum for the week. Then I set it all out, call them in to tackle said homework. Then they play while I am preparing dinner. We eat, they bathe, we read, if, IF, there is extra time, they play a little or watch some cartoons and then to bed, I make lunches, tend to the kitchen and other priorities, bathe, go to bed for T.V. or reading and try to beat the snore-factor to sleep." It was busier when we had gymnastics after school, but I had a plan and schedule in place for that too.

Seriously, this is how Monday typically is mapped out at our house and in my mind. Should something veer? Or, present itself unexpectedly? I don-do-too-well-with-dat!

Should Hubby pop in or call to say (at say 4:30 or 5:pm) "I can't take Farmer, Jr. to Karate today; you'll have to do it."  I freak!  I have a temper tantrum.  If I know the day ahead, no biggie.  That's just how the punches roll.  (:-D get my pun?)  But, if I am in the middle of homework, studies, and dinner..... GRRRR. I don-do-we-wit-dat-either.

Does that make sense?  It's just how I'm wired.

Anyhow, TOOOOO-DAAAAY, has been all over the place.  Having not been sleeping well and finally feeling sleepy (good-sleepy) at 5:45 I opted NOT to get off the couch and go shower but to lie there another 15-30 minutes.  STUPID me.

I ended up behind on my morning though, luckily, Hubby called at the last minute (my hair still in clips with curling iron hot and in hand and 5 minutes before walk out the door time) and said, "I'll take the kids this morning!"  Phew!  That gives me back 45 minutes of my morning to get back on track for the 30 that threw me behind.

Meanwhile, I get a text from Mom about property tax and ag exemption cr@p that has a possible deadline of being due say, yesterday?  >:~(

On the schedule amongst other things that came up unexpectedly (I'd originally planned to work on my 3rd writing assignment before I left) I was going to pick up Sweet D to take her to see "Avatar."  I so wanna' see it.  But, don't really care to see it in the theatre.  I dislike the movie theatre for sooooo many reasons (all of which have been previously noted in a post here on this blog).

In addition, I was waiting to hear from my Daddy because I wanted to talk to him and see what is up over there.  (You know when you just get a feeling).  But, he played incognito last night and I knew he'd see I'd called (a million times) AND left a v-mail AND sent him a text message.  Anyhow, he did call me later this morning, but he didn't squelch my 'feeling'.  Hmmm.

Last minute Hubby calls and says, "Hey, I can't be around and the phone guy is gonna' come and needs to check our line by the house so you need to be there."  I was supposed to be walking about the door in 10-15 minutes.  CR@@@@@@P!  [Said phone guy was suppppoooooosed to be here yesterday afternoon.]  Someone ain't following the program. >:-{

Anyhow, I was able to reschedule with Sweet D for tomorrow which I will probably be better company then anyhow.  So, that's the "I hate change" part.

But, I do feel sometimes that I need a new blog; all to myself.  Sometimes I want to P!$$ and moan to people who will not judge me or won't get upset if I need to vent to someone.  Like an online journal.  Though, I loved the days of anonymity where people would comment in full support, understanding and or share their thoughts on a subject matter.   Sometimes I consider another blog, open only to my 'cyber friends' LOL!  Nothing against anyone else.  But, should I wanna' gripe about my Mom and she read it; she hasn't yet but as soon as they get their LT hooked up I am sure my brother, the Teenager, will be wanting to follow me here.  Or say, other crap that is going on -- I don't know.

Sometimes it is nice to be anonymous.  You know?  Not that I have anything to hide, but the idea of the freedom is so...well, freeing. LOL!

Anyhow, Happy Tuesday.  Since mine has flipped upside down and back -- I'm going to go with what I wanted to do some today, and pull out the books to start working on my writing assignment #3.  So far, my New Year's resolution has been working out pretty well for schedule.  Except, instead of 'Scrapbooking on Fridays' I've been...ah...reading instead. ;-)

Enough about me....  Happy Tuesday!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Lose sight to gain it....

FIRST OF ALL, I want to start with the fact that I am having a GREAT hair-day today! That rocks! :-D

Secondly, tomorrow is the big day. Well, one of a couple coming up. I have to forgo my contacts for ten days for measurements and then another five days for second and third measurements before I under go lasiks for my vision. My SIL had it done this past Friday. Though, they had some trouble with one eye due to her astigmatism she was able to consult that week and have the procedure the same week. Whoo-hoo for her!

I however, will have to lose the level of comfort of my eyesight for 15 days, in order to not have to sleep with my glasses hung in the neckline of my jammies every night. Oh yes, I wear them there. If I were to put them on the nightstand and need them in the middle of the night, I have had incidence where I knock them off the nightstand and then do the Scooby-Doo Daphne dance scowering over the floor in the dark on my hands and knees.

So, starting tomorrow I'll be only dawning my coke bottle bottoms. I won't be able to drive at night, AT ALL. Which is very uncomfortable for me now as it is (and I'm really not supposed to be driving at night).

