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Friday, January 30, 2009

Making the rounds; It's all about YOU!

Yes, I am. Finally. I know I've been all about "me, me, Me!" lately. Not on purpose. I've tried to make the rounds and pop in here and there to visit but I haven't been consistent and I've missed a lot of my peeps' places. So, tonight? It's all about YOU BABY! No, really. No, I really mean it this time. Really, really. I reviewed 2/3rds of the 80+ emails I received for my latest queries for my March articles due for Root & Sprout February 20th. So, since there are still two days (one-and-a-half) left until February begins -- I'm way ahead of the game! AND, one of my articles brought me a book review and I pitched it and Lis and she took that one too! SWEEEEEEET! Oh, sorry. You are right. This is all about YOU! My bad. Tomorrow, Farmer, Jr. and I head up to the "Hilltop" to register for spring soccer. He's super excited! He's requesting we make up some type of net and goal for his to practice his "shooting" at. I'm thinking he'll be spending more time on ball control. (Hey, that part was about Farmer, Jr., not me). Then, Sunday comes and that starts the new month. Do you know what is coming February 1st? The February issue of R&S and hopefully an announcement about Lis' "TEAM MEMBERS!" So, Whoo-hoo! Root for You-Know-Who! [Me. Root for me. And, YES, this part IS ABOUT ME, but this is the last time in this post.] ;-) I'm off to soak in a super hot bath seein' as I captured the stomach bug from Lil'Gal and I've spent half my time ailing and the other half in the loo. TMI? (Crap! Was that part about me TOO? Geeze, this is gonna' be hard! LOL!) But, I'll be back when I'm all warm and snuggle to read my blog-peeps and catch up with you all! Cuz, This FWFD is all about YOU!!!

Who Turned on The Day?

Excuse me. Um, Father Time, is it? Yes, I was just wondering if you could turn back the day. Oh, I don't know. Maybe about an hour and a half? Yes. That would be quite nice. I just need a little more sleep. Yes, I do realize it is Friday. It's just been one of those "fly-by" weeks. And, in all due respect? I did lose two days this week. So, it isn't like I've just been slacking in my routine. Anyhow. See what you can do, would you? Thank you Kindly, FYI, check this out. [I'd post the actual video, but you know about the whole licensing and embedding rules.] Still not the song I wanted, oh well. I gotta' shower. Happy FWFD!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Peanut Foder

Well, apparently, peanuts are tainted.  What is a mother supposed to do?  Does anyone realize how many products have peanuts or peanut butter in them?  This is getting worse and worse!
Children need peanut butter.  It is a staple within a parenting household.   Not just in sandwiches and muffins and cookies.  I've had to strip the pantry of their favorite salty peanut snack bars.   And, everything dated a year back!
Way to hit the pocket book, Mr. Peanut.  And, here I depended on you as an inexpensive source of nutrition for my children.  
So, now, I have to take my children grocery shopping with me after school in order to find adequate replacements for the snacking and sandwich staples which formerly included peanuts and peanut butter.
This is going to be fun, NOT.  Hungry wild children in a grocery store?  *sigh* 
And, in the vehicle which I have been instructed to drive as little as possible.   May the rear hold out or in, or up?  
I wonder what types of snacks have sunflower seeds.  They're pretty cheap, right?
All hail to the power of the Peanut.  Happy Thursday....the peanut free-way. BTW, I saved another bird today. A tiny cute green one. Had to pet him and snuggle him in a towel while he slept off his headache. Just call me FW, Bird Doctor. :-D

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"You Stepped in WHAT?"

That's a phrase my cousin used to use to enter a conversation uninvited. You know... When, you want to pop into and join a conversation but have no idea what they are discussing? Well, she'd say that, as if she'd heard it mis-understandingly in passing. She often used (and probably still does) that one, along with a comment that Whoopi Goldberg's character stated in the movie "Ghost." Though, I'd have to watch the movie again to recall just what phrase it was, exactly, that she would often repeat. TOPIC SIDE TRACK: She's like that. She's a psychologist. Primarily for abused children and such. I haven't seen her since Gramm's funeral about six and a half years ago or so. I used to always joke with her about our phone conversation and when she would visit me -- "Don't be psycho analyzing me now. I've already got myself allll figured out. It's our family and our parents that got it all back-@$$wards." She'd laugh and agree. Then, we sit and analyze our elders, lovingly, of course. Gramm got to meet her first Great Grandchild, Farmer, Jr. And, I remember relating to her that I was pregnant with Lil'Gal when Farmer, Jr. was just over the six month hurdle. [That's another story...too funny, though. The back to back pregnancies not the telling Gramm part. Let's just say it involved liquor and tequila. Both of which DH inflicted upon me in hopes of some personal attention, poor guy.] Anyhow, she never got to meet Lil'Gal. So, back to the topic at hand. DH pops in this afternoon while the children are doing homework and I'm doing my Monday's weekly school assignment layout [on Wednesday and three days late] to get everything burned into my children's brains for test day on Friday. Along with make-up work and dinner prep. DH pops in to say "Howdy" to us all on his way back out to fumigate a ship. He'll be in after dinner and late, 9:pm-ish. DH: "Your back end's bad!" ME: "Excuse ME? I know my middle might have grown an inch in the past few months but I think my back-end is bearable." DH: "No, the WHOOMPA-WHOOMPA sound. Your back end is going out!" ME: "Hey Mister! My thighs have never touched and do not now! So, whatever it is you are trying to say? You better get it right this time!" DH: "We're going car shopping cuz you need a new vehicle!" ME: "SQQQQEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLL!" And, I run up and jump up to hug him and smooch him! Then, ME: "But, we are trying to make my SUV last another 25 to 50,000 miles. At least until planting (praying for rain) and we get the crop in [harvest]." DH: "Yes, but your back end is going out and that is what is causing the WHOOMPA-WHOOMPA sound from your tires." ME: "OH. Well, boo. But, YAY!" DH won't even let me drive the vehicle unless I absolutely have to. If the back end goes out? Well, the vehicle will be worth nada for trade in. Warranty is waaaaayyyyy out as I have 125,000 miles on the old Gal. And, the cost to fix it without warranty is multiple (as in a couple year's worth) payments towards a newer vehicle. So, he's taking the kids to school tomorrow -- WHOOP! I can stay up late and only need to worry about reading, lunches and breakfast by 7:30 a.m. And, since I'm housebound I can get all my chores done and all my queries in for resources for my, three -- count them, 1,2,3 -- articles I've pitched to Lis at Root & Sprout. And, don't forget....I'm pending her decision for her staff which will be announced February 1st! That's the same day the February issue of Root & Sprout comes out. And, yes, I'll have a few articles over there! So, fingers crossed and counting my blessings -- I see a new to me vehicle and a contract towards a new career in my future. Remember, I'm an optimist. I think these things into positivity. Know it, see it, think it, know it is coming. Defeat those doubtful thoughts. Bring it to you. "In due time, all good things will come." And, in an happy ending. I'm sending my positivity into the world for hope, peace, prosperity...and love to those lost and love to those who have lost. And, joy and smiles to lowly faces. [Love to 'Jeph' and strength to TG and Bex and to all they still have to heart is with you all.]

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm Here, I'm Back, and I have a Package!

