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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm only ONE person...

but I can make a difference...

I was driving home from tucking my velcro girl into class while Farmer, Jr. worked his safety patrol dropping the kids off at school and while pondering over all the things I have to do today and in what order I heard this song come on the radio.

Now, I've heard this song a few times before but this time I actually listened to the words - not just the chorus. And, I thought about the truth to the words. 'My neighbor lost his house 'cause he can't find a job." "Some stupid video posted as a joke, somebody's life gets ruined." "Babies having babies 'cause their parents are always gone."

Here I am making all the diligent efforts a parent can make to get my son the accommodations he needs because we have discovered that a big part of his struggles with the written word is due to dysgraphia which is a form of dyslexia. A person with dysgraphia is intelligent, can read (often at above level which he does), but they just cant write. The sparks shooting from the brain get distracted before they reach the hand. That's the simplest way I can describe it. Kinda' like when you walk in a room to get something and forget what it was you needed? It's like that between the brain and the hand.

Anyhow, school, extracurricular three days a week, tutoring twice a week and soon CCD on Sundays makes my life really busy and really full. I kept thinking "Somethings gotta' give; what can I cut?" I actually considered NOT teaching CCD this year but I really hate to leave our director hanging. She and I have become good friends and having a small parish it is hard to find teachers.

My mom's life is crazy chaos, I have several friends going through either medical issues or employment issues. There are kids shooting innocent people; shootings in movie theaters; gang violence is in our local news every day. There have been deaths and illnesses within my rank of friends and family and I could let that stuff pile up in my brain and get me down. But no. I'm an optimist.

I'm only one person...but I can make a difference. Teaching CCD makes a difference. Volunteering to open the library while the librarian is out so the kids can have access to books for their AR reading makes a difference. Being a positive person make a difference. I make a difference.

I've posted the lyrics below. If they capture you a little then give the song a listen (I posted it below the lyrics). I think it will inspire you to be ONE person.

Happy Tuesday!

Oh oh oh oh, oh oh, yeah

Man on the TV's gone insane, everybody's just laughing
People 'cross the world holding on
The earth caved in, the ocean came down crashing
My neighbor lost his house 'cause he can't find a job
Don't you dare pledge allegiance, don't you dare speak of God
Speak of God
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Now I'm begging for forgiveness
I wanna make a difference even in the smallest way
I'm only one person, but I can feel it working
I believe in better days
That's why I pray

Some stupid video posted as a joke, somebody's life gets ruined
Out of everything we can create
Where is the cure to keep the sick from losing
Babies having babies 'cause their parents are always gone
Somehow we have forgotten how to make a house a home
How to make a house a home
Oh! Oh! Yeah! Yeah!

I'm begging for forgiveness, I wanna make a difference
Even in the smallest way
I'm only one person, but I can feel it working
I believe in better days
That's why I pray, yeah
That's why I pray, yeah

These demons from my past haunt me every night
And I just can't get through it
If I could forget them on my own, I'll let go and just move on
But heaven knows I am only human

And that's why I pray, yeah yeah
That's why I pray, I pray, I pray, I pray

Yes I'm begging for forgiveness (I'm begging for forgiveness)
I just wanna make a difference (Just wanna make a difference)
I believe (I believe) in better days
That's why I pray



Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

One person at a time... that's the only way to effect change in this world. Busy can be happy. :)

I'm [a little bit] familiar with Dysgraphia. Many years ago, when EB was FJ's age, I was part of a Yahoo Group called "Lego Lovers Pencil Haters" and quite a few of the boys in that group (well, okay, the boys' mamas in that group, LOL) had Dysgraphia.
Having a name & diagnosis for the symptoms is key to understanding what needs to be done to assist him where he needs your help. Just keep plugging away at getting FJ the help and accommodations that he needs.

Judy Susan said...

Stopped over to see what you are up to. Sounds like you are busy as ever. hm.. you never slow down do ya?

and I do read, but I have a really hard time with the new captcha thingys on these blogs, so I rarely comment..