But, like the Gal at the office who handled my consultation said, "It's worth it though, to never have to worry about contacts, glasses, eye irritations and all that goes with." She's right. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't experience discomfort in my eyes. The drying, the foggy, the burning (that's the worst) the watering. But, I just can't see as well with my glasses. It's like wearing your eye balls on top of your nose, and an inch from your brain. Kinda' like looking through a rifle scope or binoculars without bringing them all the way to your eyes.

Anyhow, it is a sacrifice that I will gladly make. The other plus, is that I will get rid of the double vision (hopefully) that is caused by a) my eyes fight against each other when they get tired, and b) they are a full degree off at -7 on the right and -8 on the left. Thus, at night when I am wearing my glasses (and sometimes with my contacts) I get double vision while watching TV or sometimes reading. So, I find myself covering one eye or the other with my hand. I know, right?

Wish me luck! Well, I'm now off to take Lil'Gal for an echo in follow up to a murmur they found a few years ago. I'm not too worried as it is more a monitoring thing and hopefully, as this is common in children at ages 2 to 4 to 6; she has outgrown it. :-)

Happy Monday! Remember to find a few minutes today to actually live in the moment. Hug your kids, or your significant other and really feel it; and, hug yourself while you are at it. You deserve it! ;-)


Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Got a Feeling! (This is awesome!)

I saw this recently on T.V. and it was so cool! Since then this song has been stuck in the back of my head.

This will definitely pump you up and jump start your day! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the Black Eyed Peas!

[Be sure to let it load completely so it doesn't time out; then watch it straight through for the full effect.] :-D

COOL, HUH! Here we GO! Here we GO! Jump start and take on the day!


Bullies: "Only Better Than Yourself"

As some of you know, our school lost one of our brighter/est students due to a bully. The child seems sweet on the outside, though I think he needs medication to control his 'activity level'. I'm not fond of medicating children but I do have several friends whom's children really do need something to balance the chemical activity within their brains.

I understand just as well from my own personal experiences. That's way down in a previous post and I'm just too lazy to go look up the link for y'all. ;-) Sorry.

Anyhow, I've warned my children without overly instilling attitudes in them (I don't want to come out the trouble maker by marking a fellow student - though, my children are already aware of the who and the why). I just have told them to keep watch. Be aware. And, to always fill the teacher in of incidence regardless if she claims they are tattling. I gave them permission to 'tattle' so that if I had to approach the teacher, she would have been made aware of the incidences prior to a conference. [You know if they aren't aware it is hard for them to participate in handling the issue.]

So, today or over the past few days apparently, said 'boy' has been making comments about how "He is better than" said bright, wonderfully kind boy, that we lost on his account. My son brings this to my attention, along with the fact that the boy was smacking at him 'kinda' in the head. [Did you tell the teacher? Son: I forgot when she got back. Um, she leaves the classroom for an extended period??? Hmmm, I'll have to discuss and mentalize on that one.]

I said to my son, "You tell him, 'You can only be better than yourself'." Both children look at me with wondering eyes. I explained, "Are you (named child who left)?" Are you, "Named other?" "Is Mama, Daddy?" They answered in unison to all questions as a "No."

"So, how can someone be better than someone else, if they aren't THAT PERSON." They pondered this and quite shortly, agreed and understood. I added, "So, if I were to say that "I" was better than DADDY would that be true?" "No" they both replied. "Why not" I asked.

"Because you aren't Daddy." That's right.

So, I left the conversation by instructing them that if said Bully says something like that again, to respond to him as such: You can only be better than yourself."

As we had this conversation, I took it to heart to be sure I keep this in mind myself. I'm not one to judge others typically -- or at least I try not to -- but, this reasoning holds true. I am not someone else I am me. So, I shouldn't worry about others. But instead, work on being better than myself. ;-)


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TKO'd the tantrum! Heavy Weight Mom!

Yeah, so those of you who know me and/or have followed me for quite awhile -- also know that my Lil'Gal was born with a mind of her own, won't take NO for an answer, and will basically question and battle every effort to contain/restrain/teach her boundaries and responsibilities.

This is not to say she doesn't clean and rearrange her room daily (never to me or her Daddy's taste in clean and arrangement and organization, but as I tell Daddy, 'we can't judge her too harsh when she is making a concerted effort AND setting it all up exactly as she wants it").  *sigh*

I love Mommyhood.  Mommyhood is *hard*.  I *heart* being a Momma to two such beautiful, wonderful, smart, and works of Godly perfection that I am lucky enough to mentor and imprint upon the slate of their lives.  Ahem, still, all the jazz comes with a bit of *hard*.

TONIGHT!  I am victorious!!! The battle was small but it could have become voracious.  Afterall, it is bath time.  Hubby and Farmer, Jr. are at karate and they will probably fall into shower together.  (Our's is a large shower and they treat it like the guys locker room).

Lil'Gal agreed with a blown off, "Okay" when I told her it was time to bathe.  That, I was indeed showering and that she needed to bathe or shower.  Typically, this is met with, "Mama can I shower/bathe with Yooooouuuuuu?" *sigh*

But tonight, no such request.  Just a simple, "Okay!"  I reminded her, "You need to bathe or shower too!"

