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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring has Sprung in Farmville :-D

This week the temp highs have bet en in the high 70s to 80 degrees.  It is sunny, warm and beautiful outside.  My house is lit up by natural light. And, the a/c?  Yes, it is running.

Easter will be here in just a few days.  This is Holy week, end of the lenten season.

So, here are a few things I love to celebrate about Spring in South Texas:

The oak trees are blooming with bright, lime green leaves.

Plush, green grass!  So soft and fresh....

Beautiful, blue skies.  Not a cloud in sight.

Crops!  Growing!  Green and happy.... (You gotta' click on this pic to see how pretty it really is) ;-)

Our investment towards our annual income.  Everyone loves investments and everyone loves income.

I love driving the kids to school and passing tractors, planters, rogators, highboys, big trucks pulling nurse tanks, and all the machinery it takes to sew the seeds in the field.  I love to watch the fields as they roll by, the seedlings breaking through the crusty ground, reaching for the sky.

The way the rows flow, seedlings stitching the crop to the ground and sewing Spring slowly into Summer.  That's the best way I can describe it.  Because that is exactly how it looks.  Driving along the back roads, the rows of little green buds popping up in a pattern as if a sewing machine put them there, quilting the land.

When the cotton is in and up, I'll have to post pictures of that.  When the seedlings first break through, they each sprout one little round leaf.  All lined up in a row, they look like an army of little men saluting the sun and the sky.

So, take a peek outside.  What do you see?  Do you see Spring coming your way?  Ahhh, this is my favorite time of year.  I feel alive again.  Awakened.  Like a newly birthed butterfly, drying my wings in the breeze and the warmth.  I'm a flower blossoming from a bud, that grew from a bulb, that was once protected deep in the dark beneath fall and winter.

Spring has Sprung. And, I LOVE it!  :-)


Monday, March 29, 2010

The Bees Knees and Springsteen

Well, I couldn't find the bit about the bees and his Daddy, so you'll have to settle for this one.  Then, go look him up on You-Tube.  And, Yes, this is Mr. Hemi guy.  John Reep is flippin' hilarious.

I listen to Blue Collar Comedy on XM radio in my Chariot.  People probably think I'm a crazy woman on the road because my face is contorted and my laughing my pie off!  It's a good abdominal work out, though!

And, to go with, every needs a little Glory Days!  ;-)

[FYI, there's a commercial at the beginning but it only lasts about five seconds.  So, stay with, Kay?]

Happy Monday!!!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

It never hit me before....

Can you believe THIS GUY,

plays the role of THIS GUY?

It hit me when I saw him in an interview recently.  Well, before New Moon was actually released on DVD.  I know.  I should have recognized him but seeing him one way left me not even considering him in the other.  Though, I knew I recognized the guy who played Carlisle from "Twilight".  Just didn't pay it enough attention to investigate, I guess.

Personally, I find him more attractive and less silly while in character as Carlisle (love that name, BTW).

He plays another doctor on that 'Showtime' show.... oh, what's it called.....  Whatever.  Either way.  You know what I mean.  Oh, in the interview, he does totally pimp we Twilight Moms!  Apparently, there are some out there that actually send the cast members cookies and stuff?

We can do that???

I figured that'd cross the line from fan to stalker.  Then again, edible fan mail can't be a bad thing.  ;-D

Anyhow.  That's what I got today.  On Sunday.  After a great weekend with my Twilight Mom's on Friday and John Deere Dude and his wife the Dudette last night.

Oh, and the kids have their school party Thursday, get out early and are off Good Friday and Easter Monday.  I believe the assignments and tests are minimal this week as well.  So, it looks like FW is starting off this week on a HAPPY-GO-HIGH note! :-D


Thursday, March 25, 2010

A [FUNNY] Clue on DEBT :-D

This guy is funny. AND, CLEAN! I tried to find his set on "Vent Conversations" or something like that. He gets in trouble and then he listens to the conversation between his Mom and Dad about it through his vent. HILARIOUS!!