I have to share the "Punch Line" to yesterday.  So, be sure to read to the bottom, kay?
So, as I am typing this I'm also watching the Today show. This guy is talking about parenting after having a baby. I understand what he is saying -- but, he's not the one who has just stretched his abdomen by 200% and that other place as well, during delivery. :-) "Nuff said.
Oh, and when I played back the video, I realized that my hair looks pretty "nappy" in back.  I do apologize.  I had just pulled out the pony tail I slept in (nope, didn't wash the hair yet this moring...yuck!)  And, I tussled the hair for the vlog.  But, obviously, I forgot about the back seein' as how I thought it was out of view.
So, just try not to look, okay?  It's going back up in the pony tail when I deliver those badges anyhow.
The funeral was beautiful.  Several doctors and friends spoke about TG's mom and dad.  His dad was a nice, calm man -- and a medical genious.  His mom, formerly a teacher, seem to make an impression on everyone she met -- most taking her on as their mentor and "away from home" Mom.
TG did wonderful.  He and Bex have so much on their shoulders.  I pray for peace and for everything to work out smoothly and fall into place so that their lives will soon begin to follow the norm again.
Meeting all their friends that our local to them just reminded me how lucky we are to have them in our lives and their friendship.
As if it wasn't enough that we were all exhausted upon returning home, I had six messages on my answering machine.  A few were simple stuff, like the fact that my package from Gary had arrived! :-)  Then, there were a few others.
The phone rang shortly after arriving home and unpacking and it was Mom.  Apparently, she still did NOT have her pain meds.  This had been going on since a week ago because the prescription had been miss-dated.  Not a big thing, right?  Just have a new one written.  Well, it turned into a complete ordeal that I thought was finally being remedied while I was gone.
I thought wrong.  So, I had to load up and head to the city to her Doc's office to wait and discuss and try and get it all worked out.  She's out of meds.  She has severe pain issues and if we can't get her meds -- like, yesterday -- she's going to end up in the hospital.
Today, the prescription should be delivered to the pharmacy.  Pleeeeeease, let it be so.
I'm frustrated and I hurry out the door to drop the youngin's at MIL's so I can race to town and deal with this medicine issue.  I've got so much on my mind, rolling around.  I step on the gas to cross to the highway and avoid the slim traffic.  I forget to lessen the weight of my foot on the gas.
About the time I realize that I'm speeding excessively and unacceptably, their are sirens and lights flashing behind me.  SIRENS.  UH-OH.  
Yes, I was pulled over.  Crap.  This is not what I need today and DH is going to be peeved about the ticket cuz' it's not going to be a "little" one.
I, pulling my license and insurance out for the officer and at this point can only find the card through December 08 -- I don't think I've gotten the new one from DH yet.  So, another, Not Good.
My window is down and as the officer approaches and begins to explain that he pulled me over for speeding -- I break down and begin bawling.  Seriously.   Poor Officer.  Then, I worry to myself that he'll think I'm doing it on purpose so I'm trying to pull myself together and explain everything that's going on and where we just came back from and my Mom doesn't have her medicine and I'm just having a really bad week.
He takes my information (I explain that my insurance "IS" current and he can call the number on the card to confirm with my agent).  I wait.  Drying my eyes and trying to pull myself together and wondering why I just flipped out on the officer.  Not the best timing.
He returns, filling out the ticket form and asking me details and then he hands me my license, my (expired) insurance card, and a pink slip.  He explains that, "Ma'am, I believe your insurance is current but you need to get that new card and keep it with you."  ME:  "Yes, Sir."
He goes on to say, "I'm letting you off with a verbal safe."  "Drive Safe" was almost a question that required response and of course, I agreed.  I prayed for an extra blessing for that officer yesterday.
Because, it was my fault.  I wasn't paying attention and that is irresponsible.  I would not have been in any way peeved about a ticket -- upset and concerned about the expense -- but totally knowing I deserved it.
And, he empathized and gave me a break.  He gave me leniency.  That greatly lifted my spirits and I was no longer frustrated about Mom's medicine or anything.  I was just counting my blessings, and hoping and praying for peace for my friends and I spent the rest of the drive being thankful.
Anyhow, nuff said.
I'll be back with funnies and more later and I'll make the rounds to visit tonight.
Happy Monday Hump-Diggity Day!  May it be lenient on you....


Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well, we are packing up and getting ready to load up and head up North to that big metropolis known as Houston. Well, I say we are but we are on slight hold right now. Lil'Gal walked into our bedroom at almost 7:am with the comment, "Mama? I don't feel good and my tummy hurts...." UH-OH. I feel her forehead which feels slightly warm, too much snuggling? Her tummy feels like fire. Thermometer verdict? 99.5. Not too bad. But, we just don't know where it is going. So, things are organized and ready. DH is cleaning out his truck to make room for our tons of travel gear. Lil'Gal had tylenol and a nice warm shower and some cartoons. She has finally motivated herself enough to go play in her room. So, maybe this is just a little tiny bug. Though, I always hold that fear in the back of my mind of appendectomy ever since Farmer, Jr. went through that. I know the chances are highly unlikely and y'all know I am an optimist. But, still, we have to be realistic too. DH's comment was, "It's not her appendix." Um, DH? That's what you said the last time... Seriously, I know that's not it. 99.99999% know. But, it would totally suck to have a child admitted to the hospital for surgery miles and miles AND miles away from home. It happened to Sweet D and was, No Bueno. My real concern is that I don't want to get four hours away and have a small child vomiting -- or even two hours away and vomiting in the vehicle. That would be extremely, NO BUENO. And, we don't want to drag a child away from the comforts of her home with a high fever....which, she apparently doesn't have at this point. The tylenol probably broke the low grade which explains why she's playing peacefully in her room. So, I thinking we will be okay for the trip. This is a very important trip. Tonight, the Collegiate has his Eagle Scout ceremony. (I don't know why they waited so long to do this thing). Dad's even driving down from AR. The Collegiate has to drive in from LA. Monday is the double funeral for TG's parents. This I do not want to miss. It is imperative that we are there to support our friends. It's a big weekend. And, as mentioned, we'll be staying at SJ's place tonight and he doesn't have wireless...or internet at all I don't think. [I'm taking my airport, just in case a neighbor has wireless and I can access their signal. :-D Not sure if it will work that way, but hey? Doesn't hurt to try.] Sunday night we will have a hotel (with wireless internet) and I will catch up with everyone then. Thank goodness for text messaging or I don't think I would make it. I love the internet like a chain smoker loves a carton of smokes. I have come to realize that I am truly an addict. I'm addicted to blogging, to my email account(s), and Google. *sigh* Wish us luck! Happy Saturday (I'll sneak back if I can before we leave.) ;-)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Piss & Moan Day! FW Vlogs Away!

Grab your coffee or diet coke or iced tea, or bourbon if your that kinda' morning person.  Just be for-warned that you might laugh and snort it out your nose.  
So, I hope you found this funnier than I did going through it.  I'm off to go paint the well earned "L is for Loser" across my forehead.  
But, since it IS FWFD I'm hoping it's all looking up from here!
Happy Friday!    

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And, the Bird went BANG!

I heard a loud BANG this morning and I could have sworn something broke through one of our windows on the back porch. Well, thank goodness the window was in tact but this little guy gave himself one heck of a headache. I'm hoping it isn't brain injury but there are some feathers and spit left on the window. I did return to the house to get a warm, knitted glove and he let me pick him up and carry him out to a tree in the sunshine. My intervention probably added heart attack to his symptoms but I was kind, soft voiced and I gently stroked the feathers on his back in hopes that he might get warm, feel comfort and or even get peeved and fly away. It's pretty cold out there for an injured birdie. And, I have to leave to head up to the school and then all the way across two towns to the "Big City." So, I won't be back until after 1:00. I hope he makes it. Poor Lil'Fella. That must have been one heck of an insect he chased up to our porch. It happens fairly often. Though, he's only the second bird to have a total knock-out. The first was a humming bird. He actually fell to the ground and "sat" there. And everyone knows hummingbirds don't sit. I took a picture with the camera and that startled him enough to fly back out on his path. :-) Happy Hum-Diggity! Hope your's is betters than his!
[Editor's Note:  The bird is fine.  I peeped on him with I left while he was sunning.  He startled, jumped up to his feet and twitched his tail, as if woken from a trance.  When I returned he had apparently flown off.]  :-)


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Breakfast Blend

While drinking my coffee this morning and reading the label I thought that this would be a good title for this morning's post.
This morning I drank  Folgers "Breakfast Blend."  I didn't like it.  Well, at first.  If you add enough vanilla flavored dairy creamer and some sweetener it's drinkable.  Good thing, cuz' I'm stuck with it until it runs out -- and it's a new container.
I'm off to do a notary, run some errands and pick up Sweet D.  She's going to come out and visit (while I tend to some chores) and then go to Gymnastics with us this afternoon.  I'm already behind today, but it is my own fault.  I knew last night when I put off making the children's lunches till this morning that I would kick myself - this morning. ;-)
And, yet where am I?  Perched in front of Macxine.  Clickity-clicking away moments of my day in order to spill my thoughts here for you to read....I hope you aren't bored.
So, today is the Presidential inauguration.  I find it strikingly ponderable that it is the day after MLK day, and the first ever, African American President.  Though, I do not know what the future or Mr. Obama hold for this country -- I will say that this a day to go down in history.  He is making a mark.
His wife must be so super proud.  Can you imagine?  Seriously, think about it for a moment and put yourself in their shoes...  This is BIG.
You know tonight, when he changes for bed that it will hit him and he will go, "Whoah!  I am THEEE President of the United States of America!"  Because they all spend so much time trying to get there that you know the reality has got to hit them unexpectedly sometime.
[That reminds me, I need to purchase a News Paper.  So, I can archive it for the kids.]
Personally, I don't feel like watching the media's constant coverage.  Continuous feed.   And, the people that are lined up to "see" and "be there" are a little out of wits.   It's Butt-Pie cold out there!  And, they are miles away from the event (though, I think there are some flat screens up).
I would much rather appreciate and value this historical moment from the comfort of my home with a camera close up, giving me a front row seat -- than, to be there freezing my tail off miles away from the event.
But, that is just me.  Some people feel that "being there" is more important.  I feel that being here, today, alive to witness it is the point.
What else, what else, what else.....  Crap.  I haven't scrubbed my toilets.  I like to scrub my toilets regularly and especially when company is coming over.  Criminy.  I'll do it real quick when Sweet D and I get back.  I need to bissell the floors too.  And, I need to grab a trash bag and start de-cluttering again.
Well, I best get to my bid-ness.  Back to my Rat-Killin' as my Daddy says.  That reminds me, I need to call Daddy and check in.  
Happy Tuesday.  Hope it's well blended!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday! Fresh and New!

