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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I haven't posted pictures in ages.  So, in an effort to get back on track and caught up; I finally loaded 100 + pictures to the LT from my camera.  Here are a few snapshots from over the holidays!

I forget the story on this calf.  If the Mama died or just rejected him.  But, the hand's daughter at my FIL's ranch has been bottle feeding her.  We went up Thanksgiving Weekend and Lil'Gal got to bottle feed (I missed it; no pic :-o ) and then the kids calmly approached the calf.  Adorable, right?

These need to be framed and put on the wall. ;-)

This one is also from the ranch.  I'm posting it because I just have a thing about windmills.  I don't know what it is but I love'em.

Our Christmas Donkey (church Christmas Eve pageant)

Someone is excited about Santa.   Actually, she was dawning her Angel Costume but all the while all she could think about was when Mass was over we were going to BeBe and PaPas for presents! ;-)

And, here is a family picture from Christmas Eve.  I have to tell you that these are hard to come by.  Hubby and I are not the most photogenic people.  It seems whenever one of us looks really good, the other one has a stupid expression on his/her face.

The kids come by it pretty naturally; of course,  most kids are photogenic anyhow, right?

So, Merry Christmas!  I'll be back with more soon!


Farmer Jr.'s Thanksgiving Song

My son had a guitar a few years ago and truly wanted to learn to play it.  But, they were still young -- his sister especially -- so it got tucked away for awhile.  Then, one day while being curious, his sister broke it.  :-(

I thought that would be the end of that.  Every so often, Farmer, Jr. would mention how he'd really like to have a new guitar.  Or, the comment would come up in conversation with his sister about how she broke his guitar.

When the Teenager started bringing his guitar over and 'jammin' for us, it ignited this passion again.  Only, Farmer, Jr. was even more serious.  So Mom went out and got him a really nice, REAL guitar, small enough for him but still large enough that he can grow with it.

My brother will be giving Farmer, Jr. lessons when they come out.  So far, Farmer, Jr. knows one cord he learned and practiced on Christmas:  The cord of "A."

Last night he got out his guitar to practice for a few minutes.  He and Lil'Gal then came to me to preset his lyrics and playing skills. [Lil'Gal was the dancer to the music; spinning around with a scarf, too cute!]

Farmer, Jr. has been working on holding the strings and trying find/make-up more cords.  Without further ado, I give you Farmer, Jr's Thanksgiving song. :-)

One day on thanksgiving, I saw a turkey,
but it ran off. 

So I got my 4 wheeler and started driving off to get it. 
I shot an arrow at it, and it made it run.

But it landed right on my barb-b-Q pit.
so I lighted up my lighter and lighted up my barb-b-Q pit;

and that turkey fried.

It..... Was....... A....... (he hit the high note) GOOOOOD THANKSGIVING!

I guess you had to hear it with the music; it made more sense and rhymed a little smoother! Ha!  I just took it down as he sang.

I see a STAR in our future!  LOL!  Happy Hump-Day; remember to put some Diggity in it!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

41 years later; they found each other again...

I have so much else I should be doing besides typing away on Macxine; I did get my writing assignment basically completed and I don't have to email it in until the 30th.  So, I can perk and tweek it a  little more.  [Thanks Lis for the quick skim and ideas about where I could clip a few words.]

But, I HAVE TO TELL THIS STORY!  At least in part today and maybe I'll come back with bits and pieces, chapters if you may.

41 Years Later, My Daddy and his first ever love have found each other and are together.  Together-together.  They live thousands of miles apart with separate lives but they have visited and spent time together and it is just like it was 1968,9 or whatever year it was when Daddy graduated high school.

The story is so incredible and beautiful that I really would love to write it up into a romance novel.  But, then I get intimidated when I think about all the details and interviews I have to do with them both.  Unless, I just made up the middle and then Daddy could be my shadow reader and write in pieces and places that I missed.

It would also be telling two stories of two people and where their lives went and the paths that suddenly brought them back together.

Those of you who have followed me from the beginning know that my Dad went through a divorce after 21+years of marriage; to which, he jumped through every hoop to save.  But, she just decided she wasn't in love with him anymore and quit the whole family.  None of my business; everyone lives their own lives and has their own hearts and minds so I hope she made the right decision for herself.