[Enter me after a nice, hot shower all to myself], Um, Lil'Gal.  You haven't bathed yet.

Lil'Gal, "BUT...I wanted to bathe with YoooooouuuuuUUUUUUu!?"

ME:  "Lil'Gal.  I already showered.  I told you.  You said, "OOOKaaay."


ME:  "Lil'Gal.....You said, O-O-O(pause) KAAAaaaay!"

Lil Gal:  Freak out in tantrum.  Tears, anger.  Aggressiveness towards me.  Somehow, this is all. MY. FAULT."

ME:   Loosing temper.  But then?  I tell her calmly like it is, how it is and/or how it will go down.

"You may shower in my shower or bathe or shower in your bathroom...."  Temper tantrum response, anger, crying.

ME: "If you choose not to bathe....I will wake you up at 5:30 and throw you in the bath or shower whether you like it or not.  Because....  You must bathe and be clean."

I walk out.  Tears and fits of words falling behind the door to her room as I close it.

I head back to the bathroom to brush my teeth and quite pleased with myself for not bringing out "Demon-Mom voice and face" [I hate Demon-Mom, yet Lil'Gal is sooooo good at bringing her out in me.  I might need to consult with Spider Man or the Green Mask dude about this.  Or, I could take it up in my prayers....]  Suddenly, I hear tears and disconcertedness and conversation goes on about what all we can do AFTER we bathe if we BATHE and quit wasting time, and....

In my shower she goes.  Happy, singing, and cleaning herself and washing her long goldy locks.

"I WIN"!!!!!!!  And, I didn't lose it first!  That's a big, fat TKO in Lil'Gal's super Temper-Tantrum powers!!!  Tonight, I shall sleep like a SUPER-MOM!  I think I'll even wear my cape to bed.  Watch out Hubby -- I'm feeling the lasso tonight too! *giggle*

Happy TKO to your day too!


100th day of school...BLECH!!!

For whatever reason, most schools have developed a tradition of celebrating the 100th day of school.  Now, I have heard of some great ideas other schools do.  Bex and TG's kids built stuff last year.  I think her son's contribution was a board with screws and nuts that could be place on and counted.

[I think I helped with that idea, but it came out better if I recall correctly.]  That school requested items they could hang along the hallways.

Les' daughter, Little Diva, is doing a shirt.  They had to decorate a shirt with paint, stamps, objects, etc totalling 100 of the 'whatever' on the shirt.  My idea was to 'scrapbook' the shirt.  So, we attached ribbons with brads.  Simple, cheap, and it was turning out adorable.  [We did thirty here and she took it home to finish.]

Our school does food.  As in snack mix.  The problem is that the snack mix is assembled by the entire class.  Meaning 10 children or so will be touching everything as they each count out their snack item to 100 and mixing with it each of their cooties.  At this point, the snack mix is divided amongst the students and sent home for consumption.

In this post, I share about the first time I had the opportunity to enjoy this little celebration. It's quite intriguing.

WHY FOOD?  WHY MIX IT?  This year, they are doing it again.  I need to submit a suggestion of some of the other ideas.  It really bothers me.  Maybe it is just me.  Maybe I dissect the fun out of it.  Either way, I lean towards disliking the 100th day of school.  (Maybe my kids could play hookie?) LOL!

And, you can bet that I won't be eating it.  And, I hoping to bribe my kids not to as well!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Grades should be paid in salary....

As a child, I never minded homework.  Okay, on occasion.  I hated research papers and stuff, not that they were hard for me.  They were just something that had to be done that I didn't feel like doing.  But, school was my job at the time and I performed quite well.  I was promoted within the grades until I ranked as an honored high school grad who went on to work full time, pay her own apartment, utilities, fuel, insurance, food, etc, all while paying her own way through night school.

I didn't get to participate in a ton of the extra-curricular stuff like kids do now days.  Though, it seems that there is a whole lot more juggling going on these days.  For example, my nephew and SIL and BIL just finished with his entries into the Junior Livestock show.  It takes up an entire week just to attend and participate in the show.  And, during that week you start in the a.m. and don't get home until WAAAAY late in the pm.  Additionally, this doesn't include the months of preparations, working on your shop project, raising your livestock for the show, etc.  NUMEROUS HOURS (that I'm guilty to say I am NOT looking forward to).

My point.  This homework thing is getting out of hand.  I mean, school is a kid's job.  It should be like a nine-to-five deal.  Maybe eight-to-four which is basically runs on average.  Kids don't get paid in overtime grades or earn extra credits and merits for homework.  Typically, homework is like taking extra taxes and disability out of their grades that they are never going to get back because the system is using it all up.  Hmptf.  [Did you get that analogy?]

I mean, if kids are going to have spelling each night to practice, a reading test weekly to review the story all week, a weekly health and science test to review for in addition to the daily worksheet or math assignment -- then they should be paid grades in a salary format.

I think this concept would actually promote and encourage 'over-achievers'.  Those who want to do the minimum will take the day job, clocking in and being paid in their daily jobs by the hours they put in at school.  Those who want a little extra might choose to be paid by salary, so that so long as they perform their schedule can be flexibile -- good grades, performance and still flexibility to participate in extra-curricular activities so they can be more well rounded with their family time.

I mean, seriously?  Who has time for 'family game night' on Wednesdays (or any day during the week for that matter) when we are too busy juggling healthy meals 'together, homework, reading, and the 'to round us out' extra curricular stuff that is supposed to put a little fun in our lives.

Anyhow, I vote grades paid salary style.  Or, I also like the option of 'over-time.'  Hey, if the kid brings home some extra work and grades well, that grade should count time and a half for the over-time hours allotted to those studies.

Let's bring schooling to the real world, shall we?

I know.  Many of you have heard me P!$$ and Moan about second grade.  You are all probably tired of hearing me whine.  I just want y'all to think about my theory.  Maybe the kids could write Pres. Obama a letter or something.

What do YOU think?

Oh, on a side note.  Tomorrow's post will also be a 'P!$$ and Moan' encounter the subject of 'Why I hate the 100th day of school.'  :-D  That'll be a fun one!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lunar Antics Presents...

Lunar Antics Presents: Boy, I'd hate to be made out of that stuff.

That stuff, being DNA.  Are you a lover of the Sunday comics?  Do you love how the writers and artist are able to put little puns out there about reality, leaving us able to laugh at ourselves (and sometimes others)?

Recently I received the opportunity to read this book chucked full of little strips of humor.  The book was written and animated by Robert Walters.   Robert originally studied music at Ithaca College and Indiana University.  He then went on to write software for Harper Collins and Citibank to name a few.  Then he encountered the Lunar Antic gang and he had to write and tell their little comics.

The moon inhabitants have antennas, flying saucers and are intelligent.  They have been visiting earth for centuries.  In a somewhat cynical way we learn that these lunar beings are smarter than us, and they know it.  If you are one for quick witted humor and a different take on our humanity, then this would be a good book for you.  I have to say, just by flipping to a page I can promise one of the little strips there will bring me to a giggle. ;-)

Luckily, Mr. Walters provided me an extra copy to giveaway!  So, one lucky commenter will receive this book full of 144 pages of Lunar Antic comics strip clips.

All you have to do to enter for a chance is just comment to this review!

For additional entries you can tweet this review.  You must comment here with a link to your tweet for those entries to count.

This giveaway will be closed on February 1st, 2010 at midnight.  The recipient of the book will be selected by random drawing.  I'll post the winner here on my blog if I am unable to contact you via email or link to your own blog.

Good Luck and Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why be blind when I have a choice?

So, basically, I'm blind.  Like "Scooby Doo Daphne" blind.  I don't know how many times a month I actually find myself on the floor doing the Daphne hustle, feeling the floor for my glasses that have fallen from the neck of my sleep shirt.

See, I'm THAT blind.  I wear my glasses at my neck when I sleep at night.  Because, if I leave them on the night stand, there is a good chance I'll knock them off reaching for them (because I can't see them) which ends up with the Daphne crawl all over again.

I'm a -7 in the right and -8 in the left.  My contacts have become exorbitantly expensive, and my eye doctor varies what brand and type as my eyes continue to be more and more irritated.  I'd opt for glasses except that it is VERY hard to drive (even during the day).  It's just not comfortable.  It is like, wearing your eyes on the outside of your body.

At this point, I can't even put on make-up without wearing at least one lens.  In the past, I could stand in front of a full mirror, nose to glass and apply eye make-up, etc.  Then, I'd adorn my glasses.  But, now, I can't even function that way.

And, my eyes are always irritated, burning, itchy, and red.

In the past, my eye doctor has suggested Lasiks a/k/a E-Laseks.  Fearful at the thought of losing what vision I have, I took a pass.  I've been pondering it for over a year.  When things are rough, visually, I become determined.  But, then.  I get leery again.

Last week I had my regular visit with my eye doctor.  We did all the "one or two... one or two" dance and he got me up to prescript.  He put me in a daily wear lens in hopes of mitigating all my other symptoms and prescribed a great eye drop (that runs $100.00 without insurance).  We discussed Lasiks.

In the end, I know it is what I need to do.  I've just been afraid.  Everyone I know, it seems, has had it done.  And, most of them are at a -3 or -4; so, why them have I been waiting and living miserably?

Today, I had a consult.  They redid all the measurements and my eyes are healthy and in line where they need to be for a successful procedure.  I watched the video, I had questions but they were all answered and covered.  Out came the calendar and I.... scheduled.

PROs:  I'll be able to see!!  All the time!  And, drive whenever I want!

Though the entire prep and recovery process is two hours at the office, the actual surgery only takes 60 seconds per eye and you don't feel a thing and they give you valium to relax you (which is good, because it takes a lot to get me to relax -- especially, if it is going to be something messing with my eyes.)

I'll be up and at them in 24 hours and driving myself again in 48.