But, this one is pretty funny too! And, it fits the economy today.

You're welcome, ;-)


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DOG VLOG! Y'all luv'em! :-D

Can't go wrong with pets or kids in a video. They are perfection for acting. :-) So, without further ado, here is another dog vlog. If you remember back to one of the first couple, you shall clearly see that Brandi has put on a teeeeeeeensie bit of weight over the winter (d@mned those holiday scraps). By teeeeeeensie, I mean about 60 pounds. She was 103, a low for her breed, when we adopted her.

Ahem. She now weighs in at a voluptuous, well rounded, 162. Confirmed today (without her resting against the wall or using her paws to lessen the number on the scale). Two pills a month for preventive. And, 30 pounds to pine away this spring.

No, she did not starve Dulce as Dulce put on a few pounds herself over the winter. Almost ten pounds since her visit last year. But, she don't show an ounce. She's active and maybe just grew a bit? Do dogs still grow at 41/2 years? Anyhow, Dulce didn't starve but I told Farmer, Jr. to lessen the dog food and I'm lessenin' the scraps...

Don't you just wanna' luv'em, hug'em up??? :-D


KID Conversations: Dogs vs. Vets

On the way home from school today, I mentioned to the kids that I took Brandy in today for her lab work so they would renew her heart worm and preventive medication.

Farmer, Jr. "Did she eat any little dogs?"

Me:  "No, I took her through the side door."

Farmer, Jr. "'Cuz little dogs look like walking snacks to her."

Lil'Gal:  "Dulce was nervous at the vet.  She farted when he picked her up."

This was proceeded by five minutes of fit-full laughter and giggles.  Along with the children reenacting the event as best as they could while sitting and wearing seat belts.  There were also sound affects to this reenactment.

Finally, she adds, "But it wasn't her fault.  She had a nervous tummy."  [Now, I'm laughing to myself....]

Kids.  They say the darndest things!

[It's not nearly as funny when I read this back; guess it was one of those 'you had to be there in the moment' moments.] :-)



Wednesday's checklist:

Brandy to the vet for blood work = check! [She's on a diet; 162 pounds is a little hefty... ahem]
Chicken boiled = check!
Beans cooked = check!
King Ranch Chicken Casserole for school tomorrow = check!
Kitchen cleaned and dishwasher running = check!
Notary jobs scheduled = check!
Notary job from yesterday billed = check!
Said job mailed = non-check
Master bedroom sheets washed and bed made up fresh = almost check!

Tickets for school fund-raiser type set = um, not yet
Tickets printed = um, not yet
Writing Assign. #4 finished = um.... no?
Writing Assign. #4 even drafted = um.... [head hung low] *sigh*
2 miles on treadmill today = next in line?
Tonight's dinner planned = under consideration (chili or meat loaf....)

That is my Wednesday in a nut shell with exception for the after school agenda with children, homework, and the like. :-)

Happy Hump-Day!  Counting down to Friday.  Date with my Twilight Mom's and Edward and Bella and Jacob x2 DVDs!


I've gone crazy??? Don't tell...

So, I'm two posts behind for a post per day per month. Kind of a new goal since I fell behind for a multiple month or two.

I'm not crazy, but I might have hit a short spell somewhere between the end of November and the day before New Year's eve. :-)

Just don't tell on me, though... kay?

And, in honor of this and my way of getting an extra post in today (in addition to the one I'm going to put up immediately after this one) here's a wonderful tune by Jason Aldean...

I WAAAAS going to post a video of Darius Rucker but apparently, HIIIIIIS You-Tube videos are 'embedding enabled by the request of the what/whomever'. So, Darius you screwed yourself out of some PR blog publicity. Farmer*sWife don't like the 'embedding enabled' peeps.

So, dear Jason, TAKE IT AWAY!!! :-D

"If you ever loved me, please have some mercy on me..." At least enough to get me through to Friday at 5:pm. :-D


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Southern and Northern...share your 'isms

So, it 'tis funny and cute to decipher Southern'isms vs. Northern'isms. I always laugh at this one guy on XM Radio Blue Collar comedy because he does the comparison of what we say in different venues of the U.S. of A.

