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Monday, June 29, 2009

Corpus no cooperate; Ring around the waist line....

Hey Body? Yeah, what's up, Gal? What's up? Um, you mean what's stagnating and growing 'around'? Oooh... Yeah, about that... About that - THIS [grabbing the ring around the waist line] - that you mean??? Yeah, well you know. It comes with the age factor. THE-EEE, AGE. FACTOR...??? Yeah, you know. The, you're a Gal, breaching and reaching towards the 40's and the body gets tired and can't keep up....and all that, and that. WTF!? Seriously? The "AGE" factor? You are pulling that bull crap and manure with ME? After my favorite late night snack is veggies? And, I eat salad with no dressing once or twice daily? I think about my carbs, protein and fiber and vitamin intake and you are going to give me the AGE factor? Well, you know. You've been adding some butter to some stuff.... "Spray butter you Pie-hole.....except for the country crock on my baked potatoes; but I eat the skin too...." And, you've been adding some cheese and you love those avacados these days... That's healthy fat to help my body and brain function, speaking of which -- I've given up artificial sweeteners and diet drinks...just for the sake of my brain and memory and alll -- and for you! Selfish body.... Oh, yeah... Forgot to thank you for that.  Though, that healthy fat?  Yeah, it's still, um, fattening??? That's it? Thank me for the stevia vs artificial sweetener? That's it? No thanks for eating healthy?  And, you judge my taste in fat veg/fruit foods?  You suck you know.... Yeah...well,... missing that treadmill thing you used to do. And, the abdomen muscles have been asking for some action... That might be where you wanna' go about the whole 'ring around the waist-line" thing... Hey?  Body?
You're a PIE-HOLE!  I mean, you are right and all... But, still... You suck PIE.
I know.  But, who better to tell you?
Pie-Hole...    "I know."


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Call me a Heathen, cuz' I'm going to He!!

Well, tie me up to a pulpit and pull out the torches... light me afire and send me on my way to the less than Holy place.... I skipped church this morning. It wasn't my intention. I probably needed to go so I could pray and kneel about these anger issues I've had lately. Not anger, just impatience and.... intolerance? Maybe? Anyhow. Me and Hubby woke up late this morning. The kids actually slept in late too. I suggested that maybe, just once, we skip. Hubby's missed on account of early a.m. fishing, out of town, working, spraying the fields, etc. But, typically, I go... Even without him. I get the kids up and ready and we go. I like church. I love my God. But, this morning. I felt like giving in to the adam and eve in me. It really boils down to the fact that I had like ten minutes to get ready. I can do this easily, but not quite 'church ready' without my coffee, and getting my Lil' Gal's wild, blonde locks tamed. Hubby, says, NO. We.ARE.Going. We discuss this. (That means it turned into a heated argument). We're Goin! GRRRR, Diddle Piss-Fiddle, and La-de-Da! It's said. Hmmmm, this got me wondering. As we just had a discussion last night, about 'bedtime.' Um, excuse me? I have a bedtime? No comprendo me esposo. Am I not 36 and 11 month plus a few days plus gestation years of age? If my calculations are right, I am... So, I respond with, "You ain't my Daddy. And, I'm.NOT.Going." Hmpft. So there! LOL! Not really LOL, but yes on some levels. When one spouse is the homemaker and the other is the bread winner, it's easy for a relationship to fall into the parent/child socialization. I've seen it. I've had friends experience it. It won't happen to me. I'm too hard headed for one. And, I love my family too much -- my kids and my husband -- to go there. Anyhow, I'm off to save a large breakfast table(s) for the church crew and all. They'll wonder why I missed church. I'll tell them. "I had a tantrum. He's not my Daddy and he can't make me!" They'll all laugh. I'll laugh. Then, I'll kiss my hubby on the bald holy-glowing head and tell him I love him...., but, still. "He ain't my Daddy." [Ya' think I'm a little hard headed? Maybe, just a wee bit stubborn? Yeah, I am... :-) ] 'Tis Marriage! Happy Sunday!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Who wants chocolate? I'll tell ya!