Anyhow, during the ugly D process there was, of all things, a high school reunion.  My Dad considered attending but then blew it off as it was an 8 hour drive and he just wasn't feeling it.  Who would under the circumstances?

So, his first love -- I shall call her Eden -- was asking around about him.  Several of the class members where mingling by phone and calling, emailing and setting up for the reunion.  She was there.  If only Daddy had known -- I bet he would have been there too.

Anyhow, she asked a buddy of my Dad's about my Dad.  He shared what Dad had been going through, yada-yada. Said Buddy called my Dad.  "Hey, Big Guy, guess who is looking for you?"  My Dad was stunned.

Said Buddy gave Eden my Daddy's phone number.  She pondered it about a week or two.  Did he remember her the way she remembered him?  Where they still the same two people from 41 years ago?  Had his life changed him or was he all in all the same boy/man he was back then?

SHE CALLED HIM.  They spoke for hours.  They talk everyday at least once a day.  Waking up together in the mornings and tucking each other in at night.  They talk, and talk and they are 41 years younger and still....  It's a beautiful story.  When I talk to my Dad I see it all in my head like he's reading pages to me from a really good book.  A perfect love story.

Anyhow, kids are fighting and laundry is waiting and I have books to be read and my new toy to finish the tutorial on.  But,  I had to share.  Oh, and she is still just beautiful.  Back in the day?  She was a BOND GIRL.  Not in real life, but had O-O-7 seen her -- well, actually, he wouldn't have stood a chance. ;-)

Happy Sunday!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tubs, Sheets and Why is that?

True confessions:  I don't like to scrub the tub.  I know, this is ME here.  But, it's just a thing I tend to procrastinate about.

I'm back to keeping up with my blog again; though, in my sporadic absences I did gain new followers!  Thank you!  [Or wait, is it because of my sporadic absences? LOL!]

I have a disliking for folding fitted sheets.  Why is that?  And, why haven't they invented some little cardboard or plastic gadget that would work like the one's they use for shirts in clothing stores?  Sure, I fold mine and they look all neat and lined up.

But, I cheat.

I stuff and tuck all the non-matching parts within the layers until it looks like a clean, semi sharp rectangle.

So, this morning I woke and immediately started into household chores when I wanted to be doing other stuff; but the chores were in need to be done.  But, everyone else was watching TV, playing and doing as they pleased.  The only chores to be done were the ones that are always done by me.

Ah, well, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

But, why when my daughter cleans up her own room on her own mind you, does it end up being a lot of work for me?  She brings stuff in and out and I end up on quality/clutter management.

So, Christmas is over and we have dawned to a new day.  I did take a little time to catch up over at Emmeline's place.  And, now I'm going to open up my textbook and start on my writing assignment.

As soon as I tend to the sibling rivalry from the other side of the house.  Why is that?

Happy Friday, FWFD of the week -- even if school IS out!!  Today is like having and extra Saturday!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Just Like That! Snap!

And, just like that it is Christmas!  Just like that.  You prepare and decorate and shop; actually, the little one's wait aaaaall year looooooong.  And, then *SNAP* you wake up to happy little voices who are up WAY to early for Mom and Dad who were up a little extra late 'cuz you know why.

Well, we were generous parents this year.  We were generous all the way around (except I forgot to get Uncle J something so I really gotta' make that one up at New Year's).

Santa was big ticket items this year too!  Way to go Santa!  I guess he knows they are only believers for so long before growing up spoils just a little bit of the magic.

AND, we are very blessed as family and friends have all been sooooo generous with us as well.

I want to wish you all the brightest and merriest of the holidays.  I hope you are having a wonderful time with the warmth of friends and family.

Love to you all and HO! HO! HO!  MEEEEERRY CHRISTMAS!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just as soon as I.....

Just as soon as I.....

start this post, something will once again interrupt my thoughts and the clickity-click of my nails across the keyboard.

Where have I been that it has been six days since my last post.  And, even that one was for the pleasure of my Lil'Gal -- all 6 1/2 going on 16 -- and her love of "Bubble Gum Music".

Well, I will say, that I have never had more drafts of posts saved since I started blogging as I do for this month.  I start something totally on a mission with something to say and to share, even if just for the love of reading myself back to myself -- and then, as is life, I get interrupted and when I return I'm no longer on that pattern or thought process and the whole thing that seemed genious at first seems suddenly moot.