So, I'm going to share a couple, don't want to hog it all up. I would love, LUV, love it if y'all would participate and share things y'all say compared to how we say it down South, North, East and West.... If you live on another continent or are from another country, PLEASE share and play along!

Oh, and correct me if I am wrong in my alternative to Southern'ism alternates. :-)

Southern'ism:  Y'all

Northern'ism:  You guys

Southern'ism:  Coke

Northern'ism:  Soda

Southern'ism:  Tennie Shoes

Northern'ism:  Sneakers

Southern'ism:  "Goin' to see a man about a horse."

Northern'ism:  ???

Southern'ism:  "I'm just sayin...."

Northern'ism:  Right?  [Not all together sure, I think there are a variety of U.S.A. responses from various states as to how to end a statement like, we/I do....  ie:  Mashed taters and gravy are great for breakfast, I'm just sayin. :-D  ]

PLEASE SHARE!  This'ill [not to be confused with Thistle] be fun!


So I'm not a stranger... ;-)

Quickie just to pop in to say, "Howdy! Busy, busy around here!"

This song has been stuck in my head, sang from my tongue and resonating from the vibration of my lips as I hummed it all day. If you don't want to watch the video clip, still give the song a listen. It's purdy! LOL!

FYI, my SIL called today to borrow my copy of New Moon and.... I hesitated! :-o

I've only watched it obsessively over and over twice. Of course, I loaned it out to her. She was kind of like, "OOOOOkay..." I know, I'm such a FREAK! :-P

She's been waiting for it to come out and I told her I'd lend her my copy when I got it. Hope she enjoys it as much as I did/do/will continue to! ;-)

Besides, for the three or four total Twilight-Mom's, I'm hosting a double feature on Friday evening. The three Lil'Gals will play and watch movies in the playroom and the Mommies get the living room, the popcorn, and the booze! ;-)


Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's playing in my mind...

For some reason, this song is in my head. But, this isn't the video that plays in my mind. ;-)

P.J. and the family are on their way out (finally, and a big YAY!) so I'll catch y'all later!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

FW, Conversation with myself :-D

Body:  "FW?"


Body: "You know how you keep complaining about that 'ring' around your waist?"

"Shhhhht, hang on this is a good part!"

Body:  "FW....they are all good parts."

"Oh, yeah....  TOTALLY, right?  Are you watching!!!"

Body:  "Um, no.  I'm GROWING because you won't get off our PIE and go walk on the treadmill."

"Oh, yeah. Right.  I promised right?"

Body:  "Yep."

"Cr@p....  I mean, I'll be right on that....."

Body:  "I bet you can find Twilight on cable watch while you waaaaa-aaalk...."

"REALLY?  Kay, cuz that'd be totally cool!  Then, we could come back in here and watch the New Moon DVD again!"

Body:  "hehe, I get her every time with that one...."


What TODAY is about....

You know it.  You've known it has been coming.  Not the Princess & the Frog; my nieces BIRTHDAY!  Happy 7th Sweetie!  You are the only niece I have and that makes you extra special!

Oh, the other thing?  Yeah..... YOU KNOW! ;-)  [Hold your ears]  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I know there are those of you out there who just don't get it.  That is unfortunate, though.  Because for those of us who do?  [Me included, swept in with the masses.]  Soooo get it!  And, having read it, now own it.

I know.  No, it's not normal.  It's PARANORMAL.

The waiting begins again for June.  The countdown is clicking over on my right side bar.  But, I have my books and my DVDs and my Kindle to help pass the time. ;-)

Happy Sunday!


Friday, March 19, 2010

What? I haven't posted in two days?

The children are currently playing with the balloons (now lacking helium) that they got for FREE I hate free helium balloons from the grocery store.

I'm anxiously awaiting them to be popped, because we all know it is coming.  If not by themselves, then possibly by some random accident. >;-P   He he!

I've spent the day waiting (along with naggity-nag children) for P.J. and her kids to make it out since they are in town.  Her schedule runs tight when she comes down this way to visit her Mom, though.

And, her youngin's are slightly ill so we are going to have to wait until Sunday.  Es no bueno. Yo soy muchos dissapointed, porque es will be muy bueno come domingo...  ;-)

So, my plans have changed about three times today BUT, as always with me, this day was set and saved to be a wait and see and be ready for anything kind of day.  [See spontaneity via me, just, a little scheduling to be UN-scheduled is all it takes. :-)  ]

TODAY is ALSO my Sweet D and Uncle J's wedding anniversary!  Sweeeeeeeet!

TODAY is ALSO my fabo MIL's birthday!!  YAY!

It's lent so no meat today but we are going to have some YUM-yum fried shrimp and fish!!

And, it is the final weekday of our Spring Break.  [Though the weather isn't very springie today, Pblft.]

At midnight tonight?  New Moon will be available for purchase.  I'm not a junkie/groupie/cougar-vamp-Mom who has to stand in line for hours just to be sure to be one of the first to have a copy of the New Moon DVD.

Seein' as I'm patient and all, and have waited for the DVD to come available for purchase, I'll probably saunter down to the video store or the closest Super Wal-Mart sometime this weekend first thing tomorrow and as soon as I'm out of bed, dressed and have children in approvable clothing to purchase myself a copy to watch immediately at any given time or whim.

Yeah, so my Saturday is apparently open obviously full of all things Twilight and New Moon.  The weather, I'm hoping will be improved from the forecast because it will also be my baby-SIL's birthday AND my favorite and one and only niece's birthday -- with party to boot!

So, that's what has been happening around here.  Oh, why haven't I posted in two days?  Clueless.  Really....

:-)  Happy FWFD of the weeeeeeeek!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How do you pick a book?

Today I made a quick run to the grocery store and as I find myself always doing lately, I made a quick spin through the book isle.  I've been looking for the sequel to Shiver, Linger, but I think I'm going to have to go to Target to get it.  Maybe tomorrow when I go into town to do my notary jobs.

Anyhow, I found one that I've read several reviews and comments about on  I saw a copy of hush, hush.  I considered downloading it to the Kindle a couple of times but I'm currently reading three other books on it [and a smut read short story, yesterday; actually when I think about it probably falls closer to the category of readable porn -- but I trudge through it because I'd paid my $1.50 or so, LOL].

Considering the cost to download it was only a dollar or two cheaper than purchasing the hard copy, I chose to spend the money on the hard copy in this case.

So, why did I choose it?  By the cover? Because of the reviews?  Because of the excerpt about the book?  Because someone suggested I might read it?  Well, yes.  But, when I'm looking through the shelves of the library or the bookstore I have another method that always proves successful for me.

When I come across a cover or title that looks interesting I pick up the book and flip to somewhere in the middle and I read a paragraph or two, or the whole page.  If the action there catches my attention, I might  do another flip somewhere else and read a few more lines.  I did this with hush, hush and found myself sold after one paragraph.

So, how do you choose a good read?  And, do you read multiple genres?  Or, do you stick with pretty much one genre?

Personally, I'm not for mystery and crime solving.  But, if you throw a little romance in there then I'm more game.  All these rules apply, of course, to fiction.  I read multiple genres of Non-Fiction books.

Well, it be beautiful and sunny outside so I'm going to tend to a couple of chores, help Lil'Gal with her paper mess making project, probably clean up after than and then grab the Kindle and finish a book there so I can be caught up enough to jump into hush, hush

Oh, if you haven't already checked it out?  Lis has a blog up for her first e-book, Precipice.  She has a video trailer for it which gives a fantastic sneak peak into the characters and story line.  So, go check it out!

I guarantee after having done so, you'll be downloading a copy of it for yourself! ;-)

Happy Hump-Day!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dog Vlog

Such a pretty day and the kids were down across the field visiting with their BeBe and Pa and running around the barn (I presume). Hubby is on the tractor, or spray machine or something like that getting a crop in the field.

I'm lazying around with the perros.  We decided to get a little silly and cam some shots!  [That's movie director talk.] ;-D

Here's a little Spring Break for ya!

If that ain't a happy, nappin' dog! LOL!

Oh, and FYI?  I am SO buying this:

Happy Weekend!


Friday, March 12, 2010

This is what I was singing...??

I just found myself bouncing around my kitchen preparing to make hot sauce and I was belting this song out loud. Now where on earth did my brain dig this oldie up? Do I have multiple personalities and some are doing their own thing in the back of my mind? Sometimes, I wonder.

:-D Happy FWFD!!! Sweeeeet!


I believe in Gremlins

First off, I'd like to say "HAPPY FWFD of the WEEK [FRIDAY]" and Happy Hour begins at 4:pm as we start off our Spring Break. Also, I'd like to put a shout out to God for the glorious weather he has blessed us with! I feel like I'm finally emerging from my cacoon!

And, yes, I DO believe in Gremlins. Wanna' know why? 'Cuz of stuff like this:

Now you know why I'm always dusting and cleaning my baseboards.  That is sheer filth!  And, how in the world does it get there?  Who drinks or plays with something dark and wet near the floor?  It's like it magically appears there.  I'm just walking along on my merry way in the house and then I look down and think, "WTH?"

GREMLINS.  Definitely.  They are also the mongrels who steal the socks.  You know, how you get to the bottom of the laundry bin and you have about five - ten socks all loners and missing their mate.  The gremlins ate'em.  MMM-hmmm.

And, Gremlins shed really bad.  That's where the dust bunnies that appear out of nowhere come from.  When I see one kind of floating by or laying on the floor, I know a Gremlin just flew by...  [there too quick for the eye.]

The good thing is, at least they pretty well stay away from my windows.  But, they love to leave little imprints on my kitchen appliances.  And, the love to mess up the vanities and sinks.  Lil'Fluppers!

Anyhow.  I believe in'em. Be on watch, I'm telling you - there is probably one or two residing in your house too.

So, I'm ready to start my spring break but first I have to tackle the list. This is what is on it for today:

Scrub shower
Hit baseboard in Master Bath
Kids baths and latrines
Clean sheets for master bed
Make hot sauce
Enter jewelry party orders
Clean microwave
Treadmill (30 minute walk, minimum)
Work on Writing assgn 4 if time allows
Resize photos and write Photo op post. :-D

Not too bad, eh?

Then it, "Farmer*sWife's World, Party On, Excellent!" :-D

Happy Friday!  Have some mashed taters and gravy with it!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy: A Meme

Lis did this at her blog and she listed me as one of the peeps she thought would follow suit and do the same.

So, ten things that make me happy.  Well, this is just as easy as it is hard.  Because, 'ten things' can be a lot of things.  Are we talking people, items, things we do (such as a soak in the Queen-of-Sheba tub)?

I need genres.  In an effort to follow the rules without omitting something important, I'm going to break this down a bit.  Y'all know me.  I follow the rules but I also tend to stretch them.  For instance, if you ask me a "Yes or No" question, you'll surely get a complete answer.  However, you can be pretty much guaranteed that the words Yes and No won't be a part of it. ;-)

he he...

