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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday's Sum-Up

Sunday's are Grand. They are the Lord's day. Although, there is a little controversy about the Saturday sabbath vs. Sunday sabbath. Father F. was expressing something about this at Easter Mass last week, but I missed it as I had to attend to an overly loud whispered argument among siblings. [Is it among for singular, and amongst for plural? I get mixed up]. Anyhooo. Luckily, I am Catholic. So we can attend Mass either day ;0) We can also partake of the spirits, sometimes even at our bar-b-que fund raisers because we acknowledge the fact that Jesus drank in the bible. In fact? They offer "real wine" at communion!!! I've tasted it and it's pretty good stuff! Not just the cheapie. But, I was the first one in line. Since then? Nope. Me no takie a drink of the Lord's blood till I get home where I can use my own glass -- clean from foreign saliva. I know the Lord understands. So, back to the bloggie at task. Sunday's Sum-up:
  • Breakfast was fantastic!!! Al Pastor taco, home-made corn tortilla, pico de gallo with lots of jalapeno, yucateca (burn your @$$) hot sauce, regular hot sauce, ranchero hot sauce. I was a very pleased Lil'Gal.
  • CCD -- I teach the youngest group. Two of which are my own children. Third week in a row? Their behavior.... um......SUCKS. Two weeks I have warned them that they would not receive the rath of me? But, the belt from Daddy. So...I fail to follow through because a Mamma' can't hardly stand the slap of the belt and the horrid screaming of a cry afterwards from the beings we bore.
  • Today? I warn and threaten. "If you don't SHAPE UP RIGHT NOW you are so totally getting the BELT from Daddy when we get home." They didn't shape up. Guess what? I tell Daddy. They cry the whole way home...."We don't want the beeee-eeelt. Pleeaaase?" We arrive home. Daddy sends them to their rooms and he descends upon them, belt in hand. "I" leave the house and walk outside...redemption day, and my heart will not rescue them cuz' my Bible says "they need it."
  • PLAY DATE!!!! Mrs. T and the kiddos came over. Kids had a grand time and a grand play date. Mrs. T and I did not get too much of a play date. We'll have to schedule a "kids in bed and asleep" movie night or something.
  • DH bought steaks yesterday!! Whoop!! Steaks for dinner tonight!!!
  • DH has a ship to fumigate tonight. Poop for him. DH calls, leaves...returns. Waits. Calls back -- leaves really late. He'll be home really, really late. (Me: It's payin for the steaks?)
  • T-Ball calls, finally -- yea!!! T-ball Mom says "Practice tomorrow at 5:30 pm" Gives me uniform details. (Me: Now unhappy because as I do require 24 hours notice before you invade my schedule -- school nights actually require 36, when I get done here? I have to go re-evaluate my week!)
  • Baby Li' Bro calls (I didn't answer because it was a number I didn't know) "Mom lost her phone..." I answer. Apparently, Mom lost her phone at the Wally world shop-o-mart last night. I pay the bill. [Freeeaakkk! Some worthless person (probably) has her phone and is racking up porn calls] Call Wally shop-o-world -- "duh, we don't know. What color is it?" Me "Did you find ANY PHONES AT ALLLLLL?" "duh...let me check" [wally shop-o-world craptastic on hold music......still......still......still.....] "....nothin's been turned in." Tomorrow I'll go to wally suck-ass-shop-o-world and find the phone smashed in the parking lot.
  • The Good: No prob putting a stop service on the phone (still required to make monthly payments and all as I am under shit sherlock Cell-Phone dude.)
  • Found a "what-I-think" is going to be a fantastic cake recipe for daughter's tea part and WAY easier than making actual pettit-fours. Whoop!
  • Oh, got the nail polish out of said daughter's hair. Only took about half a can of WD-40. 175 use of WD-40: removal of nail polish from hair. (174th was removal of glue board from brand new embroidered blue jeans).

Hmmm.... I think that sums it up. Tomorrow is "red shirt" day at school and I have to go fold the dark clothes to find the clean red shirts. It's 10:30 and my contacts are dry. I also have to re-evaluate my "tomorrow's" to do list.

Apparently, I have to add, "find smashed phone in wally-shop-o-world parking lot" and, "try to find t-ball cleats and pants at wally-shop-o-world" and, quite possibly, "go into REAL town and by sporting goods and new phone for Mom."

Then, I have to re-evaluate the dinner plan for the week as we will be having practice twice a week now. And, I haven't pre-made casseroles...and stuff.

Oh, I had a picture and a way better idea (well, kinda' better) for a blog -- but, too tired. Barely got here after I checked online to find out if our wally-shop-o-mart carries cleats. Our wally-shop-o-mart doesn't even show up on internet wally worlds page....hmmmm. Sporting goods store it is (after I locate the smashed phone).


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rules are NOT made to be broken

So, it's about 1:30ish, almost. And, already my little missy had several infractions against her. While I'm searching online additional party ideas so I know what to watch the sales for and also some tea sets (ebay, etc.) she proceeds to continue breaking the rules.

Let's see:
  • She visits me from watching cartoons and there is a powdery white substance on her clothes. Did she find my baby powder? No. I enter the utility room to change the laundry -- she found the powdered sugar hidden in the bottom crisper drawer of the back up refrigerator.
  • Bubbles: She takes the bubbles which belong to her and one to her brother. They are kept in the utility room for "outside play ONLY." She reviews tea sets with me on the computer and then skips away. I find her with bubbles all over the kitchen table and floor "But, I wasn't blowing them." Like that was my biggest complaint.
  • She has her "girlie" nail polish I finally let her keep because all her "girly" friends at school get to have nail polish. So far she has been responsible. I walk back through the living room to tend to another chore. She's painting her hair with it!!! AAAauuugugughhh!
  • [Earlier] "What time is it?" She asks me. Which when my kids ask this it means they want food -- snack time, lunch time, etc. me: "It's NOT snack time..." Few minutes later, her: "Can I have this lunchable for snack?" me: "NO." her: "Please, I'm hungry...can I have it? Please? Can I? Can I open it? I'm hungry." (imaging this another 4-5 times) me: "Fine." her: [after one or two bites] "Never mind, you can have it."!!! Ughgh!!
  • I find her drinking her cold water. She's so proud that it's "cold water" because it's "healthy." I peer into the bottom of the's layered and packed with...can you guess? Powdered Sugar! Grrrrr... :0{{ That's how my face looked.

Further investigation: daughter tells me, "That's what they do on the commercials..." They adverstise the "glitter hair" stuff for dolls and girls. I had to explain that it was made for hair not made for nails. Think I can get this out before church tomorrow?


