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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's all in the bag (Thirty One)


Recently I received the opportunity to do a bag review. My friend Krishna referred her friend to me, since I enjoy doing reviews (of good products and good books).

[Read on to find out what is in it for YOU!!]

Stephanie with Thirty One offered me a choice of a free bag to try out. I expressed that I was looking for the perfect bag to carry my iPad and my Kindle in, along with my other typical daily purse things.

She suggested three bags from which I chose the Organizing Shoulder Bag:

Front View

<-----------------------  SEE MINE? :-D

I chose the Black, Onyx Medallion pattern with the Limeade Embroidery (style 31 font). [Stephanie also  had it monogrammed for me, isn't she great!]

If you view the online catalog you will find that the patterns and color schemes are almost limitless!  The kids collection is absolultey adorable (I want to get Lil'Gal the rolling travel bag!), the baby bags, lap top cases, aprons, thermal lunch totes, larger thermal totes, purses, wallets, carry-alls, backpacks, travel bags, hand towels, stationary -- Thirty One has SO many GREAT BAGS and items!

And, the best part is that they are affordable!

Let me show you more about my great bag and how it worked out for me.

Side View

I wanted a bag to work as a purse while fitting my electronics comfortably, and looking FASHIONABLE while wearing it.

With all of my items in this purse/bag This is the thickness of it.  As you can see, it isn't bulky at all. For me the height is what works for me. Because my Kindle and my iPad are both tall and thin. So I carry those in the high, back pocket (view the top left).

Believe it or not, I have quite a bit of stuff in here. But, the bag wears comfortably and it doesn't look of feel bulky.

What's in the bag, FW?

As you can see, this bag easily carries my Germ-X, iPad, my Kindle, my iPhone, Farmer, Jr.'s iPod was in there, my wallet, my coin purse, my ID and credit card, a set of keys, my checkbook, several lip glosses, a compact, my pill box, (some coupons in the back), my charger for my iPad and iPhone, my headphones that work on all three, pens, nail file, Tide-to-Go stick (a must!), some 'spares' for Lil'Gal, etc.

And, there is still some room to spare.  You wouldn't have thunk it, huh? ;-)

Stephanie is so great that she even threw in a surprise bag for me, the All-In-One Organizer, which is a carry-all type tote.  And, lookie what she did...  She had it monogrammed for me too with my nick-name!
Front View

Side View, pockets on both sides

I immediately used this the morning after having received it to carry the teachers bags full of muffins we had made for Teacher Appreciation Week.  It's a handy tote for just about anything.  The catalog shows it under various uses: books, picnic stuff, kids carry all for art supplies and entertainment when on the go.

Cute and lightweight.  :-)  Lucky Me!

What's in it for you?  Well, during the month of May Stephanie is offering her personal discount on any purchases bought through my blog post/review by using this link: Thirty One: Farmer'sWife.  The discount is 10% off your entire purchase. NOTE: When you submit your order it will show the full price; when received Stephanie will go in and manually apply the discount. I believe this is because this is not an offer from Thirty One but one she is offering on her own as an incentive for my friends and blog followers and anyone else interested.

Also, for EACH purchase of $31.00 you get to select one $10.00 Mini Zipper Pouch for only $2.31!

So, if I ordered the items on my wish list for Farmer, Jr. and for Lil'Gal I could get one of these for ME and one for Lil'Gal too! [Or, I could get two different patterns for just lil'ol Me.] :-)

NOTE: This offer is only available for the month of May, 2011.  However, there are monthly specials for both Hostesses and Customers available at the website: Thirty One.

Decide you are so in love with these great products that you want to host a party of your own via your blog, a home party, or catalog party? You can contact Stephanie by any method below:

Stephanie Viellette, Sr. Director: 615-974-9181;; Stephanie Viellette, Thirty One.

FYI, items on my wish list are: The Demi Purse, Cammo back pack and cammo thermal lunch tote for FJ, Cammo Adventure Wallet (also for FJ), Mini-Zip Pouch for Lil'Gal, Rolling Tote (Hostess Item only) for Lil'Gal, Fold-And-go Organizer with Notepad, ugh - there's just too many cute things!! ;-)

Stephanie is a mother to two, Michael 19, Megan 10. She is a paralegal and has been in the legal field for 19 years. She started her Independent Business with Thirty-One as a Hobby in 2008 and has grown to love it. In 2010 she was promoted to Senior Director and has 204 wonderful ladies on her team. It has brought her wonderful friendships and she has enjoyed helping others become successful in their own businesses as well.




kcinnova said...

Those are incredible cute and useful!
My nickname in the past has been Bag Lady because I am such a lover of good totes.
Sadly, I'm in a budget crunch :*( and it doesn't help that SuperDad has pointed out that we have TOO MUCH STUFF (which isn't helping as we box things up to move).

Alice said...

hey girl, love this blog! you really do have alot of stuff in that bag!;-)

I like the 30 cards for $30 with the handy card caddy. And I gave the catalog a second look and found a few other things that are pretty cute, too. But at the moment I have to save all $$'s for the start up of my jewelry business.:-( Hopefully soon. I'll just have to wait.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

kcinnova, doesn't hubby understand that BAGS help keep us organized? :-P

Alice, I figured your look yesterday was a quickie; like looking through a jewelry catalog. Depends on the mood and the timing. Sometimes we think we like nothing, then later a second look and we love it all! ;-)

I am especially fond of the idea of all the bags matching and monogram-able!

Melissa said...

I love, love, LOVE bags and wish I could splurge on one at the moment. I'm bookmarking Stephanie's site for when I have a little extra $$.