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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thank You LORD: My House, My Home, My Family - Intact.

Dear Lord,

I've seen the news, the reports, and the horrid damage from the Tornado/es in Joplin. I've seen the damage and flooding in Mississippi and neighboring states. I've seen the ash, and the fall out from that volcano, I'm aware Japan is still rebuilding though we don't hear about it as much now that we have so much of our own National natural catastrophes.

I've seen and heard about all the political unrest within other nations and countries. There was fear of the 'rapture' just a few days back. I don't fear the rapture, though I do fear losing the life I have built here on earth, even though I know Heaven is supposed to be Golden.

I watch the gangs, the families who fight and shoot and stab each other. I see people hurting each other; killing people just because they don't share the same political beliefs. Really?

I see a world falling apart.

But, I also see my children growing. My friends and family growing and achieving new things each day. Reaching goals. I see people showing up for people they don't even know. I see us banding together. I see us trying to help wherever we can. I appreciate this. It is enlightening, though it in no way over shadows the suffering of the masses.

I remind myself to focus on all that is good and pray for those who are suffering such insufferable situations. I pray for them and, I also share a prayer thanking you for how blessed I am. How lucky I am.

I implement my coping vices. Prayer, spirits, and when it gets really bad I put my fingers in my ears and sing 'lalalalalalallalalallalalalla' or, I close the dome to the castle and put my head in the sand.

Please hear me Lord when I put up this prayer to bless and assist and share grace and compassion for all those who are currently suffering.

And, I thank you above all that my house is not in splinters and pebbled rock, that my home is full with the health and safety of my family, and that all that I have is intact.




kcinnova said...

So especially aware of this tonight. I couldn't sleep, got on the computer to check e-mail and then facebook... and saw that a friend in OK lost her house this evening in a tornado. Family okay, but much destroyed.

Melissa said...

Well said, Gal.

Alice said...

What can I say? You said everything I have been thinking for months!

We are so lucky!!