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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Klampie Mystery (A Children's Book)

The Klampie Mystery by Luis Rodriguez.

I received an email and some promo info inquiring if I would be interested in reviewing this book. Although, my blog is not book review specific I do review a lot of books here. And, I like to be open to various genres here and there and I enjoy reviewing children's books as well.

Particularly, because I am a mom. And, I like to include the kids. It further instills their love for reading and they enjoy being a part of the review process. Kids have opinions too, so why not go right to them with a book that has been written for their demographic?

I received the book, 32 pages hard bound, along with a folder with information about the author and the book.

The story begins with the excitement of a trip for Christmas from California to Australia. To build her excitement, Samantha's father gives her a stuffed koala which she immediately falls in love with as would almost any child. She names the little guy Klampie because he'll actually clamp on to things.

As the story goes on Samantha learns about times zones and how different it is across continents. After all, it is winter in December in California but hot summer weather when she arrives in Australia. Of course, she questions this, along with many other things.

In the story the koala becomes a mystery. Is he a stuffed toy or is he real? I don't want to give it away although you can read more about the story on amazon or on Goodreads. The story shares about the experience of traveling, particularly intercontinental traveling and would be a good book for someone who is preparing for a trip with young children. It explains the process while including the story about a cute little cuddly koala to keep the child's interest.

I like how the author, a child care professional, introduces new vocabulary. For example, when Samantha and her family arrive in Australia Samantha inquired about the weather. Her mom explained, "When it is winter in Australia, it is summer in America and vice versa." "What does vice versa' mean?" Samantha inquires back. And, the mom explains it. There are several other terms introduced throughout the story.

The illustrations were animated but true to life. Not overly colorful or cartoon like. They demonstrate the landscape of another country and the experience of traveling by plane very well.

Although a little below her reading level, my daughter (4th grade reading level) expressed that she enjoyed the story and found the illustrations very true to life.  She read it along with my niece who is also eight years old but at a sixth grade reading level. She expressed that she too found it to be a cute story. So, although written for younger children it can be enjoyed across various ages and reading levels.

Good luck to this up and coming author!



Knight said...

That actually sounds like a very interesting and helpful story for kids. I would never think to pick this book up for a kid or as a kid because the cover is boring and hideous but it sounds like a very smart book.

Anonymous said...

Luis Rodriguez is a clown, don't buy this lame book.

Anonymous said...

Rodriguez is a mentally unstable individual who should not be running a daycare center: