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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Poor Lil'ol Me...sigh.

So, I'm standing here in my kitchen with tons of stuff that could be done but I'm doin' none of it.  Listening to Lil'Gal singing some song she' making up as she goes along and it's something to the tune of "I don't care!  I don't care!  Laa-laaaa-luh-laaaa-la-la...I don't care!"  Yeah, me neither.
We have a birthday party in a couple of hours which I haven't purchased gifts for the recipients (they're twin boys).  I'm thinking a gift card to a cute clothing store....that's what "Mama" needs, LOL!
Apparently?  I'm the only bleepin' bloggie with no Labor Day plans.  Seriously?  I think y'all all must have a scheduled event -- and Farmer*swife was left off the list or something.  We don't have plans because DH is in the field.  Yep.  So, he gets home at late dark-thirty...think it was around 10:pm last night.
I'm totally caught up on my bloggie reads.  Wait, not totally.  I forgot to go by em's place [harmful if swallowed.]  GEEZE!  I haven't been there in ages and she is a great read!  She write about her life as an ongoing novel -- and I just love the way she incorporates her characters.  I gotta' add her to Macxines Bookmarks -- no wonder I haven't been over there.
What else, what else, what else?????
Glad I don't live in Louisiana...sorry for the folks who do.  Not that we couldn't still be affected by Mr. Gustov ourselves down here.  But, it's lookin' so far like we aren't going to get the big hit.
Bought a paper today.  Sunday paper.  I like the coupon sections ;-D.  But, this week there is some really interesting stuff to read -- so, I'll probaby give the thing a good old look through. Along with finishing the romance novel I re-checked out from the library because I hadn't finished reading it yet.  Along with getting over to em's place to catch up on the what nots.
Well, Chicken Biskets!  I've got reading to do, coupons to clip, and birthday gifts to buy on our way to the party.  So, I'll bloggie at y'all later [Gators].
Happy Sunday!


Saturday, August 30, 2008

How Superstitious are You?

Um, apparently? I rock in the Superstitious department. I missed one or two, haven't checked which one's yet. But, it's obvious to me it's the one or two questions I figured they just threw in to throw superstitious people off. Anyhow? If ya' ain't got nuttin' better to do? Take the Quiz!
                92 out of 100
Thank you for taking our Superstitions Quiz.Your score for this quiz has been provided above, and is based on a scale of 0 points to 100 points.
Be sure to forward this quiz to friends. CLICK HERE to view correct answers for this quiz.
                Take this Poll at
After I posted this I went back and checked my results and answers.  I missed ONE question.  And, the answer?  Doesn't make my world anyhow.  I'll give you a hint.  It might be bad manners -- but, I still thought it lucky.
Hmppft!  As Lil'Gal says SOOOOO often these days.
Happy Saturday!


Friday, August 29, 2008

Piss and Moan Day!!! YAY!

Yeah, so "Farmer*swife Report" here! Today, is P-I-S-S and Moan day f/k/a Beer and B!tchin'! Today started out cool for about the first 35 minutes and then quickly downsized to crappy-ville. 
Apparently, Famer's Wife didn't take her happy pill last night or suuuuumthin' cuz, I woke up all gripy and the "B" word.
So, watch the report!  And, don't forget to comment about what ya' wanna' see next!  It's up for a vote!!
[Editor's Note:  The quality of this vlog crapped out -- just like the rest of my day -- when I embeded it from You-Tube.  So, go there, if you want to see 'ME' more clearly!]
So, my day got even better after this!  Picked up the kids and took them and Lil'Gal's sweet little BFF Gal Pal for ice cream (Gal Pal was coming home with us for a play date!).  Lil'Gal takes off her tinkerbell shoes to show me that she has an infected, ingrown toe nail.
Yeah, on a three day weekend at 4:bleepin' o'clock in the afternoon -- and we have an extra Lil'body with us so I can't go speedin' into the "big city" lookin' for a pediatrician or surgeon!
On top of this the Urologist's office calls back and her urine culture taken Wednesday came back positive [surprise-surprise] and they need to call in her prescription.  Only, the nurse forgot to weigh her at that particular visit, so I now have to find a scale to weigh her on -- so that they can have her exact weight [no guestimate?  Come on, guys?] to call in the medication.
Then, Farmer, Jr. gets all uptightie-whitie because he wants to play with his Farmer Cousin or go with Daddy cuz' they are both way more fun than me or the Gals playing dress-up.
And, to boot?  Lil'Gal has been a real big "B" to her sweet little BFF Gal Pal.  I told Lil'Gal that after today?  Gal Pal might not want to be her BFF anymore, with that bossy, selfish attitude., as soon as Gal Pal's Mama comes and gets her?  I'm going to sit back with a Shiner, baby.  Or, I might go ahead and make that Vodka Tonic I was talking about.
Don't forget to vote!
1)  What's cookin' in Farmer Wife's kitchin'?
2) How Farmer's Wife makes a Vodka Tonic?
Happy Friday and Happy Long Weekend!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Farmer's Wife Report: Vloggie style!

Howdy Y'all!
Since you so avidly requested to see more of me?  Okay, well, like three or four of y'all did, I decided to vloggie Farmer's wife tips and tricks for the chores I'm doing today!
Hopefully, Bleepin' You-Tube will play nice today and I won't have to sit here for an hour of my day uploading the dang thing!
Anyhow, I'm now off to tend to those tasks I mentioned -- but, here's a little vloggie for ya!'
Hey, YAY! So You-Tube played nice and I'm all up and everything!! Happy Thursday, and all that! [Editors Note: About baseboards and the paint brush? I left out that you can use the brush on your window sills too! Dust the edges of the windows, the sill and "sweep" it all to the floor. Then, you vacuum or mop or however you clean your floors and it's just one pass! Also, I left out that while "sweepin" the baseboards? Be sure to sweep the yucks out of those tight little corners that collect build up and then can never be cleaned. AGAIN, do all this PRIOR to cleaning your floors. It makes for easier, quicker cleaning, and a more dust and allergen free home! ;-) Happy Dusting and Happy Baseboards!]

Jitter Mug! (FW Poetry)

Coffee, Coffee oh so bitter,
If I drink too much you make me jitter.
But, on those days when morning comes too soon?
I'll drink every drop and lick the spoon.
I like to save money and I  can't see spending over $3.00 for "Coffee Mate's" amazing dairy creamers.  But, I bought the "plain jane" in generic ["fancy flavored" generics taste just as swell as the name brand, FYI] and it just isn't cutting the coffee.
So, spoiled Gal that I am?  Next time I'm at the grocery store and they don't have my French Vanilla in generic?  I'm going to consider myself worth the extra two bucks and buy the name brand....because, I gotta' have a little foreign and a little vanilla in my coffee.
Yeah, right.  Listen to me whinin' when kcinnova apparently went to bed after 1:am (and she still made time to read Lil'ol me :-D )  and, has to wake this morning BEFORE FIVE A.M.!!!!  And, yet she still offered to share some of her coffee with me.  [She drinks the fancy Folger's flavor too!!!]
Shame for me.  Gal?  You come to MY place cuz' you have too much dang stuff going on over there, with limited sleep.  You come here, take a little snoozer and then I'll provide the coffee!
Well, time to go paint and putty my face!
Happy Thursday and Happy Jitters!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Picture Fiction Challenge n/k/a Portrait of Words

Hey Bloggies,
Just an FYI, jeff b at A Word In Edgewise [ at] is kinda' picking up on r.e.h.'s PFC project since he's been MIA for so long.  He'll give it back when our madman returns.  But, in the meantime pop over there and check it out as he as changed it a tiny bit.
Pics are up for the first "Portrait of Words" challenge, for those who want to participate!
Sorry, I didn't link you directly.  I'll add him to my blogroll.  Saves me having to type all that coding in and/or cutting and pasting from else where.  Been too lazy busy to memorize the coding for links.
Happy Wednesday and Happy Writing!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One More Try...