Saturday Morning Dream

So, DH fell asleep last night and I was able to join him at not too late after the snoring subsided. But, I woke up at 2:00 a.m. I did dream somewhere during the night....but, I really don't know how as I was woken several times. After my 2:00 a.m. wake up and son came in our room at 4:00 a.m. So, I gave him my spot in our bed and gladly took to his "whole bed." But, then daughter cries out and moans in sleep about an hour or so later. So, I go crawl in with her and comfort her in her sleep. Didn't really fall back asleep after that as she wiggles and moves and is a noisy sleeper. If so much as a mouse [farts] passes wind? It'll wake me up. If DH has a tiny muscle twitch? It'll wake me up. If he BREATHES too loudly, it'll wake me up. So, around 7:00 a.m. I hear a small, quiet clink in my son's room. I get up and all is dark (thank goodness for the time change) and I follow his little silouette down the hall. Son is going to drive the tractors with Daddy. The Dream: So, I think there were two, actually. Since I was awoken from one, and possibly fell into the other. But, I'll try and re-cap. (I should have written/typed it down first thing this morning...but I layed around a bit seein' as I didn't sleep quite soundly...then I had to dress, paint the face, and chore around a little). I think it was my birthday...but, that is where the dreams mix up. So, apparently, a lot of people (friends and family) dropped by unexpectedly. And, I look around the house (which wasn't even our house but a soggy compilation of random places I've lived over my lifetime) was all cramped and clutter was everywhere!!! And, there were lots of blankets lying around and stuffed into various places. And, there was stuff -- crumbles, bits of paper, snacking remnants, dust bunnies, etc. -- all over my floor. I think there were also "Good & Plenty" candies...though, I don't know why as I've never eaten these things in my life. [Being candy? Probably, my daughter spilled them.] So, I made everyone wait outside on the front porch because they couldn't come in. The house was a wreck [due to the kids, I was thinking in my dream] and there wasn't even room for them to sit down or anything. While, I'm trying to clean it up, which as quickly and efficiently as I tried, I turn around to find another mess I'd somehow missed. [Kinda' like when someone is chasing you and no matter how fast you run or where you hide that someone always seems to find you? Or, you have gun to protect yourself but the bullets drip out of the end...that kind of mess]. DH was getting frustrated with me that it wasn't cleaned up and that people were waiting. So, I argued with him that he might could help and it would go twice as fast. The whole time I keep wondering how that mess got there so quickly all while I was apparently in the house. But, you know dreams. So, then somehow the people (whom I know in the dream as friends and family, but in reality I don't know those people at all) find their way into my home while I'm cleaning. And, I'm anxious because now they are crowded around in my house and in my way as I clean...but, they are handing me birthday cards. (Unless this is the other I's foggy). I'm also embarrassed because I don't keep a cluttered messy house -- not usually, anyhow. So, one card had a receipt taped inside for a total purchase of $13.49. I realized they had "pre-purchased" the Jungle Book II Disney DVD which was apparently about to be re-released on sale at Target. (Go figure that detail). So, I thought to myself, "How thoughtful. The kids will love it...even though Jungle Book II isn't quite as good as the original." I don't know what relevance this had, if any, to my dream. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So, I decided to look up some stuff in my book(s) about "Dreams." I have three, but could only locate two. They were where they were supposed to be....the missing one still concerns me a little. When I was a freshman in high-school I used to hit the library in the mornings before class started (I was always at school early) and I pulled out the volumes of books about dream interpretations. I can't really remember a whole lot of it except that there (at that time) were two main schools of thought: 1) Dreams are random mixes of memories as your mind "files" thoughts, memories, activities, etc. in the long term and short term memory filing cabinets it maintains. 2) Dreams mean something and offer incite into your life and should be disected and interpreted to help you better understand what is going on in your life, your emotional state, and what your mind and inner self are trying to tell you. So, one book (a small -- quick and easy paperback) had this to say: cleaning: a clear, straightforward warning note from your conscience is contained in a dream of cleaning...the harder/busier you are cleaning -- the more urgent the warning against "allowing yourself to be drawn into anything even slightly unethical, no matter how pleasurable and/or profitable it may appear." Hmmmm. Pleasure and profit? I think I'll ignore the warning and take the money and pleasure. After all, I was cleaning -- not prostituting myself. mess: whatever may be worrying or confusing you will soon come to an orderly conclusion. Hmmmm, again. Like that helps. All things come to a conclusion eventually, but is it good or bad? So, that book apparently sucks. Too bad I can't get my money back. Let's go on to the bigger and better book. cleaning: (it get's very indepth about each room) but generally, cleaning your home could suggest that you want to get more oganized in your waking life, but before you can do that you need to dispose of dirt or dust. This may refer to ways of thinking or responding that are clouding your judgments in waking life. Not so sure. I'm a pretty organized person. living room: [represents the image that you portray to others and the way in which you go about your life. Representative of your basic beliefs about yourself and who you are] if your dream living room is crowded, cramped and full of strange furniture (ie: blankets?) this suggests a lack of privacy. Hmmmmm. I typically can't even bathe or potty without someone entering my private space. porch: [represents your personality, your social self, your facade and how you portray youself to others; the portion of your life on display to others. What happens on your front porch in your dream is something that has become quite public, suggesting that you feel exposed in some way.] enclosed porch suggests your tendancy to distance yourself from others and your desire for privacy. Again, the privacy thing. . .I do feel like I've introverted lately. But, I also know that once summer comes and stays all "sunshine, hot, and blossoms" I become a social butterfly. Winter and early spring tend to leave me cacooned until my wings burst me free again. And, everyone knows I don't really use my front porch. We all hang out in the back. And friends drive around to the back. Only strangers (whom are unwelcome) appear on my front porch...and, sometimes ring my door bell [shame!] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personally? I think it was just a dream. I will say when I woke and went to our bedroom I found the blankets on the floor from the kids "pallets" from movie night last night. And, I haven't bisselled my floors in a few days so that was on my agenda for this morning. And, I have been working on birthday party invitations for days. Yep, think all the thoughts and memories were mixing around while my mind filed them appropriately away. I think my mind stays as organized as my home. [Some of you may think or know otherwise? But please don't analyze me and please don't share said analysis. Kindly, let me live happily with the idea (or possibly dilusion) that I'm very well put together and very much in control] :0) So, I'm off to fold those blankets and bissell my floors! Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Crafty me...a girly blog

So, this is my latest creative invention. My daughter's Tea Party birthday invitations. I really enjoy creating and crafting my own invitations and I am blessed enough to have the time to do so. Actually, I get into all of it...the whole birthday party thing. So fun with little ones.

(click on any of the pic images and they will enlarge)

I have a die cut machine (sizzix). I had to cut out 60 tea pots (I have two styles and couldn't choose so I used them both). And, the tea pots have coordinating tea cups and saucers ( I had to cut out 60 of those too). Then, I had to layer the tea pots for the shadow affect and color schematic that I wanted, and finally add the flowers to the "flowered" tea pot. Again, I couldn't decide which was to be the dominant color(s) so I did two invitation each opposite in color scheme.

I haven't quite decided on the other party favors. Either cute little ceramic tea cups the little Gals can take home as a keep sake. Or, since we are also doing manicures and pedicures -- maybe a little nail polish set.

A lot of work went into these. If you wanna' know exactly how I made them then read the following, otherwise...skip this part to the next section of my post. :0)

I do all the wording myself too. I research about the party theme online and then it develops in my mind. I was really pleased with last year's. And, the year before too (that was a princess party only I included a b&w pic of my daughter all dressed up in her Easter dress, purse and (if I do toot my own horn).

Anyhow, once worded and an appropriate image is included, I then print the invitation itself on vellum paper and cut around the edges with "nifty" designed scrapbook scissors. Then, to make the vellum pop -- I inked the cut edges, this time with pink ink. I generally attach the vellum to a color coded card stock and use ribbon to "tie/bow" them together. This time the vellum invitation was attached to pink textured cardstock with an opalescent pink ribbon and whala! A professional looking invitation with the homie touches of "Mama" and it only cost me about 30 cents in materials (per invite). (Don't ask me about how long it took. It got quicker as I learned to assembly line the project).

