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Thursday, September 30, 2010


YES, 'tis true.  FREE. CASH.

This is no sales pitch and this is based solely SOLEY on personal experience over the last six years.  And, I'm sharing simply because I think this program [Real Cash Back] would be beneficial to everyone.  In 2005, I signed up with CitiCard and this is my family budget card.  I put everything (mostly) that we do/spend on this card.  At the end of the month Hubby pays it off, in full.

So, I we never lose money to interest payments.  On a rare (extremely rare) occasion we might pay it a day late (out of town, etc).  In those cases have contacted the company and due to good payment and usage history, I have them drop that charge.  [It's BS anyhow, to penalize good customers so I don't allow it.]

Anyhow, I earn a percentage of my total purchases back in CASH.  Not, like Discover Card's whatever it is they consider paying back to the customer.  That never seemed to earn me a nickel for my dollar when I had one of those (oooooh, so many, many years ago in my 20s and party days).

Every couple of months I check my total earnings.  When it has reached $50.00 or more, I am eligible for a CHECK.  Written out directly to me and mailed to my happy mailbox.  I'd say I probably earn about $150.00 a year from this program.  And, remember, because we pay it off each month we never lose money to the interest rate.  [They do have an earnings cap; it might be $150 or $200 but who cares!]

Well, today I had a happy little email from Citicards in my inbox.  It said, that if I [a valued customer] enrolled (no fee) by the due date (early October) I'd receive 20% cash earnings on all purchases from now until January 2011.  I guess they are hoping to encourage people to spend more during the holidays under the guise that they will 'earn more back'.

Either way?  That adds up to a couple of pretty silver dollars in my pocket over the next 3 month quarter.

And, THAT!  Is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet cha-ching-ching change to my ears!

Anyhow, I am not sharing this for the bragging rights that I am a 'special/preferred' CC customer.  I am sharing this so you might look into it and earn some money back yourself/ves.

FYI, I do think they have some type of credit for balance transfers as well.  This really might be something you wanna' check out.  I wouldn't recommend any other card because of this reasoning alone.

[NOTE: This is for the Citi Dividend Card; they do have other card programs.  But the one I am under and referring to is the 'Dividend' program/card.]

Good luck!!


Heart and Soul, Give a little.

And, dontcha' make me beg for  more!

Here is FW song of the day, another little diddy 80s flashback.  I absolutely loved this song as a kid.  Yes, I was a kid in the 80s.  In comparison to you, does that make me young or old??


Happy Thursday, almost FWFD of the WEEEEEEEEK!!!! [Insert happy dance and super-squeeee!]

Remember to put a little heart and soul into it! ;-)


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Awhile back, I read Hush, Hush. Then, I let my 15 year old brother read it.  He liked it as much as I did.

Now, there is a sequel! :-)  Crescendo!!

And, the author, Becca Fitzpatrick, is giving a signed copy away along with an audio version and a poster! (Your kids can put it in their locker, or you can do like I did with my Edward poster and put it behind your closet door will no one will know but you and you can enjoy all to yourself!) :-D

Here's the trailer for it!

Cool right?  TOTALLY!

Click HERE to see Becca's page and enter the contest!  It's super easy, see what I did here?  I'm already in!


Kiss Me Deadly???

As usual, I was driving along yesterday on my way to pick up the kids from school and I was skipping through my fav XM radio stations.  That'd be Blue-Collar Comedy, Prime Country, the 80s, the 90s, and The Pulse.  Typically, between those and three local country music stations and one rock -- I skip back and forth until I find something worth listening too.

When the kids are with me and finally get frustrated with me for doing this, they request that I plug in the iPod and choose a selection from our downloaded favorites.

Anyhow, this song came on:

And, as I listened to it my mind played back a video of some of my favorite paranormal vampiric and otherwise kiss scenes.  Some from movies and some made up in my mind from a good book I've read.  Why this?  I don't know.  My mind runs about three to five channels playing across the inside of my forehead at all times so I never know what I'm going to find playing up there.

But, what is it about the paranormal character?

Is it the animal magnetism?  Is it the strength hidden behind that lean, sculpted body?  Is it the chiseled facial features?  Is it the fact that Hollywood makes them up with make-up and plays that sensual music befitting to that particular scene?  What is it about these characters that invoke such passion?

They ARE all, unique, one of a kind, and dangerously forbidden.  [I totally think it is the dangerously forbidden thing.]

Maybe it is kissing scenes like this one:  

(You know I totally had to put that scene in here).

How about Bill and Sookie  [Sooooookeeehhh, I love the way he says her name] >;-D

How about ERIC and Sookie (yeah, Sookie gets around a little bit in this series)...  In all fairness, who can blame her, when Eric is such a striking viking vampire dude???  Just wait until the show introduces Quinn.  [SMOOOKIN', just sayin']

What about spidey?  So, he isn't so masculine but rather holds some of that wholesome, boyish charm.  Still, the upside down kiss is pretty cool, right?

I mean, can YOU do that???

And, we can't leave out Wolverine.  He's pretty easy on the eyes and bad@$$, if I do say so myself.  (I do say so, myself)....

And, of course there's our boy Jacob.  Though I'm totally Team Edward, I still love me some Jake.

[Look, he's all wet from the rain.  No worries, Jake.  Come on in and let FW get you a towel....] ;-D

I don't know exactly what it is.  But, I like it.  I've fallen prey.  >;-D  And now that I have wasted almost an hour of my time cruising the internet for pictures of kissing and shirtless hot boys, I'm off to pop in a Twilight DVD and quote it word for word while still mesmerized by the awesomeness of the triangle of Edward, Bella and Jacob.

Next week I think I'll be renting season 1 and 2 of True Blood (again), and season 3 as soon as it is available.  >;-D

Happy Hump-Diggity Day!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Because I'm too sexy...


Not so sexy.  Not like in my 20s.  Where did THAT body go?  That's what I wanna' know.  The definition, the sculpt, the teenie waist, it has forsaken me.

I've never had a tush, more like a 'back with a crack' as Daddy always says.  But, now whatever it was that I had down there has slidden down my thighs.  Seriously, I can tuck a pencil under my @$$cheek and it will stay there -- on it's own.  This is not right.

What's the deal with metabolism, eh?  It's like one year it says, "aaah, I'm bored with this.  I'm going to retire.  Body, it's up to you now."  No fair, metabolism.  So now, I gotta' work extra hard just to maintain where I'm at.  But, to wear a bikini (or whatever you want to call that teenie-weenie black ensemble) like the ladies in this video again?  That is looking more like a fantasy than an achievable goal (unless I spend 5 hours a day at the gym and eat like a guinea pig).

I mean, fall hit us yesterday with a cool front.  It's just a couple of weeks before I won't be able to get away with shorts or capris in the mornings.  Which means, GASP, I'll have to fit my pie into last year's jeans.  Only, they were tight last year which means this year???  Again, GASP!

In an effort struggle to be too sexy for my year-and-a-half from 40 body I thought I'd share a little motivational music:  

And, with that I'm off to catwalk my pie on the treadmill.  

 ;-)  Happy Tuesday!!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm a WINNER!! And, other stuff...

So, today is Thursday.  Actually, it is Thursday evening; almost FWFD of the week!  The evening is flowing along nicely (although, my Mama's list of today has several items pushed off for tomorrow -- which still might get pushed back further).

Anyhow, I'm a WINNER!!!  I popped over to Sondrae's Corner (a new and upcoming author) and she was hosting a giveaway for another author -- Rhonda Leah -- and I was able to choose one of three titles written by her.  [All of the romantic genre].

I chose, About Last Night.

(Steamy, HUH?)

Though her other two books looked pretty good too! [One Wilde Night; The Business of Sex] >;-)  (You can click to check out the covers and 'specs' yourself.)

So my e-book will be in my inbox very soon to be synced to my sweet Kindle!!  I have found a new venue of authors via those who e-pubish.  Remember, Lis was e-published at one time.  Ahhh, PRECIPICE...  She pulled it though (I'm hoping for later efforts to have published in print; I so miss Wes and Julia). ;-)

Currently, Lis is working on queries for her YA novel.  Soon to be picked up by a publisher (trust me, I know these is part of my optimistic wisdom!)