Knowing me? I couldn't help but try to embed it one more more way. It's like an itch that won't go away. I can't quit until I either scratch it raw and bloody or get it to work right!!!!!
That's my OCD kickin' in. Made me waste half my day -- though, off and on.
Anyhow?  I think it worked this time.....



Okay Bloggies.  Apparently, in order to change my "broadcast" and video availability?  I had to upload the video again as the settings apply each time upload.  [Why this has to be such a pain in the @$$ I don't know.  Isn't the whole idea to be simple and fun! Now my laundry isn't folded and DH will be home shortly -- BLEEEP!]
So, now that I've repeated ample unnecessary steps? I hope y'all find it worth your time to view it! LOL!!! [Blogger says it's not yet processed! What, they send it out to the photomart? Seriously! When it's 'processed' I'll embed the d@mn thing] MEANWHILE and FYI: Here's my You-Tube link.    You won't find much there other than be able to view my "Vloggies" when they won't "embed" them [stupid] selves...and/or until, I get my QuickTime working with Macxine so I can do it the easy way! Oh, and notice it's "wifeofafarmer"? Can you freakin' believe "Farmer*swife" was taken? I dunno," have I gone there before? NEE-nee-NEE-nee-NEE-nee-NEE-nee.... Happy [Bleepin' Vloggin'] Tuesday!!!!
[EDITORS NOTE: Okay, so You-Tube finally will play it and not say it "IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE."  But, seein' as it times out and some of what I say doesn't make sense that way?  You might want to let it play...and then, "REPLAY" so you can watch it without all the gliches.]
Not sure if this is a standard anyways for bloggies -- remember, I am "always" learning.


Ready! Set!! VLOGGIE! From Farmer*swife

Okie dokie y'all.  I've decided to cross that line.  Macxine has a built in web cam and so, having a good hair day and all?  I decided to grace y'all with the vision that is me.  I'm not saying it's a fab vision or a drab's just a vision that tis' I.
FYI, in the vlog I said that the shirt we saw at the river said "iPhoto" but what I meant was "iFrio," which you will realize when you see the shirt.  Get it?  We all "frio'd"  and TG (Tech Guy) is all about iThis and iThat!  Which, by the way, I am learning all too quickly is iALL COOL!
Well, enough playing around...I got floors to Bissell, mirrors to clean, toilets to scrub, shower glass needs me to fight the water spots, and pounds of laundry -- all clean, and needing folding.
But, hey?  Everyone needs a little break here and there, right?   Oh, and FYI?  I said I'm having a great hair day [can you believe that makes me all giddy and squeeeeeee!  Seriously?  Poor me. LOL], anyhow -- I should have said "I'm having a good hair morning."  Because once I walk outside into the South Texas heat and humidity?  I'll be having a hair soup day.
Happy Tuesday!!!!
[Editors Note:  Apparently, Blogger didn't like my vlog.  So, I saved it as a movie under Q-time or whatever it is that Blogger says it will accept.  Still?  It had an error.  I tried it this way, and that way, and finally?  I said "SCREW IT you BLEEPIN' BLOGGER" and set up a YouTube account.  And, all just so I wouldn't let you down, my sweet bloggies and friends and readers.]


Coffee Me Hazelnut...or, what ever's hot and caffeinated!

Pant! Pant! Pant! Pant! [I'm waiting on the coffee maker to fill up just enough to fill my cup the first time.]  This really isn't the time to try a new "Flavorful Selection" but that's what's percolating this morning, Hazelnut.
Generally, I prefer, "Folgers Gourmet Selections -- Cre'me Brulee'."  Yes, I drink fancy coffee, with artificial sweetener and French Vanilla Dairy creamer.   But, I'm the only one who drinks it in this house -- and seein' as I'm always the first one up and almost last one down during the school year? I deserve it!  [Plus, I use a coupon when I can.]
It's ready!!!!   [Sip!  Sip!  Slurp!]  Okay, yummy.....give it about five minutes and I'll be kickin' it Super Mom style.  
Luckily, DH is taking the kids to school this morning.  Cuz' I played musical beds again last night.  And, I woke around 3:40 a.m. with a "Bink!"  And, that was it.  My sleep was ruined.  I made the trips around the house and checked in on everyone else.  Then, returned to Bed B.
Tossed, turned, and so forth.  Almost asleep and then I heard a "Thud!"  I thought, possibly Farmer, Jr. fell out of our bed.  So, back out of Bed B. and another round around the house.  He was hanging off the side, but obviously not the "Thud!"  I flipped on the outside flood lights to peer at any critter or criminal that might be responsible for said,  "Thud!" And, as all seemed well, I headed back bed to torment myself.
Finally, I fell back asleep.  I'm guessing around 5:30.  At which point, I actually began dreaming.  Apparently?  My MIL was having someone over (why at my house?  Dreams.) for lunch or something to celebrate that person's birthday or something.  
PJ and her hubby had apparently stayed the night.  That has nothing to do with nothing, but it was in my dream.  The electricity was shorting out so I was waiting to call our builder to come out and check it out and fix the problem.
Meanwhile?  Hundreds of people are coming into my house and piling around my back yard.  They turn up loud music and set up tables and begin to Bar-B-Que.   They are family to MIL's friend and are surprising her with a birthday party -- and since they knew this is where she'd be, they decided to bring the party to my house! [WTH?]
So, there are people, and kids, and teenagers (getting into everything without permission, driving the four wheeler around the back yard, breaking things and just general chaos).
While PJ is touring our home she opens a closet that is apparently infested with mice and a Racoon, who is eating the mice...the Racoon is attributed to the "Thud!"  And, shewed out the front door.  I'm beside myself and ranting outloud to DH as if he was there, because of the choas, people, mess, and MICE!  DH is apparently at work during all of this.
"Honey!  Time to get up!"  [What?]  DH wakes me from my dream.  My jaw aches from nashing and grinding during my dream.  And, I realize I've only been asleep for about 45 minutes.
SUCK-ville.  Coffee me now.  Then?  I realize?  I didn't preset the coffee maker.  Didn't check my list last night.  GEEEEZE!  What'up "Super Mom?"  Not so super this mornin'.
Happy Note:  Coffee kicked in -- I did the "Wonder Woman" spin and looked all put together just like Diana what's-her-name!  Lasso and all! -- O.K., not really.  I did the "Wonder Woman spin" and ended up wearing the same 'ol big, wrinkly sleep shirt -- BUT, I had hot piggies in blank-el-ets (that's how Lil'Gal says it) on the table, juice, Lil'Gals med and  Farmer, Jr.'s allergy pill all on the table when the children walked in.  Ice tea was in the pitcher when DH walked in to grab some "piggies," a glass of tea, and head to the office.  Kids were dressed upon approaching the breakfast table.  Impressive!
Backpacks loaded with lunches and snacks and folders.  Lil'Gal's hair is done (okay, I didn't have time to tie the ribbon bows) and everyone is out the door.
I get to housewife it and get my house in order and dusted, and floors de-crumbed and the mountain of laundry folded, hung, and put away.  I already have dinner layed out:  Steaks, baked potatoes, salad and applesauce for the kids.
FYI?  Hazelnut is okay.  But, I like Creme' Brulee' much better.  And, generic dairy creamer isn't as good as generic "French Vanilla" creamer.  But, I'm not complaining any.
I'll be back later with a recap and some pictures (Finally!  Finally! Pictures) of the kids first day at school.  I also would like to peep in a WWC.  What were the words?  Sour and Salty?
Later Gators and Happy Tuesday [Early] Morning!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy and Inhibited

