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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Advice to Self: Go Your Own Way

I gotta' make this quick because I'm down to about five minutes before time for the rest of the house to come alive.

Most of y'all know my mom has come through a pretty intense/invasive neck surgery. It involved removing plates and screws and sanding down old misgrown bone and then removing multiple discs and replacing them and then caging it all and screwing it all back together with a new plate.

That's about as simply as I can sum it. Anyhow, in the midst of this mom finally let loose on  my uncles over issues that have spanned 20-30 years. This opened a whole new can of worms. After pondering it, and spilling some pretty heavy info of my own (with little discussion) I made piece with one of my uncles and decided as far as the rest of the cr@p involved in all of this...

And, I gave myself this advice "Go your own way." So, in the words of Fleetwood Mac (originally from 1979) I leave you with this:

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to have a wonderful Wednesday! I wish you all nothing but the same or better. Happy Hump-Day!!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Ain't Nothing Gonna' Break My Stride

This is what's playing in my head this morning; thought I'd share seeing as it is Friday and most of us are almost through with this week and ready for the weekend. Enjoy!

Happy FWFD OTW!!!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Get your morning Jammin! [From Now On]

Jammin' to this song while sorting the socks at this early pre-dawn Tuesday morning. And, listening to this song on the iPod while also listening to the rain pouring down. Yeah, I said rain!!

Anyhow, I know some of y'all won't appreciate the photo stream of this video BUT you gotta' give the song a listen. It'll totally jam up your morning!

FROM NOW ON, The Features:

Hip Hop Happy Tuesday!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Slaying the amphibious dragon...

This week is going to be a dragon. An amphibious one. This week's agenda involves slaying Godzilla. And, I don't even mean this Godzilla:

I mean the new and improved Godzilla:

Its funny because Saturday evening the kids and I watched the newest version of Godzilla on cable. My nephew on my brother's side loves these type of movies - even/especially the budget japanese films with all the other radioactive creatures that Godzilla has to save the world from before he wreaks his own havoc on it.

And, that is when it hit me. With mom's surgery and every other day this week booked up with stuff, and mom's pre surgery stuff, and co-pays (that are always more than expected). And, the fact that she is currently ill and also having some major dental work done before Thursday's surgery is just crazy wild - wild like an angry dragon on the loose. And, while I'm fine with it I feel this clenching in my chest.

Hubby has been busting his pie in the field. He leaves about 6:15 and isn't getting home until 10:pm. So this slaying thing is pretty much up to me - he's slaying his own thing - the fields.

And, it seems this other stuff keeps popping up, like Godzilla's den of eggs hatching and adding their own little attempts at destruction. And, everyone knows I'm not good with the unexpected or things 'popping' up. I'm a planner - my calendar is scheduled six months out. I already have dinner planned out for this week. I don't have time nor do I handle hungry, destructive baby dragons hatching unexpectedly.

With mom being ill (although her doctor put her on antibiotics immediately) I feel like I'm on hold - we are on hold - for Thursday. Which adds more anxiety. Is she actually going to be able to have this surgery? Is it going to go as planned? Is it going to help or hinder? It's like I just want Thursday here already.

On the up note, I'm pretty sure I can slay this guy. Maybe I'll call my ten year old nephew for some tips. I'll google on the iPad 'how to slay a dragon' and 'martial arts for beginners' and then hopefully by Saturday, we'll be serving up beer battered dragon. I heard they taste like chicken.

Just so long as there aren't any stray eggs left around to hatch and catch me off guard. Maybe I can find them first and then scramble them up for breakfast... Anyone had scrambled dragon?

So, that's my week in a nut shell. What are you slaying?

Happy Monday (wish it was Sunday, just another manic....)


Friday, March 16, 2012

Crazy like a Champion

I woke up this morning with this song in my head; and I thought, "I feel like a champ! And, I made it!" Well, almost anyhow - I still have to sub for 4th grade today but that'll be fun and keep me on my toes.

Just as I was thinking that song was actually a little anticlimactic and I obviously still have a some 'climactic' in my day, this song popped into my head as I grabbed my Rith mug full of coffee (Gary Rith made it for me and it holds my entire 4 cup carafe) and headed to the bathroom to dress and paint myself pretty. And, after all, this song is a little more befitting an early Friday morning and pre-Friday afternoon:

I mean if Elton John and Billy Joel can't get you jumping then you mine as well just crawl back under the covers and hide your face with a pillow.