It's Monday again. I like Mondays. I've been clickity clicking things off my list the morning in true FW fashion. I even brewed up a couple cups of "Green Tea" cuz' Another Online Mom shared it as part of her "A Beautiful New You" tips recently. My groove is on and I'm moving and shaking. I'm really happy today. But, I do have that longing thought in the back of my head that is praying for peace for TG and Bex this week. It's going to be a tough one. They are dredging through, hour by hour. We'll be up there this weekend and will stay for the funerals. *sigh* *tear* *sigh* SO.  I'm bein' interviewed by Ms. Jenny Bean.  What would you like to know, Jenny Bean? 1. What is your greatest childhood memory? This one was really hard. I had to think on it for awhile because I have TONS of childhood memories, though tons I won't ever share. But, because my memory brings them back to me I write posts entitled, "Childhood Flashbacks." So, you will find many there. But, my greatest childhood memory was as a teenager. The day I received my driver's license. [Well, and some sort of automobile to go with it, thought they didn't come on the same day or at the same time.] It was the day that defined my freedom and the fact that I was on my way to adulthood and independence. I had a guy from school (he was a senior and I was a junior) tell me that it would wear off and then I'd be bothered by the little errands I'd be requested to do and such. Well, "Bryan," you were wrong then and you are still wrong today. 20 years later and this has never, EVER, held true for me. Categorize it under my "Control Issues," but I will always prefer to drive myself, or anyone. It's the power to come and go. Never to be trapped in a situation I am uncomfortable with and never to be dependent. I ride with DH. In fact, when traveling I do prefer him to drive and I enjoy when we take his truck. But, other than DH -- I prefer to drive myself. I ride, on rare occasion, with friends or family. Though, I am extremely uncomfortable and anxious. Even when there is no threat. Just a trip to dinner together or to church or an event. I'd prefer my own ride, thank you. 2. How did you get started writing?
Cheeze-Wiz.  Another long one.  I've loved to write since I was a kid.  I've always loved reading too.  I posted or commented somewhere that in high-school (freshman year) I started writing a teen romance novel.  I have a couple of chapters stored up in the attic.  It was pretty good, actually.  But, some of it was inspired by real life and when real life turned out to be more like fiction -- well, I scrapped the whole thing.
I've always written a little poetry, children's invitations, I've had a few things published over the years (besides all the more recent fun I've been having at Root & Sprout and my place at Grow Together). I've had friends and family tell me over the years that I'm good with words. I've written odes and poems to my In-Laws (one is framed!) and I love to craft and write up personalized cards. I've done my FIL's card for Father's Day the past few years. He's asked me, "Wherever did you find this card?" Because it fit him so perfectly. To which I respond, "I made it." Blogging really spiced things up for me. After regressing to a journaler and a list maker, and a home-maker, I found my vacab failing me and a lack of motivation for writing. But, then my BB (Blog Buddy) invited me to follow her 365 photo blog and I was so enticed that I began my own. It grew out of the 365 almost immediately. And, then as will all things with me, I became obsessed with it. And, it's one of those things that has stuck. Like an appendage. I can't go without it. I love it here. Blogging has opened doors, windows, and worlds of understanding for me. 3. You go by Farmer*swife. What sort of farm do you have? My husband grew up farming with his Dad. We farm primarily sorghum and cotton. Though, they've formerly done corn. Currently, we added a early spring crop of wheat and seseme is being considered as well. My FIL has cattle at his ranch. I *heart* cows. Though, we don't do the big "work-the-cows" shindigs like we did years before children. I miss that. He gave each grandchild a cow. And, every calf she births and he sells will be money going into an account for college. My In-Laws rock. They are the best of everything....I'm just sayin'. 4. What do you think your kids will be when they grow up? LOL! Farmer, Jr.? No questions. Hand's down, he will go into the family business and work the farm. My nephew too. They just carry the gene. Lil'Gal? *Swoon* who knows! She might go into fashion, she might go into health-care, she might try to become the next "Taylor Swift," she might get married and become a domestic executive -- bossing the family around! LOL! But, there's a good chance she'll go into politics. Because, she is gooooood at it. Since she could utter sounds and speak words, she's been making deals. You really have to watch that one. [And, then there have been the stints with thievery and kleptomania....I hope she doesn't become a international art thief or something! Just kiddin...Okay, maybe not.] 5. What song fits your mood today? Why? Funny you should ask Jenny Bean, because this is what I was humming and then began full out singing while cleaning out the fridge this morning: Want to be part of it? Follow these instructions: 1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me." 2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions. 3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions. 4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post. 5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And, with that, There you Have It! Happy Monday!


Saturday, January 17, 2009


You're hit from the blindside. We are all living our life, going about our way, as are our friends, and family and the rest of the world. The world keeps spinning on it's axis. The radio plays music, cable shows media, the movie theaters are open, people are shopping, laughing, living and going about their business. But, someone has been hit by this horrid thing....this thing that the dictionary and people have defined and named "Tragedy." No, not my personal tragedy. I'm so blessed to be able to say that my family is safe and unharmed and untouched by this "vile" wanna'be of a Devil's angel. 
But, a tragedy so deep and gut wrenching that once again my stomach's spasms are forcing it into my chest and I feel like I'm about to regurgitate my heart, because there just isn't enough room for them both. I keep swallowing it back down and my gut keeps shoving it back out and I swallow again, gagging slightly, but I know I need it to stay intact and in place. Friends so dear and sweet to me have suffered a great and "tragic" loss. Tragedy hasn't hit me or my family directly, but we are feeling the sucker punch of the side kick left from the hit to our friends. This is not my first go round with this, "Tragedy." Who is "Tragedy?" I understand heart attacks, I understand physical and medical illnesses though they are so unfortunate and seemingly unfair. But things like hurricanes, tornados, drownings, terroristic acts, vehicular accidents, fire and murder....Anything that hits you unexpectedly with no chance to fight -- to even try, these things, I do not understand. 
They hit and blow, the loss of love -- with no chance to even fight for it. For this, I get a little angry. Not with God. By no means. I get angry with "Tragedy." Tragedy is a coward. It won't ever show itself. It hits and runs. Leaving the rest of us to feel the pain and hurt and torment and sometimes even anger...confusion, and wondering, "Why?" "How?" And, again, "But, WHY?" 
For generations and throughout history, revelations, stories passed down through generations, in most recent years the media and society have empowered this "Tragedy." Like some evil, mystical force. I call Tragedy a weakling.  A wimp.   You take your vengance now while we are here on earth. You hit us while we are in the bullpen. You strike at those we care about because we have no power other than the choice of free will, the choice to love or to hate, the choice to live a dead life, or to pick up and keep going. You strike while we are being tested to see if we will emerge worthy. I'm so sick and tired of you. You Cheat. You don't play fair. I vow to you, oh so low and miserly tragedy, that your name will one day be the spit at the bottom of the cleft-hooved animal. One day, I will return to my maker and recloak my wings. And, then, I will come find you and you will bow in apologies and shame to those whom you have brought undue sadness, harm and hurt. You do not break me. You do not weaken me. You wish you could drink from my tears. Though tears of sadness, and sometimes fear and hurt and anger, my tears are still joyful. You want so badly to suckle just a taste of the happiness that permeates from my mind and my life. If only a drop from my furrowed brow. NO.
You cannot.  You will wreckon while you can.  Just know, the justice will be mine and to all those who believe with me.  And, you will be your own tragedy.  Be fearful. For, I am not.
This is dedicated to all my friends and family who have suffered such great loss.  To Jeph and Sweet D and her family, to my own family, to all the losses I have shared and cut out pieces of my heart for.   And, tonight....  To our Dear Friends, TG and Mrs. Bex.  For the loss of TG's parents.  Two wonderful people.  We will miss you Greatly, Dr. Hurt (neurosurgeon and instructor) and Mrs. Hurt, spouse, mother, grandmother, supporter, friend.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bull Rides?! Yes Sir, I will!

