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Friday, September 23, 2011

WHAT'S UP, Butter Cup!

There are several posts I've wanted to write up and publish, but finding the time - or should I say 'making the time' has been an issue lately. And, then I just decide to forget about it.

Partly, after the whole 'malware' issue that went on for about a week. What a crock. I mean, I understand Google watching out for us all but my blog was the martyr in this incident. [Wait, is that the term I'm looking for? Anyhow, I took the hit having caused no foul.]

You know though, I got the most hits in the week the day my site was back up. That was nice! ;-)

So, some updates:

I'm about to finish my writing course. Next week my synoptic outline and market research are due and I'm pretty much done with both - just need to review and type up and format. YAY! The second part of this final assignment is to submit the first 3 chapters of my WIP about six - eight weeks from now. I've got a big start on that seeing as the first three chapters and then some are already written - but, I did leave it by the wayside a few weeks ago in the middle of changing tenses. (School started, guitar lessons started, dance class started, then 4-H started and then Girl Scouts started, then CCD started - been bid-zy around here)

So, I'll be sending those off to Lis a/k/a Melissa Luznicky Garrett since she has not only completed the course but has two books out in publication! YAY! Pending her approval, I might consider a few other authors I know for a beta group. But, that is getting way ahead of myself since I still have probably another 50 - 60 thousand words to go. :-P

Fingers crossed, Lis gives me a good review/feedback/editing tips and then my instructor RAVES about it and then I am on my way with all of that.

Update #2: Lil'Gal.

This really deserves a post of its own considering the on going story of her urinary issues. I will come back and write a post of its own about her current successes and what we are still dealing with because I know having it out there is beneficial to other parents with children going through this type and similar issues.

In short, she had her uro again (where she fills her bladder, they measure the amount, she expels her bladder, they measure the residual). Before we began therapy (which is incredible how it works) with a full bladder of 320+ccs she had 140ccs residual. The average person should have 5 - 10ccs residual. So, Not Good. And, she had 'a lot of activity'. There isn't supposed to be 'a lot of activity' going on when you go. Only when you are trying not to go. Therapy is part of retraining the pelvic floor.

The good news:

As of a week ago she had 56 residual out of 327ccs, showing great improvement. Unfortunately, it still isn't enough. They put her on a new med but I post-poned starting that because in the middle of all this she developed - yet another - UTI. Overall, we are making improvements - it is amazing the way the body works. Truly. I'll share more in her update post.

Of course, Lil'Gal would die if she knew I was sharing all of this with you. She is at the age now that kids are very socially aware and having these issues is NOT. COOL. She requires me to be very cautious and behind the scenes about it (which I always have been; except within the sanctity of our own home and family). So this is another stress for us. Again, more to come.

Update #3: School and the library (ies)

School is better. We really struggled the first six weeks. Farmer, Jr. with his lack of focus having been used to ME running the academic show. Well, this year 'they' took my power away and I've had to be more hands off while watching him struggle. [It sux. It's a good thing. But, it sux.]

Lil'Gal expected the new, bigger school, to be a party. But with that size of a campus - it is very structured. And, as I've said before, most of her friends are in second grade so she doesn't get a lot of hang out time with them. BUT, extra-curricular activities and my being involved in the school have submerged us into the social situation.

LIBRARY: This also deserves and shall eventually get a post of its own. It is amazing what a wonderful experience it has been for me - in addition to Lil'Gal - by volunteering and assisting in the campus library for Lil'Gal and also Farmer, Jr. I have learned so much about the schools, about the programs, I've gotten to know the teachers. The library has been the inside scoop for me. I can't count how much I've learned that - having not had the opportunity to do so - I'd never know. Resources, etc. And, it is FUN! And, Lil'Gal loves me being there; as does Farmer, Jr. And, I get to know the students and the students get to know me. :-)

That's the short of the long of what's been going on in Farmer*sWife's world lately. Lil'Gal has her awards assembly today because SHE ROCKS her GRADES and I'm supposed to take her a delicious lunch made up of thousands of calories and transfats, ie: hamburger, fries and chocolate milk from Whataburger. It's her reward she earned from me for all her hard work and for all of her fantastic reading for AR.

After that, I'll probably spend the last few minutes in the library and then she, I, Diva and Les are heading to the homecoming game this evening. The girls are wearing their cheer leader outfits and they'll be sporting beautiful Mums too. Pics will come. ;-)

Don't worry. Farmer, Jr. isn't being left out. He's going dove hunting with Daddy, my BIL and my nephew. (Pending, of course, he does well on his spelling test today).

Happy FRIDAY! FWFD of the weeeeeeeeeek! Super Squeeeeeeeee!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I'm back! YAY! After what seemed like a week of issues with a 'blacklisting' warning that my blog might have malware. MY BLOG? I think not!