And, YES, I do dedicate just as much time to my son's parties and invitations and all. Just more "boyish" but still classy -- well, most. I had a few cheater years.


Last year Aubree wanted a Peterpan party: Tinkerbell and Peterpan. So, I made her invitations doused in glitter "pixie dust" glue. I made a big tea pee for the "lost boys" to play in at the Indian camp. We had a mermaid lagoon (with real live goldfish -- only two of them lasted after the party). I painted a huge appliance box with a pirate ship and attached it to the swing set tower. I even made a pirate skull and crossbones flag.

I made tu-tus for the girls at about $1.00 a peice and peter pan hats out of felt topped with red feather and all for about 50 cents a peice. (I'm very handy with a glue gun....and now I even have a sewing machine!!)

The dollar store was kind enough to carry fairywings just when I needed them. And, I made her cake two layered, heart on heart with Tinkerbell edible art on top. Hot pink and lime green and Yuuuu-uuu-my!

The whole party cost about a hundred bucks. A hundred bucks to make a little girl's party into a fairy tale? Totally worth it. And, I'm totally blessed to have the hundred bucks to do it.

[I will say that planning way in advance is the key. Once I know where the party is going then I can watch and shop the sales at craft stores, fabric stores, etc. And, the regular drop by the dollar store will eventually pop up with something theme related at a dirt cheap cost.]

I considered making this a business as I really love coming up with all the stuff and ideas on a budget. But, thinking it over and talking it over with friends I realized it would totally eat into my weekend time with the family....and, I'd have to go to strangers homes. I'm not real comfortable with strangers.

I AM happy to say a good friend of mine "booked" me to do all the fun favors, artsie-tartsie stuff, invitation and the cake too for her daughter's "Tinkerbell Party." [Look? I'm already a pro and have half the gear!!]

So, I better get back to assembling the proto-type for those invitations as she might pop in this weekend.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Backtalk: 5 years old going on 15

So, my daughter isn't quite five years old yet. She still has another seven weeks or so. But, I sware she's gonna' skip five years anyhow (after her Tea Party) and jump straight into the body of a fifteen year old.

Here are some conversations/disagreements we've had lately:

daughter: "Mama, can we stop at Dairy Queen today?"

me: "No, not today but if y'all are really good maybe we will stop after school on Friday."

daughter: "No Mama! Turn that way to the Dairy Queen."

me: "I told you, were aren't going today."

daughter: "Hmmpf! You're not being a very nice Mama! I'm not your child anymore!"

[dinner and bath time]

me: "Kids, dinner is running behind so go ahead and get your baths or showers now, Okay?"

son: "Okay, Mama. [Happily and respectfully] I'm gonna' take a shower!!

daughter: "No, bath time is AFTER dinner."

me: "Tonight, bath time is BEFORE dinner."

daughter: "I'm not bathing until AFTER dinner. I'm not taking baths and showers all the time, every day!"

me: "You are not going to be a stinky girl. Go get in the tub." [I grab the paddle (wooden spoon)]. Daughter disgruntingly exits to her bathroom.

two minutes later...

me: [Checking on kids] Are y'all in the shower?

son: "Almost done!" As I'm peaking on him and the bathroom is completely steamed up because he likes hot showers like me.

daughter: [daughter is not in bathroom. No water is running in tub or from shower. Daughter is discovered sprawled on her bed in teenage fashion flipping through a "Tinkerbell" book.]

me: "Little Girl! You better get in that shower right now!"

daughter: "I DON'T CARE!!!"

me: "You're BUTT'S gonna' care in about 25 seconds!"

daughter: [Grunting and huffingly gets up and heads to shower].

Son and daughter complete bathing and return for dinner. Everyone is kind, thoughtful and loveable. Daughter's halo has been returned or the shower polished the tarnishing away.

[on the way to school this morning]

Kids are fighting as I enter the vehicle. Over who's back pack is in who's way and taking up how much room. I remove both backpacks from the back seat and place them up from with me. Problem solved.

daughter: (yelling) "Give me back my back pack!"

me: "I'll give it back when you can request it respectfully."

daughter: (still yelling) "But it has my toys in it!"

me: "When you can be nice to your brother and myself, then maybe you can have your back pack back!"

This continues down the drive until I hit the breaks and threaten to remove daughter from vehicle and provide the appropriate (spanking) attitude adjustment she requires.

daughter: As I exit vehicle to lock the gate. "Well, your not a very good Mommy. I'm going to live in "another world." I'm gonna' run away!"

me: "No one would take you with that attitude."

After closing gate I return to a quiet vehicle. Daughter is apparently thinking about my previous statement.

daughter: [half way to school] "Mama? May I pleeeaase have my back pack back?"

me: "When I come to a place to stop safely so I can reach it....maybe, I'll give you back your back pack."

Daughter is now all peaches and cream to myself and her brother. I finally return her back pack with this statement. "See? When you are nice and kind and respectful you get something you want and others will be nice. Attitude will NOT get you what you want."

Lesson has been learned, until the next time.

Parenting is hard. But, those hugs, kisses, sweet words and faces. Wouldn't trade it for the world. My only fear is how things will be when she actually IS fifteen....teenagers.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

WWC: 03-25-08; Treasure and Junk

So, I missed out last week on the WWC. But, I threw something together for today's WWC deadline.

Before we get to the pics though, I wanted to mention that Butterfly Girl has her recipe up for Spring Rolls. Spring Rolls won the poll! So, if you voted for it or just want to check it out click on over there! Thanks Butterfly Girl.

So, WWC:

Hunting for treasure, counting her treasure and running away from the scene of a crime. My daughter just hit her uncle, "Big S" with a cracking confetti egg. See the glee in her face? Gosh, you just can't help but smile at her joy. Looking at her melts me.

Junk. My appliance garage....I keep my everyday lists and junk in here because I can clean it all up in about two seconds.

Taa-Daaaaa!!!! Pretty nifty, huh?

Extra Photo Shot: Butterfly Girl is also contributing to this idea of stringing along everyone's kitchen table...or something like that. The idea is to show everyone something about ourselves via our kitchen table. Mine is kinda' boring. 'Cuz, it pretty much stays clean and uncluttered. Hmmm, guess that does say something about myself. :0)

I will say that I hate this table. This is our old table from our tiny little house. It only has three chairs because one broke twice and could no longer be fixed. DH brought this table to use until we are able to make the eight hour drive (round trip) to pick up my Gramm's table that I inherited.

One more treasure picture. The only cloud in the sky.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Glass Overflowing!!

I was asked today "Are you half full? Or, half empty today?" Not an odd question, my being a Glass Half Full Gal. And, I tend to share that with people when life comes up. But, the way this questions was worded...had me wondering. Read on, and I'll explain.

So, today I was at my neice's 5th birthday party. She and my daughter are eight weeks apart. One of the parents whom I consider a friend, parent friends, couple friends...anyhoo, we were all fighting over the frosting that was attached to the castle teirs (my SIL made this fantabulous castle cake for my Sweet Neice's princess party)....and he looked at me and said, well first he domained the place with the leftover frosting as the guys place -- but there was frosting, home-made buttercream, so I invaded.

Then he looked at me and said, "So, are you half full today or half empty?" And, I obviously replied without a thought and said laughingly [and enjoying the frosting] "Half Full!" And, then it hit me. Something about the way it was asked had me thinking. Hmmmm, where did that come from. How would he possibly know about my blog? Maybe he doesn't. But, maybe....he does.