Yesterday we went to the Livestock Show after school. My nephew showed chickens this year, his first year, and won 5th place out of seventy entries. (That's 70 participants, and they each get to pick their top three from the bunch to show for judging). Farmer, Jr. is so impressed that he wants to show chickens too. I admit. From what I have learned chickens are pretty cheap and fairly easy.
Though, Lil'Gal wants to show a "cat." Farmer, Jr. and I explained that it had to be livestock and couldn't be an animal of the domestic variety. So, she decided she wants to show a lamb. (DH will not be so pleased with this, though I'm fond of the idea!)
I have to say, I have always loved Cows. And, they had some beautiful ones there for the show. But, showing a heffer is a really big and expensive ordeal and it is also highly political. 
I guess a kid could learn some lessons from that too. But, I think they are better off with a shop project or showing a less expensive animal.
The animals seemed quite sleepy.  I guess from all the excitement.
They also have some fabulous shop projects.  One judging for the older group (high school) and one for the younger ones.
There are always barb-b-que pits, truck bumpers, deer blinds, trailers, and the like.  This year a couple of kids even did portable hunting cabins!  WOW!
I took a few pictures of the desks, tables, bar stools, swings, etc.  But, something about this little outdoor bar caught my attention:
Hmmm, that faucet looks awfully familiar.  Only in a different finish.  This boy obviously has good taste. This is the same faucet I chose for our house. Only ours are in pewter.
Look below for a close-up.  Looks like a well pump!  I just love these faucets!
As we left the show there was a set up to ride an electric bull.  They also had pony rides, you know the one's where all the ponies are harnessed to a central pivot and they just walk round and round.
[I hate those.  Poor ponies.]
Farmer, Jr. opted to ride the electric bull.  :-D
Below those is the video.  He had a blast!  I totally love this tiny new video camera.  It's so convenient and about the size of a cell phone or MP3 player.  And, since I had it, I was able to capture this! 
We offered Lil'Gal a turn too but she turned us down.  She was having enough fun riding on top of Daddy's shoulders!  And she was starving due to the limited soft diet she had to stick to most of the day.  So, we blew off the meat loaf and picked up a pizza instead.  
Oh, I completed both my articles for Lis for the February issue of Root & Sprout!  I hope she likes them.  I struggled with one a little this month.  I enjoyed writing it and the information was great, so I don't know what my problem is.
But, the second one was a "piece of candy" (hint - you'll have to check it out in the February issue).
So, I have a hair appointment this morning.  I'm hoping that will re-vamp me from my "frump." I hate to feel frumpy.  And, it's also Friday!!!  Farmers*Wife's Favorite Day!
Happy Friday!  FWFD!!!!
Take it on by the horns!  Ride that Bull!!!
[I realize this shows a post date of last night.  But, I fell asleep while the video was loading.]


He's SOOOO Funny!

So, I'm looking for something specific and I find this guy and his "dummies." He is so super hilarious. You have to search him at YouTube and play a few more! Kay, back to work for me! Oh, FYI, Lil' Gal came through with flying colors. ;-)


I know.  I need to get around to reading and catching up with all my blog buddies.  I had intentions last night but I could tell I was sleepy.  The internet was locking up a bit and I just fell out.  I even missed "Charlie."  :-(
As I sit here, Lil'Gal and I are supposed to leave in about 38 minutes for her dental appointment allowing Dr. D to extract the germs that have infiltrated her back two tiny molars.
[Editor's Note:  It has been discovered that the tooth decay was self inflicted.  No bad parenting was involved.  Apparently, Lil'Gal is a klepto and baking ingredients capture her fancy.  This will be duly noted to Dr. D.  The pantry will now remain locked.  This will also be duly noted.]
DH took Farmer, Jr. to school so I could let Lil'Gal sleep a little longer since she must remain NPO (nothing by mouth) until after the procedure.  Can you believe, of all mornings, she is still asleep?  Yeah, but should it be Saturday when Mama can snooze a little later -- it won't happen.  I think that falls under that "Murphy's Law."  
[I dislike Murphy.  Though, I don't encounter him often.  I think he's slightly afraid of me.]
Anyhow.  I have a new idea for adding a little something to my article for Lis.  And, it is something that in this fashion would only work within on e-zine.  Okay, it's been done before in some ways but not at her Magazine and not the way I'm going to do it.  Let's hope it works out!
Kay.  I have reading material set aside and some other items I need to attend to.  Time to wake up the Lil'Gal and dose her with the medication they gave me for relaxing her on her way.  I have to say, she is actually prepared and happy to have the "germs" removed from her teeth.  Such a big girl. 
I'm off.  I'll be back.  I'll be reading.  And, guess what else?  We made it!  Tomorrow is FWFD!  I can see it in my future already, WHOOP there it is!
I just heard her door crack. Catch ya' Later! Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Childhood Flashbacks: "Bobby-Kay"

Bobby-Kay. She was pretty. She dressed well. She was tall with long fluffy blond hair. She wore make-up. And, she was a bully. I was new to the school (which wasn't a "new" thing to me). It was my first day and I was taken to my class. I was given a seat. And, instantly? She didn't like me. Believe me, back then I was no threat. I was too busy to trying to be as normal as possible and get my education and not let anyone see into the crap-life in which I lived. Let's just say, Mom had a serious problem with addiction way back then. I'll leave it at that. Anyhow, back to Bobby-Kay. I loved her name! I still do. I love double names. And, not because it's Southern to have two names like, "Betty-Sue" or "Jim-Bob." I just like them and I liked her name. But, she was a bleep. When she would walk to the back of the class or walk by my desk, I would almost always get an elbow to the back or my head. I replaced the girl she bullied before. She as a small, petite black girl. Not that any of that matters. She and I became friends. We would *snicker-snort* in a whisper and pass notes back and forth. And, of course, we both feared Bobby-Kay. I think my friend had actually said or done something to Bobby-Kay out of self-defense and so that is what had brought the complete wrath down on her. But, it was me now. I was the small, petite, victim now. This procession continued and as time went by it got worse. It was more emotional and verbal torture and bullying than than physical bullying. With, exception to the head buts and stuff. I remember I had her for P.E. (Great right? Feel like you are reading the script to a teen movie?) Well, it was 6th grade. And, at THIS school, all the girls shaved their legs already. Mom wouldn't let me. I was "too" young. Do you know what H-E-double-L I caught that first day after changing? And, the locker room was not a private venue. I HATED to have to change in front of everyone. It was awful. The other girls didn't seem to mind, but they were all developing quite well, got to wear make-up and got to shave their legs. Needless to say? That night I shaved my legs. When Mom inquired she thought it to young but she understood. So, things progressed and Bobby-Kay continued to enjoy making my life more miserable -- if that was possible. School had always been my refuge. I loved school. So, I had a neighbor across the street. During the summer when we first moved there, she and I were pretty good friends. She was older though. Her name was Monica Naranja. I used to think her last name was Spanish for Orange. But, that's Naranjo, I'm pretty sure. Anyhow, she was older. She was in "Eighth" grade. And, she was cool. And, the kids liked her and her friend(s) but also feared her. So, my Mom approaches me about going to Monica. But, I GASP! What can she do? It's not her problem and if Bobby-Kay finds out she will surely end my 6th grade career. But, Mom had apparently gone over there and discussed this with Monica and her Mom. Monica immediately wanted to help and so she called me over to her house across the street. She had never heard of Bobby-Kay. How can the cool, awesome and toughest Gal in school not know about the coolest, toughest, bleep-bully in 6th grade? Anyhow, she told me to sit back and she'd get with me. The next day at school it was lunch time. I was sitting with my little friend from class and strange kids. I didn't have a lot of friends. Now it makes sense. Everyone wanted to be Bobby-Kay's friend so obviously, they couldn't be my friend. it would be social suicide. All because I started school on a day when Bobby-Kay was in a mood. So, I hear someone shout my name. "Farmer*sWife!" Me? It was Monica. Oh dear...everyone in the cafeteria is looking and listening (seriously, like on those teen movies). "Come here for a minute." She's sitting across the cafeteria with her best friend and the rest of their group. So, I walk over there with all these eyes pearing at me, wondering what was about to happen. We have a conversation that no one else could here. She and her friend ask me to point out Bobby-Kay. So, I do. "She's not so tough. What's her problem, anyway?" Then, they add, "Go back and sit down. We'll handle this." I walk back to my seat with my face burning and my heart beating out of my chest. If I opened my mouth my heart would probably bounce right out and onto the floor. The next thing I hear is, "Bobby-Kay!" GASP! Bobby-Kay doesn't look happy with me but she also looks surprisingly scared.
:-D Ha-Ha! "Screw you Bobby-Kay!" 
She walks over there and they tell her something. Then she walks away. From that day forward? Bobby-Kay was nice to me. In fact, she stood up for me a time or to. We were kinda' even friends the next year. I remember a friend of mine, a new friend, had a crush on Kevin....Kevin....Gosh I loved him. What was his last name? Anyhow, she decided to have a crush on him and I had secretly had a crush on him since the year prior. [I spent the last semester of one year there and the first semester of the new year there. Then, we moved again.] Anyhow, some one told her I called her a "B!TC!." Which was full bull-manure because I didn't cuss back then. And, Bobby-kay knew the one thing about me was that I had never said a bad word in my life (okay, in my head and under my breath but she didn't know that. And, I never called a person a vulgar name or curse word). 
Bobby-Kay stood up for me then too and set my friend straight. My friend apologized for having believed someone else over me but -- I never trusted her again. She was supposed to believe me, the friend. Idiot. Anyhow. That's my story about Bobby-Kay. Sometimes I think about her and wonder where she is and how her life turned out. And, sometimes, I secretly want to kick her @$$. Cuz' I so could. :-) Happy Hump-Diggity! I'm out of my crap-mood. :-D