Anyhow, I digress.  I'm a WINNER!  BUT, Whoo-hoo and then there is other stuff.

Stuff like suckie social studies.  Farmer, Jr. has a test tomorrow and I have this low feeling he we are going to not do so well.  But, the optimist in me says, "Wish for the BEST and F@!K the rest..."  (Feel free to steal that from me, LOL)

Oh, I know what else is new!  ME!!

[Editors Note:  This picture has in now way been doctored or brushed to remove crows feet or the odd neck line.]

This pic was taken myself in indoor lighting.  But, still whoo-hoo! If I do say so myself. ;-)  It'd be prettier if I could hold some style.  Ten inches of rain = 24/7 humidity = hair soup.  Jiminy Crickets!

Anyhow, I finally went to the 'salon' and got my hair colored the correct way.  You know, by a specialist who won't accidentally turn you magenta and then a form of dark brown only to slowly be stripped to a sunlit orangie haze?  LOL!!

Naw, I do pretty good myself.  But, the body wave (which turned out to be not such a greatest idea -- what is it with my hair these days!!!????) stripped my personal color job and I must say I looked 'self colored' in the ways of trashy-trailer-do hair.

[Disclaimer:  This comment is in no way a judgement to anyone who lives in a trailer or manufactured home.  It is simply an American analogy from the prejudices of past American history.]

There is OH-SO-MUCH-MORE going on.  Tomorrow for instance, we have a funeral for a life long farmer, barely 10 years the senior to my husband.  Too young.  Too unexpected.  And, partly due to the too damned much of the damned rain.  Tomorrow we will, as a farming community in whole, morn his loss.  But, I hope that we will also take moments to celebrate his life and how fully he lived it.

With that I will say -- live in the moment.  Don't gripe about the litter box or the mud on the porch.  Those things just aren't worth wasting our time fretting and angering ourselves over.  Time is precious.  We only live one life; with no do-overs.

He was here one minute; and 15 minutes later he rests forever in Heaven.

In my thoughts, in my heart, in my prayers for your family; May the Lord bless you and keep you Mark.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The perfect make-out song (to write to)

So, if I were writing a romance novel and there was a make-out scene in it -- then this song would fit it perfectly.  You know, after all the emotional build up, fighting the attraction, the main character knowing s/he wants the love interest but is afraid to put him/herself out there.

And, then.  There is this moment where they look into each others eyes and and they lock and this song begins and suddenly they are kissing passionately.  Yeah, if I were writing a romance novel I would so totally play this song.  A lot.

There you have it.  The perfect make-out song (to write to)...  <3 SWAK <3


Thursday, September 16, 2010

If they can do it, I CAN TOO! (Be published?!?)

Many of y'all know I really enjoy multiple forms of being creative.  [Even though, I've only scrapped two pages and a couple of cards this year as far as my paper/scissors/glue fettish goes.  And, the sewing machine didn't get much attention over the summer.]  And, I enjoy writing and reading myself too.

Previously, I was working on writing assignments for a course I signed up for (following the lead of my writing idol, Lis) and I had also finally started a WIP of my own.

(WIP: Work In Progress. :-D  Makes me feel all important like I can hang with the cool kids, even if I am in the outside of the circle.)

May was soooooo hectic that I actually had to request a leave of absence from my course, which I am allowed to do, and I basically took the summer off.  I also gave up writing for DS for awhile (which ended up also lasting the entire summer).  And, I didn't pitch any articles or ideas -- well, anywhere.  I was burned out.  From school stuff, and volunteer stuff, and 'kids with busy schedules' stuff.

I didn't even get around to writing a blog post for over a month at a time.  Now that just ain't right/write!

When FW slacks in blog world you gotta' know there is some sort of mental virus wreaking havoc in her mind.  Of course, we did travel this summer, A LOT.  Frio River, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas.  Unfortunately, I didn't get my day dream trip up to New York like I'd imagined in my mind.