I mentioned it to DH. He reminded me of the following: This person is notorious, afterall, for knowing all the ins and outs and everything about pretty much anyone, any place, any business, and so forth. He is a vast container of collective knowledge. If he does read me? I'm so appreciative. I'm almost flattered to be part of that "vastness of knowledge." I hope he finds me interesting and entertaining...I'm just wonderin' from where the bloggie he found me.

In thinking, I did send my SIL an invite to read me a long time ago. But, I thought she never did. As, I've never heard a word. Maybe I've been silently passed around -- how flattering! Then again, it could all just be in my head. Hmmm, I think I'll live and revel a little in the possibility of being somewhat "farmville" bloggie famous!!! [If you think or know otherwise, please don't bust my bloggie bubble, LOL]

The Point: So easily that I answered laughingly that my Glass is Half full (I think possibly more than half full)...I thought of all the minor yet, magnificent pictures I've taken over this week. So, here is a recount of "words" I captured in picture over this Spring Break.

"Enchanted" So, we saw this at Thanksgiving. Me, my baby Bro (going on 13 he didnt' find it as fantisizing), my daughter and son. Immediately after it ended, my daughter and I agreed we would have, just HAVE to buy soon as it was released on DVD. If you are a parent of children who love "Happily Ever Afters" then you need to see, rent, buy this DVD. It takes me back with my children everytime to the childhood I wanted, and am now able to give and share with them.

"Fashion Statement" My daughter loves to dress up. Sometimes she mixes it up. She always makes a fashion statement. I try to let her live a little, but I do have to jump in from time to time when we are going out into the real world. Anyhow, she is wearing her "Dash" [The Incredibles movie] P.J.s along with black valentine hearted socks and her black crocks with pink rinestones. She wouldn't let me brush her hair because, how did she say it, "She likes the free and wild look." [Almost 5 yrs old].

"Santa Clause" So after a big, hot, bubble bath, my son dresses and beards himself with bubbles. He then proceeds to run through the house saying "Ho, Ho, Ho, I'm Santa Clause." He ran way too much water, after I had already turned it off. But, hey? It's still Spring Break. Actually, the last official day of. And, if you click on the pics you can see a bigger version and his chin is so cutely covered in a "bubble beard."

"Sibling Un-rivalry" So, the kids decided after a day at home (pre-spring break weekend) to get along and play together. I caught them having a "tea party." Son agreed to play, as it was so important to his sister. I caught them in frivolous conversation...getting along and loving each other. Then I heard my daughter say (before she saw me), "Shhhh, Mama's takin' pictures of us."

These are the little things that make life so GRAND. Little pictures, memories in a moment. These are the things that make life "Half Full" and detox the stresses that make me fearful I might end up "Half Empty." I'm an anxious person. I'm OCD. I'm happy in who I am and in what the Lord has given me.

So, in writing this, I actually made myself one of these. A vodka tonic. I've forgotten how good these are. And, as I sipped it and peered into it I thought, once again, my Glass is half full....and when it runs short of that....I just fill it up again.

Happy Saturday!!!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My take on Politics

Okay, now y'all saw the poll I've had up about the Presidential election stuff going on. And, I am so happy I had so many participants!! Thank you for taking time to share your vote. So, I'm not "all about the issues" and though I know I should spend more time paying closer attention to all the stuff going on in Washington -- I also know that there are so many people killing themselves to keep up with all that, run all that, and handle all that....oh, and stress about all that. So, as I'm aging I'm finding that I am becoming quite the close minded, live in my own space [world] kinda' Gal. I've found that I like living life with less stress....and less stress means you gotta' cut down on the stuff you choose to make important enough to worry about. So, anyhow. I don't know about every issue. And, I don't know 'all' about all the candidates. But, I tend to go on a gut feeling. "Hillary?" She scares me. So, I am so glad that all you Democratic people chose Obama. Although, something about him makes me a little uncomfortable...but, I like him WAY better over Ms. C. So, the other almost tied votes go to the "Hard Core Republicans." Unfortunately, I don't really see that we have a whole lot to choose from. I mean, McKain. Isn't that what we had the last time around? I mean, next to Bush. [Hey, I gotta' say...he's is not a perfect man. Neither was Bill Clinton. We are at war; we've been in this war for five, into six, years now. But, when we got hit at our twin towers I wouldn't have picked anyone else other than a good 'ol Texas boy to kick some big time "A".] That said.... So, we seem mighty split. I'm really concerned about the incoming year -- new President and all. Because, I'm really not thrilled about any of the candidates out there, from any party. I don't even feel like a Republican so much....I feel almost, Independent? Usually? I have a gut instinct and I know who I want and why. You can try and sway me and make a good point or two -- but, I stay committed. It's like Vegas and the craps table. I know when and where to place my "mark." But, this time around....I'm almost waiting just to see "who" we end up with. And, I hate to admit Repub readers might boycott me.....but, I have this feeling we are going into a Democratic Presidency this time around. I just pray it isn't the cold hearted B, Mrs. C. I don't trust her. I think the only reason why she stuck around after Bill's big embarassment of America -- was because she's the one who put him in the White House. And, the only, ONLY reason she put him there? Was, because she knew America might not be ready for a female President. Bill was her ticket, her puppet. [Sure hope the Government isn't reading me...could they come after me for slander -- oh, wait. The 5th. Yea, Freedom of Speech and opinion]. I will say that I am truly glad to see some "melting pot" in the variety of candidates -- female, male, black, anglo, and so forth. I'm seeing the future -- [Corky will get this] like Star Trek's leadership made up of so many races, species, and genders. Please don't quit reading me because I "went there" and into politics. Cuz' like I said? I don't keep up much. But, what I DO keep up with? I'm just trying to say.....makes me, uncomfortable. And, that's all I got to say about all' that. Well, one last thing. It's in God's hands....and, in that I DO trust. Happy Wednesday! And, Happy Rambling!!

Picture Fiction Challenge #2

It's PFC time again. This is a monthly challenge that r.e.h., started. This is the second month and the second PFC (Picture Fiction Challenge).

Last month mine was dark. But, this one is a lot more light hearted. It's not fantastic or anything. But, hey? I'm participating and I tried, right?

I've included the pictures that were to be used for this months challenge. The pictures also explain what their purpose is to be in this particular challenge.

FYI? You can click on the pictures above to open large enough to read the definitions within the frames. So, read on and let me know what you think!!

Bedtime Stories “Tell me a dream…”

“Mama? Can you tell me a dream tonight?”

“Sure Baby, I’ll tell you a dream. Hmmmm, let’s see? What about a dream about fairies? With pixie dust and edible butter cups?”

“No, fairies was last night.”

“Okay, how about a magical unicorn that can carry you into her magical land?”

“No, I watched that movie already….last day.”

“You mean, Yesterday?”

“That’s what I said, Mama, yester-last-day. Mama, tell me a dream about the baby tigers….the one’s on the T.V?”

“The tigers…hmmmm. Oh, those beautiful tigers cubs on the beach? “

“Yes, Mama, those tigers. The pretty one’s all brightly striped. I like how they played together in the sand. Tell me a good tiger dream, Mama.”

[I tuck my daughter in a little tighter with the covers. I hand her a sippie cup of ice cold water.]

“Once upon a time there were two beautiful tigers cubs. They loved to play and romp, like all kittens, cats, and cubs do. One day they had found that they had lost their Mother. Or, their Mother had lost them. They searched for her but she could not be found. They returned to their den, and waited. But, she never returned and they grew hungry.