My Laptop, Macxine
My Chariot, the Chevy SUV
My Cannon Rebel, Digital
My Kindle
My Cell Phone
Internet, High Speed
My Floor Appliances, Bissell Flip It, Steam Mom
My Kitchen Appliances (especially my Dishwasher)
My King Sized Bed :-D

Soaking in the Queen-of-Sheba Tub
A Nice Bottle of Wine with a really tender, medium Rare to Rare RIBEYE
A Full Nights sleep, uninterrupted by anything
Sleeping in
A Quiet morning when everyone is asleep and the house is still
A Really great Book/Read
A Foot Rub and Calf Massage (I heart those from my Hubby)
Really Great Music that I can listen to over, and over, and over again
Ignoring the house and chores and just doing whatever I want (Saturdays)
Feeling Satisfied

Hugs and Kisses from my Kids
Lazy Days of Summer enjoying the heat, sun and outdoors
The Giggles of my children, Happily Getting Along
My Husband, of course; and the life we have built together
My Family
My Dear Friends, I am so blessed
My Health
My Optimism (not everyone is so lucky)
Kissing my children on the head While they are Sleeping Like Angels
My Life

I'm not going to list anyone to do this, but should you choose to, please comment back here at my place so we can check y'all out.  ;-)  Happy Awesome!



I just had to share!  Three more months!  Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!! ;-) 

Happy almost FWFD of the week!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Another flashback! :-D

LOVIN' THIS WEDNESDAY!  Happy Hump-Diggty-Day!  I am high on sunshine!  Today rocks the week!  And, I am soooo looking forward to Spring Break 2010!  WHOOOP!! :-D


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Owl City... :-)

YES, I do.  I like this song.  I never knew who sang it until I read "The Busy Dad's Blog".  He admitted he was embarrassed to have purchased the CD in order to have the song for his vlog.  I was glad and secretly exited to find this on You-Tube so I could listen to it all day long a few times. :-D

The good thing is, that I'm obviously open to multiple genres of music.  Country being my favo, along with the 80s and some New Age flashbacks.  But, my ears fall prey to some of the newer Punk, Rock, and other rising artists.

Anyhow, here y'a go!  [I don't think it is so much about the words because I haven't ever taken time to fully listen to the words in entirety.  I do love the music and the beat, though!  And, the tone of the singing.]

Happy Tuesday!  I'm counting down until Friday at 3:15!  Sweeeeeeet!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Feeling Electric!

This song just pounded itself into my brain.  I have LIS to thank for this.  Something from FB about doing the robot?  ROFL!

Oh, you just know I had to share. ;-)  Three and a half days until SPRING BREAK!  Squeeeeeeeeee!!!
This makes for a very Happy Farmer*sWife!  [I think I'm celebrating already!!]


Why Beef Rocks! (From the Busy Dad's Blog)

I caught this vlog at the blog!  He and his son are adorable cute and also adorable hilarious in their tribute to BEEF! LOL!

Oh, and FYI, if you visit and enter?  You can earn a chance to win a $100 gift card to Omaha beef!  But, that's not why I posted this.  I posted it because, well you can see for yourself!

Happy Monday (the laundry awaits me as I just finished my lunch and a 30 minute walk on the treadmill).


READING, my latest obsession....

Once again, I've buried myself full on into a new activity.  As I tend to do with any 'new' activity.  I fall into it and live submerged until I can vent it enough from my system that I may still participate but with a balance for all the other things in life.

Back in November, I took on the Twilight series.  Most of you know that I read all of those in a matter of a few days.  One, in entirety, in 24 hours.  [Thank goodness for the Thanksgiving Holiday.]

In the meantime I had read Lis' PRECIPICE (a romance e-book published at ireadiwrite[dot]com).  In addition to rereading that book several times (shadow reader, etc) I've also read her YA Paranormal/Romance novel which she is currently seeking a publisher for. (YAY HER!)

I'm shadow reading a chapter from yet another book, I've read all eight of the "Sookie Stackhouse" books (the one's the show True Blood is based on).  I read Dear John in about two days, handed it over to WonderMom and then started with "The Morganville Vampire" saga (another 8 or so book series -- apparently, I like series when I enjoy a good read.  I like the fact that the story keeps going, kind of like a TV show).