Mornin. No blossoms and sunshine this morning. I woke up in a crap-diggity mood. Actually, I'm not in a crap-diggity mood at all, but I don't want to have to do any of the "crap" on my list today. I have to go into the "city." I hate going into the city. At least this time of year when it's but-pie cold outside. I know, I know, I shouldn't complain because this afternoon will be cool but beautiful. My friends up in Ithica are freezing their pies off with temperatures in the negatives. :-x I don't know how they handle it. So, I was woken up several times through the night. Lil'Gal had a bad dream, a cayote came into our pasture and howled his happy loud song. Which, of course peeved off my dogs so then they tuned it with the "your lucky we are pinned up or we'd so totally get you since you've wandered from the pack" tune. I get back to sleep for the third time and this time in my own bed. Then one of the kids holler's out "MAMA!!!" So, I jump up, pretty sure it is Lil'Gal and she had a bad dream again or realized I wasn't there. She's out. Farmer, Jr. is out. The cayote is finally out. I'm not. Crap. I did finally fall back asleep. With ten minutes to drift off before I had to get up and get going. I'm having a really bad hair day. That's like three in a row. I even got out the curling iron, you know, the little bit smaller one. Just to give my hair some volume. That was a mistake. Now it looks crappy and curly. Hmpft! My vehicle is running crappy. DH just took it for a spin. The past few days when driving I have that, "Is this the time it will strand me?" question in the back of my mind. But, hey! It's paid for and only has 125,000+ miles on it. What else. I had some other stuff I wanted to piss and moan about. Hear that? That's the sound of the worlds smallest violin playing a tiny little pitty-party for me. Geeze, I AM spoiled, aren't I. Well, even Farmer's Wife can be in a crappy mood now and then. Sometimes the cream in the peaches is sour. What can I say? Well, DH will be back any minute now with my vehicle. He'll scold me for all the kids crap that's in it (KIDS!). Yada-yada, I have to pick up Filters for the A/C and I don't wanna. Whine. I just wanna' stay here and do my thing. I don't wanna' socialize with the real world today. I'm having an agoraphobic moment. I just want to hang out with all of y'all. Well, off to do my thing. Happy Crappy Hump-Diggity!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TICK-TOCK! Tick-Tock!

I don't totally get this song, and that brown thing Madonna is wearing in some of the clips is ugly. But, the song is still really catchy. And, Justin is adorable. Gosh, Madonna is in really good shape for being in her 50s. She's like, almost 60, isn't she? Man. I did a dance with the kids in CCD and my thighs have hurt the last two days. Sad. Anyhow, catch the rhythm! This is sure to get ya' moving this morning! I walked in the house from dropping off the kids, and the Gremlins had run again! Crumbs everywhere (why can't they seem to get the food in their mouths and not everywhere else?), dishes left behind and school papers cluttered across my island. Socks are now sorted and Gremlin messes cleaned. Now, I'm back to business and finishing those two articles I'm submitting this month. Remember, Lis is picking her team this month so I need to really be on the ball! Time is waiting! Only got four minutes! Let's go save the world! Tick-Tock! Tick-Tock!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday's ROCK! Uh, yes they do too....

I love Monday's!  Most people hate them.  Nah, not me! Not only is it the beginning of the week, it's the one day that gives you an inkling and insight into what is to come for the rest of the week.
Monday's are fair!  Monday's are awesome!  Monday's tell you the truth and set out the pattern for the week but they are fair.  They don't play games and tiddle-piddle...they lay it out there fair and square!
Homework, doctor's appointments, spelling tests, reading assignments, extracurricular activities and the weekly calendar are aaaaaa-lllllll laid out on Monday.
And, you know what's ever better?  
Monday nights have the awesome-est, bestest-eeev-er, fabtastically, laugh-out-loud-funny television line up!  Well, for me, anyhow.  The only thing CBS did to screw up my Monday nights, was to move "New Adventures of Old Christine" to Wednesdays.  Totally crapped out my week for awhile.
But, I have it under control now.  Me and DH have re-worked our schedule.  Starting Wednesday, we are getting back to the TV night/treadmill time routine.  We'd start tomorrow with his show but h/we have a steak dinner to go to.  I, of course, am opting out because it's a whole lot of work for a good/great steak when I can make one at home and get the homework done, kids bathed, and the other things done in a timely -- semi-stress free pending no theft or klepto0mania manner.
Yeah, give up a good steak to tend to the household.  Can't help the control freak in me and all.
Anyhow, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men...what a way to round out my Monday.  Yeah, the lunches still need to be made.  There's two more loads of laundry to be folded.  One article is half written and the other half researched and child tested.
But, I'm having a LOL evening. :-)
Monday's ROCK!!!


Then again? Maybe she's a klepto...

It is quite possible, she's not a thief at all.  It is quite possible, that she is, indeed, a kleptomaniac. Is it possible to assess and diagnose in a five-year-old?
What are you taking about, FW?  You are asking.  Let me tell you a little story about how it all went down.
Last Night:
Mom is on her way out.  DH is at the chili dinner at the VFW.  I preferred to stay home to prep for the week that was about to begin in approximately twelve hours.  And, I didn't feel like exposing the children to the fog of cigarette smoke there.  
Mom calls, though running late [quite late], she will be pulling in shortly. 
I have Mom's money.  Mom is on a very limited budget due to her disabilities inflicted from a work related vehicular accident.   This is a whole other story for another time.
So, I have her money and I also have some Christmas cash and Birthday cash for the teenager who is about to turn 14.
But, where is my purse?  I can't find my purse!!  My cell phone is here, so my purse must have made it home from church and CCD.  I call DH.  Nope, no purse left in his truck.  No purse in the pantry.  No purse in the nook.  Funny, I don't recall those keys being there though.  Didn't they used to reside in my purse?
The pasta is now boiling over and making a mess all over my range top.  The sausage has not been put on the pit.  The kids need to shower, but still, I can't find my purse.  So, I send Mom and the teenager off after having searched everywhere, with a few dollars I was able to find.
Then begins the full scale investigation.  I know that purse is around here.  You wanna' know how I know?  Because my new little video camera is also here.  On the bar, next to the cell phone, next to the LT, confirming the purse was here.
And, I am a creature of habit.  I have rules for myself and I adhere to them very closely. Because if I do not, then things get out of place and life doesn't run smoothly.  Rule for the purse:  Either leave it in the pantry or leave it in the nook.  Period.
Can you guess where I begin?  Yep. Lil'Gal's room.  
I'd previously dashed through there a time or two in my rampart effort to find the dang thing. This time would be more thorough.  Lil'Gal, of course, is at my side wondering to herself out loud about "wherever could Mama's purse be?"    Ever so innocent and helpful.  
She hovers more tightly when I near the scene of the current criminality, and she falls aside as I veer from it.  Not knowing she's giving herself away.
I notice a bulge in her bed skirt.  I pick it up and place my face to the floor and what do I see? 
No purse.
There is, however, a full bag of powdered sugar, next to an empty bag of chocolate baking morsels, which rests beside a container of sprinkles and a canister of frosting.  The frosting is half eaten and has very identifying finger marks within. 
And, I was blaming myself for those two little cavities.  For griping out loud!
Another issue to be dealt with, but first item at hand -- find.that.purse!
I enter the closet.  Yep.  HOT.   She's stuck to me like glue!  "Mama, it's not in here!  I looked for you already."  Me, "Let me just take a look myself."  I scan the shelves and bins, and drawers with the keene sight of a Mother.  And then, I see it!  At the very top of her closet!  How the he!! did she get it up there?
Finally, I reach it and it is completely empty.  Panic hits me like a bat to the face!  I no longer have control, and I holler out, "WHERE'S MY CRAP!"
Long story short, she pulls all of my stuff out of two other purses (both, formerly mine).  I'm so relieved to have not lost money, identification, and so many other things that are housed in my purse.  How to handle this?  I really had to take a step back.  This was bad, and she knows not to get into my purse.
She does it anyway, but she knows better.  And, I never in a million years would have thought she'd out right steal it.  I can't blame her that her fingers are so viscid, can I?  Because this is not theft, this is out right kleptomania.  
FYI? DH's list of things to do today includes a note to "purchase lock for pantry door."  In good parenting, I will keep the pantry locked from now on.  Because, she is only five, and obviously doesn't have the self-control to police herself.  The cravings for snacks and sweets are too strong.  Her mind is too stealthy for her to understand and her fingers too tacky to control.
So in steps Mom.  And, the purse?  Why did she take it?  Why such a vehement crime?  She wanted to be like Mommy.  Now what Mom can truly argue with that.  So, this was one of those times when I took a lesson from my own childhood.  And, instead of flipping out, I sat down on the floor and talked with her.
We discussed Mommies and Children and how hard it is to wait to grow up.  Remember?  Remember when it was so hard?  Though, she knows next time the gavel will fall.  There won't be a please, Dear Lord, don't let there be a next time.
Gotta' love the little klepto.  Tarnished halo, and all. :-)
Happy De-Lurking Monday!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