They decided to look for food on their own. They had watched their mother. Though, not nearly as strong or as quick as she…possibly, they could find something to eat. So, they left their den.”

[I unknowingly begin stroking my daughter’s beautifully, long, blonde, hair softly…gently, along her forehead.]

“They romped as they journeyed. They chased a butterfly. One caught a cricket. One caught a field mouse. One chased after a snake, but it slithered too quickly into its hole.

In their search they came upon a den of a different kind. This was a den of the two legged, furless, kind.”

“That means us? Right, Mama? Two legs and no fur? That’s A people? Like us. Right, Mama.”

“Right Baby…. Now, close your eyes and picture your dream.”

[She snuggles up close to me with her sweet little smile. She closes her eyes, tightly. Happily.]

“So, the tiger cubs came upon a human den. There was an older couple that lived there. The woman, upon seeing the little cubs fell instantly in love with their sweet, playful nature. The cubs were quite shy and some what fearful of people. Their Mother had taught them that the ‘two legged, furless’ creatures were often dangerous.

The woman retrieved some milk and poured it in two small bowls. She also brought out some dried meat. The cubs watched the woman, in her den. She didn’t look dangerous.

They watched her place the milk and meat just outside the door to her den. The cubs could smell it and they were quite tempted and quite hungry.”


“Yes, Angel?”

“Do tigers eat M&Ms?”

“Hmmm, I don’t know. I think chocolate might not be good for them.”

“Ooooh, but these are special tigers Mama. These are dream tigers. I think they can eat M&Ms. I bet they like the green ones, like me. Green M&Ms are my favorite.”

“Yes, Baby. Now close your eyes again and try to fall into your dream. So, where was I? Oh, yes. The tiger cubs were quite hungry. Tiger cubs are born with a very large appetite and are hungry all the time. And, searching for their Mother was hard work. They were very tempted to taste the milk and the meat.

The first cub, the oldest, approached slowly. Timidly and quietly….he found the bowls of milk. He took a lap. He took another lap. At seeing this, his brother approached too. Now they were both lapping up the milk. Then they both jumped after the dried meat – catching a piece at the same time and they wrestled with each other over who would get the biggest part. They wrestled right into the two legged, furless’s den tumbling and knocking things about.

‘Now, now,’ said the native lady, ‘I have plenty to share with you both. If you can not get along and behave I will leave you out on the sandy beach. The man of this house wants no animals wrestling around in our den.’

The woman returned to get some more dried meat. So, there would be enough for these two hungry tiger cubs. The cubs were coming to trust the native ‘two legged, furless’ one. They decided it might be okay to stay here awhile. They could drink more milk and eat more meat.”

“And, green M&Ms Mama….”

“Yes, and green M&Ms, Baby.”

“Mama? Tomorrow can we go to the zoo and take pictures of the tigers there?”

“We might can do that angel. But, first you need to get some sleep.”

“Can we get some green M&Ms?”

“Yes, Baby.”

“Okay……Night, Mama…..Mama?”


“You’re the bestest Mama ever. “

“And, you’re my favorite little girl. Night, my sweet Angel.”


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Fight!

So, DH and I had a fight last night. Over the stupidest thing. I wanted to watch the "new" episode of my all time favorite show. The kids wanted to watch a little video before bed. My show starts. I ask DH to put the DVD in for the kids. DH flips out because he's tired and he still has to pay bills and he wants to take a break in the computer room. Mind you, we both made our points. He had a point. He works hard and he does need a break. I know he is exhausted. He has to get up and leave the house at 6:30 a.m. while me and the kids get to lay in bed until we feel like getting up since it is Spring Break and all. But, still. I work hard...I just don't get paid in money. Anyhow, now I feel all yucky inside because I hate it when we argue like that. And, I hate it when the arguments go "there" over something stupid. And, I don't back down....I tend to get all flaired up. Defensive. I think I might fight dirty. You know when a little thing grows, and grows and then you bring out your cards and start throwing them on the table? Like, um the "money" card, the "s-e-x" card, the "I maintain the outside/garage/yard" card, "I clean the house and wash your undies" card, the "who do you think keeps this house running" card, and so on. For those of you who aren't married? There is a whole deck made up just for married folks and you can play them for fun or for fight. Anyhow, DH will be POd should he read or know that I blog about this. But, I just wanted to share the fact that marriage is hard sometimes. It's totally worth it though. I used to say we were partners, but after last night? I realized, we are "teammates." And, there is a difference there. I love DH to pieces. Snore Factor and all. He's my other half (not to quote Tom Cruse, but, He completes me.) I just felt all funky today. That's how I get after one of those. Sure, I was all piss and fire last night....and I still think "I'm right" -- though he made good points? There was no reason to have that fight. I just wanted a favor. It got all blown out of proportion. One of those misunderstanding things. See? I wanted to watch my show like I mentioned above. But, was gonna' watch it in the bathroom. The DVD player, etc., is all wired into DH's closet in the bathroom so we don't have tons of cords, boxes and crap in the bedroom. So, when I said "I'm gonna' watch my show in the bathroom while I bathe [in the Queen of Sheba tub]....can you start the video for the kids?" HE thought, why the hell can't you start it since you are going in there anyhow. But, he didn't say that. He said, something like, "Hell NO, I'm tired and exhausted and gotta pay bills on the computer and wanna' go in there and watch something." So, I'm feeling all disrespected. You can't even start a flippin' DVD? It takes like 45 seconds to 1 1/2 minutes (depending on the commercials and skipping through it all). See, my show was starting at this very moment that I asked this. And, the kids were all good, clean, brushed teeth, books read and lying on their pallets all excited to watch some video before bed time. I was still cleaning the kitchen and watching the beginning of the show (so, I thought I would). When a "commercial" came on, I was going to make the mad dash to the bathroom, turn the water on full blast, throw in some bath salts and bubbles and grab my gear (ie: face scrub, razor, wash cloth, TV remote) and be "in the tub" when the show started back. I guess, he's never fully seen how I manage this gymnastical feat. Anyhow, if you are lucky enough to have a significant other....please, sometimes, just do the favor. No explanation or interpretation required. Why would I have asked if I didn't have good reason. I'm not a lazy least not THAT lazy. If you don't have a significant other at this point in time then take this as a lesson to keep in the back of your head. Oh, we made up, of course. I sent him a text today letting him know I love him and appreciate him and that I felt all crappy. He called me and shared the same. He even called me later and could sense something, "What's wrong? You still sound down." I said, "That's how I am after one of those. " So, then tonight? While I'm preparing a late dinner for the kids because I've been in a funk and just hung out with them watching a new video (my favorite from childhood -- "The LAST Unicorn!!!" Too good.) Anyhow, I put on the cable and came across an "Everybody Loves Raymond" re-run. LOL Funny! And, I thought, this is great! So true...this is marriage. And, I'm happy to be married with my happy little family. Fights, and all. Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chalupas: The recipe

