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Friday, October 31, 2008

Final Countdown!!!

Kay! Everything is done!!!! YAY!!!! I didn't think I'd make it but I did!!!! And, the floors smell delicious!!! At least until ten to twelve children come runnin' rampart. The fajitas are ready to be cooked The beans are made The rice will cook up fresh in the rice cooker The pico de gallo is made The dip is made The house is set up Spider cracker cookie thingies made Chocolate Spider Web sheet cake (with gummy worms in web) is made Tea is made Beer is on ice (Okay, DH gets credit for that one) I'm not stinky sweaty smelling anymore Wine is all iced down Wait. Something is missing. Something....Crap-diddly! I didn't make the hamburger worms. Wonder if I can squeeze'em real quick like and bake them in the oven instead of the grill. Slow like so they will cook but stay warm. Well, I better jump to that. And, Macxine will have to leave her place her in the bar. Yep. [I'll put her in my bathroom so I can pop in if things get boring and say Hi! Okay, things won't get boring but if they get outrageous? LOL!] Oh, and DH has to fumigate a ship tonight. Between 6:pm and 9:pm they think. You have to wait for the call in these things. Way to Monkey Wrench my party! Poop. More work for me. But, so long as the kids have a good time and everybody is completely out the door by 9:00 I'm happy and I'll hang out and catch up in what's been going on in your neck of the woods tonight!! Happy I hate Halloween Party Day to Ya'!!!!

Happy FWFD Friday! Oh...and, the other thing.

YAY! It's Friday! YAY! We are having a party this evening (shortly after 5:59 p.m.) BOO! It's Halloween. My least favorite holiday of the year. I don't know why. The mischief so many teens (oh, and the Goth and Gang Bangers) tend to get into and cause....all the Bleepin' candy. Trick-or-Treat for treats you can't eat for fear of injection of lethal substance or razor blade in the apple... Yeah, maybe all of that up there. Though, I've always loved a good costume party that served adult beverages. :-D Being a grown-up is hard work, but it's also a whole lot of fun! :-D So, my face is already painted and if I do say so myself? I think I could give Mona Lisa a running for that "globally known" smile. Got a lot of party prep. Let's see, what are we serving up to the princesses, knights, jaguars, tractors, and other attendees: fajitas (DH's department) Hamburger worms (with Ketchup blood and Mustard guts) Farmer*s Wife's Pinto Beans -- I rock pinto beans :-D Spanish Rice Pico de Gallo Salad Chips and Dip finger food spiders (nilla wafers sandwhiched with peanut butter and pretzel sticks for the legs; m&m eyes) Chocolate Sheet Cake (which will be spider webbed and adorned with gummy worms) Peanut Butter (sugar cookie) Pizza adorned with raisins, m&ms, etc.) Sounds yummy, huh? Then I have a couple of crafts and I'm going to have to scramble for some games unless I call my Mommy Friend from the school and ask if I may borrow some of her awesome home-made games. [I might do that. A big time saver.} Then? I gotta' clean house. Starting with the toilets. I always (or try to ALWAYS) clean the toilets when company comes over. You can have a shiny house? But, if some one goes to use the lieu? And, it's nasty? Or smelly? Or, there are remnants of others there? Yeah. Not good. They will no longer see a shiny house -- they will leave with the memory of a "not so clean" lieu. (Is that the right spelling for that? I looked it up and it isn't in my thesaurus and I can't find my dictionary at the moment). Well. Time to wake up the young one's for Friday! YAY! Party Day! Movie Night! I'll leave you with this though! It's great and mighty appropriate for a Friday! Well, the video isn't available...embedding and all, you know. So, go here for a Good Time! Happy FWFD!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Morning Blog Buddies!
So, I was super behind?  But DH took the youngins to school (which saved me about 45 minutes) and Lis said I could do the other article I wanted to submit for December!  So, now my day has really been injected with some extra time to tend to those last minute things that were added to my list yesterday.
Enough about the "List" though.  I'm on my second Super Sized mug of coffee again.  I figure it worked so well yesterday?  Then, Hey!  Let's make it my new habit!  YAY!  I did re-brew though...and just added a little scoop to it.  Otherwise?  I might end up jitterin' all day!
THE MANTRA:  So, a couple of years ago?  I read this really good book titled, "The MomsTown Guide to Getting It All".  It was written by Mary Goulet and Heather Reider.  They were featured on Dr. Phil a couple of times, the Today show, and maybe Oprah.  It's a great read!
The past week or so?  I've really had a difficult time with my Lil'Gal.  It is so awful when everything is a battle.  Everything.  She is head strong and strong willed (wonder where she gets THAT from) and I love that about her.  It just makes it really hard to get her to tow her end of the rope.
Well, I made it through last night's total meltdown without becoming physical or raising my voice.  I hate both of those.  The spanking thing is really a see-saw with me.  I feel like spanking a child controls (or not, in the case of Lil'Gal) the behavior at the moment but it doesn't teach the child how to control that behavior when in other venues where we aren't there to "control it" for them.
After making it through last night.  And, getting her into bed.  Prayers, hugs, kisses and all.  I felt validated as a Parent in doing my job well.  I was also mentally and emotional exhausted.  Though, I did have a bin full of really, awesome, cool toys to play with for the night. (LOL, I took them away as her consequence for bad behavior.)  
It's hard to maintain composure when my child is kicking, screaming, banging around, throwing stuff, and saying mean things to me -- especially when I really want to melt down myself.  [And, I have a time or two the past week and I find that is just not acceptable.]  Now you are all probably thinking I spoil my children if they exhibit that type of behavior.  I do not kinda', maybe, a little tid bit.
So, this morning?  My old Mantra popped in my head.  I pulled out the note book I dedicated just to this book and the exercises it has in it.  [If you are a SAHM or a WAHM?  You really want to read this book!  It was written just for us S-WAHMs.]
"I am a loving parent.  I am in control.  I will parent peacefully.  I will NOT explode."  So, I'm going back to this.
I have another one too, which pertains to people around me in general:
"I cannot control those around me.  I CAN control my reaction and the be stronger person."  Sounds a little like the serenity prayer, huh?
I'm also reading another book which was reviewed at Lis at Root and Sprout called, "Parenting with an Attitude...21 Questions Successful Parents Ask Themselves."  It's written by Ed Wimberly, Ph.D.  So far, I've enjoyed this read too.
So, Dave Ramsey is waiting by the bed side table.  I want to hit a couple more chapters of him this weekend.  But, my kids come first.  And, I need to refocus.  It's not just about the parties and the costumes and reading assignments.  It's about compassion, patience, and quality parenting.
I guess this is a Mommy post and I probably should have blogged it at Grow Together.  I might post it there too.  Cuz' I know there are lots of Mommies who are going through the same thing...daily.
Off to my errands and my day!  I'm going to cast my vote!!!  Doing my part!  And, I know we all have our own opinions about this that and whomever.  Vote for whom you believe in.  The important thing is that we all get out there and participate, OK? 
Happy Thursday!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Politics aside? This peeved me.....

Yeah. I'm peeved. HIGHLY, HIGHLY peeved. And, I don't care who it is running for what office....PTL? Captain of the College Football team? Team leader for the IRS? A freakin' 30 minutes of blah, blah, blah political blah, blah, blah? I mean seriously candidates? As, if the constant bombardment of commercials every five to seven minutes isn't enough? You know what? I don't like anybody! Anybody, being anyone who messes with my evening T.V. line up. Like the stupid writers strike way back when. It took the networks all that time to figure out, "Give'em their D@mn $$$. They deserve it because they are funny and entertain us." There didn't have to be a strike.  Stupid network people. Oh, and speaking of the networks. What the haybale were they thinking? "Oh, I know. If we broadcast across the board on the networks? Then, our viewers will have to watch it and we'll act like we had no choice." No choice, my piehole. While the network masters are out buying new cars, flying to Vegas and the Caribbean?? I'm struggling to get two small children in and out of the tub, separately - and the left over homework done. And, the dishes in the dishwasher. And, all before this stupid thing is over so I can watch "The New Adventures of Old Christine!" Guess what CBS and NBC? I'm watching ABC's "Pushing Daisies" from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. from now on. I have a system. And, when DH is away? It really helps keep me on task. Cuz' I'm an on task kinda' Gal. And, I have a LOT of tasks. The ones I wanna' do? And, then ones I HAVE to do before I get to do the one's I wanna' do.  And, the TV line-up keeps me on schedule. At least on Monday's and Wednesday nights from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. So, next time you are running for an office? Of any organization? Please send out a 30 minute-read pamplet. I'll be sure to read it in my "commercial" time.  As for now? I surely do not find "30 straight minutes of political sales" entertaining and relaxing. And, I don't care who you are, what party you are with, or what office you are running for. I'm Farmer*sWife. And, I approve this message. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ranting over. I just thought the whole idea was stupid. Seven days before the election? When your numbers are ahead? And, then you gotta' push the limit and screw with our Prime Time. Anyhoodle! Happy Hump-Diggity!

Jitter Bug!!

Howdy All! Just getting a post in here.  Wanted to do it way early this morning but I had other stuff on the early morning list. Man, I am so feeling back like myself entirely and completely!  On top of the world!!!! Guess what I did.  No, really -- guess?  I had 24 ounces of coffee this morning.  I DID!!!  Two carafes.  The first one tasted so good?  And, DH was taking the kids to la I had the time and I made another carafe full. That's TWO MUG fulls in my Cow Jumping Over The Sun mug!  I didn't expect to drink it all.  But, I did.  I drank the whole second one too!  While I was working on booking my Daddy's itinerary for his flight down to visit with us all and see the house (weekend after Thanksgiving!).  My brothers are coming down too and my newphew to boot! Squeeeeeeee!  I get to be the Hostess with the Mostess and lavish them in so many ways while there are here! Well, I am now off on my way to my civic service meeting, the bread store, the bank, hopefully a stop by the Library, then rush back from the city though two or three other towns to pick up the kiddos. Oh, and DH is back!  I think I mentioned that though.  Maybe that is why I feel so energized?  Cuz' I slept really well -- making up for all the sleep I usually don't get and then when he's gone it is very limited to.  I didn't even do my 3:00 a.m. wake-up and make the rounds through the house!!!! So, here's a tune for you.  It's been in my head all morning! [FYI? I had to search about six or eight of these to find one with embedding. Cuz' y'all are worth it and all!] I so crushed on him when I was a Tween Gal! ;-) So, oh, yeah!  I'm on super-drive! Happy Jumpin! Jitterin! Hump-Diggity!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fly By!!!! Tuesday's are awesome!

Geeze!  The world is a whole different place when you have coffee in your pot and you are a person who has become very used to her 4 cup carafe every morning!  I sware the birds were singing?  Though, it might have just been my ears ringing.
I will say.  One day coffee less?  I'm out of practice.  Had the maker all set up and ready to greet me with hot, warm, yummy caffeine.  So, this morning I walk in and there is no hot coffee.  *sigh*  I forgot to push the little button that tells the maker to brew at such-and-so-time.
I hit it hard last night so, I'm mostly up on my blog reads.  I mean?  There's a whole new days worth of information out there?  But, at least everyone knows I'm still following.  And, everyone is getting on the savings and coupon wagon!  I love it!  I'm finding links for all type of things I need and/or would like for free or cheap!
And, tips and tricks!  Oh, My!
And, the lunches practically made themselves this morning!  While the kids still zzzzz'd.  I love calm, quiet mornings.  I was dressed and made-up when I sounded the sweet morning wake-up call of kisses on the forehead!  They are such angels in the morning, while still in bed.  LOL!
So, the only meltdown this morning was a shoe issue.  I dodge the "I wanna' wear a miniskort when it's 43 degrees outside" tantrum.  Whew!  But, when it came down to the Barbie heels? Geeze.  So, we went round and round and then she finally decided she "wanted" to wear her tennis shoes.  Which had been left outside last night....not by me.
So, they are cold.  Out the door we go to load up and the statement comes out of my mouth for the fourth 40th time that she will be needing clean socks.   "No," she replies, "These will be fine."  
45 seconds from pulling into the school parking lot I hear, "But, MAAA-maaaaaaaa???  My socks are dirty!"  Grrrrrrrrrr!  >:-{
Yeah, so we walk in Mrs. P's class and Lil'Gal is wearing her Barbie heels in 43 degree weather but alas, the other Mommy there and Mrs. P have come to realize that Lil'Gal is hard headed and we tend to have these issues in the morning
Oh, but on an up note?  The hair went pretty well.  I had purchased some new tiny clips (we keep running out of matches....hmmmmm, wonder how that happens Lil'Gal did it!  Lil'Gal did it!). She was happy to get to open the newbies and choose a color that schemed with her outfit.
So, off  I go headed home to my duties. PTL Meeting Minutes typed up?  Check!  Notary invoice typed and delivered (via email on this one), Check!  Dogs fed, Check!  Kitchen clean, mostly.  Check!  Calendar T-kids assembly dates for the year?  Check!   Catch up in bloggie world a little?  Check!  Beds made, almost.  Check!  Has the phone rang 15 times in the last hour?  Abso-freekin'lutely!  Growl!
So next is to reload all the newly clean clothes onto the laundry gurney.  All the clothes from yesterday were dealt with last night. :-D  And, I even got a little reading in from that parenting book (it took me 20 minutes to find the thing).
I am ROCKIN' this Tuesday!!!!!
[Oooh, and Farmer*sWife has a hair appointment to get a brand new do!  No more farmer frump for me, LOL!]


Monday, October 27, 2008

AAAUGGGH! Wait for ME!!! Please???

So, I walked in the house today.  With the kids in tow, cuz' I'd only popped in to drop off the groceries and put them away before time to pick up the youngins.  And, when I got done with most [some, well half] of the "home from school and it's Monday" duty routine?  I look online? 
EVERYBODY is blogging!  AAUHGHGH!!  Wait up!  Wait for me!  I can't read ALLL of y'all that quickly.  And, when I read the first, most recent?  Then, the next ones in line either get bumped by the next most recent post, or end up at the top, or bumped by the ones I just read!  Gack!  
I'm failing.  I'm faultering.  I apologize.  This week [and last] has just been going that way.  Tonight?  I will tell the laundry to screw itself again, phillip style this time.  Or, I could just ask it to fold itself up nicely the way I like it?  Yeah, like that'll happen.
So.  Not the laundry.  Apparently?  We are required to wear clothes in public and personally I like the idea of that.  But, something.  Not my favorite Monday night T.V. line up.  And, not my wine.  But, something will give.  So, I can get through all or most of my bloggies.  I wanna' be in'da know!
(Oh, FYI?  After this morning's post?  Life got real grand.  Let me tell you.  All I can say?  Is, don't drink overly steeped hot tea on an empty stomach. fill in the blanks there.  And, don't think down?  Think -- entrance.)
And, Harry?  My Fab Pro-Homaker at  Please don't be upset with me?  But, there were no beds made in this house this morning.  And, when I look at the clock?  HOLY CRAP!  Dinner time!  
Oops, I just saw the little clock at the upper right hand corner of Macxine.  Hold on.  Ground beef? check.  Boiling water?  check.  Kay, on task.
Anyhow, obviously?  It's too dang late now to matter...  About the unmade beds that is.  And, DH isn't here.  So, I'm all "party style!"  LOL!  Just kiddin'.
I have coffee!!! Now, and for the morning!!!!
They didn't have my ultimate, expensive, favorite of Gourmet Selections from Folgers.  Yummmm, Creme Brew-Leeee. Mmmmm.  But, they had the next best thing.  In a larger quantity for a lower price...and, I had a coupon.  So, if nothing else?  At least I-have-coffee. TTL!
The big news is, I saved $19. dollars!  Plus some cents!  Yeppers!  Wow!  And, my total bill including semi-expensive meat and stuff for the kid's stupid, I hate halloween party thingie came out to $167.00. AND, that included a ton of normally expensive cleaning supplies!!   And named brand cereal, cuz DH is all over the "Special K" now....
Though.  They peeved me a little.  Because I should have had $23.00 in savings with my coupon combining.  The clerk tried this and that? Reviewed my basket.  Called the manager [look at me Harry!   Standing my ground!] and the manager said, "Um...Noooo.  We don't do that at this store."  
Stupid store.  Stupid Manager.  And, yes they do...or, at least that register did take some without realizing it was against the store policy.  [I didn't share that part.  Didn't want to lose what I'd already saved.  *smiley-wink*] Sweet Register! :-D
OK.  So enough blogging and making spaghetti and meat balls with sauce at the same time, while reading the Monday Messages from school.  Time to get the kids fed, bathed, reading done, and to bed so I can watch my fav. TV line-up from the Queen-of-Sheba tub (cuz' I deserve it).  I'll catch up with y'all while I tend to the laundry.  Yeah.  I can read and fold and hang.  It's a talent. LOL!
Happy "OMG!  Monday' almost gone!" Day!
Y'all rock!  So, wait for me....okay?


No COFFEE? Oh, My!

I'm out of coffee.
I thought I could survive until the grocery trip today.  But, I was wrong.
What shall I do.  Tea.  That has caffeine.  I'll chew the bag.
I need coffee this morning.  Of all Monday mornings.  It is incredibly hard to fight the urge to fall back into bed.  That's normally where the coffee comes in.
I didn't read last night.
I told the laundry to go screw itself with a flat head or phillips -- laundry's choice.
I didn't play in Paint shop.
What?  Coffee?  Oh, no, I'm sorry.  I'm all out.  I don't sleep as well when there is no DH in the house; particularly, on Weekdays.  [If it was a weekend?  I wouldn't be typing this.  I'd be sleeping.]
Oh-no.  I think I feel that "didn't sleep so well" headache coming on.  
Screw breakfast.  Screw the budget.  Tacos.  On the way to school.  They have coffee.
Happy Monday!  


Sunday, October 26, 2008

What's left for today?

Howdy Y'all! Well, my house smells deliciously like Pine Sol. The unfortunate thing is that when DH gets home the Pine Sol smell will have dissipated. But, clever me? I have a fix for that. Since he'll be getting in pretty late Tuesday PM (ie: dark thirty and wee close to midnight) I'm going to redo the master bath and bedroom....just a touch up...with Pine Sol again. *smiley-wink* Not the whole floor routine unless it needs it. Probably a wet wipe? Doused with the sweet aroma of lemon Pine-Sol and then I'll touch up and spread the scent around. Hey? I deserve credit. I want my credit and pats on the backs and "Honey, you rock and Pine Sol smells awesome." Then, he'll be gone crack of sunrise on Wednesday morning to help his Daddy out with the Ag Appreciation event he does once at year at his ranch. Which means? Another stay over for the boys too. DH and my BIL. [*snicker* My BIL is so going to be in the "owe it to me" with the SIL....that girlie cracks a mighty tight whip!] Me? Now, I don't have to crack the whip. Though, sometimes? When he's a piehole? I'd love to just shhhhhwaaaa-smacka-crack! Right across his hind side. Only in my mind's eye though. ;-) Though, I am sure he will be offering to pick up dinner that day and will probably pop back in the door Thursday afternoon with a bottle of wine [I didn't get one before he left, crap-diddly] and then again with the, "How much did you miss me?" And, I'll be all, "Depends on what ya' brought me!" LOL!!! Just kiddin. I miss him. I do. I miss his help with the kids too. [Don't repeat that though, his ego will swelter and fill his head with hot air.] I hope the house is fantabulously clean. Like when I returned from AR with the kids after the hurricane. Though, it was easy for him to have the house so clean -- as he was the only one in it. Without small children who travel with cato-chismic furry @$$ aliens leaving remnants of themselves behind. 
And, I'll have the laundry all put away just like he did. Though, it will be folded appropriately, the socks will actually "be sorted" and matched in the right size, to the right family member and in the correct drawer. [I had to resort all said socks? And, refold ALLLL the towels -- y'all know me. Tri-fold. NO SQUARES.] So. Now, I'm making pizza pockets. With some veggies hidden in the meat. And, then the youngins need to read for AR testing tomorrow, and bathe. And, then to bed with them so I can finish up my day:
  1. make lunches for school
  2. write notes small children can read as a surprise in their lunch
  3. clip coupons from paper
  4. review all coupons and plan grocery list for tomorrow
  5. read chapter of Dave Ramsey
  6. cut out pumpkins for the craft at Friday's I hate Halloween but the kids want a party Party
  7. Fold laundry mountain(s)
  8. plan tomorrow's day and errands
  9. drink wine
  10. play in paint program to make a "tractor" award
  11. sleep
FYI!  Lookie what I got?  You know why?  Cuz' the Queen said she did some checkin' around?  And, the costume I made Farmer, Jr. his parties for this month?  Rocked it!
Awwww.  Thanks Queen!!  You Rock too!  [And, she made this one all by herself with the tips and tricks shared by the Princess.]
I'm a lucky Gal.  I love my life.  Just wanted to be sure I shared that?  Cuz' if ya' don't appreciate what ya' have?  That's a bad thing.  At least in the little spiral binder of "The Rules" that exists in my mind.
Happy Sunday!  Enjoy it!  
[Cuz' tomorrow it'll be over, and it'll be Monday.  But, Monday's aren't so bad]  :-)


Saturday, October 25, 2008

AWARDS: You wanna' know how? Oh, yeah, you do....

      So, I had previously politely requested begged for assistance and lessons and help; groveling is actually good for a thing or two some assistance from The Fairy Princess as to how she makes all those cute, and unique awards she likes to give away. [She shares that way. Her awards.] So, being the generous extremely agitated with my constant naggity-naggity-naggin she shared her Mom says I guilted her really good! YAY! a lesson for all of us to learn how to make our own awards. It is a little lengthy? Nah, not really. I'm just lazy. So, I will direct you once more to here: The Princess Shares how to Make an Award and you can learn it for yourself!!!!! YAY!!! She rocks right?! Oh, and she even provides a tip for y'all [not me] cheaters!!!!!!! But, I'm not a cheater it didn't work for me cuz' there were no tractors. So. As soon as I find a really good really good and free Paint Program that works well with Sweet Macxine and that she is worthy of? I'll be using those rules and tools to make "My Bloggie Award!" It's coming....soon, to a blog? Near you! [Okay, Me. But, it will be available for gifting!] Yippeee--I-Oh-Ky-YAHY!!!!! Happy Sat/Sun-Day!!!! Oh, and FYI? Be sure to tell the Princess that you found her wonderful tips via me. Cuz' I want her to know how much I love her blog I want all the credit for sending her bloggies because I really do! And I thrive on appreciation and I want all the goodies she'll give me! ;-D OK. No more strike for awhile [but, I really like it.]

Stalker? ME? Nooooo...[maybe]

A few days ago the Queen offered up a little image of a furry stalker critter with glasses. She said to use it on our blogs to link to the secret bloggie we stalk. But, at the time? I was like? Stalker? ME? No, I'm an all out open reader! Open commenter. Though, I don't immediately add them to my blog roll because then I'd look all whorish, slutty, sleazy easy. And, I'm not. Those of you who are my Peeps know this about me. So, I fell into a blog the other day. I was reading a fellow bloggie and there was a link or something? I don't quite remember. The bump on the head from the fall and all, you know. So, I fell into this Mommy blog. Yeah...another one. Though, y'all know I'm not All about the Mommies. I'm also about the Potters and the Knights and the Cynical folk too. You can find proof of that on my blog roll reader thingie that sucks cuz' it doesn't always update right and I miss out on new posts. Anyhow? Today? I found myself stalking. Yep. I went...back...there. To her place. And, she made a pumpkin cake that looks like a pumpkin. For a Halloween party. And, we all know that I caved and we are now having a Fall Costume I really, really do hate Halloween Party here at Farmer*sWife's place cuz' the kids want it. I know. Get to it FW? We are all wondering who/where to find this new blog you stalk. Okay. Here it is: Another Online Mom. Like we needed another one. I mean? I'm enough, right? In all my Green fashion? Formerly Hot Pink and purple? I go green? Everyone else goes pink. What's up with that? Anyhow. Between me and kc, fairy flutters, That Was Today, the Princess, BaseBall Mom, A Mother's Walk, tt's world, the Queen and allllllllll the other Mommies I read out there, raising babies, kiddos, and adults. We didn't need another one. And, not a cute one. All great scaping her blog (though, not to be compared with Princess's Fairy Tale and Castle -- that one rocks!). And, all her recipes, and crafty thingies. Sheeze. I wonder if SHE followed ME over HERE and saw the tractor costume I made. [Squeeeeeee!, I hope so!] So, that's who/m I'm all up and stalking this week. Soon? You'll probably find her on my blog roll. But, it'll be a few dates cuz' like I said before..... Happy Stalkin' Saturday! [NO! The floors still aren't done! Geeze! Quit Naggin!] ;-D

It's almost here, that time of year....

Psssst, Farmer*sWife FW: Yeah? When you gonna' get around to cleaning me? I mean really cleaning me? You've been talking about it for days! FW: I'm workin' on it right now! Um. No. You're playing on Macxine. You know? She's really cutting into my time with the Bissell. FW: I was just takin' a break? The baseboards are breakin' my back! Well, just be sure I get the Full Monty. No skippin' corners or anything. I wanna' shine and wreak of Pine-Sol. FW: Ooooh, me too. I mean, for you. Oh, and Farmer*sWife? FW: Yes, hard floors? Please don't let me go so long next time? FW: My bad. It's a deal. ;-) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Football, Fall, Voting, Thanksgiving, Comfort Food, and more! We are about to "fall" full into the Holiday season! The time of year for giving, loving, sharing, family and good friends. When the weather begins to chill and we huddle up in toasty clothes and sip hot cocoa and spiked cider! I stole this little link from knight. It offers a choice? But, it's more about exercising a right. If the World Could Vote Happy Saturday! I'll be back with more later. I'm doing the baseboards and floors [finally because I can not stand the state of my house at this moment]...I'm also trying to catch up in blogger world with reading everyone. So far, I found a great site for meals around the table, and a great Etsy site for gorgeously beautiful aprons, A Sister Full of Savings, and some pickles and olive juice....boy, I missed a lot in a week! Dine Without Whine BooJiBoo Sisterly Savings Oh, I also learned the easiest way to bake a pork roast? Cook at 200 degrees, over-night while you are sleeping. Comes up tender enough you can make "pulled pork" from it! Easie-Peasy and YUM-YUMMIDY! Then? I learned you can boil your brauts in beer and then grill them for the grilled flavor and affect! Sounds YUM-Yummidy all over again!!! Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy FWFD Friday!!! And, the details.

Howdy All! Yeah, so BBMom Gal hit the nail on the head for my Friday anacronym. [Do you know I've checked the spelling of "anacronym" but blogger spell check says it's wrong? No wonder I'm losing spelling skills. It's not me? It's Bleepin' Blogger! Criminy!] Yeah, so Happy FWFD Friday stand for: Happy "Farmer*sWife's Favorite Day" Friday! Way to go BaseBall Mom! So, the party was a hoot and a hit. A fellow Mom and crafty Gal [and I think tighter on a budget than me and way more craftie time with a 13-14 month old in tow] planned the games and did A-W-E -- S-O-M-E! Awsome! The kids me, me, and, um, me were totally worn out at the end. I got to head up the Painting Pumpkins. A few fellow Mom's tried to fight it out with me cat and dog style in the parish hall help with my duty. But, seein' as it was MY PAINT...and, all. They left me alone. [OK, we really didn't fight about it? They offered and I requested they "back away from my duty and painting area." LOL! I was the big joke! It was fun! And, I was still in charge of painting pumpkins...] So we did the relays, took a pic of all the group, a Daddy filled in for the Mama and printed all the pics for the frames the kids made. They played some other games and then ate? And, we provided an "approved/preferred" alternative snack list and there were no tons of cupcakes and million, kazillion candy bars. Following is my "Happy FWFD Friday Vloggie!" And, below are the pics of my children and their costumes and some party'in fun! Lil'Gal and Farmer, Jr. dressed and ready to enter the classroom! Tractor Close Ups:  [Pics don't do it justice.  I need video.  But, my video camera, as awesome as it is?  Is outdated for bloggie world.  Hmmmm.  Totally need to save up my gifts for a new one.  So long as I can sell my old one.  Cuz' it is an awesome video camera.  Just not for vlogging.] Yeah. I know. I forgot the smoke stack. But, that would have been intricate and I didn't have time for intricate. And, I most certainly would not allow a droop smoke stack. So, it is what it is. But, for first time out of the shoot and no pattern? I think it turned out mighty grand! Lil'Gal's night in shining armor.  Her and "Six year old" [her crush] are "tabled" together in class.  She and [her crush] were all sweet and tight last year too.  Though, last year he introduced himself as, "Hi!  I'm D-man, Five-year-old D-man.  I was Four-year-old D-Man, but now I'm five."  Totally cute.  Oh, and his birthday is a week into the new school year. So, when school started this year I walked up to him and said, "Hi! I'm Farmer*sWife. Lil'Gal's Mom. Are you Six-year-old D-Man?" To which he replied, "No, but next week I will be. This week I'm still Five." [;-D He's super cute and super sweet. No wonder Lil'Gal crushes on him.] Here's Lil'Gal though with the sweater and the front of the head vale?  She looks like a "Gramma."  Don't tell her though.  I think the glasses kicked off that look.  She was pretty as a Princess after it warmed up and the sweater came off, and she had her flowers in hand. Lil'Gal's BFF.  Mrs. J is a Jaguar today.  J stands for Jaguar.  She and Lil'Gal are inseparable?  And, all about accessorizing and polish, etc.  Ladies Gals. Oh Happy Day! I heart Fridays.

All I the moment!

I love this song! This is the cutest movie [Fox and the Hound II]! OK. Well, I'm going to eat my lunch [salad] and then I'll have about 15 minutes I should use to clean my filthy, disgusting, floors. But, I think I'm going to walk the bloggie block and catch up a few. Then, I'll pony-up and Gallop my way to the school for the fall party. Rest assured? Upon my return? I'll serve up a Texas sized glass of wine or a Shiner Bock our two [as soon as it's five o'clock somewhere] and I'll catch ya' up on everything. I'll also have the tractor and the princess pics! Happy FWFD Friday! [Bonus Points of you can translate my anacronym!]

Thursday, October 23, 2008

And, on the Thursday night? She rested.

Okay. PTL meeting was a success, with the exception that like four family's parents showed. The Pres and his wife, they brought the home-made chili...YUM! Me and DH, and kids, we brought the salad, and tea. Mrs. P. the principal. And two other Dads. Shame for shame. We offer them food? To be involved? And, they only come if their children are on stage and displayed. Well, we worked out the fall fund raiser and yada-yada-yada I'm tired and sleepy and DH said he'd watch more T.V. for me so I can fall asleep in the same bed, but before -- the snore factor. I was gonna' blog in there but the timing runs a half a second or two or three slower and I was here and all. So. Oh, so, I better be quick and nimble here before he changes his mind. I would have blogged earlier but Tech Guy a/k/a TG was accessing my LT to set up some stuff for DH. Yeah. The PC? Kinda' not over the stroke entirely. Poor Gal. So, she'll have to go in for rehab and become the kids computer for all the stuff they can do and papers and typing practice, etc. But, she will no longer work for us. Shame. [Moment of silence....I think my Love of Macxine? Might have been too much for her. It might have broke her PC heart-drive.] Anyhow. DH? Seein' me all Gal Pals with Macxine? And, I do share....grudginly... He's been needing wanting a LT for several years to upgrade the farm and save double work by logging all the calculations of this field and that field and what fertilizer at what % and what the moisture was and yada-yada farming has gone waaaay high tech. But, instead? They all got PCs from Dell at the office. Then comes? The era of the LT. BIL and SIL replace their deceased PC with a LT, Dell. [Suckers!] So, TG, picked up a fantabulously wonderific AirBook for DH [through the farm y'all] and TG gets a discount cuz' he industrious and all. That's why he was accessing my Sweet Macxine to get all our settings "in sync." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So. The tractor costume is complete! And, I will squeeeeeee with pleasure considering that I made the whole idea and pattern up and it fell together in 30 hours quite nicely [I sew, on a machine? But, I am NO SEEMSTRESS.] I'll take pics in la manana of the kids in their costumes! Oh, and I could tell Lil'Gal was feelin' a little left out since she already has tons of costumes and such and Mama wasn't working on anything "special" for her. [Though, I did pick up some new costume kiddie princess jewelry the other day to surprise her with.] But, since she changed dresses at the last minute and final hours of the evening? And, I don't have any fabric to make something fantabulously princessical out of? I took some left over tulle from another project, some fake flowers from a little bushel from a couple of previous parties, some pipe cleaner, fishing line thread and...whala! She now has a veil to wear in the morning and a set of flowers that match said veil [and kinda' match the rosebuds on the dress] so she can be a "Wedding Princess." She really loves to put scarves on her head and carry flowers around the house all dressed up. Like she's getting married. I'm thinking? My last minute surprise? Will be a thrill!!! Oh, and we put spongy rollers in her looooong hair! Total Princess alert will be going on in the morning, all curls and tundrils. Sheesh. It is so awesome to be a Mama who rocks! I'll let y'all know the full response tomorrow with some pics. I want to let/coerce DH into taking them? But, he hasn't been trained in full tie-ing of the tractor costume skills. And, he doesn't know how to readjust a tiara-veil. Oh, and he doesn't know how isn't allowed to use my awesome Cannon Rebel Digital It's a Mamma's job! I'm so tired and in need of sleep proud and lucky to be their Mama. If I can rock it through tomorrow afternoon? It'll be a crap shoot until MY Mama comes out. We visit. Kids watch Movie night. DH leaves at 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning for a Pheasant Hunt [it's a sales related appreciation thing] and I make cupcakes for 40 plus people for the church Fall Social CCD [I'm a teacher/gotta' be there] dinner and I make it through..... Man, life rocks! Happy "Farmer*sWife's Favorite Day of the Week" Friday!!!! [I seriously need an anacronym for that!] Editors Note: Crap-diddly! DH just turned the TV off. Now? I have to wait out the snore...factor afterall. *sigh*

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holy Bloggie-ville Batman!

Okay. So, I don't really know Batman. But, it goes well with things. Like, "Robin [pause] to the Bat Car!" Anyhow....when did my bloggie neigborhood start the party! I got back in today and everyone bloggied! Of course, that happened the day before yesterday -- I think that's when it was -- and again? I have missed my reads! When I get there? I've missed multiple post and so I read'em to get caught up and not wanting to be the one not "in the know" you know. And, so then? When I hit the reader again? Holy Cow BatMan! I'm sending up the bat light as an SOS! I either need to read quicker, type quicker, or...stay up late hours into the wee-night. If I haven't read you or commented? You are in my mind. My fingers are itchin' to throw one of my catch phrases at you! But, I still have to clean the range top left over from yesterday's casserole [apparently? I didn't get to it, after all.] Hide the laundry gurney [didn't get to that today either.] And, lock myself in the computer/guest/workout/craft/sewing room to finish the boxes that are to be stuffed and decorated in true John Deere Tractor Style! Flu shots for me and the DH tomorrow and I have to make salad for an oh, I don't know, 30-40 parents or more for the PTL meeting tomorrow evening. The new "Pres." is a manly man who loves to grill and smoke meat and cook up good yums. So, in an effort to increase parental attendance he decided to provide dinner. Chili. But, being a Manly man? He forgot that some might want crackers, salad, and maybe even something to drink....with their chili. My job. YIKES! Oh, what a lucky Mama I am though! To have a life that is so full! I know, there I go again. Braggity-braggity-brag! And, Lis at Root and Sprout is still looking for some funny articles to laugh about and I have one in my mind -- should I not lose momentum. It involves: children, arguing, fighting, sneaking, lying, lying about fighting, driving me to my Rosie Beeeeeep limit.... And, the fact that life isn't always fair and we don't always end up with the same score at the end of the day. But,, like vegetables in our diet? It all usually evens out at the end of the week. Oh, and add who can color faster, and who is bugging who by what noise they are making or song they are singing -- to which I have now found myself saying to them "STOP! Talking. To each other. To yourself. AT ALL..........[silence] because it is bothering....ME. [Those were really just notes for myself. And, no, I'm not that bad only mostly sometimes when I have a kazillion things to get done and the whining and whimpering keeps slowing me down. There's AND mine.] Okay, so off to the sewing room. Wait, right after I clean the range top, right after I move the laundry gurney....right after I break up this argument! Hump-Diggity! The Happy [gripy] Farmer*s Wife Way!

Normal! Fantabulistic!

