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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Last Detail...

Check out that cover. She looks pretty tough and a little spicy, right?

She so totally is! Louella, the MC, is one bad@ss, weapon carrying, female agent trying to collect her one last collar that pays big enough to get her back to earth. But that collar turns out to be one smokin' hot agent himself. Sam Dawson is hiding out on this hell hole of a planet until he can figure out who set him up.

Yep. This is one of those sci-fi kind of action-based romance novels.

In the past I was never one much for Sci-Fi until I picked up a pack of Larissa Ione's Demonica series. Suddenly, I'm all about demons and sci-fi and hand to hand combat. So when I saw this book out by Melissa Schroeder, an author I have previously read, it caught my attention. And, let me forewarn you because 'The Last Detail' isn't just an action-romance romance. It's a whole weave of erotica too! [She never lets me down.]

Lucky for me I follow her blog and happened upon an opportunity to receive an ARC e-book copy! I jumped on that one and I was accepted!

It kicks off hot and heavy pretty much from the start. Throw into the mix, Jared, Lou's long time friend (who, of course, is secretly in love with her) and you better be ready for anything with those three. I mean anything.

I pretty much flew through this story, blushing quite often. As far as what I call 'my smut fix' it totally fit the bill. If anything was missing I'd have to say I wished there was more of the chase-down action in the middle of the story. The very beginning is chock full and the ending is too. The middle holds a lot of emotional and 'physical' development between the Lou, Sam and Jared often at the same time but not much bullet dodging in between. Whoever thought 'I'D' be asking for more bullet-dodging? I'm usually all about the 'hot and heavy'.

Melissa Schroeder is the author of The Harmless Series, of which I've read multiple of ie: A Little Harmless Sex, A Little Harmless Pleasure, I Little Harmless Obsession... you get the idea. It's all just a little harmless, he he he. And, I will say that they are all full of hot characters and rated with a big "R". >;-D

Regarding my over all reading across all of the varied genres I read, I give this 3 1/2 stars. On my 'smut factor' I give it a full out 4. :-)

Thank you to Melissa Schroeder and her personal assistant, Brandi Walker, for the opportunity to be one of the first to read this story! Fingers crossed I get to stay on the list because she has several others coming out that have definitely peaked my interest.


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