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Sunday, February 17, 2013

A PACKAGE IN THE MAIL??? (and other news)

For ME?? Lil'ol ME?

I love mail. All my life I've loved mail. Even junk mail and catalogs. Sure I tend to throw half of it away these days because it just adds to clutter. But, I still love it in my mailbox. Mail, real mail, means someone out there knows and acknowledges my existence. And, that is cool.

But when a PACKAGE is in my mailbox... well, WHOO-HOO!! I get super excited! Even if it is a free sample I signed up for (because free surprises in your mail box are way better than surprised in your 'in' box).

So yesterday was a lazy-do-nuthin'-day. Which means I didn't check the mailbox *GASP*

After CCD and the Historical Society raffle I checked the mailbox when we arrived home. And, holey Cowbells if there wasn't a package in there!! FOR ME! SQUEEEE!!

A package? For me?

What's in it???

The new and improved and rewritten - PRECIPICE!
Melissa Luznicky Garrett rewrote her first novel and she sent me a fresh copy of the new and improved volume! So that was a super Whoo-Hoo! SWEET? Totally. :-D

On a side note, things are running smooth around here. Kids have been doing their darndest to keep up their grades. A to A/B Honor roll 4 out of six six weeks so far. Farmer, Jr. has been doing really well. He kicks A at math. Obviously, ELA (English/Lit) is a struggle for him due to the dysgraphia but he is still pulling in the grades with a few but little accommodations so far. This year compared to years past has been wonderful.

We look at school for him with a new light. And, we tackle things differently.

Lil'Gal is doing well as usual although she IS struggling with Math a little. Those Mad Minute (3 minute, 30 problems) are killing her. I'm worried she might lose her A/B Honor roll for the year due to one grade this past six weeks. I keep checking to see if her teacher has finalized her grades.

All in all things are grand around Farmer*s Wife's house. Kids are good, we are good, pets are good.

Life is good.

Happy Sunday!!!!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

The new: PRECIPICE!!

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I know I've blogged about this book before. But the author, Melissa Luznicky Garrett, has revamped it! It was her first book and self-published but after writing several more books she felt she just had to revisit her first novel and publish it appropriately. (I loved the first version, and this new, revamped, steamier version is even more.)

So, back to the KISS! (see 'the new' cover again!)

Precipice isn't just about a kiss. It is about a woman named Julia Becker, who is discovering that some of the stable decisions she's made in her life are turning out not to be so right.

Infidelity is out of the question, even in a dead end marriage that never should have happened in the first place. Try telling that to Wes, the school's new music teacher who happens to find Julia irresistible.

In addition to her own personal struggles with a marriage to a man she now realizes she never really loved and the secrets he keeps, unbeknownst to her;  she finds herself struggling against the ultimate betrayal to not only her husband but her best friend.

Life is weighing down on her and she just might not have the will power to fight the attraction any longer. Wes doesn't make it any easier, finding anyway to spend time with her... be where she is. She's at a PRECIPICE... This precipice leaves her feeling unforgivingly guilty. She is not one for infidelity. Yet, she is still young and full of desire that has never been filled by her 'fit the box' husband; older, yet the smart, safe choice. Making things worse, he disrespects her profession as an elementary school librarian, belittles her, and buys her cats when she brings up the thought of having children. As if meows could squelch a woman's physical need on a higher level. 

As I read along I cursed Jim and rooted for Julia turn against her morals because, after all she deserves it. All the while feeling her guilt as my own for thinking that way about Wes. A hidden crush for the lovely Wes whom she thinks is a wonderful match for her best friend. (While fantasying about him because if she were a free woman, she knows she could better fulfill his needs.)

This story is one of those that leaves me feeling like I really know the characters, as if I could pick up the phone and call Wes and Julia over for dinner one evening. Stories told like this one leave me reminding myself that they are characters in a book, though I still wonder what they are doing now.

AND NOW YOU can have a chance to read it TOO! I promise you won't be let down! f you like contemporary romance, or romance of any kind, you will adore this story.

So don't miss out. Especially, ahem.... the snow storm scene. *fanning self* :-) Wonderful, steamy contemporary romance read. Smut free but not passionate snow melting free. You can find Precipice in print and kindle at PRECIPICE.

And for a short time the kindle version is - FREEEEEE!!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!