Anyhow, in the meantime I did keep up with Lis's projects and edits, and revisions for her WIPs in progress.  And, I happily participated as part of her critique groups for the two projects she was fully applying herself to.  And, while doing that I stumbled around the blog-o-spere and came across a lot of other authors.

Some e-published, some in print, some on their second or third WIP and some about to be in  print.  All the while, I'd read up and get excited with/for them, and 'follow' them and bookmark their blogs.  I'd read their books.  I keep thinking to myself, "Why aren't I working on anything?"  I mean Mac (Macxine's replacement since her hardware became senial) can't write a WIP him/itself.

[Mac is my laptop.  Macxine was/is definitely a female personality.  Mac is a guy.  And, he's cool.  And, he and I work well together managing the keyboard, the mouse, the wireless activities, desktop, photos, documents and all.  I *heart* him.  But, I digress (what's new, it's me, right?)] :-D

So today, while avoiding sorting the socks I finally clicked on a document and opened it up.  I had to blow on the letters to make them words again, kinda' dusty in that electronic filing cabinet.  Anyhow, I read through it and started fiddling here and there and then later I walked back up to it  (After a break to pick up the kids, exchange the rental for my Chariot -- now fixed and brand new like again) and I  gave it a read through.  FOUR chapters now.  Still some glitches in transition and what to put where so the flashbacks/history aren't a page long at a time, but four chapters.  And, I thought to myself...

"Hey, this is pretty good!  This might actually turn into something."  I even laughed out loud at something I'd forgotten I'd previously written.  Now, that says something right?

So, I wanna' join the band wagon.  I want to be in the with cool kids.  I have a WIP and I'm going to widdle away at it.  I might not query it out for print.  But, in the least if I could e-publish something.  Get it out there; find it in GoodReads and maybe at Amazon.  Well, that wouldn't be sayin' something -- that'd be DOING something.

Doing something is a start and it takes a start to be able to have a finish.

So, all your writers! I'm on board! I'm joining the movement! Be my BWF (Best Writer Friend)!  Follow me and I'll follow you!  I'm along for the journey!

I'm going to finish this because:

"If they can do it?  I can too!"  WHOO-HOWDY-YEHAW-HOO!!!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just because I can. :-)

I love this song. So, I thought I'd share...just because I can. ;-)

Happy Wednesday! Put a little love into it! ;-)


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kid Conversations: The Accident

Okay, so several of y'all know I was rear-ended about two weeks ago.  NOT my fault though at first the officer so directly pronounced it my fault.

Thank goodness (and the Lord) that the deaf driver of the other vehicle, along with his three passengers, (I had no one as my witness) validated my story word for word in his own words.  100% covered, their insurance is picking up the tab for my vehicle's repairs (their vehicle was totaled; trailer hitch on my part).

Anyhow, I've been totally rockin', rollin' and gonna' get Mama one enjoying the rental (a Suburban, and in white!  How did destiny/fate know?  Optimism!  Will it to ya' y'all!) and as I was on my way home from the Big City I hate the big city, the city is where/why I got rear ended...grrr crap diddly after Farmer, Jr.'s pediatrician appointment and we had friends on their way for a Friday evening play date.

I call said friend, Les (with Lil'Diva in tow) and inform her that I am now on my way home (with 5:pm Friday traffic).  Hubby had let her through the gate and into the Castle.

Lil'Gal:  Diva won't play in my room without meeeee, will she?

Me:  I think Mrs. Les will tell her to play in the playroom till you get home.

Lil'Gal:  [Excited] Mama go faster!  Faster!  Fast, fast, fast!

Me:  Lil'Gal, I'm going as fast as I can while still driving safely and obeying the speed limit so I don't get a ticket.

Lil'Gal:  Oh yeah.  Because if you break THIS truck, you'd have to PAY FOR IT.

Me: [Giggle, and ahem!!!?  Excuse me?  The other accident was TOTALLY NOT my fault] Yes.  I probably would.....

