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Monday, December 6, 2010

Lil'Gal, Lil'Gal, let down your hair....

Lil'Gal has long, blond hair. Really looong. Blond locks that sway down to her waist. And, she loves them.  As do I.  As does her Daddy.

But, she HATES to have those lovely locks brushed. It is a fight almost every morning that I have finally come to win if I actually brush her hair once we get to class while she is tending to her backpack, etc.

And, as pretty as it is? To put it up? In braids? Styled? No. Ne, ne, she says. "I like it down wild and free!"

I say, "You look like a hasbeen, like a ragamuffin... Tacky."

To which she flips her hair in answer and shares, "I prefer RAG-A-muffin."

To which we both, "HMFPFT!"

Oh, sure I've argued with her about how if she doesn't take care of it, or at least let me, I'll cut it all off. After all, a girl who won't care for her beautiful hair doesn't deserve those locks -- does she?

But, secret out... As tempted for the life lesson to do so, I know I never will. Because, I love her golden locks as much as she does. And, I'm pretty sure her Grandpa (my Daddy) would put me over his knee for having done so. Regardless of the lesson I was teaching. LOL!

We've read stories together about ladies and heroines and how they all have pretty hair but they also take care of it. Alas, no win. I'm lucky to get a clip to keep it out of her eyes; and, the occasional pony-tail because the manufacturer's warning on the go-cart requires it.

Then..... [notice my fascination with ellipses?  I use them all... the... time.  And, incorrectly.]

ALONG CAME Tangled. [Something I've dealt with personally and daily, hands-stuck-in-hair]. The new and improved Rapunzel movie by Disney.   A power-pack of a movie for both children and adults alike, I must say myself.  And, ooooh the things she can do with her hair! And, oh how magical it is! And, [I made sure to mention to Lil'Gal] how she (Rapunzel) must brush it daily to care for it....

[They had lots of good hair brushing examples in the film; you know... all those feet and yards.  This made FW very happy!]

So, whadda'ya'know! All it took was a multi-million dollar Disney movie -- which topped the final Harry Potter movie release, I might add -- to get a Lil'Gal to care more for her hair.

She brushes it. She asks me to brush it. She requests a pony-tail WITH a ribbon! [Super-Squee!] She wants braids, and waves for the morning.  And, now she wants me to help shampoo it and help condition it.

She wants, Rapunzel hair.

And, I'm doing everything in my power to give it to her!

Thank you Disney, for giving me just what we needed.  If Rapunzel can control her long golden locks, why, so can we.   Not that the 'me' in the 'we' couldn't before, but now the 'she' in the 'we' is actually participating!


Happy Tuesday!



Anonymous said...

Got a title and a signature, but nothing else, you tease! ;)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Sorry KC, it must have accidentally published that bleep when I was in edit mode. Here is the full post.


Melissa said...

Maybe I should have taken Bea to see this movie before I chopped her hair to chin level. LOL! She's the same way - doesn't want anything in her hair. She has very fine, straight hair, prone to tangles, so it's just easier to keep it short.

g-man said...

HA! We have the same issue with my eldest daughter. Looks like it is "Tangled" this weekend. :)

Knight said...

I remember having that long blonde hair to my booty when I was little. It was tangle city. I recall my mother holding me down with her legs so she could comb it out. Then my grandmother started spending every morning doing something adorable to it with ribbins and braids. I started to love the attention. Now I'm a ragamuffin again.