Who wants to be normal. Not special, not unique? Just plain ol'normal. Well, today? Farmer, Jr. is normal! The results from his big ol'MRI! Yeah! Normal news? Is great, GREAT news! So, we'll go from here. Maybe he needs a shoe insert or something. Who knows. He still does the tippie-toe thing and as he's growing inches each night [okay, maybe millimeters and centimeters but I sware it seems like inches] the tippie toe thing is becoming more prominent and an even more regular thing in his gate. But, it's all right! Cuz' no teathered cord or even better? No "T" word. I knew there wasn't. But, as parents we still have to play it on the safe side and rule it out! YAY! So, there's the update in that. Now? I just got back from an out of town notary and I have to run into the "city" to get my jobs overnighted. And, I have to get the laundry gurney out of our bedroom before DH flips his lid loose. I told him to bare with my while I continued to expel the evils of the sinus infection/cold thingie from my system. But, I think sixs days is about the max he can take of my floundering. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've then got to return home to begin cutting and sewing on the green and black and yellow fabric I purchased Monday to start and hopefully, finish a wearable work of art finish up the minor details all the details on Farmer, Jr.'s Tractor Costume for the school party on Friday. Yeah. I'll get it done though. Because I'm secretly Wonder Woman, Super Mom, and Martha Stewart with a little "I Dream of Jeanie" and "Samantha" mixed in. If I could only master the cross armed blink or the nose twitch. "Twinkle-tink-tinkle-tink!" Nope, still didn't work! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh, and a quick Nag. I know I've mentioned it before? And, I know a few of you {the bachelors and non-parenting readers} may not be interested....but, for the Mommies? And, any Daddy's that might read me? Please click this link to check out the Root & Sprout e-zine! Lis is working so hard to grow this project and several of us Mommies are really committed to getting the word out! You can find more about it (and read some of me in there too) here! Oh, and pop into Grow Together which is a parenting network group! Also, related to the Root and Sprout E-zine! You can join the group as a member! I would love for the membership to pop up over there to 100 before the end of the hour, day, week Month! It would be something great to gift Lis with for all her efforts and hard work. You know you can bloggie there too, if ya' want. Make friends. Start a quorum and ask questions at your place for other parents to come by and's worlds of fun and insightfull too! Have a Wonderiffically Fabutastic and Normal Hump Diggity! [Oh, crap-diddly! It IS Hump Diggity! Anyone seen my super powers or my cape lying around?]

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Art of a Ramble.

Typically?  I'm pretty good at this multi-tasking thing.  But, either I am slowing down or everyone else is getting better at it.  Because I'm usually ahead of the game and now I rolling down the hill with the ball.  No fair. So, as I type this?  I'm preparing the chicken spaghetti casserole for dinner tonight so it may begin baking while we are on our way home from gymnastics.  Whatever remnants of this casserole are left will also be my lunch, with a side of salad. I cut out the little pumpkins and faces to decorate the invitations for our "Fall Costume Oh, how I hate Halloween Party" for the kids and parents on the 31st. It is to become? An, annual thing....until the kiddos are old enough to no longer care or I throw up my hands and say "screw" it with a flat head driver. Hold on. Have to warm the cooked chicken and start the spaghetti boilin! Kay, all that, casserole made, emptied the dishwasher and cleaned up the mess! Fast, huh? Yeah, anything is possible in bloggie world! Sure the range top is a mess. But, I'll get to that. Oh, and gymnastics? Great time to do homework with Farmer, Jr., review spelling words, read an extra book for AR reading [him, not me] and review memory verse and flash cards on the way home. Yep...I do that. Every minute counts and no my eyes don't leave the road. I show the card, he reads that math problem and here's the trick! I already know the answers! That always helps! Well. Gotta get these invites finished. Lots of pumpkin faces to be glued on. I know. Why don't I just print them. Why do I have to be so crafty...I tried? Really. But, alas....I had to do it right. The ME way. So, yes I do tend to make more work for myself. But, oh well. So be it. Oh, Geeze! I totally forgot to blog about my dream last night! I wanted to start a night club? With onsite child care! Yeah! Totally! And, it so made sense in my dream. Except for the alcohol being served to parents who had to drive children home. But, that's when I decided to add a hotel upstairs. Then, some other person who I was brain storming with? In the park while the children played on the monkey bars? Expressed concern that the patrons wouldn't be able to afford child care since I insisted the child care all have degrees in working with children. To which I replied, "That is why the child care is free. The food and booze sales will totally cover the expense! It's the perfect idea and a service to all us parents who never get out!!!" My point was made. In my dream I was making notes, and lists, and drawing pictures and diagrams of how the whole place was going to be set up. it was so real? That this morning I double checked my note pad to see if maybe I actually wrote it all down. Nope. Bummer. The coolest thing? About the whole night club? Was the "drop in" glass stair case with dark purple and hot pink lights flashing from underneath. Patrons to the club checked in and then walked up these awesome glass stairs and into the bar, dance, and family area! It was awesome! Benadryl rocks, right? Happy Tuesday To Ya!

Monday, October 20, 2008

In the Window of the Castle....

Boy Howdy! Lemme' tell ya'? Last night I was all skip-to-my-lou and ready for Monday. This morning? Not so much. I did manage to get the kids to school irresponsibly late, but timely for the pledges. They were well fed and full of piggies in blankets and juice, barretts in the hair, shoes on, "cowgirl up cap" on for me and the box of cowboy tissues -- because, A Gal has to accessorize. Yep. Yep. Tylenol and sudafed taken in route which kicked in, finally, half way to the pumkin' patch. And, had ran it's course and been eliminated half way in route back to school. One loud video and five happy children chiming in to the "yodelin' cowboy." :-D That was not the face I made. But, it was a great trip and wonderful weather. Last year we ate lunch there in sweltering heat. Mrs. P was smart this year with a crisp and early trip. For that, I was :-D. And, we got lots of little pumkins to paint at the party on Friday. So, I walk in the door ready to hit the couch, bed, floor rest of my day and I tripped over Gremlins on their way out. Crap-Diddly! And, the sons-of-bleaches left dishes and trash scattered about! The beds were all unmade! Probably multiplying... fast and furry little suckers, they are. Anyhow, seein' as I was starving and in great need for more tylenol? I hit the fridge and ravaged every container of left overs made myself a fantastic fiesta taco salad so that I could get right to work on the house...well fed and energized! Then? I caught the cricket and fed him to the frog in the jar. [I caught a frog last night while DH investigated the strange noise outside Lil'Gal's window.] Then, I changed laundry and made wasted five minutes strewn across the bed. Well, one of them. But, THEN? I loaded my webpages and tabs and read my comments while checkin out the latest happenings in my bloggie neighborhood. Guess what?? The Princess from One More Fairy Tale has given me a room in her castle! Yeah, if you go there [I sware if the click linkie thing doesn't work I'm going to flip my lid] and scroll down a bit you will see me on the right? Looking out my window (the one with the corn growing out of it) and enjoying a nice BIG glass of wine! [She knows me well already!!!] Pretty cool! Yeah, so I totally snaked it. It's over on my side bar ;-D. Cuz' I don't know how to make stuff like that. Heck. I'm still trying to get a stupid text box in the tractor pic I downloaded for the "sexy tractor" award I was makin' to give to all my bloggies!!!
I'll get back to that as soon as I make the invitations for our "Fall Costume I hate Halloween Party" on the 31st, make the tractor costume for Farmer, Jr. for Friday's school costume party, clean the house, prepare the casserole for tomorrow's dinner [it's Gymnastics day], paint the example pumkin for the party on Friday and locate my brain.
And, the best part about Mondays???  CBS has a great T.V. line up!  Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  So this evening?  I'm going to lock the doors to the bathroom and fill up the Queen of Sheba tub [and, the wine glass -- they go hand in hand after all] while ignoring the rapping at the door....:-)


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Back with a Vigilance!!!!

Oh, yeah!  I'm back baby!  I might feel a little crappy and horse manure-ie in the morning?  But, once I pop that tylenol and a big, Hot Cup of Joe?  In my "Potter's Blog" mug?  I'll be rockin' the world and on my way -- to the Pumpkin patch!  Yeah Baby! Because?  Mama's aren't allowed to be down.  Oh, yeah.  Those germs beat me.  They hit me hard, and where it counts.  My brain, my nostrils, my ears....and, my achy body parts. But, when a Mama get's knocked down?  She gets up again.  And, I'll just say? I'll be rockin and working out while drinkin' my coffee and painting my face pumkin-purty in the early hours of the mornin' to the tune....of....this. Your welcome!!! Lil'Gal loved it too! She danced to bed, singing it! Hoo-yah! Happy Hippity-Monday!!!!!!!! Enjoy the madness with some Monday gladness!!!! Spread it around, baby! Spread it... ;-D

Any given Snotty Sunday!

She's alive!!! Yes! Our priest was sick this morning so early mass got out really early....which is a good thing because now I don't have to feel guilty about skipping. Because, technically? I didn't. He did. ;-D I found out in the drive through line of our local Mom and Pop taqueria. Some of our morning church breakfast crowd popped to the window to tell me. I shared that I was sick and they, of course, immediately backed away from my window. I didn't take it personally. I almost didn't make the trip in for the tacos for me and the youngins. But, DH was working the church bar-b-que fundraiser -- cutting brisket. And, I was pretty sure he'd helped himself to a taco on the way in this mornin.' And, seein' as how I missed out last week due to Lil'Gals diarrhea incident....I pulled myself together enough and we all loaded up to hit the drive though. The kids enjoyed this too as they were able to load up in their jammies, all white trash and shoeless. I did dress. And, put on my CowGirl Up Cap....cuz' I was Dealin' with It. That, being miserable sick and all. Anyhow, when DH got home he volunteered to take the kiddos to their b-day party in town so I could rest. So, I did actually lay down for about twenty minutes -- that shortly turned into two hours! WOW! What a wonderfully, yet guilting, waste of time! And, it was fabulous! I woke up feeling Fabulicious, almost. I meanedered to the kitchen to find some food for my medicine/dingy head cold sinus crap and chatted a few with Sweet D on aim. Then, I told her I should shout out to those of you who have shared concern and best wishes for me. Thanks!
Well, with that I still have all those clothes to fold.  And, I have to make the invitation to hand out tomorrow for our little Fall Costume "Halloween" party.  I'm sure once the family returns here shortly?  I'll be expected to be up to true fashion.  Because, Mama's aren't supposed to be sick.  It just doesn't work that way.
I tried to find the country song that goes with this....about, "and I thought I was strong."  It was talking about the Mama of the house.  But, I couldn't find it.  So.  Bleep.  This is all you get.
Hey look!  Embedding is allowed!!!!  
Happy [un-snotty] Sunday!!!!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Piss & Moan Day! On a Saturday!!! Hip-Hip Hurray!!!!

