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Saturday, January 12, 2013


It's that time again!! Between working with the kids two notebooks and their notes and pics of their projects and baking projects and school and now the show is here it's been crazy-mad-busy around here.

(Tired of hearing that one, eh?)

Anyhow, the chicken is baked, the recipes are typed, one notebook is finished both shop projects almost complete and Lil'Gal is going to paint her picture she drew on canvas tomorrow to enter.

She is also entering two photographs this year.

So here is what I have pics of so far:

Lil'Gal working with Daddy (these pics, I just adore) and she's always fashionable, LOL!

Who says a girl can't build stuff? NOT. In this house! She LOVED, absolutely loved every minute of building her arts and crafts table with her Daddy.

This pic cracks me up, looking through Daddy's tool drawers and cabinets for the thingie she needs.

How can than NOT crack you up or touch your heart??? Working with Daddy and looking for the tools. This is framable. I tell ya'.

Farmer, Jr. of course kicked it out of the ball park or should I say crop field again this year.

Lemme' see what pics I have on hand in my photos for Farmer, Jr. :-)

Finished project! YAY! Now if we can just get the Project Notebooks done we'll be good. And lots of baking for projects on Monday. Oh, and Lil'Gal has to paint her pic she drew on canvas.

Otherwise all is *SNORE*


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