Kids.  They say the darn'dst things and... well.... get away with it.  Kids and elderly....  Hmpft.

Happy (tomorrow is Hump-Diggity Day) Tuesday!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Creativity Schmiddity

I got nuthin'.  Really.  Maybe it's due to this allergy cold head thing going on within me.  It is making my brain quite foggy-groggy.

Anyhow, I came across this new venue to publish articles and other creative writing at and I am excited to have signed up.  But, when I clicked the little tab that said, "Submit" (where you can develop and key out your project) I found that there was nothing interesting or witty in this brain of mine.

My fingers were itching to type up some diddy of a thing, if even a poem, just for the sake of getting my feet back in the water.  But, again, I got nuthin'.

So, I clicked over to DS looking for something to claim so that I could validate the past half morning hour or so spent on the LT.  I DIIIID find one article to claim that was, ahem, dealing with personal hygiene.  I found it so laughable that I shot off a little email to LIS and when I clicked back to the DS tab -- someone else had already claimed it.  >:-{  [That's never happened to me before...]

I ended up claiming one about eggs and olive oil for the hair, and closed out feeling blah about the whole thing.  Poo.

So, still feeling the need to put fingers to keys thus creating words on a screen -- I popped in over here to share my whole lotta' nuthin' with anyone of y'all who cares is bored enough to read this.

With that, I'm off to fold some laundry while watching my favo soap (B & B); the only one I really watch.  Then, I'll hit the treadmill with a good book.  And, ponder in my subconscious what creative thoughts I can muster to put into something to publish. ;-)

Happy Monday!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

'A Bitch Named Karma' (A Must Read)

I found this book over at The Writer's Cocoon, which also happens to be the blog belonging to the author, Stephanie Haefner.

After having thrown myself fully into the world of paranormal and smutty romance I didn't think a chick-lit book about a normal gal, with normal guys and normal problems would capture my fancy again.


This book kept me laughing, literally out loud, and sometimes even cringing at the directness in which the main character addresses life, friends and even her family.

When Lexi used the term Penis (you can only imagine the conversation) astonishing her 'Mrs. Cleaver' type mom and knocking her back slightly, I about fell out of my chair.

Lexi, the main character, is a self-motivated, strong minded, 'have it all' and tell it like it is kinda' Gal.  And she does have everything.  Career, boyfriend, fancy apartment and the cute little chihuahua to go with.  Oh, and shoes. ;-)

Unfortunately, Lexi's perfect world is soon turned upside down when she crosses paths with Karma.  Her life, literally, goes up in flames.  Karma striking out from all angles leaves Lexi with nothing but her soon to be out-of-the-closet hunk of a best friend.

While digging her heals in as she tries to pull herself out from under Karma's wicked ways, Lexi crosses paths with an adorable young hottie several years her junior.  What chemistry they share!

Amidst it all she has to deal with family drama, ex-friends and an unexpected surprise shared only by she and her hunky, homosexual best friend.

This book has all the chemistry, all the wit, double the humor and sexy steamy scenes to go with!  The perfect Chick-lic, even if you are a paranormal connoisseur.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday's Photo Shoot (Gal and Diva)

Yesterday was so awesome!  I ran with the day in the bestest of moods!  Les and the Lil'Diva came out yesterday afternoon for a play date.  The Lil'Gals had a blast and Les and I hung out and imbibed some vino.  She'd had a hard [super suckie] week and needed some R&R in Farmville.

Anyhow, Lil'Gal had just lost her second top tooth and has that double toothless grin; and Lil'Diva had lost her bottom two teeth -- so we did a Gal's and Grins photo shoot!

Zoom in to see the missing teeth!  Oh, and we called Brandi out of the picture but she just walked back up into it!  She wanted to be part of the shoot (more likely, she just wanted the attention). ;-)

Now you can see them better.  And, actually Lil'Diva didn't 'lose' them both together.  Her big girl teeth were coming in behind the baby teeth because the baby teeth just didn't want to leave their happy home in her mouth.  So, Dr. D pulled those suckers out! ;-D

Aren't they just adorable??????