So, Butterfly Girl requested my recipe for chalupas. I think that picture in a previous post got her mouth watering a little bit for some. So, we decided to do a "recipe swap" post. I've put recipes she offered to post about in a little poll up at the top. I might add that she also offered a recipe for Bar-B-Que liver. I like bar-b-que but am quite "unfond" of liver. So, I didn't include that one on the poll. I make a pretty good meat loaf, but I'm still kinda' curious about how she makes hers. You can also vote for more than one item. So, on to "Chalupas -- Farmer*s Wife style: Ingredients: Chalupa Shells Refried Beans Cheese (American, Cheddar and/or Monterray Jack) Cooked and seasoned Ground Beef Personal Topping Preferences: lettuce, tomatoes, avacado, etc. Recipe: 1) Cook ground beef and season with chopped onions, comino seasoning to your likeing, salt, pepper, etc. Drain. 2) Place chalupa shells on cookie sheet or baking pan. 3) "Frost" chalupa shells with refried beans (I prefer to cook my own pinto beans, then smush them and use them in place of canned refried beans. But, canned work well if you are in a hurry or just don't feel like messing with pintos. Just be careful. Some brands of refried beans smell like dog food -- yuck!) 4) Cover beans with cooked ground beef. Add as much or as little as prefered. (If you don't want to add meat? You can leave it out. I believe the "original chalupa" was shells, beans and cheese). 5) Top with cheese. (I use the cheese last because it melts and holds the meat on the chalupa better. Some people might want to do it opposite). Some prefer American cheese only; I like to use cheddar and sometimes throw in some Monterray Jack. Just depends on your cheese liking. 6) Broil until melted and bubbly. If broiling cooks too fast for you then bake at about 400 degrees on the middle rack. 7) Top with additional items as you like. Lettuce, diced tomatoes, avacado, hot sauce, etc. Oh, and definately don't leave out the jalapenos! MMMM-mmmmm good. This was kind of a quick post. If I think about it and left anything out, I'll come back and edit. Chalupas are easy though and SO, SO YUMMY!! Happy Eating!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My children are MY LIFE

So, as I was just tucking my two beautiful children into their beds [I let them stay up late and watch "Ladie and the Tramp", it being Spring Break and all], I thought that I needed to say a few things about them. Now, yes, my last post was "jesting" about trading or renting out my children. But, in all honesty? They are my life. Yes, I have a life outside of children...but, they are really what makes my life so full. Yes, I truly love my DH. I am a blessed, blessed woman. Still, my children....I MADE these tiny little people. Well, DH and I made them together but I got to carry them around in my womb. And, I was happy to eat all the right things, sacrifice all the bad things, and treat my body like the wonderful life creating source that it is. I grew these children and sheltered them until they were ready to join the outside world. I have to say that I have sympathy for men. Though, most probably don't see that I should. But, they will never know what it is like to carry a life this way. To nurture it and grow it and to give birth to such beautiful beings. I love my children with all my heart. I joke about them being a "Pain in the Ass" cuz' we have to make light of life when it is frustrating. But, my life would be so, SO, much less without them in it. I've done a few great and grandios things in my life. But, the accomplishments I will always be most proud of are my children. Parenting is SO HARD. It truly is the hardest job in the world, the universe. We try to set an example [better, even, than ourselves], to provide morals, boundaries, love, and everything that it takes to guide our children in the right direction and to mold them into the wonderful people they are and are growing up to be. We revel in their accomplishments. Be it reading a whole book or dusting the window sills or singing a silly song. I am so thankful to God for giving them to me. For blessing my DH and I with these "gifts." Because they truly are a gift. I worry with a watchful eye, fearful of losing them or something harming them. I could not imagine....I don't even dare, imaging the worst. It would end me, completely. So please know that I would never rent out my children. I would never trade my children. I would give up anything, everything and all of myself to keep them safe and warm and loved. My children, are my life. I wouldn't live it, any other way....

Children for Rent (Spring Break)

So, the kids are on spring break. Well, it officially begins on Monday but seein' as how I was signed up to work the Easter party at school it officially began for me at 1:15 yesterday afternoon.

So, officially, the kids have been on spring break for a total of 28 plus hours. I am going "NUTSO" already. This weekend should not be different from any other weekend, but it is. They've got SPRING fever. The weather has been hot and summery like...there's lots of candy to be had (thanks to the damn Easter party and all).....thus making small children wild.

They play together really well when they aren't fighting and beating the tar out of each other. We made cupcakes together this afternoon. (I know, what am I thinking? More sugar?) But, these are for friends and company we are expecting over tomorrow afternoon. After we made cupcakes? I found myself chasing them through the house with a wooden spoon....

I forced them outside and locked the deadbolts. I needed five minutes of peace, quiet and stillness. They hollered that they were, I threw out a couple of popsicles and locked the door again quickly. That lasted for about three and a half minutes. Long enough for me to escape in here....Then? somehow? They found their way back in. I think I forgot to close the garage door.

We have a full week scheduled. Well, "I" have a full week scheduled, with two wild children in tow everywhere I go. Gosh, I sure love'em. But, beer makes me love'em more. Hmmmm, wonder what valium would do (for ME, not the children). Tuesday I'm keeping two of Mrs. T's three -- (she's probably cursing me as she reads this as I get a break from mine for 7 hours five days a week). I know, shame on least "I" get a break. Break's are addicting though. It's hard to recondition myself.

Anyhow, I'm keeping two of her three and I think it will actually improve things around here. I think it might be a "retreat" in a way. The four of them can [and I hope will] drive themselves crazy, leaving me on my own. And, then be exhausted by the time she picks two of them up. And, seein' as I love her kids like my own? I don't really even care which two she takes -- as long as it's two. (Am I bad?)

So, I'm wondering if I can make this week profitable by renting them out. My son's a great cleaner. He cleaned the table, the chairs and the window sills (there are 19). And, he only went through one bottle of 409 and one can of Endust. My daughter is a great entertainer. She likes to sing. She can make great messes and throw a fantastic temper tantrum too! You could use her to get rid of people you don't want hanging around.

So, think about it. The fee is fairly negotiable. This offer is only available for the next nine days though. Better jump at it while you can! [Ugh, someone is crying....where's my wooden spoon?]

Happy Spring Break!

[Editor's note: The children in the picture above were in no way drugged or otherwise mis-handled. They are "still" due to the drop in blood sugar as the candy is wearing off and "Tom & Jerry" is on the Teli. In about 15 minutes their bodies will be "re-charged".]

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shiner: Black Lauger, mmm-mmm Good.

So, our builder came by today. Lookie what he brought me!!

He dropped by to check on some left over "trouble shooters," the little tid bits that take a little extra visit here and there to tie up the loose ends. We discovered through the building process that we had a Love for Shiner Bock in common. His Dad helps him out with a lot of home building projects and he too, has a love of Shiner.

Often, I'd be working on something at the house during the heat of summer and they would drop in to handle a project not contracted out. They'd offer and share their Shiner Bock. It became a routine and toward the end of home completion -- we typically enjoyed a couple together regularly. I kept the new fridge stocked.

Now, my DH? He doesn't like it. He calls it oil. So, it has been dubbed around here as "my oil." Keeps my motor runnin' smooth. Should I hit a nitch in the road and my brain and mouth start clanking around? I just add a little oil, 24 oz. usually does the trick (although, I enjoy a few more ounces from time to time).

So, you can read the part that says "Handle With Pride." But, you probably can't read what is in the grey lining that says "Every drop of Shiner is brewed in Shiner." Shiner, Texas that is. They have all types of Shiner varieties, even a Christmas box set. Shiner Bock is my all time favorite -- but, this Black Lauger? I think it's like the Crown Royal of Shiner Bock.

But, so far you can't find it here locally. My Builder was out of town visiting and helping some family and he found six cases at "Cosco." So he bought four and his BIL bought the other two.