Howdy All!'s a Piss and Moan Day!  We all know what that means?  Go grab yourself a beer!  Or a vodka tonic!  Or, something with strawberries and alcohol, or whatever your likin!  Cuz' a Piss and Moan day can't be shared if we aren't all partakin' of something relaxingly intoxicating!
[On that note....I used to could spell better than spell check.  Seein' as how my ears and eyes are on fire?  I'm about ready to disable the bleepin' spell check and leave y'all to a new world without spelling boundaries.  I've decided it's fun to spell words - how they actually sound!  Farmer, Jr. is teaching me this skill and I'm kinda' starting to get where he is coming from.]
Anyhow.  The vlog will be up shortly. Oh, and lookie there? It's conveniently up now that you are reading this! Though, by the time you've seen this?  I'm probably one of three:
a) folding laundry
b) finishing the pitcher of vodka lemonade directly from the pitcher
c) napping my sinus thingie away
Oh, or I might be makin' Mojitos as I've finished the Vitamin C lemonade and Vodka germ killer mixation.  Since DH should be returning with the Rum anytime soon.
Want me to vlog later?  When, I'm all giddily happy and full of booze?  
Well, DH's to do list is to install the tin in my kitchen that I ordered and received in January of this year.  But, he says he has to "watch the video online again to remember how to do it." Bull-patty.  He just wants a good excuse I'll accept to use my LapTop.  
Well that ain't gonna' happen.  Unless, I'm plastered with Vodka and Rum.  Okay.  It might happen.
Happy Saturday!!!  Drink up to build up tolerance to those Germs!!!!


Cement sinuses and an award, oh my!

Apparently?  The allergie infestation I experienced most/all of yesterday?  Was the beginnings of a sinus infection.  I took some medication last night, sudaphed and tylenol, because I'm simple that way.  And, it worked to stop the drowning of phlem as I passed out quickly to sleep.
[Apparently?  If you go to bed at 11:pm, wake up at 3:a.m., and stay up until 9:pm, or so, the next day?  It will cure insomnia for one night -- well, half the night.  I still woke up at 3:am again....but, I had asphalt in my nose.]
Since we apparently don't have a jack-hammer that I could fit in the back of my throat or up my nostril, I'm settling for a large MUG of hot coffee.  I'm hoping it will melt the asphalt cemented to my sinus cavity enough that I can expel it with a loud series of disgusting noises.
Enough about that, though.  I think you all get the point and fully understand my circumstances this morning.
So, I was reading Queen of No Mans Land [She's Fairy Princess's Mommy] and she was continuing her trip around the Good'ol USA! [That reminds me of a Faith Hill song.]
Anyhow, since she visited me and I'm included in the documentary of her trip? She left me an award at her place!!! YAY! Not that I'm an award WH@re OH, yes I AM, but I didn't want to offend her and I really want to bolster my trophy case!!! so I took it and said Thank You.
Apparently? She visits me often. I might, be so bold and conceited? To say, daily??? And, she's good with comments too because she knows I'm also a comment WH@re I really enjoy hearing from all y'all! She has requested that I curse more...I curse all the time! I just have to melt it into my brain in code so that the children don't get caught quoting Mama at school/church/the in-laws/in public. She's been going through my archives though. And, in the old days I was really good with the WTF and some other terms like $h!t, etc.
So, hopefully, she can find some juicy words there! LOL!
Well.  I'm still miserable and DH is on one of his "let me help you clean this house because it's a mess [all the while insinuating that I don't bust my @ssets cleaning it every day]." Yeah. When he helps? It's a big production. I live by the "See a mess? Clean a mess" rule. No huff. No puff. Just clean the house up. Sheeze. Anyhow. I'll be back later. Happy Saturday! I think the weather is going to be terrifically pleasant around here!!! :-D


Friday, October 17, 2008

There's an easier way Martha Stewart!

Don't you just love Maxine? *Martha's Way* Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of an ice cream cone to prevent ice cream drips. *Maxine's Way * Just suck the ice cream out of the bottom of the cone, for Pete's sake! You are probably lying on the couch with your feet up eating it, anyway! *Martha's Way* To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes.
*Maxine's Way* Buy Hungry Jack mashed potato mix. Keeps in the pantry for up to a year. *Martha's Way* When a cake recipe calls for flouring the baking pan, use a bit of the dry cake mix instead and there won't be any white mess on the outside of the cake.
*Maxine's Way* Go to the bakery! They'll even decorate it for you. *Martha's Way* If you accidentally over salt a dish while it's still cooking, drop in a peeled potato and it will absorb the excess salt for an instant 'fix-me-up.'
*Maxine's Way* If you over salt a dish while you are cooking, that's too bad. Please recite with me the real woman's motto: 'I made it, you will eat it and I don't care how bad it tastes!' *Martha's Way* Wrap celery in aluminum foil when putting in the refrigerator and it will keep for weeks.
*Maxine's Way* Celery? Never heard of it! *Martha's Way* Brush some beaten egg white over pie crust before baking to yield a beautiful glossy finish.
*Maxine's Way* The Mrs. Smith frozen pie directions do not include brushing egg whites over the crust, so I don't. *Martha's Way* Cure for headaches: take a lime, cut it in half and rub it on your forehead. The throbbing will go away.
*Maxine's Way* Take a lime, mix it with tequila, chill and drink! 'All' your pains go away. *Martha's Way* If you have a problem opening jars, try using latex dishwashing gloves. They give a non-slip grip that makes opening jars easy.
*Maxine's Way* Go ask that very cute neighbor if he can open it for you. *Martha's Way* Don't throw out all that leftover wine. Freeze into ice cubes for future use in casseroles and sauces.
*Maxine's Way* Leftover wine??????????? HELLO !!!!!!!
Personally?  I thought the tip about celery and the potato to absorb salt were quite useful.  I already knew the one about the lime, but I prefer Vodka, as everyone well knows by now.


MRI: Update, and other stuff.

We are back!  All went well.  Of course, once you get there (and, I've been through this a time, or two, or three) they tell ya' all the blah, blah and then the risks and then I always get a little ancy and suddenly I had this feeling that maybe I should just swoop up my boy and exit outa' there.
But, they know what they are doing.  [Or, so we have to believe and trust and have faith in the guy upstairs lookin' out for us.]  Anyhow.  Farmer, Jr. has been through some anesthesia before (the whole appy thing) and came out sleepy but starving!
This time...I was prepared for the same.  Me and Sweet D gave him several offers of what he would like to eat once we left.  The nurses said, clear liquids and bland diet.  Me, the Mom, is thinking you don't know my kid.  The boy will want food.
And, he did.  But, when we walked in?  He threw up the blue gatorade they gave him prior to leaving.  I don't know why they do gatorade?  If I'm nauseous?  Gatorade will surely push me over the limit.  He apparently?  Kept down the apple juice.  But, that's just from a Mom's perception of the liquids that exited his mouth.
Poor Little Guy.  So, I took him to the vehicle to relax and Sweet D went back in to get him some macaroni and cheese, and some mashed potatoes.  [These were mentioned by the nurse as acceptable.]
We get home, and though still a little queasy -- Farmer, Jr. can wait no more.  He is very hungry.  He is not one to skip breakfast, or any meal.  Three or four bites and "yumming" to himself...he decided to take a break (fearful of the nausea).
A little while later?  He was back for a second course.  Everything went well for the MRI and apparently the pics came out well.  Though, I have to wait until Monday to call the Neurologist's office for the results and reading.  [As much as this exam cost?  You would think they would kindly call me.  But, apparently, it doesn't work this way.]
As I left this morning DH said, "Be safe, good luck, and....I hope this isn't all for nothing."  I know what he meant because he didn't want Farmer, Jr. to have to be under anesthesia for no reason.  But, still?  I thought to myself, "I hope it IS all for nothing.  And, that there is no severe issue to be dealt with."  My thinking in this is to rule out the nasty words that were unlikely, but still a possibility.  Like...the "T" word.
So.  All is well.  And, we are home and hoping for all the good news to come.
On a side note.  I awoke at 3:00 a.m. this morning.  Actually, Farmer, Jr. woke me to snuggle up in my spot.  So, I made a potty break only to come back to DH snoring.  So, I went to Farmer, Jr.'s wait and anticipate my phone giving me the wake-up buzz at 4:00 a.m.
Yeah.  So, I'm pretty sleepy.  
Today is my Fab FIL's birthday.  And, I believe we are all going out to dinner to celebrate. Which is great!  Except that I don't know if I'll make it that long.  Unless, my Little Man will let me lay next to him and sleep through the cartoons.  Until, I leave to pick up Lil'Gal.  But, that is all a bore to you so not sure why I'm sharing.
Oh, yeah. So, I can get those sweet pity comments ;-).
I'm peaved that my stupid click links never work -- or, hardly ever.  Bleep!  So, here are the web sites to cut and paste so you can check out all the deals Harry shares with us and maybe get an award at "Fairy Princess'" place.
One More Fairy Tale
Happy Yippidy-Doo-Daaa Friday!!!!!!!
[And, don't forget my reverse meme if you haven't already participated!!!!!  ;-D ]


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reverse Me Me!