[Moot, where did that word come from anyhow?  It is a good word though.  Better than saying "it suddenly seems impertinent or it suddenly seems to lack importance..."  When I hear the word 'moot' I think empty, cold, claylike, wet.....mud.  Something that could have been but turned back to the matter from which it started... something that fell short from its original destiny.]

So, I've been wasting away my days, here of late.  Just trying to get through one, so looking forward to the next, only to find myself in the same predicament when I awake on a new but somber morning.

The cold and the grey outside are of no consolation.  I miss the warmth and the sunshine.  It refills my glow.   I feel like a slug zipped and tucked safely in my castle where I can hide from the world outside until sun returns to warm the bubble I maintain around my life.

I've been reading.  A lot. Lot of reading.  But, not the typical stuff I read about improving life, relationships, family, finances, children, education.  Escape reading.  It's addicting.  And, we all know I have an addictive personality.  After reading thousands of pages of the Twilight Saga (and yes, Lis, I've started to read Twilight itself from the beginning) I've read Shiver, and in the middle of the SnowBride or whatever it is called (cute, so far) and have about finished reading a trashy (oh-so-trashy) Harlequin Novel.  Though, I wouldn't call it a novel in all it's predictability and the fact that the paper back was a mere $3.99 at Walmart.  Not quality reading by any forte, but then I wasn't looking for quality when I spontaneously picked it up.

[Another not me, spontaneity and expenditure....hmmmmm....]

I wanna' be writing.  I wanna' have a storyline take me over and just be destined to clickity-click-clack it out like you see on a movie where the protagonist is finally struck with the 'meaning of it all' and out comes something wonderful (and profitable).  Profit is always nice.

Lis is kickin' it with her Seventh Tribe [soon to be] series.  She's really going all the way and I will be her biggest hoop'in, hollerin' fan when she gets that big announcement that it shall be published.  It both excites me and inspired me -- and, I will say quite honestly intimidates me slightly.

Can I ever write like that?  Yes, that question does cross my mind.  As an optimist I think "I can do it."  But, the realist sometimes sneaks in and makes me wonder, "Would I be good at it."  [For shame, I wrote that.]

But, I am an optimist; and even though the sight outside is gloomy and pessimistic, I shall find my groove and get back to it.

Ah well, I've rambled on long enough.  The fire place is toasty but as stated at the beginning of this post, just as soon as I...  "Sure Honey!  Sure Kids!  Just as soon as I hit post....."

Happy Hump-Day; put some liquid warmth in it and maybe add a few marshmallows and some whipped cream!

[And, why is it marshmAllows when it should read marshmEllows....  Just Sayin'.]


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just for my Lil'Gal...

Don't  hate me; she loves them.  OOOOOkay, I'm guilty.  I like'em too! ;-)

Here ya' go, from Lil'Gal!

[She asked me, "Are you going to send this to the Jonie Brothers?"  If only, it were so easy..]  :-D



Not to be confused with Poison Oak or Poison Sumak.

Happy Thursday, almost FWFD of the weeeeeeeeeeek!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kid Conversations: Santa's coming.

Lil'Gal: "Here Mom, here's some of my stuff to put in your closet."

A few minutes later she emerges once more from her room, "Here Mom. This stuff is special so put it up safe."

Repeat again a few minutes later, "This stuff can stay in the living room."

Me: "What are you doing?"

Lil'Gal: "Cleaning my room and making room for my new toys from Santa Clause."

Me: "Well why are you giving me all your cr@p?"

Lil"Gal: "I didn't give you ALL my crap, I gave some cr@p to my brother too."


Friday, December 4, 2009


Sometimes, I wish life came with a pause button. Like earmarking a page of a book, so that you can set it aside while you read something else, or go back and repeat a previous chapter.

What if life were like a bookshelf. Whatever mood you woke up in on any particular day would allow you to pick up that chapter or book and live it out. Never missing anything, never losing or giving up anything. Just a change in stories to refresh it all for awhile...

Sometimes it would just be nice for everything in this month, this day, this moment to pause. And, maybe I could flip the channel knowing I could go back and pick up right where I was.

But, life doesn't pause, does it?

Have a wonderful weekend ~