His dad tried "Black Lauger" and said, "You know who would love this? Farmer*swife...Yep, you gotta' take her some." So my Builder drops by and brings me a six pack! Is that not totally awesome? So, as I am blogging this I am enjoying my second one.

[I could barely wait while cooking dinner for the first one to be half way cold enough to enjoy. It was still a little luke warm when I drank it. It was very goooood. I called my Builder and told him the same and thanked him again.]

On a side note, last night my daughter requested that I make chalupas. She likes chalupas. So, I took a picture -- Can you guess which one is mine? Well, kids bedtime and DH is about to loose his patience. I better run. [Or, I could hide in here with my Black Lauger -- no, that wouldn't be fair to the kids.]

Happy Thursday!!!!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Etsy: The Deerman

I keep hearing about this "Etsy" place. I think it's like ebay only full of crappier stuff? Just kiddin.' I better get all the facts before I go judging. Anyhow, I clicked some links on "Tink's" page and they took me to the Etsy and now, I too have joined the curious persons and have visited there.

(Sorry, I didn't put a link to Tink, too lazy and I haven't memorized the coding yet...she's up there in my bloggie buddy list under "Pickled Beef.")

So, someone actually took the time to make this from other peices, from what the write up said.

This someone is selling this thing for $40.00!! I make WAY better crap stuff than this! I know I could totally sell some stuff on Etsy. I really need to look into this!

Anyhow, that's about all for now. I kept the daughter home today because I thought she'd be a might tired after having been up this morning from 4:00 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. Of course, I too, was up as she was up and complaining. She might have actually been dreaming and sleep walking through her dream.

So, it ends up that I'm the tired one. And, she has been hogging the computer. All the same I had to finish the laundry [it never ends] and "bissell" my floors.
Lator Gators! Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Credit Card Fraud: S.O.B.s!!!!

Yea, so I was running errands today and feeling especially high as I had left the house just shortly after reading some "bloggie comments" and some bloggie's volunteered to be my groupies!!!! Whooop! It really did make me feel really special. Oh, and I even had a couple of "new readers" -- double WHOOOP! and a big, Hip! Hip! Whooo-hoooo! So, I'm working out and paying for the ticket details for a school fundraiser as I am a "bon-i-fied Board Member" for our local private school PTA. Actually, we are a PTL -- we are a "League" as apposed to an "Association." Either way? I like participating....and it's all for the kids and I love their little school. So, I chose my "personal" credit card (where I hide those tiny purchases, and hubby gifts and then stash my cash to pay it off) vs. the "family budget" credit card to pay for the tickets -- knowing I'll be re-imbursed by the school. So, the card came back with some code to call it in. So, I don't have time to call it in so I gave the girl (little, young, and not quite so smart but very sweet and complimentative to me) the family budget card instead while mumbling...."Hmmmm, I'll have to check that online when I get home." So, by the time I get home there are already like "four"other calls I have to make and schedule things with and email people the details of the outcomings of the calls and ALL, immediately. And, as I reach for the phone I notice the little happy-ass red arrow blinking....I have a message. For those who have read me awhile? You know I don't like the phone and I don't like it to ring and I especially, don't like the red blinking arrow -- Impending Doom and all. So, guess who it was? YEPPERS! My bank. "Mrs. Farmer*swife? We need you to call us at 1-800-bla-blah because we have detected some unusual charges to your account and we need to verify them." BEEEP. WTF! WTH! Oh, Crap! There goes my damn anxiety level again. MF'ers. So, I first check online and sure enough there is a hold on my account -- and, I am glad. And, then there is a phone number to call but it is different from the number the "lady" on the phone message left. So now, I am calling one number and hanging up. Then, I call the other number and hang up. And, I play this game about three rounds before I decide....well, hell. Eeny-Meeny-MIny-Moe and get through this already! (I didn't know who to trust at this point -- someone had phished my credit card info and I didn't know if they'd phished it from my computer or my phone number -- or what!) It's kinda' like when you can't tell who is the "real" super-hero cuz' the bad guys cloned the good guy? And, then there's the secret password that the real Super yells out just before he gets shot and the weapon-holder decides to shoot the bad guy instead? Yeah, kinda' like that. So come to find just started today. I asked the lady, "Um, what was the last charge you show before this "abnormal" charging began -- she said it like she knew me personally, "Oh, you know...that Dollar Store." SWEET, she must watch just me and my account. She totally knows me. So these SOB/F'ers/Slack-ass cheaters/Skitstovals (I know, I never spell it right and I can't do the linguistical thingie) CowPoop, SHIT-ASS stealer-theives were buying some online services, some other crap, and some other crap I also did not recognize. Amounting in $145.00 + $50.++, a Pay Pal!! + $45.++ and, none was charged to my card and my card went into lockdown and....I LOVE my smart bank. They might know me a little too well???? [Thank Goodness I don't frequent the sex toy stores] but, they know me well enough. And, that is well enough for ME. The strange thing is? The only real "risky" thing I do online? Is blog. I've ebayed. But, after I OCD'd on it I grew tired as I had fulfilled my need. So, it all leaves me "wondering." I'm the paranoid one, after all. I know some of those PDA's can scan your credit card and your information. Kids waiting on you at a restaurant can do this on their way to run your card to pay your bill. I am an UN-trusting person [loving, just un-trusting] I plan my "theif routine" at every place and store I enter [particularly with the children in tow -- that makes us all a victim to approach] prior to exiting my vehicle and prior to exiting the store. I carry weapons. I know a little tae-kwon-doe and I also know a whole lot of "crazy-scared- ass-woman." But, these culprits are probably cheezy-ass lazy teens. I sure wish they'd approach my house. HELL, I'll leave the gate open. Maybe even the garage door. And, when I hear the "squeeak" of the door (because DH will not be allowed to "unsqueak" it anymore after this) I'll be waiting. And, I'm gonna' kick some Happy-looser-cheater-ass! I can do it too! I might be small but I am highly "mighty!!" Be safe out there in cyber-space. And, thanks for reading me! Love ya' all (unless your a stealin' bastard).


Okay, so still gotta' get back later about the credit card fraud thing where stupid Butt Crack A-hole Skitsovel's (or however you spell it and I can't do the linguistic thingie for that one) actually were trying to buy stuff online with my credit card. FLIPPIN' (other explicatives) people!!! WTH!!!! But, I'm in a real hurry cuz' I'm running behind on getting dinner ready (fried venison, if you're curious, yummmmmie-y). So, BLOGGIES RULE!! I got some comments on one of my posts and y'all so sweetly agreed and volunteered to be my "groupies!!!" WHOOOO-HOOO! I have "groupies!" I have friends and they read me and comment occassionally cuz' life is busy and if you only have low speed internet it kinda' sucks...but, they still read me. And, I LUUUUUV them. I have great friends. Anyhow, also a big shout out to my NEW READERS!! Y'all all made my blah day? Into a "I feel so good like I totally ROCK day!!" That's a great feeling to have. Well, someone is crying, DH is painting outside, the children's video won't shut-up and I'm about 42 minutes behind on dinner.... (shhhh, I'll be back later wink-wink). Oh, and ummmm.....BLOGGIE'S and GOOD FRIENDS -- RULE!!!

WWC: 03-11-08; Paper and Ceramic

Here's my WWC for today! Paper and Ceramic. I was having some difficulty with the ceramic part until I went to the craft store to pick up some "paper" today. Here's what I got. I'll be back later to blog about credit card fraud -- yea, they got me. But, my BANK got them! Thank goodness they are paying attention.