Howdy all! Just popped in for about 45 seconds; long enough for Lil'Gal to do the drawing for the Fiber One Chocolate Gift Basket set that has chocolate bar soap, chocolate scented lotion, a chocolate scented candle, chocolate bath salts, a voucher for free fiber one chocolate mocha bars (devine with coffee), and a sweet little spa pillow for the tub!
Thank you MomSpark and Fiber One for sending this out to me.  (I love the fiber one chocolate mocha bars so much that I emailed MyBlogSpark to inquire and they were kind enough to send me a free gift set to giveaway!)  AWESOME, they are!!
Well, free time is up!  I have to run a touch up edit on one of my two articles due today and send it to My EDITOR, Awesome Lis from Root & Sprout = then off to pick up WonderMom and the kids.
A trip to the craft store and then back for some science.  I'll be home later this evening to complete my last article due and write my review due for Monday (it'll be a giveaway at Root & Sprout so don't forget to pop in over there!
Oh, and my Fab 4th of July Party on a Budget article was published Wednesday, you can read more of that HERE!!!!
And, last, since I've been so busy and too busy to share any funnies about the day I offer you this: Poor Judgement; Bad Day Little Guy Part 1: The mouse Part 2: The Rat in the Pantry.....
Happy Friday!  FWFD of the week!  Whooooop!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Son NEEDS this, for FREEEEE! Please!

Mom of 2 Boys Wife of 1 is hosting a fabulous giveaway!!  Well, she's got two current new ones... one is for $75.00 towards your choice of an awesome BAG/Tote!  Various styles, from small, medium and large to include a nifty laptop bag that also serves as a carry all for your traveling office....  [Ladies, check that one out, I just pimped it cuz it's awesome...I'm in this for the next one...]
THIS is the one I want for my kids; particularly my son!  It's a traveling magnet brief case that also dons some dry erase activities and number, puzzles, interchangeable dry erase coloring pages....the list is endless because as much as it comes with you can always add to it!
This is fab for traveling, but also for those times when my son is just plain bored watching Lil'Gal at gymnastics, or waiting while Mama does a travel notary job in a business office...  Farmer, Jr. LOVES this type of interactive stuff.  And, he is soooo patient.  He'll stick with something like this forever before even changing the activity to another one that comes with it.
I'm wondering if my daughter might like it just the same.  Think about those trips to the pediatrician's office where the kids get bored, and wild, and then touch all the 'kids toys available' that you know were not cleaned in-between waiting room appointments.
I'd rather have something cool that will keep my kids entertained without touching something foreign that's been over-germed daily with an understood spray of lysol at the end of the office day (That probably doesn't happen as routine as daily).  EEEWWW!
I WANT TO WIN THIS ONE!  I've won stuff before....But, for this one, I will have to jump through the hoops -- and tweet daily x 2!  (Crap, better put it on the 'To Do' list or I'll forget through all the distraction!)
Happy Tuesday PM almost Wednesday, Hump-Diggity Day from here!
I had a total Failure that actually ended in Success post ready....  But, I had to do this one first cuz' I wanna win this for my kids....
The other post will be good.  If it carries through to tomorrow.   It's based on the fact that today was a wonderful day, tainted with two REALLY... really, unbelievable... worstest ever-EVAH tantrums by my Lil'Gal.  Extreme tiredness and exhaustion turns her into a gargoil....(it's late, don't spell check me, okay?)
Let's just say, on the good side, she will never be forced or influenced to do something she knows is wrong or is uncomfortable with because she is totally sure of herself and will not take anything for an answer until she's explored and proven it for herself.  She is SURE minded of who she is and what she wants to do, where she wants to go, and in her life, there is "No NO."
But, guess who became the monster tonight when that 'wicked self finding tantrum tested me'....the one who is supposed to stay in charge and control to teach self management...
Mom Failure....  I'm eating corn husks, old words, and crowpoop......  In the end, Lil'Gal and I both are better for it....  and, she is, as always and forever, my angelic TinkerBug, My Angel Bug, My lovely Sweet and Favorite Gal.
And, luckily for me?  I'm her bestest, ever, awesomest Mama....  Good thing I put my all into being my best at that part.  That's my salvation when "I too" have a temper-tantrum meltdown.
Night all!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Have that size in John Deere Green?

