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Monday, October 22, 2012

Farmer's Wife Lazy day with Lil'Gal and attention to my followers...

So. Total Lazy Day.

How long has it been since I've had one of those? Apparently, a pretty long time seein' as all I've left for y'all to read are book reviews and recipes and the occasional, "Oh, where am I?"

My apologies. In my defense, repeating school IS HARD. Fourth grade ain't so bad this third time around because we had those teachers last year and 5th grade is working out better for me and Farmer, Jr. than we thought, but still. It is a day to day schedule.

Then we have dance, guitar, tutoring twice a week - IN TOWN, girl scouts and 4-H here and there...

My hubby gets his feelings hurt. "I have to schedule time with you?" Me, "Yes, Honey. My life revolves around the iCal. If you aren't in the Cal, you aren't on the agenda." Even sleep is scheduled on the agenda (because I don't get much with the B!tC$ Insomnia sharing my home). I know. I'm HORRIBLE. Bad, bad, bad wife. I do my best though. But his job is seasonal 24/7 where my job is 24/7 for 9 months out of 12.

Today is the first official day of our second intersession. Farmer, Jr. went with Papa and my nephew 'Big T' (I dub him that since Lil'Gal dubbed her uncle as Big S a few years ago. Adorable...) to the ranch for an overnight stay. And, we have NO. ERRANDS. or APPOINTMENTS to attend. So, she and I are having a lazy day.

I must forefront this with the fact that I was awake with the usual insomnia at 3:am (I think because I heard Farmer, Jr. open his door and then sneak into our bedroom and take my place on the comfy bed - his fish tank gives him away) and I was still awake at 5:am when Lil'Gal had a bad dream that she got a 'D' on an assignment and had to redo the assignment. (What kind of pressure are our kids carrying that ON BREAK my Lil'Gal is dreaming she failed something when she never fails anything???)

So Hubby got up and showered, got FJ up to go to the ranch with Pa, and me and Lil'Gal went back to sleep for another two hours. LAZY. Oh, yeah. Then me and Lil'Gal made a hearty breakfast of pancakes and poached eggs and ate well. Lil'Gal then decided we needed to do make-overs and make-up and hair. And, then we watched TV and next we will play a game. LAZY. TOTALLY.

In my defense, I will at some point during the day, hit the treadmill for 3 miles. Because my new app will remind me that even on a lazy day - FW need some exercise so her britches fit next week. But I did holler (OK, text because I don't holler or call) at Hubby to pick up some comido de los perros so the medium pup don't starve (it won't hurt my Baby Biggun' to skip a meal here and there, as per her vet.)

And, since I have all this wonderful time on my hands to do nuthin' I'm thinking at some point in the day I should dress myself half-@$$ purdy for Hubby to come home so he doesn't have to make an appointment to have a conversation with his wife or attention otherwise divided and shared.

But, before I go kick Lil'Gal's pie at UNO I thought, "Hey! I can pop in and blog to my peeps! At least those who are officially still following me." So, here I am. Thanking you for your continued loyalty, love and support and begging anyone who is ready to delete me from their list to "Please stay by my side. I read you all too via my dashboard. I do, I just don't get to always comment. It is way harder to comment via my iPhone than the iPad or LT... But don't think I'm not there."

Thanks for reading me and *on knees, hands together in plea* please don't delete me or give up on me. I will revamp my schedule. And, in December we get a whole four weeks vacation - look out then 'cuz I'll be blogging and vloggin' and posting many a pics!!

Hugs to ya'll and Happy Monday!!! WHOOP!!



Judy Susan said...

Still here, just hangin around waiting for you to show up with the coffee.. you know me, can't get rid of me..

and FYI babe. You can turn the captcha off. blogger has a filter now. It catches spam. If you read ducky's post on my wall you will see they have a great filter.

and, I am on my fourth attempt at posting this comment, because I too have a hard time reading the new captchas.. I'm trying one more time, then this is going to be facebooked to you.. just saying..

shoreacres said...

Loved this post. Loved the Uno. Loved the sleep-in. Loved just hearing that someone in this wide world has taken a lazy day and done good things with it.

Me? I've been just off my feed, so to speak. For a while it was so hard to write I never had time to get around and read. But things are perking up. For one thing, I got in a roadie up to Kansas City a couple of weeks ago to see family. That was good. And I enjoyed a slow, four day trip home that included elephants, tall grass prairies and way too much good midwestern food.

Happy Thanksgiving week! Keep yourself a few lazy minutes in every day now, y'hear?