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Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm IN LOVE! (with Friday!)

Every Monday or Tuesday I hear a particular song on XM 80s and I think, Holey Guacamole THIS is the song for this Friday! I'm so TOTALLY going to SCHEDULE the post for the ultimate impact.

UmKay. Last school year. This school year. Two sets of six weeks. I've heard the song probably six times in 12 weeks and swear that this time I'm gonna' totally do it and NOT forget and then, ahem. What day is it?

BUT WAIT! It is still FRIDAY! And, an unexpected lower key Friday before I am dutied to so many things tomorrow and this song crossed my mind and said, "But it is STILL Friday??!??"

So, with this wonderful sentiment of a song I give you: FRIDAY, I'M IN LOVE!!!

[Unfortunately The Cure has that stupid embedding not allowed issue on their videos - um, not good for promotion considering they are currently a been-there-been-heard, where-are-they-now group - but who am I to judge their artistic license. I just found another video, so there The Cure! I'm sharing you - against your will. I might even influence a few record sales - sue me if you want to] :-P

HAPPY FRIDAY! FWFD of the [squeeeeeeee] weeeeeeek!


1 comment:

Michèle Hastings said...

that's my favorite Cure song! i have been listening to the 80's on XM lately... it's fun to reminisce about those days of big hair and bizarre clothes. :o)