So, I heard this on the radio the other day.  I caught just the end of it and thought, "Hey!  That's a new tractor song!"  I love tractor songs...  I know, I'm partial since my Hubby drives them.
Anyhow, it reminded me when Kenny Chestney first sang "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy!"  Hubby (we were still dating at the time) was on the combine; and, the BIL was driving the buggy.  I was jogging the field for a work out before jumping in with him.  Gosh, I used to love that so.  I'd jump up with him and we'd catch up on the day and I might read a little here or there, we'd listen to music (yeah, they have a sound system in there)... :-D  And, I'd ride with him into the dark until quitting time when the grain would be too moist to cut anymore that night.
So, I was listening to my headphones and the radio had a new "Make-It-Or-Break-It" song bout.  This is where ten people call in and their votes either keep the song for the next day or it gets trashed to the side.
One lady, from San Antonio, called in.  She said to "Break it, who thinks a tractor is sexy anyway?"  Um, that'd be me??  So, I sprinted back to my vehicle and pulled out my cell phone to call in and nix her vote.  I told the guy, "My boyfriend is on a tractor right now; I'm about to jump in when I get off this call.  That lady from San Antonio, obviously hasn't ever seen a tractor."  Hmpft!  Well, the song obviously made it and Kenny is a big star now [you are welcome, Kenny.]
So, this is another one already topping the chart.  I had to share.  And, now I have to call my Hubby and tell him how much I love him and how sexy his 'tractor' is. 
Happy Monday, Y'AAALL!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who WON???? (I know, already!)

Howdy All,
I wanted to get this done earlier but then I went on a 'new' organization and declutter tangent because I couldn't find the recharger or the 'charged' batteries for my little HD flip cam.  So, no videos of the dogs or the kids or anything like that anytime soon -- at least until the darned thing turns up!
So, who won the Estee Lauder Red Tote Purse?  Watch to find out!
Sweet Febreeeeze, it's fun to win! Happy Father's Day to y'all also!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh GREAT "1"

Do you wanna' win THIS???? Yeah, I bet you do! Unfortunately, I don't have one for giveaway. If I did have an extra one, I would definitely share it and offer it to my peeps to win. Anyhow, After I play a Hasbro game with Lil'Gal and write my review on it for Lis which will also be a giveaway over at Root & Sprout somewhere in the near future (so keep checkin' in over there) -- then, I will come back here and post the winner of the Estee Lauder red tote purse because my sweet Bloggie, BaseBall Mom is on pins and needles and I'm not cruel enough to maker her wait to see who won until Monday....
So, stay tuned. Oh, the pic up there? Yeah. Guess what? I got one of those! I'm so going to brag and gloat about (vlog style??) later this afternoon after I get my work done and write my 4th of July party article for Lis as well.  [Click the title if you want to know more about that sweet baby!]
THEEEE-eeeeeen, I'll pop back through and visit everyone at your place to catch up with what's up in FW Fav Peeps Worlds! :-D
Farmer*sWife is a little behind obviously..... Hmmm, wonder how that happened. Cuz' I've been a slacker since it's summer time, that's how! LOL. Guess I've just been so tied up with all the kids activities.
Super Sweet Saturday, day after FWFD of the week!!!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fly By!!!!

Piss, Moan, and BTW -- I gotta' new phone! Poooooo and YAAAaaaY! After swim lessons today I've been all over South Texas, doing everything that wasn't but should have been on a list. So, I've obviously been away from Macxine with no time to read or tweet or post or any of that fun stuff. No time to pimp Root & Sprout where Lis has a great and laughable article up today! No time to share recipes at Grow Together's Recipe Corner where members have been sharing different recipes for a change in the dinner and daily menu! [Go check it out! REALLY! And, add a great recipe if you have one. You don't have to be a parent to know how to cook!] :-D Anyhow, I got a ticket today. Yep. A big'ol pink slip. The kids wondered if I were going to jail.... They wondered when I needed to 'pay the policeman' so I could be a good citizen again. I wasn't even trying to speed or anything! Rookie. His patches were still warm from Mama ironing them to his uniform, I sware. He was ticket happy. Farmer, Jr. was ducking the security guard at Wal-Mart while whispering to me, "Mama, watch out. You haven't paid your ticket yet. You don't want to go to jaaaaaa-iiiiil?" I explained to him that they give me a month or so to 'mail' it in. He was much relieved. Got a new phone, though! My old, prehistoric one finally completely blitzed out yesterday evening and then today it would reboot in the middle of a phone call. Es no bueno now days with kids on the road, events, etc. Tech-FW-must-have-a-phone..... And, now with..... wait-for-it.......INTERNET!!! Hot biscuits and gravy!!! I'm rockin' now! So, I'm going to try it all out while Farmer, Jr. practices his moves and counting in Japanese during Karate! Be lookin' for me! I'm hoping to catch up on blog reads and tweeps while multi-tasking as the Super-Mom I am! Later Gators, time to cruise!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where's the Eye Candy?