As most of y'all know today is my first day to sub at the Intermediate campus and apprehensive at first, after meeting with FJ's teacher whom I'm subbing for today I thought, "I got this." Because at the end of the day? I rock my life and I'm a champion.

And, yes, I might be a little crazy. [That's the only way to balance the other side of myself - you know, uptight? Ducks in a straight line? Ts crossed and Is dotted?] :-P

I'm witty, odd and love to throw out all my colloquialisms (big word for 5:30 in the morning don't y'all think? ha ha) in the end - I own it. All of it. Because tis the crazy champion I am.

Okay, enough rambling and introspect. Which are you today? Are you a champion or are you crazy or are you like me and just the right amount of both?

Happy FWFD OTW! Squeeeeeeee!!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

CALLUM: The Cursed Clan

Sounds good already right?

I've had the awesome opportunity to review several ARCs from this author, Melissa Schroeder. Some of which were quite x-rated, erotic reads. This book is an exception to that. Meaning, it is more of a sensual romance novel - but no worries, Melissa went heavy on the sensual. :-D

Callum Lennen is basically the leader of the McLennan clan. Although he's generations old due to a curse put on his clan, along with his cousins who are his only remaining family, he's ageless. Or, at least he's stopped aging.

He has other talents too, I mean gifts, that come with the curse. [Don't worry, he is quite talented but those have nothing to do with the curse, if you catch my drift.] And that Scottish accent? *Swoon*

The curse is something he and his family have been researching to find a way to break once and for all. So they can all lead normal lives and not be trapped like this forever. Enter Phoebe Chilton. An expert in the field of archeology although her true love is the study of celtic relics and their legends.

Callum needs Phoebe to interpret a secret diary he has come to own; a witches diary. Phoebe is hoping this is her big chance to break out on her own - away from her parents rule and away from archeology so that she can finally make a career studying her true passion. Both have secrets they aren't sharing.

Of course, in the beginning their working relationship is quite restricted and obstinate. He's a hard@$$ who's used to being in charge and is skeptical of Dr. Chilton. Though, Phoebe doesn't buckle under his hard eyes and tone. Callum hates this as much at it intrigues him.

I loved this story by Melissa Schroeder. If you like romance novels with a twist and some mystery and some 'sensual' then this is the book for you! But be prepared, one read of Melissa Schroeder and you'll be hooked - her books are like 'sensual' addictions. :-P

Thank you to Melissa Schroeder and her wonderful PA, Brandy Walker, for sharing another great novel!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mom's Cervical Surgery: Corpectomy

Mom is having surgery next week. Kind of out of the blue, at least for me. She had a cervical fusion about 15 years ago; but opted out of the full thing due to a) it was a newer procedure, and b) my brother was only about two years old and she didn't want to chance being a quadriplegic.

This is still a fear and concern. But, my brother is now 17 and mom can't tolerate the pain anymore. Mom has a lot of pain issues. Most of which were exacerbated or added to when she was thrown from the ambulance she was working in as an EMT one morning about 11 years ago. She wasn't only thrown from it but as it continued to roll it actually smashed her into a ditch. Think cartoons where the character leaves an impression in the dirt/floor. Yeah, like that.

It is amazing she even survived - I can't believe it still myself. It shattered her pelvis and her one wrist. It put her whole body in a frenzy. Fibromyalgia along with any other flaming issue that one could incur.

She's dealt with this as best she can however over the years she has become more and more degenerated. This is difficult for her because a) she's very independent and doesn't like not being able to do things for herself and b) its freakin' painful. She's in a power chair and sleeps on a hospital bed. She's never completely out of pain - and anyone can tell that just by being around her.

So, I understand and am proud that she is making the jump to have at least something done that the doctors and surgeons are offering as a solution and some relief. There are still extreme risks though. Quadriplegia and/or the worst - something goes wrong while she's on the table. We've discussed all this.

Here is pretty much what they are going to do (warning, some of this is really graphic):

Pretty incredible. Pretty scary. With mom, her disks are in such delicate condition that they could burst - I'm sure they are more than bulging at this point in time. We are still unsure of what her range of motion will be after having this done. Her biggest hope though, is that she can get the use of her arms back without the never-ending degenerative pain.