Tomorrow is the big day!  Tonight is the big night!  Dinner on time, no longer lazy summer schedule.  Baths, books, teeth and beds.
Lunches to make (I'll be doing that next).  Supplies to name and identify (tonight's T.V. show project).  Preparing all the things they will need for a new year in school.  Lil'Gal in Kindergarten and Farmer, Jr. in First Grade.
The neat part about it is that Lil'Gal and Farmer, Jr. will have the same teacher this year.  Mrs. P (I'll call her as she's also the Principal for our little private school) teaches both Kinder and First, together.  They have separate assignments and the First graders have harder work, reading, writing, and arithmetic.
But, it's pretty nice because the Kinder Kids get exposed to some of the first grade requirements and often start reaching there themselves.  The readers from this school are phenominal!
Anyhow, I'm ready.  And, I think the kids are too....though, they're a tiny bit glum at re-structure and loss of freedom.
The only concern I really have is for my sweet Angel, my Lil'Gal.
Isn't she beautiful!!!  [I'm vain in her beauty; so click for a full view.  The smile will melt you.]  She is also very smart, very strong willed and not easily manipulated.  But, still?  I worry.  Because we are still having these urinary issues.  She previously had surgery to fix a lot of the concern, (you can find out more here:
And, she is currently on medication to help with her bladder spasms which basically cause you to urinate before you can make it to the restroom -- like the commercial -- a "going problem."
So, I've been working with her the last month or so.  She used to wear a pull-up.  Now, only at night.  If she wears one now and feels a slight release?  She will immediately change it.  Which tells me two things: 1) She's not being lazy and abusing the pull-up, 2) It's costing us ca-zillions!
So, we've been working with our "undies" and a "liner."  So that the liner can catch any unexpected releases and then she can excuse herself to the bathroom to change without wetting her undies.
Does it sound complicated?  It is.  Especially, for a five-year-old Lil'Gal.  And, I don't want her to feel conspicuous, but at the same time?  I have to discuss, share and help her understand that it is out of her 'control' or 'power' but that young children don't understand.  I have to tell her they might laugh and make fun -- as she is no longer in "Pre-K" but, a big Gal now in Kinder with the First graders.
I tell Farmer, Jr. that he needs to look out after his sister and make sure no one makes fun of her medical condition.  His reply, "If I tell them tha-at they'll wanna' laugh."  CRAP.  What I wanna' say, is "Then pummel the rat-B@$tard!!!"  But, I can't. [Hmpfh!  Lucky, little rat-B@$tard!]
So,  I just explain that he is the big brother and he is to look out after his sister and, if anyone is impolite or out of line?  His job is to report to me.  [Which is the case with any school issues, anyhow.]
She will be fine.  This is a very small private school.  Which I love for their academics.  But, dealing with her medical, urinary issue(s), I like it for that too.  Because, as strong a willed, and strong minded child she is, with both "book" and "street" smarts?  She could totally 'kick-A' in school and in life.
But, if she should be pounded down by a medical 'potty' issue?  Public school would EAT HER ALIVE.  Either that?  Or, she'd beat the jee-beez'us and Chicken Biskets out of anyone who scoffed her direction...and, end up expelled -- which still doesn't calm my mind.
So, there is my worry.  Life is grand.  Life is full.  Life is a trial, an experience, and it isn't always easy.  But if it wasn't hard sometimes....and was always easy...could we really call that a life?  And, would we treasure the things we do and the people (and things), and accomplishments we have and have made?
I don't really think so.  Though, I pray deeply that our Urology appointment on Tuesday morning finds some great, grand solution in the scheme of this issue?  Well, that's it.  I am praying this visit will provide us with some, great and grand solution to this issue.
Happy, Hoping for a Good Monday (Sunday's about over...)


Friday, August 22, 2008

POWERLESS!!!! Bleeeeep!

HOLY BLEEPVILLE!  OMG!  Thank goodness y'all can still read me!  Holy Bloggie scare!  Me and Macxine (official name of my new MAC LT -- review prior posts for more on that...and share if you like it or not and "Macxine and I" will take your opinions under consideration, LOL!) were off line for TEN HOURS!
I was sweetly tending to my "domestic duties" as my Fab (wait, he's a Man's Man, no wait, he's tough, and Not to be messed with) I mean, my BURLY Dad says to me....all the while keepin' up with some email and online duties....and then it happend!  The storm.  I'm thinking un-forcasted and unknown because there wasn't any warning displayed in the bylines of the current show casted (OH, wait....might'a missed that as Lil'Gal was coveting the T.V. with a video....sheeze).  
Anyhow, it blew in three, THREE, inches of rain in about an hour...maybe and hour and five minutes.  BLEEEEP!  Sware, Chicken Biskets, Bleepity, Bleep....bad on all levels.  Washing away our cotton as it still sits in the field, dirty, tattered and loosing money every bleepin' day.
Raising mosquitoes -- though, on the sly?  I'll post some pics of like twenty dragon flies swarmin' our porch and eatin' those suckers!!!  Dragonflies, if you didn't know it, LOOOOOVE to eat them some mosquitoes.  Lots of Protein, ya' know! took down a couple of power poles.  At first?  I was like, Hey, no power...well, that's gonna' interfere a whole lot with my "job" today.  Then, I saw Macxine, all flashing her screen and shiny!  Cuz' she's got a full charged battery!!! [Watch your ears]  Squeeeeeee!!!!!
She was all spit-fired and powered up and ready to play....and, then....NO internet.  But?  Macxine is wireless now?  BLEEP!  The main anttenae requires a power adapter which is plugged....into the wall....and, we...have....NO....power.
TEN HOURS!  Oh, the story gets soooo, SO much better and funnier.  But, alas.  It is now after midnight.  And, DH wants to crank us all out of bed -- ON MY LAST SATURDAY -- of the beginning of school, to go "antique" shopping and get the H## out of town.
PROBLEM:  Oh, so many.  But as it is after midnight, I will only share a few.
1) Um, "Macxine" does not yet have appropriate travel attire?  We were going to shop for that tomorrow......(ie: sporty, cute and protective travel bag, with cute and safe pocket for her "Mighty Mouse.")
2) We both know we aren't really going to spend any money when like $250,000(gross) give or take a thousand acres of cotton, is still sitting, rotting, and tattered in the field.
3) We just got power on at after 10:pm or maybe closer to 11:pm.  This is my/kids LAST sleep in and take it easy morning; and Lil'Gal and I already decided to make Cinnamon roll pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.
SHEEZE!  You just can't come up in here and rock around my plans.  Cheese and Rice, DH, you know how OCD I am.  
Awww, and Geeze Wizz....I was planning to talkie lottie about my "awful" day and then read the rest of all of y'all great bloggies (I still have to go back to PC to get the addresses of a few other FAV reads)'s NOW almost 12:30 in the morning.  And, I'll be so grounded if I don't wanna' wake up.
So just know that I love y'all.  Friends, readers, and bloggies alike.  And, I'll catch up tomorrow if Macxine can get signal on the trip.  And, I apologize for being so "all about me and Macxine" before reading y'all all, tonight!
[Editor's Note:  I REALLY ramble when I'm tired, huh?]


Sunrise Recipes for BTS!

Farmer, Jr. woke up and came and woke me up at 7:15.  And, I was silently disgruntled. Because this is my next to last morning to get to sleep in.  Actually?  This morning officiates that summer is over here at Farmer*wife house.
Because tomorrow morning is officially the Saturday morning leading to the first week of school. Meaning that from here on out with exception of holidays?  Saturday mornings are my only morning to sleep in (ie: till 7:00 or possibly 7:30 a.m.)
It is officially hustle and bustle time!  As I walked into the kitchen (Farmer, Jr. trailing behind me, tummy apparently growling -- that's what woke him up... -- and making suggestions for breakfast) I saw the most beautiful sunrise!  [I know.  And, I didn't take a picture....for shame.  I was pre-occupied with the smell of coffee.)
The sunrise reminded me of last year's school mornings and all the beautiful sunrises I captured and shared with y'all.  It also reminded me of the breakfasts I make as I like to give the kids a variety through the week, and I like most breakfasts to be hot!
This morning, Farmer, Jr. voted for "Cinnamon Sugar Pull Aparts."  This is a simple, tasty, warm to the tummy, recipe.  Great for mornings in a hurry!
Cinnamon Sugar Pull-aparts:
1 can of biscuits (whole wheat, or your preference)
1 Tablespoon sugar (you can use more, if  you like.)
Cinnamon (sprinkle to your liking)
Optional:  Butter spray, or 1 pat of butter
Preheat oven to 400.  Open biscuits and cut into four pieces, no particular shape or pattern.  Scissors work great for this. I have kitchen shears just for food.  Drop the pieces in a small baking pan.  Layer all the biscuit pieces kind of like those cinnamon breakfast cakes.
Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.  Optional, spray with spray butter or drizzle with a melted pat of butter.  Bake, and wha-laaa!  Yummy and warm.
This one is really good.  You might want to do a little prep the evening before , if your mornings are are short on time.
Ham, Egg and Cheese Crescent Bake
1 can crescent rolls; preferably reduced fat
Three scrambled eggs (can be prepared the day/evening before)
Chopped ham (I just use our deli sandwich meat and cut it up; the day/evening before)
Greated cheese (I like cheddar; but use your preference)
Preheat oven to temp on crescent can (350 or 400); Spray non-stick spray on a cookie sheet or baking sheet.  Lay out Crescent rolls flat; do not separate at seams.  If they come apart, just squoosh them back together.  The crescent rolls should layed out in a long rectangle (squoosh seams together).
Spread scrambled eggs down the middle of the rectangle.  Layer ham next, then cheese.  Last, roll seems up from each side and seal together.  Bake, until golden brown.  Cool a minute or two so cheese can set.  Then slice and serve!  Yummy!  
[I realize pictures might help; so, next time I make these I'll try to remember to take some]


Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Quick Ramble and some FW poetry

I spent most of today, so far, reviewing, cropping and editing photos from our river trip, and some miscellaneous that I hadn't removed from my flash card so it was all downloaded to my Mac.  Whom I finally decided, in the late night hours, to formerly name her, "Macxine!")
When we added Techie and Bex's family river pics with my family's river pics, and some others which still remained on my flash card?  We ended up with close (maybe over, can't remember) to 300 photos!!!!!!  Geeze!  And, once on the computer?  I have to zoom, crop, edit each one and then "throw out" the one's I don't.
I will say, that it completely taught me (well, almost completely) how to work in iPhoto. 
So, I DID also clean a few windows, did Lil'Gal's hair, made a nice hot breakfast (recipe to come later), dusted the baseboards, read a few books to Lil'Gal and made a few phone calls.
Next, I'm off to try Potter's recipe for PB&J Muffins as I told him me and the kids would whirl it out.  If something is freshly baked from the oven?  DH won't notice so much all the chores I didn't get done, right?
And, I'm the one who gets extra credit as I am the one who archives the story(ies) of our lives. ;-D  Right?
And, now....for some Farmer*swife Poetry.  Which is the only reason you are still reading this waste of time of a post; right?  Right???
Mac be nimble, Mac be quick!
Mac out-cropped the PC's pics!
Little Ms. PC sat in the office,
waiting each day to play.
Along came Ms. Apple who easily traveled,
and frighten Ms. PC away!
[FYI, I still love my PC too.  But Macxine is like a purse puppy you take with you every where!]
That's all I got for now.
Happy Thursday!
Click some Pics!


It's 2:30 in the morning; Are your lights on?

What is Farmer*s wife doing up at 2:30 in the morning you ask?  Good question.  I fell asleep hard last night (typically do when I take a little OTC sleep aid to help me with the falling asleep part).  They are fab and I typically have apnesia of that last 30 minutes of the night.
I remember falling asleep last night but couldn't remember where I'd been in cyberspace.  Turns out, knight's place was the last place I lurked under the influence (at least, I hope).
Anyhow, I am suddenly awakened this morning by Farmer, Jr. who states that he had a bad dream.  Those puppies aren't acceptable in my house.  Realizing that I was actually semi-concious after all?  (The pee factor, typically around three in the morning.)  I offer my spot in Mama and Daddy's bed as I will trade places with one pit stop along the way.
Well, this is enought to wake DH and he too, decides, he needs some middle of the night relief.  So he beats me there while I am frantically searching for my glasses (like Velma, on Scooby Doo, I pat at the floor next to the bed where they must have fallen).
Meanwhile, DH heads to the potty...and then it happened.  One of the biggest sins, the biggest crimes against sleep for me.  He flipped on the d@mn 150 watt light in the restroom!  Typically, he closes the door first and I can just roll over in bed to avoid the stream of light that shines from under the door.
But, NO.  He turns on the big light.  Craptastic!  So, at this point Farmer, Jr. has to pee too. And, I sware they both pee like Niagra Fricken Falls!  [Maybe they should call it Viagra Fricken Falls.]  Anyhoodle, I digress.  So, DH returns to the bedroom and then, "to be helpful," flips on the rope lights in our room so I can find my glasses.  Did I find them?  Yes.  Am I now completely ruined for the next hour, or two, or three?  Yes.
Geeze!  And, DH knows that no one is allowed to move, wiggle, snore, snuggle, or in any way bother me when I'm sleeping.  Let alone?  Turn on the bleepin' blinding light.  Even the mice aren't allowed to pass wind when I'm sleeping!
Hey?  Can you hold on a sec?  I think since I'm up and hanging out with y'all and Mackie, I mine as well grab a beer.  I think a Shiner Black Lauger might do me good to mellow my mind.  [Who was it that was asking what Shiner was, oh, tt, I think.  It's beer.  Good ol' German beer ferminted and bottled right here in the Big Ol'State of Texas -- small town of Shiner.]
BRB.......[slirp....chchchchchch] Yummy!  [Okay, so that was a can sound affect.  How would you mimic popping a bottle open?]
I feel like I'm having a slumber party!  Y'all wanna' sneak some beer with me and then have a massive pillow fight?
I feel like a teenager who is hiding in my room, sneaking online for hours at a time and hoping Dad doesn't walk in and bust me drinking his beer!  LOL! 
Well, I think I'm going to pop into jay's place.  Been told he's usually up and online blogging at 3:a.m.  Then, I might make some more rounds waiting for the "light factor" to erase itself from my woken mind and the beer to kick in.  (Everyone knows one beer is worthless by itself.  It takes two to tango, as they say.  So, if you wanna' visit some more -- I'll be up for the second round.)
Oh, and if I can't get sleepy again?  I'll pop back over here to entertain you with my late night saga some more.  Everyone knows I can ramble-bamble, talkie-lottie about anything.  I'm like the Energizer Bunny.  Only I don't talk-aholic, I just speed talk so it seems like I'm not talking so much.
Of course, most people apparently miss half of what I said.  Frustrating.  Just pretend your working on a research paper.  Remember what the teach used to say?  Summarize the paragraph in one sentence.  So, if you catch ten words out of thirty five?  [Okay, 55] then you got the just of it and the rest was just a gravy of details.
Okay, really.  I'm going to make like a tree -- and leaf.  I'll catcha' later -- Tomater.  After awhile -- Crocodile.  I'm makin' like a pinata -- and gonna' beat it!
Happy Bleepin'  Sleepin'!
[Editor's Note:  Okay, made the rounds.  No one's up.  I'm hitting the hay, hopefull at 4:02 a.m. Chicken Biskets, tomorrow's gonna' be rough!]
[Editor's Note x2:  Never could get back to sleep.  Oh, I tried.  Then, when the boys woke and readied to leave I requested that they leave quietly so as not to wake Lil'Gal.  (I still thought I had a chance at a few minutes).  I'm a gonner today! :-(  ]
"Sleepless in South Texas"


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"It's Not Fair!"

After lunch, the kids and I ran a few errands.  Namely, return videos we rented for the trip, stop in the Hobby store for some scrap-crafting stuff to make little coffee table books from the river trip pics; and, a shirt -- Bex and I saw one at the river for Tech Guy cuz' he's all Mac [he's a certified Apple coder!  Cool, huh!?]
So the shirt said "iFrio" (all Mac like) but they only had them for Gals.  So I told Bex, it was a must have and so I'd just make Tech Guy a/k/a Techie one.  So, for about seven or eight bucks I'm going to make him the same shirt tonight!
Anyhow, the bonus for the kids was that after the Hobby store we were going to hit CVS (same trip and same shopping center) to pick up their special for "card members" of buy one 1/2 Gallon (or whatever size it is close to that) get one free!  Great savings and Dryers Slow Churned is really good, soft, creamy, 1/2 the sugar and 1/3 the fat.  And, ya' can't tell; it's almost like soft serve.  [And, I don't even like ice cream]
The children were wild Bleepin' Indians in the store.  They were sword fighting with wooden dowels in the wood section.  At one point, Lil'Gal picked up a wooden egg, sat it below her, squat on it and hollered to Farmer, Jr. "Hey! Look!  I layed a Leg!"    Okay, that part was really funny.  She kept doing it and I'd say, "It's egg."  And, shed say, "I layed a Leg!"  Everyone that passed by got a good laugh.
But, that was THE ONLY funny part about our expedition through the store.  There was touching of everything, grabbing, pushing, arguing, I paid out, I was unloading all the things "I didn't want" that Lil'Gal had collected (and wore, fancifully) through the store. While doing this, the lady at the register behind me is asking my son to please put the "sign back where she had it."  [She was nice about it.]
At this point my brain is about fried and my temper is on "beat the tar" out of something....hopefully, not someone.  My mouth spills out with, "My children used to be the most well behaved children!  Now, suddenly, they've become wild indians!"  To which the lady responded, "School.  Ruins them everytime!"  The mother behind me was laughing and added, "Thank goodness they go back on Monday!"
YES!  Monday.....glorious Monday!
 We go to exit the store and apparently my SUV key had fallen from my pocket (in one of the arm grabbing chases through the store, I am sure).  At this point, I'm at a meltdown while the check out lady kindly holds my things.
KIDS:  "Where are we going?"
ME:  "Retracing our steps so we can find my keys."  I say, as I'm dashing through the isles.
SON:  "Keys?  I found some keys?  On the floor."
He picked them up, and didn't think to tell me?  Geeze!  Beer me now!!!!
So we leave and I explain to the kids that due to their wildly, embarrassing behavior?  We will not be going to CVS for the ice cream.  They were very upset.  Lil'Gal begins to cry a tantrum and of course, everyone hears.
"It's not Fair!"  Shouts Little Gal.  And, adds, "YOU made a TRICK on us!"
Yes, tis true.  Life is not always fair.  Farmer, Jr. is beginning to understand this.  He realizes, that hey, they weren't so great at listening and so no ice cream.  Lil'Gal might understand it?  But, she still finds it unacceptable in her world, LOL!
Ahhhh, and I arrive home and immediately drop everything so I can blog my frustration...and, by the time I have finished I feel all peaches and creamy again because -- my life is so full!  And, never a dull moment ;-D
Man, I love my kids!  And, it's not their fault their Mama is anal retentive and likes everything quietly perfect and organized and simplified.  They are kids.  They are curious!  Maybe?  I should joined the dowel fight and layed a "Leg" myself!
Happy Half-Way through Wednesday!


Waiting on the Curling Iron

I've been trying to come up with a way to pop out of bed looking fantabulous with little to no effort.  This is to expedite my mornings when school's schedule starts back on Monday for hectic mornings.
I'm hoping to eliminate the hectic part as I enjoy sipping coffee before the children expel themselves, crankily, from their beds and pour themselves into the kitchen where I am making a hot breakfast.
So, I got a cute cut.  I like it and I got a little volume back in my hair.  And, I wanted to have the bottom layers flip up and out.  But, my hair likes to roll and curl under, naturally.  So, then I tried the "flat iron" because apparently, hair dressers can now do anything with a flat iron. Including curling hair, not just straightening.
Anyhoodle, I tried foam rollers.  Last night I got them in good and tight so they would fall through the morning and continue with beautiful volume through the muggy afternoon.  I pop out the rollers this morning (after my morning blog) and, wha-laaaa.
I look like a housewife's poodle.  Seriously.  So, now?  I have to put another 15 minutes into my morning with the "curling iron" to try and reduce the POOF....normally, I'd just hang with it.
But today we are taking a family member out to lunch at the local bar-b-que place for her birthday.  And, everyone, or at least half, of farmville will be there for lunch because -- well, that's where they mostly like to go.
Here's hoping, I can smooth the POOF.  I don't think DH would be very happy showing up with a poodle on his arm. LOL!
Better luck tomorrow!


Cool Beans!

I have yet to get Sweet D her birthday present and as Christmas is coming up around the corner, I thought I could combine the two and get a better gift.  We are thinking matching charm bracelets.
Anyhow, I was making breakfast in the kitchen while surfing Etsy for hand made bracelets!  Pretty cool, huh?  Yeah, I know.  Y'all are all tired of hearing about my new toy.  It's still all newbie to me though so I'm totally OCD about it!
As we speak I'm sitting on my bed (unmade -- gasp!) with my LT on a pillow in my lap.   I think Mackie prefers the feather down pillow over DH's synthetic one.  She has good taste, huh?  (But, I need to come up with a better name for her).
So, I am thinking about how lucky I am.  I am so very, very blessed.  DH came home yesterday after a day at work of "not stripping cotton" because we got another three and a half inches of rain...and, he wasn't gripy.
I have two beautiful children and a great hubby.  I have great friends.  I have family that loves me. I have bloggies who read me. I have a beautiful home.  I have a vehicle that is paid for.  I am able to fuel said vehicle.
I am able to stay home and run the household and care for my children.  I make my own hours, so to speak (24/7 more like, but you know what I mean).  I've been able to snuggle and sleep in most mornings until 7:30, sometimes later and closer to 8:am when the kids sleep late.
That'll change next week when they go back to school.  But, that's okay with me.  I've enjoyed my summer and my "free time."  So, I am rested and ready to get back to the grind.  Time to be Super Mom again.
And, to add to everything that is so wonderful in my life -- a life many would long for -- that I longed for back when I was younger and wondering where and how my life would pan out.  In those days of dating and wondering if this is "the one."  In the days of wondering where my job/career would take me...
To add to everything?  I am sitting here with high speed internet (which is also something not to be taken for granted because for so long in Farmer*swife's world, we didn't have it).  And, I'm sitting here thinking (while Farmer, Jr. rambles around me about his stuffed puppies birthday) how lucky I am.  I truly have everything.
Kids have medical issues but those can be controlled and handled.  The cotton is rotting and wet.  Mom's got medical issues and constant pain crisis.  Dad gets lonely up there in the woods in AK, since the divorce.  I don't get to see my brother's nearly enough.
There are always the things life brings that get in the way or irritate slow drivers.  But, when we sit back and think about where we are vs. where we could be...worse off?
Gosh, I gotta say?  My Glass is filling and it's more than Half Full.
Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Will steal for Funny!

Prepare to laugh.... I stole these (I asked permission, but didn't wait for it) from a/k/a "Looky, Daddy!" Happy laughing!!!!

Rain? Rain!

Here's a pic of me and my Sweet DH.  tt has been asking for a photo and since it is so rare that DH and I get one where either one of us, let alone both, look half way decent?  I thought I'd share.
And now?  It is time for some more "Farmer's Wife" poetry.
Rain, rain, go away!
We do not need anymore this way.
The cotton is wet, dirty and tattered,
and you raining more isn't helping matters.
I must say your timing is not so great!
All this rain is a little too late!
I guess I need to take this up with Mother Nature to discuss this,
cuz' you're really making quite a mess...
And as I'm out of rhyming now,
I'll end with you suck @$$!
I have to park the Mac now or else I won't get anything done today.  My Mackie is my new OCD.  And, she's portable...and, she has high speed, wireless internet all the PROs are suddenly a distraction from my job.
As soon as I get my "chores" done and earn my keep, I'll pop her open and head out to y'alls places for a good read!  I know I missed so much!  Thanks for popping in to read me and make sure I returned all happy and healthy -- well, I did conk my noggin -- and no I was not stuptified drunk...and I did scrap my @$$ on a couple of rocks...but nothin' that can't heal up in a week or so! LOL!
I just had to get that poem out of my system.  Bleepin' rain!
Happy Tuesday!