Swimming time!
Yeppers, swim lessons started today!  YAY!  Annoying boy was back again, (you can catch up from last year here).
He behaved better but I could already tell he was looking for someone to mess with.  I wanted Farmer, Jr. in level 3 rather than repeating level 2 again this year, but he's not quite ready and now I am glad.
His mom drives me nuts.  I stay to myself or next to moms that I can take or leave the conversation.  Besides, I'm not there to be a chitty-chatty.  I'm there to watch my children.  And, we all know how I get around bodies of water and my children.  Can you say, anxious?  A little.
Especially, after last year when Lil'Gal lost grip of the edge and went under.  The coach was half way across the pool.  [Lil'Gal should have been sitting on the ledge anyhow and not hanging on the ledge in the water.]
I shot through the gate and across the cool deck to the far end of the pool in a second and a half and met the coach at the same time to bring her back up.  Yeah, that's me.  Helicopter Mom.
So, Lil'Gal is back in her same class.   But different coach.  All Gals.  
So, Farmer*s Wife is left wondering, "Where is my eye candy?"  What?  No built, collegiate boys teaching this year?  Poor Farmer*s Wife.....  ;-(
Last year, there was this little girl in her glass who was constantly jumping off the ledge. Prompting the coach to stop the lesson and replace the little girl on the ledge, over and over and over again.  The mom finally came over and was instructing the little girl to behave or go home.  Well things got really wild.
The little girl began running all over the place and her mom was chasing her and the little girl was screaming and the mom was obviously so humiliated -- enough so that they never came back.
This year, I saw her again.  She's in Farmer, Jr.'s class (she's a pretty good little swimmer).  Her Dad was there this year.  He was very firm with her and finally we kind of started up a short conversation about her.  I mentioned that I remember that first day last year and felt so bad for his wife.  
I think my understanding was appreciated.   Though, he mentioned that they didn't return because the little gal was kicked out!  Booted!  Not because her mom was humiliated.  Yeah, it was that bad....
Anyhow....that's the first half of our day.  Pics to come later in the week.  Don't forget you can still win chocolate or a red Estee Lauder tote purse.
Though BaseBall Mom and Pro-Homemaker are racking up the entries to win one or the other!  (Thanks y'all!)
Back to work now!  Don't forget to stop in at Root & Sprout and see what's the latest publication there!  Also, Grow Together has a new group, Recipe Corner!  Join up and you can scroll through our growing list of new things to make!


Bed Wars.....

Bed wars....
Yeah, so last night we had one....  Does this look familiar?
Okay, primitive.  But, you get the point.  Last night after Lil'Gal fell asleep I tucked her in and whispered something great about her in her ear.  I then went to our room and moved 58 pounds of sleeping Farmer, Jr. to his room and tuck him in the same way.
When I get back to our room and crawl in bed, Hubby is in the middle.  I squeeze on my side with one foot hanging off, slightly and assume my comfortable position = my knee to my chest.
Hubby is distressed because my knee is apparently in his side.  Because, he's in the middle of the bed, I say.
Of course, he disagrees.  
I keep telling him that his side is beside the middle line.  It doesn't start ON the middle line.  Hmpft.  It's a losing battle.  Bed Wars....
Hubby:  "Hey Honey, you want to use our tax back money for a new mattress?"
Me:  "Are we getting a new bed with it?  King size?"
Hubby:  "I didn't really want to spend that much money on a new bed and all.  I was just thinking a new mattress."
Me:  :-(
Off to swim lessons!
Happy Tuesday, Y'all!  


Monday, June 15, 2009

"Oh So Good" It's the ME in YUMMEE!