DRAWING: Something Big!!!

Finally got around to tallying the entries for the "Something Big" drawing that I posted on January 1st. Reminder that the contest was open until midnight, Friday, January 9th. I want to thank everyone who participated and who dropped in to Root & Sprout for a good read. And, now, without further ado (and filmed on my new HD DXG digital camera): This little camera is awesome! I didn't even have to bother with YouTube. It loaded into the video section of my iPhoto program and blogger added it directly to my blog! SWEEEEE-EEEET!   As simple as it is? And, knowing how I obsess about anything new? Be prepared that I'll be vlogging about everything for awhile until the newness wears out of my system. Okay, well, after I finish my articles for Lis today and tomorrow (and maybe, Tuesday). :-D Happy Sunday!
Editor's Note:  It did take a good hour to upload.  But, YouTube is generally about the same by the time it uploads the video, processes, and then provides the embedding code.  So, ultimately, this camera is easier.  I just load the video [MP4] to the LT; choose it from blogger and Macxine does the rest!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thievery runs in the family....

Remember this post: Childhood Flashbacks: Silly Putty? Well, apparently, thievery runs in the family. Lil'Gal and I headed out to the local Super Wal-Mart because as mentioned in my previous post, I had told her she could spend her Christmas money from Grandpa. She was so excited that she was up and dressed at 6:30 and hovering over me, talking to me, picking at me and generally disrupting my sleep until I gave in and crawled out of bed. Luckily, Daddy sent me Christmas money too! And, I was specifically instructed to use it for "ME" and not on something "Practical." At first, I thought I'd use it to update those highlights I finally broke down and had put in my hair. (Yes, I know, they look good but then you have to keep going back to maintain them and it gets costly. No fair. It's expensive to be female with all the maintenance). So off we go to spend our funds! Lil'Gal shopped first and chose the Barbie Diamond Castle "Princess Liana" doll and the movie to go with it. Right within her budget. FYI, the princess doll was marked down to $10.00. After the holidays and all. Me? Well, remember how I was going off about Mamma Neena and how she got a flip cam and all? My Daddy sent me a big buckaroo! So, I went and checked them out. I've been wanting a little, simple video camera that I could use for vlogging and stuff. You know kid video blips, etc. AND, I can burn them to DVD easily and mail to Daddy/Grandpa so he can keep up with the kids growing up and all. [Still wondering about the thievery? It's coming, stay with me.] I didn't get the flip cam. I got the new one they just got in right after the Holidays and it was "On SALE" [sweeeeeet!] and it's "High-Definition." Plus, it comes with a mini tripod, rechargeable batteries and charger, the memory SD card, and a little carrying case -- all for the same price at the Flip-Cam! SQEEEEeeeeeeeee!! Thanks Daddy! [FYI, my Daddy rocks!] Lil'Gal was fabulously patient the entire 45 plus minutes that I was looking and comparing and grilling the helpful associate. So, I have my toy, she has her toys and we head off for the grocery section only to realize that we didn't bring the list so we are shopping blind. We grab up the few things we are absolutely sure about and blow the rest off because we are both giddy to get home and play with our toys! Lil'Gal insists that we do the "self-check" which I wasn't in the mood for but agreed because I didn't feel like a 5 minute ordeal of back and forth with a five-year-old. It was easier just to change registers. And, we didn't have to wait. Lil'Gal wants to see the sours while I'm checking out. She looks at them for awhile and then wants to see the gum. I remind her we aren't buying these. She confirms this with me and had "put one down" to look at the other. Then, she wants to see another one and at this point she can reach them and I'm busy with the clerk trying to get the register to take my battery coupon. We pay out and head on our way and Lil'Gal wants to ride in the cart. But, there's no room because I have a big storage bin plus all the other toys and groceries. I tell her to ride the front while I push. She isn't satisfied with this. Then, I realize she is walking funny and there is a square wad in the middle of her britches. WT....Oh, Nooooooo...... The lady has already highlighted our ticket and cleared us for exiting the store when I discover this. I reach in, against Lil'Gal's wishes, and pull out Double Mint gum, Dentyne, and something else, maybe the sours. GASP! I return the items to the lady who is still standing there, after a good scolding to Lil'Gal who is now crying a river of tears. She cries on the way to the SUV. She cries on the way to get lunch (we were both starved). She cries while I carry her into the eatery. She sits in my lap pouting and crying to herself. She is SOOOOOO ashamed. Finally? I have to tell her. I have to, right? So, I do. I tell her the Silly Putty story. *sigh* We sit there, commiserating together over our checkered past until our lunch comes. Then, we eat, we drink, and we leave merry. Ready to forget the whole ordeal and play with our new toys. Still? I find it quite foretelling that I had just shared my Childhood Flashback of my own history in crime just days before this incident occurred. NEE-nee-NEEE-neee......


Things that aren't good.
  1. Your husband gets you schnockered on vino (for a reason) and you fall asleep on him.
  2. The homemade pizza you made for dinner gets left out (because apparently, you are the only one who checks for these things and you were schnockered and passed out).
  3. You wake up at 4:00 a.m. with your contacts cemented to the back of your eyeballs.
  4. You take tylenol at 4:03 a.m. (wait, that's a good thing). :-)
  5. You daughter is awake and dressed at 6:30 [A.M.!] because you promised she could spend her Christmas money today (it's Saturday for griping out loud)!
  6. DH takes Farmer, Jr. for a haircut and to work with him but he can't find pants for FJ because you totally flaked on folding the laundry the past three days.
  7. DH gripes at 7:00 a.m. because the pizza was left out.
  8. DH gripes at 7:01 a.m. because he can't find jeans for Farmer, Jr.
  9. DH gripes at 7:02 a.m. because, well obviously, he's gripy this morning.
  10. The phone rings at 7:45 a.m. and it sales. WTH :-!!!X
  11. As you dress at 7:59 a.m., Lil'Gal enters the bathroom eating a Lolly-pop ring and you have no idea where it came from. >:-???
Yeah.  That's not good.  Happy Saturday!


Friday, January 9, 2009

My New Stalkie; A PRIZE!!!!!

If you check out that funny faced dude on the left (you have to scroll a little, he's the pink box with a mustache and glasses like Groucho Marx) you will find the new blog that I stalk.
She's super funny.  I met her at "Grow Together."  She has a flip-cam.  She got it for Christmas.  Secretly, I'm jealous cuz' though my video cam is awesome -- well, it isn't really awesome -- cuz' it doesn't do digital.  And, now days?  It's all about digital.
Mama Neena has digital. She has a great library in her house. She's funnier than I am. Yeah, now that I think about it, maybe you shouldn't go by her place. I wouldn't want to lose my readership to someone who might posses a slight more wit than I. It just wouldn't be right. I'd totally be crushed. So, stay here with me -- in my happy place. Besides, I dream about McDreamy and I give things away. And, if you participate in the comment section of my post from January 1st of this year (yes, I'm making you scroll in the event this link doesn't work) you could win that cute Yellow Piggy Bank pictured at the top of my blog.   Or, you could win the second prize drawing (prize has yet to be determined). There are less than eleven hours left to win, though. The contest closes at midnight. Oh sure, you can still comment after midnight but it won't count. :-) Sorry, rules are rules. Thank for participating and again, blow off what I said before. You know. About that Neena Mom Gal. Stay here! With me!!! Forever!!! I *heart* you! Happy FWFD!