Monday, August 18, 2008

i'm Back Bloggies!

Just a quick catch up or should I say "Hello" as we just unpacked and I'm getting re-organized (going through the withdrawls of having returned from a FabTastic Trip!)  I did miss my pretty house and I did miss my PC cuz' Tech Guy couldn't get signal for me to Mackie Blog!
But, guess where I am?  No really?  I'm home....but where am I and what machine am I using???
My Kitchen BAR!!!  See, I knew patience would get me there and Tech Guy gave it thought, LogMeIn'ed -- so he could quickly access my computer from the town where he was -- to read our internet system requirements and coding.  I get home with a switch and a new ethernet cord....plug it in, wake up Mac, and TAAAAA-DAAAAA!
Tech Guy showed me TONS of cool stuff that my Mackie does!  The iPhoto, the iWeb, the Photo Booth, and it is just incredible.  I can play with "Garage Band" and take, say my kids or myself,  and sing a little song and then turn it into a professional sounding song...not to mention that once our speakers and surround sound is all hooked up in the house and the back porch?  I can play music, change the station/play list, etc anywhere in the house (even away from home) all from my LT Mac!
I am sooooo impressed that I have decided to keep the PC for the biggie Windows projects (though I have Windows on here as well, now) and use Word as needed in Mac world and the rest will be for photos, bloggie, internet and all the cool intentions this thing was purchased for.
So, with that I have to get back to the real world again....far, far, away from tubes and tons of food and beer.  But, I'll be back with a picture tour! LOL!
Happy Mac and Happy Bloggie!  WHOOOOOP!
[Oh, and jay, I have a special pic for you -- kinda' along with your comment on my last post! ;-)]


Friday, August 15, 2008

It's 3:am; Let's get this party started!

Howdy! Guess who blogs at 3:00 a.m.? I'll give you three guesses. Someone who works the night shift? A crazy, lonely person? Farmer*swife? Winner!!! It's me! Now, "Why" you ask, "is Farmer*swife blogging at 3:a.m. (2:55, but close enough)?" Well, several reasons. But, Basically? I was going to blog a HOWDY and LATER mid afternoon, but the computer kinda' locked up and I had to reboot it. Right about the time DH brought home tacos as we were full swing in packing. Packing? You ask? Yes, for our annual river trip. Every year (at the end of harvest, typically, though not this year as the kids now start school in September) we head out to hang out and "Float the Frio!" It's a big Texas pass-time. (Is it past time? Or, pass time? Either way, it's fun). So, the evening passed quickly and I was in the tub, 9ish? talking with Ms. Bex (that's Tech Guy's wife) about the trip and all. Then, it was time to tuck in the kiddos and Farmer Junior wanted me to lie there a minute with him while he settled his happy and anxious thoughts into sleep. So, I did, with warning that I'd only be there a minute or two because....I fell asleep. I felt it coming and I thought, NO, too much left to do as DH wants to leave at 8:30 a.m. so we can make it to Hondo and some "cool place to eat lunch." Then, in a blink of a closed eye, my mind says, "It's Okay...just relax. Afterall, tomorrow's vacation time." Hence? I wake up somewhat sleepy although somewhat an insomniac. So, here is my excited and exhausted shout out..."Hey Y'all! I'll be gone for about four days! But you know I'll have lots [by that I mean tons] of pictures when I return." AND? I'm takin' Mac with me. And, seein' as Tech Guy is coming directly from an on site job? He'll have all his gadgets and if we can get service I'll even blog from our river trip. I might even vlog!!! Oh, but Bex already warned that Tech Guy isn't allowed to use all his gadgets...cuz' he too (and she and the kids) is on vacation. But, I'm guessing I can knock my lights out. Anyhooo. If I didn't make complete sense? Or if I didn't spell check? Just remember that it is, afterall, 3:00 in the morning. I will now go see if the snore factor is in effect or if I need to pop into Lil'Gal's bed because I do know -- I need more sleep. And, the coffee pot goes off at 7:00 a.m. when we jump into high gear. Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dreaming Telechenesis

I woke this morning for church and I was sooooo sleepy and really didn't want to get out of bed. Mostly, because I was up past midnight as Tech Guy had time (while out of town and simultaneously working another job for a client -- I don't know how he does it...) to get my "Switch" hooked up so I could have internet via my Mac and he could sign in and help me load and update the stuff I need. So, we were up late (and you know if my mind is working and stimulated then it'll take me awhile to fall asleep after that). When I awoke this morning, I had a slight headache...but, it was from dreaming that dream again. Only this is the best one I've ever had. When I am in a sleep pattern where I am actually getting sleep night to night, I'll begin to dream again. The night before last it was about kittens. They were new borns and they were walking out to be pet by and played with by myself and the children. I was worried the Mama kitty might be a little aggressive as the babies were so tiny. But, once they crossed the small, short corridor they were fluffy and about five weeks old. Realizing that they had [quickly] grown to a less fragile state I felt releived and happy inside. I've been dreaming lots of stuff like that, and I look it up in my dream books and some things make sense and some things I think are just the rambling jumble of my mind filing and maybe reviewing the "files" of my life it has stored. I don't know...Maybe it's finally upgrading from paper records to CDs as it is running out of space after 36 years of storage; and, it has to scan in the oldie stuff first. See, I always picture our brains working like a computer network system and our body parts are it's peripherals. Anyhow, I was having the dream where I have telechenetic powers again. Only, this time? Once I realized how to focus and streamline my mental concentration it was much easier to move stuff around than before. Usually, I wake up with a deadening headache from concentrating so hard in my dream. This time, I could move stuff the hard way and slowly or I could just think about the item and where I wanted it to go and...I can't explain it but I would focus that scenario and then, in a mental burst of energy, item would fly (lacking some control) immediately to where I wanted it to go. It was easy at times. Of course, I always start with a pencil in these dreams. Then, I usually flip light switches and then often???? With much concentration? I can levitate in my dreams. It is very hard though and those times are when I wake with the worst headaches of all. But, this time I shared with people. Just a few close to me. PJ was in my dream with her husband and I demonstrated to her. Though, I think in our childhood I might have told her about these dreams and so maybe that is why she was there to witness it. Then, suddenly (you know how you move around and change scenes and venues in dreams and it all seems so normal), I was in my Gramm's house again. [A lot of my dreams somehow end up in my Gramm's house even if the house is different in some's always the same house.] So, my Dad is there and I think one or two of my Brothers. My Big Brother and Brother Junior I beleive. Junior wasn't really paying attention as he didn't realize the importance of this thing I could do. Big Brother was very supportive and intrigued. So, I was demonstrating to my Dad. Who at first thought and stated, "NO WAY...I don't believe me!" So, I did. I used a quarter. At first it was really hard and I almost couldn't focus my mental state because I momentarily doubted myself. But, I finally got the quarter to slide across the bar. It was moving slowly and I was having a hard time with it so I put my hand out to catch it as it slid to the end and off the bar. Only, it didn't land in my hand. It hovered about and inch above it spinning like a frisbee. And, so long as I didn't loose focus I could keep it there and guide it around with my hand -- up down, side to side, etc and the quarter would remain hovering about my hand and spinning. It was very quite cool. Dad was impressed. Then, the dream went into all different other sorts of stuff as they usually do. But, in the dream, wherever I was going I could move stuff around and it was getting easier and easier. I could summon a fork from across the room in a diner and someone might almost catch it and look as if in disbelief. It was kind of cool to see the expressions on their face. They new they saw it, but they knew it wasn't possible. So, they were completely...what's the word? I'll use dumbfounded, though that isn't the word I'm looking for. Pj kept telling me I needed to quit doing that in front of people or they might have me committed for study or something. At one point. I was passing this hoity-toity lady who was sitting by the staired isle and I was following PJ somewhere...And, I recognized this lady and she is always uppity, judgmental, and thinking better of herself than others. She was dressed all stylish as is usual for her [I wish I knew who this Lady was representing from my real life] and she wore a large pendant hanging from a shiny silver chain. I mentally hit the pendant. I made it jump up off her chest and drop back against it with a somewhat hard thud. Totally freaked her out! I was completely satisfied and humoring myself, so much so, that I even chuckled to myself as I passed her. She was confused, in disbelief, and I think...a little startled and scared. There were some other really neat things that were happening and that I was able to manipulate in my dream...but, as I had to rush to get dressed and get the Lil'Gal dressed (the boys tend to themselves)...I didn't have time to write it all down while fresh. I reviewed it in my mind on the way to church so I wouldn't lose too much of it. Though, I did lose a lot. The best part about it though, is that it came so much easier to me this time than usual. Like when you practice something and it becomes more second nature. And, as I felt more confident, the easier it became and was quite fun. I don't know what these dreams mean. I can find ESP and telepathy in my dream books and on the web. But, not so much about dreaming involving telechenesis. I think, maybe subconsciously? I really am a superhero of some sort -- only, I do all my super hero and super saving stuff while in an altered sleep state. Maybe I need a super suit with the logo "MOM" meaning "Mind Over Matter"...or, it could just as easily mean, "Mom Over Matter"...but, since the MOM does spell Mom then I guess that would be redundant. So, now I'm just not making any sense at all so I'll end with: Happy Sunday and Happy Dreamin'!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cotton Shoppin'