This recipe is thanks to the Mac-Miester and Bex whom introduced me/us to this while at the river. The recipe comes from a family friend who owns a fantastic ranch with cooks. I don't know who is the original author of this recipe, otherwise, I would be sure to credit him/her appropriately. Either way, I am "Oh So Thankful" for the named, "Oh So Good." This is suggested as a breakfast recipe but could just as easily be for lunch (like I ate today) or a snack or even made in mini-sizes as appetizers. Y'all know me, always thinking outside of the box with this kind of stuff -- to make it my own!
[This could also be a great substitute for a sandwich dinner.]
Oh So Good (You will "Oh So Thank Me!") Ingredients: toast (1 slice per serving) mustard (I use brown and GP Dijon) cooked bacon pickled jalapenos (I use fresh, y'all know me!) Cheese (I like mixed jack and cheddar) Spread mustard evenly on a piece of toast. Place strips of bacon across the mustard-toast. Add pickled jalapenos on top of the bacon - generously. :-) Cover with cheese; bake until melted. Wanna' make it even better? Today, I sliced up a fresh home grown tomato from my Sweet & Fab MIL. I placed the tomato slices on top of the jalapenos (mine were fresh and I also doused with some Louisiana sauce = that's just Farmer*s Wife's way). THEN, I topped with cheese and baked till melted and bubbly. WHOLLY YUM-YUM!! My taste buds were awakened and thrilled with the tantalizing flavors melded into this open face sandwich. Of course, you could always add a slice of toast on top to close the sandwich. But, unnecessary!!! So, do what I do! Take this and try it; then add some of your own whimsical favorites to it and make it, "YOUR OWN, OH SO GOOD!" Happy Monday and all that weekly newness with it! :-)


Sunday, June 14, 2009

38 inches???!! OH YEAH!!!

Did I catch your attention? Hubby left at 4:30 this morning to go fishing with the Fishing Guide. Right before they were about done, Hubby played tug-a-war with this big guy! He's tagged and hubby is going to have him mounted to hang on the wall. Our deer and bobcat need a little company! LOL! This guy is a 38 inch red fish and weighs in at 21 pounds! The only bad thing about mounting him on the wall is that we don't get to eat the meat..... This is what makes him extra special...two spots. Most redfish only have one spot. The more spots the more rare and unique the fish. Another reason to display this guy on our wall. :-) My Daddy and my Uncle are going to flip when they see these pics! Kids were thrilled, obviously! Way to go Hubby! You rocked the boat today, didn't ya!!! SMOOCH! What are you going to bring in today from your cast out into life? ;-)

THE END OF THE WORLD? Tie a knot....

This morning started out wonderfully, we slept in, played 'hookie' from church, met Fab MIL and Wonderful FIL and the breakfast crew for brunch at the mex-fest restaurant (as is usual for a Sunday morning around here.)
We come home and all is well, review chore charts and add up dimes.  Hit the Bean Jar and everyone is settling in.
THEN????  IT HAPPENS...  The world --!!!  Oh, the whoa!!  The whoa of a six year old who can not tie a knot in a balloon.  Even worse?  It's an air filled water balloon.  I show her, I offer to help, Farmer, Jr. offers to help -- BAD MOVE Farmer, Jr.
The tears fall, the temperment faulters and after ten minutes of walking around the house crying and whining about it, Lil'Gal finally falls to the ground in a mess of a heap and exclaims, tearfully, "I'm having a BAD DAY!!!"  *sigh* *more crying*  "All....Because....I can NOT tie a KNOT!!!"
Thus, the world is coming to an end -- at least for this particular six-year-old.
Happy Sunday!


Friday, June 12, 2009

This is a TEST

Howdy Y'all,
I'm working to figure out a way to make me feel better about posting pics of my kiddos and all.  You know, every once in awhile someone tells you a horror story and it's like "Farmer*s Wife FREAKS OUT and slams shut the bridge to the moat to the castle!"  
Anyhow, I'm trying a free trial of a program that will allow me to water mark and resize my photos so that if someone (not y'all, those lurker, slimy sons-of-bleaches) tried to capture my photos and/or print them -- they'd be SOL.
So, I've got this -- this far.  Would you comment and tell me what happens if your right click the pick or possibly (don't want to waste your ink) tried to print it?
Loves and Hugs for Helpin' a Farmer*s Wife out!
Wait, Crapola!  That didn't work!!!
Lemme' try again....
Okay, so I'm still working on it.  But, tell me what ya' see and what happens if you right click it or try to copy it or capture it.  If you are feeling especially helpful, please tell me what happens if you "print" it...
Thank you so much for assisting me in this test.  Now I am off to finish cleaning the windows (bird bait, ya' know *giggle*) and then prepare shrimp wrapped in bacon with jalapeno to grill and home-made stuff jalapenos to bake in my pepper grill thingie bopper!
Some baked potato fries and salad to go with and some fried trout to boot!  Yum!  Don'tcha wish you were eating at my castle tonight!!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pssst...another give away