But, it had been 'exposed' via another blog (she was hacked, bless her heart - hackers suck PIE).

Anyhow, I had to delete that link and reading that this has happened before via the blog roll list (ie: one link could be to a site that has malware or gets hacked and thus you are exposed and expose all your friends/blogs who have your link to that) I had to remove my blog roll.

:-(( That's a very big frowny face. I *hearted* my blog roll because although I follow tons of blogs in my google reader I tended to click to my blog to see who of my regulars had posted what most recently. And, it was easier to scroll down and say to myself, 'Hmmm, so-and-so hasn't posted in awhile' and then I could check in with so-and-so.

Not sure what I am going to do about that right now. At the moment I have a Lil'Gal home with dilated eyes (those blue babies dilate quick and stay that way for-evah or most of the day) because when you can't focus up close you can't very well do math, social studies, AR reading testing, etc., etc. :-/

Anyhow, I'm back! So don't be afraid to check out what you missed that was posted shortly before the 'case of the back-link hacker' incident. Like for instance, an opportunity to get a free e-copy of Melissa Luznicky Garrett's 'to be released' YA thriller, TURNING POINT!

Grrrr. D@MN hackers. >:-{

Anyhow, Happy Tuesday!


Monday, September 19, 2011

In Service

My blog is currently in service, trying to figure out this malware warning. I believe I've removed the tainted link but I have to get google to remove the black list warning.

Thank you for baring with me through this mess.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

At this TURNING POINT, find a free ebook!

Howdy friends, bloggies and book lovers! I've got an offer for you! :-D

Love books?

Love free books?

Love e-books?

Enjoy various genres including YA and THRILLERS?

Then, guess what!? I can hook you up with a free e-copy of Turning Point, a YA Thriller written by Melissa Luznicky Garrett.

ANYONE can get a free copy! There is no limit on who can get one!

There is no jumping through hoops, no tweet here, Facebook there, write a review here and there, etc.

Just post the Press Release on your blog when it comes out (Melissa will email it to you) and that is it!

TADA! You get a free copy to read.

I've already read it because I'm a beta reader for Melissa and I also get ARCs. :-D So, I can tell you it is a great little diddy of a thriller!

Click HERE for more details and for your FREE e-copy of Turning Point! It's that easy.

Happy 'It's the day before FWFD of the weeeeeeeeek!'


Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Last Detail...

Check out that cover. She looks pretty tough and a little spicy, right?

She so totally is! Louella, the MC, is one bad@ss, weapon carrying, female agent trying to collect her one last collar that pays big enough to get her back to earth. But that collar turns out to be one smokin' hot agent himself. Sam Dawson is hiding out on this hell hole of a planet until he can figure out who set him up.

Yep. This is one of those sci-fi kind of action-based romance novels.

In the past I was never one much for Sci-Fi until I picked up a pack of Larissa Ione's Demonica series. Suddenly, I'm all about demons and sci-fi and hand to hand combat. So when I saw this book out by Melissa Schroeder, an author I have previously read, it caught my attention. And, let me forewarn you because 'The Last Detail' isn't just an action-romance romance. It's a whole weave of erotica too! [She never lets me down.]

Lucky for me I follow her blog and happened upon an opportunity to receive an ARC e-book copy! I jumped on that one and I was accepted!

It kicks off hot and heavy pretty much from the start. Throw into the mix, Jared, Lou's long time friend (who, of course, is secretly in love with her) and you better be ready for anything with those three. I mean anything.

I pretty much flew through this story, blushing quite often. As far as what I call 'my smut fix' it totally fit the bill. If anything was missing I'd have to say I wished there was more of the chase-down action in the middle of the story. The very beginning is chock full and the ending is too. The middle holds a lot of emotional and 'physical' development between the Lou, Sam and Jared often at the same time but not much bullet dodging in between. Whoever thought 'I'D' be asking for more bullet-dodging? I'm usually all about the 'hot and heavy'.

Melissa Schroeder is the author of The Harmless Series, of which I've read multiple of ie: A Little Harmless Sex, A Little Harmless Pleasure, I Little Harmless Obsession... you get the idea. It's all just a little harmless, he he he. And, I will say that they are all full of hot characters and rated with a big "R". >;-D

Regarding my over all reading across all of the varied genres I read, I give this 3 1/2 stars. On my 'smut factor' I give it a full out 4. :-)

Thank you to Melissa Schroeder and her personal assistant, Brandi Walker, for the opportunity to be one of the first to read this story! Fingers crossed I get to stay on the list because she has several others coming out that have definitely peaked my interest.