The day of the surgery, there is a mandatory nap of 4 - 5 hours when I get home.  To let the eyes rest and heal.

CONS:  No heavy reading or computer work for about a week.  WHAT?!?  All I've been doing is reading and LT work lately.

It's expensive.

That's it.  So, I'm going for it.  Next month is our anniversary, shortly before Valentines.  You know what hubby is giving me?  The gift of sight.  :-D  He's awesome!

Happy Hump-Day!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Addictive by Nature or Obsessiveness

As of late,  most of you know I've been totally engrossed in a new/old hobby.  READING.  Now, I've always been a reader.  I just tend to change the subject of what I'm interested in from time to time.  Two summers ago, it was the sweet romance novels I could check out from the library to read while encouraging the children to participate in the reading program there.

Then, I developed contacts with a few PR reps for publishing companies and they have begun sending me books on parenting, relationships, finances, children's books and the like to read and review and often they are generous enough to provide a 'giveaway' copy.

I still have two of those books that I've had by my bedside table for waaaaaay too long; you will soon be reading about them here.  And, I most recently received a comic strip book that takes a look at life a little differently.  I read a few pages yesterday but I need to really dive in so I can post my review.  FYI?  The author was kind enough to provide a giveaway copy!  Whoo-hooo!   So freebies are coming back to your future!

Now you all know I fell into the Twilight Saga and once I did there would be no rescue of me.  It was an addictive obsession and I had HAD to keep reading and going and knowing what would become of my sweet Edward [swoon], his lovely Bella, and of course, our hunky and hot (temp and build) wolf-pal, Jacob.

[Note, WonderMom fell hook, line and sinker into New Moon -- borrowing my copy of Eclipse and 24 hours later my copy of Breaking Dawn....  Yes, it is that intoxicating.]

As I was coming down from the high of these 1500-2000 pages of reading I began to wean myself towards that last half of the final book in the four book series.  Thinking, all the while, that after this my life would return to baseboards, door knobs and light switches (in addition to the regular household routine), and that eventually the whole Twilight addiction would become a faint memory.

I mean, after all.      Having a crush on a fictional vampire who is only (100 and) 17 years old, really isn't the best image for a Household Manager and WAHM to be offering up.  My hubby still shakes his head in wonderment (with a slight scowl to his face) when he enters the house and I am once again having a conversation with someone about the whole Twilight dynamics.  [Would you believe this happens almost daily?  Really.]

And, for me.  It wasn't about the vampires or the wolf/human shape shifters.  It was more about the passion and the true love and dedication of the hero and his heroin....  Or so I thought.


I thought wrong.  After having read Shiver, at LIS's recommendation (which was worth the read for a paranormal YA romance novel), I thought still that it was cool; but more about the young love.  I thought possibly, I'd detoxed from the whole idea and was ready to go back to those 'other books.'

Unfortunately, I was having yet another bout of insomnia and up way past late surfing the HBO channels.  (Whoo-hoo, a year and a half later and we have cable again!)  I stumbled across an ongoing airing of 'True Blood.'  I thought to myself, "Hey!  Not my thing but mine as well find out what all the hoopla' is about."  And, I did.

Knowing me, the next morning I emailed LIS for the low down on the books and I immediately downloaded the first one to my kindle.  To which I added the second book the next day.  To which I added the third book yesterday and if you know where this is going you know what I will be reading tonight (yes, book #4; TTL there are 8 of them this time).

So, is it that I tend to obsess about new things that suddenly capture the fancy of my brain?  Or is it that I somehow have an addictive nature to things and thus, I have a hard time breaking free of them?  [Or is it simply the lust the stories bring out in me....shhhhhhh.....] ;-)

I have an uncle who is highly intelligent and has always tested off the charts.  In fact he's on his fourth career I think and fifth degree or so.  He gets board, liquidates and starts all over again.  Yeah, sometimes intelligence makes you a little 'off' or eccentric in personality.

I've always referred to him as an extremist.  Because whatever it is he is doing or interested in at the time, he will spend hours on end convincing you that 'you need to do it too' and he truly believes that the rest of the world who doesn't fall in line with this new tangent is off their rocker -- or completely missing out on a certain level of true living.

I've never considered myself to be an extremist as I've always found balance within life.  But as of lately?  I dunno?  I sometimes wonder......

Either way, you won't have to wonder where I am or what I am doing in my spare time [I've been making a lot of spare time lately].  I'll be revisiting my new friends, "Sookie, Bill, Eric, Sam and the occasional other character that doesn't capture my fancy quite so much but is a necessary element to the telling of the story."

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, January 11, 2010

How much proof do you need?

I was returning from dropping the kids at school today; already in a thankful mood.  Then, this song came on the radio.  I hadn't heard it before.  And, it touched my heart.

So, I wanted to share.  I'm strong in faith and in what I believe, though I'm not one to be pushy and a Bible beater about it.

Anyhow, give it a listen.  If nothing else, for the photos...  Beautiful.