With all this reading I put a Kindle on my Christmas wish list as my one and only want from Hubby and the kids.  And, I got one!  (I know, spoiled FW, spoiled!)  :-D

Actually half the books I've read or more lately were downloaded to the Kindle.  I love it.  Instant gratification.  What?  I'm done?  Where's the next book?  Oh, right here on the amazon page on my Kindle and lookie there -- it's already on my Kindle and I can read :-DD

[Hang on, my email just chimed.  Oooooh, another Chapter on the book I'm shadow reading!  It's a thriller!!  Whoop!  You can guess who's writing it ;-)  ]

Today, I figured out how to download books to my Kindle without being limited to Amazon only.  Amazon is great, but for e-books the authors lose a LOT of their income from the book.  If you download directly from the e-book site, they tend to get more like half the profit rather than quarters on dollars.

So, in addition to eeeeeverything else I'm supposed to be doing, I added "Roadkill" and "The Hambledown Dream" to the Kindle.  Sweeeeeet!

Happy Monday and Happy Reading!  Oh, if you want, read along with some of these!  We can share/compare notes! ;-)


Sunday, March 7, 2010

You might think.....

Originally, I was going to title this post "Sunday's Prayer".  Because I had a little prayer going in my head before we headed out to church and CCD.

Lord, Forgive me for judging lest I be judged.
Forgive me for being boastful lest my life be depreciated.
Remind my heart of your kindness within me,
so that I uplift those around me rather than bringing them down.

It's always good to find a little humble in the heart.  Lately, I find that I've been....what's the word???  Well, maybe just taking myself too seriously rather than being the happy go lucky Gal that lets the little things role off her back.  Especially, if there isn't really any true harm being done.

And, after all, I'm not the "Right and Wrong" police.  I know, because I checked and I don't have the badge.

So, this morning I woke with an open heart.  Time to work on being a better person again, being better at being me.  Because, we can only be better than ourselves, right?

So, you might think I'm crazy.  I'm not always at my best...

But, I've got the magic in my eyes.  And, Life is all about the magic. ;-)

Happy Sunday!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Say what you REALLY mean...

Why can't we say what we really mean.  Sometimes as people, humans, we have feelings about a certain situation, idea, opinion, person.  But, we aren't allowed to say it or share for fear of being judged.

Maybe we are afraid we'll be judged if we don't like a person that we should like, or that we will be judged if we like a person others feel we shouldn't.

Then again, maybe those judgements are what keep us all in check.  In line and moral.  If there were no judgement passed, might we not be a crueler society?  Always saying what we feel, speaking out emotionally or in the heat of the moment.  Only, with no judgement over our actions and our words, would we not feel remorse for having offended or hurt someone?

I am the kind of person who has to step back and think.  Otherwise, I'm fight or flight, and typically I'll fight without having evaluated what it is I'm fighting for.  But, I'll go down fighting before I let some one get the best of me.  And, some things are worth the fight.  Other times, it is better to walk away and take the high road.  I know one tends to come out less bruised that way.

It's hard to walk away sometimes, though.  And, that high road can be pretty steep.  Halfway up those mental calves start to burning and we know it would be so much easier to just trot our way back down to the pit.

I dislike myself when I judge someone or say mean things.  But, at the same time I am conflicted.  Because, I don't feel I should let someone walk all over me just for the sake of my being the better person.  And, I don't think it is fair to tolerate something that I find offensive.  After all, is it not wrong to ignore my feelings?

Yet, we can't always speak the fruition of what we feel or how we are affected because it can very well offend the person from which the emotions were charged.   And, then it becomes a conflict, a confrontation, all because one felt the right be to completely open and honest about his feelings.

Sometimes we end up thinking?  Am I in the right?  Or, am I somehow diluded and in the wrong.  Am I the offendee?  Or, have I somehow ended up being the offender?  Can't we just call it even?  Quite possibly, it is a mutual fopaux.

Anonymity.  Sometimes we need it.  A venue, lacking judgement, just to be heard for what we need to get off our chest.  Regardless if it is hurt, anger, or just a typical P!$$ & Moan.  You can't fully express yourself when the eyes and ears of everyone around you are watching and listening.  A place where we can say what we really we really feel and why....without condemnation.