[FYI, I left all the pictures at "small web" size so you can click for a better view.] I'm on the computer this morning checking emails, bloggies, and coupons and such. I look out the window to my left and I see my nephew, T-Man, with the Gator and a shopping basket (the kind you hold on your arm when you just need a couple of items) and he's in the cotton field...apparently? Shopping for cotton! LOL! My take anyhow. So, Farmer Jr. gets home and T-Man, excitedly, flies over in the Gator (I had to remind him to slow down -- not that he was going excessively fast, but just that I like him to crawl like a snail in the thing, and YES, there are seatbelts. My BIL also "tricked" it out with a hard shade cover that also serves as a Roll Bar)...he's picking up Farmer Jr. so they can go and "pick cotton." They decide to take the pedal cart and fill up the wagon. After "trapping" some cotton and making "a module" their size [and by hand] they opt to head back to BeBe and PaPa's house. [See the blue shopping cart?!] The trap apparently makes a good "module." They return with the "tricked out" lawn more. Now, let me explain what I mean by "tricked out." My Fav FIL replaced his old lawn mower as I guess it wasn't cutting right or running right or something. He later decides to remove the cutter housing and get it running for the boys to drive around on. [He regulated the speed, I believe.] So, the boys share the lawn mower and take turns but everyone knows that it isn't much fun to ride alone. So, FIL? Being creative, savy and handy....welds a seat mount and attached a passenger seat to the lawn mower. Now, the boys can ride together and take turns driving. Plus, they add a trailer because they need a place to haul their tools, and field findings, etc. On occassion they think it'd be fun to pull a passenger in the wagon. But, the wagon contraption was dangerous and not passenger worthy. Papa realizes this and brings down the fancy, snazy red wagon he uses at the ranch. So the boys have it made and can haul the Gals should the Gals wanna' ride too. But, being August in South gets pretty hot with the sun pounding on your head while driving a heat offering lawn mower as well. Papa and the boys discuss this and they decide they need some shade. Whalaaa! An umbrella from an old tractor [I believe.] So, as you can see...Papa "tricked out" their ride! Too cool, huh? I have said it before and you will read it many times in the future...but it can never be said enough. I have the BEST, MOST AWESOME, FABTASTIC, MIL and FIL in the entire world. I love them so dearly. They are not only awesome but fabulous people. Caring, supportive, understanding, loving, providing, fair, open, genuine...THEY ROCK! So, who's coming here? The boys have a passenger with them. Speaking of In-Laws, here comes my Fav FIL! Pa's takin' a ride! Man, if that isn't the life. The only thing missing is a cold glass of iced tea or maybe an ice cold beer. And, maybe an umbrella for the trailer [that might be next...] Happy Hot Saturday!!! [Editors Note: No, we still do not have landscaping. Still trying to decide how we want it, and still getting the crop in that is supposed to "pay" for it. DH did head out today to pick up a few more trees, though!!! We're getting there ;-D]

Thursday, August 7, 2008

3:am Phone Call!!!

I'm laying in bed, sleeping peacefully! Yipeee!!! I'm dreaming about a lot of stuff and I vaguely remember Ellen Degeneres was requiring that I attend some National Blah-blah luncheon, as her "partner" [Porscha?] couldn't make it due to being ill. At the same time, I was becoming ill with body aches and low grade fever...yet, I was still required to put on a "tuxedo" to attend this function with Ellen, as we were supposed to thank the group for their support in some community service fund raising project we were in charge of. I took a hot bath to break my fever and soak my aching joints, and then decided to shave my legs since I was in the tub anyhow. It was after said bath that I was explaining to Ellen that I couldn't make the event because I felt ill [and, I didn't want to wear a tuxedo.] when the incident occurred. OKAY, so: A) Why dream about Ellen? Seriously? B) Why dream about a formal luncheon and why do I have to wear a tuxedo? C) Why was I dreaming about shaving my legs? WHAT goes through my head? I do not know... Anyhow, suddenly the phone rings!! Not in my dream, but in reality! For those of you who don't know it? I have a phone phobia. My entire body jumps about three feet off the bed, still in horizontal position! I looked like Tom from the "Tom & Jerry" show. Somehow, I manage to land on my feet and with a jump and a run, I answer the phone in the kitchen. DH is also awakened by the ring, and though he has a phone next to his side of the bed -- I made it to the one in the kitchen first. The Caller ID is announcing, "FW's Big Brother!" [Yes, our caller ID talks to us, cool, huh?] Now, my heart skips three beats and the adrenaline rush is one of the biggest I've had in a long, long time [with exception to once about a month and a half or so ago]. My legs were totally shaking and my mind was wide awake, though when I answered the phone my vocal cords hadn't quite moistened enough to communicate well. FIRST THOUGHTS: 1) What happened to DAD?! [Impending doom, thing...I'm assuming heart attack or vehicle wreck...Dad is in AK by the way, long drive (12 hours from my house) and back in the woods.] 2) What happened to Brother Junior? And, then, 3) What happened to Big Brother!!! On the other end of the phone comes a voice....female...and....EEEE-NEEE-BREE-A-TED! I'm talking to her (there are lots of loud, happy voices in the back ground. I think I hear my brother, also) and she can't hear me. She keeps saying, "HAAAllOOOO? Is someone there?" Then, I hear her turn back to the gang and state, "I think it's on voice mail?" I respond [still huskily] "PUT Big Brother on the phone!" She doesn't hear me. Again, "HAAAALLOOOO? Is someone there? " Again to the happy voices behind her, "I think it's on voice mail...." Then, into the phone [to me] "I HOPE? It's on voice mail....buzzzzzz" She hung up. I was asking for her to put my Brother on the phone the whole time -- but, she couldn't hear me. I text my brother that I just had the living $h!t scared out of me and that he might want to get his phone back...LOL! It's funny now. DH was cursing furiously that if that ever happens again he's going to kick some serious Big Brother @$$...[Not really, he was pissed cuz' he was woken up at 3:a.m. and had the same response I did -- thinking something happend to family.] DH: "Who the F-Bleep is up and calling people at 3:00a.m. in the F-Bleepin' morning!?" Me, "Hey it happens to...." I stop mid sentence because I realize that we haven't been up past midnight together "partying" with people since the two kiddos were born. But in the old days..... Anyhow, I ended with at least Big Brother was getting out and having a good time. He doesn't do that very often. I will say, it took me at least two hours to get back to sleep. DH began snoring immediately, though when I poked him? He said he wasn't even asleep yet [;-)riiiiiight] I moved to Farmer Junior's room and squooshed in on the side with all the stuffed pets and animals. I layed there thinking about blogging this at that very moment as I wasn't able to sleep due to the fact that my legs were still having muscle spasms from the extreme rush of adrenaline. This morning, having finally fallen back to sleep, I hear DH up and swapping the laundry into the dryer [for me] and then he ran the blower to clean off the porches before he left for work at about 7:05 a.m. I got up, though I didn't want to. I made a deal with myself. "If DH made the bed....then, I'll just make coffee and fight off sleepiness. If DH, didn't make the bed...then, I'll crawl back in while the kids are still sleeping....I hope DH didn't make the bed..." He didn't. Lil'Gal woke me up at 8:00 a.m. Moral of the story is: Don't let drunk Gals use your cell least not, unattended. LOL! Love ya' Big Brother [He's actually the second born. I'm the first. But, he is twice my size. Towering over me at 6ft or 6'1 and weighing in at over 200lbs. He's a big Guy, thus, making him my Big Brother.] Yet, another reason why I hate the phone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Editors Note: Big Brother called this a.m. He was out with some friends and a Super Model from Canada! Apparently, she is the total HOT of Hotness! Way to GO Big Bro!!! Happy Thursday!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Howdy Y'all!!!! Please know, that I have drafted the "Road Trip" pics post dated prior to this post, so unless I can edit the time/date stamp then you'll have to check back later this PM (when I get home to my PC, with constant internet access) -- But, for now?  I wanted to shout a big HOWDY from my Mac! Apparently, the problem is within my home internet set up.  Tech Guy is helping me along with that and hopefully, real soon?  I'll be corresponding, bloggin and possibly vlogging (via my webcam on my Mac), and all the other interactive internet stuff I do -- all from the comforts of my kitchen while cooking dinner, etc. Welp, talkie at you-allll later.  Was just excited to try out the new Baby and make a run through. [Notes to self: Hmmmm. Mac has no Backspace or Home Keys; at least not labeled as such. Feels like Word vs. Word Perfect all over again. But, I'll get there....I will persist! I will waken my lazy brain to learn!] Happy Monday!