Happy Monday!!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dear Mother Nature,

Dear Mother Nature,

I'm not quite sure but it seems that you are somewhat extremely upset totally peeved off in a hells bells way.  I'm not sure who was cruel enough to upset you d@mn Terrorists or maybe the Canadians, I bet, but on whomever's behalf I would like to apologize.

My Northeaster Friends are snowed in by mountains feet and are freezing their assets toesies off.

And, your arctic hand is now reaching across our nation all the way down to where typically, the warm wind gusts alone would poach an egg.

I am respectfully begging requesting that you pull back your wrath back up to where the temps are warm and pretty down here with winter in the fair to low 60s and my Northeastern friends survive as if spring with 40s for highs.

The weather man said when you get here tomorrow that our "Feels like" will be in the 20s.  If this is the case, we will all freeze where we stand should we try to exit the house or vehicle.  I have a much needed eye appointment and groceries to purchase tomorrow (I'd scheduled both errands as we expected you on Friday.  I might say it's a tat bit rude to show up 24 hours early without notice... [shaking finger])

Dressing like the Michelin man makes us all look quite portly they don't sell that type of weather protective clothing down here.  The masses are probably flooding the shoe stores as most can live the whole year through in open toed shoes, some in flip-flops.  (I know, seasonal inappropriate, but anyhoo).

Anyhow, if you wanna' come vacation here it is much nicer when it is warm.  Might you meet with your  assistant, the Sun, and discuss a weather change?  The surfing is quite nice when the winds are up (and warm)!

Either way, you are welcome to come by for some meatloaf and mashed taters and gravy.  But, if your temps run under 60 you'll have to hang out with our freezer in the garage.  No offense, but we run a temp maintained house and it is out of my hands there is no bleepin' way you are bringing your cold @$$ in.

Thank you kindly and respectfully,


Writing is....HARD.

Writing is HARD.  [Insert temper tantrum]

Writing is supposed to be easy.  I don't meant the punctuation and all the rules that you have to go back and edit in; did I develop my character/s well enough? does the writer understand the conflict? did I maintain the POV throughout the story?  etc, etc,  That's the part that takes all the fun out of it.

I mean sharing and telling a story.  Though, I am well aware that some are gifted at telling stories and they are the ones everyone wants to listen to.  You've had that conversation before, "No, YOU tell it because you tell it better."

If I'm in a creative flow I love to just sit down at the LT and let my fingers click away.  When my mind is just going on and on telling whatever it is that is spinning around up in there.  Some of my best (most liked) blog posts have been written that way.  Though, I'm a punctuation junkie as I use punctuation to imply a tone or attitude where I am heard in the mind when someone reads me.   Of course, it's not all my fault.  14+ years in the legal field teaches you how to write the perfect three page, run-on sentence.

Other times, it's like I got nothin'.  And, I don't want to bore my friends and readers with a bunch of cr@p (though, I have been know to do so as I love to be heard/read/and I'm a comment h0re.) :-D

I hate those, "I got nothin'" times because those happen either, A) when I have time to sit down in front of a blank screen or, B) when something is actually due/required.

Where am I going with all this?

Well, I received my second writing assignment back yesterday via email.  I was anxiously excited as I worked harder on the dialogue and 'conflict' issues that my instructor had addressed with my first assignment.  See, apparently, when I write I write life all peaches and cream.  So, any conflict in my stories is easily mended and it ends with blossoms and sunshine.  [Kinda' like my outlook on life; do you see a pattern here?]

I did received praise for how well I 'showed' the reader and not just told the reader about what was going on.  "A" on that one.  But, again, my instructor seemed a little lost about where the real conflict was coming from; and, also I changed the Point of View (POV)  in one paragraph from the Main Character (MC) to the antagonist.  By sharing those thoughts I mitigated the conflict - thus, diminishing the impact of the conflicts resolution in the end.  [Personally, I found the conflict very easy to understand, but then it is my story.]

Now part of this, I see my problem being, the fact that I'm a very wordy person.  In Intermediate and High School, I had no problems meeting an assigned word minimum.   In fact, I was always praised for my thoroughness and attention to detail -- and the fact that I wasn't just doing enough to get by.  So, in some ways being wordy is an attribute.

But, I have found with both assignments thus far that just as I'm really getting into telling/writing the meat of the story, I'm already 'at' or over my word count.  So, then I have to finish it and then go back and cut a bunch of stuff out.  I guess, therein lies the problem.  Maybe I'm cutting the wrong stuff?  Either way it leaves me feeling like I had to rush the ending:

Great intro
Captured the readers attention
The reader is interested and wants to know more
The reader is asking 'what happens next and why'
..."And, they all lived happily ever after."

See what I mean? LOL!

[Heavy sigh]  Well, that's what has been spinning and bouncing and menacing in my mind as of today.  At least I got it out.  Now it is back to floors and baseboards and I guess I'll hit the fans too as I am working on that schedule thing to have Fridays open for scrapbooking the family photos.  So far, I'm on task.  I've rescheduled cooking lunch at the school for Thursdays.  I've got my reading in this morning (Gee, Sookie is hard to put down; thanks Lis) and after my chores I shall deal with my writing issues by reading the additional sections assigned by my instructor.