Sometimes, we need anonymity so we can relax and just be.  And, say what we really mean.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

FINALLY! The Lost Tooth!

Remember This Post where Lil'Gal and I made her tooth fairy pillow as she finally, was lucky enough to have a loose tooth?

Well two weeks and five days later, TA-DA!!  It took awhile, and the yesterday I was sure she'd lose it.  Then this morning I just knew she'd lose it at school.  When I picked them up it was hanging on by a thread.

We get home and with a simple little tug, out it came.  I had to or else she'd have choked on it in her sleep.  Or, swallowed it with her dinner.  It practically fell out on my hand.  She was....

EEEEEELATED!  Thrilled!  Super-Duper excited!  Run, run to the mirror to see the gap!  And, what a wonderfully beautiful little gap it is. ;-)

Immediately following, she raced to her room to pull out her Tooth Fairy pillow and placed it directly under her pillow.  Then, she wrote the Tooth Fairy a note about what all she wants.  [Um, I don't think all that comes with the loss of the first tooth....] LOL!  The Tooth Fairy doesn't always keep said item in stock...

I was instructed to re-take the previous shot in order to show the gap in the smile! ;-)

When it comes down to it, it really is the little things.....  Happy Thursday! [You know the rest!]


For your Thursday's Pleasure :-)

Okay, I'm actually writing this post Wednesday afternoon, just home from picking up the kids from school.  I kicked them out so I could finish Bisseling the floors (mmmm, pinesol).  But, still stuck on the 80s x-m radio channel I heard this on the way home and thought it would be a great Thursday tune. ;-)

Today [Thursday] I am baking home-made pizza pockets for lunch for about 20 of the kids up at the school.  My kids love these and having cooked the meat and grated the cheese in advance, it should prove to be a pretty simple task.  All I have to do is roll out the 20 pizza doughs for the pockets, assemble and bake.

They kids up there love me when I cook yummies! [Stroking my own ego, LOL!]  One of the boys in Lil'Gal's class has told me (and his Mom, apparently too, LOL) that "I am the best cook he's ever known!"

Heart touching!  I love to walk around and check on the little ones and the big ones too to see who is too distracted to consume their meal.  There is one Pre-K boy that no matter what I do, make or even if he brings his own lunch, he'll take two bites.  Wrap his arms around his tummy and say, "I'm fooowl."

I don't know how that little guy grows....  Then there are the others who are happy to have seconds and sometimes beg for thirds.  Heart warming.  I have found that I am becoming one of those of those Mom's/Friends who are like, "You need something in your stomach.  Let me feed you/send home leftovers." LOL!

Anyhow, enjoy the music video in my absence!  I'll be back!

Happy Thursday [just hours until FWFD of the weeeeeeeeeek!  Oh, and I have a song for this too!]


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Take On Me? You'll Take Me On...

Sooo, going on three weeks ago I started coming down with this sinus infection. I fought it, I used the netti-pot, I took my sudaphed during the day and benadryl at night. And, yet still? It came.

This morning I woke up feeling a teeny bit better especially after I expector-ated some nasty-nasty crud even after having been up with my son for two hours in the middle of the night -- due to his own drainage, coughing and sinus issues.

He woke coughing himself to pieces until I could finally give him another dose of benadryl (I'd given him some at 8:pm before bed to, well, help him sleep without drainage and coughing.)

So, about 2:30am-ish he settled in (head elevated on pillows) and fell back asleep, cough free.

Me? I hit the couch as the snore factor was now in full swing.

Anyhow, after a morning and day that changed schedules multiple times (I don't like changes in the schedule...>:-{ ) I heard this on the way home from dropping Farmer, Jr. off at school at noon and thought, "A-HA!  Yeah, take me on?  [Well then,] Take on me!

Holey 80's Flash-Back, huh?

:-D  Happy Hump-Day!  Put some Diggity in it (Hump-Diggity!)  Time for this FW to dust the baseboards, mop the floors and sort out the socks!