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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm Farming and I Grow It! Oh-YEAH.

So Y'all know I'm a Farmer's Wife. And, I'm proud of it. So, obviously when this little video made by these farm boys hit You-Tube I am all over it. Sure, I'm Sexy and I Know It but my Hubby's Farming and He Grow's it.

And, lets be realistic. All politics and 'he said, she said' aside. Where does our food (and clothes) come from? Not a department store. Not a package. Not a can or a box. Not a drive through. From Farmers. Who work hard, and sweat hard and do that dirty hands on kind of work.

As a romance novel reader, I've read tons of books that describe how the hard working MC came in dirty and smelling of sweat and musk and hard work. Yeah... It's not just Harlequin.

Hubby comes in smelling of dirt and diesel, and sweat, and hard, hard work in the heat and it is...well Sexy.

Of course these young farmers are too innocent to be part of a novel of that stature. And, FW is about to turn 40 so obviously I'm not all cougar. But, I am proud of this video they put together. It's awesomely cool! And, they are Farming and they ARE growing it and a Farmer's Wife or any one anywhere and anyhow related to agriculture will totally love this video.

These boys aren't from the hood. They are from the woods, the plains, working cattle and cutting grain.

They feed us and they clothe us.... Happy Tuesday!

"I'm Farming and I Grow It!"



Just Me said...

Been a while since stopped by. Glad to see your back. :) Cool Video. *thumbs up*

Michèle Hastings said...

that was awesome!

FW said...

Right? Thanks for checking it out y'all!

Knight said...

I have to admit that was pretty funny. I guess saying water 5 times fast isn't all that easy. Farm boys with super editing skills? Who knew?!

shoreacres said...

Farm boys today are as high-tech as they come - and these guys are great. I first saw the video - ummm - I don't remember where. But I sent it to a friend in Kansas who lives about a hundred miles away, and he sent me a link to their interview on AgRadio. They're smart, believe me.

Hope all's going well, and that you've had a portion of the rain that's roaming around. Last week we had five inches, south of Houston. More to the north. Now we need to persuade it to head more west. Still, it's a blessing not to have that drought hanging around quite so heavily.

I see you went to the Frio. That's all good! I'm waiting for fall for a little trip that way - if the leaves are good at Lost Maples, that would be a double treat.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!