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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Silly Wabbits!

The rabbits are here! Aren't they adorable?

Dontcha' just wanna' hug'em, and squeeze'em, and pet'em, and kiss'em and snuggle'em all up?

I must say, this year was a little touch and go for a day or two.  Some of the breeders in Texas lost their rabbits due to the summer's heat and other causes.  So, with the influx of 4-H'ers choosing rabbits as their animal project and the shortage of bunnies it was a bit of a race (and LOTS of phone calls) to be sure to get a pen of four.

We have some great friends though, and they were determined to get Farmer, Jr. a pen of rabbits.  Hubby got on the phone with another friend and my BIL and SIL jumped on the line and in the end we got a pen of four from Port Lavaca.  :-D

They are a little small for this time of year.  As of this morning they are about a pound under where they are supposed to be.  By the day of the show they need to be at five pounds.  So, we're feedin'em up good and letting them slumber all they want.  They are SO super-uber adorable!!!

Today was check in and validation.  This is where they mark your rabbits to keep ya' honest for the show.  A pen of three rabbits are submitted to the show; the fourth is a spare so the best three of the four can be submitted.  The fourth (left-over) can be submitted into another category called 'Fryer'.  [I know. Harsh, huh? :-((  Don't tell Lil'Gal...]  If Farmer, Jr's don't place then they'll come back home with us after the show and we can hug'em, and pet'em, and snuggle'em and all that all we want.

If they DO place, then they get entered into the auction.  This is our first year but so far this is the just of my understanding as to how it works.  I'm super excited!  About as excited as the kids.  Even though Lil'Gal can't enter until next year (students have to be in third grade) she can still participate with us and the rabbits, and the baking project.

Anyhow, there were lots and lots of rabbits at check-in/validation this morning.  There are 429 entries this year at a minimum of four rabbits per entry.  That's a LOT of rabbits!  Some students had pens of five, six and eight.  All white with black ears and red eyes. All uber-soft and adorable.

 I have no clue how many chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, cows, etc are also entered this year.

Farmer, Jr. has to keep a little diary type journal about the process.  This too will be fun.  What a learning experience!

On a side note, last night I had the Moms and Gals out for my 'General Mills Snack Mix Party'.  It was a hoot!  Everyone had a great time and snacked and ate and imbibed on a little wine and such.  And, of course, we watched Eclipse and had lots of paranormal discussions and book talk!  I'll be posting about that and some recipes a little later.

But, first I have the kitchen, Santa letters to email, and a writing assignment to work on.  Me and WonderMom are making wreaths for the School Christmas party, 26 all together. Hubby and I also have a party to attend tonight (Sweet D and Uncle J are keeping the kids for us, THX Y'all!)   AND, I haven't published any content in weeks at Triond so my earnings this month were a hand count of pennies.  My bad.

But, life is good!  Who can't be happy and wearing a smile when there are bunny-wabbits awound?

Happy Saturday!



Anonymous said...

Such fluffy bunnies! A great experience for Farmer, Jr., and I am astounded that Lil'Gal is already in 2nd grade. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!?! They are growing up too fast.

My uncle raised rabbits for a while. Tastes like chicken. ;)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

KC, I know right! Second grade!? It seems like just last year I posted about wrestling with her to wear winter clothes to school LOL!

Now she's reading books and rocking the honor roll. I always tell her to grow up but just not too fast. ;-)

Melissa said...

Aw . . . so cute! I had two bunnies growing up. So much fun, and the big boy, George, was as tame as a dog. Man, I miss him. :-(

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Tomorrow FJ shows them. We picked the two biggest a little over four pounds and the smallest (because his kind end best met the other two). The last, a better weight but still barely under four pounds was saved the fill in if one was sifted -- but s/he is going into the other project contest.

Wish us luck. Bunnies are an easy project but there is only so much you can do... They are animals of their own. Feed, water, treat, weigh, work with them a little... And, hope for the best.

Good luck tomorrow sweet Lil'bunnies!!!!