Dreamin'bout Dempsy...

Patrick Dempsey is one of those late bloomers. My mom always said not to crush so hard on the cute guys in school because they were cute now, but in adulthood they probably either a) wouldn't turn out to be much because they had learned to get by on their looks in school and never truly applied themselves, or b) their looks would fade eary. But, the not so hip and not so hot would bloom toward the end of school or maybe in college and they would so totally be something. So, she recommended I crush on the sweet, kinda' sorta' cute smart guys. Now, apply this theory to Dempsey and you will find that Mom was right. And, it goes for those boys in elementary, junior high and high school too. This was one of those theories that she shared that I will say was about 85-90% right. And, those late bloomers? Sheeze, Febreeze-Sexi-Sizzle! [Keep reading, I'll get to the McDreamy dream in a minute. I'm just laying the background to my dream.] Remember the movie, "Money Can't Buy Me Love." Patrick's big break out movie? Where he went from "Totally Geek to Totally Sheek." I knew, when watching that movie that he was going to be one of those late bloomers. I mean, I know it was Hollywood but look how they took him to fab and adorable in that movie. So, I waited for the one day. The one day came with "Grey's Anatomy." Oh, sure. He was in a few other movies and shows. But, Grey's is what made him. Well, and along with that stint he did on "Will & Grace." Sweet Red Hots, was he SeXi with a capital X in that, right? I didn't even get to WATCH Grey's Anatomy last night because our cable was out. And, I missed it on the analog T.V. due to spelling words, memory verses and showers. But, still, I dreamt of him. 
Thank Goodness DH offered unexpectedly to take the youngins to school so I could share my dream before it slipped from my memory -- it was a good dream. :-D I was dreaming Dempsey last night, well into this morning. It was one of those great dreams. He was all sweet and lovable like he is on Grey's. And, with that animal magnitism. All scruffed, evening shadow. And, that hair! He's always had great hair. Geeze wouldn't I love to tussle my hands through that. Anyhow, towards then end something was kicking around on my tummy and I thought, "NO....NO?" And, the person who was sitting with me whom I knew in the dream but clearly is not a person in reality said to me, "What? Are you?"  
[Okay, I know that part totally came from watching soaps.  You know, somehow they always end up pregnant.] Now how this would be possible, the wiggle in my gut, is beyond me because with the exception of the emotions of passion, attraction and a tiny bit of lust, this dream was -- as most, unfortunately -- G-rated. Seriously! And, at this point I realize that I'm married. So does the wiggle belong to Dempsey or DH? But, again, it was immaculate dream conception. In my dream I'm thinking, what timing for my amnesia to dissipate. Right when Hotness is all about ME! So, I'm feeling guilty but loving Dempsey, but slowly remembering I have a happy marriage and two beautiful children and one on the way but who's is it; and confused because I'm not a cheater but DH is definitely going to have some serious questions about all this. And, Dempsey is sooooo sweet and persuasive and, um, HAWT! SeXi with a capital X and a little i.  Though, I love my husband and my children now that I remember them -- dreams are funny that way, huh? ;-) So, I'm all confused and trying to figure this out (and wondering how in the heck I'm going to explain it to DH even though it's not my fault because I apparently had amnesia) while Dempsey, with his scruffy, McDreamy, male magnetism is holding my hand [I don't know where DH and the kids are at this point, another town, another dream?] and telling me how he will be there to support me all the way and how he wants to be with me and EXPLOSION! DH hit his snore high at exactly the same time that the alarm went off and I flew about three feet above the bed and when my body fell back to the mattress my Dempsey dream was gone. :-( So, if you go to YouTube there are tons of photo shoots and stuff about McDreamy. Though, most are to good music but slow music. I picked this one. Because this is how I felt after this dream. If your a guy and not about the Dempsey picture slideshow, well just watch or listen for the song. It's SeXi!
Now, I am exiting to unload and reload the dishwasher, go do a notary job for some 'mad' money, sort the coupons for the massive grocery shopping trip.  But, all the while I'll listen to good music and daydream about Dempsey!  
Happy FWFD Y'all!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wanna Know Your MAGIC Number??

So, where is everybody anyhow?  Have I become a bore?  Have I had my moment?  Did I blossom in my first year of blogging and now I'm all washed up?  I so totally sound needy Do I sound needy?
Is there another blogger convention?  If so, I didn't get my invitation?  Tell me where it is and I will SO totally crash the event I promise not to crash the event.  Two-fingered Scout's honor I was never a scout of any kind.
Long ago and still today, many people believe there is magic in numbers.  It is thought by some that numbers can tell about the future and many other things.  Some corresponded the letters of the alphabet with their order number.
A-1 B-2 C-3 D-4 E-5 F-6 G-7 H-8 I-9
J-1 K-2 L-3 M-4 N-5 O-6 P-7 Q-8 R-9
S-1 T-2 U-3 V-4 W-5 X-6 Y-7 Z-8
So, what you do is print out your full name.  First, Middle, and Last without nicknames. Beneath each letter print the number that corresponds with it. Then, total the numbers for each name.  If the numbers total ten or more then add those two numbers together.
Marie Louise Smithson
41995 363915 14928165
  28          +        27          +         36             = 91 (91 is more than nine, thus add the 9 and the 1)
9 + 1 = 10 (more than ten so add the 1 and the 0);  1 + 0= 1
The magic number for this name is 1.
Find your number below for your number personality:
1] You are sure of yourself, make friends easily, and like to keep busy. 2] You are quiet, rather shy, and work easily with others. 3] You are clever and artistic, and you like being with other people. 4] You are hardworking and dependable.  You do not change your mind easily. 5] You are smart, like to be active, and love adventure.  but you lose your temper easily. 6] You are fair, unselfish, and careful of other people's feelings.  You like to keep things neat and well organized. 7] You like to be by yourself, and you don't like to do what everyone else is doing.  You think things out very carefully. 8] You like to plan things out and be sure you are right.  You are kind hearted, and people know they can trust you. 9] You like people and you believe strongly in freedom.  You are a clear thinker.
So, what's your magic number.  Mine is 6.  Hmmm.  I'm partly a six.  I'm also an eight.  I'm also a one and a five.  So, you do the math.  Do the numbers know you?  What's your magic number?
DON'T FORGET!!!  Less than 36 hours before the contest closes.  Do you want to win this adorable "Rith Original" Piggy Bank?
Do you want to win the second runner up prize?  Or, do you have a friend or know a child who would love to own that cute Piggy Bank?
Well, have their parents follow the rules in my New Year's post, January 1, 2009.  (I'd hyperlink, but some of them just bring you back where you started.  I dunno.)
Find your MAGIC Number and then play along to WIN!!!!!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mommy Failure...sigh...