ROAD TRIP: Photo Gallery!

FINALLY! I know, right? Anyhow, finally I got the pics uploaded......took, "like" for-evvvvv-er cuz' there are so many. Sure it might have been so much quicker on my Mac, but I'm still working on the internet thing. Today I'm off to get a switch thingie majiger that Tech Buddy a/k/a Tech Guy told me will fix my issue. [Said issue being? House is wired but the ports aren't "hot" so no gottie no internet, yet! LOL.] Anyhow, buckle your seatbelt and bring along some snacks, cuz' HERE WE GOOOOO! Daddy and Lil' Gal.....and Farmer Junior being silly ;-) We had dinner at the Salt Grass Steak House in San Antonio. Yuuuu-UUU-MEEEE! Below: A morning swim! This is the pool at the hotel where we stayed. We went to four hotels and they were all booked up! So, we were lucky to find this place and it was quite nice! That's DH and Farmer Junior in the pool down there. The pool was "inside" the hotel and all the rooms were balconied around it. So, we went for a walk as it wasn't raining and lookie who we came across! He was watching this little guy below doing some shopping! Yeah, so we visited the Bass Pro Shop! Always so cool and of course, being a road trip, I had my camera in my hand almost everywhere! Hey, it's like visiting a wild life "preserve" only it's free! [HAAA-haaa, had to laugh at myself for that one....get it? Preserve? all the animals are mounted! ] Christmas, in July! I left a lot of these pictures a larger size so feel free to click for a larger view. This "Christmas Tree" is made entirely out of deer antlers. And, I am sure they light this baby up beautifully at Christmas time. [Also, look at the windows behind the tree. They are framed in deer sheds.] Yeah, so this guy here? Was mad at this guy here...cuz' he is apparently eating the other guy's zebra..... I must say, as a prior to having children, when I actually had time to do whatever I pleased at almost any random moment huntress, I would love to have this guy hanging in my great room. Farmer Junior tried to get me one. But, alas, it was just play. Lasers, not real bullets. And, you didn't get to keep the game [as in animal]. Ahhh, and road signs. I took a lot of snaps of road signs. Not sure why? That was just my "Eclectic For-tay" on this trip. Hey look? A hatchery!! Oooh, what fun for kids, huh? Squeeeeeeee!!!! They even have Shiner Bock! "Hey kids, let's eat at the hatchery!" Probably serving egg sandwhiches or....chicken. "But, I wanted lemonade....." Farmer Junior is pleased that they have "grilled cheese." All, is right in his world. They even have Black Lauger? All is right in "my" world too. :-) Apparently, the "hatchery" hasn't been in service since the early 1970s. [Being previously from the legal field...I'm viewing this as false advertising. And, I do have a real complaint! Two small children were looking forward to seeing baby chicks hatch. And, we have to listen to them whine about it for the next 25 minutes or longer in the truck.] Luckily, they directed us here... That's about as close to chickens as we got this trip. Unless we were eating one. LOL! Local law enforcement.... [How many pictures is that now? I hope "blogger" let's me post them all together or else the story won't unfold in the right order. ] What's next.....oh, some scenery and sites! Below is lots of traffic (click on the pic and view the oncoming traffic! Sheeze, glad I don't live here.) Oh, and notice the road sign? Is the hospital at the park or is the park the hospital? There's my handsome DH navigating his crew cab, 4x4, long bed Ford through "the traffic." If it appears that his jaw is somewhat clenched? It's because it is. He hates traffic. Oooh, lookie? Here's some more! No worries for me! I'll just keep clickin' away.... Now, don't get your feathers ruffled my Democrat Bloggies. Y'all know I'm from Texas and I'm a Republican -- and, I loved Ronald Reagan. So, it was only fair and fitting that I should take this picture and share it. [At this point, after this click, DH questioned if I was a "Japanese Tourist." You know the old cliche.] Anyhow, here we were on our way to my Life Long Friend's house, Kitty a/k/a Pickle Juice a/k/a PJ for short. She has a windmill upon approaching her subdivision. I like windmills.... So, we went to dinner at this great restaurant in S.A. called "La Hacienda" de los Barrios (I believe, that is correct). Great Mexican Food, a play ground (yes, we supervised), beer, margaritas -- yummy! Play grounds are nice after being cooped up in the truck in traffic..... Here's PJ's oldest, "GinYa" as Lil'Gal calls her. She's four and the 'Gals' got along "fabulously!" [Oops, I didn't ask PJ if she'd mind if I used these pics. If she does, I'll remove them.] The kids did some wall climbing and just kind of hung around a bit...... So, after listening to great live music and consuming all our fair shares of mexican food, cervesa, and margaritas...we went back to PJ and her Hubby's place to let the kids play some more and to pour on some Vodka. Hey, when the party is going? And, the four us us (eight in total) don't get together nearly as often as we should. So toward the end of the bathed and tucking in....Farmer Junior was working on a project. He was building a trail and it snaked around half the house....look closely. Do you know what he built his trail out of? Well, I'll have to leave you all wondering as Blogger won't upload more pics. So, hang in there for the rest of the trip, "Part II" will be posted shortly. In the meantime? Whomever (PJ, you can't participate cuz' you already know) guesses the particular item Farmer Junior built his trail with, will win some type of prize. Not sure yet what...but it will come to me! Happy Monday and Happy Blogging!