Now that she's decided to have this done she says she can hardly stand to count down the days. I don't blame her. My tendonitis acts up in my left elbow and I have a small pity party for myself because I can't pick up a gallon of milk. So, I can only imagine - no. Not really. I really can't.

This is what is on the agenda at the end of next week. It will be hairy because mom also has extreme sensitivity to a lot of the additives used in so many drugs. Some make her sick while others make her loopy and I mean like crazy loopy not goofy loopy. It's the lesser of two evils, I guess.

Anyhow, fingers crossed and put some prayers up there? This is going to be a good thing. So long as everything goes according to the plan.

Well, it is Wednesday (WHOOP! Hump-day!) and time to wake the family and feed the kids and get out the door and all of that.

Remember to smile (and the whole world smiles with you, as they say) :-D


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This is my 984th post since I began blogging in January of 2008. Most people wouldn't think to comment on such an odd number, but rather focus on a milestone such as 1,000. But this morning I saw that little number and thought, wow. Things have changed in the last four years.

When I first began blogging we had been living in the castle for about a month. My goals back then were to be a cross between June Cleaver and Betty Crocker with a little Martha mixed in. [I didn't know who Paula Dean was at the time or I'm sure she would have been included.]

Now, I am months from the big 40. Life has sped up. The kids are busy in school (*sigh* constant worry with FJ - he puts in the effort but he struggles in some subjects) and extra curricular activities and I feel like I'm rarely home enough to polish the castle like in the old days.

I've gone from housekeeper to freelance writer to now part time substitute, chauffeur, and over-achieving reader. I've gone from a 6:30 a.m. routine to a 4:30 a.m. routine that gives me the pleasure of extra time each morning but leaves me drained come Friday afternoon.

Some mornings I sit here and think I'd like to just play hooky. Other mornings I'm an obnoxious bundle of optimism and joy bouncing around the house.

As much as I do and get done I am consciously aware of all that I could still do or didn't get done. Like the laundry cart that is staring at me while I piddle my time clicking away up in here.  The things and people that get neglected along the way. In the end I have to tell myself that it is what it is and I remind myself to be sure I'm enjoying this rat race as I continue to spin my little wheel. Otherwise, what was it all for, right?

My mind plays various renditions of 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' and 'Red, Red Wine' as the background elevator music of my life. I have a really good life and I'm very blessed. And counting the blessings is what makes it all worth it.

So with that, I'm going to whistle my way through the day - leaving you with this:

[There could be worse songs to have stuck in your head, right?] :-P Happy Tuesday!


Friday, March 9, 2012

The Modern Substitute

Remember the days of substitutes back when we were kids?

They either gave you a lot of busy work or let you do pretty much whatever you wanted. Rarely did one come in that had a clue.

Although, when I was in high school there was a change in the teaching industry. Suddenly, teachers were in their mid twenties to early 30s and they were also typically good looking.

<----------- FYI, did you read the cartoon? Ms. Eggbeaters? BAWWW-HAAAA-haaaaa! Cracked me up! Ha! Did it again! Okay, enough of the egg jokes.

I remember sitting in class snickering with my friends about how 'hawt' the male substitute was. Oh, and that's another thing. There are WAY more male teachers now days then I remember back when I was in school.

Things have changed. Being new to substituting myself I've discovered that it is really pretty cool. Of course, I'm special because my first week long assignment has been in the library. Not just any ol'substitute can pick up a library job. :-P You have to be 'assigned' the job - and lucky for me, I've been well trained by both the kids campus librarians. Being a library sub is AWESOME! Non-stop busy but awesome!

Technology is so awesome in the subbing program. Last week when I'd wake up I'd go to the website that I'm signed up with to see what jobs in our district, across the campuses I chose to sub at, were available. Seeing as I'm up at 4:30, and check regularly, I'd see the first posts as soon as they became available. Unfortunately, I was already booked up and unable to take any of the assignments.

And, after this week, I need next week to get my household back on track. But, if I see a nice half day assignment I'll probably snatch it up. And, I can do that with the 'click' of my mouse. It's like I wake up and think, "I feel like working today. Oh look, there's a half day in first grade for Ms. So-And-So. [CLICK]" And, I'm working that day. The flexibility is awesome!

And, the schools need their subs. Friday Lil'Gal's campus was short subs. And, Farmer, Jr's class never got one for his homeroom teacher. I totally would have picked that up for her but I was already volunteering at Lil'Gal's campus and then she had a weird tummy ache and we both had to go home at half day.