I noticed when checking Lil'Gals' teeth at night after brushing, that she had a slight discoloration on her back molar(s).  The left and the right.  Last trip to the Dentist months ago, we were made aware to be watching because the enamel was weakened back there.
So, the night before last, as I'm checking her teeth I notice something that doesn't look right.  I have her open up her mouth in the "bright lights" of my kitchen and yep.   There is something there that shouldn't be.  I brush it.  I brush it again.  I brush it another time but it doesn't seem to move or dislodge itself.
I take her to my bathroom vanity and choose a little stick pin, just to prod in hopes it was left over dessert or meat or something.  Nope.  Crap-Diddly.  I call  the dentist's office yesterday and get her in this morning for an exam.
Not one cavity?  But, two.  One on each molar.  Though, they are slight occlusions I still feel like I failed her.  I've prided myself in my children having strong, healthy, cavity free teeth.
That's another part of why I nursed them.  It was really hard running the business and working 50-60 hour weeks with a colicky infant.  But, I still made it to six months and extra breast milk to carry him another couple of months.
Lil'Gal I didn't get to nurse as long, but I did have a stock pile to get her through her sixth month.  We had issues with reflux and sleep apnea and when she quit breathing on me and had to go on the monitor it made it hard for both she and I to keep up my production.  [Sorry, Men, TMI?]
Anyhow, I'm not judging but I noticed the fact that children of friends that I have who weren't nursed tended to lose their teeth way early and also had issues with cavities and dental hygiene.  My children have teeth like concrete or steel.  The roots on the first two teeth Farmer, Jr. lost were as long as the teeth were high.  Anyhow, it gave me added comfort that I was blessed to be able to nurture them that way.  I know it is hard for a lot of moms and some choose not to and that is fine.  As parents, we all have to nurture our children as we see best.
Though, Lil'Gal is my sweet tooth of the family.  And, she's sneaky.  Always has been.  There have been a number of times when I find "fruit chewy" wrappers under her bed or in a clothing bin in her closet.  DH and I ponder back and forth about just putting a lock on the pantry door.
And, I'm the Mom that will brush their teeth in their sleep if I have to.  If it's been a later evening or they fall asleep on the way home from an event, etc.
So, now she has occlusions.  And, I have that ugly feeling of failure inside my chest.  Like I let myself down, and her too.  Thank goodness these are baby teeth and when the new ones replace them she'll be old enough to care for them herself...  Though, I'll still super-nag her about it.
She is concerned though.  We discuss the germies and how they like sweets more than vegetables but if hungry, they'll eat anything.  Thus, always brush.  She wanted to see Dr. D immediately to have him see if he could disengage the germ infestation.  Well, he will next week.  With silver fillings.  [GASP!  SIGH!  Announce to the world that I failed, why don't ya'.]
Though, they will be small.  And, this isn't my first failure.  I've lost my patience a time too many and too out of control that probably left more negative impact than this incident.  But, I wanted to be the Mom that went down in the books with the (everyone so hates me) story of "My children never had a cavity till the day they moved out on their own."
Time to get over myself, huh?  Some SuperMom.  Here I can shoot bleach and Pine-Sol from my fingertips.  I can dust the floors with my mopsocks while washing dishes, tending to the laundry and making great birthday party favors.  I can clean a house and make it sparkle.  But, teeth?  Well, in all my effort I floundered.  So far with just the one though.  And, I told DH that we "do need" to lock that pantry with exception of free fare snack times, meal times, etc.
We don't keep lots of sweets around and most of the snacks (exception to DH's chips) are pretty healthy.   Though, if they are being consumed without my knowledge and spending hours lodge in teeth in party prep for the cavity fest then I need to find a way to circumvent this tragedy.
Hey, maybe I'll interview our pediatric dentist and his wife, the adult dentist and see if Lis wants an article on Dental Health for Root & Sprout.  There's an idea.  So, maybe I won't be a total failure after all.
Hmpft!  Stupid germs.  Stupid bacteria.  Stupid Cavities.  I hate those B@$tards!
Happy Hump-Diggity Day!  And don't forget to brush!! And, FLOSS!!!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Childhood Flashbacks: Silly Putty

I was watching a re-run of "Charlie" a/k/a "Two and a Half Men" the other night and they aired the episode where Charlie frames Allen for stealing Silly Putty.  Apparently, Charlie slipped it into Allen's pants pocket unbeknownst to Allen.  Allen gets busted and grows up forever thinking he had an alter ego, "Bad Allen," as he had no recollection of actually stealing the Silly Putty.
This reminded me of my first encounter with thievery.  Yes, as a child, there were one or two others -- please don't shame me.  I knew better but times were so tough.  I've made my peace with God, so if you have to pass judgement, please take it elsewhere.  :-) 
Anyhow, this one particular time I'm guessing I was three or four? I wasn't a typical child.  I had to grow up more quickly than most and was speaking before most and reading before most also.  So, it would not be surprising for me to have been three with the mentality of a four year old.
Mom and I had entered a local pharmacy type store.  I remember the toys (up front, of course) and Silly Putty.  Sweet Febreeze, had I been wanting Silly Putty!  It was the new thing advertised at the time.  Of course, when I asked my Mom she said "NO."  a) We can't afford it, b) I didn't need it.  Pblblblt!
So, I just stood there looking at the Silly Putty while she went elsewhere in the store.  Yes, these were still the days when a parent could still let their child play in the toy isle while looking elsewhere.  And, it was a small store, like CVS or Walgreens.
So, somehow, my fingers so enticed to touch the Silly Putty, convinced my brain that it would be Okay just to take it out of the package and feel it.  That wasn't stealing.  No harm done.  I can't fully remember, like Bad Allen (Ha ha!), exactly but somehow I ended up with the Silly Putty locked tightly in my fist when Mom returned to get me and exit the store.  I don't recall if I was fearful she would see I'd opened the package or if I was really wanting to take it. ;-?
Anyhow, we exited the store and the red little egg was still gripped every so tightly in my little fist.  I couldn't figure out what to do.  Where could I put it.  Mom was not going to be happy.  I did NOT want to be in trouble or receive physical discipline. (Who ever does, right?)
So, I kept running up ahead of her on the walk way and suddenly it hit me!  What if I foooouuuund the Silly Putty!  How convenient, right?  Okay.  So that'll be my story.  So, I ran up ahead and surprised myself at finding a little red Silly Putty egg.  Yay for me!  "Look what I found Mom!"  The luck, since I was just wanting some Silly Putty!
Mom inquired with suspicious eyes.  "Is it empty?  Or, is there actually Silly Putty in it." Hmmmm.  I'm thinking this sounds like a trick question so I answer with the unlikely, "No, it's empty.  It's just the egg."  Mom, seems to accept this.
When we get home I proceed to head to the restroom as I "Need to go."  The color funnies from the News Paper somehow end up in there with me.  I recall sitting perched on the potty attending to business and trying to capture cartoons on the Silly Putty.  GASP!  Mom walks in and bust me!
"I knew there was Silly Putty in there Rochelle!"  That's my middle name and she referred to my by it when in trouble.  That and , "Dammit Rochelle!"  I swear, I was a really, REALLY good kid.
Anyhow, she proceeds with the discipline process and we head back to the store so that I can return the Silly Putty and speak to the manager to apologize.  Humiliating it was, because, I always had a conscience.  And, I strived on approval and being the "bad" kid done wrong did not sit well with me at all.
The manager was nice.  He agreed the police would not need to be involved.  He took back the Putty and gave me the stern little lecture.  Though, I could see in his eyes he both wanted to laugh and felt bad for me at the same time.  I can almost promise that if he weren't currently challenged with teaching me my lesson, he would have given me the Putty.
Anyhow, there it is.  I've confessed.  My career in thievery was over shortly after it began.  With maybe one other little stint.  My Mom was so amazed at how I could stretch five dollars!  But that was then.
Now, I'm thief free.  And, the last time I used Silly Putty?  It was paid for.  And, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  
Happy Tuesday!


Monday, January 5, 2009

AWARD? for ME? She's too kind! ;-)

I popped by Macxine to check my email and I found that Jen at Another Online Mom included me in an award!  YAY!  First one of 2009.  [The Fairy Princess gave lessons on how to create an award; and I have received some nice ones, so I guess I need to finally get out there and share too!]
This award comes with a few rules: Put the logo on your blog or post. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE! Be sure to link to your nominees within your post. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award. 
Coming up with my ten bloggies was hard.  Because I really like and enjoy all my reads.  Though, the rules say Great Attitude and Gratitude.  So, I have to scale everyone by that now.  Here goes, and in no particular order:
  1. krishna (my blog buddy who started my blogville obsession)
  2. kayla (cuz' she's always treading through)
  3. Gary (he's such a positive potter)
  4. Harry's Tips, Tricks, and helpful savings hints
  5. Professor Pocket (she flew in wet coffee pants for over two hours and still had her humor about her)
  6. Lis (cuz' she so dedicated and determined)
  7. kcinnova (she's a great family leader/director of SuperDad and FOUR boys)
  8. Fairy Flutters (she's committed to improving herself and her health for her girls and a happy, healthy life)
  9. C (she's working hard at obtaining her degree and improving herself while raising a family)
  10. Chatty (her dog was accidentally mauled by the Dog Sitter's big bully-dog; Chatty was kind and understanding about it)
A few extras:
So, there you have it.  Now, I have to go let you all know to come pick up your award to hang on your wall.  And, I'm supposed to link y'all to here to Another Online Mom's place.  Wait, did I just do all that?
Happy Winning Monday -- oooh, that reminds me.  Don't forget to click HERE!


WIN IN 2009!!! A few days left!

It's 2009!  Don't-cha' wanna' be a winner? Well, then you better go HERE!! And, you better go SOON!!!
See the Yellow Piggy Bank? Up at the top of this page? You could win this just by playing along. There will also be a surprise second prize drawing! So, even if you don't "take home the bank" you can still "take home something!"
The contest closes this Friday, January 9th, 2009 at 11:59 p.m.
Winners will be announced here at my blog; and also either an email or comment to your own blog if I have a link or address.
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