My Epiphany tonight....Reverse MeMe. 
Everyone sends out these MeMes and then "requires' that so and so, tag so many, and yada, yada, yada......  Don't we all know enough about ourselves?  And, if our bloggies read us?  They know us pretty well too.
I mean, when we think about it?  If one of us was the ultimate stalker?  We would have a facet of knowledge about.....oooooh, me and you...and, maybe him, and her.  Or, it might just be fun to quiz ourselves about how much we know about each other.
So?  Meeeeeee [I should totally patten my idea, but I will be tied up at the children's hospital for four hours give or take in the wee hours of the morning and some pre-teen will have beat me to it...but, we know.]  Alas, I digress....
Oh yeah? Meeeee!  I have the great idea!  WHAT do YOU know about ME?
A/K/A How well do you know Farmer*sWife:
So, comment your answers in order, or link to your own blog if your answers are lengthy and philisophical, cuz I want to read those for sure. [And, spelling doesn't count because I'm tired, in an akward blogging position and my fingers are dyslexic when I'm in a hurry -- that's the truth.]
1) What is my total personal outlook?
2) What's my fallicy?
3) What's my favorite thing?
4) What's my favorite drink? (this one can be tricky)
5) What drives me nutty to bleeeeep-ville?
6) What's my  favorite replacement term?
7) What's my favorite curse, that you've notice I use, but not the same as #6?
8) What do you know about me that I don't?
9) What should I know about myself that would help me improve upon myself?
10) What should I know about myself that you think I shouldn't change?
11) What, should I know about you....that I could thrive on and make each day happier for you?
12) What is your favorite thing...about, Farmer*sWife's blog?
Happy Meme!!!!!!  Oh, you can totally steal this too!!!!  I think it's a rockin' awesome idea!
Bloggies rock!!!  I'll catch ya' after the long, akward morning!!!
Happy early Friday!!!!!!


A Fairy Tale Award!

So, I've been visiting a "True Fairy Tale Princess" and her magical castle!  She always has One More Fairy Tale to share! And, today? She shared awards....color coded for our blogs! Here's mine? I'm going to display it on the left side bar along with my other sweet awards!! Isn't that sweeeeet! Yeah. But, you can't have one. Nope. It's a long hard detailed process to earn one of these personalized awards for your page. I mean, it wouldn't be as simple as clicking here and commenting. No way. Everyone knows you can't get a nice, stylish award that even matches your blog there. So, don't bother. Cuz' only like three of us commented made the cut. And, the Princess in her fairy tale castle? Is very particular. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And, on this note? Of, Pimpin! Me? Not "One More Fairy Tale" princess...cuz' I don't think I pimped her out? Did I? I'm always popping in at Harry's Place and constantly getting the hook up for coupons....Not just any coupon. But, like free Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaners, and a $1.50 off Fantastic, and tons of other stuff. I've gotten free Oprah Magazines, a Free Zip Lock vacuum package, and so many other things! FREE! Or, cheap! Oh, and recipes? And, tips to make a home cooked meal every night? Even, if you are working at the office or out of the home. So, there's another Pimp right there. Maybe y'all visit Harry but don't comment. Sheeze. Y'all don't know what you are missin' over there. So, pop in. Click the link here and check it out!!!!! Happy Day!!!!!


Tick Tock? I don't get it but it sounds good.

Yeah. So, I'm turning into Big G [gary at potter's blog, that' my new nick name for him...I think it's cute! What da'you think?] So, three posts today? But, I'm making up for what y'all will miss from me tomorrow. And, the first post this morning doesn't totally count? Well it does. But, that's my morning wake-up ramble with the coffee. Anyhow. Checking my email and I popped in for some sounds. This wasn't the sounds I had in mind but then I saw it and was curious and it's really catchy! Although, I don't really understand anything about it. Except the four minutes to save the world. But, what's the rest of the video about?? I will say? Yep. Madonna still has it -- she's fifty now, I believe. And, Justin? Sweet Little Justin T? Ooooh, didn't he grow up to be a sweet hottie! Yep. And, with is one more from the Country Gal's speakers: Yeah. He wrote this one too. The boy's got talent that crosses the boundaries. His Mama is so proud. Reba is the Queen of Country; well. She took over after Patsy and Loretta.... And, Barbara Mandrel too. Reba Rocks though! What would you do with four minutes and one promise? My glass is swelling. Just with all the thoughts in my mind. I was counting those blessings again. Life is good. And, I've got three notary jobs, maybe four lined up. Farmer*sWife's gonna' have some cash! I told you it was going to be a good day. Happy Thursday! I really hope it tops out for you. ;-)

Because I'm NEEDY that way.

Yes, I am.  I'm needy.  My BB [Blog Buddy who exposed me to bloggie world and thus my passion and blogging addiction] told me I'm needy.  Cuz' I'm all out pimpin' myself for some comments. I opened Macxine and there was only one comment in my inbox.  I thought, "Well, it's still early.  And, people have jobs to get do, children to tend to (like me, but I got an extra free 40 minutes as DH took said youngins' to school), and pets, and other things to do....besides comment to me." Still?  I'm needy.  Where is everyone?  It's all snuggly and rainy and what I really wanna' do? Really, really, REALLY?? Snuggle up with a big soft and poofy blanket and watch T.V., read, and nap in and out. OK. Nap first...then some reading which will probably ultimately end up in some more nappy and then some T.V. But, I feel guilty. Yep. Cuz' my floors need the full out Bisselling and I haven't gotten back to that. Only the kitchen and dining area -- twice. Bissell's standing in the bedroom. Waiting for me. Calling to me when I walk by. And, I have projects. I need to go to the office and print my notary job. And, the note to the parents for the school party next week. And, finish the pages I started scrapping this summer. And, a whole lot of catch up there. And, set up an invitation for a little gathering on October 31st since I don't really believe in the whole trick-or-treat thing [I hate all the candy] but the kids want to play dress-up that day. So, I gotta' get something together on that. But, I don't wanna'. I'm lacking motivation. Well, that's not right. I have motivation....I'm just lacking energy...because it's all I can do to keep the eye lids open right now. I am sooooo sleepy. I drank my coffee. It was kind of bitter. Guess I wasn't in the mood for hazelnut. So, anyhow. Here's pimpin' me! See? When y'all pop in and say nice things? I get all addicted to you. And, I keep poppin' back in for the ego poof! Happy Thursday! Send me some comments! Love'em. I'll comment back. I can't help it. Share the love....with me. OK. Enough nagging. Enough whining. Enough begging about comments and me. What about you? Tell me about you? It's not all about me...inquiring minds want to know and I'm an inquiring person. Share the love. And, be needy. It's nice sometimes. [Oooh, someone just popped me a comment :-D ]

Like I said, There's always sumthin'!

Always sumthin'.  DH woke at the crack of night fall again.  I think Mrs. Moon was just gettin' her groove on.  I sware I'd only been alseep for a few minutes when the alarm blared next to me.  [Ewww.  My coffee is a little bitter this morning.]
Anyhow, second BEEEEEP! BEEEEP!  "Wake the yakitty-yack up!" from the alarm clock and DH gets out of bed.  To get on the treadmill again.  I sware his sneakered up feet hit the floor of the house like bricks!  He pounded his way into the computer/workout/guest room and then "Beep!  Beep!  Beep!" That's the treadmill announcing itself.  The beeping continued for the next 45 minutes....
I'm seriously going to have to find out how to disconnect that.
So tomorrow morning?  I bet he'll sleep in.  I'll be the one up the the butt-crack of early thirty.   Because Farmer, Jr. has an MRI scheduled.  At 6:30 in the morning, and a long drive away from home.  And, it will be a loooooong one so they are going to put him under so he'll sleep.  This?  I hate.  But, I want them to get a good look along his spine.
They are looking for a teathered cord....or, possibly, a tumor.
Now, I'm pretty sure it ain't no stinkin' tumor.  But, we have to be safe.  Better safe than sorry.  We read and hear about all the horror stories "If we just would have caught it a few months earlier...but, we didn't think anything of it."  Or, "Had we only known."  So, I wanna' be in the "in the know" crowd.  Thus, the MRI.
Now, when I'm up early manana?  No one will hear me.  I am stealthy.  I am light on my feet and I am whispy as I make my way through the house in preparation of my day.  Will there be an alarm blaring at 4:30 or 5:oo a.m.?  No.  The simply silent vibration of my cell phone will wake me.  If I haven't already woken in anticipation of time to wake up.
Anyhow, it's always sumthin'!  Right?  Oh, why are they doing the MRI?  Because, Farmer, Jr. has developed a slight issue with his gait.  And, he tends to walk tippie-toe often.  And, not necessarily on purpose -- meaning, he's not playing ballerina boy.  And, it often causes him to do a little hop-skip thing when he runs.  He used to be a super-fast runner.  But, last year in T-ball?  He just couldn't get up to speed.  Poor guy.  It was weird.
And, he gets headaches.  Not often and typically when he is really, really tired.  But, they will send him miserable to bed.  How many six year olds do you know that get headaches.  He's been getting them since he was four years old or so.
Maybe younger?  But, he didn't know how to express it to me?  Anyhow.  Another one of those things. 
Today is going to be a great day though!  I can feel it.  The smile is cracking across my face already.  We got more rain!  YAY!  And, it rained so much?  DH will take the youngin's to school!  Sweeeeeeet!
So, I'm making a scrambled, egg, and cheese crescent roll bake!  Yummy! 


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How much can you HANDLE?!