Anyhow, if you are looking for some part time, flexible work, and enjoy children/kids - I'd suggest you check with your kids school district and/or campus and look into substitute teaching. [If you could land yourself a library assignment - that'd be the bomb! So get to know the librarian. And, believe me they need the help too!]

I've thoroughly enjoyed this week. It started out hectic-crazy. I was checking in  and checking out books faster than a concession stand rings up food and beverages at a Super Bowl game. Seriously. That busy. And, then in addition to that I had to finish up the bulletin board I had started last week for our Super AR readers, and Ms. M gets bus duty [hall monitoring as the kids make their way to their bus lines.] I love it when the kids look up at me with smiling faces. Or, acknowledge me in the hallway (they always know my name or at least who's mom I am but I often only know their face - after all, there's 1100 of them) with a 'Hi Ms. FW!' Or an, 'I saw you in the library!' Or even better, 'The book you recommended is so funny! I got a 100 on my AR test!' Yep. Love it.

It's been a long week and I'm super-pooped. Or, at least I will be when the day finally comes to an end and my duties are done. But it has totally been worth it. And, I have to say - FUN.

Welp. Time to wake up my own youngins and feed them and get us all out the door. It's FWFD OTW!
Make it a great one!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Turning [the] Page

Mornin' folks!

Happy Tuesday :-) Hope you woke on the right side of the world this morning. I slept pretty well with exception to the full moon shining in the windows. (Yes we have blinds but I was in the living room)

Today is my first official subbing assignment at Primary. Well, second as Mrs. M already has me signed up to cover for her in the library next month while she is attending a conference. But, today is my first actual assignment. So, I'm excited with exception to the circumstances which brought it about.

I'm signed up for the rest of the week as she wasn't sure when she'd be returning.

With that I'm kinda' scrambling to finish my BFF Les' invitations for her 40th birthday/congrats on getting your Masters Degree party her mom and I are hosting at the end of the month. THAT was supposed to have been finished but kids needed pants and socks and undies so I had to tend to the laundry last night. I'm carting my stuff with me and should be able to finish this evening to put in tomorrow's mail.

So, I get a check there. :-)

I'd better eat me some breakfast and prep-up for the kids breakfast so I'll leave you with another song I just can't 'not' listen to. [And, YES, I do realize it is off the Breaking Dawn soundtrack and some of you won't want to listen just because you are Twilight boycotters BUT don't diss the artist just because you can't pick a team] :-P

This is a beautiful song and with that I leave you 'Turning Page' by Sleeping At Last...

Happy Tuesday!

Note: this song isn't available on iTunes unless you purchase the whole album. Which I want anyhow, but just and FYI to the rest of you. :-)


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Matt Nathanson: Run (Great song to get you 'running')

Howdy Bloggies!

It's Thursday and everyone knows what that means - almost FWFD OTW!!!

So, yesterday I was listening to the ol' XM radio and this song came on. I'm not even sure which of my favorite stations I was listening to - probably The PULSE because it plays the most current and also alternative and other types of music that are currently hitting the charts.

Still, I don't know how old this song is. But I heard it and it sucked me in so I made a mental note and when I got where I was going I set a reminder in the iPhone to share it with y'all on my blog this morning. I personally have found enjoyable starting off my morning (only listened to it on repeat about ten times.)
:-P Because that's just what I do.

I think the back up singer is the singer from SugarLand whom I can't stand - as a group not as individuals - her voice gets on my nerves , she does a pretty good job in this (as back up).

Anyhow, lets get your mellow run on this morning:

FYI, I read this comment on this youtube post: ever notice all of his songs are deeply inappropriate but you forget once you start singing

This song doesn't seem that way with exception to the first sentence '...I wanna' watch you undress...' But, the comment intrigues me. And, I definitely want to check out more of this guy's music.

I hope you enjoy my share! I'm off. Time to pack up for the whole day, snacks, homework - day long out of town field trip - then pick up the girls (I'll have FJ from the field trip) then library and homework and then girls scouts. I'll be around via the iPhone though. ;-) Y'all know me.

Still a long day but 4:30 a.m. isn't kicking my butt anymore. I'm actually embracing it (so long as I get my full on six hours of uninterrupted sleep, which I have of late).

Happy Thursday! Almost FWFD of the WEEEEEK! Now go run into your day and win the Thursday Marathon!