Howdy All!
Just wanted to share that Is It Monday Already is having a great giveaway for hair care products! [There an issue with this link; so click the title -- same link but it will work from the title = blogger issue.]  :-)
Totally Texty Hair Care is developed for Teens and Tweens (they could probably share with Mom and Dad though) :-)  They have a product for boys and a product for girls -- to help eliminate that wet dog smell kids tend to have after a long full day of activities and play.
So, click the link above or the title if  you want to win a bottle.  This is a $15.00 value!  Yes, $15.00, so you know this is no ordinary shampoo and conditioner.  Also, it is a 'Green' formula.  Even the bottle it comes in is recyclable! 
Happy Winning!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Plate Lickin' Good; Yeah -- THAT good!

a few weeks ago [a month] I mentioned that I was going to post about the awesome scrup-dilly-icious meal I made that earned me 4 out of 4 thumbs up!  But, I got busy....and, I kept meaning to post it but it kept getting pushed to the side....
Until, tonight.  When I made it again.  And, the family flipped and brought back clean plates. Hubby went back for some extras; if he goes back, then it's plate lickin' good! ;-)
What did I make?  Well, "Poor Man's" Salisbury Steak with home made mashed potatoes.  This is super easy, and very yummy and pretty inexpensive.  Hence, the "Poor Man's" preface.
Before I post this wonderifically delicious recipe, I must warn you.  This meal contributes to ring around the waist line. 
Poor Man's Salisbury Steak
1 lb ground beef
2 eggs
2 Tablespoons chopped onion (more if you prefer)
1/2 cup breadcrumbs or cracker crumbs (I like to use my own, homemade breadcrumbs)
sage, salt, pepper
a couple drops of worsestershire (optional)
Mix all ingredients together well in a large bowl.  It mixes better if you mix with clean hands.
Shape into four oval patties.  With a little olive oil in a pan, brown the patties on one side. Flip when they are almost cooked through to brown the other side.  Remove patties from the pan and wipe the pan clean of the oil.  [If there are meat scraps left, try to leave them for the gravy.]
1 can cream of mushroom soup
4 Tablespoons of flour
beef bouillon 
Empty cream of mushroom soup into the pan.  Heat on low and mix with any bits left from cooking patties.  Lightly sprinkle in flour a tablespoon at a time and blend to be lump free.  Add 1 cup of milk.  You may need to ad more as it cooks and thickens.  Add beef bouillon cube and melt into gravy mixture.
Once gravy is good and going (not too thick) place patties in gravy and let simmer.  Occasionally, stir gravy and cover patties with gravy.  Occasionally, flip patties and cover again with gravy.  This should be ready to enjoy in about 20 minutes, maybe less.  [I don't calculate to the second, I just know when to start, what to do and when to serve] :-D
Serve this with homemade mashed potatoes and green beans, broccoli, salad or another green veggie!
Shhhlurp!!!   Happy eating!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


New Giveaway! Because I love these babies and I wanted to share! Do you like coffee? If you do, then you must, MUST try one of these Fiber One Chocolate Mocha bars with your morning cup of Joe. I'm telling you, your coffee will taste devine and you will have a taste-tastic morning experience... If ya' don't like coffee then no worries. Because the voucher included in this giveaway is for any of the varieties of Fiber One's Chewy Bars. And, a great plus about these babies is that they are also 'Fiber Infused' so you're getting your groove on (well, going) while savoring their pleasure to your tasting palette.
So now you are thinking, "I totally want this basket of chocolate scent-sational delights along with the voucher for a FREE box of savory Fiber One Bars!  How do I WIN!?!"
Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry so I don't accidentally miss your extra participation :-)  I've listed several ways to earn entries so no one is left out...
1 entry)  Comment here and share a coffee memory and some pleasurable coffee love
1 additional entry - daily)  Visit me each day and comment at my current post; include the tag:  Fiber One!
1 entry)  Visit Fiber One/General Mills and share what you like about their products :-)
Additional ways to get even MORE ENTRIES:
  • 2 entries)   Grab my badge and/or linkie to my blog at your place :-)
  • 2 entries)  Tweet this giveaway with a link
  • 3 additional entries - daily)  visit Root & Sprout and comment to an article -- let me know ya' did! :-)
  • 5 entries)  Blog a post about this giveaway at your place with a link to this post
  • 15 entries)  Place an ad at Root & Sprout (better than affordable!)
Note on the 15 entries.  Did you know you can place an ad for a little as $5.00 at Root & Sprout to advertise your blog for more traffic!  Oh yeah!  TOTALLY!!!
So, guys and gals!  Show me some bloggie Love cuz' I'm here for YOU!!