[Chicken breast, baked potatoes and green beans were on the menu; serve classy with juice packs!] LOL!

Les was trying out my camera.  She's shopping for her hubby's birthday present.  (Oooh, I think his birthday is tomorrow, BTW).  My Hubby's birthday is next Saturday, in case you were wondering.  I'm clueless about what to get him... besides the usual. >;-)

Les playing with the camera and Gals being silly!

Here is some more of that!

Farmer, Jr. "Take a picture of me!"  He wanted me to capture proof that he does eat his green beans.


The house was cleaned squeaky yesterday.  The boys are at the barn or elsewhere doing Daddy and Farmer, Jr. stuff. Lil'Gal is in my room watching the boob tube.  So, I think I'm going to enjoy some peace and quiet with a good book on the back porch.  [Eh, okay.  I'll get my pie on the treadmill for awhile with the book instead.]

Happy Saturday!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Keep on Rockin' Me!

More for your Friday listening pleasure!!

Keep on Rockin' Me Baby, baby, baby, baby!!! ;-D


Love Like Crazy.....

Happy Friday!  FWFD of the weeeeeeek!

I'm in a super fabo hyper active rockin' good mood!!!  Sweeet?  TOTALLY!!!

Here's something to carry you through your day.

Be a best friend,
tell the truth.
And over use I LOVE YOU.

Go to work,
do your best.
DON'T outsmart your common sense.

Never let your praying knees get lazy....
And, love like CRAZY...

"They told him, Boy, home computers will never take off.
He sold his one man band to Microsoft.
And, they paid like.... [CRAZY!]"

"Always treat your woman like a lady.
Never get to old to call her baby."

Well said, Lee.  Well said. :-)  Hope your Friday is a Be-Bop of Blossoms and Sunshine!!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Last Night's Dream: No Misoli

It's lunch time so I'm taking a break to catch the news, watch B&B, and write a blog post.   Anyhow, last night I had the strangest dream.  I had a strange dream the night before last also, but I can't recall anything about it other than waking up thinking to myself, "What a strange dream."  That was during the four hours I slept on the couch.

And, No.  I haven't been taking any OTC aids to sleep.  Well, last night I did take a Valerian Root at the reccomendation of an Occupational Therapist who was a friend with the group we were with at the Frio this Labor Day weekend.

Anyhow, I had this dream.  I was sitting at a board meeting, I believe a school board meeting, and like IRL this was a school we were waiting to have our children transfered into.  They were already accepted but not to start until the next semester/six weeks/unit.  But, in true faith, me and Hubby were already participating on the board and getting involved with the school.

So, we are at this meeting and the President or Secretary brings us up to speed with the topic on the table.  (There were two, but the other one was way weird, had to do with water under the buildings, and that's about all I can recall.)

So, "The item up for vote is that we should get rid of all the clocks." 

Me, "That's a dumb-@ss idea!" (Yes, I said ass in my dream)

Hubby is on my left and he smirks as the man to his left says, "Hey!  That's MY dumb ass idea."

At first I apologize, "Oh my! I'm so sorry...  [then I think it through] ...I didn't mean to be disrespectful but that's still a stupid idea."  Hubby is giggling to himself, knowing I hold my own and though knowing I can be more tactful.

Apparently, this guy is head of the 'go green' organization in our area [and also a parent on the board].  He says, "We'll start by eliminating the watches.  Most kids forget theirs or lose them anyhow."

"Besides," another guy pops in, "the kids carry their Laptops so they can always look down at their screen to see what time it is."

"Yeah!" says another parent.  "And, there are clocks in the each classroom and in the halls.  They don't need watches."

"Your missing the point," says Dumb@$$ idea guy, "first the watches and then we'll wean out all the clocks.  The kids won't need them so long as they follow their Misoli around."

Now, in my dream a misoli is this thingie bopper that helicopters around the head of each student thus keeping them aware of the time and on time.  But, it is stupid.  And, rediculous.  Senseless.  In my mind, these people should be admitted to the loonie bin.