I will say, that this online course thing is awesome.  Way better and more enjoyable (and more doable) than having to run into town twice a week and deal with all the teeny bopper collegiates at the local college.

Happy Wednesday.  It's Hump Day!  Put some Diggity in it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stubborn Water Spot Stains on Glass?

Do you have windows, glass doors or even glasses that you just can't get rid of the built up water stains?  Well I, FW, have the solution.

I myself previously tried glass cleaner with amonia - NOPE.
I tried vinegar - NOPE.
I tried Lime-Away which worked okay.

But, I found my crystal clear solution in a 50/50 CLR/Water mix used in combination with a nail brush.  The spray bottle is one I'm reusing after I ran out of Clorox Bleaching Bathroom Cleaner (the spray nozzle has a 'FOAM' option).  The nail brush is an old one that Hubby or son are no longer using.

Be sure to wear gloves for this:

Fill your spray bottle half way full with CLR.  Fill the rest of the bottle with water.  Replace the sprayer nozzle and shake and/or spin the bottle to mix the fluids together.

Spray down the entire surface of your glass project.  Spread the CLR spray over the entire surface of the glass in a scrubbing motion with the nail brush.  You might find areas that are heavier in build up.  Keep scrubbing.  Maybe treat with a second spray of CLR mix and then scrub some more.

Rinse (preferably with a shower sprayer or spray nozzle) the entire surface with water.  Squeegie.

TA-DA!  Crystal clear!

I do this to our glass shower walls about once a month and it always works.  If you have water stain build-up that has built up over a long time you may need to apply and let sit.  Apply, scrub and let sit.  But, keep working at it and it will come shiny, glossy, glassy clean. :-D

Farmer*sWife tip of the day!  Hurray!!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Sera Sera... hmpft.


This is it.  It's back to school again.  For the kids, I mean.  But, that means for me too in so many ways.


It was fun while it lasted.  This morning I woke early but laid in bed awhile after Hubby left for work.  Checkin' fields and trying to see if they can get in anywhere yet to get started for the year.

Kids slept in awhile too.  We all had our last Hurray before.....tomorrow.  Back to homework and worry about spelling and science, and health and social studies.  And, one of the best students was pulled by his parents (friends of ours) due to a 'bully.'

I got knews.  That kid cause my kid/s any trouble?  I'll set it all straight, the teacher, the parents and the student too.  I think he needs medication.  His parents have seemed nice and they participate and help out with projects and all.  It must be hard to be the parent of a child who has been kicked out of public school and a second school as well.

So NOW, on top of stupid science and stupid spelling and stupid social studies, I have to be eyes-wide-opened to be ready to pounce and deal with this trouble at any time.  Hubby will be in the fields so I get Karate practice two evenings a week as well.  Lil'Gal decided she wanted to quit gymnastics for awhile. It wasn't a spur of the moment decision.  It's been coming but I made her stick with it to be sure.

I'm actually relieved.  Save some money for a few months while we decide what to try next and it will open up an extra week night for all the studies and reading.

Been working on clutter control around here (a/k/a adding to the Landfills, don't get mad WonderMom).

:-)  WonderMom is super big on recycling and reusing.  She's super great at it.  I'm pretty decent at it; but, every once in awhile a switch flips and it's 'toss it all out before I have a panic attack' mode. :-D

Got lots done today; more will get done with the kiddos at school.  Working on my scheduling my week thing.  It's going to take some practice and balancing it out until I get the right days lined out to do the right household projects in order to leave the best days free for the scrapbooking, reading, (especially) writing things I mentioned as goals in my last post.

Also, I seemed to have misplaced my cape and magic lasso so if you see them lying around email them back to me, okay?  After all, you can't just run down to the local Wal-mart and pick up another one. And, a Super-Mom really needs her cape and lasso.  (The cape is where I hide the Super-Booze, ha ha ha).  The lasso is for the gremlins, dust-bunnies, unruly children and occasionally gripey Hubby. :-D

So, there you have it.  Tomorrow I officially begin the New Year; the twenty-ten.   Que Sera Sera; I guess, whatever will be will be.

Happy Tomorrow!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

RESOLUTIONS...I shall resolve.

When I was younger (like way younger) I would always have some resolutions.  Typically, a few freebies and then one or two 'life changing' hard ones.  One year I gave up red meat; I made it about ten months.  It was a deal I did with a friend of mine; she also would refuse styrofoam due to the ozone and landfills and all.  This was like, 16-20 years ago, LOL!

My how time flies.

Anyhow, as I've gotten older I've found that it is still nice to have some resolutions = some goals to plan for.  But, I have a hard time challenging myself.  I like to keep them doable - as in, I'm probably already doing them. ;-)  [See how that works?]

Like how about, "not taking up smoking?"  Yeah, I know I can nail that one.