This giveaway closed on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 at midnight.  I'll post the winner here and try to contact you at your own blog or email as well!

[Editors Note:  I did not receive compensation or other reason to promote this product.  "I" approached the manufacturers because I love this product and wanted to share with all of you!   Thanks My-Blog-Spark!]


Monday, June 8, 2009

Trouble with my blog?

Hi Y'all!
I just wanted to share.  I know there has been some trouble with reading/viewing my blog from time to time the past few weeks.  And, then Gary couldn't even open my blog AT ALL for like three days!!!  Yikes!
All you need to do is click the title to this post and it will take you to update your java script. :-)
[Thanks to The Queen!.  She's all knowing!]


GIVEAWAY! Estee Lauder in RED!

Happy Monday!  It's noon already?  Boy, have I been squandering the day away -- and, lovin' it!!!  Make me a Pine-Sol martini and start the party because I am lovin' summer time!! 
So, what do I have for lil'ol y'alls?  Why it's a brand new TOTE BAG by Estee Lauder!
And, look how roomy!
See how happy it makes our model?  She definitely wears it well!
Wouldn't this lovely tote make you a happy Gal or your Gal a happy Gal?  Gentlemen, she'll be impressed that you went all out!  Ladies, it's fit to be tied for a hot summery night on the town. Or afternoon out and about!
So, what do you have to do to win?  Well, that's the super easy part!
  • 1 entry)    Tell me what you'll do with the gorgeous tote if you win!
  • 1 entry - daily)  Tweet this giveaway; you can do this once daily for additional entries
  • 2 entries)    Grab my button (let me know if you already have it)
  • 3 entries)   Publish a post about Root & Sprout and it's wonderful parent networking site Grow Together  [Yes, I'm pimping the sites big time!]
  • 5 entries)    Put up a link to Root & Sprout at your blog or grab one of the buttons I have up top for Root & Sprout!
  • 5 entries)   Post about this giveaway and let me know ya' did!
If you tweet this giveaway, be sure to let me know via a comment.  1 tweet per day! :-) THX!
This giveaway will end Friday, June 19th, 2009 at midnight.  The winner will be announced the following Monday.  I will post the winners and also contact you if I have a way to back track ya!
Happy Monday!!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vlog: Farmer's Wife Summer Evenin' report!

Here comes the vlog!  It's actually uploading a whole lot quicker tonight than usual.   Course, I went through you-tube instead of direct upload to my blog.  You would think that'd be quicker but often -- quite not.
Maybe You-Tube has advanced their uploading process.  Halfway through -- either way already, so, all's well.  [Just remembered.  Daddy didn't return my call or text yesterday; gonna' have to give him a call again when I get done here.]
So, I show the newest giveaway in the vlog.  I'll post pictures tomorrow that better display the giveaway and the deets of how to win. :-D  [dink!  Sweet D just AIM'd me! :-D]
So, pictures from the FRIO!  lemme' go find some good ones to share!
Daddy's Gal and Farmer, Jr. side job = net fisherman!
the unsuspecting fish and Farmer, Jr. about to hit water from the rope swing!
I have better rope swing pics; I'll have to load them later... And, lastly?  The vlog of the day:
More to come.....  Happy Saturday!