So, Dumb@$$ idea guy continues, "think of all the energy we'll save buy removing all the clocks, watches and other means of keeping time..."

Me, "There is no way in hell I'm voting for that.  That is the stupidist idea I've ever heard.  How can you say that clocks and watches use more power than a misoli.  Watches and most clocks run on batteries."  Secretly I can tell there are parents who are so glad that I am there because they agree and were being basically forced into this decision because they are too afraid to speak up.  Going against the grain can get you black listes, and cause reprecussions for your kids. 

Well, apparently that doesn't affect me becuase there goes me and my big mouth. ;-)

As the dream comes to a close (I have been popped awake by hubby's alarm -- neither of us get out of bed) I recall receiving a tour around the school grounds as the second issue is explained -- which in my dream is also horse cr@p.  Even Hubby says, "They wanna' fill that in but the water will just wash it back out.  They don't know what the hell they are thinking."

As we wander along the campus, we meet a teacher here and there and some are in favor and some totally against ridding the time keepers. 

All I say is, "I'll be damned, but my child is NOT walking around with a misoli around his head!"

I googled Misoli today (masoli) and apparently it's a he, not a thing, and he was/is a football player.  I can honestly say that I have never (at least conciously) heard the term/name, misoli. 

 Strange...  Anyhow, Happy almost FWFD of the ?????????  (Squeeeeeeeee!)


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kid Conversations: Things I hear...

Today I shall share some tid-bits of conversations with the kids, one age seven and one age eight.

I'm hoping these will bring you to a chuckle. After all, laughter is contagious and that's a good viral to catch! ;-) [FYI, I think contagious should be spelled contageous but that's just me. It might be the accent thing.]

"Mama, can I play on your iPod?"
Me: "Sure, can I play on y'alls Laptop?" [Macxine is still on the fritz. The vehicular accident yesterday kept me from getting the part I needed to fix'er.]

"Mama, what's this? Is it a bomb?" [Lil'Gal going through my purse, with permission, looking for the iPod.]
Me: "[GASP] No."
"Is it a rocket?"
Me: "No." [You can guess what she found that had unwrapped itself somewhere in the bottom pit of my purse.] :-?

"Mama, you can see my poop now."
Me: "Thanks!" [Farmer, Jr. has had an ongoing tummy issue for over a month; we are going to see the pediatrician tomorrow. I've interrogated him about his 'poop' conditions/color/etc and requested to see one in a mother's effort to learn an appropriate assessment to share with the Doctor.]

"Mama, you missed my call twice. I left you a message on your cell phone. Please play it back and get back to me." [Lil'Gal often calls me from her Incredible's phone (from Sweet D and Uncle J) on my cell with her request/s.]

Me: playing message back
Lil'Gal's message: "Mama, will you please bring me a yogurt? I need a snack, thanx!"

Me (hollerin'):"Lil'Gal!!!!"
Me: "Those legs I grew for you in the womb? Whaddaya' think they are for? [pause] Besides, no snacks in your room." [That I know of.]
Lil'Gal: [That Mama knows of.]

Lil'Gal: [walks into kitchen, opens fridge, gets said go/yogurt, opens and eats while in full stride.] So, if it doesn't make it to the actual room, does that still count as 'breaking the rule'? *sigh* I pick my battles.

Happy Thursday! It's almost FWFD of the [squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...eeeee.eeee] Weeeeeeek!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

VLOG: But Officer, He Rearended ME!

I got rearended this morning. My vehicle will go into the shop. I'm fine. The other guys (four people) are fine. Their vehicle? Not so fine.

Who was a fault? This was the hard part, me vs. the officer's opinion (the other driver was deaf. ????? )

[I don't know why the sound runs ahead of the video... maybe I really do talk to fast and the video just can't keep up. Though, it plays right on the computer it's just messed up on the upload. I tried to fix it but just made a bigger mess so here it is as was.]

FYI, watch this if you dare.


Get your grove on!

It's Hump-Diggity Day!

Give this a spin/click and get yourself a'grovin! Be sure to watch until the Gramma lady comes in and does her little dance! :-)

Happy Wednesday!