Um, give up beer......    ........     pbltpbltpblt!  :-D  I tried that for lent once, that's the last time I'll do that.  Five weeks?  Doable.  Nine and a 1/2 months of pregnancy; well, a must for a just cause.  But, a year just for the sake of a resolution?  No Way Jose.  Though, I could save a few bucks...  And, maybe improve on my rate of efficiency.  Though, I'd become a stark raving B!t$h....

Okay, so lemme' put a few hard ones down.

Scrapbooking.  [I know that one is easy because I love to do it.]  Do you know I haven't really scrapbooked in a year?  GASP!  I'm hundreds of pictures, holidays and events behind.  So, I'm going to take the first week of this year to get the house and my schedule in order.

Then, I'm hoping I can make a certain day my scrapbook day and spend it just crafting away to a good movie or something.  As you can tell, I'll have to work out all other chores, errands, appointments and duties into the 6 days a week -- so this is a harder task than one might think.

Reading.  Oh, yeah.  I read a lot.  And, lately since I fell in love with the whole Twilight saga I've found myself longing for more addictive reads that way.  As opposed to the self-improvement books, children's books, parenting books, etc that I've read (and often reviewed) over this past year.

Now that I have my fancy-smashzy KINDLE I've already downloaded the first in the "Sookie" series!  Lis recommended it.  I'm half way through reading Precipice for the third time with additional rewrites and changes before it had its final publication at ireadiwrite.

AND, I have the PDF for the final, final revisions on the Seventh Tribe, also by Lis.  I have to read this in finality before she'll send me chapters of the second in the series.  I'm super anxious and excited to rejoin this cast of characters in their new endeavors and mythological/paranormal lives. :-D

Hmmmmmm, I wonder if I could clear out another day (okay, say morning or mid-afternoon before the kids get home) for just reading.

Writing.  I'm enrolled in this e-course for children and young adult writing.  It's been fun so far; though, it does make me question myself and my abilities every once in awhile.  I don't like the feeling you get inside when that little voice creeps in and whispers negativism to your ego and psyche.  If anything, I'm building and growing my skills and creativity.  So, I definitely have to keep on top of my writing and dedicate time to it, if not daily -- at least every few days.

You know, I quit doing the PFC sometime ago.  I wish I would have stuck with it.  But, now I need to focus on writing for children....but, maybe I'll pick that back up again later on.  And, I want to work on building my sources for publication via e-zines.  [Easier said than done, but it sure is encouraging when one is getting paid here and there for putting together facts and tid bits.]

So, there are some hard ones.  We'll see how it flies.  In the least, if I pick up my scissors and glue stick again, read some really enjoyable reads this year, and complete my writing course (passing, that is), I think I'll get credit for all three.

So, you got any?


Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a brand new day; and year!!

So, Happy New Year!  2010!  I love the sound of that, twenty-ten is so much better than two thousand nine, don't ya' think?

We typically stay in on New Year's Eve; our home is too far from any vicinity to be imbibing and then driving home.  Plus it is dangerous.  And, we have kids.  And, well, we are lazy, I guess?  Ha Ha!  Hubby usually never makes it to midnight and I typical ring in the New Year with a glass of wine or some spirit while watching TV or something like that.

Last year Sweet D and Uncle J came out last minute and the Teenager was here.  We visited, shared some champagne, my stuffed jalapenos and other good NY eats.

This year we invited Wonder Mom and her family (it's her birthday and she hasn't really celebrated in years since the little Tornado was born.  Naw, he's not really a tornado -- he's adorable). :-)

Miss Les and her little Diva came out for a visit yesterday and we played some scrabble with a glass of wine.  They didn't have real big plans either so I was like, "Hey, call the Hubby and y'all just hang out here!"  Hubby came :-)

Sweet D and Uncle J came out for awhile before another shin-dig they were attending.  Les, Hubby and Little Diva left around nine.  WonderMom and I continued the party; vodka shots and all (I know, we're too old for that, LOL!)

Anyhow, we all had a wonderful time.  WonderDad, Diva's Dad and Uncle J were designated drivers so the ladies could play :-). [Thanks guys, we really had fun!  Y'all rock!]

All in all it was a fabulous New Year's Eve.  Hubby woke with a slight headache.  I should have woken up feeling like crap. But, I didn't; I feel fabulous!!!  Thank goodness I inherited some tolerance from my Daddy, Ha! Ha!  [I really should have felt like crap; everyone knows I enjoy over-indulging] ;-)

So, I am ready to take on 2010.  I am excited about all it will bring.  I have plans.  I have wonderful family both in-law and out-law (he he).  I have true friends that ya' don't have to prove yourself too and you don't always have to do the right thing.  They love ya' and will laugh with you at your screw ups; oh, and they'll help with the mess too!

The only thing I'm NOT looking forward to in 2010, is.....the return of second grade.  >:~(  [Insert grumbling]

Happy New Year!  May it bring everyone peace, joy, and prosperity.  And, maybe a little booze to go with?


Okay, game time with the Lil'Gal....  *sigh*  Didn't she get enough play time in yesterday?  Mama wants to do Mama stuff right now.  But, I'm the Mama so Monopoly Town, here I come....  Happy New Year!