Friday, June 5, 2009


Howdy all!  Oh, yeah!
I'm back alright!  I spent last night (until 3:am) catching up on emails and folding all the laundry that got left behind that I newly laundered.  Along with some that I didn't launder while there....
Cuz' I felt like having fun....some more.  LOL!  Naw, the sheets always  have to be laundered when we get home unless I strip the beds at dawn.  At dawn?  On the last day of the trip?  No bueno.  Then you wait on the mini-superslow-dryer all morning.
Oh, yes.  Where we stay on the FRIO, we are living in heaven.  For the price of a high end hotel room we sleep four, with 1 full bath (tub and shower) and one 1/2 bath (shower) and a separate room with twin beds for the youngins.  A microwave, a/c (we run it and leave the windows open to hear the river when inside).  The river is a declined, 100 step or so, trip down to the water where we can hang out in-or-out of the water and on the bank the whole time. :-D
All the perks of home, without any of the stresses of home.  Sweet Febreeze!  We fished, we stacked rocks, we swung from the rope swing (I didn't -- I'm the one who likes to sit on the bank in the full-out sun and just relax with a beverage.)  The river had been flushed a week or so before so there WAS water and we were allowed to enjoy it since it was clean and flowing.
It was too low to float, but that actually worked out perfectly.  The kids could take their life-jackets off for awhile as they could stand as the current was weak and slow; so, they ran amuck and had a blast!  
[Editors Note:  Anyone who knows me knows me well enough that I am extremely fearful with half-massed able-to-swim children in 3 inches or more waist high water without a Certification in Life Guarding or a Life-Jacket on.  But, I did okay and held my own and split my eyes -- along with Bex.]
The kids had an absolute blast!
We fished -- no poles necessary.  Just a neat little net, some crushed crackers and dip it under water!  What fun!  So, we had pet fish while we were there too!
It was awesome.  Great easy meal-planning, (advanced prep and quick to grill food is the only way to go) and we relaxed. 
I will admit.  TG (Tech Guy -- I think I'll rename him again as the Mac-Meister) had to run up and find a signal.  Seeee?  He apparently knew where there was a river shop that "had" internet access available!  Didn't I tell you!  He's so fabo-Techno-Tastic!  I worship his Mac-ness.  Truly.  Though, know this -- he knows all...  He loves and lives Mac.  But, he KNOWS all.  What a brain.....
And, it helps that he married the most awesome-est fabo-Gal Pal a Farmer's Wife could have! LOL!
So, the last night, I was waiting on Bex to get her youngins down and I found myself teetering atop a picnic bench with Maxcine stradling a railing and I could capture internet access from a house beside our cabins just enough to load my emails!  I couldn't read them all, but I could see who, what, when and what I had in store for me.  I actually did manage to slip one email out and then tried a little chat with Sweet D and Pro-HMKR but I lost my signal just as I signed in....  Ahhh, it was fun!
I bet next year they will have internet access available in the cabins.  Because, in this day and age?  It's a cyber world.  Multi-persons work via internet and/or internet communications.
COURSE, an iPhone would have served me wonders too.  Bex and the Mac-Meister are iPhoners and I so do not need, want neeeeed one.  But my service provider rocks and I don't want to switch; though, they can't/don't have a contract for service for the iPhone.  Hmpft-Diggity.  [Super small and sweet violins are playing now] Poor, pooor whoa is Lil'Ol spoiled me.....  [end violins playing]
Okay, so tons of pics but just a few to share with y'all.  And, I have to vlog about my MIA and Vacate!  Pro-Homaker's request and I'm so vain and love to see myself on camera I can't 'not' please a bloggie/friend so I'm thinking the pics and the vlog will come manana!
Tonight I'm hoping (Hubby willing) I can hole up again in the office and read, READ, read to catch up with all the stuff and peeps I've missed out on!  
OH, OH!  Did I tell y'all before I left?  I won a $100.00 steam mop at Is it Monday, Already?'s blog?  Oh yeah!  And it arrived today!!!
Sweet Febreeze and sniff me some pine-sol!  It's a happy day!!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Who stole my Super Powers?? VACATION!

Well, someone must have stolen my super powers in the middle of the night because I didn't get the extra salad made for the trip (I just packed the stuff) and I didn't get the rest of the towels and/or laundry folded...AND, I didn't get to scrub the toilets before we leave.
We are off to the FRIO RIVER!!  YAY!!!!  I won't be back online until Thursday late afternoon --  <:{{  {no internet?? for four whole days???  GASP!  Rapid Heart Beat and Heavy breathing!!!!}
Maybe I'll get  lucky and Tech Guy will have developed some super source to capture a wireless connection and I can slip on for a minute or two to touch base!
I am sooooooo Superpowerless sorry that I didn't get to catch up and read everyone!
Hubster is hollerin' it's time to go so I'll have to catch y'all when I get back!
Miss me??  Kay!
Happy June 1st!!!!