So, do you think?  Possibly?  You might could handle a six and a half minute full of Happy?  Would it perk you up?  Or, leave you....frowning.  Nope.  That's not gonna' happen.  As we speak?  It started pourin' down another turd floater...and, that's a good thing!  Cuz' DH has the fields put up for winter?  And, they can just drink and drink and drink it all in!
So, ready?  Set?  Watch me?  Cuz' I love y'all! [Maybe it's just me?  But, once this posted?  I watched the vlog to be sure it took?  And, um.  The quality of the upload and embedding from YouTube is crapdiddly.  So, go here if you want a clearer view,  Seriously, it ain't a whole lotta' fun if ya' can't see it clearly.]
Anyhoodle, if you aren't a little bit' happy or are completely displeased with me at the end of this vlog?  Then, email me your address at  And, I'll send you something chocolate or at least a sweet treat in the mail.
[See, Sweet D will be all over this.  Only, I'll be delivering it in person! LOL!]
And, just so ya' know.  I do have my daily doses of curses.  The nightmares I've been having lately?  Are due to an issue of incidences that happened earlier this year and ended just at the beginning of summer.  Everything is good.  But, things still haunt me in my dreams.  I worry, we all do -- daily, hourly, and by the minute for all the best for my children.  I mean, life ain't free.   So, I have my Humps and lumps.  But, the good comes with the bad.
I always say, "I wouldn't know how good "good" can be....if I didn't have the bad, to remind me."  Take it like sugar.  One lump or two.  Lumps soften us up....and, sometimes sweeten' us too.
After all?  Life without lumps?  Life without bumps?  Wouldn't be a whole lot of livin'.  Or so it goes in my mind.
Happy Hump-Diggity!  [Diggity, Diggity, Diggity!!!]



Yep!  It's that time again!  Already?  I know, right?  The days are flying by!  So, after my ramble last night the sleep kicked in and I crawled on the sofa bed in the computer room.  At some point in the night the snoring must have subsided because I made it back to my room.
But, then Lil'Gal had an accident in her bed and after tending to that and all?  The snoring returned.  So back to the couch for me.  Then DH's alarm blares at the crack of 5:30 a.m.  I returned to our room to request that he turn the loud @$$ bleepin' thing off.
This happens again in another ten minutes or so.  I return to the couch in the computer room, only to here loud, sneaker wearin' feet walk my way. DH had decided he would do the early morning, treadmill walking.  [Hey, wasn't that my idea originally?]
So, I have to move my sleepy head -- Again!
Finally?  I'm up with the coffee.  And, I wonderin' where the Diggity is in my Hump Day.  I'm hoping I'll find it somewhere near the bottom of my coffee mug....
Oh, and DH is all bright-eyed and bushy tailed now.  I would be too...if, I could get some peaceful sleep.  
Well, Happy Hump-Diggity [Diggity, Diggity, Diggity]!!!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When you wanna?

OMG! [Interpret, for the few who are new Oh My Gosh] as in meaning I am so tired I can't type straight. Meaning...appropriately and fitting the dictionary interpretation and linguistics of what I type. Though, my font is small....and, my brain is on "recharge." Well, no, cuz a full, true, recharge requires that you turn off said unit or at least flip the top down so that the unit may recharge at full capicity. But, I can't. Because three of the three and a half-a-beds are taken. And, one is snoring. And, one hogs the bed. And, one wiggles constantly so that a Farmer*sWife can't get a good nights sleep. The half-a-bed is a fantastic Queen Sized Fold Out couch bed. But, that requires moving [stuff] to make fold out room...and, the fantastic fluff that makes it fantastic to sleep on. Ultimatum: There is the new cool couch. Perfectly centered in the house. To be slightly immune? Yet, fully aware of any noise. Whether child dream? Need? Alternate Adult snore? Mouse fart, or ticking of loved Country clock [clock, not crock as to be confused with the grande margerine spread.] I rambling? Hmmm. Let me think a minute. Sleep aid kick in? Nope. Favorite show to fall alseep to watched? Nope. Is it on? Yep. Should me and Macxine move to the only room left in the house that is allowed to make noise under Farmer*sWife's rules? ??? YES.
*snicker* Show's funny.  *snicker* The boy is right.  *snicker* wait.  you aren't snickering because you aren't watching the show.  Okay.  Forget the show...It doesn't matter.  What matters?  Is that I'm wasting time.  Mine to fall asleep?  And, yours to read how I'm complaining about it.
[Don't grammar or spell check me....not fair....after 10:pm.  Hey?  My world?  My blog?  My rules....But, I love that you are here!  I fake the attitude?  Don't take it personally?  Stay?  OK.]
So.  I had a whole lot to say earlier....when, I wasn't so sleepy....and worried....about where I could lay my sleepy head down.  Or, about how if I don't get to sleep without being disturbed tonight.  Because, DH was very snoringly disturbing last night -- between him and the night-mares....Oh, my.  I was too afraid to leave the I chose little sleep instead. Crap.  I had some points here.  Oh, yeah.  I had  points.  But, then blogger told me it had an error and I could do everything else but tell y'all about, hmmmm.  What?  Me? Oh, yeah.  My turn to talk.  Um....well see?  That's just the point!  I couldn't share when it all made sense.
So....Good night!  And, Happy Late Night Evening.
And, if you are reading this at dirt-thirty Wednesday morning [Big G] then, I'm sorry.
Cuz' Happy Wednesday comes when I'm pouring my sweet 4 cup carafe of coffee into my Sweet Mug with the COW jumpin' OVER the SUN!  Cuz' we know we are Rockin' another FINE and FAB day!
Ooooh!  So, Happy Early Wednesday!


If you watch Greys?.....

No video available for embedding yet as this song is also off the album to be released on November 11th, 2008.  I'm thrilled! Anyhow, this is the only way I could share this song.  So, I hope you like "Greys." Gotta run! Lots more to do and just 60 minutes left to... Giddy Up, Let's Go! Happy Tuesday!

Don't Hate Me!

I'ts 8:24 a.m. and already I'm miles of minutes behind. I have to re-Bissell the kitchen and dining area because the youngins' made a little crumble mess. But, at least I have a great kitchen and dining area to Bissell (Flip-It; vacuums and mops at the same time! Cuz' I'm all about multi-tasking!) Then, it's bathrooms, vanities, oooh, almost forgot I have to paint my own face into another masterpiece -- though, I'm running out of ideas...and, so much more to do, including projects. I'm taking lunch to the youngin's at school today so I'll have to leave at 10:45 this morning. Still catching up from last night not getting home from the kiddos' pediatrician appointments until almost 8:00 p.m. Today, is gymnastics directly after school and while Lil'Gal works on the balance beam -- Farmer, Jr. and I will read together and review homework, spelling words and memory verse. And, all the while? This will be in the back of my brain -- embedded for replay....over, and over, and over again. Don't hate me? Happy Tuesday to Ya'All!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday's Music

Well, I woke with Billy Idol and Cindi Lauper in my mind. But, Cindi has all her videos unavailable for embedding. Guess she still hoping some us will go down to the local music store and pay money for her videos and music. Shame on her for not sharing. For crying out loud -- these are songs of the 80s. Anyhow, no "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" for y'all here. But, Billy doesn't care. He'll let you play him anywhere. He's easy [going] that way. I wanted to put "Rock the Cradle of Love" but I forgot that the young minor basically does a strip tease. And, this is a half-way, mostly? censored blog. And, since I have my own Lil'Gal and I don't want her dancin' like that at 13? I chose to withhold it. Though? "The Bangles" are generous so here's another little tune for your Monday morning!!! Happy Monday!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Music Flashbacks

Happy Sounds Sunday!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Here's a cute one...but I hate Pepsi. Gosh Darn! I LOVE the internet!!!!!! Rock Your Saturday!

Some things? Aren't meant to be shared.

Howdy All! Been wonderin' where I've been all day on this fabulously, beautiful Saturday? Probably, y'all were all thinking that I've been out busy as a bee! Nope. Not really. Today was designated a "do nothing" day. Every once in awhile? We gotta' have one of those around here. So last night ended with: "I'm so stingy." But, she is "My Macxine" and she doesn't like to be shared. She is preferential to the touch of my soft and quick-clickity finger tips. Anyhow, here's how today went... (and more to come on that, later.) It began at 8:00 a.m. YES! Everyone in the house, including me, and including Lil'Gal -- slept till 8:00 a.m. Holy Toledo Batman?!! That's like next to impossible. Even DH. He panicked slightly when he realized he was still in bed so late in the morning. Then, he rationalized that he must have needed it. Anyhow, ramble-bamble, yada-yada - THE INTERNET WAS OUT!! It's been out Yeppers! I was going through some withdrawls. I had things to say and places to click to. Apparently? The tower our little antennae bounces a signal from? Was having issues. It happens on a rare occasion. And, I was gonna' vlog today too. But, now I can't. Because DH will make fun of me. LOL! Though, I should vlog about the big'ol FIGHT we had last night. Over Macxine. Oh, what the Hay! I'll do it anyway!!! So. Remember to share? And, don't be so stingy. [Oh, that was a note to myself. But, it IS MY MACxine...she loves me.... sigh.....] SIDE NOTE: Beside my two children? I have "two" yes, I said, TWO things that Farmer*sWife don't share. 1) My awesome, rocks the world, digital Cannon Camera; and 2) My awesome, rocks the world, totally with it MAC Lap Top. I can't help it. There are some things? I just don't share. Like mascara, a glass, or lipstick...
Happy "Stingy" Saturday!