Anyhow, WWC:

My son's letter to us and my daughter's art...prideful paper. I left the pics a little larger in pixels so you can maybe read the little note he wrote. ;)

I bought paper today. I also bought ribbon. I went a little over board but most of it is for birthday party invitations for some parties I'm working on. And, it was on sale...and I love ribbon.

My secret collection; and yes, I have used most of it. But, ribbon isn't this weeks WWC so now on to ceramic.

This was a wedding gift from family on my DH's side. It seemed like an unusual gift but I have grown attached to it over the years. It's autographed by the artist. Wonder what it's worth?

White, blue and red ceramic -- also at the craft and hobby store. I took these with my cell phone and for some reason blogger won't hold the formatting -- so yes, the are cock-eyed and upside down. They are also 50% off this week!

And, lastly we can not forget this one....

Most important ceramic....

Happy Tuesday! (Watch your credit cards; there are fraudulent people out there).

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Hmmm, why am "I" still up? I put a question mark but it's almost a statement. So, most know if I am still up past 10:00 pm on any day but a Friday night there are one of one factors going on....The SNORE FACTOR. I recorded him tonight. Don't have a tape recorder so I used the video camera. I would LOVE to place the black and white....well, black in the dark video with the sound to go WITH this post as "proof of the sleep preventing snore factor" but, I am: a) tooo sleepy, b) have never messed with those extra video cable cords, c) I'm tooooo damn lazy to figure it all out tonight. Whoosh! It so woulda' made this blog better. I think maybe tonight? Right after he falls asleep? I'll play that video back in our bedroom really loud. I wonder what he'd say. That'd be too funny! To wake him up to the sound of his own snore....I'm gonna' give that some more thought. I guess I need to make some time to play around in "U-Tube World" so I could figure out how to add video to my blog. Have I truly been out of the job market so long that this stuff comes so easily to everyone else? I'm wondering where my funny bone went. Maybe the dogs took it when I wasn't looking. But, I just haven't found myself all that funny lately. I love to laugh so hard that I'm crying and and almost pee myself. Where you laugh so hard you almost snort. I love to laugh like that. I want blog groupies. I wanna' have those 30 (okay, more than zero to three) comments on my blogs. Maybe I should spend more time typing and less time reading every one else. Maybe blogging about snoring isn't very interesting. Well, bein' the smart Gal...and, the fact that it's now after 11:00 pm I'm gonna' go try and fall asleep with the snore factor. I know, 11:00 p.m. isn't so late to so many of you -- but, I also know I'll awaken at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. and then lay there tossing and turning for another two hours before I fall back asleep. Only to be awakened by the alarm at what seems like 15 minutes later. Sleep aid is kicking in now so, I think I'm going to find my way to my bed. Should it be "loud?" then I'll play the musical bed theme again... I wonder if I'll remember writing this when I wake up in the morning. --------------------------------------------------- Editor's Note: So the Snore Factor awakes this morning. After having snored through MOST of the night. He says, "Man! I slept good last night! I feel great!" I said, you snored....loudly. I need a nap.

Punky Penny the Rock Star!

One more today, since I didn't get it in yesterday. This is "Punky Penny" the Rock Star doll Sweet D got for Aubree as a gift for handling her surgical procedure so well. Sweet D always spoils the kids. We Love Her! (And, not for the gifts, either).

My son dared to make fun and laugh at her name and he took a minor beating from his sister. I told "her" she's not to beat her brother. I told "him" he better not make fun of people's/doll's names.

Now, I realize that I once had a blog post about "inappropriately dressed" Barbies. "Penny" is a Rock Star. On an average day she's dressed in blue jeans, a t-shirt and some cute sandals. Not thigh highs. Stage gear is not "daily wear."

The purple hair is cool, isn't it?!

Happy Sunday! Again!!!

Some things I said on Sunday

So, it is amazing at times what I find coming out of my mouth -- children seem to prompt our tongues to respond before our minds do. Of course, generally a lot of old cliche's my Mom used to use come forth -- even though I always knew I'd never say that.

So, here are some things I said this particular Sunday:

  • Quit touching, talking to, or even looking at each other!!!!
  • Don't make me come back there!!!
  • Do you honestly think I won't pull this vehicle over?
  • Get OUT of the pantry.
  • Don't touch that it's dirty...I said don't touch that it's dirty, don't touch that....I said DON'T TOUCH THAT!!!!
  • I wouldn't have to yell if you'd listen the first three times I tell you something.
  • Get OUT of the pantry.
  • The couch is not a trampoline.
  • [In CCD Class] If you don't get off the floor and pay attention then I sware I'm going to tell your father and your getting the belt tonight.
  • Don't give me that attitude Mister!!
  • What? Is WITH you today?
  • I love you too. Now, get out of the pantry.
  • How many fruit bars have you eaten? How many are you SUPPOSED to eat at one time?
  • YES, you can have the computer in "A" minute. To which my six year old replies, "Did you say "A" minute or "uh" minute. Cuz' a minute ago I sware you said "uh" minute."
  • Get down from there. Get down from there. I said GET DOWN from there!
  • Can't we all just get ALONG?

Now, on to some pics of the day.

I have to share my computer with him, her, and the DH. I really need my own laptop.

Apparently, the ice maker can explode. I would have taken a picture of the floor but I had to clean it up before it melted and turned my kitchen into a swamp.

The cause of the ice explosion...she's now earning her keep to make up for it. Yes, they really are worth it :)

Loungin' around after all her hard work.

How NOT to sit in a chair.

Happy Sunday!


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Missing in Action

So, I woke up this morning and I began wondering? Where have I been? Cuz' obviously, I haven't been here in a few days or else I'd have some posts up on my blog.

Hmmm....maybe I pulled an all nighter and spent the next few days in a drunken black out. Maybe I've had an out of body experience. Maybe the aliens got me. I'm not quite sure. What I do know is that it appears that no one came looking for me, either. What's up with that y'all?

So, I pulled out my camera cuz' it typically goes everywhere with me. I figure it can give me a photo tour of where I've been...let's see, shall we?

So, this might have been the beginning of the black out/abduction/out of body experience. I vaguely remember reviewing the calendar and all the events I hadn't tended too yet. I remember feeling some chest tightness and I immediately took out a pencil, sharpened it, and began listing stuff. That must be what this is. I guess I was documenting the events leading to the anticipated panick attack:

Apparently, I remembered to feed myself. Or, someone did.

It seems that someone took it upon themselves to drink half my wine while I was away. I sure hope they were courteous enough to purchase a replacement bottle for me.

My attempt at storm chasing? I think I found a tornado!

There were about 20 of these. I spared you the other 18. Apparently, I get really excited when it rains. Either that or I just like capturing drops of water falling from the sky (isn't that kind of the same thing?) There was some hail too -- but, it melted before the shutter could snap.

Not really sure about this one. But, since it was in there I figured I had some reason for taking it so I'd better include it here.

So, there you have it. Anyhow, I guess I missed y'all. Not really sure if you missed me. Seein' as how you didn't seem to notice I was away. Anyhoo. There's a whole lot of mess around the house. Apparently, no one else bothered to clean while I was missing, either.

Hey, if you happened to have seen me wandering aimlessly? Please let me know where I was and what I was doing. Unless, I was embarassing myself "table dancing" or something! If that's the case? I don't wanna' know.